ACP– Aircraft Flew Over Synagogue’s Building Before Tumbling Down

An Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Mr Alaba Haruna, on Friday 11, May 2018 told a Lagos High Court that an aircraft flew over Synagogue Church of All Nations building at Ikotun-Egbe, a Lagos suburb,  just before it collapsed on Sept. 12, 2014, killing 116 people.

He said one of his patrol teams observed an aircraft flying low over the church and other buildings in the premises.

Haruna testified before Justice Lateef Lawal-Akapo of an Igbosere High Court on Lagos Island as a defence witness in the trial of the registered trustees of the church and four others.

The church opened its defence in a one-count charge of building without approval brought against it by the Lagos State Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) following the dismissal of its no-case submission on March 8, 2016.

The other defendants are the two engineers who built the building: Messrs Oladele Ogundeji and Akinbela Fatiregun, and their companies, Hardrock Construction and Engineering Company and Jandy Trust Ltd.

Apart from the trustees’ one-count charge, the other defendants are facing a 110-count bordering on involuntary manslaughter.

Newsmen report that Haruna, Area Commander of the Eastern Ports Command, Port Harcourt, Rivers, was the Divisional Police Officer at Ikotun-Egbe at the time the building collapsed.

He was led in evidence by the trustees counsel, Mr Oluseye Diyan.

Haruna said: “On that fateful day on Sept.12, 2014 at 12.30 p.m., there was a radio communication from the police control room at Ikeja that they were receiving calls from the public of an aircraft flying at low altitude over the church.

“I was directed by the Area Command to confirm the incident and monitor the aircraft’s activities.

“I wanted to go out and direct my men to watch out for the aircraft when I received another report of an airplane flying at a very low altitude. I went outside but I couldn’t see it, by that time it had gone.

“I received a call later from Insp. Lucky Ugbaja, stationed at the church that one of the church’s buildings had collapsed.”

According to him, the radio room had earlier radioed the Police Airport Command to confirm whether it was carrying out any activity in the church vicinity.

Haruna said when he arrived at the church’s premises there was a large crowd and the few policemen there were trying to manage the situation.

He said onlookers kept trooping in and the crowd spilled to the roads outside the church, causing serious gridlock.

“We were overwhelmed,” Haruna told the judge, adding that he called for more policemen and were provided.

According to him, the floors of the collapsed building were lying one on the other, ” the church members and others at the scene were engaged in rescue operations.

“Those I met there were church worshipers; they were bringing out so many people from under the rubble. Most of the victims were alive. Some were injured, some were not.

“Later the Red Cross, Life Savers, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) arrived and joined us in the rescue.”

He said the rescue mission lasted about seven days.

During cross-examination by the prosecutor, Dr Babajide Martins, Haruna insisted that he could not recall any instance when LASEMA officials or the then Commissioner for Physical Planning, Mr Toyin Ayinde, were prevented by the church members from gaining access to the site of the collapsed building.

He said: “Apart from the LASEMA GM who said he had a herculean task passing through the crowd, no other had problems passing through.

When Martins asked him why he concluded that the rescuers were church members or worshipers, Haruna said: “Commonsense suggests that they were.”

Following the prosecution’s application for an adjournment, Justice Lawal-Akapo adjourned further proceedings until June 28.


T.B. Joshua’s New Morning Water and The Paris experience

The expectations had mounted over the weeks following the success that was recorded at the crusade organised by the Prophet T.B. Joshua-led Synagogue Church of All Nations in the United Kingdom. The testimonies were undeniable. They were vivid, direct and all revealed the mighty workings of the Almighty God in the life and ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua. For many who attended the UK Morning Water crusade, the life-transforming experience would remain for a long time in their lives. What had started as a quiet gathering soon snowballed into a mighty demonstration of God’s power. This became a reality when the anointing through the Spirit of God used the Prophet T. B Joshua-led Synagogue Church of All Nations’ New Morning Water as a unique and powerful medium to heal, save, deliver and bless those who had come for the event. Indeed, God expressed Himself mightily on Saturday, January 27, 2018. It was a gathering like no other and testimonies still abound regarding what the participants received.

For Paris, many had waited anxiously for the move of God. It was, therefore, not surprising when Prophet T.B. Joshua sent evangelists to Paris to minister healing to the sick and salvation to the oppressed. On Saturday, February 24, 2018, Emmanuel TV partners and many others had gathered at Les Docks de Paris, Le Dock Pullman, 87 Avenue des Magasins Generaux, 93300 Aubervilliers, venue of the crusade. During the ministration of the New Morning Water by the evangelists sent by Prophet T.B. Joshua, the reception was massive as it was indeed overwhelming. Those who could not make it to the venue, both within and outside Paris, tuned in to watch the event on Emmanuel TV while others watched the live streaming of the crusade. There were healings for the body, the soul and the spirit of those who had come.

In an interview granted by Prophet T.B. Joshua to one of the national dailies in Nigeria, he stated, inter a lia, “the uniqueness of my ministry characterized by miracle-filled crusades is significantly anchored on the fact that rather than the blacks having to travel to Europe and America and other developed countries to experience God’s grace, it is the other way round. My team and I have been known to visit countries, which hitherto hardly ever recognized any good thing coming out of black soil to touch lives in foreign lands.

“Strengthened by God’s promise and the power of Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit’s ministration, we have been led to crusades and through Christ’s power and blood, healed the sick, delivered the satanically besieged and helped the needy, the helpless and the hopeless. Through missionary activities, thousands of blind, hearing impaired, sick, crippled, diseased and infirm have been known to respond to God’s grace and mercy when touched by the right hand of God. Some often get converted to the faith – prominently those initially opposed to the Christian faith.

