Building Collapse: Five (5) Spurious Lies against T.B Joshua’s Ministry

Prophet T.B Joshua

Few days after the September 12th, 2014 building collapse at the premises of the Synagogue, Church of all Nations (SCOAN), Lagos, Nigeria. There were a lot of conspiracy theories by both government agencies and the press, made-up to mislead the international community and tarnish the reputation of Prophet T.B Joshua and SCOAN. Hearty effort by T.B Joshua’s ministry to rescue the collapse victims, assist the survivals and take care of the deceased families was not acknowledged, rather, they were raising false alarms against the Church, saying, Prophet T.B Joshua must be held responsible for the collapse and be arrested.

Classic evidences from the church’s CCTV footage that showed the manner of the building collapse and photograph evidences from a south African eyewitness that captured the mysterious plane, were downplayed by government agencies and the international media; those evidences have now being classified as ‘conspiracy-theories’ by propagandist desperately making moves to cover-up the SCOAN guest house attack and threat to prophet T.B Joshua’s life.

All the same, we have compiled and want to list out some of the lies now known to be deceitfully fabricated by government agencies and the press to mislead the general public and cause doubt on the position of the church that the building collapse was an attack.

1. Some days after the terror attack on SCOAN guest house, a false report was published by the international media quoting the General Manager of the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LSBCA), Mrs. Abimbola Animashahun Odunayo. She was mentioned to have said that her agency had sealed off the SCOAN guest house days before it collapsed and that the church ignored warnings from the agency to stop construction work on the guest house. This untrue report was a cheap lie because there was no time LSBCA served the church a quit notice to stop construction or seal the building. The truth was that, all letters and contravention notices sent to the church by LSBCA were sent Four to five days after the building had already collapsed. This particular misinformation from the media forced SCOAN to quickly release a press statement to debunk the falsehood.

2. Government rescue agencies came to the collapse site ill-equipped; the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), but went on air to lie to the international community that SCOAN delayed them from entering the site to rescue the collapse building victims. They also alleged that the church members were hostile to them and that the church was not cooperative with them in the rescue operation.

This deception by NEMA and LASEMA, both government agencies was widely published by local and international media prompting a massive outcry from the public hence; unkindly calling for the arrest of T.B Joshua and accusing the church of trying to do cover-up, but the church kept silent and was busy keeping records on the truth. T.B Joshua always says, “No matter how long a lie is sustained, truth will someday prevail” and indeed truth prevailed. CCTV footage presented to the coronal court by SCOAN Chief Security officer and testimonies from other agencies that help with the rescue operation shows that SCOAN did not hinder NEMA/LASEMA from doing their job, but it was SCOAN that spearheaded the rescue operation. The church hired rescue experts and heavy-duty equipment and also provided 11 emergency ambulances that were used to convey victims to the hospitals. Both NEMA/LASEMA that were raising false alarm, came to the collapse site ill-equipped, they were busy taking pictures and conducting interview when people were still trapped under the rubble.

3. As NEMA/LASEMA where busy spreading their version of lies to the international community. A journalist name Mr. Nicholas Ibekwe came next on the scene with his accusation of bribe. Mr. Ibekwe who was on a secret mission to SCOAN, recorded a press conferences Prophet T.B Joshua publicly held with a number of journalists and went on social media to announce to the world that he has proof of Prophet T.B Joshua offering journalist bribe of N50, 000 Naira each to publish reports on the collapsed building on his favor. This accusation by Mr. Ibekwe caused a divided public opinion; he then went on to upload an audio clip he alleged was the proof of Joshua offering the bribe. To the disappointment of those who were already calling for the crucifixion of Prophet T.B Joshua, the audio clip did not prove anything; it become obvious the obsessed journalist was simply making a big deal out of the generosity of Prophet T.B Joshua. Here is the link to his alleged bribing proof and a responds by a freelance journalist.

4. During the time witnesses where being called upon to testify in the coronal inquest setup by the Lagos state government to uncover the circumstances and cause of the collapsed guest house, there was a misleading report that was widely published by the international press. The report incorrectly quoted Professor John Obafunwa, a pathologist who led other pathologist in carrying out tests to determine the cause of death of victims of the collapse guest house. The professor was alleged to have ruled out claims of an explosion as the cause of the building collapse, on the basis that none of the collapsed building victims had blast injuries. This deceptive report was intended to deride the position of the church that the collapse was an attack. However, Prof. Obafunwa disclosed that he was mainly concerned with the cause of death of the victims and not the cause of the collapse building and that it would be wrong and beyond his jurisdiction to probe into the cause of the building collapse.

