TB Joshua: I Lived a Rejected and Isolated Life

By Collins Edomaruse, Abiodun Ajala and Olawale Olaleye,
There could not be a better way to start than
to ask; who’s T.B Joshua?

Well, there’s nothing spectacular about Prophet T.B Joshua. He is just like every other human being. But if there is any difference, it is the grace of God; the righteousness of God. It is a product of the grace of God. So, I am a product of the grace of God.

So, how did your ministry start?

The Church started just like other ministries. And if
there is any difference, it is the way and manner God
executes his plans in our lives. And of course, you
know the way and manner God executes plans in our
lives differs. Sometimes, God can use foolish things.
Our God is awesome. So, in a nutshell, that is just it.

As a person, how was growing up like?

In summary, let me say, I have tasted what it takes
to be poor; humiliated, embarrassed and all what
not. And of course, I have tasted what it takes to be
honoured. So, I think it is that grace that gives me
the strength to face all conditions today. It is the

grace of God. I have tasted what it takes to be humiliated and poor and also what it takes to be honoured and have more than enough. And that is the grace to face all conditions.

Can one then say it is that tough background that gave you the grace to
truly believe and face God?

I think it is just the will of God because for anyone to march for God, you must first
march with Him. For me, I have marched with Him and this is the time I am marching
for him. To march with God is the time to sacrifice and to march for him, is the time of
grace and blessing.

When did you get the calling and what was the sign like?

It was about 23 years ago when it all happened For instance, many will say they
encountered God through a man of God to do this and all that, but in my case and I
know many must have had the same experience that I had, it was a personal
encounter. It was not that one man of God came to me to say this and that. It was a
personal encounter. And if you look at my birth, it is a story people like to read and
listen to. I was in a trance for three consecutive days, then I saw a hand that pointed a
Bible to my heart and the bible entered my heart and my former heart seemed to
have immersed with the Bible immediately. Then, the awareness came and I saw the
Apostles and Prophets of old with someone whose head I could not see because he
was tall to the heaven and suspended in the air. I believe it was our Lord Jesus Christ
sitting in their midst. I also saw myself in their midst. After a while, I saw a hand of the
same tall man, I could not behold his face which was glittering with an unimaginable
light; tall to the heavens and still suspended in the air. But other Apostles, I could see
their faces, particularly Apostles Peter and Paul, Prophets Moses, Elijah and others.
Their names were boldly written on their chests.

So, I heard a voice saying “I am your God. I am giving you a divine commission to go
and carry out the work of the heavenly father”. At the same time, the same hand of
the tall man gave me a small cross and a big Bible, bigger than the one that entered
my heart with a promise that as I keep pressing in his Time and Name, I would be
given a bigger cross but if I failed, the opposite would occur. I also heard a voice of the
same tall man but I could not see his head, saying “I am the Lord your God who was
and who is- Jesus Christ, giving orders to the Apostles and Prophets.” The same voice
said to me “I would show you the wonderful ways; I would reveal myself through you,
in teaching, preaching, miracles and signs and wonders for the salvation of souls.
Since then, I have been receiving in my vision every year and according to my
faithfulness to God, bigger cross that means to me, more responsibilities. The Bible
that entered my heart symbolise spirit and life (the Holy Spirit). God’s word is spirit
and life. He does nothing without his word. The book of Roman 8:16 says “God’s spirit
joins himself to our spirit to declare that we are children of God.”

If you were not doing God’s work, what would you have been doing?

The question you just asked me is purely divine because I don’t know. Listen, we are
created in God’s image and what matters to God is not our physical or mental
disposition, but one with Him in terms of love, kindness and so on. It is the goodness
of our cause that interests God and not our physical or mental disposition. Really, not
that our physical and mental dispositions do not have roles to play, just that the
goodness of our cause interests Him more than that. And since we are created for the
glory of God, no one can say what he or she would like to be. We are created for his
glory and we must live for his glory. Our lives are in God’s hands. We have no control.
We can’t control Him by using the Bible or cross as a good luck charm without a
thorough reformation of heart and life. So, I think that question is for Baba God.

Before that encounter with God some 23 years ago, who were you?

When we talk of encounter, there are different stages of encounter. The one we are
talking about is the deeper encounter. You know, there are deep, deeper, and deepest;
that is the three stages in the life of a Christian. So, every Christian must go through
the stages. It is about our responsibility to God; how we obey His rule. We have many
Bishops who are just deep in the Lord and we have many Christians, just ordinary
Christians without any title whatsoever either as a pastor or Bishop who are deeper in
the Lord. We have many pastors who are deep and their members are deeper. So, not
until you are in the line that you’ll begin to know this. But before I got the calling, I
was a member of the Anglican Church and participated actively in many Church
activities. On three different occasions, I was appointed the chairman of children’s
Harvest/thanksgiving ceremony. During my primary school days at St. Stephen
Anglican primary school, Agbaluku, Ondo State. I was the leader of Student Christian
Fellowship. I taught my colleagues the scriptures without formal Bible training. In my
dream, I was always taught the scriptures that gave me an edge over the other
student colleagues even above my teacher. I was the smallest in the class and I led
the prayer during school devotions. My teacher, Mrs. Margaret Tolani Adejumo and my
colleagues usually called me small pastor. So, it is God himself who performs the
divine anointing on all who have the wonderful privilege of becoming His children.

The essence of the question is to know if you have lived a kind of life that
negates outright, the life of a Christian before you were called to serve. So,
who were you before you became a man of God?

That’s a nice question. When you look at my life, you’ll see that there was no
opportunity to live a funny life. I don’t know my father. It was very, very difficult. In
fact, there was no opportunity to live a funny life because all through, it was rejection

and isolation and it really helped me. It was not by power of mine, so, we should not
make jest of those who lived funny lives because the book of Galatians 6, says, if one
is caught out of sin, you that caught him should take him gently; restore him gently so
that you also will not be tempted. For instance, you saw someone smoking and you
began to make jest of him; saying, ‘Ha, you are a smoker.’ Be careful because you
also may be tempted. For anyone to live right, it is not by his power or by his might, it
is the grace of God because without God, no one can live right. The Bible says ye
should be careful because the first may be the last and the last may be the first.

It’s Christmas. Let’s talk about its essence. What does Christmas connote?

