Emmanuel TV Growing YouTube Viewers

emmanuel tv, scoan, tb joshua The Synagogue Church Of All Nations, SCOAN, led by the Senior Prophet TB Joshua, is celebrating its growing number of viewers via the Channel for becoming the first Christian Ministry Channel to surpass 500,000,000 views on YouTube. This is a big landmark as one in about fifteen persons worldwide is an Emmanuel TV viewer on YouTube. Those using other television channels or devices could be equally high. The implication is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is spreading to every nuke and corner of the world.

We thank Jesus Christ for this and congratulate the efforts of TB Joshua, Emmanuel TV partners and the entire SCOAN team. The projected current world population is 7.7 billion. Emmanuel TV has thus become the most viewed Christian ministry channel on YouTube.

In statistical terms, YouTube has become the largest online video streaming website in the world. YouTube is now used by over 1 billion internet users. Therefore, YouTube is having such a significant influence over the web, controlling more than a third of the social media activities, after the likes of Google, Facebook, etc. TB Joshua and his ministries can also be found in those other Social Media platform.

The Biblical significance of this rate of spread of the gospel through social media channel will become visible soon when suddenly Jesus Christ will appear in the cloud and the shout of the Archangels sounding. The spiritual dimension of current events should be of paramount to the society rather than the big numbers and statistics from YouTube.

Meanwhile, it can be seen that Emmanuel TV was a well thought out idea by the leadership of the SCOAN when it started only 13 years ago. It is still by His grace that we are called to Jesus Christ. Even those receiving their calls through YouTube, or directly from the Bible, or a preacher, it’s still by grace. Hence, in whatever level of the “Jesus’ Gospel Field,” we are called to, we must work well. Emmanuel TV is not only serving as a backup of the evidence of the gospel in the  SCOAN but also bringing the gospel closer to us daily.

Prof. R. A. Ipinyomi, University of Ilorin


The Outcome of TB Joshua Anointing Water in The UK

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You’ve read about the Anointing Water Revival in London on 1 September 2013, where the power of Jesus Christ working through His Word and by His Spirit brought healing, deliverance and breakthrough; now you can see the action and hear the testimonies on Emmanuel TV!

Here are some excerpts from the programme as shown on Emmanuel TV and featured on the Emmanuel TV Youtube channel:

If you have your own testimony to share after attending this service, please let us know! You can email uk@scoan.org or text 07985 034222. Acknowledge what God has done in your life and He will do it again and again!

You can watch the full programme here.


Response – Did TB Joshua say the anointed water is pointless?

TB Joshua Watch is at it again, are we surprised? NO! This absurdity is always expected. Another religious bigotry, the proclamation of self-made judges and self righteousness indeed! It is common knowledge that people who are hell bent on maligning the name of others will stop at nothing to do just that.  It is just ironical that these ‘faceless cohorts’ behind TB Joshua Watch sit by Emmanuel TV all day all night to watch every broadcast, thereby sniffing through each frame  to see where they can zero in their next blogging. This tells me that they are so addicted to this channel but as critics and judges……….what a contradiction!  One would have thought that if this Man of God TB Joshua is this ‘evil’ as they claim, and also that SCOAN is like a ‘cult’, it just seems hypocritical that they have not totally abandoned watching the channel????? Please readers, can you phantom what is going on here? Please do not stop….Keep watching Emmanuel TV!!!

Now to the issue at hand concerning the New Anointing Water, please let us make it unequivocally clear that the fact of the case is as follows…please read carefully.

Firstly, TB Joshua Watch has recorded the statement of the Prophet and edited it in order to misrepresent him.  Thank Goodness, a clip of every broadcast is uploaded on YouTube, and please feel free to see the clip on YouTube and compare it with what these discredited bloggers have put on…what a manipulation!

