EBOLA VIRUS: The Opposition Forces in Sierra Leone

wpid-ebolacure2.jpgObviously, we find ourselves in a world in which the established socio structures and institutions are been influenced by the devil and his cohorts working tirelessly to hinder, as well as frustrate the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ, thereby to accomplish the will of their master (the devil) which sole aim is to kill, steal and destroy. Therefore, it was not a thing of surprise when the reports came out that the ‘Anointing water’ sent by Prophet T.B. Joshua’s Ministry to help cure the Ebola Virus diseases that was ravaging the West African nation of Sierra Leone faced strong opposition from international organizations. It was said that those international organizations confiscated some bottles of the Anointing water that was supposed to be used to cure and eradicate the Ebola virus from Sierra Leone claiming that medically, there was no scientific proof that it could cure Ebola even though the President of Sierra Leone, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma authorized that the Anointing water should be allowed to be used on those Ebola’s patience.

When Prophet T.B. Joshua announced his desire to help the nations affected by the deadly Ebola virus with financial aid and Anointing water normally, it was supposed to be a thing of Joy and something that should be encouraged by all and sundry irrespective of their opinion about Faith healing. Based on the fact that the Anointing water from SCOAN is well known all over the world for its efficacy in healing countless number of diseases that even medically cannot be cured. It was expected of those international health organizations and nations of the world to key into these great blessing from God to humanity by encouraging the use of the Anointing water to help eradicate the deadly diseases, but unfortunately, the reverse was the case; they resisted and frustrated the move of God in the nation of Sierra Leone.

As common as this revelation maybe to many, this has again exposed the world and their institution for whom they really are. We are in a world that has lost touch with the reality of the healing power of God; a world where many don’t have Faith in God anymore. That is why most of the powerful institutions in the world of today are link to Satanism and their aim is to promote the agenda of the devil and resist/frustrate anything that carries the mark of God. Can’t we see how powerful institutions that suppose to sustain and uphold the natural nature of men are now the ones forcing sovereign nations of the world to accept Homosexuality as ‘normal’? Who knows if this may be one of the reasons for the September 12th, 2014 terror attack that led to the collapsed of a guest house at the premises of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) which claimed the lives of many worshippers?

We are in a generation that now worships science more than God, who actually created science. It is what science says that is now acceptable not what God says. This is why the devil has continues to take dominion over the affairs of men. I am not against the orthodox treatment. Doctors treats…But God heals, I’m simply saying that the healing power of God is greater than the opinion of any medical scientist because God created science to assist man not for man to now worship science above God. Therefore, any medical personnel that has the fear of God and recognizes HIS supremacy in the affairs of men cannot stand against the healing power of God through the medium of the Anointing water.

T.B. Joshua’s Prophecy and the Newly Elected Tanzanian President

This article was sent to us by a T.B Joshua fan with the name, Sidney

Prophet T.B Joshua

Prophet T.B Joshua

I sincerely deem it highly imperative at this juncture to categorically emphasis that I have critically examined the Ministry of Prophet TB Joshua, the SCOAN, here in Nigeria, in the course of the Sundays Live Service broadcast on the Emmanuel TV satellite; I have listened to his awesome revelations and Prophecies. A typical example of the genuineness of these Prophecies among others includes the initial Prophecy he made to Dr John Pombe Magufuli, prior to his Presidential poll victory that Dr Magufuli, will become a President and this came to pass. Dr Magufuli is to be sworn in on November 5th 2015, as the 5th Executive President of the United Republic of Tanzania, following his victory in the just concluded Presidential election. This indeed triggered me the more. I have found nothing skeptical neither falsifying nor deceptive about his prophecies as well as the SCOAN MINISTRY.

A man of God at his caliber, whom I have took my quality time to carry out a critical self-inquiry about the said SCOAN here in Nigeria, I realized that apart from the diverse healings carried out in the SCOAN’s ‘Prayer line’; laying of hands on the sick and they received their permanent healings, deliverance through the medium of the ‘Anointing Good morning water’ to cast out demons which is a major antithesis to man’s success in life.

More conspicuous is the numerous philanthropic dispositions to the paupers in and outside the shores of his country / continents as far as the continent of Asia and several countries of the world, which were besieged by impromptu natural disasters thereby plagued by diseases, unhealthy drinkable water, impoverished and sever starvation, Prophet TB Joshua has been a major benefactor to these victims irrespective of their color, race and Faith respectively.

I was even surprised when I overheard through the news media of the huge amount of millions of naira Prophet T.B. Joshua, single-handedly donated to support the ‘Internally Displaced Persons’ in the northern part of Nigeria, following the ungodly terrorists attacks unleashed by the notorious Boko Haram sect.