Well, I would not want to say anything that will run contrary to the theology, but I’ll
put it in a way that a scholar of the scriptures will understand. Christmas is the period
of opportunity for everyone to show our true remorse for our unworthy past. I don’t
want to say anything that will elicit controversy but it is an opportunity to show true
remorse, and not an occasion to show off. Simply put, God has a son and he planted
him in the earth to produce a family. Today, millions are born again through this seed.
And if that is it, how then do we celebrate Christmas? How do we register our
appreciation to him? That’s the question. If God has a son and planted him in the
earth to produce a family, and today, millions are born again through this seed how do
we show appreciation? We show appreciation to him by giving every good thing
without asking of us: our love, our time, our strength, our faith, our loyalty and our
money. You see, there is what we call humility; total humility and submission to his
will. That’s our offering and when you want to give him, you should remember the
quality ones because for instance, in Nigeria today, we are good givers, but we do
give when it is convenient. That is Nigerians for you. But as true Christians, do not
give only when it is convenient for you. You should give even when it causes some
pains. Even when you are not happy, people can rush to you and say please help me, I
have not eaten today and you say leave, go, I am not happy, why should you ask me
for money? But even when it causes pains to do, please do because God has only one
son and he planted that son in the earth. You can imagine that. So, when you give
when it is not convenient, your offering will be a sacrificial giving. So, as we go out to
celebrate Christmas, we should remember the weak, the poor and the lonely in the
society. It is praise-worthy to give, not only to our power but also beyond our power. If
this is our aim and objective of giving, even if we gave out a little, that offering will be
acceptable to God. That’s Christmas for you. Some may say where is it written in the
bible, but the truth is that it is an occasion for us to truly remorse our unworthy past.
What this means is that a time of giving is a time to show true remorse, not the time
to show off.

But don’t you think your analysis of the significance of Christmas would
have been apt for Easter?

Sometimes, I wonder if we don’t read our Bible. Jesus Christ fasted for 40 days and 40
night and you have also been doing the same. But the same Jesus Christ walked on
the sea, why can’t you walk on the sea? But Jesus was led by the Spirit to do so. He
was not led because someone was doing it; he was not copying people. If you begin to
look through the bible, all the events that happened were not repeated. Look at it; he
walked on the sea, he turned water to wine. But who else repeated this? Also, in the
Bible, Peter said to the people at the beautiful gate, silver or gold I have not, in the
name of Jesus…but no other man of God has done that. This is because they received
from heavens. They came to change the world, but today, we are copying. And when
we keep copying, we cannot change our world. We’ll continue to live the same world.
We are sent to this world to make a difference, but we cannot make a difference


2 Chronicles 7:14 – “If My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves with a broken heart and pray, I will forgive their sins and heal their land.” The term ‘land’ means everything that has to do with you.

God’s promise is not a blank cheque. HE clearly spells out the conditions on which HE makes it. HIS promise is ‘I will heal you/ bless you/ save you – if you humble yourselves in prayer and be broken hearted.’ This means, pardoning mercy makes way for healing mercy.

If you pray for healing without obtaining pardon first, your sickness will not yield to your prayer. That is, will not be answered. Therefore – if your situation is not yielding to your prayer – look inward. That is, examine yourself in the light of God’s Word – because our God is a faithful God. HE is a God who keeps HIS promises.

Therefore, don’t allow the situation you are in to dictate the direction of your prayer, simply ask for His mercy and forgiveness because pardoning mercy makes way for healing mercy.
Source: SCOAN HQ


Through the Anointing Water, Engr Lazarus Yakubu,
an aeronautical engineer became a proud owner of a Boeing 727

The testimony regarding the Anointing Water for Blessing and Prosperity came from Engr Lazarus Yakubu, an aeronautical engineer who has been in the aviation industry for years without recording enviable material success. Among many failures, the agreement he formalized with a Ukrainian Helicopter Company in 2005 to be their sales representative in Nigeria flopped like the Company his friend and he registered to render engineering services to clients, a contraption which took them as far and high as the United Nations. In the face of these poverty-grooming failures, he decided to spiritually fortify his fortunes with the Anointing Water. Coming to The SCOAN on 10th October 2010, he took part in the service during which the prophet uttered the words, ‘Your past is over’, as part of the prayer. Jolted by that phrase and claiming it for himself, Engr Lazarus additionally bought related spiritual materials including  ‘The Mirror’, ‘The Step’, ‘Read us’ amidst other video recordings and travelled home in renewed faith, internally satisfied that he had partaken of spiritual bath and rejuvenation in the Synagogue. In actualization of his faith, his life began to witness  a progressive change and thereafter, he became a proud owner of a Boeing 727 – a cargo plane of the carriage capacity of 20 tonnes bought for $5,000,000. In confirmation of the new door of prosperity opened for him by the medium of the Anointing Water, he received a visitation from a Construction Company in America on the Monday week to formalize an agreement with him to take charge of the construction of an international airport. Indeed, Lazarus’s fortunes have changed and he seized the opportunity of the testimony to advise his listeners to turn to God in all vicissitudes of life and they would not be disappointed.

I encourage you to watch Emmanuel TV, especially the live services from The SCOAN on Sunday. God is really using this simple television station to bring deliverance and freedom to so many people around the world!

If you have a testimony to share, please send it to us for publication in this blog. It would be great to hear from you. Remember, your testimony will encourage many others to come and receive their own touch from Jesus Christ.

eXact Information On TB Joshua

Cincinnati Ohio – Demon Deliverance with Anointing Water from Prophet TB Joshua

Pastor John Zavlaris

Pastor John Zavlaris visited Cincinnati, Ohio in the United States of America with the Anointing Water from Prophet TB Joshua. A women from the state of Huston, Texas flew in to believe Jesus Christ to deliver her from a spirit of anger. She had many obstacles that tried to prevent her from making the trip, but by the grace of God she made it and received her deliverance in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ.


