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TB Joshua’s Critics- The darkness in a close M

In the ongoing debate between supporters and critics of scoan on TB Joshua watch, some SCOAN supporters might have noticed how pointless it is trying to convince them to come to the right knowledge of the Gospel grace.

Theirs is a platform on which reticence would suffice because of the awful reality of how they use scoan’s supporter’s words to slur them because of the strength of their conviction. A quick glance through TB Joshua watch, a scoan critic site will reveal diverse concerns about scoan which they listed as their reasons for feeling uneasy about scoan. Now we must point out here that doubt in itself isn’t wrong, if there were no doubt then there would be no reason for faith, as much as we advocate support for TB Joshua’s ministry, we are definitely against blind fanaticism, the scripture explicitly instructs us to test all things, make sure of them in order to hold fast to that which is true. Though doubt in itself is not wrong, it is most times better not to entertain them at all because it often leads to cynicism and hard heartedness if not carefully managed, Jesus himself once said, even as the most controversial figure during his sojourn on planet earth, “blessed are those who have no doubts about me”. We are not ruling out the fact that SCOAN Critics sometimes raise genuine concerns about scoan, but going on about these doubts to try and convince others to form the same opinion as they have is just being pharisaical. A dangerous little catch phrase was given by their site administrator, Ian, for SCOAN supporters to keep reading their rhetoric articles with an open mind, which in itself isn’t a problem if they themselves would stop clinging stubbornly to some mixture of unwarranted assumptions and sentiments.

A closed mind in the context of this post is the attitude of TB Joshua’s critics impervious to ideas, arguments, facts and logic. The state of already having their minds made up and not ready to accept the possibility of being wrong.

These critics themselves have also falsely accused scoan supporters of having a dedication that would not countenance doubt or critique, and as a result the value-laden words they employ to enlighten these closed minded bunch are often rejected as merely showing off fanaticism. That is, those who would not believe their assumptions about SCOAN, it is at this point we strike a difference between a closed mind and being self assured. Whilst a closed mind is impervious to ideas, a self assured mind is an open mind because of confidence and surety, coupled by willingness to hear other’s point of view and not being threatened by them.  TB Joshua watch is definitely a far cry from this. Don’t agree? Well lets test them then, The test is whether they are prepared to sincerely hear arguments to the contrary and be open to changing their minds if they are strong enough and as expected, they inadvertently failed.

It’s clear that as far as knowledge of the truth in this matter is concerned, they’re a lost cause, with comments such as these; one cannot help but wonder if these are the same set of people that claim to be seeking answers about TB Joshua’s ministry. These comments are not comments of people with a genuine desire to learn and be better informed; they are comments of closed minded cynics looking for other closed minded people like them. And this was one of the characteristics that placed the Pharisees in danger hell, now I’ve got to hand it to the SCOAN supporters who got involved with TB Joshua watch to make their case and deal with their objections seriously, which to me is obviously pointless to them and makes their arguments keep going in circles. That would have only had the necessary impact if they were indeed listening; but the fact is they are an un-teachable, spiritually blind and self righteous bunch. It is of great risk and grossly irresponsible to close off the possibility of revising our opinions however glaring the issue at hand now may appear to us now. And TB Joshua watch are well known for this, several supporters of scoan have laid complaints of how their opinions were deleted because they were pro-scoan, to the extent that one of their prolific commenter’s was said to have withdrawn from their site due to many of his comments being withheld and deleted.


Prophet T.B Joshua

Prophet T.B Joshua

What a life…? What a world…? What a love…?

In this world where everything seems uncertain only one thing is definite, that is love beyond measure. Love that is held when it is unspoken, seen when it is invisible and felt even without touching it. This is the kind of unconditional and absolute love Prophet T.B. Joshua indeed has for the world. He has clearly practiced what is written in the word of God, “Love your neighbors as yourself”, your neighbors may be your enemy and those that do not share the same faith with you, the scripture says, “love them all”.

Notwithstanding the present challenges his Ministry has been put through, the renowned and most criticized Nigerian Prophet, T.B Joshua, who’s Ministry has being under great threat and persecution still lost no time in affecting the lives of those who are in need with his charitable works. It indeed struck my heart to precisely respond at this junction following the striking front page of the Nigeria Vanguard Newspaper and other online News sites that the Prophet donated the sum of N10million Naira to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Kuchingoro Camp, Abuja. This shows that to a man of faith no matter what constitutes an obstacle, he can never be stopped.

