It was an indescribable encounter with the Spirit of the Living God. The SCOAN Sunday service of January 22, 2017 brought congregants and viewers all over the world face to face with the undiluted demonstration of God’s illimitable power. The choir provided the musical platform for all to praise the Lord. The Mass Prayer was massive in every sense of the word. Troubled souls, entrapped destinies and the spiritually oppressed received their freedom in the mighty name of Jesus. For those whose yokes have been lifted by the benevolent Master of the Universe, it was an opportunity for them to testify to the goodness of God in their lives. Their testimonies, as marks of gratitude to Heaven, also remain sources of inspiration to those who believe in the Lord.

Exhorting Christians all prophet-t-b-joshuaover the world, Prophet T.B. Joshua took them on an excursion into the things of the Spirit. According to the man of God, the voice of the Holy Spirit brings about the desired changes in our lives. He observed that no one who has experienced the Holy Spirit ever remained the same in any way: “When the Holy Spirit speaks whether you like it or not, changes are beginning”. The man of God acknowledged the place of the flesh in a Christian’s life but added that through God’s grace, we are allowed to overcome our mistakes and challenges caused by the flesh: “So far as there is flesh, mistakes will come and you will learn and move on. So, each time that mistake comes – test. Promotion cannot come without tests and trials. God has given us the capacity to learn from our challenges. If you don’t want challenges, you don’t want to learn and if you don’t want to learn, you don’t want to move forward.”

Concluding, Prophet T.B. Joshua reminded Christians that serving God is not by strength or through elegant speech but with wholeheartedness. He also urged them to pursue spiritual prosperity first before every other thing, “You cannot continue to serve God with physical strength, elegant speech – you must serve God with all you heart. Our spiritual life first. If there is any first place we must grow or prosper, it is in our spiritual life.

evangelist-yinkaEarlier, Evangelist Yinka gave congregants food for thought as she delivered her message titled, JESUS HOLDS OUR FUTURE. She admonished them not to get discouraged when events around them look gloomy in the face of the testimonies of other people, adding that God has their future in His hands: “Sometimes in life, we find ourselves wondering about what is happening around us, listening to the testimonies of others.” According to her, “If we believe that Jesus is our Lord and Saviour, a new body, soul and spirit await us one day.”

Continuing, she urged Christians to guard against turning against the grace of God, adding that when the eyes of our faith are opened, we will see the value of our trial which God often uses to prepare us for new levels in life. She demanded that Christians submit their lives to Christ in order to enjoy the unending connection through grace that abides in Him: “When you make Jesus Christ the CEO, the Boss, the Director of all that you do, you become connected to the One who made you.” Maintaining that “It honours God to believe Him even while every sense contradicts Him,” she added that if our decision to serve God is borne out of faith, trust and commitment, then we will surely overcome.



He was on the verge of transiting to the great beyond but God had other plans for him. Pastor Maurice Alamba, in a soft-spoken recollection of those horrible moments, told congregants how his life was at a low ebb ravaged by the destructive trio of severe sleep apnea, severe high blood pressure and severe headaches. For the Democratic Republic of Congo national resident in the United Kingdom, the seventh day of June, 2016 will remain an unforgettable moment in his life, as it marked a new beginning for him. That fateful day, he had received the anointed touch of the man of God and was set free from the ailments that made him live an artificial life with the aid of a machine.

Before his encounter with God at the Arena of Liberty, he had lived a life he never bargained for. He would spend the whole day sleeping, while at night, he would struggle to sleep with the aid of a machine. It was a seriously disheartening experience for the man whose sleep depended on the aid of a machine. It was absolutely unnatural and unaccepted that a human being would have to struggle to sleep. Deep down in his heart, he knew that he needed God lest the worst happened. And so, his decision to visit The SCOAN was the greatest move he had made.pastor-maurice-alamba

According to him, his passion for The SCOAN emanated from the wonderful demonstration of God’s power he had watched on Emmanuel TV. And so, coming to the Arena of Liberty, he had absolute faith that his 13-year-old challenges would bow to the superior power of God. Describing his healing, he said that as soon as the man of God laid hands on him at the Prayer Line, three things happened almost in a quick succession. First, he felt an electric shock all over his body after which something went out of him. As he was trying to fathom what was going on, he felt a cool sensation around him and found himself on the floor. According to him, he felt very light when he eventually stood up.

