VIDEO – TB Joshua Visits 150 Year Olds!!!

BY Ihechukwu Njoku

tb joshua, scoan. charity A video showing popular Nigerian cleric TB Joshua visiting and financially supporting elderly people in a rural Nigerian community – who astonishingly said they are over the age of 150-years-old – has gone viral. 

The clip, which has been viewed over 150,000 times in less than 24 hours, was published to Joshua’s YouTube channel Emmanuel TV late on Sunday 26th January 2019.

“Viewers, we should see giving to others as an assignment from God because that only comes to God that comes from Him,” Joshua states in a short address before he is shown entering several homes in a rustic setting accompanied by one of his daughters.

“It pleases God in His mercy to bless you with long life,” Joshua says to one of the super-centenarians who said he was over 150 years old, before giving the elderly man N100,000.

Gifts ranging between N100,000 to N200,000 were given to all the aged people he encountered, with Joshua kneeling to receive the heartfelt prayers they offered for him in appreciation.

“You will conquer all evil. You will overcome. You will not lose the Kingdom of God,” one of the senior citizens prayed for Joshua, with tears streaming down his face after receiving the gift, which he promptly kept underneath his mattress.

“What I am concerned about is the youth; please pray for them,” pleaded another supercentenarian who said he was 127 years old, adding that he prayed for Joshua three times daily and the world was in the ‘end-times’.

“Let us give for God’s sake and receive more of whatever we give. Help for God’s sake and be helped. Love for God’s sake and be loved. Care for God’s sake and be cared for,” Joshua counselled viewers amidst his humanitarian mission.

The clip clearly struck a chord within viewers online, many admitting it moved them to tears and inspired them to equally reach out to elderly ones.

“I feel so emotional watching this,” commented Dr. Njipay Sophon on YouTube. “Tears are coming out of my eyes and I feel like I need to do something for others.”

Others hoped clergymen would follow in Joshua’s footsteps, singling out the ‘humility’ of his actions.

“As a pastor you need show the example of what you are preaching,” wrote Iko Jankasa on Facebook in response to the video. “It’s not about just making noise in the church.”

According to official statistics, the oldest living person is 117-year-old Kane Tanaka from Japan although there are cases of several elderly citizens in rural areas of Africa who say they are significantly older.

Emmanuel TV’s YouTube channel is the first ever Christian ministry platform to surpass 1,500,000 subscribers on the popular video-sharing website.

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance writer based in Lagos, Nigeria


T.B Joshua: A Cleric and his Passion for Charity

tb joshua scoan
Prophet T.B. Joshua

Like rivulets trickling down the cottage rack, a stream of heads was bound to converge on Wednesday, June 12 on the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) headquarters, located in Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos. The motley crowd, assuredly, is largely to be composed by peasants, the physically challenged, widows, and several others, who are in want. They will gather to felicitate with the founder of the SCOAN, Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, to mark his 56th year birthday. Assuredly, the visitors will all smile home.

A human deluge is anticipated this time round, as Joshua’s birthday coincides with Democracy Day-a day recently declared as public holiday by the federal government, in remembrance of the annulment of 1993 presidential election won by the late Chief M.K.O Abiola.

Joshua, whose genre of Christian evangelism is stupefying in its streak of stunning miraculous deeds, is arguably Nigeria’s most travelled preacher, as, according to inside sources, he had visited no fewer than 60 countries across the world.

But beyond evangelism, fresh revelations have also shown that the cleric has an irrepressible obsession for charity works, as he commits a huge chunk of the church’s resources to catering to the need of the less-privileged, both in Nigeria and outside the country.

Going through the latest publication of “The Emmanuel TV team”, a charity emblem of SCOAN’s television station, the man of God, as Joshua is fondly called, may have spent a conservative N2.1 billion on charity efforts, in the last four years.

In SCOAN’s latest publication entitled, ‘Reaching out to a troubled world’, the bearded prophet, who hails from the little community of Arigidi in Akoko North-East Local Government area of Ondo State, had on the surface, spent a total NI.I billion on donations to the tribe of the enfeebled and the poor across the world, apparently between 2014 and 2018.

But according to Mr. Ifeanyi Ugochukwu, an adherent of the SCOAN, “that amount would have doubled in view of the fact that, if The Emmanuel TV team is travelling to any part of the world to help those in need, it is the church that pays for all expenses, covering flight tickets, vehicle renting, hotel accommodation, feeding, and others.”

Ugochukwu added that in most cases, T.B Joshua himself leads his humanitarian team to, sometimes, very remote parts of the world, without recourse to the inevitable challenges that a new-comer is bound to face.

For instance, in 2014, Joshua was in Colombia where he donated US$100,000 (about N35 million) in support of those who were widowed, orphaned or wounded in the service of the country.

Musing on how imperiled this country was, at the time of Joshua’s visit, the publication states, “After his crusade, T.B Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Team visited a less-privileged area in downtown Camil, to meet hundreds of single parents and their children.

“Many of them (Colombian peasants) succumbed to social and economic pressures, entering a life of drugs and prostitution and were in dire need of assistance.”

Around the same period too, The Emmanuel Team was in Mexico and later, Pakistan, bringing relief to those widely famed as the wretched of the earth. According to the publication, “The Emmanuel TV Team was in Chiapas, Mexico, to share the love of Jesus Christ with the indigenous and isolated tribes who live in the Lacandan jungle.

“They are largely gatherers and farmers, and the team purchased items ranging from foodstuff to essential utensils and tools for life in the jungle, to take care of the Naha community and improve their quality of life.”

In Indonesia, T.B Joshua also brought smiles to the faces of those in the rehab of the homeless, with some mouth-watering contributions. “Following his crusade in Indonesia, T.B Joshua visited the House of Love, a charity home established to take care of the homeless and rejected people, in Surabaya. Overcome by emotion, Mrs. Hana Ananda, the charity home’s founder, tearfully prayed as T.B Joshua and his team presented a sum of US$10,000 (about N3.5 million) in support of the charity work,” the publication recounts.

The Emmanuel Team, within the four-year duration of 2014 to 2018, also visited the Haborovski region of far eastern Russia, to visit The Open Heart Homeless Project’s location, where more than 150 men and women were fed and housed every day. In that region, frostbite often claims the limbs of many, owing to extremely low temperature. There, the team provided hundreds of pairs of winter gear, essential foodstuffs and firewood to help protect the homeless from harsh winter conditions.