Especially, citing the act of injustice in the recently concluded coronal inquest, one would expect Prophet T.B Joshua to be unconcerned with anything that has to do with his nation, but that was not the case. Prophet T.B Joshua has continued to demonstrate that he still has a heart for his people. This single action from the Prophet, confirms that he is not only characterized with extraordinary charisma, but with the utmost perfect example of love among other Church leaders of his caliber. READ MORE



EVANGELIST JUSTIN“Many have changed the history of their lives because they fell into the trap of looking back. Many have not discovered the promise of God for their lives because they keep taking journeys into yesterday. Many have stumbled in their walk with the Lord because they built their future around their past and present circumstances”. With these deep and incisive words, Evangelist Justin engaged the congregants’ minds in a message titled, ‘DISCUSS YOUR FUTURE IN CHRIST JESUS’.

 Evangelist Justin observed that the totality of a Christian’s life is made meaningful only when it is viewed from the perspective of Christ who died for our sins. “What is your situation? Do you feel condemned, bound, trapped, chained down because of your past? I want to tell you that there is hope – Jesus Christ is the hope. Jesus does not look at where we are coming from but where we are going. He does not look at our present situation but our future – Jesus Christ enters our lives to put an end to our past and gives birth to our future”.

Speaking further, Evangelist Justin opined that our future as Christians depends on Jesus who was sent to die for us. He stated that our past is over when the sanctifying power of Christ falls upon us and makes us new: “When your past is over, you are sanctified by the truth of Christ. There is a cleansing virtue in Christ’s Word – the Gospel. God has, as part of His sovereign plans, brought us to faith by grace. This is known as sanctification, without which no-one can see God”.

 In his final words, Evangelist Justin urged Christians to put their past behind them and embrace their new identity in Christ while allowing Him to discuss their future: “No matter the situation you are in, remember, Jesus Christ discusses your future; therefore, change your thoughts and words and begin to discuss your future in Him… Never think or talk on the level of your old life – change your thoughts and words because you are new creation in Christ Jesus. Let your heart be engaged with God’s Word because if your heart is not engaged with God’s Word, it will be engaged with thoughts from your past”.



MR YURIR SHUIGAMr Yuriy Shulga’s wife was tending their son at home in Ukraine when suddenly a strange pain crept through her back as she tried to pick up their baby. It was devastating as she could not move on her own spending almost two days on the same spot. Mr Shulga’s efforts to get the doctors yielded no positive result. Distraught and bent on putting the devil to shame, he went searching for Emmanuel TV on YouTube and together with his wife prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. As they prayed along with the man of God, the power of God manifested in their home as his wife, who could hardly move, suddenly began to move all parts of her body without stress. The strange pain succumbed to the power of the anointing via Emmanuel TV.

Thanking God for healing his wife through Emmanuel TV, Mr Shulga urged people all over the world to keep faith in God and understand that distance is never a barrier to healing and breakthrough.


When he was merely eight months old, Mr Job Mark from Tanzania suffered ankle arthrosis after an injection that gravely affected nerves in his ankle area. He grew up with the condition and received ankle support from doctors. One fateful day, while playing football, he had injured his leg on the same spot where the ankle arthrosis had developed thereby complicating an already deteriorating health condition. He became socially isolated as he considered himself a physically-challenged person. The hope of living as a completely fit man gradually eluded himMR JOB MARKBut one day, he told himself some courageous truth and declared that with God all things are possible. He came down to The SCOAN and received prayer from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. In his own words, “After the prayer by the man of God, I felt completely okay and normal to live a full life again. All the pain in my leg has disappeared. Indeed, God is truly at The SCOAN”.MR JOB MARK 2Testifying before the congregation and demonstrating his physical fitness amid tears of joy, he advised people to come to Jesus as He is present in The SCOAN.


Mrs Unnicia Shor, a South African residing in Israel, came to The SCOAN for spiritual rejuvenation and by the grace of God, was delivered from the lion spirit that had ravaged her family right from her father’s house. While the Morning Water was being ministered during a Sunday service, the lion spirit manifested through Mrs Shor.NICIA SHORRoaring menacingly as the big cats do when confronted with danger, the lion spirit made a couple of shocking revelations through its victim: “I destroyed her husband and ceased her menstruation. I gave her alcohol to drink and she thought of killing herself. I made her tired of life. I entered her through a dream”. The lion spirit said: “I wanted to kill her but your master would not let me do so”. After exhibiting the usual stubbornness associated with demons, the lion spirit eventually fell to the power of God. It was cast out of the woman and she was totally freed from its wicked onslaught.

Narrating the story of her family after the deliverance, Mrs Shor recalled how her father had worshipped the lion spirit after he was attacked by a lion many years ago. She revealed that every member of her family was born with a scar on their left leg, exactly the same spot where the lion had scarred her father. According to her, her father exhibited violent attitudes which all of his children also had in them. She remembered her encounter with the lion spirit in the dream and how that encounter suddenly changed her life in the physical and made her want to shed blood at every given opportunity. She also confessed of the attacks she had carried out against her perceived enemies. It got to the extent that she preferred going to stay in the forest with wild animals to feel at home as a result of the evil spirit in her.

