Prophet TB Joshua gathers Over 200,000 in Mexico

A Central American venue usually reserved for elite football matches and high-class concerts reverberated with a different sound last weekend – the sound of the ‘supernatural’…The prestigious Aztec Stadium in Mexico City played host to a ‘Miracle Crusade’ with renowned African Pastor T.B. Joshua on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th May 2015. The venue, which can hold well over 100,000 people, was filled with the sound of praise and worship led by American Gospel artists Cece Winans, VaShawn Mitchell and Alvin Slaughter, pre-empting the arrival of the Nigerian cleric, famed for his allegedly ‘miraculous’ exploits.

Cece Winans Mexico

Alvin Slaughter Mexico

Joshua, who was on his first visit to Mexico, emphasised on love in a simple message he reiterated on both days of the crusade.

“Love has a language that transcends all languages, all barriers and all distance,” he told the crowd, his every word interpreted into Spanish.

“No wonder we are here today sharing the good news of the Gospel, irrespective of differences in language, tribe and race.”

Joshua then began ministering to the afflicted within the huge crowd, praying for dozens of wheelchair-bound invalids who immediately began walking, much to the delight of the spectators.

The cry of ‘Cristo vive’ meaning ‘Christ lives’ became the ‘anthem’ of the event, greeting each ‘miracle’ that unfolded as people threw away crutches, hearing aids and oxygen tanks at the prayer of the ‘prophet’.

Even a sporadic downpour of rain during the Friday event seemed unable to dampen the crowds spirits or hinder the cleric’s movement.

T.B. Joshua, who has nearly 200,000 YouTube subscribers and is followed by 1.5 million people on Facebook, led the masses in prayer against spirits of ‘witchcraft’ during the crusade’s second day, the result bringing ‘holy pandemonium’ throughout the stadium.

Hundreds ‘possessed’ by evil spirits ended up sprawling on the floor while many more were shaking uncontrollably and vomiting out unusual substances.

“I am lucifer,” an attractive Mexican lady garishly cried out amidst the prayer as her body contorted, clearly under some uncannily dark influence.

“She seduces men with her eyes and destroys them,” Joshua informed the crowd before tapping the lady who fell instantly to the floor and then bewilderedly arose, thanking God for her ‘liberation’.

TB Joshua Mexico Crowd

Mexican media called the event ‘unprecedented’, citing that such huge numbers of attendees were unheard of where the main draw was not a sporting event or musical celebrity.

“It is noteworthy that at all times, it was clarified that the glory was not for men but for the Almighty,” one Spanish journalist wrote in his online review of the event.

Joshua capped off his visit by addressing and praying for over 4,000 pastors and leaders at the World Trade Centre in Mexico City on Monday 11th May 2015.

TB Joshua Mass Prayer, Mexico

Several of those who had been ‘healed’ at the crusade shared testimonies after which the Nigerian ‘Prophet’ guided some Mexican pastors in praying for the sick and ‘prophesied’ into their lives.

An estimated 200,000 people attended the two-day crusade, including dignitaries from 14 nations and several Mexican government officials.

Invited guests included nearly 30 family members of South Africans who tragically lost their lives in a building collapse at Joshua’s church in Lagos in September 2014.

South Africans, Mexico

The event was also broadcast live on the Christian television network Emmanuel TV.
– Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist


He licked her blood. She licked his. Blood sealed a covenant of trust, a covenant against betrayal. A mere childish game between two love-struck teenagers or a deep spiritual entanglement? Time soon pointed to the latter.

Emmanuela never believed that a ‘covenant’ she made as a young lady would lead her down a harrowing trail of marital failure and frustration. Submitting to the whims of her boyfriend who wanted her to ‘prove’ her love for him, the two licked each other’s blood and promised never to leave. A year down the line however they had parted ways and lost contact.

Getting married two years later, the young couple was enjoying their lives until one day when Emmanuela suddenly saw the young man she had made the covenant with driving past her. Hailing him, the duo greeted and exchanged pleasantries. She thought nothing of it but that encounter signaled an instant change in her marriage. Her husband developed hatred towards her to the extent that he would beat her up on an almost daily basis. Despite their young children, the anger grew steadily worse until one day when he forced her out of the home naked in the night, locking the door behind her. Thus ended her first marriage.

Emmanuela’s second marriage equally started on a bright note but soon delved into destruction. Her second husband was both loving and caring but several months into the relationship, she noticed a stark change. The same anger she saw in her first husband began erupting in her second. More beatings resulted. More pain. More sorrow. More crying in silence. Not able to bear the hell that had become her home, she quit the second marriage. With four children and no father-figure in their lives, Emmanuela began looking for solace in other men although refusing to consider marriage for a third time. She met an elderly man who promised to care for her in exchange for some ‘favours’, to which she obliged. However, her dreams were tormented constantly by spiritual attacks, a strange man sleeping with her in the night.

A Togolese friend came to visit her in Lagos and recommended that she follow her to visit The SCOAN. Reluctantly agreeing, Emmanuela came to The SCOAN for the very first time last week. Nearing the end of the service, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied that a lady was in the midst of the congregation who made a blood covenant which was causing her to marry and remarry. Knowing it was her case being mentioned, Emmanuela rushed out and received prayer in Jesus’ name. Since then, the terrible nightmares that encompassed her dreams disappeared. “I now have peace and know that God is in control,” she joyfully told the congregation. “I advise young people not to be too desperate,” she advised. “They should be patient.”