In line with his wish for the congregation to cultivate a lasting  relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ, Wise Man Harry said the Bible  was the greatest book on earth. Your life, as he put it, depends on  knowing the Bible. However, many people today, he stated, are in the  wrong position. Many people who should be leaders today still find  themselves in the position of followers. He explained this is because  our minds are so occupied by worldly considerations that we forget that  there is time for everything. There is time to labour and time to reap  the products of grace.
However, in a situation where we enjoy before labour, we are simply  beating the gun. In an attempt to beat God’s appointed time, we destroy  the promise of God in our lives. Tactfully entitling his message: Do Not  Beat The Gun, the wise man turned to the Bible for a couple of  illustrative texts. Reading his proof text, taken from <strong><em>Psalms 37:7-9, 16-17</em></strong>,  the wise man reminded the congregation that in a race, anybody who  beats the gun will be called back. The same phenomenon, according to  him, applies to life. Beating the gun will pull someone back, if not  down. Many people who were once rich are now poor and others who were  once leaders are now followers because they beat the gun. In an attempt  to beat the gun, they destroy, kill, steal and do much other harm.
If you are what God says you are, no matter the situation you are in,  you would have no reason to compare yourself with others. Turning to <strong><em>Genesis 16</em></strong>  for illustration, he cited the error of impatience committed by Sarai,  Abram’s wife by introducing her husband to polygamy. In the words of the  wise man, the greatest mistake in life will happen because of  impatience. The error of Sarai is replicated in the lives of many people  today, the wise man maintained, because of impatience. This is why we  lose purpose and balance when the answer to our prayer does not seem  forthcoming. Delay, however is not denial, the wise man exhorted his  listeners. When our prayers seem unanswered, God may be saying, ‘My son,  be patient, for there is time for everything’. The road to our destiny  is not a bed of roses; patience, perseverance and endurance are the  tools to actualizing our destiny.