In nearby Ghana, T.B Joshua is also reputed to be a household name, going by his various contributions to elevate the standard of the less-privileged in the country. For instance, the man of God donated hundreds of bags of rice to support the Ghana Prisons Service in feeding inmates. He also recently gave various gift items to Krachi West District Hospital in that country. Meanwhile, way back in June 2015, during a devastating flooding in Accra, the Ghanaian capital, the cleric’s humanitarian team had promptly responded with relief items comprising 1,000 bags of rice, cooking oil, soap, mattresses, pillows and other relief items worth over US$40,000 (about N14 million).

However, Joshua’s contribution to the Ghanaian humanitarian needs reached a crescendo when he donated operational vehicles worth $US140,000 (about N49 million) to the Ghana Police Service.

Joshua’s team was also recently at the Mountain Ministries Ranch in Washington, USA, being a facility set up to rehabilitate those recovering from drug and alcoholic addictions. There, he donated sums in thousands of dollars to the inmates. Gary Miller, founder of the ranch, who got a cash gift of $2,000 (about N700,000), simply leapt for joy, the publication recalls.

In the inglorious era of Ebola disease scourge in Sierra Leone too, Joshua’s Emmanuel TV Team was on hand. Then, T.B Joshua reportedly chartered a plane, loaded it with anointing water (for spiritual healing) and sent the sachets with a cash donation of $US50,000 (about N17.5 million) to bring succour to the Ebola victims.

This is besides the fact that the cleric has permanently instituted a culture of restoring victims of human trafficking, especially as it pertains to Nigeria, his home country. The man of God, the publication adds, has always been there for Nigerians trapped in the Libyan serfdom, who yearn to return home and live a free life. In the last three years, his SCOAN has been home to many Libyan returnees who keep testifying to how Joshua brought them back to Nigeria and not only gave them financial and material supports, but also ensured that they were resettled to live a normal life. An insider in the SCOAN, who would want his name under wraps, told THISDAY that this singular effort had gulped as much as N300 million.

As for the virulent Boko Haram insurgency that had claimed many lives, especially in the Northeastern part of the country where hundreds of thousands were displaced, the Joshua team had reportedly spent several millions of naira to fend for the victims. Of note, as recalled in the SCOAN publication, was the cleric’s recent N10 million donation to support inmates of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in New Kuchingoro, Abuja. His humanitarian efforts, it was also learnt, were carried to the heartlands of crisis-prone areas in Borno, Jos in Plateau, Adamawa, Yobe, and Kaduna.

Indeed, his Ikotun-Egbe community which is his host in Lagos, has reportedly been having chummy moments courtesy of the cleric’s rare act of generosity. “When our electricity transformer got burnt recently, we simply smiled, knowing T.B Joshua would rise up to the occasion, and he did not let us down”, said Mr. Adeyinka Yinusa, a resident of Bolorunpelu settlement in the Ikotun-Egbe area.

Meanwhile, T.B Joshua’s Arigidi hometown is particularly enlivened by his display of the prosaic aphorism that “charity begins at home”. The community, it was gathered, had been in darkness for close to four years as a result of vandalism brought to its electric cables and transformer. When told of the cost implication by his community leaders, T.B Joshua reportedly sent N20 million across. Today, Arigidi is enjoying electricity supply.

Commenting on the gesture, the Special Adviser to the Ondo State Governor on Public Utilities, Mr. Tunji Ariyomo, said, “What T.B Joshua did is commendable and worthy of emulation by other well-to-do indigenes of Ondo State, as by his act, he has complemented government’s efforts in ensuring that electricity supply is brought to all rural communities in the state.”

Meanwhile, an inside source in the SCOAN has explained that Joshua’s source of income in giving back to the society “is a simple arithmetic, born out of God-given heart of generosity.”

“The man of God does not collect money from anyone to obtain prayer or miracle; but once God meets you at the point of your need, and you come with money to show appreciation, he would immediately set aside a reasonable percentage to charity works, to meet the needs of the less-privileged members of the society,” the source enthused.

Kayode Fasua

TB Joshua Gives TEN MILLION Naira For BOKO HARAM victims

Kuchingoro, a slummy suburb in the heart of Abuja, Nigeria is home to a camp for IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons). With makeshift tents, poor sanitation and horrific living conditions, the camp is in dire need of assistance. On hearing the plight of the thousands of IDPs, T.B. Joshua sent the Emmanuel TV Team and partners to present a gift they will never forget.

T.B. Joshua’s Prophecy and the Newly Elected Tanzanian President

This article was sent to us by a T.B Joshua fan with the name, Sidney

Prophet T.B Joshua
Prophet T.B Joshua

I sincerely deem it highly imperative at this juncture to categorically emphasis that I have critically examined the Ministry of Prophet TB Joshua, the SCOAN, here in Nigeria, in the course of the Sundays Live Service broadcast on the Emmanuel TV satellite; I have listened to his awesome revelations and Prophecies. A typical example of the genuineness of these Prophecies among others includes the initial Prophecy he made to Dr John Pombe Magufuli, prior to his Presidential poll victory that Dr Magufuli, will become a President and this came to pass. Dr Magufuli is to be sworn in on November 5th 2015, as the 5th Executive President of the United Republic of Tanzania, following his victory in the just concluded Presidential election. This indeed triggered me the more. I have found nothing skeptical neither falsifying nor deceptive about his prophecies as well as the SCOAN MINISTRY.

A man of God at his caliber, whom I have took my quality time to carry out a critical self-inquiry about the said SCOAN here in Nigeria, I realized that apart from the diverse healings carried out in the SCOAN’s ‘Prayer line’; laying of hands on the sick and they received their permanent healings, deliverance through the medium of the ‘Anointing Good morning water’ to cast out demons which is a major antithesis to man’s success in life.

More conspicuous is the numerous philanthropic dispositions to the paupers in and outside the shores of his country / continents as far as the continent of Asia and several countries of the world, which were besieged by impromptu natural disasters thereby plagued by diseases, unhealthy drinkable water, impoverished and sever starvation, Prophet TB Joshua has been a major benefactor to these victims irrespective of their color, race and Faith respectively.

I was even surprised when I overheard through the news media of the huge amount of millions of naira Prophet T.B. Joshua, single-handedly donated to support the ‘Internally Displaced Persons’ in the northern part of Nigeria, following the ungodly terrorists attacks unleashed by the notorious Boko Haram sect.

