Pastor’s and TB Joshua What’s The Deference?

TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

SIR: If there is one man whose life and ministry has impacted spiritually, morally, materially on the lives of millions of people around the world, it is the founder and leader of the Synagogue Church of all Nations, Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua popularly called Prophet T.B. Joshua. From a very humble beginning in the late 1990s, Prophet T.B. Joshua against all odd have continue to soar in his mission of changing lives, changing nations and changing the world.

One astonishing feature that distinguishes Prophet T.B. Joshua from other men of God is his maturity in preaching and teaching the Word of God with power and the practical demonstration of God’s love for mankind through provision of assistance and succor to millions of people irrespective of nationality, tribe, religion or denomination.

Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV partners’ scholarship scheme stand out today as one of its kind in Nigeria. What marvels is the kind heart with which these assistance are given devoid of the usual showmanship and grandstanding exhibited by most people when they give to the needy. Recently, the prophet paid about N26 million to enable one Ms. Yinka Oduwale undertake a PhD study at the prestigious Oxford University in England. The gesture particularly challenged me. Thousands of families today are being restored through Prophet T.B. Joshua ministry. On more than one occasion, I have watched him donate millions of dollars in aids to people affected by natural disaster elsewhere in the world and at same extending similar gesture to charities organization and rehabilitation homes in Europe and America. Hence, Aljazeera once reported this unusual gesture as the flow of aids form Africa to America.

Apart from students, athletes and people with disabilities are very dear to the heart of the Prophet. Every year, he and Emmanuel TV partners spend millions of dollars to train and develop talented athletes especially those living with disabilities.

The life of Prophet T.B. Joshua has something to teach all of us, his very humble beginning is a testament to the fact that anybody can be chosen by God irrespective of his/her background. Prophet T.B. Joshua has taught the rich not to glory in their riches; that we must jettison the thoughts self alone.

The simplicity and humility of Prophet T.B. Joshua is particularly a challenge to our billionaire flamboyant bishops and pastors whose ministries of prosperity, riches, gold, diamond and private jets have turned Christianity upside down in Nigeria and the world over. As this humble God’s servant mark the age of 50, I join millions of people across the world to appreciate God for the gift of a prophet for my generation.

• Ijie Ben Asuelimen,

Benin City, Edo State

14 thoughts on “Pastor’s and TB Joshua What’s The Deference?

  1. Emmanuel,
    Prophet T.B Joshua makes the word of God the standard of his life. He does what he preaches. If most men of God and politicians at large were to follow his exemplary leadership, preaching and generosity, then this world would be a marvel to live in. Infact, i don’t find it strange that we seldom find people like him, this is a rare breed of a human-being, he belongs to a class of his own. May our mighty Lord bless him more, long live prophet T.B Joshua.


    1. Wow my brother Martin, your choice of words says volumes of present hour God-gift to our
      generation – Prophet TB Joshua. Indeed he is a rare breed and belongs to his own
      class – Heavenly Class. Thank you Lord for his life.


  2. My Bother, you have hit the nail on the head by your mail. I thank God that this time people should learn to talk the truth about what our Almighty has given to us in our time and stop cretisize instead thank God and support the man of God! May God spear this man (TB.joshua) for us and others must learn not cretisize. Thank you Jesus. Give us more of the TBJoshuas!!!


  3. I thank God for my humble prophet, whose benevolent gestures are meant to change the lives of people regardless of their social background, ethnicity and religion. Thank you Jesus!


  4. Emmanuel…

    Indeed we thank the Lord for giving us a father like Prophet T.B Joshua who is loving, humble and caring for the needy, orphans, widows etc. a man who delights in spending more on others and less on himself. May God continue to bless you man of God in Jesus’ name.

    This is a wonderful article and I have always had questions about Pastor’s and their lifestyles…. there is a huge difference between Prophet T.B Joshua and all the rich pastors around and the problem is if you ask the other pastors why they decided to flaunt their wealth there is a 99% chance they will say “it is my reward from the Lord, I worked hard for it, my efforts, I deserve it so why hide it! forgetting that we will only receive our rewards when we meet with the Lord.

    When I was growing up most people around me told me that I will be assigned to a pastor! unlike other women I never wished to spend my life with a pastor and I did everything in my power to try and make the Lord change his mind about assigning me to a pastor because I grew up knowing that pastors are poor people who beg for food, shelter, clothes, cars etc.

