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Seven children, six men, uncountable abortions… The mental state of Georgiana had degraded to such a level that she was a perfect candidate for use and abuse by selfish men. And abuse her they did. The streets of London became her home and its psychiatric hospitals her customary abode. Government officials were confused at her complicated case, as the suicidal Sierra Leonean attempted for the umpteenth time to end it all with a jump from a three-storey building. What on earth turned a popular, influential Londoner to the tortuous epitome of mental ruin?

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Miss Georgiana Saffa

grew up in a difficult circumstance as she lost her dad and was living with her impoverished mother. Married at an early age, she was eventually able to relocate to London, UK through the help of a friend. Soon rising through the social ranks, Georgiana landed a prominent job in the UK as a government worker representing her nation. However, when a strange migraine headache struck, a steady mental descent eerily began. From that moment, her life went down the drain and the respect that people had for her turned into pity and shame. Fits of rage coupled with reducing reasoning faculties took their toll as the beautiful socialist became a laughing stock. Men began to take advantage of her vulnerable state as, in and out of psychiatric hospital, she could not control herself. Soon, she had 7 children for 6 different men, none of the fathers accepting responsibility for their children.

Such was the severity of her condition that the British government was forced to take away her children literally from birth and place them in the care of foster parents. Her seven children grew up without the knowledge of their mother save for an official government document. When Georgiana attempted suicide, she was placed on ‘24 hour suicide watch’ where she was monitored all day. The psychiatric hospitals in London knew her case well as she was always admitted and placed on drugs to sedate her. Friends and colleagues that knew her case pitied her, especially after she had traversed the world, seeking solution from spiritualists and traditional healers. Asked to bring cows and do sacrifices, she complied, thinking that this would help her condition but instead, it got worse.

One day, she received a permission note from the doctor to travel out of the country and decided to travel to Ghana. Once there, she was given a bottle of Morning Water by a friend who attended the Ghanaian branch of The SCOAN and decided to give God a try! That night, Georgiana slept for the first time in over two decades without taking any medication or sleeping pills. Her reasoning faculties began to return and a remarkable reconciliation with her long-lost children soon took place! Testifying that she was no longer taking any medication, Georgiana said she was now the picture of health as her terrible headaches, hypertension, kidney problems and mental instability had all disappeared! She advised everyone to seek Jesus, tearfully adding that a million thanks were not enough for the amazing miracle in her life.


Two weeks ago James Chineke was with his wife when he suddenly received a call from his sister saying that there was a rumour that his young child was not his. Confused and bewildered, doubt flooded James’ heart as he began suspecting his wife of marital unfaithfulness; he was living in Greece, while she was based in Nigeria. His sister also called his wife telling her the same thing. This sticky situation caused a real rift as James began looking at the child in a completely different light, even declaring that, “After all, he does not really look like me.”

Desperate, the couple came to The SCOAN to seek God’s opinion concerning the issue,Captureppp James was praying to be located. Towards the end of the Mass Prayer, his prayers were answered. Prophet T.B. Joshua called him out, stating that there was a controversy over a child.

During the week, Prophet T.B. Joshua met Mr & Mrs Chineke personally and declared to them the boy was his child. Convinced beyond doubt, James’ heart was instantly at ease. “I would like to apologise to my beautiful wife” said Mr Chineke. “I am the first man in her life; she does not know any other man” he said.

Going back his family, Mr Chineke told them what the prophet had said. Equally convinced, they were happy and dismissed the rumour as a mere rumour. His sister who was used to stir the controversy sincerely apologised for the role she had played.

Mrs Chineke was greatly relieved for receiving the prophetic message which immediately cleared the air and restored the trust in their marriage.


Elder Mary Inyang a member of the Old Testament group of The SCOAN testified to God’s glorious goodness continuing in her old age. “Old age is not a crime; rather, it is a blessing from the Lord,” said Mary. She had worked in the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as a professional banker for 25 years before retiring successfully. Mary was pleasantly surprised when recently, her name was short-listed among nominees for the position of Welfare Officer for pensioners at the CBN. Even more surprisingly, she was chosen for the position, being the oldest among her peers. “When Abraham and Sarah grew old, their brains remained intact. What a young person can do, an old person can do better!” said Mary, beaming broadly. Capture17

She displayed her CBN ID card which she will keep all the days of her life. “I am supporting my children and grandchildren now. They will continue to pay my salary till Jesus calls me to be with Him”, she added.

Her advice was to youth: “Stop committing sin, stealing, declaring false assets, etc.
Bankers, don’t steal money. Be content with what you have. Let your hands be clean and as you do that, it will be well with you, in Jesus’ name.”