The issue of the New Anointing Water….hmmn, please let who have ears listen carefully. The exact statements of Prophet TB Joshua were as follows:

The Prophet said, he has provided Water, but God gives the Anointing, which simply means that he is saying that as a servant of God, he can only act on instructions in righteousness to pray in faith over anything, and when these things are passed on to people, will become medium for God to use to manifest Himself in their lives.  Please people of God, was it not same issue with Paul, whereby anything coming in contact with him were used as medium for healing, deliverance, blessing and salvation?

  • The Prophet said that the Anointing Water has been packaged costing a lot of money, but as a free gift of God, given out freely to people in the service on the 12th of May.  Has anyone said money was collected?
  • The Prophet’s word has also been manipulated.  He advised everyone taking the Anointing Water to take ONLY 1, and that should anyone take more than 1, would automatically nullify the Grace in it, because it is dubious, as everyone is entitled to just one (1).
  • The prophet said that anyone taking more than one will only result him or her carrying away ‘dirty water’, meaning it may not work, because it has not be obtained in good faith and truthfully. This is quite simple, to say that whatever starts dubiously must end up dubiously…plan and simple.
  • The distribution of the Anointing Water as announced by the Prophet stated that the Water would be sent to every part of the world.  This triggered several thousands of people going immediately to all SCOAN branches around the globe, even while the boxes had not left Lagos.  You should understand that because of what millions of people all around the world have been witnessing through Emmanuel TV, people around the world (obviously except the subversive bigots at TB Joshua Watch, who are the ‘most righteous’) want to partake in what God is doing here daily.  If millions in this generation must believe, they must see proof and signs that JESUS IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER.
  • The unfortunate incident in Ghana has just brought home the reality of how desperately people are seeking God. Please let us state categorically that, there was no announcement to the general public or even the SCOAN members in Ghana that Anointing Water would be distributed.  But to everyone’s amazement, suddenly everywhere was jammed packed even up to all adjoining major roads. As soon as the report of the large crowd got to the Prophet, he personally came on air to suspend the service and meeting that day (see clip on Emmanuel TV). The Church authorities quickly alerted the Police and Security authorities about the mammoth crowd and they quickly dispatched personnel to the scene (well over 500 Policemen and 200 Soldiers). The Church Auditorium was full, and many tents were provided outside, but unexpectedly, the crowd (600 yards away) surged and pushed towards the venue, when to gate was opened for those inside to go home after Prophet TB Joshua announced that the service would no longer hold that Sunday, obviously in cases like stampede may be unavoidable. READERS PLEASE NOTE I WAS THERE AND I SAW IT HAPPENED. The security and Police authorities performed excellently and professionally in controlling and assisting the crowd. Our prayers go to the fatally affected, the wounded as well as their families. We just find it imperative to make the clarifications above in order to put records straight to stop the ‘deluded bigots’ from truncating their slanderous remarks.
  • For further insight and clarification, please watch all the clips on this post.
  • Again we are asking TB Joshua Watch………what is next?  Attack on the Wise men? Jealousy, Bigotry, Pride, Ignorance and Self-righteousness are the trademarks of detractors, but one with God is Majority.
  • Keep watching Emmanuel TV………Changing Lives, Changing Nations, Changing the World.

Please watch it from 2 hours 8 minutes to see it for yourselves.