“We have often been well accepted, not only by the commoners, the orphans, widows, widowers and the needy, but also by the political stakeholders, leaders, military lieutenants, generals, foremost religious leaders, ministers in government and members of parliament in foreign lands. Don’t forget, I’m from a country where young boys and girls are sold into slavery in Libya, Italy, Switzerland, Oman and Saudi Arabia. In most countries of the world, blacks are disregarded, trafficked, abused, terrified, insulted and blacklisted. But in what the world has seen of my programmes in foreign crusades, we have emerged as the most progressive and fruitful positive image creator for Nigeria and Africa. No wonder, Israel – the birthplace of Jesus Christ Himself has shown interest in having me as one of their citizens with the hope of having my ministry established there.”

The depth of his ministrations in many parts of the world has revealed the extent of God’s anointing on the prophet. From the church’s headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, Prophet T.B. Joshua has revealed God’s power to millions of followers who are hungry for God’s power and touch upon their lives. The various healings and demonstration of the power of God at the Paris Morning Water crusade only underscores the fulfilment of God’s touch and anointing on Prophet Joshua. That he is a prophet sent to the nations to reveal the mind of God to all is without doubt whatsoever. It is therefore not surprising when leaders of various nations seek to know the mind of God through the prophetic ministry of the Man in the Synagogue. This is indeed true and has been tested time and over again. As the testimonies pour in from Paris, it is expected that the prophet’s next port of call will equally witness greater demonstration of the power of God.  Today, he remains a wonderful demonstration of the power of God.


Oyetimi writes in from Ibadan, Oyo State

Synagogue Building Collapse: Behold the COREN Panel of Hearings

The Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN)
The Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN)

For those who may have read the recent news on the Synagogue building collapsed saga, with the captured headlines: Synagogue building Collapse: COREN begins hearing on indicted Engineer. I must say this has again showed how those in authorities, those who are supposed to be proactive and legitimate in their duties to the society seems to be insensitive in the way they are handling the Synagogue building Collapsed tragedy hence, making one to question the real motives behind their board of investigators or panel of hearings.

One may have thought that, before the Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) hurriedly, sent their conclusive report of ‘guilty of negligent’ against the two structural engineers during the coronal inquest, COREN must have by then, had an independent panel of inquiry which its outcome may have determined their written submission at the coronal inquest and at the same time give-out their own disciplinary action against both contractors if the panel they setup were able to establish that the contractors were unprofessional in the cause of constructing the collapsed building unfortunately, that was not the case because there was never an inquiry or any panel of fair hearings setup by COREN before they established their guilt.

This therefore elucidate that, the hasty report initially giving by COREN that professional negligent on the part of the two structural engineers caused the guest house to collapse was done out of imagination and presumptions. COREN made their submission at the coronal inquest without setting up a formal panel of inquiry to look into the matter, a panel that supposed to investigate the professional conduct or misconduct of the two structural engineers and then invite both engineers for a fair hearing. It is now that the two engineers have been indicted by the coronal magistrate that COREN is now setting up a panel of hearing to look into the professional misconduct of the contractors after they, COREN have already established their culpability at the coronal inquest that the contractors are guilty of negligent.

Do you really think these so called professionals know what they are doing? Do they even have an idea that a number of innocent souls have died as a result of this tragedy? It seems these people are playing with the blood of those that died in that collapsed building. This action by COREN is pure prejudice; they have already given their verdict before they are now inaugurating a six-member panel of hearing. A panel to do what, I ask? Is it to legalize their previous bogus submission at the coronal inquest? Yet, everyone is watching, no one is intervening by calling them to order.

The question is why COREN didn’t setup their six-member panel of hearing before they went ahead in submitting their report of guilty of negligent at the coronal inquest. On what premises did they give out that bogus report? Do you think evil men will go scot-free? In the appropriate time, everyone will receive his/her own reward according to the role they had played in the September 12th, 2015 building collapse. Remember the ‘Golden Rule’ by our only Messiah our Lord Jesus Christ (Mathew 7:12). If they mean well, they will receive good; but if you mean bad, they will equally receive bad. READ MORE…


Prophet T.B Joshua
Prophet T.B Joshua

What a life…? What a world…? What a love…?

In this world where everything seems uncertain only one thing is definite, that is love beyond measure. Love that is held when it is unspoken, seen when it is invisible and felt even without touching it. This is the kind of unconditional and absolute love Prophet T.B. Joshua indeed has for the world. He has clearly practiced what is written in the word of God, “Love your neighbors as yourself”, your neighbors may be your enemy and those that do not share the same faith with you, the scripture says, “love them all”.

Notwithstanding the present challenges his Ministry has been put through, the renowned and most criticized Nigerian Prophet, T.B Joshua, who’s Ministry has being under great threat and persecution still lost no time in affecting the lives of those who are in need with his charitable works. It indeed struck my heart to precisely respond at this junction following the striking front page of the Nigeria Vanguard Newspaper and other online News sites that the Prophet donated the sum of N10million Naira to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Kuchingoro Camp, Abuja. This shows that to a man of faith no matter what constitutes an obstacle, he can never be stopped.