<div id=”attachment_3568″ style=”width: 250px;”>

After the message, Prophet T.B. Joshua drew the attention of the  congregation to the major events of the previous Sunday’s worship. A  clip was shown of the prophet as he addressed a woman during the time of  prophecy. ‘I call you because the month of April is a month of  grumbling for you. Why is it so?’ the prophet asked the woman. ‘I had  two miscarriages in April 2008 and 2009 which was the same month my car  was smashed’. Combining prayer with prophecy, the prophet said, ‘In the  mighty name of Jesus, I see you with a baby girl; you are free.’
After the video clip, a woman who introduced herself as Mrs Ekeh from  Akwa Ibom State, took the platform to confirm the prophecy. With her  baby girl, Mrs Ekeh explained to the congregation that she came to The  SCOAN in March last year to seek the face of the Lord as she was once  more on the eve of experiencing&nbsp; another miscarriage after losing two in  the previous years. It was in that plight that God visited her by way  of prophecy and revealed to her through the man of God that her past was  over and that she would bring forth a baby girl. Going back home in the  joy of the prophecy and wondering how the prophet could ascertain the  gender of her three month pregnancy, she watched as God unfolded the  revelation in her life.
<div id=”attachment_3575″ style=”width: 229px;”>
<a href=”http://thetbjoshuafanclub.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/1a5.gif&#8221; style=”clear: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”><img alt=”” height=”200″ src=”http://thetbjoshuafanclub.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/1a5.gif?w=219&amp;h=300&#8243; title=”Mrs Ekeh ” width=”145″ /></a><div>
Mrs Ekeh and her baby girl</div>
<div style=”text-align: left;”>
In confirmation of the prophecy, Mrs Ekeh  told her listeners, she enjoyed a string of breakthroughs in her family,  apart from the delivery of the baby girl as prophesied. It was in  recognition of this that she named her baby girl Happiness.<strong></strong></div>
The next video clip revealed Wise Man Harry facing a stiff opposition  during the time of prayer and deliverance in last week’s Monday  prophetic service. The demon inside the young man attempted to threaten  Wise Man Harry and even removed his shoes as if in preparation for a  fight. ‘Who are you? How many powers do you have?’ Wise Man Harry asked  him without intermission. Insisting that the wise man should equally  declare his powers, he arrogantly told Wise Man Harry that he had many  ‘holy ghosts’ in his own way. ‘Are you sure you have the Holy Ghost?’  Wise Man Harry replied as he called on the mighty name of Jesus Christ.  Jerking and staggering in reaction to the wise man’s prayer, the young  man slumped to the ground and received his deliverance.
<div style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”>
<a href=”http://thetbjoshuafanclub.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/26.gif&#8221; style=”margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”><img alt=”” height=”320″ src=”http://thetbjoshuafanclub.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/26.gif?w=122&amp;h=168&#8243; title=”Mr Pius” width=”232″ /></a></div>
<div id=”attachment_3574″ style=”width: 132px;”>
Mr Pius</div>
Apologising to the wise man for his insolence, he disclosed that he  had the spirit of python from the desert which had disturbed his life  for years. Elaborating, as requested by the wise man for the edification  of listeners, he disclosed that spiritually he used to change into an  ant or some other animal to bite his victims by which action their lives  were destroyed. He added that the spirit had been disturbing his life  for 18 years. In his dreams at that time, he would see his prospective  helpers telling him of their inability to help him because of the many  snakes around him.
Emerging from the congregation to testify, the man whose name was  Pius heaved a sigh of relief thanking God for His mercy and said that  after the deliverance, he felt light, free and okay at the exit of that  negative spirit that had used him as an agent of havoc.
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<a href=”http://thetbjoshuafanclub.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/8.gif&#8221; style=”margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”><img alt=”” height=”400″ src=”http://thetbjoshuafanclub.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/8.gif?w=200&amp;h=300&#8243; title=”Mr Dickson” width=”266″ /></a></div>
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Mr Dickson</div>
Next, Prophet T. B. Joshua told the congregation another wonderful  miracle recorded in The SCOAN sometime in the past. It is the story of  Mr Dickson, a man delivered from the spirit of madness who had come to  say, ‘Thank You’ to God and The SCOAN for his healing. The video clip  gave details of how the prophet asked a few of his evangelists to travel  to a faraway village in Edo, Nigeria to bring one Mr Dickson who had  been insane for 14 years for deliverance.&nbsp; Having taught them the word  to utter to disarm him of any dangerous weapon, the prophet wished the  evangelists a successful journey.
Getting to the village, the evangelists disclosed their mission to  some respectable individuals who willingly offered to assist them to  locate Dickson as soon as the prophet’s name was mentioned. Relieved  that healing was forthcoming for their kinsman, these men implored the  evangelists to ask the prophet to pray for them as well. Ransacking  every nook and cranny of the village for the whereabouts of Mr Dickson  without success, they all decided to drive into the outskirts of the  village where they suspected he could be found at that time of day.  After passing through all manner of terrain, they sighted Dickson from  afar with a bamboo cane on his head and dangerously armed with a  machete, as he trudged home. Beholding her father in his rags and  insanity as they approached him, one of the daughters gave way to  emotions and released tears freely, recounting what her father used to  be and what had become of him. A man who was gainfully employed and rose  to the rank of commercial manager after obtaining degrees in Economics  in far away Yugoslavia had become useless, afflicted with a mental  disorder. A man who, as well as having a house in the village, had his  personal car and was also chauffeur-driven in his official car.
Running to her husband, the wife attempted to disarm him of the  cutlass.&nbsp; Dickson suddenly became more aggressive until the evangelists  were able to disarm him, using the instruction given them by the  prophet. Accompanying him to where he kept his degrading clothes, he  willingly followed the team of evangelists back to Lagos. The  evangelists returned to The SCOAN cheerfully, their mission  accomplished.
In The SCOAN, Mr Dickson was prayed for by the man of God to deliver  him from the spirit of insanity after which he was treated to all the  care and attention befitting a normal human being which Mr Dickson lost  in the 14 years of insanity. Totally fit in mind and body to be  reintegrated in society after a long period of recuperation and exposure  to the Word of God, Mr Dickson was able to go home and live among his  people.
It was after three or four months of his sojourn that he decided to  come back to The SCOAN to say thank You to God and the entire church for  their love and care.&nbsp; Coming out into the open after the clip and brief  remarks by the prophet, Mr Dickson happily expressed his thanks, in  which he also advised his listeners to seek Jesus for any member of  their family who finds himself in the kind of situation he found  himself. While a person who has an ulcer can seek Christ by him/herself,  it is not the same case with the one who has a mental disorder. If the  mad person was self-conscious, he said, they would not go naked or eat  from the dustbin. Answering a few questions after his speech, he denied  being the one that had a mental disorder but it was a spirit being in  him. To another question, he replied that he had no other challenges  after God Almighty had delivered him from the spirit of mental disorder,  that the greatest challenge had been overcome. Asked what his  challenges at the moment were, he said whatever challenges he had as the  head of a family were challenges that he would leave in the hands of  God.
<div style=”text-align: center;”>
<div style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”>
<a href=”http://thetbjoshuafanclub.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/3a.gif&#8221; style=”margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”><img alt=”” height=”292″ src=”http://thetbjoshuafanclub.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/3a.gif?w=300&amp;h=219&#8243; title=”Elder Nwoye ” width=”400″ /></a></div>
<div id=”attachment_3577″ style=”text-align: center; width: 310px;”>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </div>
<div style=”text-align: left;”>
Elder Nwoye of Anambra, Nigeria but resident  in Nasarawa State, also shared his testimony. He has Emmanuel TV both  in his house and his office and prays with the Anointing Water every day  with his family. The door of his house displays the Anointing Sticker.  On the 9<sup>th</sup> of last month, according to him, he asked his wife  to go and switch off their generator before they would go to bed,  unknown to him that armed robbers had surrounded their premises.&nbsp; As the  wife noticed them, she shouted to attract attention. Elder Nwoye came  out immediately and before he knew it, he was in direct confrontation  with the armed robbers, six in number, who made an attempt to harm him  with their weapons.</div>
To God be the glory, he never sustained any injury from the attack.  On the contrary, he overcame the six robbers single-handed, in his  words, just like David over Goliath, and they fled in a state of  confusion.&nbsp; When the police visited the scene and saw all that  transpired, they demanded to know the weapons he used to ward off the  robbers. He told them that like the Biblical David, his weapon was trust  in God and prayer with the Anointing Water.&nbsp; To God be the glory! When  the Lord is involved in your matter, it doesn’t matter who else is  involved!
<strong>EMMANUEL – GOD IS WITH US!</strong>
<div style=”text-align: left;”>
Hon. Chike Imoh Ogiji of the Ebonyi House Of  Assembly, Ebonyi State and his wife, Josephine took turns to air their  testimony of the wonderful work of God in their lives.</div>
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<a href=”http://thetbjoshuafanclub.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/65.gif&#8221; style=”margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”><img alt=”” height=”192″ src=”http://thetbjoshuafanclub.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/65.gif?w=300&amp;h=192&#8243; width=”300″ /></a></div>
<div id=”attachment_3591″ style=”width: 310px;”>
Hon. &amp; Mrs Chike Imoh Ogiji</div>
<div style=”text-align: left;”>
After the inauguration of the House on the 7<sup>th</sup>of  June, Hon. Ogiji left but only to meet a gang of six armed robbers in  his house. Pointing their guns menacingly at him, they warned him of the  danger of any resistance on his part.</div>
<div style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”>
<a href=”http://thetbjoshuafanclub.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/7a5.gif&#8221; style=”margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”><img alt=”” height=”300″ src=”http://thetbjoshuafanclub.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/7a5.gif?w=200&amp;h=300&#8243; width=”200″ /></a></div>
<div id=”attachment_3597″ style=”width: 210px;”>
Hon. Chike Imoh Ogiji</div>
<div style=”text-align: left;”>
Allowing his wife and another woman with him  to come out of the car, the robbers bound him and drove off with him.  As they drove away, he overheard one of the robbers on the phone saying  that Hon Ogiji was already in their custody. Putting two and two  together, Hon Ogiji remembered a threat text that he had received  earlier and concluded within himself that they were assassins.</div>
The only weapon of defence at his disposal was the Word of God. As a  member of The SCOAN, Hon Ogiji shouted, ‘Emmanuel! In the blood of Jesus  Christ! Let the God of T.B. Joshua rescue me!’ As he mentioned these  words, confusion set in among the robbers who began violently arguing  among themselves thus giving Hon Ogiji an opportunity to escape. As they  drove off in his car, he unbound himself and made his way to the police  station to report the matter. As he gave his testimony, Hon Ogiji  displayed a national newspaper where the incident was reported.&nbsp; We  thank the Lord for always coming to our rescue at the hour of need.

Another video clip was shown of the miraculous work of the Anointing  Water worldwide. The focus this time was New York, USA and Athens,  Greece.&nbsp; Before the arrival of the Anointing Water in New York, people  had assembled in full anticipation of the miracles of the day. They were  in one accord with Prophet T. B Joshua via Emmanuel TV in prayer to  God. As soon as the Anointing Water was ministered, the miracles that  followed were as they had anticipated. Men and women were shaking  uncontrollably in deliverance.&nbsp; A woman among them testified that before  the Anointing Water was sprayed on her, she could hardly touch her body  because of severe pain but all that was gone following the ministration  of the Anointing Water.&nbsp; We join them to thank the Lord for bringing  health and relief to many of them through the Anointing Water.
In Athens, Greece a man who had had breathing problems for ten years  and depended on a machine for breathing also received his healing from  the ministration of the Anointing Water. After receiving the Anointing  Water, the man was instantly healed. Visibly shocked, he explained that  he had spent a large amount of his money and time going to hospitals  without getting any relief.&nbsp; Surprised at his miraculous healing which  automatically restored his ability to breathe freely, he asked himself,  ‘Where was I all these years?’&nbsp; He demonstrated his healing by running  up and down some steps within the church, a feat he said was impossible  before the prayer. We join him to thank the Lord for manifesting His  wonders through the Anointing Water, in Jesus’ name.

