Miss Mary Okoye with her mother and sisters came to The SCOAN today to share her testimony of how God has set her free from evil spirits in her life. Last week, she was in a company of her girlfriend as she received a message of prophecy from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua that she had the spirit of woman and doesn’t have affection for men. After that, the man of God also called out her second, saying that they were his friends and he then prayed for them in the power of the Holy Spirit. Right there, she received deliverance and today, one week later, she came to share her testimony.
Miss Mary explained that the problem right from tender age when she was in primary school, she never wanted to grow breasts or to have any relationship with men. She felt as if she was among her own kind when she was with men and preferred to have friendly relationship with men while she had sexual urge for women. Because of this problem, she had to drop out of school. She explained that she has never had any kind of sexual encounter with a man. She has only had affection for women. Now, after her deliverance, she doesn’t see herself as a boy any longer. She no longer has any affection for her former girlfriend which she came together with last week. Her affection is now restored and she can see herself marrying a man now.
Ms Ajarat Asara, who was the partner of Miss Mary also came to share her experience and testimony of how God saved her and restored her life. Many years ago, she got married to a soldier and had a child for him. Today, the child is 14 years old. During her marriage, the husband maltreated her and she was always lonely because he was not around for a long time due to his duties as a soldier. He was transferred to Sierra Leone and she was left alone with the daughter. Before going, her husband brought her a check and gave her money for one year until he would come back but the money he gave her was not enough for her to take care of herself and her child. She later decided to leave her husband because her affection for him was lost. A friend then introduced her to lesbianism and she started going out with other women. Later, she met with Mary who she started a relationship with. In the midst of it, they came to The SCOAN last week where Mary received the prophetic message and they both received their deliverance. Now, she sees Mary as a sister, not as her partner any longer and she has no affection for women. Testifying to the glory of God, she replied that she wants to reunite with her husband and continue their family.


Mrs Rachel Obediah-West from Rivers, Nigeria came to The SCOAN with the problem of difficulty in walking due to osteoarthritis which she had been tormented with for more than 15 years. It all started when she was playing by the riverside as a child and fell down and injured her leg. Being brought up in the rural areas, no medical attention was available and she had to bear the agonizing pain. As she grew, the pain seemed to reduce until it had almost disappeared but it always came back during the cold time of the year – the rainy season. During that period, her leg would swell up and she would struggle to walk or even perform any duties at home.

Later in life, she was privileged to travel abroad and settle down in the UK. As the climate in UK was colder than that of Nigeria, the problem reemerged more frequently. When people at her workplace discovered that her leg was swelling, she was taken for medical examination and it was discovered that she had a childhood injury. One of the bones in her right leg had fractured many years back and that was what caused the pain to resurface every year. The doctors, after diagnosing her problem were not able to bring about any solution because the bone had conjoined wrongly.

Upon coming back to Nigeria, her leg was getting worse and worse and people started looking at her as a physically challenged person who limped anywhere she went. At one point, she was booked for an operation at Doctors without Borders but it was all to no avail; the problem still persisted. After all was said and done, she had to resolve in using a knee brace permanently which she was ashamed of and started wearing long dresses in order to cover her stigmatic knee. She started looking for solution outside of the medical sphere and came across Emmanuel TV. When she came to The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her and immediately, she received her healing through the power of the Holy Spirit and removed her knee brace. She explained that as the man of God touched her leg, she felt a hot sensation flowing through her leg and at that point, all the pain disappeared. Now, she can wear high heels, something that was impossible formerly as she always had to wear orthopedic slippers.

She advised people to hold on to God because only God is able to heal you and set you free from whatever predicament you may be facing.



Mrs. Joyce Durojaiye was enrolled for a Masters (MSc in Payroll Management) in London where she lived with her family. During her first two years of study, she became ill and was struggling to simply pass. Her academics were marred with 40s and 50s and without a single distinction result in sight. Due to her academic failures and the consequent depression and frustration that engulfed her, her husband encouraged her to seek the face of God by coming to The SCOAN. She listened to the counsel of her husband and visited The SCOAN alone.

While at The SCOAN, she received prayer from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and was also given the Morning Water. With the words of the prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua ringing in her heart, her spirit was invigorated and she returned to the UK where she administered the Morning Water before studying and sprayed the Morning Water on all her assignments and documents. In a complete academic turnaround, she gained distinction results throughout her third year. In addition, she was also awarded the best dissertation award – this award was to the surprise of her lecturers who were not accustomed to such achievements from her given her past years of academic failure. As a result of her academic achievements, Mrs Durojaiye was celebrated by the House of Lords, awarded a fellowship certificate and made a fellow with the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals. She was even published in a magazine for the distinctions and the overall merit result. Following her graduation, she continues to be headhunted for various job positions in the UK; however, she decided to first to come to The SCOAN to give thanks to God and share her testimony with the people of God.

To echo her wonderful testimony, her son and husband reiterated the testimony Mrs. Durojaiye shared. Mr. Durojaiye advised the viewers of Emmanuel TV and the congregants in The SCOAN auditorium that when you are in the Arena of Liberty be rest assured that all will be well with you. He also shared a brief testimony of his own and stated that he had been jobless for many years and later acquired a job and started a good business of his own after ministering the Morning Water.