After his healing, Mr Alamba enjoyed his sleep without any encumbrances. He told congregants that, for the first time in so many years, he was able to sleep naturally without the aid of a machine. His breathing and general wellbeing have since been re-engineered for optimum living by the Holy Spirit. Since June 7, 2016, his story has been that of thanksgiving and total commitment to the ways of God. Demonstrating his ability to breathe well before The SCOAN congregation, he advised people all over the world to keep hope by being obedient to God, adding that He is faithful.


Mr Michael Ugwu was fed up with the nasty challenges life had thrown at him. His businesses had crumbled following his decision to build a house in his hometown. The house itself also suffered stagnation as it got stuck at the roofing level. Besides this, the couple suffered from barrenness for six years. As they battled with the issue of barrenness, a court case involving a land he had bought also surfaced. In a nutshell, Mr Ugwu had so many nuts to crack. As his search for a solution continued, he visited The SCOAN on several occasions but his real encounter with the power of God came during a Sunday service in 2014, while Prophet T.B. Joshua was prophesying to the congregation.

That day, the man of God had walked up to him to ask about the house he was building as well as the court case concerning his land. As he confirmed the prophecy to be true, the man of God also told him that he would have a baby boy. By that time, his wife was not even pregnant and had been battling with the problem of multiple fibroids. Mr Ugwu seized that opportunity to key into the prophetic message of the man of God concerning him and his wife. He received the Morning Water with which he ministered and prayed with, together with his wife. After a while, his wife fell pregnant and that was the beginning of the floodgate of blessings that God opened unto him and his family.

After nine months, Mrs Ugwu delivered a baby boy as Prophet T.B. Joshua had prophesied. mr-micheal-ugwu-and-familyThough, due to the multiple fibroids his wife had, the doctors had wanted her to undergo surgery for the removal of the abnormal growths but the couple chose to exercise their faith by ministering the Morning Water and asking God to ensure a safe delivery. God, in His infinite mercies, hearkened to the voice of their supplication and made delivery smooth and safe – a feat that astounded everyone, including the doctors whose medical rules have been broken by the supernatural order of Heaven.

After the birth of their son, Mr Ugwu’s life witnessed more of God’s unending blessings. His financial life improved just as everything turned around for his good. He went ahead to buy a car for his wife and son for their easy movement from place to place without having to trek under the scorching sun or inside the rain. Like a fruit tree in its blooming season, his life was overtaken by breakthroughs. He was able to complete to taste, the uncompleted building which the man of God had pointed out in his prophecy.

Corroborating his prophecy, his wife told congregants how she held strongly to her faith concerning the prophecy given to her husband by the man of God. She had absolute confidence in God’s Word to the extent that she kept on buying male baby clothes, against the advice of people. She also revealed how the multiple fibroids in her were ejected after she had ministered the Morning Water on the day of delivery. Thanking God for restoring joy and laughter to their lives, they advised people to be faithful to God in all things and to believe in those God sends.


Arriving in a wheelchair, Miss Nicole Wezolek with her mother Mrs Marefe Wezolek came to The SCOAN to seek redemption from an incurable severe multiple sclerosis that had been a thorn in the flesh of their family. They had battled with the problems of depression and suicidal thoughts. According to the German mother, when she was pregnant with her daughter many years ago, she suffered from depression but was able to weather the storm of her own case through prayer.card And so, it was not really a big surprise when she discovered that her grown-up daughter had started exhibiting those inimical traits. Placed in the B-Category as 80% disabled and dependent, Nicole would complain of numbness from her hands to different parts of her body. She would also wear black clothes, visit graveyards and isolate herself from other members of the family.

