Coronavirus: There is An Error in Advanced Technology

tb joshua, scoan, emmauel tv, coronavirusTB Joshua answers question on the present challenges the world is going through:

QUESTION: Sir, why do we have a terrible time like this?

ANSWER: “You know I am not a politician. I just have to give you as the Spirit gave me because I received this message four days ago from the Holy Spirit. World leaders and scientists know what they are doing; they know what is happening. That is why they keep promoting fear and panic. Before coronavirus, there were deaths – but they never mentioned the number of deaths to us. Now, we begin to count the number of ‘death’ instead of counting the number of ‘life’.

“They know the gravity of the situation. The whole thing has to do with error in advanced technology. You know, I am not a scientist. The whole thing has to do with error, mistake in advanced technology. Now innocent people are dying, especially the elderly. Nothing is worth the blood of innocent souls, innocent people. There is no acceptable excuse for doing this.

“Now we have seen what it means to be locked down in a ‘concentration camp’. This is an opportunity for our world leaders, our scientists to look at the trouble spots in the world, e.g., Syria so that the displaced people can return to their countries. If not, I am seeing God’s anger. Let us abide by what the Bible says in 2 Chronicles 7:14. I am a minister of God; I am not a politician. I should not go too far from my profession. I should not speak what God has not asked me to say. I will leave the rest but I will let you know what is to come.” – TB Joshua


coronavirus, tb joshua, china freeAfter Prophet TB Joshua’s declaration on Saturday 29th February 2020 about showers of rain falling to wipe away all fears of the unknown, rain fell in the following days in Wuhan, China – the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak.

After this supernatural shower of rain, several encouraging new developments have taken place within China. Firstly, Chinese health officials have declared that by the end of March, there will be no more new COVID-19 cases in Wuhan. Secondly, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the city of Wuhan as China closed all 14 of the emergency hospitals they built to attend to victims of the outbreak. Lastly, the World Health Organisation (WHO) revealed that over 70% of victims infected with coronavirus have fully recovered as life begins to return to normalcy across the nation.

REJOICE – because these showers of rain are wiping away all fears of the unknown – for example, coronavirus!



Prophet TB Joshua and His Critics

tb joshua, scoan
Prophet TB Joshua

This is a post from one of our readings, analysing the unpleasant situation TB Joshua has been experiencing in the hands of his detractors. Hope you enjoy reading.

For many years now, say since around 2003, I have been following TB Joshua very keenly. I first got a glimpse of his ministry on a state channel “Christian Hour Sunday Evening Programme”. The programme is still ongoing for ministries that can’t yet afford to run their private stations like Emmanuel TV that is now 13 years old. The Nigeria Federal Government at that time gave the order to disallow the use of government television stations by ministries like TB Joshua showing miracles. Our impression at that time was that the order was meant to shut up Synagogue of TB Joshua. The organizations that were not disallowed by the government of that day took it till date that they were the right ministries. By extension, they thought that they were the ones “Preaching the True Gospel of Jesus Christ”. But for SCOAN, some of us believe, government opposition (that generated some public doubt in TB Joshua and his ministries) encouraged the birth of Emmanuel TV that is now global. We thank God for using a supposed Christian President wrongly, but with hind knowledge in a way that gives more independence to the Church of Christ in Nigeria in broadcasting.

Yes, many others out there seem to continue to mock TB Joshua and rebuke his ministry for different other reasons, and this is no surprise. We are not even going to compare the present attacks on TB Joshua with the attacks to Jesus Christ and the massive persecution of the early Apostolic Church. It is of note nevertheless that the religious leaders did the same to Jesus in His time. People accused Jesus of being both demonic (Matthew 12:22-32) and a fraudster (Luke 23:11). Yes, they did and eventually cruelly led him to the Cross, thinking they were fighting God’s battle.

Jesus operated in a mono-ethnic and predominately Jewish population. Today the world has hundreds of religions each of which is on a mission of competition rather than seeking the Way and the Truth. This is sadly the current way of the world. If people don’t understand something or can’t achieve a TB Joshua’s standard for themselves then they just have to tear it down. This is more so in a present era of total impunity around the world and the spread of “Prosperity Gospel only”. No ministry wants to go near the demonic world where the End-time devilish anti-Christ forces have their home. They gloss over it, all in the pretext that “False Prophets and Teachers will arise in Latter Days”. Others through their denominational doctrine disallow any manifestation of the Spirit at worship. Their prepared programme is a mere routine of one or two hours of “prayer, singing, dancing, sermon, tithes and offerings, then the grace, till next Sunday”. Anything contrary to this programme receives opposition, just like miracles on a Sabbath day amounts to be working.

