TB Joshua Gives TEN MILLION Naira For BOKO HARAM victims

Kuchingoro, a slummy suburb in the heart of Abuja, Nigeria is home to a camp for IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons). With makeshift tents, poor sanitation and horrific living conditions, the camp is in dire need of assistance. On hearing the plight of the thousands of IDPs, T.B. Joshua sent the Emmanuel TV Team and partners to present a gift they will never forget.


2 thoughts on “TB Joshua Gives TEN MILLION Naira For BOKO HARAM victims

  1. eddy emb bwalya

    Am thanking God for the man of God and may God increase him more and more.. We believe he is the prophet of our God Jehovah sent unto us……. Man of God plz,or any one incharge of this blog please help me how can get the man of God to sponser me? Plz I need to work for God with my voice and skilles in instruments but wants to study music plz help me


  2. abeba

    Give you will be given this is true. Giving is a nature of God. As the bible mention God so love the world he gave his only SON JESUS CHRIST for the whole world. Always I watch Emmanual Tv. P. TB.Jashua always he gives he has the heart of Jesus .Sorry to say other churchs they always say give to the church but Emmanuel Tv I never heard saying give give in fact it is good to give to the church specially like Emmanuel Tv. because I know where the money goes . He help many wedows many orphans he help many jobles people’s he help many broken family becides he give cash for the needy Let the people of God open their eyes to give to Emmanuel Tv.and I pray to God that your hand that meltiplys the two fish and the five loaf miltiplies what they have in Jesus name i pray amen God bless Emmanuel Tv.



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