Anointing Water Testimony – Miraculous Delivery Moments Before Operation

They met for the first time in a hospital ward, both there for a mutual purpose: childbirth. However, the night unfolded and there were no signs of labour for either woman. The medical personnel present attempted to induce the labour process through various means without any seeming sign of success. Morning dawned and Esther soon started experiencing the early signs and pains of labour. Her time of delivery had arrived. However, her colleague Ngozi saw no differences and fear soon set in. After examination, doctors concluded that an operation was the only way for her to deliver safely. But God had other plans!

Here is their wonderful faith-building story, in Esther’s own words, as God wrought a miraculous wonder in the hospital ward through the medium of the Anointing Water.
“Emmanuel, God is with us. My name is Mrs Onyekachi Esther Nwoye from Anambra State and I have a testimony to share concerning the Anointing Water.
“On the 17th May 2011, I went to the hospital along with the Anointing Water to give birth to my second child. On getting there that day, I met another lady Mrs Ngozi Mbah who also came for childbirth. One funny thing about both of us is that we did not see any sign of labour at all. We only came according to the doctor’s instruction that we should come for induction – that is, to induce the baby because the baby is due. 

The Anointing Water

“In the evening that very day, the doctor induced both of us with a tablet which he inserted into us. All through that night, we did not see any serious sign of labour though I personally had some changes in my body. So both of us were now neighbours and we started relating to each other. There were three other women who saw signs of labour with us and they all gave birth that night.
“In the morning, they checked our body and removed the tablet which was inserted into us and changed it with a hot drip to fasten the labour process. After some time, I went properly into labour whereas this other lady, Mrs Mbah, started weeping and crying uncontrollably. It got to the extent that the doctor’s attention was much on her and when he examined how far she had gone with labour, it was observed that it was just 1cm whereas I had gotten to 6cm, against 8-9cm for childbirth.
“After some time, the doctor concluded that her case was different and that she would be going through an operation (Caesarean Section). This made the lady to cry the more; she was so frightened. Seeing her pitiful condition, I could not hold back any more. Immediately, they removed the drip from her, cleaned her up and her husband signed for the operation. After they had finished cleaning her up, she came back to the labour ward and was still crying. At that time, I introduced the Anointing Water and The SCOAN to her and asked her if she believed that if I used it on her that she would deliver her baby safely. She accepted. Immediately, I ministered the Anointing Water three times in her mouth, also doing the same thing to myself. I left her with the words, “It is well” 
“After some time, she went out and urinated. According to her, she felt something had passed out from her body. Then it was the time for her operation. They took her to the theatre and while the doctor was dressing up, the nurses were with her, preparing her for the operation. They had shelved her, fixed the urine rubber on her and were about to inject her. They asked her to lie down but, according to her, she did not know what pushed her up and she sat down and began telling them that she wanted to excrete. They refused to allow her and were quarrelling with her right there in the theatre.
“All of a sudden, her baby began to come out! One of the nurses saw what happened and immediately asked her to lie down.  In a matter of minutes, the baby came out – while the doctor was still dressing up for the operation! It was not up to one hour that I also gave birth safely. When she came to the ward, she was crying and told me that the God of T. B.  Joshua has delivered her and we hugged each other with tears in our eyes, celebrating. I am sharing this testimony to the glory of God and to build other people’s faith. Emmanuel!”


T.B. Joshua’s Prophetic Ministry – Kidnapped! Released From Ritual Killers

It was in desperation that Mr. Innocent Osuoha and his wife, Patience, rushed to The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) on Sunday 13th June 2010. The couple wept in silence, prayerfully clutching the pictures of two young children. Nnaemeka and Chigozie, their only sons, had been kidnapped merely days earlier, with no trace or sign of them since. Having heard countless stories of ritual killing and children sacrificed, the couple came all the way from Cotonou, Benin Republic where they reside, to commit their situation into God’s hands, knowing only divine intervention could prevail.
Their petitions soon attracted God’s attention as Prophet T.B. Joshua sighted Patience in the midst of the crowd and called her out. “Madam, I can see you are grieved,” the prophet began. “But I want to assure you that you will find those children that are missing. As we are talking now, God is releasing them.” Patience had not shown the pictures to the prophet, nor had she told a single soul about their predicament. It was a revelation from above. Tearfully praising God, she explained to the congregation that her two sons had gone out to have a haircut a few days before and had not returned home. Frantic efforts were made to find them and the police authorities were alerted, but all to no avail. The Prophet revealed the children were actually taken for ritual purposes, but authoritatively declared that the kidnappers were already confused and about to release them. The congregation joined Mr and Mrs Osuoha to rejoice at the prophetic declaration, and the duo headed straight home after the service, their fears and anxieties replaced with a strong faith.
A week later on Sunday 20th June 2010, the family returned to The SCOAN to confirm the prophetic declaration with an incredible testimony of God’s protection. Nnaemeka and Chigozie had returned unscathed and untouched! Mrs Patience explained that she was at home with her husband three days after their visit to The SCOAN when her phone rang. “It was my son!  He told us they were safe and asked us to pick them up at the place the kidnappers had abandoned them,” Patience blissfully testified. Her husband immediately traced the location of the children and the family were joyously reconciled.
Narrating his experience, Nnaemeka, 11, said that on the fateful day they were kidnapped, a strange man had walked up to them informing them that he wanted to buy them something. “While we were going with him, I can’t explain what happened to me – I just fell asleep. I woke up the next day discovering that I was in a strange place. I told my brother, ‘It’s like they have kidnapped us’.” Even at his tender age, Nnaemeka and his sibling had strong faith in God and began to pray fervently. “We began to call upon the Lord. We prayed to the Lord for His mercy upon our lives.” He explained that each time they were caught praying, the three kidnappers would mercilessly beat them up, telling them to stop disturbing them with prayers. Adjacent to the small room they were being kept was a door. One day, Nnaemeka summoned courage to open it, hoping to discover some sort of escape route. Within the room was a hideous looking idol, too grotesque for the young boy to describe. He fearfully slammed the door and continued in prayer. “They wanted to use their parts,” T.B. Joshua soberly stated.“It’s not your money or anything they needed but the parts of their body – to use for ritual”.