We were expecting TB Joshua to conduct his recent Nazareth meeting starting it on a Saturday, but he started instead in a Sunday. Yet the Jews and Arabs were still skeptical of the mission of TB Joshua and his team.

Individuals with one problem or the other can better associate with Jesus because He touches on them directly. Jesus said, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”. Jesus gave the invitation but those making money from public infirmities turn around to oppose a ministry like SCOAN healing freely. Yes, the poor of the society, disabled, demon-possessed and the devil-chained-down, those who realise they have lost their way, and including others expecting the coming of Jesus Christ the King, all are coming to SCOAN to see Jesus. We are encouraging them to go. My concern right now is the capacity of SCOAN I estimated in 2012 to be only about 30,000. My other concern is “Just a one-man of God” faced with a large crowd every day. I saw it and felt for him.

I’m getting so delighted now that many others, men and women, are coming up with great anointing. An additional test of a genuine prophet is the ability or gift of raising disciples. TB Joshua is doing that. Already some of his “first disciples” have joined the opposition forces and are publishing against their boss. Even within such publications, the genuineness of TB Joshua and SCOAN becomes more obvious. Imagine one who worked ten years in SCOAN, saying miracles are fixed whereas people who just touched Emmanuel TV in their homes have positive results. Christ is alive and working, and this is different from whether TB Joshua is a perfect man or not. You don’t wait till a Samson takes hold of whatever is the middle pillar of your faith and destroy you along with itself. Look for Jesus and SCOAN is a place you can find Jesus also. If you get your healing or any miracle whilst in the UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, China, etc, come forward and say it as a witness that Jesus is alive. Mary saw Jesus after His resurrection and told others, and others likewise, then the Bible.

We have to be desperate in our search for Jesus Christ because He holds the key to life, but we don’t have to be desperate because of our conditions. Established systems or the religious would contend with our faith and offering themselves as alternatives, but by reading our Bible and praying Jesus will reveal Himself and lead us aright. Incidentally, I have found SCOAN as a training ground for Christian leaders, a place for a retreat, a solution ground, of course, a miracle centre, a reconciliation ground, and a place where all Christians and all faiths can meet.

Prophet TB Joshua isn’t just humble but very accessible and allowed some of us to advise him, where there is a need. He is just like one of us but with a given special anointing. We are daily praying for him, just as we pray for every ministry that comes under the control and anointing of Jesus Christ. Hence, I find no reason why people will be critical of TB Joshua other than endeavouring to perfect the work of the man of God. TB Joshua shall be perfect because his master, our own Lord and Saviour, is perfect.


Mrs Gloria Abhiwu from Ghana received a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua regarding broken home in the family. At the prophet’s word, she broke down in tears. Confirming the word of prophecy, last week she had narrated that after marrying her husband in 2011, there had been no peace in the home. Her husband had confessed to her that he didn’t have any affection for her to the extent that he returned the wedding ring. After giving the word of prophecy, Prophet T.B. Joshua invited her husband, Dr Hilarious Abhiwu, a medical superintendent from Ghana and he attended The SCOAN to honour the prophet’s invitation. He explained that the prophecy was nothing but the truth which he had never confessed to anyone. He narrated that the marriage started on a wrong footing. Since the day they met each other, she kept on talking about marriage to the extent that her family was mounting pressure on him to marry their daughter. They attended marriage counselling due to his doubt in the marriage and she still had to convince him to tie the knot. Initially, he wanted to postpone the marriage but because of the pressure, he finally married her. Mr Abhiwu was speaking with bitterness that he had to abandon his education and economy because of the marriage, while his wife stayed with her parents for two years. Her mother put a lot of pressure on her daughter to get pregnant.
Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Prophet T.B. Joshua invited the mother of Mrs Abhiwu in order to settle the matter.