In my candid view /affirmation, if this quintessential servant of God should own a Jet to ease his global evangelism in the distribution of medical facilities / food to victims of unforeseen circumstances who are rendered incapacitated, I think it’s simply ‘Normal and Ideal’ unlike other of his contemporaries who are on records amassing wealth for themselves. Prophet T.B. Joshua even stands more outstanding in his ardent global humanitarian evangelical dispositions. Why this manner of unfair critics against him over the said “Gulfstream G550 as alleged and captioned on the so called TB Joshua Watch? Which claims have a comprehensive resource on TB Joshua and SCOAN? Why don’t we Christians simply emulate and encourage Prophet T.B. Joshua, especially in his qualitative humanitarian expertise in evangelism which creates a Global attention. I mean alleviating the sufferings of the poor and less privileged especially the victims of circumstances /natural disasters.

Building Collapse: Man’s verdict and God’s Judgment

TB-Joshua-Synagogue-ChurchWhen the Lagos State Government (LSG) set up the coronal inquest that was supposed to find out the cause of the September 12th, 2014 building collapse at the premises of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) Lagos, Nigeria, One would expect the inquest will provide answers to the many questions that was being raised, but the reveres was the case, the alleged inquest has thus raised more questions than answer vis a viz; indictment rather than fact finding/ inquiry.

The outcome of the coronal inquest has made many with the right knowledge to accept the fact that the coronal Magistrate who was supposed to be impartial indeed has interest in the case as earlier sued by the ministry of SCOAN during the time the inquest was still ongoing.


Mobile Picture from a South African Eyewitness

Before I move further, it will be imperative for us to take a clue from the time the building collapse incident just occurred. Prior to the setup of the coronal inquest, there has been disagreement between the ministry of SCOAN and the Lagos State government (the inaugurator of the coronal inquest) on the actual cause of the building collapse. While the ministry of SCOAN insists the collapse was as a result of terror attack that was induced by controlled demolition, but the Lagos Sate Government (LSG) claimed the building Collapsed as a result of structural failure. For this reason, SCOAN released a CCTV footage which captured a military airplane that went round the building before it collapsed and to add to SCOAN’s evidence, a South African eyewitness who saw the plane when it was coming closer to the building, present to the public the picture he snapped with his mobile phone capturing the close proximity of the military airplane to the collapsed building. But on the part of the Lagos State government (LSG), the General Manager of the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LSBCA) quoted that his agency sent a pre-warning notice to the SCOAN before the building collapsed, which they alleged SCOAN ignored. And also government rescue agencies that came to the collapse site ‘ill-equipped’ accused the Church of not cooperating with the recues process, thus raising question if the Church has something to hide. Both claims by the Lagos State Government agencies were refuted by the ministry of SCOAN and it was obvious this bogus allegations from the LSG were desperate moves to shift all the blame on SCOAN because concrete evidences later proved that the preliminary claims raised by the Lagos State Government (LSG) were all lies and this has generate a lot of question if some individuals in the Lagos State Government (LSG) have personal interest in the incident or if the State authorities are part of the ground plan to cover-up what truly transpired on the September 12th, 2014 building collapsed at the premises of the SCOAN.

READ- “Building Collapse: Five (5) Spurious Lies against T.B Joshua’s Ministry” for more insight on what transpired when the building incident just occurred.

Now I ask, how can the Lagos State Government (LSG) who has being known for spreading misinformation, contradicting claims and falsehood since the collapse incidence occurred now claim they want justice for the victims and bereaved families? We ask, is this Justice or witch-hunt?

This is the same LSG that has been resisting every move taken by the Ministry of SCOAN to prove that the building collapsed was as a result of terror attack. Here we ask, what does it take the Government to consider the facts on ground that has been raised by SCOAN. Why are they not talking about the Military airplane that went round the building before it collapsed? What will be the gain if the innocents are wrongly accused and convicted?




Right from birth, Mrs Ernestina Baiden from Cameroon had suffered from a condition known as Glucose-6 phosphates dehydrogenate deficiency.  She experienced allergies such as severe headaches and received heavy doses of analgesics. Sometimes, the doctors gave her infusions in order to flush her system but all remained a futile exercise. The Customer Service Personnel had a horrible time carrying out her official obligations as she often went on sick leave to the detriment of her job. Knowing that her condition has no known medical solution, she decided to look for solution in God. She came to The SCOAN, received the Morning Water and returned to her country.


Watching Emmanuel TV back home, her faith was boosted by the testimony of a woman whose genotype transformed from SS to AA after ministering the Morning Water. Believing that her case would not be an exception, she ministered the Morning Water calling on God to heal her permanently of her medical condition. And to God be the glory, since the day she ministered the Morning Water, her condition has become a thing of the past. She is healed and no longer visits the hospital. Two different laboratory test results also confirmed her to be free of the medical condition that had threatened her very joy. She advised people all over the world to believe that there is power in the name of Jesus Christ through the medium of the morning water.