Foundation of SCOAN collapsed building showed no sign of stress or strain

5. Lastly, when the incident just happened, the international community was made to believe that the foundation of the collapsed guest house was designed for just two (2) storey building and the addition of extra four (4) storey building, making a total of six (6) storey building, was done without re-enforcing the foundation of the guest house and this may likely be the possible reason the guest house collapse. This misleading report that was widely published was against the position of the church that the foundation of the building was actually design to carrying more than six (6) storey building. But as of recent, independent investigation done by local and international building experts including, families of the collapse victims on the site of the collapse building has shown that the foundation of the collapse guest house was strong enough to support more than 11 storey building and even till now, the foundation of the collapse guest house is still solid and intact; there is no sign of crack or stress on the foundation.

So far so good, time has continued to vindicate SCOAN and Prophet T.B Joshua from any wrong doing. Even the report that alleged SCOAN had no government approval from the collapsed building has being established to be technically untrue because the church has already paid over N20million naira to the Lagos state government for the building approval and the approval for the building was being processed when the guesthouse collapse.

The ill motive behind these spurious lies listed in the article has added to the already general suspicion that the collapse guesthouse was part of an elaborate plot by some group of powerful elite with influence in government and the world media to spark Prophet T.B Joshua’s ‘downfall’, for a reason best known to the plotters and we hope at the end of this turmoil, justice takes its cause.

We also want to use this opportunity to wish the Prophet, T.B Joshua HAPPY 52TH BIRTHDAY!!!!

TB Joshua Ministries – REFUSE to allow your family background to dictate your DREAMS

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SHARE this post and SPREAD this message if you REFUSE to allow your family background to dictate your DREAMS in life! When you are connected to your destiny, NOTHING and NO-ONE can stop you – don’t give up!

TB Joshua: “I found myself in a family background that irritated me. My natural circumstance of birth was poverty. I come from a very humble background. Poverty loomed large in the family. The little education I had was through self effort. I know many people with a similar circumstance of birth who did otherwise. They allowed their circumstance to influence their will. Their dreams crashed on the rocks of disappointment, failure and setback.”

“Today, many people blame their situation on family background. Some would say, “I am poor because everyone in my family is poor.” If you make excuses for being poor, your poverty cannot be excused. Remember, you are responsible for what you give your attention to; so it is unnecessary to blame your situation on anyone. Today, it is common for people to blame their failure on their family background, whereas they attribute their success to their personal effort. If you attribute your success to your personal effort, you should also accept the blame for your failure. When we make excuses for our wrongdoing, such misdeeds would not be excused.

“I recognised early enough that victory obtained through Christ was a time past victory. I mean, it is victory assured. Rather than despair and blame my situation on family background, I began to be proud of my situation in order to feel Christ’s victory over me. I became content with my situation, knowing that my situation is redeemable through Christ and that the redemption was a time-past one. I mean, redemption assured. Then I began to take God at His Word in order to have His way.

“Nobody is too good or too bad to qualify for His grace. Remember, it was possible for me to sit somewhere and begin to make excuses for my situation. I never did. Whatever I am today is a product of that conviction that victory through Christ is victory indeed. The rest is history!” – TB Joshua

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TB Joshua Ministries's photo.
TB Joshua Ministries's photo.
TB Joshua Ministries's photo.


Mr. Elvis Osakwe is a cashier with one of the commercial banks in Nigeria and hails from Delta State. The banker received a rude shock at work one day when a woman walked into his office and claimed she deposited the sum of three million naira into her account through him. MR ELVIS OSAKWETo the young man, it was like another episode in a theatre of the absurd. The matter got to a head and attracted the attention of the bank’s management.  Even when footages of the CCTV camera within the entire bank showed that Mr Osakwe never collected any money from the woman, she, in alliance with her husband, claimed that the CCTV footage might have been tampered with bearing in mind the power of technology.

Bent on carrying out further investigations, the parties involved namely: Mr Osakwe, the woman and her husband were taken to the police station where a statement was made and eventually, Mr Osakwe was taken into police custody. While in custody, Mr Osakwe prayed along with a downloaded YouTube message of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua on his phone, asking God to vindicate him. Sooner than later, the woman confessed to the police how she had tried to frame the young man into a crime he never committed. It was later discovered that the said money was with her in her house. She only tried to frame the young man because she wanted to convince her husband (who kept putting pressure on her to produce the money) that she had deposited it with a bank. Thanking God for his vindication, the young banker advised people to always trust in God.