wheel-chairFor the fact that Nicole had attempted suicide on two different occasions, the matter would require a spiritual solution rather than the many doses of prescribed drugs she had been subjected to. And that indeed, was the reason they visited The SCOAN to seek the face of God. Like every other congregant, they were seated in the auditorium during a Sunday service when the word of prophecy from the man of God hit them like a bolt. Laying his hand on Nicole’s head, the man of God had said, There is a suicidal spirit in the family. Everybody thinks of how to commit suicide. Depression. This one has it. The second time she’d escaped suicide. Mrs Marefe  Wezolek confirmed the prophecy to be true and afterwards, received deliverance together with her daughter, Nicole, from the man of God, in the mighty name of Jesus. After their deliverance, mother and daughter cheerfully shared their testimony at The Live SCOAN Sunday Service. Nicole thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to save her from the grip of depression and suicidal thoughts. She told the congregants and viewers all over the world that she was free and feeling very happy as all the bad feelings she once harboured had gone. She also said that she regained the sense of feeling immediately after her deliverance, confirming that the numbness had gone. Demonstrating her ability to run back and forth, she declared that she no longer needed the wheelchair. The Power in the name Jesus Christ restored Nicole’s status from registered disabled to able-bodied! On their return to Germany, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave the family $2,000 to assist them to restart their lives with Nicole’s new found freedom!


He had involved himself in an extra-marital affair with another woman outside his matrimonial home. Mr Joseph Nwodo was enjoying the illicit affair, not knowing that it would lead to dire consequences. All of a sudden, his business fortunes started crumbling to the extent that he found it difficult to cater to the needs of his family. Whenever he was about to receive a breakthrough, he would dream of a woman and things would fall apart. His fate was left hanging precariously on the precipice of an uncertain future until he visited The SCOAN where the Spirit of God exposed his problems through Prophet T.B. Joshua.It was during a Sunday service while the man of God was ministering prophecy to the congregation. “There was one woman you met. It was never your making but you just fell in love with the woman; this is affecting you,” said Prophet T.B. Joshua as he called Mr Nwodo out to lay hands on him. Shaking profusely under the rampant influence of the Holy Spirit, Mr Nwodo found himself on the floor. The Spirit of Godmr-joseph-chukwuemeka-nwodo chased out the evil spirit responsible for his infidelity.After his deliverance, life became meaningful and encouraging. His business boomed like never before. He regained his senses and realised that he had to formalise his marriage by offsetting all the traditional requirements demanded by his wife’s family. His financial responsibility to his family improved dramatically to the extent that he even bought a car for them. While his relationship with his wife has become very solid, his lust for other women stopped.Recounting how he visited The SCOAN full of disappointment and frustration, Mr Nwodo told congregants that he was shocked when the man of God traced the root of his problems and thereafter delivered him. Testifying in company of his wife and children, he thanked God for his deliverance, adding that things had really changed for the better in his life, marriage-wise and business-wise. On her part, Mrs Nwodo joined her husband in thanking God for his deliverance, adding that it took wisdom for her to cope with all the discouraging experiences she encountered in her marriage. As far as she was concerned, their problems were over. Mr Nwodo advised people all over the world to desist from anything that does not please God.


Initiated into the habits of drinking and smoking in December, 2004, Christian, never knew that a bigger and more dangerous initiation was awaiting him. The friends who cajoled him into those bad habits also thought it would be nice to ‘blend’ him into a cult group, the Eiye Confraternity. After stupefying the young man with a lot of alcohol, he was beaten to a pulp as one of the many wicked processes of his underground initiation. He was given a charm to swallow and was made to swear to an oath of secrecy.christian-attah-and-family

He was thereafter provided with a rifle with which his cult group carried out operations. They intimidated other students, especially the female ones whom they robbed of their valuables at will. The proceeds of their robbery operations were usually remitted to their leader whom they referred to as Senior Man. With time, he discovered new fancies, including tattoos which he had all over his body for different purposes. The more he associated with members of his cult, the greater his problems became. The spirit behind the tattoos on his body always led him to commit evil acts such as stealing at gun point.

The young Nigerian from Kogi State would beat his wife blue-black whenever she dared to question his nefarious activities. There was a day he beat her while she was pregnant and almost strangulated her just because she showed concern about his lifestyle. Because of his waywardness, he had quarrels with his father who threatened to disown him. His relationship with his father had already gone irredeemably sour but for the intervention of his mother. His mother was largely instrumental to his deliverance at The SCOAN. She had encouraged him to come with her to the Arena of Liberty.

