BUILDING COLLAPSE: The Government and Judiciary Playing to the Gallery?

T.B. Joshua the world must persecuted living God's General

T.B. Joshua the world must persecuted living God’s General

Many give much attention to persons who do nothing meaningful, than investing their time and energy in accusing and condemning others because we live in a world where hate has taking over sound reasoning, where opinions are cheap, and where good sense is trampled upon. We celebrate the intended foolishness the irrational bring to the public domain when they attempt to rationalize an otherwise clear case of sabotage, impunity, injustice and the infringement on others freedom of worship and expression.

Some critics will say, “Justice for all” is when T.B. Joshua is arrested or when he is forced to come to court, but same will never explain why the government seems not to care or is hiding the identity of the Pilot and Crew on board in the Military Airplane from the public, that remains the major suspect in the SCOAN guest house collapse. This case should be properly pondered upon and critically tackled before we can really know how sincere the so called “justice for all” is.

It cannot just be concluded by those in authorities that it is impossible for the guest house to be brought down by an infrasonic weapon, when no appropriate investigation has been done or tendered forward to prove otherwise. Remember that in the scene of crime everyone is a suspect, including the unimaginable. The recent terrorist attack in Brussels can attest to that; the world can see how the national security of that Nation are so proactive, using CCTV footage to trace and track-down major suspects behind the terrorist attack.

The Nigerian government should support the nation’s security agent, who from the onset of the incident perceived sabotage and should not be playing to the gallery to the Anti-SCOAN sentimentalist who are hell-bent on seeing the SCOAN’s downfall.

As an opinionist would say, “An enemy has been caught; this is the right time to punish him”…..READ MORE

SCOAN collapse: NUPENG, NLC uphold it was a bomb attack

TB-Joshua-Synagogue-ChurchThe National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) and the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Lagos State Chapters, stormed the premises of the Ikeja High Court to register their support for T.B. Joshua and The Registered Trustees of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

This took place during the resumed hearing on Friday, April 8, 2016 into the case involving the contractors that handled the construction of the collapsed building at The SCOAN in September 2014.

The delegation from NUPENG carried placards with inscriptions like: “WE WANT JUSTICE FOR T.B. JOSHUA”, “IT WAS A BOMB ATTACK”.

Meanwhile, a representative from NLC told journalists that from all indications, the building had been sabotaged. He argued that the way the ill-fated structure collapsed was strange and did not suggest structural failure in any way.

They promised to meet the Lagos State Government to demand a review of the whole matter, stressing that the state should not allow a miscarriage of justice.

“We strongly believe that the Synagogue building was bombed based on what we saw in the CCTV footage and from the way the building fell flat in one swoop”, said a NUPENG delegate at the court.

Meanwhile, Justice Lawal Akapo of the Ikeja High Court has adjourned proceedings to Tuesday, April 19, 2016 for ruling in the applications filed by counsel to the defendants at the Court of Appeal.

Lateef Fagbemi (SAN), E.L Akpofure (SAN), Titilayo Akinlawon (SAN) and Olalekan Ojo, all counsels to the defendants, argued that the court should stay action pending the determination of the suit they have filed at the Court of Appeal.

Last week, a delegation led by NLC Lagos State Chairman, Comrade Idowu Adelakun, paid a courtesy visit to Joshua, calling on the government to drop its charges against The SCOAN and praising its impact on Nigeria’s tourism industry.

“The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) remains the only ministry in Africa that attracts the highest number of foreign visitors thereby boosting the religious tourism potentials of Nigeria and also earning huge foreign exchange for the country,” he said.

Nosa Osazuwa was present during court proceedings. He wrote in from Lagos, Nigeria

SCOAN VS the Lekki Gardens Building Collapse: The Fallacy of Composition

@bukolasaraki @AkinwunmiAmbode @NGRPresident #ProbeTBJSCOANAttack #MissionOfMilitaryAirplane #SCOANGuestHouse

@bukolasaraki @AkinwunmiAmbode @NGRPresident #ProbeTBJSCOANAttack #MissionOfMilitaryAirplane #SCOANGuestHouse

It is so ridiculous how some persons, out of their short-sighted reasoning are quick to generalise and link the Lekki Garden building collapse to that of the guest house of The Synagogue Church of all Nation (SCOAN) which has been clearly made known by the SCOAN that the church building collapse was as a result of sabotage. They claim if Lekki Garden collapse was due to faulty construction (Still under investigation) therefore SCOAN guest house collapsed was also as a result of same phenomenon. This is a pure error in reasoning.

Linking the Lekki Garden case to that of SCOAN is fallacious; in academics it’s called the Fallacy of Composition. If a member in family A is HIV positive, we therefore conclude that all members of Family A are all HIV positive. Boko Haram is a terrorist group from Northern Nigerian; we therefore conclude that all Northern Nigerians are Boko Haram terrorist. This pattern of reasoning is purely an error, and such conclusions normally emanate out of hate, bias and misleading tendency. The SCOAN case should be investigated according to the available evidences and likewise should other building collapse cases in Lagos be handled and investigated according to the tendered evidences, not linking or comparing one to the other because they are of different phenomenon.