In my candid view /affirmation, if this quintessential servant of God should own a Jet to ease his global evangelism in the distribution of medical facilities / food to victims of unforeseen circumstances who are rendered incapacitated, I think it’s simply ‘Normal and Ideal’ unlike other of his contemporaries who are on records amassing wealth for themselves. Prophet T.B. Joshua even stands more outstanding in his ardent global humanitarian evangelical dispositions. Why this manner of unfair critics against him over the said “Gulfstream G550 as alleged and captioned on the so called TB Joshua Watch? Which claims have a comprehensive resource on TB Joshua and SCOAN? Why don’t we Christians simply emulate and encourage Prophet T.B. Joshua, especially in his qualitative humanitarian expertise in evangelism which creates a Global attention. I mean alleviating the sufferings of the poor and less privileged especially the victims of circumstances /natural disasters.

Corona Has Cursed Nigeria Misery Over TB Joshua Building

TB Joshua’s critics seemed to be having a brilliant time with the verdict of The Coroner in Lagos early this month recommended the prosecution of the church owned by Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua and the contractors handling the project.

Various reactions have dawdled in the wake of the ruling, some applauding the judge for proving no one is above the law and others accusing the Lagos judicial system of being ‘biased’ and scoring a pre-planned ‘script’ to paint Joshua’s name black.

Many would recall the continuous threats of arrest at TB Joshua by the coroner for not turning up to court should consider that the initial purpose of the inquest was to determine the cause and manner of the collapse. How does summoning TB Joshua to court fall in line with this purpose? We at TB Joshua Fans UK classed it as spiteful.  Was he an eyewitness to the incident or what?

Some days after the terror attack on SCOAN guest house, a false report was published by the international media quoting the General Manager of the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LSBCA), Mrs. Abimbola Animashahun Odunayo. She was mentioned to have said that her agency had sealed off the SCOAN guest house days before it collapsed and that the church ignored warnings from the agency to stop construction work on the guest house. This untrue report was a cheap lie because there was no time LSBCA served the church a quit notice to stop construction or seal the building. The truth was that, all letters and contravention notices sent to the church by LSBCA were sent Four to five days after the building had already collapsed. This particular misinformation from the media forced SCOAN to quickly release a press statement to debunk the falsehood.

Government rescue agencies came to the collapse site ill-equipped; the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), but went on air to lie to the international community that SCOAN delayed them from entering the site to rescue the collapse building victims. They also alleged that the church members were hostile to them and that the church was not cooperative with them in the rescue operation.

This deception by NEMA and LASEMA, both government agencies was widely published by local and international media prompting a massive outcry from the public hence; unkindly calling for the arrest of T.B Joshua and accusing the church of trying to do cover-up, but the church kept silent and was busy keeping records on the truth. T.B Joshua always says, “No matter how long a lie is sustained, truth will someday prevail” and indeed truth prevailed.


to the coronal court by SCOAN Chief Security officer and testimonies from other agencies that help with the rescue operation shows that SCOAN did not hinder NEMA/LASEMA from doing their job, but it was SCOAN that spearheaded the rescue operation. The church hired rescue experts and heavy-duty equipment and also provided 11 emergency ambulances that were used to convey victims to the hospitals. Both NEMA/LASEMA that were raising false alarm, came to the collapse site ill-equipped, they were busy taking pictures and conducting interview when people were still trapped under the rubble.

Tawia, a self-proclaimed ‘structural engineer’ from Ghana and clearly a fan of the controversial cleric, posted a YouTube clip vehemently disagreeing with the outcome of the probe, insisting that it ‘defies logic itself’. He initially draws attention to the collapse of a building in Siberia, Russia this week which led to the deaths of 23 soldiers, an incident which occurred because of structural defaults. He noted that a building which fell due to structural failures would bear a hallmark of ‘leaving some parts intact or still standing’, as was the case of the Russian disaster.

Replaying the infamous clip of the guesthouse within The SCOAN collapsing in a manner of seconds, the engineer points out the huge emission of dust which he terms ‘a reaction of the chemicals meeting the concrete’.

“Everything within the building turned to dust,” he stated, showing other short clips of ‘controlled demolitions’ which fell in a similarly symmetrical fashion, also accompanied by a huge billowing of dust.

“I hold a strong-willed opinion that this is not a case of PROSECUTION by the Lagos State Government but rather PERSECUTION against Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Church worldwide,” Tawia wrote, adding that it was ludicrous the coroner’s verdict did not even have any reference to the CCTV footage of the incident.

“We will not allow truth to be swept under the carpet by the Lagos State judicial system,” he concluded, submitting that video evidence unequivocally pointed to ‘sabotage’.

Contrary to critic opinion, Joshua did not fail to foresee the disaster that befell his church building. He spoke prophetically in parable during his first address on his return from Colombia saying; ““…If you learnt that they bomb here now one of you would be the first to call CNN that they have bombed the synagogue …I’ve been telling you something far, but now I’m telling you something as close as my mouth”. . As close as his mouth meant his very own life. Those who insinuate that Joshua did not foresee the disaster are badly misinformed.

So far so good, time has continued to vindicate SCOAN and Prophet T.B Joshua from any wrong doing. Even the report that alleged SCOAN had no government approval from the collapsed building has being established to be technically untrue because the church has already paid over N20million naira to the Lagos state government for the building approval and the approval for the building was being processed when the guesthouse collapse.

We at TB Joshua Fans UK, would continue to stand firmly by TB Joshua and his ministry.

Millions Given Away – The SCOAN Scholarship Programme

Scholarships Galore

The service also witnessed the gathering of scores of children who are under The SCOAN Scholarship Programme for Children of Widows and Widowers. The children were chosen for their need. All the children came out with very good results and thanked God for the support Prophet T.B. Joshua has been providing for them throughout their school years.


Beneficiaries Of The SCOAN Scholarship Programme Appreciating God For His Provision

The scholarships they receive encourage them to do better than their best. A few of the children shared their experiences. Later, all of them received financial support according to their individual needs. They were given a total of 5 million naira for their school fees and other necessities for school.


Beneficiaries Of The SCOAN Scholarship Programme Appreciating God For His Provision

The Sunday service ended with the wise men offering mass prayer during which God delivered and set His people free from the evil spirits that were behind their problems. We at The SCOAN thank God Almighty for His grace which continues to shine through His living church. To Him – and Him alone – be the glory and honour in Jesus’ name!