Chances are great now, if you’re reading this article, that you are one of those benefiting immensely from the priceless Grace of God in the Life of TB Joshua in the form of healing, deliverance, salvation prosperity, divine protection and all of God’s blessings.  While you are at it, you must not ignore the reality of the diverse forms of opposition against the ministry of TB Joshua, which time has revealed to be in all spheres of life. You must have read derogatory stories about the man in the synagogue on newspapers, Magazines, internet, and also come across distasteful rumors alleging different offenses committed by the Man TB Joshua. A friend of mine who usually kept a record of most allegations against TB Joshua he came across confessed to me that he was confused, when I asked him why, he replied that apart from the fact that the allegations do not all agree, they were so much that he wondered if truly a single soul was capable of all this evil and still have such an active and growing ministry. Still the question remains, how can we verify the truth of these stories? Are these reports true or false? If you’re one of those pondering if there could be any truth in the evil reports you’ve read about TB Joshua, it would interest you to know that Negative propaganda on the internet is one of the least forms of attack against TB Joshua; the ministry of SCOAN aside from topping the chart of the most persecuted ministry on earth, also boasts of thousands of documented confession videos of demonically orchestrated seductive attempts at TB Joshua of the synagogue of all nations. Now this you would agree is a more serious form of attack, especially when the seducers are ever willing to testify before a global audience of the processes involved in their seductive assignment on TB Joshua, such that were it to succeed, we would not be reading falsified stories about TB Joshua, but stories of how the ministry of SCOAN no longer exists. Here we present one of many who have come to The SCOAN to seduce the man of God and her confession was recorded. As the wise man prayed for her, the evil spirit dwelling in her manifested and confessed the following:

“My duty is to seduce pastors because my kingdom needed souls. A lot of people go to church without doing what they are supposed to do….I am the queen. She hasn’t finished the assignment I gave her. I am the idol. I destroy men…I get them with the sample of the body. In my eyes are many powers to seduce them; before they know it, they come crawling. I seduced pastors and I loved it. I love seducing them the most – all of those chewing gum boys out there. They would see me one on one in their office. When I talked, they would like my voice and they would just like me. Of course, I get what I want.

how the seducers were exposed
Exposed while on her seductive mission

Those who are truly born again, I don’t go close to them because when I see them, the fire in them scares me so I would just have to go but when I see the simple ones, I love it, those who call themselves men of God but are not practicing the real thing. I love getting those ones to my kingdom. I would just sleep with them and have fun.

The way you people are doing all these things, our kingdom is drying. We need more souls.”

To the glory of God, she received her deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ and power of the Holy Spirit. Free from deceptive and seductive spirits, she confessed the following:

“I am Florence Oluchi Ezibiro. I was initiated as the queen of the coast from my childhood. When I became older, it was time to carry out my mission, which was seduction. I would go to different churches, in the name of going there looking for a solution to my problem. My mission there was to seduce men of God, most especially the proud pastors. Coming to the church, I would see a pastor preaching, “The kingdom of darkness has no power”. I would be provoked. I knew where my power was, in my eyes, breasts, navel and my hips. When I walked into the church, I made sure the pastor looked at me eye to eye. From there, I would initiate him. When everyone was seated in the church listening to the pastor while he preached, I would walk into the church and make sure everyone’s attention would go to me. The way I demonstrated my body and eyes and the way I walked, they would be forced to look at me. When they looked at me, they would be carried away. After service, if I saw that they didn’t notice me, I would request for their prayer, that I was suffering from this or that. I didn’t actually need the prayer I was requesting for. If I couldn’t seduce them in the church, getting to their office was a one-on-one talk. When I talked to them, I would look into their eyes, read and manipulate their minds at that time. I would say that I wanted to be delivered. The pastors would start preaching that I needed to be born again. I would agree that I needed to be born again. Then I would draw up my breasts and they would say that they were in love with me. I looked into their eyes and could manipulate the pastors. Instead of them to deliver me, I would deliver them on my bed. After that, most of them would begin having problems with their ministries. Inside me, I would know that they were already mine.

Imagine if she would have succeeded. What would have happened? She said that she was sent to seduce pastors and after “delivering them on her bed,” their ministries would begin to suffer problems. That was what happened when she fulfilled her mission. She took souls to the evil kingdom by sleeping with the pastor. But when she came to The SCOAN, she was unable to fulfil the mission. Why? She was unable to seduce neither T.B. Joshua, nor any of the FIVE WISE MEN. Why?

Florence Oluchi Ezibiro giving her testimony
Florence Oluchi Ezibiro giving her testimony

Pay attention to her words, “Those who are truly born again, I don’t go close to them because when I see them, the fire in them scares me so I would just have to go but when I see the simple ones, I love it, those who call themselves men of God but are not practicing the real thing. I love getting those ones to my kingdom. I would just sleep with them and have fun.”