Especially, citing the act of injustice in the recently concluded coronal inquest, one would expect Prophet T.B Joshua to be unconcerned with anything that has to do with his nation, but that was not the case. Prophet T.B Joshua has continued to demonstrate that he still has a heart for his people. This single action from the Prophet, confirms that he is not only characterized with extraordinary charisma, but with the utmost perfect example of love among other Church leaders of his caliber. READ MORE



The night was young, the water refreshing. As Tedus jumped into the pool with his new found friends in the hotel, he had no premonition that such a quick dip would have such calamitous consequences. The night soon drifted into a nightmare – a garish dream filled with naked men wallowing in the very same water he had earlier exited. Waking in a cold sweat, something had changed. A strange presence.

Tedus was a flourishing young Nigerian businessman, planning his marriage and enjoying his life, when an encounter en-route back from an Asian excursion changed everything. After swimming in a pool in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi followed by a strange dream that night where he found himself in the same water, an unusual affection for men began developing within him. Inexplicably deciding to break up with his fiancé, he soon nursed his lust for men by downloading gay pornography on the internet. This eventually rippled into several strange relationships as affection for his fellow men took over his faculties. His work as a translator in a popular church merely a facade for his nocturnal misadventures, Tedus considered being gay as ‘normal’, not realising a spirit was behind his sudden change in affection.

His pastor in Cameroon beckoned on him one day and insisted that he travel to The SCOAN in Nigeria for deliverance. Perplexed, Tedus questioned the reason for his sudden instruction. Although no clear explanation was presented, it was clear to Tedus that God had spoken and he had no choice but to obey. Arriving at The SCOAN in January 2014, the young man received a powerful deliverance through the prayer of Wise Man Christopher. The demonic spirit confessed it was behind his problem, giving him ‘passion’ for his fellow men.

15 months after his deliverance, the story of Tedus has radically changed! All homosexual activities – both physically and spiritually – have come to a complete end as the affection for men disappeared as quickly as it came. Whereas before his relationship with God was practically non-existent, Tedus explained he now has a zeal to pray and read the Bible, choosing to no longer engage in the carefree, partying lifestyle that led him to trouble in the first place. To cap off the remarkable transformation, Tedus did not come to The SCOAN alone! Accompanied by a young lady he introduced as Jessy, the beaming young man told the congregation that this was the lady he planned to marry, adding that he had come to seek God’s opinion before going ahead with nuptials. His advice was simple. “If you are living such a life, you must understand that it’s not normal. There is a spirit behind such acts. Deliverance is the answer!”

Let us remind you what Prophet T.B. Joshua said concerning this issue in response to a question on Facebook: “Judge not, so that you will not be judged (Matthew 7:1). We should talk to people to be saved and not to die. I mean, we should talk salvation, not condemnation. God hates sin, not sinners. When I say, ‘Do not judge so that you will not be judged’, I mean we should hate sin, not the sinner because sinners can change. If you have killed a sinner by judging him, there will be no opportunity for change. Sinners can be delivered. We should hate the act, not the people because our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the ‘spirit beings’ that cause all these acts.

The Bible is my standard. If my parents were one, I would not have been given birth to. Those that are asking this question – if your parents were one, you would not have been given birth to. You that are reading me – if your parents were one, you would not be reading this today. God bless the reader and the hearer.”

Consultant Admit Error in SCOAN Foundation Report

For those that have open-mindedly follows the ongoing coronal inquest into the collapse SCOAN guest house that led to the death of more than 100 visiting members of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) can tell, from how the inquest is being conducted, Prophet T.B Joshua will not get justices from the Lagos state agencies that are witness in the ongoing coronal inquest.

Interest groups, investigating journalists and individuals who so far has being present at the coronal court, has lamented the visible show of biases by the coronal Magistrate and contradicting reports by witness of the Lagos state government agencies in the ongoing inquest and its sadden that all of this accounts has being suspiciously ignored by world media house.

Recently, the structural engineer and a consultant to the Lagos state Material Testing Agency, Saheed Ariyori who testified as a witness on 4th, march, 2015 that the collapse of the guesthouse own by SCOAN was as a result of defective foundation has admitted he is not a professional in sub-soil investigation and that is earlier report of faulty foundation as the cause of the building collapse was an error. He admitted this on the 6th of March, 2015 at the coronal court after being cross examined. It was observed that his initial “error” report contradicted the report generated from the sub-soil investigation already tendered before the coronal court by the same Lagos State Material Testing Agency that Saheed Ariyori is a consultant to.

Here is what Ariyori said when being cross examined:  “We did integrity test on the rubbles that collapsed. The report showed that the concrete used on the collapsed building was good.

“Our investigation report did not show that there were signs of stress on the foundation of the collapsed building.’’

He also confirmed that there were errors in his calculations made before the court on March 4 in which he based his conclusions that the foundation of the collapsed building was defective. Sources: Read through the last four paragraphs.


Foundation of SCOAN collapsed building showed no sign of stress or strain

This again as confirmed our earlier stand of contradicting report and prejudices by the so called expert witness representing the Lagos state government agencies in the coronal inquest. From day one of this tragic incident, all the Lagos state agencies that has in one way or the other gotten involved in this matter has being biased in their report against the ministry of Scoan. We should not be quick to forget the accusation levied against Scoan by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) that Scoan did not allow them to save life during rescue operation, but later CCTV footage presented to the coronal court by the SCOAN Chief Security Officer shown that NEMA and LASEMA where not hindered by SCOAN to do their statutory assignment instead, they came to the rescue site ill equipped and didn’t take their rescue operation serious but they were busy conducting interview when people were still trap under the rubbles. What makes it even outrageous is that most local and international media that where reporting this false allegation by NEMA AND LASEMA against SCOAN kept mute when the truth was finally exposed and some are still propagating this false report until now.

