“Your wife bites you,” was the word of prophecy given to Mr Livinus Ifeanyi by Propeht T.B. Joshua earlier this year. To many this is a strange thought but to Mr Ifeanyi, this was an all too real part of his life. For years he had been in an ongoing fight with his wife. Mr & Mrs Ifeanyi were constantly arguing – they even described their relationship as being like a cat and dog. They could no longer find any common ground which led to endless quarrels. The arguments escalated when Mrs Ifeanyi began biting her husband out of sheer frustration and anger.

The pain of arguing everyday was too much for Mrs Ifeanyi and she knew that if God did not intervene in her marriage, it would come to an end. Not wanting to give up just yet, she came to The SCOAN in hopes of a divine solution. She sat up on the gallery of the church when the man of God began to preach. He said, “That thing you are asking of God, ask if it is His Will.” When she heard this word, she began to meditate on it and asked God to help her marriage if it was His Will. With this, she started believing God for a miracle. She later told her husband that the only way that she would stay with him would be if he went to The SCOAN and God located him with a word of prophecy.

With his marriage on the line, Mr Ifeanyi agreed and came to The SCOAN earlier this year, in hopes that God would locate him for his breakthrough. To his great surprise and relief, towards the end of the service, the man of God began to speak about his case, calling him to come forward. Prophet T.B. Joshua told him that his wife had been biting him. Mr Ifeanyi rolled up his sleeves, bearing the bite marks for the world to see that the word of prophecy was indeed true.

From then, The SCOAN evangelists invited Mrs Ifeanyi to come the church to join her husband for reconciliation. The man of God gave them further council and deliverance. Going home with a new perspective on their marriage, they vowed to allow God to work a miracle in their lives.

Today they testified to the glory of God that ever since then, their lives have never been the same. “It’s like we are on our honeymoon. There is so much joy in our house.” They advised the congregation to not hold on to offence saying that humans are not our enemies. They further advised that everyone should seek after their deliverance in Jesus’ name.

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Mr & Mrs Nchanji John had been struggling with various hardships and limitations, holding them down and keeping them from living a fulfilled life. Mr John was a civil servant and had been into business for more than 20 years without earning anything to write home about. After his condition continued deteriorating and his living condition kept on de-escalating, his wife found a video clip with Prophet T.B. Joshua praying for a woman with overdue pregnancy and who immediately after the prayer, gave birth instantly. The moment Mr & Mrs Nchanji laid their eyes upon the incredible video clip, they decided that coming to The SCOAN and receiving prayer from this very man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua would bring a permanent solution to their problem.

Upon coming to The SCOAN back in 2012, Mr John received a prophetic message from the man of God, revealing the root cause of his problem – a haunting health condition that caused puss to come out of his privates and secondly, the case of his land which was undeveloped despite many unsuccessful attempts to develop it.

Immediately, upon leaving the church auditorium that very day, Mr Nchanji discovered that he was healed in his body and shortly after that, business opportunities started coming up and they were able to develop their property. In less than 12 months, a big duplex had been installed and a fleet of cars were in the drive way.

Mr & Mrs Nchanji came today to rejoice for how God Almighty used the prophetic message by the man of God to reveal the root cause of their problem and completely turn their situation around. Today, their mess has become a message and their test became a testimony! In conclusion, Mr Nchanji John encouraged viewers with all and sundry to seek the face of God and to believe in the living God, the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua! Glory be to God!

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TB Joshua Ministries's photo.


Everyone feels a sense of anger now and again. Something happens that provokes you, that prompts you to react, that pushes you. But the anger Mrs Douglas experienced daily was on an entirely different level. “It absolutely consumed me”, she said, noting how a searing heat would flush her entire body. “My head, face and even my ears would be extremely hot as if I was in high fever… I would feel a heavy weight, burden upon me pushing me to fight”. And fight she did – with everyone that came her way!
Douglas grew up in an idol worshiping home. She had no concept of prayer, forgiveness and peace. “Let the best man win” was her philosophy in life and she duly counted herself as one of the men. A spiritual husband which tormented her from a young age presented her with countless temptations she was not able to resist. “I was actually man” she said, recollecting how she would beat people, look for blood, drive like crazy and shout at other drivers in the middle of the road. This intense anger caused people to be wary of approaching her “They would run from me…literally”, she confessed.