She is one of thousands who have come to The SCOAN on a mission to seduce and destroy the man of God. However, after her mission failed, she received her deliverance and is now free from the evil spirit that led her to commit such sinful acts. Many like her have received their freedom. When you meet them now, either in their home churches or home countries, they will tell you the difference deliverance has made in their lives. You can see many of their testimonies on Emmanuel TV and YouTube.  The happy ending in this story is that the very woman above got delivered, yet this poses an even greater question as regards the widespread sexual abuse allegations; what about those who came with same intent and weren’t delivered? Where are they now?  what are they doing?  If a person with such an evil intent of seducing TB Joshua to have sex with her, after imagining and fantasizing about how her sexual affair with TB Joshua would go, on getting to SCOAN, didn’t succeed and left without being delivered, what do you think would stop such a person from gossiping LIES about how she and TB Joshua slept together? Which of the two sins is easier to commit in your opinion? A person bestowed with demonic powers from the pit of hell for the sole purpose of seducing TB Joshua, leaving without deliverance is capable of anything – and of this truth you can be sure, that when those seducers who escaped without deliverance realized that their mission had failed in The SCOAN, they went to the media, cooking up stories of falsehood against the ministry with this instruction from SATAN their master in mind;

 If we cannot destroy him as it now seems; then let us bring his name to utter disrepute to ascribe unto him the abomination we intended for him, that many whom we have afflicted might not go to him and be loosened from our yoke, else we lose at both ends. For look! The whole worlds of our afflicted are going after him as they went unto him whom we hung on a tree.

Remember the words of the seductress, “Those who are truly born again, I don’t go close to them because when I see them, the fire in them scares me so I would just have to go—“When those women were unable to fulfill their mission in The SCOAN, they left outraged and many went straight to the media to profess what did not occur, writing falsified stories, claiming they were once disciples, professing that they had fulfilled their mission. If they did succeed, why does the ministry of SCOAN still stand and waxes stronger unto this day?


The Synagogue Church of All Nations headed by the general overseer Prophet Tb Joshua has continue to blow the mind of thousands of viewers all over the world from, his ministry large scale deliverance and healing of different kinds of incurable diseases and sickness. Thousands of sick persons keep on visiting the ministry of Tb Joshua to be arranged in the ministry prayer line for healing and deliverances from their problems and pains. Those arranged for prayers usually come with their medical report as prove of their sickness. And those that received their healing do come back with medical report to confirm that they are healed, when given their testimony live on Emmanuel.tv. Among those sicknesses and diseases been prayed for by the prophet and is five wise men included,  Hiv and Aids which cannot be treated medically.

      According to what some world body make us to understand and believed is that, it is only two individual that have been cured of the acclaimed deadly diseases called Hiv/Aids. Many ask why those in SCOAN whom have come out openly claiming to have receive healing when prayed for by the prophet of God from the deadly diseases  are not included in the list of those been healed from Hiv/Aids. Those it means that since,some of these world bodies do not recognized healing of Hiv/Aids in SCOAN,that make dose healing testimonies in SCOAN fake?,It is totally NO.

As a true Christian, God has never at a time need any world body to validate is healing and miraculous power,God heals is children as he wishes, he those not take permission from any one to heal neither, will he needs anyone approver or authenticity when he perform is healing. But, that those not mean God have no respect for the world body or human laws. When Christ was on earth he paid tax to the government of is era,anywhere Jesus went to minister the gospel of grace he always respect the laws, rules and regulations of the land. This same example Tb Joshua is showing to the world today, by instructing those who are sick to come with medical report from their doctors before they are arranged for prayers, and also he advise them  to continue with their medication after being prayed for until, they have been confirmed healed from their infections by the doctors.The prophet can just pray for them without medical report and they will receive their healing, but since medical report is the way of the world, he then asks for it before praying for you. In the healing ministry of Jesus Christ we never hear or read anything like medical report in the bible before been prayed for by Christ but because of man unbelieved and the present generation we are,who are faithless and hopeless about the things of God, so for them to believe they have to see prove that is based on human reasoning.