TB Joshua With Family

continued: “They kept us in the room and didn’t allow us to go outside. Each time we went to the rest room, they would bring us back and lock us inside. They only gave us water and gari to eat.” However, all was not well in the kidnappers’ camp as the two brothers began to hear them arguing violently.“On Wednesday, when I was locked up and praying with my brother, I overheard them fighting and quarrelling among themselves. I heard one of them say, ‘Why did you bring these children here? They keep disturbing us!’ ” Later that day, the captors called Nnaemeka and asked for his dad’s phone number. They then carried the boys to another location, and gave him a phone to speak to his father. Nnaemeka hurriedly told him their location, upon which the kidnappers fled the scene, leaving the two boys alone. The rest is history!
Utilising the opportunity to address the world concerning the gift of prophecy, T.B. Joshua stated: “By what mark may we discover a cheat? If he gives us any sign or foretells something to come and the event is not according to his prophecy, we may come to a conclusion and say, ‘He is not sent of God’ ” He also counselled parents to be careful of where their children go, stating that we live in a danger zone where everyone lies to his neighbour. Chigozie, Nnaemeka’s younger brother also chipped in a few words: “I want to thank God for the prayers of God’s people and the help of T.B. Joshua. If not, I don’t think we would be alive today.” Mr Osuoha expressed his heartfelt appreciation to God for rescuing his two sons.“Today God has put joy into our family. May His name be glorified! I don’t know how to say it, but today – I am full of joy! Thank You, Jesus!”
SOURCE: The TB Joshua Blog

Motomby Pamela, Cameroon – Healed From Menstural Bleeding TB Joshua

Pamela Motomby knew what it was to live in pain. Her monthly menstrual cycle was characterised by excessive bleeding and intense pains. The Cameroonian had tried all available remedies, both medically and traditionally, but the problem only seemed to persist. She needed a supernatural touch from Jesus Christ.

“For 10 years I bled from my navel during my menstrual periods, coupled with pains everywhere. I have not been able to conceive for 10 years of marriage, a condition referred to medically as endometriosis. I have done everything medically possible including surgery in 2002. I have prayed and fasted, gone from church to church, herbalist to herbalist, but all to no avail. The bleeding only seemed to be getting worse.”

However, after viewing the miracles happening in the lives of many others on Emmanuel TV, Pamela’s faith rose and she decided to visit The SCOAN, first by herself and then with her husband. “At The SCOAN, the man of God T.B. Joshua personally handed us the Anointing Water, not even knowing my situation.” Soon after ministering the Anointing Water, Pamela experienced the miraculous power of God at work in her body. The bleeding stopped! “Lo and behold for 5 months now, I don’t bleed from my navel during my periods and there are no pains at all! This miracle is ‘one of a kind’. It is beyond understanding, like I am dreaming! I am speechless!”

Not finding adequate words to express her gratitude to God, Pamela believes that this miracle is just the beginning of the mighty breakthrough God has in store for her. “I give God all the glory and indeed tremble before Him. I know this is the beginning of my breakthrough. Things are turning around for our good and I know the best is yet to come. Glory be to God!”

Motomby Pamela, Cameroon


After many songs of praise by the choir, Wise Man John Chi delivered the Message entitled: Nobody Is Quite Like You. He reminded the congregation that many are preoccupied with their personal issues, so they know more about their lives than about other people’s. In the wise man’s words, it is ‘What you believe about yourself that matters. Jesus was accused in every way but He was not affected because He knew whom He was.’
Referring Matthew 12:24 as his proof text, the wise man repeated that Jesus Christ believed in Himself and that was why nobody could change His opinion about Himself. The wise man maintained that when you do what you know best, nothing can change you. Jesus was willing to go through a season of pain in order to create an eternity of gain. We must be ready to do the things we hate in order to create the things we love. If Jesus had come down from the Cross, there would not have been gatherings of worshippers. Jesus overcame by keeping His vision and mission in the forefront of His mind.
Jesus never struggled for reputation because He had character destined from Heaven. Do not try to be what you are not. Our goal must serve our purpose. When your purpose is clear, your life will have meaning. A large slice of life will pass you by if you are focused only on making money. A resolve to do whatever proper thing it takes, separates the strong from the weak. Jesus never begged anyone to believe Him. He never wasted time on critics, either. He never allowed others’ comments to change His opinion of Himself. What people do not understand, they call names; what they understand, they destroy.
When you excel in your situation, someone in the palace will call for you as Pharaoh called for Joseph. The suffering we undergo in the hands of our detractors causes us to be known all over the world. Stay true to your purpose in life despite snow or rain. Do whatever you do for God’s sake, not for people to applaud or appreciate you. Let others hate you; but not you. There is nobody and there will never be nobody quite like you, the wise man concluded as he prayed for the congregation to always remain under the control of the Holy Spirit.
The battle between stone and water, in time water wins, Prophet T. B. Joshua told the congregation as he mounted the altar. In his words, we fight common battles camouflaged differently. Satan is our common enemy; the author of all our afflictions. He referred his listeners to 1 Corinthians 13:1 and then to verse 13 which is the summary. Love, he said, is the greatest virtue among faith and hope. However, he went on, faith is the transformative power of the universe. Only faith pleases God. Faith is the power of change from what you are now to what you want to become; from sickness to health; from hardship to breakthrough; from a faithless generation to a faithful generation. Faith looks back; faith tells me Jesus came. Jesus came because relationship was broken.
Faith allows me to embrace what Jesus did for me on the cross of Calvary. Faith reminds me that my sins are forgiven, therefore I do not have to be worried about or haunted by my past. It is also His will that you remember that you have sinned and been forgiven, for it is the remembrance that creates in you a merciful and compassionate heart towards others. Do not bring past accounts that were paid for or forgiven; stay current!
How strange, yet wholly true! The weak filled with power, the Father’s work shall do. Christians can make bad mistakes but because of their relationship with God, they know they can immediately go to God over their behaviour.  God helps them get back on their feet, forgives them and helps them not to make the mistake again.
Is any weakness holding you down – sickness, poverty or barrenness? What we see as a disadvantage can be turned into an advantage. That was true of the Apostle Paul. A thorn in his flesh became an opportunity for God’s strength to be seen in his weakness. If we receive a blessing, why should we not expect some pain, the prophet asked, which will serve as a check to the blessing, to make the blessing the more valuable?