MR & MRS ROLAND ZHOU (1)Mr and Mrs Roland Zhou from Pretoria South Africa were involved in a motor accident while travelling within their native country. The accident was so serious that they could not move their bodies. The police officer that came on rescue mission at the scene of the accident had to help retrieve their Morning Water in the woman’s bag to minister on them before they were taken to the hospital. On getting to the hospital, it was discovered through x-ray that the couple were injured. While the woman suffered a bone fracture on her hand, her husband had a broken neck.

Her husband’s case was worse and it was suggested that he had to undergo surgery. MR & MRS ROLAND ZHOU (3)Even the doctors wondered how the man managed to move his body eventually when the x-ray report showed that he should have been paralysed. In spite of all the discomfort and pain, the couple continued to minister the Morning Water believing that Mr Roland Zhou will not be paralysed. And to the glory of God, he walks properly today without any difficulty. The Pretoria-based couple, thanking God for their miraculous healing, urged people to believe in the Word of God always because it is powerful.


Waking up one morning, Mrs Eunice Likita from Gombe State noticed she had severe pains on her two breasts. The pains were so terrible that she could not bend down. The next option for her was to consult a doctor. Getting to the hospital, she was diagnosed with two lumps on her breasts and was advised to come for surgery so that the lumps would be removed lest they develop into cancer. At that point, the fear of death built its tent in her heart. But rather than succumb to the defeatist promptings of human nature, she jettisoned the doctor’s advice and headed to The SCOAN.

MRS EUNICE BARNABASAt The SCOAN, she received the Morning Water which she ministered daily. She also ministered some into her bathing and drinking water. Soon after, she discovered that the pains had disappeared. Curious and surprised, she went back to the doctor claiming she had come for the surgery she had run away from. In line with medical practice, the doctors needed to examine her to ascertain the condition of the lumps before surgery takes place.

After she was re-examined, it was a huge amazement to discover that the lumps which they diagnosed had disappeared. Thank You, Jesus Christ.


Mrs Janet Pius had requested for the Morning Water from her husband that fateful morning as if she had a premonition of the ghastly motor accident that was waiting for her. The inter-state trader from Bayelsa State had successfully purchased her goods from Onitsha and was on her way back when the unpalatable happened. Seated in front beside the driver, the vehicle’s front and rear tyres burst causing it to summersault into the bush.

MR JANNET ZIKE & FAMILYWhile the wounded passengers were being led out of the vehicle, she was nowhere to be found. All the goods in the vehicle fell on her and covered her away from eye sight. But an injured man who had sat close to her insisted she was hidden somewhere in the vehicle and this prompted the search that led to her rescue from under the heap of goods. Even though she could not minister the Morning Water because of the tight corner where the strangulating weight of the goods had kept her, she was able to place her hands on it calling on the name of Jesus and the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to come to her rescue.

Her husband, Mr Pius got information about the accident and his wife’s involvement from a police officer who was at the scene. His wife was taken to a hospital and an x-ray was carried out on her to ascertain the level of internal injury she might have sustained from the accident. But to the surprise of all, the x-ray  result certified that she was okay apart from a little swelling on her leg. How she even managed to breath under the weight of all those goods remains a mystery. Testifying before The SCOAN congregation, husband and wife were unanimous in their belief that it was God at work. The family friend who introduced and later accompanied the couple to The SCOAN also testified that it was indeed a miracle that Mrs Janet Pius came out of the vehicle alive.



Professor and Mrs. Hungwe have continued to marvel at the miraculous way God saved their lives from a domestic accident that can only be described as awful. Living in far away Michigan in the United States of America, the couple had been battling the freezing snowflakes of the city before the shadow of death came, creeping stealthily under the cover of the early hours of dawn in an attempt to wreak havoc on their lives.


The couple were asleep when the worst happened. It was 3 ‘O clock in the morning. Professor Hungwe heard the loud bang and is fortunate to live and recount the story. A very tall and big tree very close to their house had fallen missing the building and their two cars by whiskers. Going by the position and proximity of the tree to their bedroom, they would have been crushed to death but for divine intervention.

The visibly amazed couple agree that their lives and properties were spared as a result of the Morning Water and Morning Stickers with which they have always prayed. Their cars had the Morning Stickers just like the house on which the Morning Water was also ministered and around which were placed the Morning Sticker. The way and manner the tree missed the cars and the building remains a miracle to the couple and their neighbours who witnessed the aftermath of the incident.

Ascribing the miracle to God’s mercy, the couple thanked Him for saving their lives and urged viewers all over the world to embrace Him.