It is important to know that apart from the one-sided verdict of the illegitimate Coroner Oyetade Komolafe’s inquest and the disinformation emanating from some well know Anti-SCOAN media on the actual cause of the SCOAN guest house collapse, the record still stands that the SCOAN guest house was attacked. Therefore, for one to say because of the Lekki Garden building collapse in Lagos, all buildings that collapsed including that of SCOAN are all due to structural failure is pure lies and we are advising members of the public not to be misled by this gimmick emanating from the pit of hell to divert attention and cover-up the SCOAN guest house attack. As it stands, the Nigerian government has failed to answer the question about the military airplane that was used to attack the SCOAN guest house. Till date, the identity of the pilot and crew on board in the military airplane remains unknown. If indeed they are not guilty why hiding them? We are calling for total Justice for all; the government should not shade the major suspect and persecute the victim….READ MORE


During penultimate Sunday service, the man of God, while ministering to the congregation, prophesied about a woman who was having the issue of blood. His words were as follows: “There is a woman, you put on a pad – it is not your period. You have been like that for some time now. Sometimes, when you don’t have money, you use a rag just to stop whatever is coming out of your body. It’s no longer just blood; your system is damaged. Please, come out; Jesus loves you. You know Jesus can stop it. Remember the woman with the issue of blood. Come out and enjoy the grace”. Coming out of the congregation, the woman confirmed the prophecy to be true about her life. The man of God delivered her immediately, declaring an end to her problem through Christ Jesus.


Testifying in company of her mother and two sisters, Miss Lianna Douglas, all the way from Trinidad and Tobago, recounted how she had suffered so much embarrassment as a result of the bleeding she was experiencing. According to her, as soon as she heard the prophecy, she was frozen with surprise. She explained that when the man of God stretched his hand towards her, she felt the power of God on her womb and could not help but fall to the ground. The bleeding ceased immediately she fell to the ground.

In an emotion-laden thanksgiving, Lianna’s mother said they placed a demand on the anointing of God in the man of God and were able to get the healing their daughter needed. “No more bleeding – it has stopped by the hand of God,” said Lianna’s mother as she continued to express her gratitude to God. On her own part, Lianna, overwhelmed with joy sang a song of praise to the Most High for healing her.

Brethren, as we submit our lives to the will of God, He will uphold us in His glory and set us high on the hill where His light in us cannot be hidden; then, we shall be called THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.

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Mr Akpo Victor Adikpe was on the verge of dropping out of school as lack of finances almost crippled his illustrious ambition to get a good education. It was a tough battle before he could even pass his WAEC and JAMB exams. He had to wait for ten years after graduating from secondary school to be able to pass those exams but not without the spiritual help and prayers he had received at The SCOAN in 2007.


The big and influential men whom he had run to for help turned him down, making him feel more miserable. After all disappointments, friends who felt for him advised him to approach The SCOAN which has maintained a reputation for helping the needy achieve their God-given destinies. Mr Adikpe did not waste time in contacting the ministry. Narrating his challenges to the man of God, he was treated with so much dignity – a rare occurrence in a world where people look down on the poor and needy. Even though he was not a member of the church, the man of God, T.B. Joshua took up the responsibility of his education through The SCOAN scholarship programme.

Today, Mr Akpo Victor Adikpe is a qualified legal practitioner, having successfully graduated from the Law Department of the University of Jos, Nigeria and the Nigerian Law School. All glory and honour be unto God. A young man who facing lack, frustration and rejection is now an important member of the Nigerian society. Thanking God for transforming him from zero to hero, he advised people out there to keep on watching Emmanuel TV.



Mr and Mrs Gabriel Ebagun had been searching for fruit of the womb for close to six years and all medical technologies such as IVF could not help them.  This was not the first struggle for Mr Ebagun who had previously separated from his first wife after twenty one years of childlessness.


His second wife was mocked by many people who labelled her husband a serial failure in terms of fathering children. It was at the peak of all those embarrassing developments that the couple visited The SCOAN where they received prayer at the Prayer Line.

After prayer and deliverance, the couple left and continued to minister the Morning Water they were given by Prophet T.B. Joshua. To their great joy, shortly thereafter, Mrs Ebagun conceived and today, she is the proud mother of twins – two bouncing baby boys named Solomon and Jesse. Thanking God for delivering him from a thirty year stigma, Mr Ebagun advised people to plan their way in the Lord and remain focused on Him.



Mrs Juanita Macarby, a Ghanaian national, had been trying to join her husband in the US for several years without luck. The visa process which should ordinarily take six months was spanning into years. After many failed attempts, her husband advised her to visit the Arena of Liberty to “receive a touch and the Morning Water”. True to her husband’s belief, Mrs Macarby received prayers, ministered the Morning Water and returned to Ghana where things took a new turn for the better.


On the day of her visa interview, she ministered the Morning Water and headed straight to the US Consulate. The Consular was very nice and receptive to the extent that Mrs Macarby felt that she was chatting with a friend. At the end of the whole process, Mrs Juanita Macarby was told to come for her visa in two weeks but surprisingly, she was called just after two days to come and pick up her permanent resident visa to the US. Mrs Macarby is departing Nigeria for the US on Thursday, March 10, 2016 to join her husband. She advised people to rejoice in every unpleasant situation as God is still saying something.