Cincinnati Ohio – Demon Deliverance with Anointing Water from Prophet TB Joshua

Pastor John Zavlaris

Pastor John Zavlaris visited Cincinnati, Ohio in the United States of America with the Anointing Water from Prophet TB Joshua. A women from the state of Huston, Texas flew in to believe Jesus Christ to deliver her from a spirit of anger. She had many obstacles that tried to prevent her from making the trip, but by the grace of God she made it and received her deliverance in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ.


In line with his wish for the congregation to cultivate a lasting  relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ, Wise Man Harry said the Bible  was the greatest book on earth. Your life, as he put it, depends on  knowing the Bible. However, many people today, he stated, are in the  wrong position. Many people who should be leaders today still find  themselves in the position of followers. He explained this is because  our minds are so occupied by worldly considerations that we forget that  there is time for everything. There is time to labour and time to reap  the products of grace.
However, in a situation where we enjoy before labour, we are simply  beating the gun. In an attempt to beat God’s appointed time, we destroy  the promise of God in our lives. Tactfully entitling his message: Do Not  Beat The Gun, the wise man turned to the Bible for a couple of  illustrative texts. Reading his proof text, taken from <strong><em>Psalms 37:7-9, 16-17</em></strong>,  the wise man reminded the congregation that in a race, anybody who  beats the gun will be called back. The same phenomenon, according to  him, applies to life. Beating the gun will pull someone back, if not  down. Many people who were once rich are now poor and others who were  once leaders are now followers because they beat the gun. In an attempt  to beat the gun, they destroy, kill, steal and do much other harm.
If you are what God says you are, no matter the situation you are in,  you would have no reason to compare yourself with others. Turning to <strong><em>Genesis 16</em></strong>  for illustration, he cited the error of impatience committed by Sarai,  Abram’s wife by introducing her husband to polygamy. In the words of the  wise man, the greatest mistake in life will happen because of  impatience. The error of Sarai is replicated in the lives of many people  today, the wise man maintained, because of impatience. This is why we  lose purpose and balance when the answer to our prayer does not seem  forthcoming. Delay, however is not denial, the wise man exhorted his  listeners. When our prayers seem unanswered, God may be saying, ‘My son,  be patient, for there is time for everything’. The road to our destiny  is not a bed of roses; patience, perseverance and endurance are the  tools to actualizing our destiny.

