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WARNING Beware of any imposters claiming to be Prophet T.B. Joshua or claiming to represent The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, demanding for money in the name of either of the above in the promise of providing Anointing Water or other materials from the ministry. The Anointing Water is not for sale! Healing, salvation and all of God’s blessings are free gifts of God. Jesus Christ paid for our perfect and complete healing when He died on the cross. Watch and pray, lest you fall into temptation (Matt 26:40).

‘T.B. Joshua’s church was bombed!!!’ says Femi Fani Kayode

Nigeria’s former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode, has made a staggering revelation on Facebook about the building that fatally collapsed within The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations premises in September 2014. According to FFK,

“There are strong speculations that Prophet T.B. Joshua’s church was brought down by a remote-control device and not a faulty foundation”.

The famed lawyer’s shocking statement stands in contrast to the position of the Lagos State Government, which has been fighting a prolonged legal battle insisting the building collapsed due to structural faults.

The Nigerian politician added that the helicopter which tragically killed Kaduna Governor Patrick Yakowa and Nigeria’s former national security advisor, Gen Azazi, in 2012 was “brought down by a similar device and by the same people”.

The fiery advocate surmised that forces from within the then Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan’s intelligence were the brains behind both tragedies.

“They were inspired, sponsored and encouraged by certain forces from outside government,” he said. “The objective was to weaken Jonathan and ultimately to get him out of power.”

He then opined that the current travails of another Nigerian Pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman, were also orchestrated by the same group. From the onset, T.B. Joshua insisted that structural defects were not the cause of the incident, noting that a military aircraft encircled the building several times before its sudden collapse.

CCTV footage of the deadly collapse, showing the swiftness and straightness of its uncanny descent, went viral on YouTube, giving room to speculations that some form of ‘controlled demolition’ was responsible.



When Mrs. Susan Gang spent a fortune to buy the 18-room property in her country of residence, South Africa, little did she know that the same property had been sold to three other buyers. Anytime she went near the property, she was rudely and ruthlessly chased away. After three years of the psychological and emotional stress, Mrs. Susan Gang ran to The SCOAN to seek God’s intervention in the marathon court proceedings regarding the property situation. Through the word of prophecy, Prophet T.B. Joshua located Mrs. Susan Gang among the thousands. He told her that her toils had been in vain and that she had been duped into buying a property that had been marred by controversies. Believing that once the prophecy had located her, she would be positioned for a permanent solution. And Lo and Behold! The court case ruled in her favour, and Mrs. Susan Gang became the rightful owner of the 18-room property in South Africa.

Sharing her testimony about the great thing God has done in her life, Mrs. Susan Gang advised all to live their lives in tune with the Word of God.



When Master Tabe Primus turned 10, his left jawbone mysteriously increased in size. The unbearably excruciating pain that followed got his father to seek medical attention for his son’s condition. The medical doctors’ only solution was to insist that young Primus went under the knife to alleviate the jawbone cyst they had diagnosed. As if the pain from the jawbone cyst was not tormenting enough, Primus’ school mates found his facial deformity amusing. He was subjected to series of bullying and mockery at school, making it difficult for him to concentrate. This pushed him away from socialising with his peers. The doctors’ recommended approach to treating Primus’ jaw disease was to break his jawbone and then graft a bone from his leg into his jaw. Aware of the 50-50 chance and extreme dangers in operating such kind of disease, Primus’ father rejected the doctors’ recommendation citing that Jesus Christ is the Healer.

On collecting the Morning Water from The SCOAN, Primus and his siblings knelt in front of Emmanuel TV as their father led them in prayer and ministered the Morning Water, in Jesus’ name. Primus retired to bed, only to wake up early in the morning with a bitter bloody water oozing from his left jawbone into his mouth. Complaining about the disgusting substance in his mouth, his father asked him to spit it out. As the days went by, Primus’ healing followed. In just a week after the Morning Water was ministered, everything inside Primus’ mouth started to normalise. The huge swelling on Primus’ face disappeared and the jawbone cyst became a thing of the past. Now living a pain-free life, Primus told viewers all over the world that he is completely healed and free today and can now open his mouth wide and eat well.

Primus and his father told viewers all over the world that the same God who healed him can also do it for anyone with such problematic situation; all they needed to do was to believe.

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During 2014, Mr Ogo Chinanu woke up at home in South Africa and discovered that his left ear had become partially deaf. He went to work that morning but was not able to hear anything his colleagues in the office were telling him. After that troubling day, he went home and tried to explain to his wife who had to shout for him to hear her replies. Deeply disturbed, he went to the hospital where the doctors tested him and gave him medication but it did not work. This situation continued for several months. As a viewer of Emmanuel TV, Mr Chinanu continued to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and believed for his healing. One night he had a dream in which he saw Prophet T.B. Joshua bringing him into his house. He woke up and told his wife he believed if he went to Nigeria, he would receive his healing at The SCOAN. He arrived to the church late and took a seat in the overflow congregation. During mass prayer, as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed, he felt a sudden explosion in his ear and sound entered for the first time in months! He returned to South Africa hearing perfectly, in Jesus’ name.

Another time, Mr Chinanu began to feel an unusual sensation, terribly sick and suddenly could no longer walk. He went to the hospital in a wheelchair for examination. After the check, the doctors told him his appendix was enlarged and about to burst. They booked him for an operation the very next morning. After the doctors left, he brought out the Good Morning Sticker from his pocket and told himself that the God that healed him of deafness was powerful enough to heal him from appendicitis. He ministered the Good Morning Sticker in prayer as he placed it on his stomach and went to sleep. The following morning, the doctors took another scan and discovered that his system was perfectly normal and the appendicitis had disappeared! Shocked, the doctors immediately cancelled the scheduled operation. They asked how it happened and he introduced Emmanuel TV to all the nurses and doctors in attendance, telling them the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua had indeed rescued him from death.

Full of praises to the Almighty God, he advised all to focus on serving God.

SCOAN Testimony 12-03-2017 – ANUS CANCER FLUSHED OUT

It was indeed one of the wonderful healings ministered through the power in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Only Jesus Christ could have justly done this – complete healing of an anus ravaged by a deadly cancer!

It is no wonder that Mr Akinbode, from Osun, Nigeria gathered members of his family and made his way back to The SCOAN to testify to the whole world how the Lord rescued him from a life of agony.

Mr Akinbode recalled how he went through terrible pain and discomfort for two years. He could not sit as he would experience agonizing pain due to the protrusion from his anus. He always maintained a kneeling position or lied down flat. At a point, he started excreting blood. He sought remedy medically and took various medications but there was still no solution. The doctors recommended that he undergo an operation.

His sister then advised him to come to The SCOAN. Upon coming, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered prayer to him, in Jesus’ name and that was the end of two years of anus cancer.

Today, the growth protruding from his anus as a result of the cancer is totally gone, as if it were never there. Mr Akinbode can now sit comfortably and do all those things he could not do before.

He advised viewers around the world that whatever situation one may be going through in life, one should run to God for He is the solution to all fundamental issues of life.