If you are very observant, you will find out that this recent report by Saheed Ariyori the consultant to the Lagos State Material Testing Agency is suspiciously cover underground, only few news media is talking about this, while because the report seems to exposes the much talk prejudices against T.B Joshua’s ministry by government agencies in the ongoing inquest. But what is on news now is T.B Joshua suit to stop inquest fail, Tb Joshua most appear before the coronal court and other infuriating headlines.

For the sake of transparency, there was nowhere in the SCOAN suit that says the Federal High Court should stop the coronal inquest from conducting their investigation, the aspect of the suit that is falsely propagated by news media is one among other suit that seek to know if the corona had not been extending the inquest beyond its legal acceptable boundaries, if indeed they have gone beyond their boundary, the High court should declare such portion null and void. There is a clear difference between“seeking to stop the corona inquest into the collapse building and seeking to know if the coronal had not been extending the inquest beyond is legal acceptable boundaries”. This is one among countless of biased report from the world media.

They want Prophet T.B Joshua to appear before the court, the question is for what? Is T.B Joshua a structural engineer, even the contractor said the prophet is not directly involved in the construction of the collapse building, so which material evidences do they want from T.B Joshua, is the Prophet a building expert after all the collapse guest house was contracted to a construction company, but why is the coronal Magistrate more interested in T.B Joshua coming to court to testifies. This is left for the open-minded to answer.

The role so far played by majority of both local and international media in this matter is worrisome. It has becomes clear the institutions of the world are against the healings, deliverances and other miraculous happenings that are taking place in the SCOAN and they want to stop the move of God in the life and ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua.

Don’t forget Satan is the ruler of this world majority of the institution in this world is under his control.

5,000 pastors crave T.B Joshua’s leadership

No fewer than 5, 000 pastors under the aegis of faithful pastors movement of Ni­geria have appealed to the founder of the Synagogue Church of all nation, SCOAN, Prophet Temitope Joshua, to be their leader.

The pastors in a com­muniqué released after a meeting held in Lagos over the weekend, noted that the pastors who are from various churches in the country said they have decided to come together to form an association to promote the work of Jesus Christ through the propa­gation of his gospel.

In the communiqué signed by the Public Rela­tion Officer of the move­ment, Bishop Isaac Giwa, the pastor stated that they had watched with admi­ration the activities of Prophet T.B Joshua in the propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and were impressed.

“We have prayed over this new association and GOD has led us to seek the leadership of Prophet T.B Joshua to lead the new as­sociation to the Promised Land.

“We are also impressed with the philanthropic activities of the Prophet popularly called ‘the man in the synagogue’ and have decided to make philan­thropy the cardinal prin­ciple of our movement.

“Prophet T.B Joshua’s donation to motherless babies’ homes, destitute and the old peoples’ homes nationwide are well docu­mented and acknowledged publicly.

“Recently, Prophet T.B Joshua gave out N70 mil­lion for the burial of vic­tims of the Synagogue building collapse. Each family of the deceased was to be given N750, 000 as burial expenses for the martyrs of faith,” they stated in the communiqué.

Prophet T.B Joshua is one of the notable philan­thropic pastors in Nigeria. He was reported to have disbursed over $20 mil­lion in the last three years on charity, even as he was given the national honour of OFR for his charitable work.


Here is the miraculous testimony of Mr. Nicolas Mohlala who received an incredible healing through praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV! Indeed, distance is not a barrier to the Holy Spirit!

“For those of you who think the age of miracles has passed, you are lost! I have a testimony to share as God has added another year to my life. It is for the glory of God that I give this testimony. For those of you who know about my car accident that happened on 2nd April, you will agree with me on this.

“It was a terrible one! When I got to the hospital, my feet were swollen and an x-ray revealed that my two calcareous bones (in the heel) were broken beyond repair. My lateral hub, nose and mouth were severely damaged as well. I couldn’t even breathe properly!

“Later a woman who is a mother to my friend came in as she was there to visit the husband. She offered a prayer for me and ministered the Anointing Water she received from Prophet T.B. Joshua. I immediately felt better and they later removed the breathing mask from me.

“The Doctors were afraid to carry out an operation because they said the area affected was a complex structure of many bones joined together. They waited until the swelling reduced and then booked me for an operation. Even if I had the operation, I was told it would take me over six months sitting on the wheelchair before recovery. I prayed that God would somehow make a way for me not to be operated upon.

“The next morning, the doctors came and told me they cancelled the operation! I was rejoicing inside me knowing that God has answered my prayer. After two weeks I was discharged and given moon boots and crutches to go home. I could not even stand off my hospital bed because the pain was so severe. I used a wheelchair just to get to the car that took me home.

“It remained difficult for a week at home until one fateful Saturday when I was watching the Emmanuel TV Live Service from The SCOAN. There was a young lady with a similar problem to mine who was at the prayer line. I crawled to the TV to touch the screen as crawling was the quickest way I could move at that time!

“With faith, I touched the screen of Emmanuel TV and prayed along with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, when he prayed for the lady. When he said, “Amen”, I said, “Amen” too! Immediately a force and strength entered me. I stood and walked down the passage praising God and shouting. My mum came running in and was shocked to see me walking and she rejoiced with me in tears.

“People of God, that is how I have been able to walk freely without the crutches ever since that day. You have to understand that I could not walk an inch even with one crutch before this miracle. I went to visit my friend that day and he asked me where my crutches were. I laughed and shared the wonderful testimony with him. Praise God!