But for those who think that SCOAN need worldly media or body to recognize and authenticate the HIV/Aids healing in SCOAN should know that,the living God in SCOAN those not need the world to authenticate is mighty works in SCOAN.The world view about Gods mighty power those not affect Gods authenticity and existence, God is the creator of man and medicine. Healing is healing weather it is from God or from medication, God is the only healer, “Doctor treats; God heals”. God have never use the opinion of man to measure itself nor should Prophet Tb Joshua use the opinion of the world to measure itself.If the world approved healing in SCAON or not, it will not alter Gods divine mission in the life of its prophet at SCOAN. That those not mean SCOAN door is not open to any world body that comes in sincerity to confirmed the acclaims large scale HIV/Aids healing in SCOAN, the ministry door is open , but the world should know that God those that count on man’s opinion. Tru this the truth if you believe it or not,once opinions about the truth cannot change it. The truth of God will always stand for long even if this present generation do not acknowledged it, the future generation will and that is the truth the ministry of SCOAN stand for weather the world accept it or not.

The prophet do say that we Christian always rely on Gods minority and strength and not man’s majority even if you curse God, ridicule him, abuse him and call him all kinds of name is love will remain constant and can never change.

Satan is the ruler of the world, what do you expect from the world been ruled by Satan, such a world can never accept or approved of the mighty hands of God.  The kingdom of darkness has been fighting against the kingdom of light from the beginning of time.  The kingdom of darkness can never approved of what comes from the kingdom of light so will should not expect the world to approve of what is taken place in SCOAN for this ministry is against the ruler of this world, the only thing we should expect from the world is to fight back, and this is what the prophet is experiencing from the unset of is ministry on earth.  There have been different allegation, rumor,false story from different world respected news body, magazines, online blog and some reputable religion body .

You should know that all of this are prove to the genuineness of the ministry of the man of God Tb Joshua. All God genuine servants are enemies to the world. The world knows their own, when you are not of the world, its sees you as an enemy. You are either for the world or enemy of the world.In the case of Tb Joshua ministry official YouTube page that was block,you will know that you cannot use the instrument of the world to fight and expose darkness. YouTube today have countless of occult videos, pornography and all kinds of satanic videos up till now this videos are not blocked or removed by You tube but, the one that has to do with the informative power of God was block, not to make it look obvious they leave some videos uploaded by fans of the ministry but that of the official ministry page was block, before the recent official YouTube page of SCOAN which will all know will soon be block. So what are we saying here, the world can never accept anything that comes from God, anything that expose the kingdom of Satan are been fighting against by the world. So for those who are expecting the world body to enlist and recognize those that are been healed of Hiv/Aids in SCOAN has been cured from the sickness now know why the world will never accept or approved the things of God. Nevertheless, will are very optimistic that one day the world will come down to Gods authority and being loss from yuck of Satan to embrace the light of God’s world.

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Cameroun Fraudster Exposed For Selling TB Joshua Anointed Water


This is a fraud alert and warning to all.  It has come to our knowledge that some unscrupulous elements are all out to defraud innocent people, whilst advertising the sale of anointing water

Please be aware that the anointing water blessed by Prophet TB Joshua of the synagogue church of all nations has never been and will never be for sale. Also note that the anointing water is only obtained from Scoan in Lagos Nigeria and branches in Ghana, South Africa, Greece, and London.  Nobody has been employed or instructed to act on behalf of Scoan anywhere in the world to sell the anointing water.  Please if in doubt log on to our website and contact us by telephone or email for clarification.  Please do not hesitate to report anyone purporting to be selling the anointing water. All Gods’ gifts are free.  Freely we are given, and freely we give. Do not be misled or deceived.