<div id=”attachment_3568″ style=”width: 250px;”>

After the message, Prophet T.B. Joshua drew the attention of the  congregation to the major events of the previous Sunday’s worship. A  clip was shown of the prophet as he addressed a woman during the time of  prophecy. ‘I call you because the month of April is a month of  grumbling for you. Why is it so?’ the prophet asked the woman. ‘I had  two miscarriages in April 2008 and 2009 which was the same month my car  was smashed’. Combining prayer with prophecy, the prophet said, ‘In the  mighty name of Jesus, I see you with a baby girl; you are free.’
After the video clip, a woman who introduced herself as Mrs Ekeh from  Akwa Ibom State, took the platform to confirm the prophecy. With her  baby girl, Mrs Ekeh explained to the congregation that she came to The  SCOAN in March last year to seek the face of the Lord as she was once  more on the eve of experiencing&nbsp; another miscarriage after losing two in  the previous years. It was in that plight that God visited her by way  of prophecy and revealed to her through the man of God that her past was  over and that she would bring forth a baby girl. Going back home in the  joy of the prophecy and wondering how the prophet could ascertain the  gender of her three month pregnancy, she watched as God unfolded the  revelation in her life.
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Mrs Ekeh and her baby girl</div>
<div style=”text-align: left;”>
In confirmation of the prophecy, Mrs Ekeh  told her listeners, she enjoyed a string of breakthroughs in her family,  apart from the delivery of the baby girl as prophesied. It was in  recognition of this that she named her baby girl Happiness.<strong></strong></div>
The next video clip revealed Wise Man Harry facing a stiff opposition  during the time of prayer and deliverance in last week’s Monday  prophetic service. The demon inside the young man attempted to threaten  Wise Man Harry and even removed his shoes as if in preparation for a  fight. ‘Who are you? How many powers do you have?’ Wise Man Harry asked  him without intermission. Insisting that the wise man should equally  declare his powers, he arrogantly told Wise Man Harry that he had many  ‘holy ghosts’ in his own way. ‘Are you sure you have the Holy Ghost?’  Wise Man Harry replied as he called on the mighty name of Jesus Christ.  Jerking and staggering in reaction to the wise man’s prayer, the young  man slumped to the ground and received his deliverance.
<div style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”>
<a href=”; style=”margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”><img alt=”” height=”320″ src=”;h=168&#8243; title=”Mr Pius” width=”232″ /></a></div>
<div id=”attachment_3574″ style=”width: 132px;”>
Mr Pius</div>
Apologising to the wise man for his insolence, he disclosed that he  had the spirit of python from the desert which had disturbed his life  for years. Elaborating, as requested by the wise man for the edification  of listeners, he disclosed that spiritually he used to change into an  ant or some other animal to bite his victims by which action their lives  were destroyed. He added that the spirit had been disturbing his life  for 18 years. In his dreams at that time, he would see his prospective  helpers telling him of their inability to help him because of the many  snakes around him.
Emerging from the congregation to testify, the man whose name was  Pius heaved a sigh of relief thanking God for His mercy and said that  after the deliverance, he felt light, free and okay at the exit of that  negative spirit that had used him as an agent of havoc.
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<a href=”; style=”margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”><img alt=”” height=”400″ src=”;h=300&#8243; title=”Mr Dickson” width=”266″ /></a></div>
<div id=”attachment_3576″ style=”width: 210px;”>
Mr Dickson</div>
Next, Prophet T. B. Joshua told the congregation another wonderful  miracle recorded in The SCOAN sometime in the past. It is the story of  Mr Dickson, a man delivered from the spirit of madness who had come to  say, ‘Thank You’ to God and The SCOAN for his healing. The video clip  gave details of how the prophet asked a few of his evangelists to travel  to a faraway village in Edo, Nigeria to bring one Mr Dickson who had  been insane for 14 years for deliverance.&nbsp; Having taught them the word  to utter to disarm him of any dangerous weapon, the prophet wished the  evangelists a successful journey.
Getting to the village, the evangelists disclosed their mission to  some respectable individuals who willingly offered to assist them to  locate Dickson as soon as the prophet’s name was mentioned. Relieved  that healing was forthcoming for their kinsman, these men implored the  evangelists to ask the prophet to pray for them as well. Ransacking  every nook and cranny of the village for the whereabouts of Mr Dickson  without success, they all decided to drive into the outskirts of the  village where they suspected he could be found at that time of day.  After passing through all manner of terrain, they sighted Dickson from  afar with a bamboo cane on his head and dangerously armed with a  machete, as he trudged home. Beholding her father in his rags and  insanity as they approached him, one of the daughters gave way to  emotions and released tears freely, recounting what her father used to  be and what had become of him. A man who was gainfully employed and rose  to the rank of commercial manager after obtaining degrees in Economics  in far away Yugoslavia had become useless, afflicted with a mental  disorder. A man who, as well as having a house in the village, had his  personal car and was also chauffeur-driven in his official car.
Running to her husband, the wife attempted to disarm him of the  cutlass.&nbsp; Dickson suddenly became more aggressive until the evangelists  were able to disarm him, using the instruction given them by the  prophet. Accompanying him to where he kept his degrading clothes, he  willingly followed the team of evangelists back to Lagos. The  evangelists returned to The SCOAN cheerfully, their mission  accomplished.
In The SCOAN, Mr Dickson was prayed for by the man of God to deliver  him from the spirit of insanity after which he was treated to all the  care and attention befitting a normal human being which Mr Dickson lost  in the 14 years of insanity. Totally fit in mind and body to be  reintegrated in society after a long period of recuperation and exposure  to the Word of God, Mr Dickson was able to go home and live among his  people.
It was after three or four months of his sojourn that he decided to  come back to The SCOAN to say thank You to God and the entire church for  their love and care.&nbsp; Coming out into the open after the clip and brief  remarks by the prophet, Mr Dickson happily expressed his thanks, in  which he also advised his listeners to seek Jesus for any member of  their family who finds himself in the kind of situation he found  himself. While a person who has an ulcer can seek Christ by him/herself,  it is not the same case with the one who has a mental disorder. If the  mad person was self-conscious, he said, they would not go naked or eat  from the dustbin. Answering a few questions after his speech, he denied  being the one that had a mental disorder but it was a spirit being in  him. To another question, he replied that he had no other challenges  after God Almighty had delivered him from the spirit of mental disorder,  that the greatest challenge had been overcome. Asked what his  challenges at the moment were, he said whatever challenges he had as the  head of a family were challenges that he would leave in the hands of  God.
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<div style=”text-align: left;”>
Elder Nwoye of Anambra, Nigeria but resident  in Nasarawa State, also shared his testimony. He has Emmanuel TV both  in his house and his office and prays with the Anointing Water every day  with his family. The door of his house displays the Anointing Sticker.  On the 9<sup>th</sup> of last month, according to him, he asked his wife  to go and switch off their generator before they would go to bed,  unknown to him that armed robbers had surrounded their premises.&nbsp; As the  wife noticed them, she shouted to attract attention. Elder Nwoye came  out immediately and before he knew it, he was in direct confrontation  with the armed robbers, six in number, who made an attempt to harm him  with their weapons.</div>
To God be the glory, he never sustained any injury from the attack.  On the contrary, he overcame the six robbers single-handed, in his  words, just like David over Goliath, and they fled in a state of  confusion.&nbsp; When the police visited the scene and saw all that  transpired, they demanded to know the weapons he used to ward off the  robbers. He told them that like the Biblical David, his weapon was trust  in God and prayer with the Anointing Water.&nbsp; To God be the glory! When  the Lord is involved in your matter, it doesn’t matter who else is  involved!
<strong>EMMANUEL – GOD IS WITH US!</strong>
<div style=”text-align: left;”>
Hon. Chike Imoh Ogiji of the Ebonyi House Of  Assembly, Ebonyi State and his wife, Josephine took turns to air their  testimony of the wonderful work of God in their lives.</div>
<div style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”>
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<div id=”attachment_3591″ style=”width: 310px;”>
Hon. &amp; Mrs Chike Imoh Ogiji</div>
<div style=”text-align: left;”>
After the inauguration of the House on the 7<sup>th</sup>of  June, Hon. Ogiji left but only to meet a gang of six armed robbers in  his house. Pointing their guns menacingly at him, they warned him of the  danger of any resistance on his part.</div>
<div style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”>
<a href=”; style=”margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”><img alt=”” height=”300″ src=”;h=300&#8243; width=”200″ /></a></div>
<div id=”attachment_3597″ style=”width: 210px;”>
Hon. Chike Imoh Ogiji</div>
<div style=”text-align: left;”>
Allowing his wife and another woman with him  to come out of the car, the robbers bound him and drove off with him.  As they drove away, he overheard one of the robbers on the phone saying  that Hon Ogiji was already in their custody. Putting two and two  together, Hon Ogiji remembered a threat text that he had received  earlier and concluded within himself that they were assassins.</div>
The only weapon of defence at his disposal was the Word of God. As a  member of The SCOAN, Hon Ogiji shouted, ‘Emmanuel! In the blood of Jesus  Christ! Let the God of T.B. Joshua rescue me!’ As he mentioned these  words, confusion set in among the robbers who began violently arguing  among themselves thus giving Hon Ogiji an opportunity to escape. As they  drove off in his car, he unbound himself and made his way to the police  station to report the matter. As he gave his testimony, Hon Ogiji  displayed a national newspaper where the incident was reported.&nbsp; We  thank the Lord for always coming to our rescue at the hour of need.

Another video clip was shown of the miraculous work of the Anointing  Water worldwide. The focus this time was New York, USA and Athens,  Greece.&nbsp; Before the arrival of the Anointing Water in New York, people  had assembled in full anticipation of the miracles of the day. They were  in one accord with Prophet T. B Joshua via Emmanuel TV in prayer to  God. As soon as the Anointing Water was ministered, the miracles that  followed were as they had anticipated. Men and women were shaking  uncontrollably in deliverance.&nbsp; A woman among them testified that before  the Anointing Water was sprayed on her, she could hardly touch her body  because of severe pain but all that was gone following the ministration  of the Anointing Water.&nbsp; We join them to thank the Lord for bringing  health and relief to many of them through the Anointing Water.
In Athens, Greece a man who had had breathing problems for ten years  and depended on a machine for breathing also received his healing from  the ministration of the Anointing Water. After receiving the Anointing  Water, the man was instantly healed. Visibly shocked, he explained that  he had spent a large amount of his money and time going to hospitals  without getting any relief.&nbsp; Surprised at his miraculous healing which  automatically restored his ability to breathe freely, he asked himself,  ‘Where was I all these years?’&nbsp; He demonstrated his healing by running  up and down some steps within the church, a feat he said was impossible  before the prayer. We join him to thank the Lord for manifesting His  wonders through the Anointing Water, in Jesus’ name.