“Brethren, God is alive and Jesus has risen from the dead. He is alive today. By His spirit, he can be anywhere, at anytime. No matter the problem you may be facing, don’t run away from God but run to Him. He will see you through. Glory be to God!”

Nicolas Mohlala


TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

The Sunday service would not be incomplete without cases and testimonies that highlighted the might Power of God and the movement of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name. Read on and be blessed:

ROSEMARY IMMAShe sat in a chair at the Thursday Prayer Line with her head tilted backwards in a futile attempt to slow the blood that gushed from both her nose and mouth. The blood, in clots and rivulets, drained into a plastic vessel on her lap – a chilling and sickening spectre for one to watch. Mrs Rosemary Imma was rushed to The SCOAN close to death’s door and the only hope she reserved was in God.

The constant flow of blood was a result of a ruptured nasal artery. The bleeding had persisted for eight terrible days – eight days of constant pain, not a moment of sleep and unable to eat any solid food; eight days of horror. Hospitals had applied various scientific treatments in an attempt to plug the steady flow bit the bleeding seemed only to worsen.

“I began crying but I knew that would not solve my problem. The doctors had already told us to leave. I told my husband that he must rush me to The SCOAN,” she recounted her ordeal. Apparently, the doctors had given up hope of her survival and did not want her to die in their hands.

The couple arrived at The SCOAN late in the night, eventually coming to The SCOAN Thursday Prayer Line bathed in her own blood. Thank God, the same Jesus who healed the woman with the issue of blood is the same and works through His ministers. Prophet T.B. Joshua stretched his hand towards Mrs Imma and declared her healed. Her mouth and noses clotted with blood, she muffled a hearty ‘Amen’ and the bleeding stopped!

“My throat became dry as the bleeding had instantaneously ceased!” she said. Mrs Imma returned home and slept soundly for the first time in eight days. She awoke to re-affirm the permanence of her healing – no more bleeding through her nose or mouth! During this eight-day period, she had lost hope of the baby in her womb surviving as it was no more responding or kicking as blood was seeping out of her system. After the prayer on Thursday, she said, she felt the clear signs of life in her womb. What an awesome testimony!



TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

A terrible case of fraud was exposed by investigators within the Ghanaian police. After capturing a man who had a devilish plan to dupe people of almost $4,000,000 using Prophet T.B. Joshua’s name, he gave his shocking confession for the world to hear.

Mr kAnthony, who is from both Togo and Ghana, explained in handcuffs how he had begged a director of a large company in Ghana to provide him money to visit The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria after he had been diagnosed with HIV/AIDs. Pitying his condition, the man gave him the required funds which he used to visit The SCOAN. He went, received prayer in Jesus’ name and returned to Ghana. Incredibly, he returned to the doctors for a test which confirmed him negative to HIV/AIDs. However, rather than appreciating God for restoring his health, this gentleman saw it as an opportunity to enrich himself through dishonest means. He returned to the same gentleman who had assisted him to visit The SCOAN, claiming that he was sent by Prophet T.B. Joshua and needed financial support for supposed building projects.


The man graciously complied, naively believing that Prophet T.B. Joshua was aware of the transactions. Altogether, he collected $55,000 from that particular gentleman, alongside some money in other currencies also. However, this was just the beginning. Seeing the opportunity to use T.B. Joshua’s name to deceitfully enrich himself, he hatched a malicious plan with a man named ‘Igwe’ in Nigeria to dupe people of up to $4,000,000. The plan involved forging documents claiming to be written by Prophet T.B. Joshua, even faking his own signature, requesting financial support for huge building projects. The deception even went to the extent that ‘Igwe’ would pretend to be Prophet T.B. Joshua on the phone, misleading people to believe that he was aware of all the money they were giving. Thank God that this fraudster was caught. As we continue to stress on Emmanuel TV, please beware of fraudsters!

Mrs Aina Williams from Edo, Nigeria CAREER BREAKTHROUGH

TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

Mrs Aina Williams from Edo, Nigeria had been looking for a job for four years. Each time she was about to be offered an appointment, she would have a nightmare and would not be given the job. Three days before she went for another job interview, she had a particular nightmare where strange beings came to mock her, telling her that she was not going to get the job.

When she appeared for the interview, one of the panellists laughed at her and another panellist said he was familiar with the lady’s case, accusing her of having made a mocking gesture and insulting them at an earlier meeting. They were prejudiced against giving her the job. Of a fact, she had not done anything like that. She went home crying and narrated her experience to her husband, believing that it had to do with a case of mistaken identity.

When her husband came to The SCOAN, he was privileged to receive the Anointing Water which he gave her to minister on herself in the name of Jesus. That same night, she had a dream in which she related her problem to Prophet T.B. Joshua who counselled her not to worry.

Five days later, she received a call from a man with whom she had attended an interview a year earlier.  The man announced that she had been given the job of Education Officer from an interview she had long forgotten! That chain which satan used to tie her career was loosed and she is now a happy employee.

Truly, in mercy, you are not excluded. The blessings, healings, testimonies we have witnessed are available. As Prophet T.B. Joshua said, we are to be all God has called us to be. If we are to be all God has called us to be, we have got to spend time with Him and learn from Him at His feet. For the main thing about Christianity is not what we do but the relationship we maintain and the atmosphere produced by that relationship.

