Hot Cake TB Joshua Anointing Water For Sale

TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

There are numerous Face Book users claiming to be or to represent Prophet T.B. Joshua, the Wise Men, or anything connected to the ministry of The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV. There are thousands of impostors contacting people through Facebook or fake e-mail addresses, asking for donations and offerings in order to send spiritual items. They are also asking for donations for various fake charitable projects. They are Fraudsters and have nothing to do with The SCOAN, Emmanuel TV, or Prophet T.B. Joshua!


We have only one official Facebook Page Any other Page or Profile on Facebook claiming to be associated with the ministry of T.B. Joshua or The SCOAN is fake. If you are ever in doubt go to our official website and click on the Facebook icon. This will take you to our official Page.

We do not communicate through Facebook! We do not offer spiritual items , book visits to The SCOAN, or provide any other service through Facebook. If anyone contacts you on Facebook claiming to be associated with Prophet T.B. Joshua, The SCOAN, or Emmanuel TV know that you are dealing with a fraudster.



28 thoughts on “Hot Cake TB Joshua Anointing Water For Sale

  1. If the anointing water is for free will i get it when i go to the prayer line to be prayed for at Cape Town Scoan. Or will they use the anointing water to pray for me in the prayer line. Thank you,very much. May God bless Prophet T B Joshua and his ministry abundantly. In Jesus Christ name i pray.


  2. I pray to Almighty GOD that those people who are deceiving desperate people should stop that. They should not put the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and Savior in vain. The Anointing Water is not for sale it is for free. People of GOD our creator is not happy of what you are doing to others. The salvation is for free, no charge. Do unto others as you expect them do to you. You should have mercy to those who need help, by ministering the free Anointing Water in order to save a soul.


      1. I need deliverance but i live in the U S A i am a regular watcher of your program, i need the good morning anointing water for the deliverance of my family pleas help me


  3. We pray that people should stop deceiving other people who are in need of urgent help out there and the people who are being deceived should not be too desperate but should rather cry out to God to lead them to his faithful servants Prophet T.B Joshua and the Wise men in God’s own time, God’s time is the best! Remain Blessed in Jesus’ name…


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