Today, the mother of Gloria, Mrs Theresa Agbovi having honoured the invitation of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, received instructions in righteousness from the man of God of how to allow the young marriage to grow as it was a marriage from Heaven. The man of God said, “We need to thank our mum for her support”. Praying with the young couple, Prophet T.B. Joshua reconciled them, in Jesus name promising to counsel them further for the success of their marriage. As husband and wife embraced themselves, the prophet prayed for them and they both fell under the anointing of God. Now delivered from the pain of the past, they are set to face whatever challenges their marriage will face. Whatever deep hurt was caused by either party, they chose to hold on to the words of Prophet T.B. Joshua, “Whether you are right or wrong, you have no right to hold on to an offence”.




The moment Petronella received the anointed gift, she knew instantly that something had been stirred deep within her system. It was undeniable, as if a tap that had been closed for long was gradually opening. Returning to her hotel room that night, Mrs Majige discovered the remarkable reality of what had just transpired.

Suffering from the condition of ceased menstruation for more than one year, Mrs Petronella Majige travelled all the way from Australia to seek Divine intervention at The SCOAN after all medical efforts to resolve her condition had failed. After attending the Sunday Service, the Tanzanian was privileged to meet with Prophet T.B. Joshua who gave her a ‘Believer’s Card’.

It was when she returned to her hotel room that Petronella discovered her menstruation had already started flowing! A condition that lingered for more than one year and defied all treatment was solved in a single Divine instant through the anointing of Jesus Christ in the ‘Believer’s Card’. To God be the glory!




Something was moving. A mysterious tip-toe up her legs. Wait a minute – it was alive! Bewilderment turned to horror as Joy hurriedly shook her skirt and saw a huge cockroach tumble downwards. Hiding under demonic disguise, it took the anointing of God to reveal the root of her terrible migraines!

Joy Nfunne saw the outward effects of the devil in her life but was blinded to the spiritual cause of her ailment. Plagued by constant headaches which stole her joy and hindered her academic prowess, it was when she received a ‘Believer’s Card’ at The SCOAN that Joy discovered the hidden truth behind her challenges. After praying with the Believer’s Card at night, she awoke the following morning to discover a cockroach crawling on her body. However, this physical discovery took on a new, more powerful meaning when Joy slept the following night.

In the dream, she was taken to an unusual medical facility and operated on by an elderly man. The man removed her hair and proceeded to remove ‘countless’ cockroaches that were lurking close to her scalp. After finishing the uncanny process, he returned her hair and declared her free to go. Upon waking up and reconciling the dream with her experience the previous day, Joy knew freedom had come! She testified that since that unique, supernatural operation, all signs of migraines had disappeared from her life, leading to greater tranquility and contentment, alongside renewed zeal and focus for the future.




Mr Tonyekiri Biewari and family came from Bayelsa, Nigeria to testify to the goodness of God. In 2011, they started watching Emmanuel TV. One day, Mr Biewari had a dream where Prophet T.B. Joshua gave him three cubes of sugar and told him to come back for his testimony. He then decided to visit The SCOAN, expecting God to intervene in his matter – as an oil contractor, he was praying that a particular contract he had been tendering for would be awarded to him.
On getting to The SCOAN, he received the Morning Water and Morning Stickers from Prophet T.B. Joshua. Two days after receiving the Morning Water and Morning Stickers, he finally received news that the contract he had been pursuing for over two years had been awarded to him. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough finances to realise the project but was introduced to three banks. The third bank miraculously awarded him a sum of 60 million naira – enough to commence the project. Mr Biewari used the money to purchase barges which he would rent to many different oil companies. His business flourished and he was able to pay his debt in just 6 months and is now completely debt free.

Due to the problem of abject poverty he had before, he was unable to feed his family and he used to borrow money to feed them. He could also not complete the house he was building and was forced to abandon the uncompleted building for five years. A few months after receiving the Morning Water, he was able to complete the construction of a palace with five houses within one year and two months.

The blessings of God in his life were so abundant that he also purchased a fleet of brand new cars for their personal use.

Following the principle of Prophet T.B. Joshua that the secret of blessing is in giving, Mr Biewari remembered that he was blessed to bless others. He built many houses and churches in impoverished communities. That was not all, he also donated 21 brand new vehicles to the less-privileged people around him to start their lives. He advised people not to give up in whatever situation they are facing and said that they should always believe that God is still saying something.

Booted OUT Disappointment With Prophecy!