With thanksgiving, Mrs. Durojaiye, advised everyone to trust in the Lord with all their hearts and to lean not in their own understanding.


Mrs Chengeto Chivasa, a Zimbabwean residing in South Africa visited The SCOAN for the New Year’s Eve Candle Light Service with a lot of problems. She had been struggling to get a job for many years and had only worked for a few months that year. A lot of people in her family looked up to her as the breadwinner of the family, resulting in frustration as she could not provide for them.
During that service, Mrs Chivasa was prayed for by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and received the Morning Water. She declared to her joblessness that she was leaving it on the Cross of Calvary and was going to get a job, in the name of Jesus.

As she landed back in her country, she switched on her phone and found several missed calls from her former boss. She called him back and was invited to his office. She was pessimistic at first, thinking that it would be another temporary job of just two or three months but to her surprise, was told that it was a permanent position.

After accepting the job offer, however, Mrs Chivasa was informed that without a new working permit, she would not be accepted for the job. She applied at the Ministry of Interior in South Africa but numerous unexpected obstacles presented themselves. Time passed and her boss told her that if she could not produce evidence that she had a valid permit within the next two days, they would have to let her go from the position she had been granted.
Mrs Chivasa called the Ministry of Interior and was told that it would take longer than two days for her documents to be processed. She picked up the Morning Water booklet and read the testimonies of others who had received their miracles in Jesus’ name. Gaining faith and encouragement, she began to pray and minister the Morning Water. That very day, only hours later, she was informed that her documents were ready.

Miraculously, she received her documents 24 hours before the deadline, something that could never had happened without the finger of God in her life.

Not only was Mrs Chivasa able to resume work, she was also able to purchase her own car as well as build a new house for herself and her family. She advised people to continue seeking the face of God with all their hearts because He is able to do all things in our lives.


The job of a social worker is to listen to the cries of the people, reach out and meet their needs. Imagine a social worker unable to hear their cry. This was the case of Mrs Mercy Omoregie from the USA. Over the years, she began to experience difficulty when listening to her clients, her family, her supervisors in the office and her lecturers at school where she was furthering her studies. She tried coming up with tactics and strategies to solve her predicament, without success. Sometimes when talking to her husband, they would begin to shout and argue over her inability to hear him. He even told her one day that perhaps he should learn sign language to communicate with her. In school, if she had to sit at the back of the class, she could not hear anything at all and one day, her lecturer insulted her because she kept going to him after class asking him what he had said.

She was forced to go to the doctor who examined her and stated that the problem actually happened when she was a baby and that not only could he not solve the problem but the problem was going to get worse until she could no longer hear at all. Her mother confirmed what the doctor said, telling her that she had become very sick when she was little and at that time, a blockage developed in her ears.

Faced with the staggering thought of total deafness, Mrs Omoregie submitted and accepted hearing aids from the doctor. She used the hearing aids for 1 year and 8 months until the day her husband insisted that she visit The SCOAN for prayer. They had been watching Emmanuel TV and began to believe that Jesus Christ could set her free from the bondage of deafness.

When Mrs Omoregie came, she was arranged in The SCOAN Prayer Line and Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her. As he laid his hand on her head, she fell back and suddenly began shouting that she could hear a baby crying from far away. Shocked, she entered the church auditorium and could hear the music playing loudly. Even with the loud music, she began to hear her phone ringing. It was her daughter, calling from the US, to rejoice with her over her miracle. From that moment on, she has been able to hear every sound around her. She no longer uses hearing aids and can’t even tell where the aids are now. She can hear while speaking on the phone, in person, when she is meeting clients and taking care of her grandchildren. Overjoyed, she said she never knew a day would come when she would be able to hear without having to ask for the conversation to be repeated.

She advised viewers that no matter how long your problem has persisted, Jesus Christ is more than able to break the yoke and set the captives free!


Last week, Miss Ameze Shabafo came to The SCOAN with the plan of finding more patrons for her shady and lecherous business. During the mass prayer session, God sent a word of prophecy through Prophet T.B. Joshua to locate her in the midst of thousands. He said, “A woman wearing white – you are living a funny life”. She came out in confirmation of the prophecy and received her deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit. The evil spirit that manifested in her confessed that it was the one that pushed her into the life of prostitution for 17 years.

Today, she came to share her testimony of how God has turned her life around. She explained that the problem started when she was a child and her father introduced her to a man that was much older than her to marry. She was forced into that marriage and was greatly disheartened. As she explained to her sister that she wasn’t happy with her life, her sister assisted her to run away and go to one of the neighbouring countries where she indulged in the life of prostitution, staying in a hostel for men to come and sleep with her for money. She said that even as she came to The SCOAN, she came with the intention of finding more ‘customers’. During her former life, she could sleep with up to 20 men per night. When she finished prostituting, it still continued in her dreams where she would continue sleeping with men throughout the night until she woke up.

Miss Ameze had taken prostitution as her only source of income. Because of the stigma, she tried to stop a few times but it was all to no avail because her urge for sexual satisfaction was too strong and she always found herself falling back into the same pit of bad habits.

She testified that since she received her deliverance at The SCOAN last week, the urge for men and her corrupt lifestyle had stopped and now, she has passion for Jesus. She advised people who are still trapped in the immoral webs of harlotry to seek God because only He has a solution to their problems.