 Please Note the correspondence below was between the owners of this site and the fraudster.

Click here to see, Comments left on our Blog that raised the alarm!

US: I need the A/W ASAP. How much is the AW? Am in Leeds UK

David Hall

kayler tina
Nov 23 (1 day ago)
to me

Fraudster: each cost 50pounds sir

Xtian News Nov 23 (1 day ago)
US: How do l pay? I need 10.
kayler tina
Nov 23 (1 day ago)
to me

Fraudster: 10 will cost you 500pounds

You have to send the money via western union okay to the below address..

Zip Code…………..00237
Test Question……FAITH
As soon as you send the payment do email to me the 10digit
mtcn numbers and the senders names and receivers names as on the
receipt of your payment. with your full home address so we can send to
you the A/W .

Xtian News xtiannews@gmail.com
Nov 23 (1 day ago)
to kayler,

US: Someone is coming to the UK in few days, l wants her to give you the money and collect the AW for me. It will be faster. Please what’s your address? Also do you have Face book, yahoo messenger? I can give loads of business. Many people want some.

David Hall

kayler tina
11:19 AM (11 hours ago)
to me

Fraudster: Well that will be okay. But the problem is that I do travel a lot to
do the distribution of the AW so it will be much easier for you to
send the money via western union to the address I gave you and the i
have it delivered to you via dhl because as you know a lot of people
need it so I travel a lot.

Read more from SCOAN official site



The service was filled with interesting testimonies like other Sunday services in the past. A very interesting incident was recorded in the Monday service of January 24th when, in a prophecy, one of the congregants was told that the lady he came to the Church with and who assumed the role of wife for him was not actually his wife.

Mrs. Ifeoma

When he admitted that the woman, Mrs Ifeoma, was his friend’s wife, the man of God asked him to go home and bring his own wife but advised Mrs Ifeoma to stay back as her husband would be invited to the Church. Meanwhile, Mr Ifeoma was watching the incident on Emmanuel Television in Cotonou. As arranged, the prophet sent for the real husband of Mrs Ifeoma and he came. He is a 35 year old man with no visible means of livelihood. According to his wife, Mrs Ifeoma, they are Nigerians from Umuahia in Abia State but currently resident in Cotonou. As a man without a job, he had received financial help from the friend, Mr Livinus who brought his wife to the Church. It was possibly those gestures of assistance that brought him close to Mrs Ifeoma. As the prophet revealed, it was Mrs Ifeoma that lured him into the illicit relationship. In their privacy, the prophet talked very much to the man whose wife came with another man before he

Mrs.lfeoma and her husband Mr Livinus

agreed to forgive his wife and his friend. Before the congregation Mr Livinus cried and said that his poverty was the cause of his woe and wondered aloud whether he could ever forgive his wife and the man. In tears, the wife asked him for forgiveness. Narrating his plight to the prophet and the congregation, he said his family had been suffering because of his joblessness.

The couple and their five kids hardly had a place to lay their heads and the children were out of school. They depended on charity for living. He concluded by appealing to the prophet for help. Asked again whether he would forgive his wife and friend, he hesitantly agreed but added that forgiving them would be easier if the prophet assisted him. This generated laughter across the entire Church. The prophet reminded him that he was lucky that it was a friend who did this to him but not somebody that could want him dead and have the wife after that. Thereafter, the prophet said he was ready to give him and his family a two bedroom flat, a job for the man, scholarship for his children and the sum of N300,000 for his wife, a hairdresser, to start some trade. Some other congregants also expressed a wish to give him money for the upkeep of his family. The prophet’s gesture of kindness means he will move his family from Cotonou to Lagos. The couple were very elated at the generosity of the prophet and knelt down for a long time thanking him. The woman was delivered from the spirit of lust.