Thanking God for her deliverance, she celebrated her new-found peace in God and urged especially parents to train their children in the ways of the Lord.



A.S.P. FATMA AYUBAStuck in the centre of stagnation, ASP Fatima Ayuba wallowed in dejection and self-pity for 18 years without promotion. The officer with the Nigeria Police Force got tired of her position as an unconfirmed Assistant Superintendent of Police and searched for divine intervention. Her quest for God brought her to The SCOAN where she received the Morning Water.

She ministered the Morning Water with all the seriousness she could muster calling on our Lord Jesus to come to her rescue. After ministering the Morning Water, she sat for her promotion exams and came out with flying colours.

Today, she has been confirmed as a two-star ASP. For many years, she had refused to wear the old uniform bearing one star. She was happy to display her two-star uniform which she was wearing for the first time to give thanks to God for the mighty turnaround in her life. Testifying with so much joy, she urged people to come to The SCOAN to receive their own share of God’s blessings which abound.



The scan result had shown that the placenta would come out before the baby even as the doctor said that she could only deliver her baby through caesarean section. When this information hit her like a bolt out of the blue, Rachel ran down to The SCOAN after agreeing with her husband and mother. On getting inside the church auditorium, she felt a sensation and on her way to the bathroom, she noticed blood on her body. She became weak and had to be attended to by the ushers.MRS RACHEAL & MOTHER

When her case got to the hearing of the man of God, he immediately sent an evangelist to minister the Morning Water on her. Ministering the Morning Water, the evangelist commanded her to deliver her baby safely, in Jesus’ name. Almost immediately, Rachel delivered a baby boy without any stress. Contrary to the result of the scan and the doctor’s verdict, her baby came out first followed shortly by the placenta. Testifying before a moved congregation, Rachel urged people to get the Morning Water and hold on to God.



Mrs Mweene Kambombi from Zambia hearkened to the directive of the man of God on extending love to the families and victims of the September 12, 2014 incident at The SCOAN and God in turn blessed her beyond her expectations. As a second year student in a private university, she also worked as a civil servant but wanted her education to be sponsored through scholarship because she did not have enough financial muscle to see herself through school. An attempt to get the government sponsor her education failed on the grounds that government scholarships exclude students from private universities.KAMBOMBI MWLEME

She got involved in the extension of love, care and assistance to the families of the Martyrs of Faith and even travelled down to South Africa all the way from Zambia for that cause. She believed in her heart that whatever she did for them, God would do for her even more abundantly. And true to her belief and prayer, God used the World Bank to bless her life. The World Bank offered her a four-year scholarship with more than double the funds she had envisaged. Their stolen car was also recovered after they made monetary contribution to the families of the Martyrs of Faith. Expressing her heartfelt gratitude to God for His flawlessness in rewarding His children, she advised people all over the world to love God and involve Him in all their projects.


Joyce from Ireland testified how a visit to The SCOAN ended a complicated health issue that had practically ceased her menstruation since the tender age of 16. Be blessed as you read!

Joyce Ketshabetswe

“Good morning! My name is Joyce Ketshabetswe, originally from Botswana but residing in Dublin, Ireland. I came to The SCOAN last month in June 2015 and had a wonderful time. I felt the presence of God just by passing outside the church on Friday. After the service on Sunday, I had the opportunity to be among the people to visit the Prayer Mountain. I knew that God is on my side and favouring me! God is using the man of God tremendously. Sometimes we think it’s a small thing but it’s not!

“My testimony goes like this – I started having my periods when I was 16 years of age but they ceased from there up until I was 20 years old. I started seeing doctors to help me but to no avail – nothing happened. I kept on going to the doctors and one gave me tablets called provera to help induce my periods. It came briefly but disappeared again. I kept taking the tablets; sometimes they helped but most time, nothing came. I never had my periods without using tablets.

“At the Prayer Mountain, I cried to God to intervene in my case. I was also facing misfortune, stagnancy and failures in my life. I had faith that if I could only step into The SCOAN, my life would change for good! By the grace of God, my period started on Monday 29th June without using any tablets! It is the first time in my life that it has come without being medically induced! I give all glory to God and know that I will never use tablets again in my life to induce my periods. I thank you man of God that even if you were not around, the Almighty was with us! Thank you and i know the best is yet to come in my life in Jesus’ name!”

Are you struggling with a similar challenge? Pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and get ready for your BREAKTHROUGH, in Jesus’ name!

TB Joshua donates N10m to IDPs, laments camp condition

Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, yesterday donated N10 million to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Kuchingoro Camp, Abuja.