Christian bowed to his mother’s pressure and visited The SCOAN two weeks ago. It was during The SCOAN Sunday Mass Prayer that the Spirit of God caught up with him. As the man of God commanded all hindrances and limitations out of the lives of congregants, the power of God fell upon him and a spiritual battle ensued immediately. Manifesting the demons that had been behind his predicament, he was uncontrollably violent and had to be held down as the demons could not stand the fire of the Holy Spirit. With all his resistance, the young man still found himself on the floor, humbled by the power of God.

christian-attah-and-familyTestifying in the company of his wife, children and parents, Christian thanked God for the new life he had found after his deliverance. According to him, he now loves his wife and abhors all those bad habits he had engaged in in the past. He advised youths to desist from the things of the world. A young man who once threatened to kill his father and younger brother has now found peace in Christ Jesus through deliverance at The SCOAN.

His parents also thanked God for his deliverance. They recounted how he almost destroyed the entire family by corrupting his younger ones. For fear of being killed by his son’s cult group, his father had also relocated to Ghana and vowed never to return unless the young man was delivered. And true to his prayers, his son received deliverance. According to him, the deliverance of his son was also conveyed to him by Prophet T.B. Joshua in a dream.

According to Christian’s mother, she conceived her son through ungodly circumstances. As a panacea to her recurrent stomach problem, she had received herbal concoctions from her husband’s father. Eventually, the now late grandfather of her son appeared to her in a dream and gave her the gift of a baby boy. After a while, she conceived Christian and gave birth to him after nine months. She said she had noticed his strange behaviours early but could not do much as he kept lying to her until he became a social menace. However, his parents urged parents to put whatever challenges they face into prayer.



She had been under serious attacks by a spirit of snake which had always pushed her to leave her marriage and unknown to her, most of the negative experiences she was having in her marriage were being caused by the evil spirit. Mrs Angela Nwokoye suffered untold embarrassments in her marriage. After their first child, her husband fathered two other children out of wedlock. They would quarrel endlessly over his drinking habit, turning the home into an arena of crisis. For the Mozambican living in South Africa, all her efforts to get her husband to his right senses failed to yield any result.mrs-angel-olga

According to Mrs Nwokoye, her extended family abandoned her and left her to her unfortunate fate. With four children for her husband, he had deserted her and had moved in with another woman and only came home occasionally to change his clothes. All her plans to confront her husband’s mistress were to no avail as the lady insisted she was not going to leave him, arguing that he lured her into the relationship. According to her husband’s mistress, unless he decided to walk out of the relationship, she would never let go of him. With those sad realities staring her in the face, Mrs Nwokoye knew no peace even as her children were scattered due to the instability of her marriage. For two years, her husband lived with his mistress and left her to sort herself out.

When she eventually realised that her problems were not ordinary, she used her husband’s money to transport her to Nigeria to seek the face of God at The SCOAN. When she arrived at The SCOAN, Mrs Nwokoye received deliverance during a Monday Prayer service after evangelists had ministered the Morning Water on her. By the time the man of God arrived at the scene, she was already dazed spiritually as the demon behind her marital problem had manifested, confessing all the horrible things it had done to her marriage.

Laying his hand on her head, the man of God brought about the last straw that broke the camel’s back. He sealed her deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus and declared her totally free. A day after her deliverance, the snake spirit had appeared to her while she was asleep, lamenting why she had to offer herself up for deliverance. As she tried to wake up to know who was speaking to her, the snake vanished and never returned. From that moment, she knew that she had been freed from the onslaught of the evil snake spirit. She thanked the man of God for delivering her and called on him to help her reconcile with her husband, adding that she wanted to live amicably with her family. She also revealed that she wanted to seek God’s opinion about her marriage.

mrs-angel-olgaHonouring the invitation of the man of God to a reconciliatory meeting at The SCOAN, her husband, Mr Nwokoye, a native of Anambra State, Nigeria, told congregants how his wife wanted to control him and how she always threatened to run away with their children. According to him, he nearly had a fatal accident because of the troubles in his marriage. Even though he had vowed to end the marriage, he couldn’t turn down the invitation of the man of God, whom he said he respects so much for his reputation as a mouthpiece of God. Mr Nwokeoye’s sister who came along with him, also called on the man of God to deliver her brother, stressing that the problems in their marriage were not one-sided.

Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke the mind of God by telling Mr Nwokoye that his wife had been delivered from the evil spirit. According to the man of God, their marriage is from God. He also advised Mr Nwokoye to undergo deliverance after which their marriage would be rededicated to God. He assured them of a peaceful coexistence following their deliverance. The man of God also used the opportunity to admonish Christians on the need to let go of offences so that their hearts could connect with the Spirit of God.


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