The man of God thereafter went into a long speech about the various crises families face and advised them to always watch and pray. The

T.B. Joshua

beginner, he says, is not the owner but the finisher. He said of the family in question that if God were not involved in their problem, they would not find their way to the Church.
God wanted to put an end to the illicit relationship between Mrs Ifeoma and the man. It was Mrs Ifeoma that lured the man into the relationship with her evil spirit. Speaking about the number of children they already have in the marriage, the prophet cautioned them to exercise control as marriage is more for companionship than anything else.
The prophet never brought the other couple out but planned that they would be delivered in the prayer line.

The Okechukwu family of six children and the parents came out to narrate to the bewildered congregation how one of the daughters, initiated into witchcraft in the school, brought the evil spirit to the family and relayed it from one child to the other. She gave the witchcraft to her younger sister who, in turn, gave it to their brother, who thereafter went into unrestrained incest with her. The brother, Emmanuel became initiated after eating a bun given to him by his sister and caught the spirit of lust. He had been much feared by the other siblings because of his habitual aggressiveness. The bun was given to her by her friend to eat and she then gave it to Emmanuel, her brother as a way of gaining control over him. The rest of the children also got the witchcraft relayed to them. The eldest girl told her listeners how the schoolmate who gave her the bun came to her in the home and both disappeared into the forest. After advising her to hate her parents, the girl also gave her something like blood to drink and she became abnormal, seeing dead people who laughed at her.
After blaming the father for not effectively controlling his children, the prophet delivered the family. The father was also delivered of a sickness which had disturbed him for some time.


Mr Achukwu, wife and daughter

Mr Achukwu mounted the platform with his wife and their pregnant daughter and accused the wife of witchcraft. He said that the only son, among the nine children they have, died adding that the woman was the cause. The boy he chose to adopt also died after two months. He said their children were like men facially but had the female organ to mean that the wife changed them from males to females to deprive the husband of male children. Asked how else he knew that his wife was a witch, the man said the wife could stay stiff for over twelve hours, though breathing, only to activate herself later. In her defence, the wife said she was not a witch and that people had told her that her husband was a cultist but she did not believe them. She also added that in his desperation for a male child, he met a widow who bore a male child for him but he could not claim the male child as their culture did not allow that. The prophet exonerated each of witchcraft or cultism saying that the devil just wanted to destroy the family and he delivered them.

As the prophet and the wise men were about going to the prayer line, the prophet asked the cameraman to display on the screen those waiting for healing and deliverance. Many of those displayed were victims of ulcer in various putrid stages. Taking the case of Stella for illustration, the prophet revealed how she came to The SCOAN prayer line with one foot seriously attacked by ulcer which caused decay in the leg. The leg, putrid and filled with puss, sent out abominable stench. The woman had been to many hospitals for cure but without a solution. It was at this stage that she came for prayer line and Wiseman Harry prayed for her. Today, Stella is completely healed and she came out from the congregation to confirm her healing in a testimony.

Mr&Mrs. James

After many unsuccessful attempts in various hospitals to get his wife cured of mental disorder, Mr James discharged her from a Kaduna hospital and flew her to The SCOAN for God’s attention. Arriving in The SCOAN late on Thursday, they could not be screened for the prayer line. However, some good brothers who saw the wife in her terrible condition took pity on her and surrendered two Wristbands to her. Wearing one on her wrist and the other on her foot, she immediately felt the power of God. She sensed unusual churning in her stomach and she soon started to vomit. She regained normalcy of behaviour after the vomiting. The nightmares and sighting of dead people which characterized her dreams stopped and she now sleeps like a day old baby. Even without seeing the prophet, Mrs Esther James regained sanity within seconds of arrival in The SCOAN to tell the listening world that wherever God is involved, healing is like breathing. In her testimony she recalled the efforts of her husband to have her cured in the past and the miraculous healing she got in The Synagogue, thanking everybody and God for the wonderful healing.