Miss Salwa Braimah from Ghana graduated with a First class degree in Building Technology from a university in Ghana. She was encouraged by friends and family to go for her master’s degree, which she was reluctant to do as she wanted to work instead. After working for a couple of years, she decided to go for her master’s but the family were not financially buoyant enough to sponsor her. In the midst of this, she came to The SCOAN to seek the face of God where her faith was built up and received the Morning Water. In 2014, she applied for the Commonwealth scholarship. During this time, the desire kept growing stronger and stronger to continue her education. She ministered the Morning Water on the screen as it was an online application before applying for the scholarship in the new university in the UK. This time, not only did the school accept her but she also received a full commonwealth scholarship of 17,950 pounds to cover her airfare to and from UK, full tuition, study and maintenance allowance for her Master’s programme in Construction Project Management. Only 40 to 50 students around the world were given this privilege and she was one of them. The course is one year and she proudly displayed her visa and passport for entry into the UK.
Her advice to the world was that delay is not denial. God is working out something for you.


Hon Martins Aza from Benue said that he had come to The SCOAN with the problem of bedwetting and also poverty was knocking on his door. He heard of someone who was delivered from the same problem. He came and received the Morning Water and went home and ministered it. He got his deliverance that very day. After ministering the Morning Water, he was also taken out of poverty and into blessing, being able to acquire four cars. Previously, he had never imagined venturing into politics. His primary concern was just to have an encounter with the Lord. As he was at The SCOAN, God used Prophet T.B. Joshua to point him to his future success. When he returned to Kaduna where he had lived for many years, God began to direct him as he continued ministering the Morning Water, using it as his body spray. While he continued with his little business, one day his phone rang. It was a call from his community in Benue State asking him to come and contest for an elected position. He ministered the Morning Water and prayed asking the Lord for direction. As he slept that night, the Spirit of the Lord ministered to him that he should go and that he had found favour in His sight. As he arrived in Benue State, he discovered that the people who were contesting were vast in politics and he was the least among them but he knew that the God of TB Joshua was faithful. He knew that He had never failed. As he had done it for his problem of bedwetting, he believed that He would still do the same.
There were 17 contestants including him. The 16 had a background in politics whereas he had no such background or experience. In the course of consultations, he met with a Muslim who saw the Anointing Sticker hung on his neck and told him that the person who had given him the sticker was a true man of God, that the day you remove it, that will be the end of your political career. He encouraged him that he should not joke with the spiritual materials given to him by the man of God. There were 17 people contesting for the same election. Many of the 17 had family members among the screening committee. Six people were shortlisted. Before he knew it 2 candidates stepped down for him, leaving four candidates to contest. Out of 30, he got 27 votes – the highest among all the candidates! According to Hon Martins Aza, all the three had been in the race for a very long time but what distinguished him among them was the hand of God through the Morning Water and Sticker. He became the flag bearer of his own political party. The race then began. On the day of election, he again prayed with the Morning Water and Sticker believing God and went for the general election which was tough but by the grace of God, he won with a clear margin. He is now an honourable member of the Benue State House of Assembly representing Makurdi North State Constituency. He is also the Chairman of the Committee for Youth and Sports, Benue State. He brought with him his certificates and pictures of his party executives.
He encouraged all that God had turned his case around through the Morning Water so they should have faith – believe and their case would not be exceptional.


Mr Sebastine Onuora was travelling to Imo State with his wife and baby when they encountered armed robbers. Before embarking on the journey, he had ministered the Morning Water on himself and family. As they journeyed in the 18 passenger seat bus, he noticed that the driver suddenly swerved the vehicle to the side of the road. Looking through the window, he discovered that the vehicle was surrounded by armed robbers. Everyone in the vehicle was asked to come down. And as they did, they were robbed of their belongings. Before it got to the wife’s turn, he collected the Morning Sticker from her and hung it on his neck. When the wife came down from the vehicle, the robbers collected her hand bag from her, opened it and brought out the Morning Water. Immediately, the robber threw the Morning Water and bag down and they all ran away. The wife, being a police officer, reported the incident to the DPO of that area. They later got a call for the DPO that they had been able to arrest all the robbers and called on the affected people to come to the Police Station to identify their properties that were stolen.
Mr Sebastine also testified of how God had delivered him from the spirit of masturbation which he had been battling with for 23 years. Prior to his deliverance, he always made a promise at the end of each year not to continue in the act the next year but found himself unable to stick to his promise. One day, he watched Emmanuel TV and saw how a brother was delivered from this same problem through watching Emmanuel TV. Afterwards, Prophet T.B. Joshua started praying for viewers and he prayed along with him, in Jesus’ name. Immediately, he felt something leave his body and since then the urge to masturbate has disappeared as he had been delivered. He advised the youth to desist from evil and give their lives to Christ.