One of the events of the day was the giving of scholarships to various physically challenged students who are part of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Scholarship Scheme. The students were given different sums of

money according to their various scholastic needs, totalling N3 million. They included the blind, crippled, deformed and amputees. One of the spokespersons of the group, Olurundere Adenike, said she had no support for education, and when admitted to the University of Lagos, she had dropped out for lack of funds. However, she eventually gained admission to the University of Ibadan to read Languages and English, requesting assistance from Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners to pursue her academic dreams of excellence. Also, Emmanuel Aderemi, a student of Political Science, University of Lagos, also spoke on the uniqueness of the opportunity given them to be part of the Scholarship program.The service was concluded in a fiery Mass Prayer in which the finger of God Almighty manifested mightily among the congregants. As the Prophet remarked, what a God we have to worship, what a son we have to praise and what a future lies before us. To those whose lives are centred in Christ Jesus, better is not good enough; the best is yet to come.
<p>One of the events of the day was the giving of scholarships to various physically challenged students who are part of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Scholarship Scheme. The students were given different sums of money according to their various scholastic needs, totalling N3 million. They included the blind, crippled, deformed and amputees. One of the spokespersons of the group, Olurundere Adenike, said she had no support for education, and when admitted to the University of Lagos, she had dropped out for lack of funds. However, she eventually gained admission to the University of Ibadan to read Languages and English, requesting assistance from Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners to pursue her academic dreams of excellence. Also, Emmanuel Aderemi, a student of Political Science, University of Lagos, also spoke on the uniqueness of the opportunity given them to be part of the Scholarship program.</p><br />
<p>The service was concluded in a fiery Mass Prayer in which the finger of God Almighty manifested mightily among the congregants. As the Prophet remarked, what a God we have to worship, what a son we have to praise and what a future lies before us. To those whose lives are centred in Christ Jesus, better is not good enough; the best is yet to come.

TB Joshua Reveales The Seccret of Faith

In a message that was briefly started during the live Saturday service and firmly continued during the Sunday Service, Prophet T.B. Joshua unveiled, in his own words, ‘The Secret Of Faith.’ In the message, he said, “Jesus Christ is the surety of every Word from Matthew 1 to Revelation 22. No Word from God is void of fulfilment for God watches over His Word to perform it. If any Scripture should go by default, Jesus becomes responsible.”

Speaking of the bold confidence a believer has to approach the throne of grace in prayers and supplication, he added, “When you know that the Lord is on your side, your heart becomes quiet. You look up into His face and whisper your request and you know it is going to be granted because it is your Father who is on the throne, it is your Lord who is seated by His side.”

He concluded that faith was not abstract as it could be practiced and told the congregation that despite the challenges life would throw at them, faith was there for them through it all. “In your challenges in life, faith is there for you,” he said. A time of testimonies, mostly concerning the Anointing Water, preceded the powerful message.


Mr Austin Uba, from Imo State, Nigeria came to the church with his wife, Rose and son, Kinsgley to thank God for His wonderful work in his life. He had suffered from a urinary tract blockage, such that he was unable to urinate for a painful period of months. He was referred to India for an operation, by a doctor who had given him a catheter to enable him to pass urine. However, he was told the operation, if conducted, would only have a 50/50 chance of success and there was a high probability that he may not be functional as a man thereafter. Having seen God’s power in action on Emmanuel TV, he decided to come to The SCOAN for healing. After receiving the Anointing Water, he prayed and sprayed it on the affected area as well as in his mouth.

Merely hours later in his hotel room, Mr Uba, to his greatest surprise and delight passed his urine normally without the use of the catheter! Upon returning to the hospital, the doctor said he no longer needed an operation as he was already healed. Mr Uba encouraged people to look up to God and counselled them that He could do for them what He had done for him.

Mr Raphael Kpogli from Ghana had been a drug seller, smoker and addict for some 30 years, dealing specifically in heroin, Indian hemp (marijuana) and cocaine, while living a life of recklessness, waste and violence. In a shocking account of the debilitating and destiny-decaying effects of drug addiction, he narrated his sordid life experiences. He literally had to smoke a ‘cocktail’ of these drugs before going to bed, talking communicably with people or even eating, his wife and children always afraid of him at home due to his erratic nature. Having travelled to over six countries as a drug dealer, he acknowledged that although he never used a gun, he had caused multiple deaths by introducing drugs to people. His insatiable lust for this ‘cocktail’ of chaos crippled him financially as he sold cars, properties and even stole his wife’s clothes and jewelleries to sell to pay for his indulgence. A once thriving and intelligent man was reduced to a nervous and hate-filled wreck, staying in a single room in a house for months on end and only emerging to purchase more of the poison that was slowly crippling and killing him.

However, his wife, whom never doubted that one day God would turn her husband around, kept praying for his life to change and stood by him through thick and thin. When a few drops at the bottom of a bottle of Anointing Water were given to the Kpogli’s, Mr Raphael had no idea that within them contained the freedom he so sorely needed. After ministering the Anointing Water, Mr Kpogli said he felt a cold sensation envelop his body, as if a wave of liquid love was cascading through his entire system and reverberating within to eject all dependency on drugs and the darkness that embodied them. Mr Kpogli, who was about to embark on a rare journey to Accra, was worried at how he would complete the journey without taking the drugs. However, after many hours of travelling without even a thought of the substance, he realised that all previous craving for the drugs had disappeared. He tucked into a hearty meal and completed it, the first meal he had finished without taking drugs in 30 years. After three weeks of a drug-free life, he travelled to The SCOAN to share this life-changing testimony, exhorting friends who were still in the same business to abandon a life fuelled and filled by drugs which had reduced most of them to criminality. He said people must depend on God to be released from their plagues and a life of uncertainty.