Mrs. Janet and Husband

For thirteen years, the Debra family have been in the grip of barrenness in their marriage as the wife’s tube was said to be blocked and the man had low sperm count. Their way to parenthood opened when a friend of theirs fetched the Anointing Water from The SCOAN for them. Praying over the Anointing Water as required, they administered it to themselves before meeting as husband and wife. That very month, the wife, Janet became pregnant as confirmed by scan. The family flew from their home in Ghana to give their testimony. In her testimony, Janet thanked God for making them meet His anointed servant, Prophet T. B. Joshua to dislodge barrenness from their union and put it in the past.

Mr Lawrence Oheri is a Nigerian from Imo State living in Gabon. For quite some time, he had had the problem of hearing which brought him to The SCOAN after all efforts to regain hearing elsewhere failed. Collecting the Anointing Wristband and wearing it after prayer, he went to bed as usual. Waking up at 5.30 am, he noticed some water from his ears in his pillow. Thanks to the Lord, his clogged ear had opened and water was draining out of it by the power of the Holy Spirit through the agency of the Wristband. We thank God for this miraculous healing.

Chief Daniel Adumah of Anambra State described himself as a chain-smoker who had regaled himself in various brands of cigarette for 46 years. As his son and wife came to The SCOAN for prayer, he asked them to fetch him the Anointing Water which they did. After praying over the Anointing Water, he drank it and sensed its cooling effect in his heart, lungs and other parts of the body. He also noticed that the long experienced pain in the lungs was no more. The long term effect is that the urge for smoking in him has vanished and he avoids smoking and smokers after 46 years of friendship with cigarette. 20 YEARS BLEEDING ROOTED OUT BY WRISTBAND
Mrs Tientcheu Charlotte had for twenty years had a fibroid problem which caused her to bleed all that time. Having gone for surgery but without achieving her goal, she collected The Wristband, prayed over it and wore it . Two days after wearing it, she felt the sensation of heat in her body. In a way nobody can explain the bleeding stopped. With God in your matter, healing is like breathing. Today, Charlotte is a free woman whose bleeding in the past is now confined to history.


Emmanuel Peter

Emmanuel Peter had for six years been caged and always saw himself as such in his dreams. The reality of the matter was that he never saw any progress in his life in spite of his efforts. It was for this reason that he collected the Anointing Wristband and wore it. The night he wore it, he still saw himself in a cage and he appealed to two ladies for help but these refused to offer him any help. He then saw some men who took him to a shrine. There, in the shrine, a lady drew his attention to the Anointing Wristband on his wrist. He looked at the Wristband and saw fire in it. As if this look reminded the Wristband of its role, the fire in it fell the lady at the same time burning a prowling cobra and the shrine to ashes to usher Emmanuel into freedom from the cage.

Of all the unusual incidents in the mass prayer, that of a woman who came from Lokoja to worship in the SCOAN deserves mentioning because of the helplessness and suffering many men experience in the hands of spiritual husbands. Indisputably, many men are attracted by beauty in women as they seek the hand of one in marriage. Unfortunately in most cases, such beautiful women cannot deliver the joy of marriage to their husbands because of their unholy alliance with spiritual husbands to whom they give all their love. These spiritual beings go beyond borders to enjoy marital union on earth with human beings. In the case of the woman from Lokoja, she was doubly married to a spiritual husband and her earthly husband in Lokoja. The earthly husband had taken her to places in the hope of delivering her from barrenness here on earth. Meanwhile, she said she had two boys for her spiritual husband and even though she also knew very well that her husband’s efforts to have children by her were in vain, she accompanied this husband to any place of his choice in search for their not-to-be-gotten child. Meanwhile, she loves the spiritual husband as much as she hates the earthly husband in Lokoja who does everything for her to ensure her comfort on earth. She pays the earthly husband with suffering and hatred.
Fearing that she would be caught by the wise men, she avoided going for prayer line. However, in course of the mass prayer with all the pervading anointing, the spiritual husband helplessly disassociated himself from her and asked her to surrender. It was at that stage that she started crying for deliverance and saying all the facts here. After the deliverance, she recalled and regretted her wickedness to her earthly husband from whom she had withheld her love and refused to bear children.