Hot Cake TB Joshua Anointing Water For Sale

TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

There are numerous Face Book users claiming to be or to represent Prophet T.B. Joshua, the Wise Men, or anything connected to the ministry of The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV. There are thousands of impostors contacting people through Facebook or fake e-mail addresses, asking for donations and offerings in order to send spiritual items. They are also asking for donations for various fake charitable projects. They are Fraudsters and have nothing to do with The SCOAN, Emmanuel TV, or Prophet T.B. Joshua!


We have only one official Facebook Page Any other Page or Profile on Facebook claiming to be associated with the ministry of T.B. Joshua or The SCOAN is fake. If you are ever in doubt go to our official website and click on the Facebook icon. This will take you to our official Page.

We do not communicate through Facebook! We do not offer spiritual items , book visits to The SCOAN, or provide any other service through Facebook. If anyone contacts you on Facebook claiming to be associated with Prophet T.B. Joshua, The SCOAN, or Emmanuel TV know that you are dealing with a fraudster.


Pastor’s and TB Joshua What’s The Deference?

TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

SIR: If there is one man whose life and ministry has impacted spiritually, morally, materially on the lives of millions of people around the world, it is the founder and leader of the Synagogue Church of all Nations, Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua popularly called Prophet T.B. Joshua. From a very humble beginning in the late 1990s, Prophet T.B. Joshua against all odd have continue to soar in his mission of changing lives, changing nations and changing the world.

One astonishing feature that distinguishes Prophet T.B. Joshua from other men of God is his maturity in preaching and teaching the Word of God with power and the practical demonstration of God’s love for mankind through provision of assistance and succor to millions of people irrespective of nationality, tribe, religion or denomination.

Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV partners’ scholarship scheme stand out today as one of its kind in Nigeria. What marvels is the kind heart with which these assistance are given devoid of the usual showmanship and grandstanding exhibited by most people when they give to the needy. Recently, the prophet paid about N26 million to enable one Ms. Yinka Oduwale undertake a PhD study at the prestigious Oxford University in England. The gesture particularly challenged me. Thousands of families today are being restored through Prophet T.B. Joshua ministry. On more than one occasion, I have watched him donate millions of dollars in aids to people affected by natural disaster elsewhere in the world and at same extending similar gesture to charities organization and rehabilitation homes in Europe and America. Hence, Aljazeera once reported this unusual gesture as the flow of aids form Africa to America.

Apart from students, athletes and people with disabilities are very dear to the heart of the Prophet. Every year, he and Emmanuel TV partners spend millions of dollars to train and develop talented athletes especially those living with disabilities.

The life of Prophet T.B. Joshua has something to teach all of us, his very humble beginning is a testament to the fact that anybody can be chosen by God irrespective of his/her background. Prophet T.B. Joshua has taught the rich not to glory in their riches; that we must jettison the thoughts self alone.

The simplicity and humility of Prophet T.B. Joshua is particularly a challenge to our billionaire flamboyant bishops and pastors whose ministries of prosperity, riches, gold, diamond and private jets have turned Christianity upside down in Nigeria and the world over. As this humble God’s servant mark the age of 50, I join millions of people across the world to appreciate God for the gift of a prophet for my generation.

• Ijie Ben Asuelimen,

Benin City, Edo State

Series of testimonies of deliverance and breakthrough shared

TB Joshua Church Nigeria |



A video was replayed in which an evil spirit in a woman, Mrs Joan Okwude, spoke during the last Sunday service. The evil spirit which called itself a ‘king’ said that the woman was its queen, and it caused hatred between the woman and her twin brother. Claiming to be a snake which bit her husband and made him poor and helpless, it pledged to be committed to destroying the man and force him to push the woman out of his house. The evil spirit said it entered her, having come from the sea. She was in church during the service with her husband and they confirmed that their problems were evil spirit and marital uncertainty. She used to see her husband as a wife (no respect, no affection) and was always angry, until she was delivered last Sunday. The husband, Mr Hilary Okwude also spoke and said that the wife used to slap him, tear his clothes and he had wondered where the power was coming from. He said he came in response to an invitation by Prophet T.B. Joshua and was shocked to discover a changed, good, woman. They were then reconciled to each other.


A 23-year old Cameroonian, Roland, felt happy whenever he ate his faeces and drank his urine and sperm. An intelligent student who once was teaching his classmates, had started the addiction when he was 8 years old; that was 15 years ago. He had gone to pastors and witch doctors to no avail, though he said there was no record of mental problems in his family. Prophet T.B. Joshua had asked the congregation to stretch their hands towards him for prayer and he was delivered. He was asked to go and taste the faeces, urine and sperm he used to enjoy consuming but immediately fell to the ground before he could even try it. Prophet T.B. Joshua did not join in the prayer offered by the congregation for Roland’s deliverance although he had given the instruction in righteousness for the prayer because according to the man of God, those who prayed were anointed by God to do so. He also asked people to specifically pray for unique anointing in their lives, as something divine cannot be ordinary. After his deliverance he took a hot shower, brushed and rinsed out his mouth and had a wholesome meal replacing his usual appetite for faeces, urine and sperm.


She had experienced ceased menstruation for two years but had the privilege of getting the Anointing Water and its booklet. She prayed and administered same and on the third day, received her deliverance (the Prophet also touched her stomach in her dream after she ministered the Anointing Water). She was asked to pray for the viewers, while giving her testimony by Prophet T.B. Joshua because she had ‘’anointing on her tongue’’ as explained by the man of God.