Driven by a bitter disappointment and left lifeless like a ship without a sail, Mr Phumudzo Madzhie from South Africa came to The SCOAN in 2014, where he joined the Saturday Prophetic Service. The man of God came and prophesied to him much to his surprise that he had applied to the USA and that he had been disqualified. The man of God instructed him that after the deliverance, he should reapply. The man of God also warned him that he should settle down with a lady before embarking on this journey.

He had indeed applied to go to the USA though an organization called the Mandela Washington Foundation initiated by the President of the US. He was disqualified and not selected leaving him terribly rejected and frustrated. “It was so frustrating for me not to be called”, he recalls. If not for the prophetic word, he would never have reapplied. However, before reapplying, he followed the second instruction in the prophecy to settle with his fiancée and within a few months, they got married because he knew it was an instruction in righteousness. There were 50,000 applications and only wanted 40 from South Africa. He calculated the percentage chance that it would be him as 0.0003. Nevertheless, he applied and was selected by the president of the USA as one of the 500 top up and coming businessmen across Africa to participate in the journey.

He went for the all expenses paid trip touring around the USA highlighting in Chicago and Washington DC. They had weeks of two lectures per day along with workshops and meetings with CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, visiting the World Bank and Google HQ to name a few. He was also invited to go to the White House where he met the US President, Barack Obama. The Foundation also linked the lucky applicants up to fellow business people from the states and from Africa, at least two people in each state or country. Now, he knows so many connections in different countries across Africa and several US capital organisations to be able to fund any of the projects that he wants to do.

He was blessed with a restaurant since returning to South Africa, one of the biggest family owned restaurants in the country, called Mike’s Kitchen. He began receiving multiple awards in this franchise as the Best Newcomer/Franchisee, 2014 and award of joining The Millionaires Club 2014, for a store that consistently had a turnover of over 1 million Rand per month. Being inspired by the example of Prophet T.B. Joshua, he has also sponsored over 300 families with food allowances, scholarships and internships at his company.

His advice “is that the grace and mercy of God is all that you need. That is the only thing that can qualify you for the things that you want.” He also wanted to thank the man of God for giving his life direction because if not for the prophecy, he didn’t know where he would be today. He humbly added that he had never thought that he would be able to own and run such a large and prosperous company as this. Crowing the whole testimony off, the man of God smiled as he said, “You will soon leave that restaurant for your wife – something even bigger is coming for you”.



Miss Martha Obiofong had suffered from severe migraines throughout her school career for over six years which affected her grades negatively. For her NYSC, she had to teach children and the migraines became unbearable. She went to several hospitals but no solution was forthcoming.

After receiving her Believer’s Card at The SCOAN from Prophet T.B. Joshua, she prayed for herself. She suddenly felt like scratching the top of her head and and as she touched her head with the believer’s card, she felt a sharp object and found a needle buried in her scalp over the exact point where the migraines normally struck. She pulled it out and brought it to the church to testify to God’s mighty power.

Since removing the pin from her head, she no longer experiences the migraines. She advises not to limit God to a certain response but to leave all to Him.



Mr Isa Joel Barguma had tried for decades to build a comfortable life. However, upon receiving his salary, how the money would seemingly disappear was a mystery which continued to haunt him month in, month out. This persisted until his retirement last year.
He spent his days in a rented apartment due to the financial debacles and even though he had established a large farm of 25 acres, he was not able to realize anything decent from it. He discussed with a friend, thinking that farming was not really for him and he would go into buying and selling instead. His friend advised him to carry God along in his new venture by introducing him to Emmanuel TV. He developed interest immediately and asked his friend to help him have the channel installed in his house. He continued watching Emmanuel TV and was soon itching to visit The SCOAN. He made the long journey from Yola to Lagos and received the Morning Water. When he got back home, he ministered the Morning Water over himself praying to God for a turnaround in his favour.

Within two weeks of ministering the Morning Water, he was able to buy his own house. The miracle baffled him so much but that was not all. His buying and selling business also picked up as patrons began to troop in from all angles. With the business now booming, he was able to buy his own new car only a week later. The blessings of God did not stop on his finances either but his health and the health of his family also received a divine touch. The sicknesses which would take his family to the hospital each month, consuming so much money in hospital bills and drug prescriptions came to an abrupt end.

He advised the viewers that “When you have the Morning Water, it is like having a general hospital in your home! Sickness will be a thing of the past, thanks to Doctor Jesus.”