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Right from a young age, Sara Turay from Sierra Leone found herself living a rough life. She was the free type and soon found herself in a group of bad friends living wayward lives. Her innocence ebbed away all too soon. Clubbing became a regular pastime and this led her to other lurid acts. Men soon introduced her to alcohol and she became addicted. For 30 years, the addiction ruled her life, controlling her every move. She would get agitated so easily and her own daughter became her punch bag, literally! Moving to Holland, she had hoped that she would get a new lease on life. But the addiction got stronger and she met another group of bad friends, even more sinister than the first.

Her story had another twist when police became regular visitors at their house. Neighbours would hear her beating her daughter and instantly report to the police. On several occasions, the authorities attempted to remove her daughter from her care but her daughter resolutely stayed with her mum, praying that one day, a change would come. Advice, counseling and therapy of various kinds did nothing to stop her raucous lifestyle. Within her, Sara wanted to stop but it was beyond the limits of her own control.

Her house was the number one spot for a party and on one particular day, Sara was planning a big one with all her friends. That same day, she received a call from a friend telling her to watch Emmanuel TV. Rather disgruntled as this interrupted her party plans, Sara tuned in. As she watched, it was as if scales were removed from her eyes. She could not stop. Her friends later came for the party but left annoyed as they were uncomfortable with Emmanuel TV in the house.

That night marked the end of her age-long addiction. In a dream, she saw herself chained hands and feet in a deep dark pit. Then suddenly, Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared, praying for her, in the name of Jesus. Her chains were instantly loosed and he led her out of the pit into the bright light of God. Getting up the next morning, Sara proceeded on her usual routine to go to the local shop and get her favourite alcoholic drink. To her shock, as soon as she tried it, she had to spit it out.

The freedom did not end there. All desire for drugs, alcohol and cigarettes stopped from that moment. The urge to go out and meet men was also quenched. Her circle of friends could no longer accommodate her new life and left her.

Sara could not put into words what Jesus Christ had done for her through Emmanuel TV. She can now concentrate, focus, take care of her children and read the Bible with all her heart.

Sara’s daughter spoke of her ordeal when her mum was beating her on a regular basis. “They tried to take me away many times but I decided I would never leave my mum no matter how bad things got” she said. “I knew that one the sun would still shine on us. I am happy that my mum is responsible and free at last.”



Hon. Omasan Mabiaku came with his family all the way from Delta State, Nigeria to share what God had done in his life. Before coming to The SCOAN, things were very difficult for him. He worked very hard in politics but had nothing to show and did not even own a house. During this time, he impregnated a lady but did not even have money to look after her so he abandoned the lady and tried to move on with his life. The mother of his daughter went to live with another man whom she told that he was the father of the child. Even though Hon. Omasan Mabiaku later married another lady, the thought of his

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abandoned child was always at the back of his mind and he could not move forward. Introduced to The SCOAN, he decided to seek the face of God for deliverance and breakthrough. While he was at The SCOAN during the crossover service, Prophet T.B. Joshua instructed the congregation to drop their prayer requests on the altar. Before going back to his state, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave him a bottle of the Morning Water. Immediately, he prayed that God should see him through and give him a political appointment. He also placed the situation of his lost child in the hands of God and prayed that his daughter would be located.
When he went back home, miraculously, one day, when his daughter was 15 years old, to his surprise, the mother of his daughter sent her back to him and he was reunited with his daughter whom he had not seen since she was two weeks old. The DNA test confirmed that truly he was the father and overjoyed at the reconciliation, he took her to live with him and his wife and took care of her. From there, the door to his blessing opened wide and within a short space of time, he was appointed as the special assistant to the governor of Delta State and a brand new duplex house was finished for the family to live in. Not only that but he was also blessed with top of the range cars. After the results of a DNA test convinced his daughter that he was the father, she happily embraced her real father and began to excel in her studies.
Advising the world on the importance of following Jesus’ lifestyle, Hon. Omasan Mabiaku said, “I have decided to change my ways and follow Jesus. If you want to sustain your blessing, follow Jesus.”



A dark and painful secret. A debilitating drama. An unending torment. At the beginning of Janet Kabanda’s journey, life seemed good and the prospects looked bright. She was an intelligent young girl with great hopes for the future. However, the all-too cruel hands of fate clenched her destiny, twisting and distorting it, presenting her with the stigma of bedwetting. At age eight, the problem started. Janet suddenly found herself unable to control her urine both day and night. Instantly, the signs showed. Her grades went down, her confidence levels dropped and her joy diminished. Her parents transferred her to a day school where her academic performance continued to deteriorate and she had to even repeat some classes. They could not find a logical explanation for their daughter’s poor performances; unknown to them, Janet was living in shame each and every day.