Each time after a horrific incident of rage, Mrs Douglas, for a moment, would realise herself and be utterly ashamed, bitterly crying for forgiveness. But before she knew it, the anger would rear its ugly head again and manifest itself again all too clearly.
When it was time for Mrs Douglas to graduate, in her final year exams, she stormed out of the exam hall, angry that the questions were difficult. She never returned to university after that.TB Joshua Ministries's photo.
When she met Mr Douglas for the first time, little did he or she know the ordeal they were putting themselves into. Mr Douglas, although knowing she was feisty, married her out of his love for her. They had four beautiful children who knew too early the senseless wrath of their mother. “I was afraid to even hug her or talk to her” said their eldest daughter. “But I loved her for who she was all the same”.

TB Joshua Ministries's photo.Mr Douglas endured countless beatings from his wife but decided within himself not to retaliate, knowing deep inside that it was an evil spirit pushing her to it. He would even leave the bed to her and opted to sleep on the floor, the marital affection ebbing away by the day. “I would rather abandon the house for her than touch her”, he recounted.

Mr Douglas became a loner. “I could not make friends because of her as I couldn’t bear the embarrassment” he remembered with a wince.

One day, Mrs Douglas was getting her hair done by men as she refused to let women touch her hair. In the barber’s shop, she saw Emmanuel TV playing. This annoyed her to say the least! What became even more infuriating was when the man doing her hair stopped to go and touch the screen and pray with T.B. Joshua. Mrs Douglas stormed out in a rage that day; the spirit within her had seen its last day ahead and was furious!TB Joshua Ministries's photo.

Meanwhile, Mr Douglas had also discovered Emmanuel TV and had made Emmanuel TV compulsory in his house. Mrs Douglas could no longer dodge the inevitable. She started joining him and praying with T.B. Joshua. “One day, while praying, I felt a cool sensation come over me and I was at peace for the first time in my life” she said, in tears.

Everything was coming together. The family’s destined journey together to The SCOAN soon came. As the Morning Water was getting closer, Mrs Douglas felt a hot sensation and the wicked spiritual husband and spirit of anger began to manifest. Through God’s power, she was delivered.

Since then the changes have been too marked. “I truly know the meaning of love now” said Mrs Douglas. The couple feel as if they have just married and are regularly snapping photos of each other. The children are equally excited to have her mother her true self at last.

Mr Douglas advised all not to give up in the face of immense tension and stress but instead run to God who will surely settle the matter.



Coming from the Republic of Congo, Mrs Jaffary Jeanne and her husband visited The SCOAN in search of healing from the immense pain she was experiencing for which she had been mandated to use, by the doctors to wear a lumbar corset and a neck collar. Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for them during the live service, spotting her seated at the altar wearing her neck collar and lumbar corset. A kind of tingling ran through her body as the Prophet prayed for her in the name of Jesus Christ and the next moment, she fell to the floor under the anointing of God.

The corset and neck collar fell to the floor as she received her complete healing. As she got up, she was raised to a new level in her life and health. Since that glorious day of her healing, she has not needed to use the lumbar corset and neck collar. She has resumed work and can do all the physical things she couldn’t do before like running, moving, eating and taking care of the home. She advised viewers all over the world that to God’s power nothing was impossible.

TB Joshua Ministries's photo.
TB Joshua Ministries's photo.



Mr Malcolm Nivard from the Virgin Islands said that the problem that brought him to The SCOAN was being possessed with the spirit of a python which began manifesting violently in his life from the day he was taken to see a voodoo priest by a friend. The man gave him a potion to drink which, although he promised it would solve his problems of stagnancy and difficulties, in hindsight he acknowledged had destroyed his life. From that moment, his life became suppressed – he always found himself without money or a good job. Strange experiences of nightmares began in which he was constantly attacked by snakes and huge pythons on a daily basis.

He searched for a genuine man of God to deliver him and stumbled across TB Joshua ministries Facebook. From there, he made his decision to come to The SCOAN for his deliverance. He came, he took part in the mass prayer and at last, he received a marvelous deliverance from the spirit of snakes which had tormented his life. Since his deliverance, his mind has become clear and the awful nightmares and harrowing visions of snakes which had pursued and perplexed his life have come to an abrupt halt thanks to the intervention of the Spirit of God. Finally free, he advised viewers never to depart from the way of the Lord Jesus.

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14th of May 2012 seemed like every other day to Mike, who lives in the UK. His business had its typical ups and downs, and as usual, he was looking forward to returning home and being greeted by his four loving children – a custom which would always ease the stress of the day. While preparing to leave, he received an unexpected phone call from an unknown number. “Is that Mr Ani”, a cold voice spoke. “This is a call from the police…” Mike was swiftly summoned to the police station and in nervous apprehension, he went. At the station, he was shocked to hear that his four boys had been removed from his house by the social services. Perplexed, Mike called his wife, who was equally flabbergasted as she had arrived home and not seen her children. Thinking it was just a nightmare, Mike and his wife, were told how the boys had talked to their teachers in school about how Mrs Ani had physically chastised them the previous night. “This is against our law” said the police “and for your information, you won’t see your children again soon”.