    And I on the other hand had plans to change the world. At the age of 20 I had already applied to buy 2 multi million Hotels, I had plans that at the age of 30 I want to be owning world class holiday resorts all over the world, be a world class Travel Agent, Event Coordinator, own event organizing schools all over the world, be able to accommodate Presidents, kings and queens, celebrities from all over the world in my businesses. flying people in my own personalized aircrafts! not only that but also being a world class philanthropist, having my own reality TV show, have my own clothing, fragrance, cosmetics line, design jewellery and manufacture loads and loads of things. Own restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, my own residential private estates, be into property developments, writing books about my life experiences etc. and at a point I thought all this would not “fit in” into a pastor’s diary!


    Does it mean that for me to have a good relationship with Jesus and for him to use me I should:

    * Let go my dreams and wishes of a good, expensive life style for him to use me as a pastor or pastor’s wife? or can I have a calling for the rich and famous?

    * Now my focus should be on poverty and hardship, no private Jets and no expensive clothes, hair, jewellery, holidays?

    * Does our Lord Jesus instruct all pastor’s to put up a low profile to please him as their Master or does each and every pastor have his own office in the kingdom of God? because I personally think the only challenge is that everybody wants to do what the other is doing?

    * Would it be wrong if a pastor or pastor’s wife would have anointed retail stores world wide having anointed clothing, fragrance, cosmetic lines, design anointed jewellery, own anointed restaurants, anointed hotels and anointed holiday resorts for children of God all over the world who would be blessed through the ministry to host their divine functions and weddings which will be blessings from God in their own countries where this anointed holiday resorts and hotels will be established and they would still visit other countries for their honeymoon and vacations but still being under the grace of spending their special days under God’s anointed resorts or holiday destinations owned by the children of God rather than visiting places owned by people who worship the enemy,

    * Are pastors or pastors’ wives restricted from having their own reality T.V shows, revealing to the world how a daily Christian home should be not by words but by actions of allowing the world to see your daily living as Christians especially now that we see through Emmanuel T.V that pastors are being beaten and abused by their wives to even cook and clean before Sunday Church services and when they get to the altar they preach something different from what’s happening in the house.

    Well according to me I feel like we serve a living God who never runs out of idea’s of grabbing his children’s attention when ever he feels like it! and he is a God who does not repeat his ways, he is a living God who does the impossible, a God who makes a way where there is no way

    I know that this world is not our home, we are just passing through and 99% of the things I have mentioned here are worldly things and being a pastor is about praying, taking care of the needy the orphans, widows and being in the church but remember being a pastor is about winning souls and almost 100% of pastors today focus on winning souls of the poor and oppressed and so far the “man” who is winning the souls of the rich and famous is the enemy! my question again “did God call everybody to 1 assignment or are there different kinds of offices in the kingdom of our heavenly father?

    * does it mean that all who are rich and famous do not need prayers as much as the poor? * Are there churches all over the world that can accommodate the rich without the pastors asking them for money? *Should we blame the rich and famous for feeling comfortable outside of the church of God? * We as children of the most high are we not to excel more than them in all areas of our lives? for them to come to us to seek advice from us on how we maintain our success, peace, love, joy, abundance? wont that be a great opportunity for us to lead them to our provider Jesus Christ the son of the living God for the salvation of their souls and for a life time relationship with Christ?

    Today young people and people all over the world are no longer inspired by church or its activities, their pastor’s are rated as the least role models. Church has been labelled to be for the poor and needy, the desperate and for those with no life direction and I disagree! The church belongs to Jesus, The King of all Kings, The Alpha and Omega, The creator of the Heavens and the Earth, Silver and Gold belongs to him, all powers on the heavens and the earth have been in invested in this name Jesus, the word of God says every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

    Prophet we need your help in this matter which lifestyle of a pastor is pleasing in God’s eyes?


  5. My God thx for giving us a man call Prophrt T,B Joshua since i started watching and listening to his preachings and sermon since september 2012 , is kind gesture is help to the helpless , many to mention but a few, this is a real man of God , this man is God sent, May God continue in his infinity mercies continue to bless the man of God senior prophet T,B jOSHUA NAD THE WISEMEN with his abundant grace and wisdom.


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