As a young girl still, depression began to set in with the knowledge that she was the only Captureone in her family suffering from bedwetting. She had to carry a plastic bag and put it on the bed so that the mattress would not get wet or she would keep herself awake hoping that she would go to the toilet before she slept. Seeing her downcast state and wanting to motivate her, her family sponsored her to study in the US. When she arrived, she thought the bedwetting would stop but it continued and even affected her psychologically and she started experiencing setbacks in ways she could not understand. It affected her psychologically, socially, academically. Deep down, she knew something was seriously wrong. Booking to see a personal doctor in the USA, she explained the problem and was given various tablets but nothing helped. Instead, the bedwetting seemed to increase all the more as she got older.

Eventually, she married and had two children but the marriage was constantly on edge and eventually collapsed. Her husband could not understand her secretive ways and began suspecting her of unfaithfulness. Unbeknown to him, she was bent on concealing her life-long secret. She told him that she was from a royal family and that royal women do not sleep in the same bed or room as their husbands. It was all a guise, a pitiful façade. Frustrated, her husband left her.

Janet had the habit of carrying a large hand bag, not because of fashion or style but just to keep a spare change of clothes in case of any embarrassing accident. She could not stay at people’s houses and became a loner, secluded and secretive.

After 43 years of this scourge, it had become normal life to Janet and she could not imagine living without it. A client of hers and family member however, advised her that there was light at the end of the tunnel. They referred her to The SCOAN. She began watching Emmanuel TV and that that kindled her faith.

After a dream which pointed her to the direction of visiting a ‘mountain’, by the grace of God, she visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water, Stickers and Faith Bracelet. On her return, she ministered the Morning Water and prayed in faith in Jesus’ name. To her surprise, without any effort or stress, the bedwetting ceased instantly. With her healing came rest of mind and peace of heart. For the last six months, she has been living a normal life. “The angels wake me up at night”, said Janet with tears of joy in her eyes.

She advised parents to watch over their children and listen to their plights. “Trust in God and He will see you through. There is no situation, however long that Jesus cannot change”, concluded Janet.


Let there be peace in our land – Prohet T.B. Joshua

The General Overseer of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, has called on Nigerians and all people the world over; to seek and create a paradise of peace in their own little corners.

According to the man of God, a little investment in peace from each individual would definitely go a long way to avert more trouble in the land.

Joshua, who made the call during his sermon at the SCOAN last Sunday, noted that people are faced with myriads of challenges, afflictions, temptations and circumstances in our world today.

“We are walking on the pool of blood of innocent people. How can we explain this?” he asked.

He added: “The only thing we have achieved is crises. All what our fathers achieved we have destroyed; and nothing matters to anyone. When we realize that we are not fit before God, the next thing is to destroy.”

Speaking on the topic ‘Believing First and Seeing’, Joshua urged all believers to ensure that trying times in the land do not shake their faith in God adding that they should rather solidify their relationship with God by believing in Him first without necessarily seeing any proof of His promises.

Joshua frowned at the state of the world today pointing out that so many people build their faith more on the things they see rather than on those things they should believe in their hearts.

His word: “The thing that keeps us from despairing is not what we see but what we believe. This is why we have so many rich men today with wealth, just talk about it but yet, they are despairing. They are not happy, they are worried.

With the material wealth, properties and money we can see with them, yet, no joy.”

However, the man of God explained that, in spite of their belief in God, Christians are not free from the troubles of this world pointing out that, the only difference between believers and unbelievers is that while troubles may consume unbelievers the world would only strengthen and prepare as Christians for future glory.



“As a Christian, believer, born again, friend of Jesus, favourite of the Kingdom of God, lover, that you will enter the Kingdom is very sure, that does not mean you are ‘out of touch’… Sickness will test you. Hardship will test you but they cannot destroy you. Affliction of all kinds may test you, they can only test you. Tribulations may test you but they cannot destroy you.”

He enjoined all Christians all over the world to embrace peace: “The only thing that will give you peace of heart is to consider your neighbour while looking for your way out. You neighbour can be someone who does not share the same faith with you, your enemy, friend. You who are a Christian today can be a criminal tomorrow. That is why you have to consider others. Your greatest enemy today who wants to kill you, may be your Saviour tomorrow,” Joshua counselled.

The man of God also took a swipe on the universal propensity of human beings, who he said, repose their faith in man and other things that were created by God.

He urged the world to seek God’s face by believing in Him and putting all their trust in Him, stating that faith relates to the invisible.

He said: “The challenge we have today is that if we have faith in anything today it is in man. That is man’s experience. Our faith is always based on the experience of man – what man has done – science, works, organisation and the Bible says we must never make the tragic mistake of believing in an experience.”

He, however, encouraged humanity to stop the departure from God’s will through making wrong choices but adhere to Gods words and promises in order to salvage their already fragmented relationship with Him.

“There is no logical explanation for every act of God. All we need is the knowledge of the word of truth concerning the act. The Spirit makes us to know that believing is possessing. The instant you believe, you have.

“God rewards those who serve Him when things seem hopeless. That proves our sonship. The Bible says, in this world there will be tribulation but in the midst of that tribulation, I will save you,” Joshua assured.