The following testimony describes the deliverance of a family who had been initiated into the kingdom of darkness. Although it may be difficult to comprehend, it is their genuine confession and we have many lessons to learn from it. Their complete testimony can be seen on Emmanuel TV.

A video clip displayed the deliverance of a lady from the spirit of tigress through prayer from Wise Man Christopher during last week’s Monday service. The prophet said the choice of the incident for a review was in its unique significance to the family of the lady who were invited to the platform. Favour, the lady in question, introduced her parents and siblings under the family name of Elijah, all from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria before she gave the testimony. She said she possessed the spirit of tigress and other marine spirits, adding that her mission on earth was to destroy.
She introduced her father as both her physical and spiritual father. Confirming that, the father, Elijah Davis a retired inspector of police, said he was a king in the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean. Completely surprised at the revelations, the wife asserted that she was only a physical but not spiritual wife, adding that her husband had often told her that if her eyes were opened to see his true nature, she would be shocked. At that point, the entire family of two parents, five daughters and two sons were visibly moved.
The father introduced the children as his, both physically and spiritually. One girl among them, he revealed, had been afflicted with insanity that would only manifest later in life by Favour as punishment for an offence against her. One of the physical daughters was his spiritual granddaughter in the sea. Favour gave birth to her in the spiritual world. The wife was not aware of the evil spiritual activities for she had been initiated to withstand the power in the house.
Calling the father forward for deliverance, the prophet said his deliverance would bring freedom to the whole family.
Davis Elijah revealed that Prophet T. B. Joshua was the first to see his nakedness in the world, maintaining that no other had succeeded to see his true nature. When asked why, he explained that his feet had never touched the ground and that was how he hid his true nature from others. This was because, spiritually, he was a snake from the waist down. Receiving prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit, God used Prophet T.B. Joshua to deliver Mr Davis. While on the floor, Mr Davis’ spiritual crown, rings and other items of kingship were removed as he was taken out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of light. He explained that this was the first occasion in his life that he had experienced the fire of the Holy Ghost.
Veila, a lady from Tanzania mounted the platform to treat the congregation to her stark revelation that she had an uncontrollable appetite for uncooked rice. She added that that had been her problem for the last 15 years. Everyday, after eating her normal food, Veila would delve into a huge bag of raw rice and eat uncannily large amounts to satisfy her desire. It was in her national service as a youth, she explained, that the addiction started. She had been to various hospitals over the bizarre addiction, but the advice to take some food supplements never helped.
She told the congregation that the craving for uncooked rice was so strong that even as she told her story, she was experiencing it. The prophet asked that uncooked rice be brought for her. She plunged her palm into the bowl of uncooked rice for a mouthful. She added that the habit had done havoc to her teeth, causing her to regularly go to the dentist for treatment. When asked what she believed was the cause of such a strange addiction, Veila said that she knew an evil spirit was behind it, as she had tried every human means possible to stop but couldn’t. This was a spiritual problem.
Praying for Veila, she fell to the ground as the spirit behind her bizarre addiction was forced to flee. After deliverance, she immediately said she no more had appetite for the uncooked rice drawn to her attention. The prophet ordered a plate of well seasoned fried rice and chicken for her to eat, as the rest of the congregation celebreated with her!
A lady, by name Rosemary from Tanzania and her daughter, Sylvia mounted the platform to narrate yet another odd revelation that her daughter ate foam mattresses. She had been doing that for the past 12 years, she added. When she started the habit at the age of four, the parents beat her to discourage her, believing it was mere childish behaviour. However, according to the mother, she continued the habit secretly. Sent for a medical test, she was confirmed normal by a psychiatrist. In spite of all that, she ate foam mattresses both at home and in school.
Her mother explained, to the shock of the entire congregation, that her daughter had eaten three mattresses in the boarding school and finished at least one mattress in a year. When asked, Sylvia explained that she couldn’t help herself. A new mattress was brought for her by way of verification and she cut a slice and then another from it, chewed and swallowed it.  She said she saw the mattress as normal food, and treated it in such manner!
After her deliverance, Sylvia instantly testified that the urge to eat the mattress had vanished and she asked for water and normal food. The fried rice that came was enjoyed by the two ladies (Veila and Sylvia) happily joined by the prophet to celebrate the freedom they had received from their unusual eating addictions.
The miraculous work of the Anointing Water in the four corners of the world was visited on a clip played for the congregation. The clip revealed country after country where the Anointing Water had been sent. Starting from Sao Polo, Brazil, the video mediated tour took the congregation to Athens, Greece; Akwa-Ibom, Nigeria; Cape Town, South Africa and Accra, Ghana.  Each of these places revealed an atmosphere of anointing and spiritual presence where people shook visibly, fell down and vomited in deliverance.
In Athens, Greece, a 62-year-old man had an over-growth in his heart which he had been treating for the past 25 years but unsuccessfully. A device was inserted in his heart but this gave no improvement. He had breathing and walking problems in addition to chest pain. God worked through the Anointing Water bringing him the much needed healing.
In Cape Town, South Africa, Elizabeth Tole was healed and saved from contrary spirits and difficulty in walking. In London, UK, a woman who used to hear strange voices said the voices stopped after the ministration of the Anointing Water, in Jesus’ name. The service drew to a close after a session of adoration to God, prophecies and deliverances for which we remain always indebted to the Lord whose name we have cause to praise on a daily basis in our lives.

TB Joshua – Follow the direction of God’s calling for your life. By Wiseman John Chi,

One of the wise men, John Chi, preaches a powerful message titled: Follow the direction of God’s calling for your life. Our life is a race and the way and manner we run our race brings about what we are. Learn more about how to discover and stay focused on the plan of God for your life as you join him for this awesome message and witness the life transforming power of God working in the Spirit fulfilling His promises. God has many miracles in store for you, give Him a chance to prove it.

T.B. Joshua- Wiseman Christopher Preached the Kingdom Builder

Wiseman Christopher



When God, the Almighty comes to prosper mankind, the question will not be, “Who stored up treasures here on earth?”, “Who has the largest bank account?” Who has the most beautiful and largest estates in the world?” or “Who has left the biggest inheritance in his will?” But this very question will be, Who is His Kingdom Builder?” we live for eternity when we invest in God’s kingdom and build people’s lives irrespective of their background, age, gender, physical ability, nationality or race. As you watch this inspiring message, join the generation of faith who are determined to BE HIS KINGDOM BUILDER.