A 65-year old retired public servant had lifted some weight only to discover that he had some swelling. The doctors confirmed that he had an inguinal hernia. The Bonny-born Nigerian had refused to be operated upon again as he already had two operations previously. He was privileged to obtain Anointing Water and had prayed with it in his hotel room for two days. On second night, he dreamt being taken to the operating theatre where a spiritual operation was conducted on him. It was light when he woke up on Saturday and he returned to the hospital for another medical check up and a medical report was written in which was stated that there was no trace of the disease. He was grateful to God and advised that in moments of pressure, tension and illness, people should look up to God for assistance.


A trader who lost much money because his customers refused to pay for the goods bought was disillusioned and confused. However, they decided to paste Anointing Stickers in their warehouses and shops and also sprayed the Anointing Water, after which the blessings started coming from every direction and doors started opening for them. With the breakthrough, he bought a good car for his wife. Both praised God for His mercies.

A series of testimonies of deliverance and breakthrough were shared by the congregation:


She had suffered from an overdue pregnancy for and was 11 months pregnant but was convinced that if she could lay her hands on Anointing Water at The SCOAN, she would deliver her baby. A good Samaritan assisted her in getting the Anointing Water and she was able to deliver, without assistance, a baby girl. She was full of praises to God for His mercy on her and her baby.


He was about travelling from Lagos to Imo State, Nigeria and had applied Anointing Water on himself and also prayed. On 12th March, he had gone to a bank in Imo State, when he heard heavy shooting. It was obvious that armed robbers were raiding the bank. He had his Anointing Water in his pocket and while many people were injured, he was protected as if he were wearing a bullet proof vest. He advised that people should not just keep their Anointing Water but use it because God will always protect them when troubles come.


Timothy, a Nigerian transporter, had placed the Anointing Sticker on his vehicle for protection. He was travelling through the Benin-Ore Expressway when his vehicle crashed into a trailer. While he came out safely from the damaged vehicle, none of the passengers sustained any injury because the Anointing Sticker was on the windshield of the truck he was in. He also testified that as the accident was taking place, it was as if the Anointing Sticker became a banner covering the entire windshield of the vehicle he was in. He advised people to put God first in their lives and He will be their refuge.



She had experienced Osteoarthritis and could not even wear her shoes. As a customs officer, she could not attend to her official engagements. She started watching Emmanuel TV and saw the wonderful miracles performed in the lives of the people, in the name of Jesus Christ. As she was being prayed for at the Prayer line by one of the wise men, she was healed. During her testimony, she was wearing shoes, something she was unable to do before the prayer. She advised people that they should stick to God. She said that God should bestow a PhD on        T.B. Joshua (which stands for P=Prophecy, H= Healing and D= Deliverance). She said people should have faith in God and everything will work for good.


Coming from South Africa, she suffered from Lumbar Lordosis and Disc Herniation for 4 years; her rib and pelvic region had almost come together causing immense pain and suffering. She had been to medical doctors and was only given pain killers. She likes watching Emmanuel TV and decided to come to The SCOAN. She received prayers at the prayer line from one of the wise men, received her healing in Jesus’ name and was able to bend her body in ways that were not possible before. She advised people to have faith in Jesus Christ and that they should carry their problems to Him because He is the Healer, Deliverer, Redeemer and Protector of their days.


The Edo State, Nigeria-born High chief had suffered from difficulty in walking due to displacement of the right femur. He had, on October 27, 2007, fallen down in his palace. After the fall, he had difficulty in walking and moving freely and his children were the ones assisting him. He had spent three months and ten days in hospital. He saw Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV delivering people in Jesus’ name and told his daughter to take him to The SCOAN. At the prayer line, he was healed through the prayer from one of the wise men. After his healing, he now walks freely. His daughter, Elizabeth Afikpe testified to the goodness of God in her father’s life.


On Sunday, she came to The SCOAN service for the first time with a few members of her family, in search of her younger sister, Chizola, who was missing for two and a half years. They brought Chizola’s photograph for prayer and held it during the mass prayer with Prophet T.B. Joshua. During the mass prayer, Mariam was praying and she said suddenly she had the feeling that she should look up. When she looked up, she saw someone passing who looked identical to her lost sister and asked her husband to go and help confirm who the person was. Her husband came back after a few minutes with Chizola by his side. Mariam and her husband told the congregation that Emmanuel TV should be watched by all and that ‘’No matter the situation you are in today, trust in God; if you don’t have God you are like a dead person. You must have faith to have your problem solved’’. Chizola also told the church that she did not know what prompted her to leave her house in the first place. She also said that she had never before come to The SCOAN. She was happy to see her people and thanked God for her life.



TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

Sunday 23rd June 2013 was an extraordinary day at The SCOAN because it registered the landmark for the global extension of the project Prophet T.B. Joshua introduced during his 50th birthday celebrations – the employment, empowerment and educational campaign.PROPHET T B JOSHUA The project tallies with the slogan of Emmanuel TV – Changing Lives, Changing Nations and Changing the World. The service began with the prayer line where multitudes received healing and deliverance, followed by a time of testimonies. Here are just a few of those who shared their testimonies with the world:


Mrs Hope Okeke, Anambra, Nigeria, came to The SCOAN in a wheelchair with a debilitating problem of inability to walk due to severe arthritis for two years. She had pain all over her body during those years and was unable to do any work.MRS HOPE OKEKE [ WHEEL CHAIR LADY] She had visited many hospitals and herbalists in search of a solution but to no avail. Because of her confinement to a wheelchair her children had to be available at all times, to help with her business and her daily chores. She watched Emmanuel TV in her home and had seen how God is using the faculties of Prophet T.B. Joshua to bring solution to thousands of people whose situations were even worse than her own. This encouraged her to come to The SCOAN to receive her healing.

