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Joy Comes in the Morning


There is reason to be sad, but there is a greater reason not to be. Why? Because the JOY of the Lord is our STRENGTH, the bible says in James 1:2-3, “Count it all joy, my brethren, when you meet various trials, for you know that the testing of your Faith produces steadfastness”. God sometime uses trials to test our faith when preparing us for a greater glory. That is why true believers always put their trust in God no matter the situation. That is, in good time and hard times, Glory to God! In sorrow and happiness, Glory to God! In rejection and acceptances, Glory to God!!

Are we now going to slur God because a building collapsed? No and God forbid, God allow whatever He wants, He is a mysterious God and does as He wishes. Isaiah 55:8-9 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

We may not understand why God allow some certain things to happen; God may allow us go through certain life challenges for a reason He knows best. That’s why true believers don’t blaspheme when bad things happen to others instead, they pray for them and show them love; Love is the greatest!

Definitely, the enemies will always be after our mistakes to attack us and our foes will always be after our bad news to speak out the evil in their mind. But all we have to say is, trouble may endure for a night, but Joy comes in the Morning.

No matter how ugly our present circumstances may look like, God’s promise will surely come to pass. in Jeremiah 29:11 the word of God says “for I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope”. Hallelujah…., this means our future and destiny is secured in Christ Jesus, what else have we to say-Glory to God in the highest!!! No matter what the situation may look like, that heavenly Joy the world cannot give will always remain in our hearth.



Mrs Gloria Abhiwu from Ghana received a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua regarding broken home in the family. At the prophet’s word, she broke down in tears. Confirming the word of prophecy, last week she had narrated that after marrying her husband in 2011, there had been no peace in the home. Her husband had confessed to her that he didn’t have any affection for her to the extent that he returned the wedding ring. After giving the word of prophecy, Prophet T.B. Joshua invited her husband, Dr Hilarious Abhiwu, a medical superintendent from Ghana and he attended The SCOAN to honour the prophet’s invitation. He explained that the prophecy was nothing but the truth which he had never confessed to anyone. He narrated that the marriage started on a wrong footing. Since the day they met each other, she kept on talking about marriage to the extent that her family was mounting pressure on him to marry their daughter. They attended marriage counselling due to his doubt in the marriage and she still had to convince him to tie the knot. Initially, he wanted to postpone the marriage but because of the pressure, he finally married her. Mr Abhiwu was speaking with bitterness that he had to abandon his education and economy because of the marriage, while his wife stayed with her parents for two years. Her mother put a lot of pressure on her daughter to get pregnant.
Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Prophet T.B. Joshua invited the mother of Mrs Abhiwu in order to settle the matter.

Today, the mother of Gloria, Mrs Theresa Agbovi having honoured the invitation of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, received instructions in righteousness from the man of God of how to allow the young marriage to grow as it was a marriage from Heaven. The man of God said, “We need to thank our mum for her support”. Praying with the young couple, Prophet T.B. Joshua reconciled them, in Jesus name promising to counsel them further for the success of their marriage. As husband and wife embraced themselves, the prophet prayed for them and they both fell under the anointing of God. Now delivered from the pain of the past, they are set to face whatever challenges their marriage will face. Whatever deep hurt was caused by either party, they chose to hold on to the words of Prophet T.B. Joshua, “Whether you are right or wrong, you have no right to hold on to an offence”.




The crowd was rowdy, the queue long and the chances extremely slim. However, Mr Okafor exuded an uncanny confidence that stood in stark contrast with the reality of his situation on ground. He had never travelled abroad and his passport was untouched yet Uchenna knew a Divine hand was at work as he sat in the American Embassy in Lagos, Nigeria.

Mr Uchenna Okafor had met Prophet T.B. Joshua in his office just two days before his appointment at the US embassy where he sought to travel to New York for a two week vacation. Upon explaining his request, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave Uchenna a ‘Believer’s Card’ and assured him that all would be well.

Upon arriving at the embassy, Mr Okafor and his wife were ushered to the front of the queue by an unknown young man. He met two others who had travelled widely and were outwardly more qualified to receive a visa yet they were both denied. However, with the ‘Believer’s Card’ in his hand and prayer in his heart, Uchenna approached the kiosk with confidence and after just a few sundry questions, he was granted a two year multiple entry visa to USA alongside his wife!



The prognosis was dire. “Mr Godfrey, this is a 50/50 situation,” the doctor hesitantly told the Ghanaian businessman. After four major operations involving the risky insertion of steel rods into his spine, his health condition seemed only to worsen. Another operation was scheduled, as was a trip to The SCOAN…

Godfrey Kyei had been suffering for several years with an increasingly deteriorating back condition which the doctors diagnosed as ‘spinal scoliosis’. For four years, his movement became more and more limited to the point were simple tasks such as bending down to tie his shoe laces became impossible. After several surgeries, Mr Kyei was forced to use a wheelchair to move around, gradually graduating to the use of crutches and then a walking aid and lumbar corset. When the doctors informed him that another operation was on the cards, fear filled Godfrey’s heart. However, as strong as the fear of an operation was, so was the desire to visit The SCOAN for Divine healing after he was introduced to Emmanuel TV by a friend.