His Royal Highness Aidenojie Ehidiamen, The Onojie of Opoji was at The SCOAN during the first Sunday Service of the year, 2016 and he received the New Good Morning Sticker. On his way back to his state, around 6 in the morning, armed robbers blocked the way and were signaling for him to park on the side of the road. Even his mobile police security, upon seeing that the armed robbers were heavily armed, took shelter inside the vehicle together with the passengers. The armed robbers were dressed in police uniform but were quickly distinguished to be robbers rather than officers of the law. Right before getting to the check point where the robbers were, the driver took a side road and surprisingly, the robbers never even tried to pursue them nor did they fire a single bullet at them, as if they didn’t even see them coming. Glory to God as God used the New Morning Sticker to deliver them from the hands of armed robbers


Mr Cyprien Mouanda from Gabon, was working for a petroleum company for eleven years. One day, while he was in front of a computer, he began to see darkness. He went to the doctor who thought it was due to being very tired. He went to work for another petroleum company and noticed that the same problem happened. This time he sought a second opinion, and the doctor said he had glaucoma. He had to go to the doctor every two months and his eyes continually got worse. His wife discovered Emmanuel TV and told him to start watching. Encouraged by what they saw, he and his wife decided to visit The SCOAN where they received the Morning Water. While at home, he began to minister the Morning Water, later realizing he could now see clearly. He tested out his new sight by reading subtitles on the screen, and found that he could read them without glasses. To this day he has not used his glasses. Glory be to God! Mr Mouanda brought his medical reports to prove that God had completely healed him of glaucoma through the medium of the Morning Water.


Mrs Phiri Chisepo had been facing many challenges in her life, especially spiritual challenges. She and her husband were constantly being tormented by the spirit of death, which led to them losing their first baby girl. They did all they could medically, to save the life of the child from pneumonia, but to no avail. After the loss of their first child, they could not conceive again. Her husband ran to The SCOAN in search of divine solution. There he received the Morning Water, taking it back to Zambia. He and his wife ministered the Morning Water together and met as husband and wife. She became pregnant and delivered another baby girl. Two weeks after delivery, the baby became very sick with pneumonia and anaemia and had to be placed in the intensive care unit of the hospital. The doctors wanted to do a blood transfusion because the blood count was very low, but she and her husband refused. She was afraid she would lose the baby again, but the husband brought the Morning Water to the hospital, which they ministered on the baby. Miraculously, the baby, who had been unconscious, opened her eyes! They left the hospital and continued to minister the Morning Water on the baby. They trusted and believed that God would do it for them. Now their baby is completely fine, with no signs of sickness. A test was carried out by the doctors and to the surprise of everyone, the tests showed that the child was completely free of the sickness. The same sickness that had taken their first child was defeated in Jesus’ name through the medium of the Morning Water.

Obadare shoots his arrows before thinking of the target.