“We couldn’t imagine how just trying to discipline our kids and teach them the right way could turn out like this!” the couple exclaimed. They thought that perhaps the separation would last for two or three weeks. Little did they know that they were in for a long and nasty battle with the law. Social services, children’s services, barristers, police men and counselors were all involved and all seemed bent on Mike and his wife never seeing their boys again. They were taken into care and another family began feeding, funding and taking them on holidays.

Mike was an avid viewer of Emmanuel TV and had a calm and resolute confidence that against all odds, his children would be returned. He kept praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. While the case was still very hot in court, Mike had the opportunity to visit The SCOAN. He never expected more than dropping his prayer request at the altar, so it was a pleasant surprise when Mike was ushered to meet T.B. Joshua himself. Unable to speak and explain his case, beyond showing a photo of his family, Mike was a little worried. But the man of God prayed for him and gave him the Morning Water, instructing him to minister it on his children.

On getting back to the UK, that night Mike had a dream where he saw T.B. Joshua in the court room, asking him to show him the judge. He did so, and the man of God told Mike to physically remove the judge. The next day, the news was that the court case had been postponed and the judge had been removed. That marked the beginning of the breakthrough.

Although Mike had limited access to his children, he used every proper means to minister the Morning Water on clothes and food which he sent to them. Each time they went to court, he ministered the Morning Water. Opposition continued and even his own barrister told him to just accept the inevitable outcome of the case. So many odds seemed against them but Mike knew in his heart that the case was settled. “Today will be our last day in court” Mike told his wife. “There will be war and confusion”. Mrs Ani laughed at her husband, not really sharing his faith and his belief in the Morning Water. “I just thought he was being funny”, Mrs Ani confessed. That day, to the amazement of Mrs Ani and all else in court, Mike’s prophecy came to pass. The prosecutors were confused and asked the wrong questions. The judge ended up declaring that the case was ended and that the children be promptly returned to their parents after two long years.

Mike’s barrister wrote an acknowledgement letter to him, “You told me that the truth would prevail and it did – congratulations!” Now, the four boys are back and the family are living in Christ and will continue happily ever after, to the glory of God.

Mike advised on the importance of watching Emmanuel TV in faith, noting that even if there were 3000 flights to The SCOAN daily, that would not be enough to accommodate the testifiers. Mrs Ani gave glory to God for their family reconciliation and testified that her attitude towards faith tools such as the Morning Water has drastically changed. “God can use any medium to express Himself”, she surmised.

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TB Joshua Ministries's photo.
TB Joshua Ministries's photo.



The problem of barrenness brought Mr and Mrs Akpobor Udu to The SCOAN. At the time, Mr Akpobor also had the problem of a permanent erection which he had just woken up with one day which caused extreme discomfort. When they came to the church, they had the privilege of going to the prayer line. At the prayer line, Prophet T.B. Joshua introduced the Morning Water as a medium even more powerful than himself. He ministered the Morning Water to them and prayed for them in the name of Jesus Christ.
After the prayer and deliverance, they met as husband and wife and Mrs Udu became pregnant to the glory of God. However, the devil had not stopped – in the ninth month of her pregnancy, a scan revealed that she had a breech presentation and that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the neck of her baby. News that would have scared any other couple hardly even startled the Udu’s who rather came together to minister the Morning Water over themselves and decree the goodness of God over their lives, that there would be no operation or problem. According to their faith, Mrs Udu delivered a beautiful healthy baby girl after ministering the Morning Water to the surprise of the medical staff at the hospital who had been preparing for the inevitable operation that should have been needed.

Reflecting on his past, Mr Akpobor admitted that he was not an innocent victim but had played a role in his affliction. He said that he had lived a life of alcoholism, smoking and womanizing in clubs and hotels, often returning home in the early hours of the morning. Although, he added that at that time, he was not attending church and was not a Christian. His wife faithfully went every Sunday to the house of God but he would lounge about at home. However, when the permanent erection came with the terrible pain and discomfort, it moved him to examine his life. He came to realization that he needed God and agreed with his wife to visit The SCOAN for deliverance and redemption.

Present with their daughter, the happy family advised the world to trust in the goodness of God and with glad smiles, they announced the name of their daughter as Divine Emmanuella Akpobor.

TB Joshua Ministries's photo.
TB Joshua Ministries's photo.
TB Joshua Ministries's photo.