While she was inside her car praying and hoping that God would discover her, one of her sons came into the church and cried out to Prophet T.B. Joshua, announcing her condition. Prophet T.B. Joshua asked for her to be wheeled into the church and three visitors were asked to minister the New Anointing Water to her, in the name of Jesus Christ. As they ministered the New Anointing Water in Jesus’ name, her countenance changed and her eyes seemed to look into the distance. Moments later, she rose up and walked immediately!MRS HOPE OKEKE [ WHEEL CHAIR LADY] 2 Mrs Okeke testified that ever since her healing, she had been walking freely and without any pain. Truly, she encountered Jesus Christ, the Miracle Worker and her impossibilities became possible to the glory of God!


Mr Jeff Motsetsi, a teacher by profession, from Botswana, was diagnosed with kidney stones in 2009. This caused him unbearable pain and made him unable to perform his duties as a teacher. He had consulted the best medical professionals and had been administered various drugs but his condition only got worse. Traditional therapy had been taken by him to no avail.


In 2011, he was privileged to come to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. He went home and one day he was relaxing outside and enjoying the cool breeze when he experienced an excruciating pain caused by the kidney stones.

In desperation, he remembered that he had the Anointing Water with him. He managed to drag himself into the house and reached for the Anointing Water and added a little to a cup of ordinary drinking water. He then drank it, praying in faith that God would flush out the kidney stones from his system once and for all.

The next morning, when he went to the toilet, he passed out the kidney stones in his urine to his amazement. He had gone to many hospitals to no avail but with the Anointing Water, the kidney stones were urinated out.MR JEFF MOSES [KIDNEY STONES ] 2

He displayed his ‘before and after’ healing medical reports and also showed the actual kidney stones that he had urinated out, to the glory of God. His active lifestyle is now restored and he is completely free from pain or discomfort. His advice was that we should not underrate the Anointing Water because it is an “atomic bomb” that will flush out whatever is not of Jesus in us.


Lemlem Kasa from the USA, shared an extraordinary testimony of the healing power of Jesus Christ through the Anointing Water. She had a huge tumour in her uterus, the size of a human head.


She had gone to many hospitals and the doctors told her that the only remedy was to remove her womb through an operation. She watched Emmanuel TV, saw the miracles and was encouraged and convinced that her own case would not escape the anointing of God.

She came to The SCOAN, received the Anointing Water and returned back to the USA, believing that the end of her problem had come. After ministering the Anointing Water, in Jesus’ name, she had a dream and saw herself in an operating theatre where the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua was preparing to perform a spiritual operation on her.

In that dream, Prophet T.B. Joshua, working as the head surgeon, asked one of the wise men to give him a scalpel with which he cut open her uterus, removed the tumour and threw it away. After the dream, she went back to the hospital and when they examined her, to their great surprise, the tumour had detached itself from the uterus making it easy for them to simply evacuate it.

She showed a photo of herself with a huge swollen stomach at the time she had the tumour. Now, she is healthy and strong. She thanked Jesus Christ for restoring her life.


Quoting Matthew 5:44, Prophet T.B. Joshua began his message by saying, “It was Jesus’ great design to engage His disciples to love one another.” He reminded people of the words of Apostle Paul in Galatians 5:6, explaining, “Without faith working by love, all else is worthless. Faith, where it is true, genuine, real and authentic, is a working grace; it works by love. Love does not intimidate; love does not condemn.”

Talking on the need to let love lead, he said, “We should be known by our love, regardless of religious, ethnic or social background. If you love your neighbour, you will be interested in his welfare.” He spoke practically on the need to see beyond religion or denomination when it comes to showing love and compassion to people. “The medical doctor you go to for a medical check-up and other health issues – you do not mind the faith they belong to as long as they are specialists. The company where you are working, you do not mind who is the chairman and the owner of the company. That is where you earn your livelihood with which you maintain your family, send your children to school and pay tithe in your church. You do not mind the faith he or she belongs to or their religious background. Talking of your education, you never mind the religion or faith your lecturer or teacher belongs to so far as he meets the needs of your education.”


In line with Prophet T.B. Joshua’s newly launched initiative to assist graduates with employment, a wonderful development has taken place!

The West African representative of the MBA Tour, Hannah Bertilla Acquah
The West African representative of the MBA Tour, Hannah Bertilla Acquah

The MBA Tour, an international event organised to link prospective students with top level business administrative educational institutions around the world, have partnered with Emmanuel TV.

The West African representative of the MBA Tour, Hannah Bertilla Acquah came to The SCOAN to officially announce the unique partnership. She said, “The MBA Tour is here to officially partner with Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV. Our partnership is based on our mutual commitment to nation building through skills development for the young and corresponds with the man of God’s current project of assisting graduates with employment.

“Our partnership will enable African students who demonstrate outstanding potential, access to Fellowships at the world’s top business schools and academic institutions – including: Columbia Business School; Harvard Business School; MIT Sloan School of Management; Yale School of Management; IE University, Spain; Erasmus University, The Netherlands; INSEAD Business School, France.

“Representatives from these renowned institutions will identify the qualifying students and Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV will assist with financial scholarships.”

The MBA Tour which is just one of the hundreds of organisations across the world that have indicated interest in partnering with Emmanuel TV to see to the actualisation of the campaign. Talking about the need to commit resources into such charitable ventures, Prophet T.B. Joshua asked, “What is the value of money but to change lives, change nations and change the world”. He further added that “Our tomorrow should be better than our today.”

You can register and find more information online at