Mr Jan Ntemane was face to face with a monumental legal battle, which seemed impossible for him to surmount. His multi-million rand lodge in Rustenburg, South Africa was the arena of a fierce legal clash, several prominent companies insisting that the luxury lodge he had already erected did not have the necessary planning permission and must be immediately demolished. With 28 million rand already invested in the project, Mr Ntemane was not ready to give up without a fight, insisting that ‘If the project goes down, I go down with it’.

However, with odds weighed heavily against him in the landmark case, Jan decided to seek the face of God. He visited The SCOAN and was among those privileged to receive the Anointing Water. When Mr Ntemane met with Prophet T.B. Joshua, he told him not to worry, rather counseling him to take care of his health as stress from the case had resulted in hypertension. Upon returning to South Africa, the case, which was taken to the highest legal court in South Africa and widely reported in newspapers across the country, was incredibly dropped alongside all the charges against him. Mr Ntemane explained that his case is now the subject of study for South African legal students specializing in the environment due to its unique nature!

Additionally, the Kgaswane Country Lodge was the subject of yearly attacks by armed robbers, resulting in destruction of property and theft of valuables. However, after Mr Ntemane placed the Anointing Stickers throughout the lodge, no single theft or attack has since been recorded! Even the time when a threat of robbery arose, the police immediately jumped into action and caught the intruders. The South African advised Emmanuel TV viewers to learn a valuable lesson from his testimony – the need to love our enemies. He explained that Prophet T.B. Joshua’s words of encouragement inspired him to drop the strong grudges occupying his heart against those who had brought the case against him, choosing rather to pray for them. Glory be to God!


The government company in Nigeria where Mr Aranki Rimamsike worked was taken over. With more than 50% of the workforce retrenched, the Adamawa-based man feared he was about to lose his job and source of livelihood. Deciding to rush down to The SCOAN, he was among those who received the Anointing Water which he ministered in his office while awaiting his fate. Remarkably, while the majority of his colleagues were laid off, Mr Aranki was not only retained but promoted! A job that his new boss told him was actually reserved for expatriates– the head of the entire Finance Department – was miraculously given to him.

In addition, Mr Rimamsike had been wearing glasses due to a terrible case of poor vision for nearly 20 years. He could not even read bold letters without wearing spectacles. A spray of the Anointing Water however changed everything! Since ministering the Anointing Water in his eyes, Mr Aranki woke up the following morning and ‘forgot’ to wear his glasses. For over one year now, he has not touched the glasses and his vision is perfect!


As a professional nurse, Alex knew the gravity of the diagnosis. The strongest strain of the incurable Hepatitis virus ravaged his system. With persistent headaches, internal heat and general discomfort, the symptoms were debilitating to his daily life, especially hampering his work in the medical profession. Introduced by his brother to Emmanuel TV, the Nigerian-American soon became ‘addicted’ to the faith-building channel, resolving with his wife to visit The SCOAN. Upon visiting, Mr Ikechi received the Anointing Water, ministering it in faith to his sickness-riddled system. The fatigue and symptoms attached to the Hepatitis C virus immediately left! Strengthened in faith, Alex returned to the same American doctor who had diagnosed him with the incurable virus and did another test. No trace of the virus was found in his system!

In addition to his miraculous healing, Mr Ikechi explained that his spiritual life had been radically transformed through his connection to Emmanuel TV, specifically noting that he forgave a family member he held a grudge against for 13 years after being inspired by Prophet T.B. Joshua’s message. He advised people to keep watching Emmanuel TV and open their hearts to the living Word of God being broadcast daily.


The joy attached to the news of Mrs Irakoze Nweta’s pregnancy was soon marred with heartbreak. Upon going for antenatal care, the doctor examined the Tanzanian and gravely informed her that she had an ectopic pregnancy. He advised an immediate operation to remove the baby, alongside one of her fallopian tubes. Distraught, she rushed to her father who is a strong believer. He gave her an Anointing Sticker from The SCOAN and told her to place it continually on her stomach, assuring her that God would intervene.

As her pregnancy grew, Mrs Nweta returned for another test and the news still looked grim. She was told she needed to terminate the pregnancy speedily or risk losing her life. An operation was arranged but on the scheduled day, a sister came to remind her that with God, all things are possible! She told her that pregnancy is God’s gift to her and she should not tamper with what God had given her. She defiantly refused to undergo an operation and left to another hospital. Within just one hour, the second hospital tested her and confirmed that the baby in her womb was completely normal and there was no trace of the ectopic pregnancy!

Irakoze excitedly returned to the first hospital to tell the doctor that she was prepared to deliver her baby normally. Scared, they insisted she sign an undertaking that if she died in the process of delivery, the hospital would not be held responsible. Several hours later, she delivered a bouncing baby boy without an operation and no complication! Everyone at the hospital was so shocked, the doctor in charge even personally calling the Tanzanian into his office and telling her to ‘keep serving God’. Thank You, Jesus Christ!