Joshua who lamented the condition in which Nigerians displaced by the Boko Haram insurgency in the North East region are living, called for more support to improve conditions in the camps.

Represented by Olorogun Talib Tebite, Joshua also promised the IDPs that the church would also provide a medical ambulance as well as other medications to boost health care delivery in the camp.

The Prophet who enjoined Nigerians to come to the aid of the displaced persons, noted that “as creations of God, we must learn to love our neighbours as our selves by being our brothers keepers especially in need. One way we must express our love for others is in giving”, he added.

Speaking at the event, the Emir of Daura, HRH Umar Farouk Umar, who handed the N10m cheque to the IDPs camp chairman, on behalf of the church, urged them to utilize the money prudently.

The Emir appealed to the IDPs leaders to channel the donation towards the education of children in the camp and the provision of health facility for children and women in the camp.

On his part, the IDPs Camp Chairman, Philimon Emmanuel said the bulk of the money would used to establish a clinic in the camp.

While parts of it would be utilized in the provision of food and ensuring that children of secondary school age were sent to schools.

“We have been here since January 2014 and up till now we did not see something like this. We did not expect this and we cannot thank the church enough.

“We are going to have a clinic here. If we get a clinic some of our problems will be reduced. Because the first problem for us sickness in the camp and the clinic will address.

“We will buy some food items too and we have to educate our children because up till now our children that are in secondary school are not going to school. It only nursery and primary school that we have here”, he explained.


Tragic Train Derailment In India Foreseen By T.B. Joshua

Hi, I am a freelance journalist and I wrote this article regarding T.B. Joshua’s recent alleged prophecy regaring the train derailment in India. I thought you might be interested in publishing it.

The fatal train derailment which hit central India this week is said to have been ‘prophesied’ by one T.B. Joshua, pastor of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

A YouTube video, which was uploaded to the church official channel last night, shows T.B. Joshua addressing his congregants on Sunday May 3rd, 2015 regarding the incident that he said was to take place.

Pacing up and down, the ‘prophet’ stated: “I’m seeing a train which derailed and a lot of people were wounded in India. People will surely die”.

Reiterating the ‘vision’, he said, “I’m seeing a train trapped; it went off the rails. A lot will die.” He then went on to urge the congregation to pray for the safety of those onboard, saying, “Pray for them; people will be trapped. Pray for the safety of people who enter the train”.

Three months after the alleged prophecy on Tuesday 4thAugust, two passenger trains derailed in quick succession near the town of Harda in Madhya Pradesh state, India. The Kamayani Express was on its way to Mumbai when it derailed late in the night due to a collapsed track as a result of heavy monsoon rains. The Janata Express was traveling in the opposite direction when it derailed soon after. Six coaches from the Kamayani Express and four coaches from the Janata Express derailed.

The twin-incidents proved fatal as they left 27 dead, numerous others injured and train carriages trapped in thick mud and partially submerged in the river. Battling with limited resources and rough visibility, divers using cutting torches managed to pull out trapped passengers and rescued 300 by early morning Wednesday.

Towards the end of the prophecy video, referencing the cause of the derailment, the controversial cleric stated: “As in some cases like this, there was a warning and the whole thing was being managed. They knew about it.”

Not unaccustomed to accidents as a result of flash flooding and monsoon rains, the railway minister, Suresh Prabhu, said floodwaters had weakened the tracks. “The prima facie cause of the incident is stated to be flash floods due to heavy rains” he stated.

Outraged at the sorry state of the collapsed railway tracks, Dinesh Trivedi, from the main opposition Trinamool Congress party, told reporters, “It’s totally unacceptable. It’s a symptom of a deep-rooted cancer in the railway system. They knew that the tracks were in that condition but still allowed the trains to run.” Passengers on one of the trains have told local media that water was overflowing onto the tracks when the train attempted its crossing.

India’s railway network, one of the world’s largest, is still the main form of long-distance travel in the vast country, but it is poorly funded. India’s government has pledged to invest $137 billion to modernise its crumbling railways, making them safer, faster and more efficient.

This is not the first time, T.B. Joshua has claimed to have predicted events in India. Back in 2010, T.B. Joshua allegedly predicted the Jnaneswari Express train derailment which led to 148 deaths, one of the worst in the nation’s history. He is also said to have foretold the gunning down of local politician, Hanuman Sharan Shukla during a public meeting on April 15th, 2010.

T.B. Joshua has a lengthy list of prophecies which according to the ministry’s YouTube channel are confirmed by international media. The most recent publicized prophecy was that of the Malaysian Flight MH370. Joshua is said to have stated that the ‘arm’ of the plane would be discovered and that particles of the plane would be washed ashore.

 By Halima Babangida