Miss Taffy Mukombami came all the way from Ireland to share her remarkable testimony. The Zimbabwean student explained that she had been both stressed and depressed because of the challenges she had faced to gain citizenship in Ireland. However, after discovering Emmanuel TV, her situation changed drastically. After being opportune to receive the Anointing Water, she prayerfully sprayed it on her application form for citizenship and sent it off. To her greatest surprise, a couple of months later, her residency was granted, something that some people had been waiting years to receive!

Aside from this, Taffy had also been facing difficulties with her Master of Arts Programme and almost took a year off due to the tremendous stress and pressure. However, at the verge of giving up, she saw Prophet T.B Joshua appear in her dream, take her to the library and show her the books she needed to study to perform excellently in her academic pursuits. Upon waking up, she was shocked to discover that the books he had divinely pointed out to her were exactly what she had been looking for. After the submission of her thesis, which she proudly showed the congregation, she explained that her results were suggestive of her obtaining a First Class a result, an achievement she knows is a product of Divine providence.

After being barren for nine long years, Mr and Mrs Ebong Victory came to The SCOAN to share their wonderful testimony. Medically, the couple had been diagnosed as having a low sperm count. Mrs Ebong had come to The SCOAN in April 2012, got the Anointing Water and prayed with her husband. After a month of administering some, she became pregnant. She promised to come for thanksgiving soon, with her child. Her husband was obviously full of happiness as he stood close to her in church. She said people should trust in God have faith because He is the Author and Finisher of our faith.

In another wonderful testimony to God’s provision of fruitfulness, a video was replayed showing Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesying to a woman, asking her of a medical report and revealing that her stomach had been cut though the purpose was neither achieved nor her menstruation regular. Mr & Mrs Anvor Ely from South Africa came forward in response to the video. After many years of barrenness, Mrs Anvor had undergone an operation in her womb but the result remained unsuccessful. However, after visiting The SCOAN and receiving the prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua, the couple decided to trust in God for supernatural provision.

They narrated how after the prophecy, Prophet T.B. Joshua had counselled them in the office, stating that the sickness was ‘cancelled’ and giving them Anointing Water. After ministering it and continuing to trust in God, building their faith by listening to messages on Emmanuel TV, Mrs Ely became pregnant! She stood before The SCOAN congregation to testify that she was now several months pregnant, to the glory of God! Mr Ely thanked God for the inspiring messages on Emmanuel TV and exhorted viewers that Jesus has the solution to all fundamental issues of life.

A video was replayed in which Prophet TB Joshua prophesied to a woman about her marriage and how the internet had played an active role in their relationship. Coming forward with her husband to confirm the prophecy, Mrs MacAlexander explained to the congregation how the prophecy was true. A Kenyan working in Nigeria, she said she had not seen her husband more than twice in two years due to his regular travels but they talked trough the internet.

They would regularly strip naked before each other on a webcam and even engage in household activities such as cooking while viewing each other’s nudity. However, both soon took to watching pornography on the internet to satisfy themselves, soon birthing an addiction that almost crippled their marriage. The few occasions they did manage to spend time together, Mrs MacAlexander explained that the couple had no affection for each other whatsoever and she had determined within to leave the marriage before the prophecy was given. Although she had a well paid job, she explained that she could not give any account of how she spent the money, adding that after she had started viewing pornography, she began to sleep with a strange man in her dreams.

Her husband, Alexander, from Imo State, Nigeria, reiterated what his wife had said. They had met in Nairobi, Kenya five years ago but had barely spent months together as he was a regular traveller. After talking on the internet, he also had resorted to masturbation and pornography, too. He explained he began to have harrowing dreams of sleeping with a strange woman and finding himself in a cemetery with dead people. Career wise, despite connections and experience as a music producer, he found himself in a cycle of disappointment and missed opportunities.

Prophet TB Joshua spoke on the tortuous nature of pornography, a sin he stated was even worse than fornication. He said up to 70% of the world populace struggled with pornography, specifying that the youth in particular were affected. Following their confession, TB Joshua assured the couple that deliverance, restoration and reconciliation would follow and they would not leave The SCOAN unless they were completely free.

A video was replayed in which a young man manifested after prayer from Wise Man Racine at The SCOAN prayer line and the spirit spoke through him that it was a strong man which has been in him since birth. Chinedu Anagor and his parents came forward following the clip to share their experiences. Chinedu, a graduate of music from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, was an obedient, trustworthy and churchgoing young man before his entrance into university. However, influence from bad friends and a desire to feel part of the ‘crowd’ led the intelligent student to delve into the dark arrays of cultism, as he was initiated into the ‘Buccaneers’. Confessing that his parents were hearing this for the first time, Chinedu explained how he displayed a different attitude at home while growing steadily deeper into cultism and its attendant diabolic activities at school.

His roles in the cult graduated to include initiating other students, consulting oracles on the cult’s behalf and acting as a bodyguard to the cult leader – all high ranking positions. With little concentration on his academic career, Chinedu ended up spending 10 years in university before graduating, deceiving his parents that he had completed his course whereas actually he hadn’t. He confessed to the fact that he raped girls, caused violence and threatened people, though maintaining a pretence of calmness and coolness to the casual onlooker. Through God’s influence, he was finally delivered at The SCOAN, after which he began to genuinely regret his past actions for the first time. Falling to his knees in tears, he begged T.B. Joshua to assist him to apologise to his parents for his disrespect and lifestyle of lies and deceit. Shedding tears, his aged father embraced his son, as the congregation looked on, many themselves wiping tears from their eyes at the touching reconciliation and incredible change in the life of Chinedu through the deliverance. Prophet T.B. Joshua counselled parents to learn a lesson from Chinedu’s experience and ensure their children are regularly in the house of God.

One of the events of the day was the giving of scholarships to various physically challenged students who are part of The SCOAN Scholarship Scheme. The students were given different sums of money according to their various scholastic needs, totalling N3 million. They included the blind, crippled, deformed and amputees. One of the spokespersons of the group, Olurundere Adenike, said she had no support for education, and when admitted to the University of Lagos, she had dropped out for lack of funds. However, she eventually gained admission to the University of Ibadan to read Languages and English, requesting assistance from Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners to pursue her academic dreams of excellence. Also, Emmanuel Aderemi, a student of Political Science, University of Lagos, also spoke on the uniqueness of the opportunity given them to be part of the Scholarship program.