The spirit of tradition Written by T. B. Joshua

MANY may not understand what we mean by the spirit of tradition  – the way or system you are used to, the old way of doing things, the way you are taught right from the beginning. We are used to the conventional way of doing things, such as the opening hymn, processional song, recessional song, the time we are supposed to fast – everything is written in the book.
The calendar should not be what tells us when to fast and the number of days we must fast for because Jesus was led by the Spirit, not by the calendar.
All these are tradition. When we want to preach, the title of the message must be given; the preacher will be given the title he must preach on – this is conventional.
Those things we are brought up with such as,  “When you hear, ‘In the name of Jesus,’ you must say, ‘Amen’”  – this is tradition. You must say amen because you believe, not  because you hear the name, Jesus. That  is what was taught right from your small age. What is in the Bible is that you must believe before you say, Amen.’
In our dressing and our appearance, we also display tradition. When you see somebody’s hair, the next thing is to copy it or when you see somebody’s dress, you will go and look for money to buy the same dress. When you see a beautiful church, the next step you take is to put up the same structure, instead of allowing God to tell you the type structure to put up. This is why the Spirit of God cannot operate among us because we have chosen to take the tradition or convention. We are used to stories such as, I was born in so and so year; this is how we used to pray; this is the prayer point you must follow or the direction you must face when you pray. We need to be delivered from this spirit. It is a hindrance. This is why there is no new thing again in the world. We keep repeating ourselves.

Prophet TB Joshua

WHAT someone had done is what we are repeating. For instance, the electricity we are using today was discovered by somebody inspired by God but since it was discovered, we are only comfortable in using it, no more new discovery. We are only consumers and not producers.
When you look at yourself, everything you put on is produced by someone else, implying that if we start removing from your body what is not produced by you, you will go naked. This is why when you see somebody who is doing a new thing, you begin to condemn saying, this is not the way we are doing It; we have never seen this kind of thing; it is evil; it is from satan. You forget that you are created to make a difference.
It is purely tradition or convention to say, ‘This is my spiritual father’. Only God is the spiritual Father. We are all working towards perfection; no one is perfect. I can stand before you today as your pastor only because my strength is greater than my weakness, not that I don’t have weakness.
We need to be raw – to hear from God what to do and how to do it. Our case can be likened to that of the father of the demon-possessed boy. He cried out to Jesus, “Lord! I believe, help my unbelief”. The belief he’s talking about is the traditional one, the way and manner his people are used to, the association he belonged to. We have been held back by our association with our friends, religion – we need to step out and take God by His Word.
Now open your lips and begin to release yourself from the spirit of tradition. Release yourself from the spirit of religion. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


To know God’s presence is to know God’s power.

When the power of God is present, healing, deliverance and blessing is just like breathing! If millions of this generation are to believe, they must see proof that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Come and receive a touch from our Lord Jesus Christ at the SCOAN London prayer line.

The next Prayer line service at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations UK Branch will take place on Sunday August 7th at The City Of London Academy.

If you wish to attend the prayer line, it is essential to attend the registration on Saturday August 6th at our office in Southwark between 11am and 3pm.

The address of our office is:

CAN Mezzanine
32-36 Loman Street
Southwark, London

Registration is taking place from 11am and 3pm. Please take note that the location for the Prayer line Registration is different to the location for our Sunday Services.

On Sundays, we are meeting at The City Of London Academy in Bermondsey.

If you are having a medical condition, it is important you bring a medical report for record and testimony purposes.

If you have any questions regarding attending the prayer line, please do not hesitate to give us a call: 07985034222, 02070603939.

A book that reads us – Written by T. B. Joshua

I want you to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.  When the Holy Spirit talks, changes begins. Remember, God’s Word is the instrument of peace for the Holy Spirit to use and I can assure you of God’s Word today and always.
Romans 1:16, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes”.  This means, to know God’s Apower is to know God’s presence.  The Bible is the book that reads us, even as we read it.  The Bible is the chronicle of God’s love for His people from the darkness before Eden to eternity with Him in heaven.
You are in it, I am in it, but most importantly, God is in it. That is an uncommon sort of book and it requires an uncommon sort of reading — total commitment and love for God’s Word, interest for God’s Word and faithfulness to God’s Word.  This means, when you read, you must read with devotion. Find quality time for it, not the time you do not need – when you are in a hurry, in trouble, pain or sickness.  Read it with quality time, the time you cherish most.  Take the time to read the Bible with devotion. Here, you meet God face to face.
The Bible is given to us in the first place, simply to invite us to make ourselves at home in the world of God and become more familiar with the way God speaks and the way in which we answer Him with our lives.  There are two worlds.  We live in a two-language world i.e. the language of the Holy Bible and the language of today. The language of the Holy Bible is what God uses to create and save us; heal and bless us; judge and rule over us. The language of today is the one we use to gossip; to tell each other stories; to howl  at our children; to give direction and to do business.  You cannot see Jesus with today’s words, you can only see Jesus through the Scriptures.
The more you read, the more you will understand about yourself and this God who created you. The more you think about what you read, the more familiar you will become
with His voice. The more familiar you are with God Almighty, the more you understand His voice.  Each subtle, significant, powerful Word in the Scripture is meant for you.
One may speak today and another tomorrow but God sent each of them straight to your life. So listen. Go into your reading with a clean slate.

IF you come across something in your reading which you don’t understand, tell Him about it, ask Him about it. Maybe God has challenged you. Tell Him how you feel. But always remember that what God asks, He asks for good. He is loving and merciful, not manipulative and harsh. Fill your prayer with Scriptures. Using the Word you have read helps you ensure that your prayer lines up with God’s Word and intention for your life. Don’t bring what you think you need to hear, this is about what God has to say to you. Do not bring fear that you will misinterpret the text. Do not bring what others have said.  It is all about what God has to say to you.
You can read the Bible or think well about the Word of God, but unless you live in the Word as well, you miss the point.  You can preach it, you can teach it, from Genesis to Revelation.
So take time to splash round in the Word to absorb it, to discover what God has to say to you each day because your life depends on knowing it. When you have taken God’s Word to heart and truly made it part of you, it will by its very nature change you – and when it does, you will  find yourself called to act.