Nigeria is a country where religion and superstition rules. One of the most significant obadarephenomenons of the 20th century Nigeria is religion. There are perhaps over 10million churches in Nigeria, meaning that there is a church for at least everyone hundred Nigerian Christians grouped together. However, there are less than one percent of these churches there care about human rights and the economic and social upheavals that face their multitude. I stand to write here that the Synagogue Church of all Nations, (SCOAN) is one of the few churches that deeply care about the plight and misery of the largely poor people that throng our churches every day. I am not a member of the SCOAN, but I think I feel fulfilled, after being part of the team that was set up by the Nigerian Human Rights Community, (NHRC) when the issue came up on what should be our stand following the collapse of a Guest House owned by SCOAN which also raises many human rights issues. It is on this not that I wish to express appreciation to Naija.Com for the article published by it on Pastor TB Joshua. At least, it gives us in the Nigerian Human Rights Community, (NHRC) the opportunity to air our opinion on preconceived prejudices of certain elements. The article was written by Mr Ebenezer Obadare. First, let me make it clear that the NHRC was established in 2003 and has notable allies like the first human rights organisation in Nigeria, the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR), the Civil Liberties Organisation, (CLO), and the Nigerian Labour Congress, (NLC) amongst others. Mr Obadare made an unfounded organisation on which basis we should have taken him to court for libel. He claimed that we were set up for pecuniary interests. This is shameful. We thought a journalist should take his time to conduct investigations before making frivolous statements. What ab out the activities of NHRC in 2012 and 2013? For instance we successfully held anti-corruption rallies in Lagos on two occasions. At the National Conference event held in Akure, we mobilised in large numbers to press for restructuring of Nigeria. At the anti-fuel crisis rally held at Ojota in Lagos in 2011, we took the front seat. The organisation has also been invited by the National Assembly of Ekiti and Osun state governments to debates on bills. We have been invited on occasions by the House of Representatives on issues of human rights. In 2014, NHRC through paid advertisements adopted Dr. Kayode Fayemi as its candidates for the governorship elections in Ekiti state. Beginning from 2003, we have participated fully in mobilising the electorate for the elections in both state and federal levels. In the February 8, 2011 edition of The Nation, the organisation alerted the world on the attempt by the federal government to humiliate the judiciary through a full page paid advert. It is on record that this organisation placed a full page advertorial condemning the persecution of the then President of the Appeal Court, Justice Ayo Salami.
These events took place long before our media reports on Pastor T. B. Joshua. For us and we insist, the man Pastor Joshua under attack by Mr. Obadare stands out as one servant of God whose life exemplifies humility and dedication to uplifting the poor, the hopeless and the oppressed. He is so unique in giving succour to the needy; food for the hungry; shelter for the homeless; hope for the downcast and liberation to the oppressed in a society where most widely acclaimed servants of God are indifferent to the plight of their flock and adore primitive acquisition while the people they shepherd die unsung in abject penury. Single-handed, Pastor Joshua rose without prompting and went to Haiti in the wake of the national holocaust to perform the role of state authorities there by providing shelter, feeding, clothing and medical assistance to a bewildered people. He has also provided humanitarian services to countless number of repented armed robbers through comprehensive rehabilitation; assistance to indigent students, widows and widowers; helped several communities and motherless homes. Yet, the only thing people like Obadare can see about T. B. Joshua is “plain murder” as if he wilfully caused the collapse of a building he built with his own sweat; and with an intent to kill!
Obadare’s outburst shows clearly that his research skill is very poor; he is isolated from the history of his own people; he lacks knowledge about the dialectics of the Nigerian human rights movement; he is naïve, opportunistic and uncivilized in his desperate attempt to hang T. B. Joshua at all cost. God forbid a nation ruled by people like Obadare! Obadare seems to be shooting his arrows before thinking about the target.
The support of NHRC for Pastor T. B. Joshua, including other notable civil right groups like the CDHR, the first human rights movement in Nigeria is informed by several historical reasons that are unknown and may never be known by Obadare and his ilk whose possible mission in life is to earn a degree that has no relevance to the lives, travails, misery and triumphs of their people at home.
Mr. Obadare should endeavour to visit SCOAN to see how this gentleman he is working frantically to destroy has been transforming lives; promoting values; dedicating his life to raising the poor (Muslims and Christians) from the dungeon of hopelessness and poverty. He should visit Synagogue to learn about discipline, about values, about organisational skill all propelled by one man who has no secondary education, but is qualified enough to be Obadare’s supervisor in the realms of academics and philosophy. Obadare’s write-up has shown that there is a difference between education and civilisation; a difference between education and knowledge and a difference between an educated man and an ignorant man. Soon and very soon, Obadare’s real intention shall be unearthed.
Ogunsona is the Head of Youth Department of the Nigerian Human Rights Community, (NHRC). He was a member of the Buhari Campaign Information Technology/social media team in the last election

By Peter Ogunsona.



Suffering from acute poverty, Mr Thomson Muzona borrowed money, came to The SCOAN from Zimbabwe and received a word that changed the course of his life forever. Upon meeting with God’s servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua, he said to him, ” It’s done go and implement.”
He believed in that word and acted on it and his life was transformed.
Before returning to Zimbabwe, he received the Morning Water from the man of God and travelled back to his country, sure that his history was about to be rewritten.
He ministered the Morning Water to the two makeshift shops, which were his only source of business and believed in the power of God deposited in this faith tool.
Those that once knew him as a poor man soon began to see him as a blessed child. From the two, business started booming and he constructed nine shops.
Emmanuel TV was on in his house 24 hours day and within no time at all, the one room rented apartment where he was staying gave way to a brand new house that was built just for his family.
He and his wife were blessed with two handsome boys and today they are the directors of a company operating 15 buses with many employees under them.
To make his cup overflowing, he is now driving the latest BMW and advised the world at large that if you wait upon God, He will never disappoint you.