Requesting that the operation be postponed for a fortnight, Godfrey plucked up courage to visit The SCOAN where he was placed on the prayer line. The moment Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him, Mr Kyei described that he felt an intense surge of pain shooting through his entire spine. Abnormalities were being Divinely corrected! Immediately after the prayer, he cast aside his walking aids and began to exercise, twist and turn freely. Returning to Ghana renewed and revitalized, he boldly went to the same hospital and demanded that another x-ray be taken. The results were astonishing! All traces of scoliosis had disappeared and the doctors informed Mr Kyei that there was no more need for an operation, acknowledging that his case defied medical logic. For further confirmation, they insisted he take an MRI scan a few months down the line. The results corroborated his earlier x-ray, showing no trace of spinal problems! Indeed, doctors can treat but God heals!




Ivonne awoke in a cold sweat. The darkness was as penetrating as it was palpable. What had just happened? All the young Cameroonian could recall was the eerie cackle, the menacing threat and then the dead silence. Thankful it was just a dream, she struggled to return to sleep. However, the nightmare went beyond the night…

Miss Ivonne Milla from Cameroon had an unusual problem. Doctors diagnosed Lumbar Sacral Degeneration but she alone knew the deep spiritual entanglements that preceded her ailment. It started one night when she had a terrible nightmare where a cloaked demonic figure told her that she would never walk again. The following morning, she awoke with excruciating pain radiating through her back. Strangely, the muscles in her leg had gone into involuntary contraction and had actually shrunk in size. The once boisterous, energetic student was rendered paralyzed. Rushed to the hospital, the doctors were baffled at the rarity and severity of her condition, providing her a wheelchair and stating that no medical solution was available.

Confined to her bed, Ivonne’s family had to take care of her every need including bathing and feeding her. At the height of her sickness, a family member forlornly suggested it would be better if she just went to the village and died there. Miss Milla had lost all hope but not everyone had given up on her. Her mother, who had been watching Emmanuel TV, insisted that they take Ivonne to The SCOAN where she had seen God Almighty healing people from all kinds of ailments. Ivonne wasn’t convinced, wondering how a crippled person could take such a long, arduous journey to Nigeria.

After much pressure, she took an intrepid journey by road and sea to The SCOAN, finally arriving in time for the Sunday Prayer Line. As Prophet T.B. Joshua came to their car, he instructed Miss Milla’s brother to minister the Morning Water to his sister. Natural words have no means to adequately describe what unfolded in that Divine moment! Immediately after the ministration, Miss Milla jumped out of the car and started walking! One year later, Ivonne returned with her whole family to testify to the permanence of her miracle, explaining that she had been engaging in all normal activities since her healing. Miss Milla demonstrated her remarkable recovery by running up and down the aisle, praising the Lord!




Something was moving. A mysterious tip-toe up her legs. Wait a minute – it was alive! Bewilderment turned to horror as Joy hurriedly shook her skirt and saw a huge cockroach tumble downwards. Hiding under demonic disguise, it took the anointing of God to reveal the root of her terrible migraines!

Joy Nfunne saw the outward effects of the devil in her life but was blinded to the spiritual cause of her ailment. Plagued by constant headaches which stole her joy and hindered her academic prowess, it was when she received a ‘Believer’s Card’ at The SCOAN that Joy discovered the hidden truth behind her challenges. After praying with the Believer’s Card at night, she awoke the following morning to discover a cockroach crawling on her body. However, this physical discovery took on a new, more powerful meaning when Joy slept the following night.

In the dream, she was taken to an unusual medical facility and operated on by an elderly man. The man removed her hair and proceeded to remove ‘countless’ cockroaches that were lurking close to her scalp. After finishing the uncanny process, he returned her hair and declared her free to go. Upon waking up and reconciling the dream with her experience the previous day, Joy knew freedom had come! She testified that since that unique, supernatural operation, all signs of migraines had disappeared from her life, leading to greater tranquility and contentment, alongside renewed zeal and focus for the future.



TB Joshua Gives TEN MILLION Naira For BOKO HARAM victims

Kuchingoro, a slummy suburb in the heart of Abuja, Nigeria is home to a camp for IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons). With makeshift tents, poor sanitation and horrific living conditions, the camp is in dire need of assistance. On hearing the plight of the thousands of IDPs, T.B. Joshua sent the Emmanuel TV Team and partners to present a gift they will never forget.