The service was concluded in a fiery Mass Prayer in which the finger of God Almighty manifested mightily among the congregants. As the Prophet remarked, what a God we have to worship, what a son we have to praise and what a future lies before us. To those whose lives are centred in Christ Jesus, better is not good enough; the best is yet to come.


The Anointing Water Prayer Line on December 2nd 2012 is now open for registration

Emmanuel! Registration for the Anointing Water Prayer Line in December is now open.

Jesus lives. He never said goodbye. He never said that there would be no more miracles.
His power and effectiveness are even greater today because He can be present in all places
at all times by His Spirit.

He still works miracles today and the Anointing Water is one medium which God is using to express Himself in terms of healing, deliverance and blessing.

If you would like to register for the Anointing Water prayer line in December, please click here to complete the registration form. After you complete the form, you will be contacted through your email address shortly. Ensure to wait for confirmation of your registration through email.

As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “Jesus Christ heals and still heals all manner of sickness and disease!”

Prophet T.B Joshua sponsors Nigerian Student, Yinka Oduwole with N26 Million for a PhD at Oxford University

It seems that the activities of Nigerian Pastors have for the past few weeks been trending topics on social media. Today, news about the  the founder of  The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), T.B. Joshua‘s donation of N26 million to a member of the church for the completion of her PhD programme is creating a buzz.

On Sunday 18th November 2012 at his church, he announced that he had  taken up the responsibility of sponsoring a Nigerian student to complete her PhD programme at the University of Oxford to the tune of £100,000, approximately N26 million.

As reported on the Pastor’s Facebook page, the beneficiary, Yinka Oduwole, has been a member of the church for many years. She  is a first-class graduate from the University of Lagos and was sponsored by Prophet T.B. Joshua for her Masters Degree in Broadband Communications at The University College London. She recently graduated with a distinction and was the best graduating student in her class.

T.B Joshua

She has now been granted a position to study her Doctorate Degree in Engineering Science at the prestigious Oxford University in the United Kingdom, also fully sponsored by Prophet T.B. Joshua. Her Doctorate degree studies will include extensive cancer research.

Yinka explained that after gaining admission to Oxford University, her tuition fees are 100,000 British pounds, which is an equivalent to N26 million. Prophet T.B. Joshua said that he is ready to sponsor her for her PhD in Engineering Science knowing that he is sponsoring a leader of tomorrow.

The young lady who has been a youth worker for many years at the church said “My advice to youth all over the world is that they should pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on them.

What are your thoughts on the Pastor’s donation?


“Ghanaians, after thinking all round, I never knew what bad I had done to some Ghanaians, who specialize in telling lies, fabricating falsehoods to malign me and my ministry on the pages of newspapers and websites.

“For how long will I reply these? Many of such falsehoods have been written and published before now, even to the extent that when I see a vision for the nation of Ghana, I have to say it in parable, e.g. the word ‘revolution’ I said last time on Emmanuel TV and published in many Ghanaian newspapers e.g. Daily Graphic.

“I am supposed to itemize the word ‘revolution’ in three stages but because of different perceptions by detractors who would give different meanings to it. The word ‘revolution’ is a fundamental change in a social system. It is also a great transformation in a given polity, occasioned by different circumstances or experiences of life, e.g. nature.

“I said in my last prophetic message that there would be a ‘revolution’. It was in parable. I used the word ‘revolution’ because I don’t want the detractors to use it for their selfish purpose. The word ‘revolution’ is broken into three segments e.g. circumstances that could be caused by nature, politics, circumstances beyond human redemption. I am praying for the nation and the leaders.

“Let us all come together and stand for the nation in prayer. May God answer our prayer. The story published this week on Ghana Web and some newspapers, and broadcast repeatedly on Ghanaian radios that Prophet T. B Joshua “knows the winner of Ghana’s election; predicts round two of Ghana’s election; and speaks on Ghana’s election” – all these are false and fabricated by detractors to suit their selfish purpose.

“Ghanaians, don’t listen to the fathers of lies; they cannot force me to speak what God has not said. Enough is enough; touch not my anointed.

“My people in Ghana, we all fight similar battles, just camouflaged differently. Once again, all the stories were not from me. If there is any prophecy, you will see it on Emmanuel TV.

“God bless the nation Ghana. God bless our leaders.”


TB Joshua versus Critics Hot Interview

TB Joshua

With the way Pastors are been exposed for their mischief extorting money from their congregation  TB Joshua Fans Blog has decided to picked on TB Joshua  whom we believe is the most persecuted Man of God in the world today. TB Joshua has been on our radial for a while and some of the question we would have loved to ask him has been asked by both local and International press. We are reproducing some of the interviews granted by TB Joshua and other Pastors. Watch this space for some shocking revelation……

Nollywood actress set free from smoking through praying with TB Joshua

In an interview with Nigerian Celebrity Magazine, ‘E24-7’, popular Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh revealed that she was set free from an addiction to smoking for 14 years through praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. The miracle came in a way she never even expected!

Here are excerpts from the interview:
It was also reported that you had quit smoking?
Yes I did.
How and when did you start smoking?
At the age of 13, I started smoking.
Have you quit for good and what made you quit, could it have been your health?
No, I didn’t quit by myself. I was watching a program on TV with Prophet T.B. Joshua and he was laying hands on people and praying for them. I love to watch his programs on Emmanuel TV. When he was praying, he said, ‘Lay your hands on the TV’ and I just laid my hands that day. I actually needed something else from God, not to quit smoking because I loved smoking; seriously, I loved it! However, after praying I sat back and I think I slept off. When I woke up, I took a stick of cigarette and I felt crazy. I couldn’t even imagine that I took it up to smoke in the first place. It felt like poison!
It takes long to quit smoking, I learnt it is a gradual thing, how did yours happen so suddenly?
From the little I have told you it wasn’t natural.
Have you ever encountered TB Joshua before?
No but I am always on his tail, I watch him every day, I write him every time I can, I tweet on him, I love him. I think that he is a person that influences my life positively in a lot of ways just through the TV alone and I can imagine myself being in his church, Oh my God!
Maybe you would go to his church soon?
I don’t want to; I don’t want to somersault but I love watching him on the television.
You don’t want him to touch you?
Of course, I want him to touch me but you know people just have different movements when under the anointing and the other thing kind of takes over. I am not saying that it is a shame to be delivered but I wouldn’t want to share that with the whole world, I would appreciate if someday I could see him privately. To Read More Click Here