God’s power and glory permeated the atmosphere as the choir sang songs of worship and thanksgiving to celebrate the goodness of God. It was another harvest of powerful testimonies as many who had been blessed beyond their expectations came out to express their gratitude to the One who made it all possible.

During his message to congregants, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave startling revelations about impending trouble in some African countries, calling for urgent prayers: “Sometimes, when I see what is happening around the world – I have kept quiet. I refused to release the revelation for around the world. That position is better – to pray for the whole world. But the Bible says where there is no vision, people perish. Like what is happening to my people in Democratic Republic of Congo – I think three years ago, I was invited to the country to see the President. I prayed and said, ‘Travel to DRC to see the Head of state? I went through the letter and I said I must go. I prayed over it and God said he would give me a message to deliver. If you say you are going, do you have a message to deliver? You have to wait for the messageMy people went there. Joyfully, they received them as visitors to the Head of state and they came back. They delivered my message. With joy too, the delegation from DRC came here to visit. ‘Before God will release me to come to your country – this is the message.’ By February, there will be trouble. The trouble will start from February. It will start and I stated the troubles that will start. The reason why I am saying this is that I am worried; I am not comfortable because of what is happening around the world.”prophet-tb-joshua

Continuing, the man of God added: “The whole thing will start unfolding and there will be crisis. Rise up; let us start our prayer from this nation because the crisis is coming. With all your heart, pray. Don’t say it’s not your country. Open your heart and pray for God’s intervention in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Pray for God’s intervention because I am seeing trouble coming – a big trouble. God’s intervention for DRC!”

Shifting his attention to Southern Africa, he also warned of a coming natural disaster that will sweep across different countries in the region: “Now, let’s go to Southern Africa. I am seeing some natural disasters like wind – bad wind coming from the sea. Bad nature. Natural disaster that will destroy many things, that will move from one country to another. I saw this two years ago and we kept praying. But there is momentum in the sea which will look strange, which has never happened in Africa. The whole thing will arrange from the Mozambique area. When I first saw it three years ago, the thing repeated September last year. It’s part of the prophecies I hadRise up and pray for Southern Africa – moving from country to country. Like Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana. Open your lips. Why I am calling your attention to this – I have been praying but God said I should call your attention because of the atmosphere we are in. Whatever we loose shall be loosed; whatever we bind shall be bound.”

The man of God also called for prayers for the nation, Ethiopia, asking congregants to pray against serious famine which will be caused by the unpredictability of their seasons. He commanded the wind to be calm. Turning to the nation Nigeria, the man of God reiterated an earlier prophecy on the country. According to him the food scarcity and devaluation of the naira which had already happened will create hardship that will last until June, 2017.

The man of God also prophesied that the naira would change at the rate of 650 to a dollar, adding that it would not go higher than that before it will eventually go down. He also urged for prayers for President Buhari, whom he said has good intentions but needs the support of his followers. He called for prayers for the President: “Ask God to give him whatever he needs. If you are not hearing anything, whatever you believe he needs for strength and enablement. Strength where there is weakness! Strength where there is weakness!… More importantly, we also have to rise up that the Lord should give the grace to sustain democracy. Grace for democratic sustainability. Pray for an uninterrupted democracy.”

Evangelist Ruth shared a message titled HEAVEN IS WITH YOU, in which she reminded Christians of their true nature in Christ Jesus, “A believer’s heart is the prayer room – the contact point for the Holy Spirit. Your heart can also be the contact point for satan if it is troubled or full of offence… you want to be happy but something keeps stealing your joy – satan wants you to be sad because that is his entrance into your heart.evang-ruth

She urged listeners not to trade their joy by listening to the voice of their situations but to listen to the eternal promises of God (John 15:11). She summed up her message by asking Christians to discover the presence of God within them and ignore the devil because there is no limit to what they can achieve as children of God – who have Heaven within them. She emphasized through a practical demonstration that the greatest embarrassment you give to satan is to ignore him because when you are crying, satan is laughing and when you are laughing, satan is crying.” Satan wants you to cry; when you laugh, you have defeated him.



In 2012, Mr Wellington Nathaniels from Germany, had developed a serious back pain that left him disoriented. Then, each passing day was lived in pain and discomfort and offered no hope of a solution. Good sleep was far from him, as the pains kept him constantly belly-wise on the bare floor. When the situation became worse in 2013, Mr Nathaniels was advised by his doctor to see a specialist who, after a series of X-rays, concluded that he had a spinal cord deformation and that the condition was beyond their expertise. Conferring with his doctor after the sad discovery, he was advised to either live with the condition while receiving medication or to undergo a corrective surgery that may not even guarantee success.

Caught in the web of that medical dilemma, he sought his wife’s opinion who advised him the rather visit The SCOAN and seek the face of God. Mr Nathaniels toed his wife’s suggestion and visited The SCOAN in 2014. Receiving the Morning Water and the Good Morning Stickers, he returned to Germany and applied them in faith. While he ministered the Morning Water, he also placed the Good Morning Stickers in strategic positions in his home.

In 2015, he underwent another series of X-rays and it was discovered that something strange had taken place. His deformed spinal cord was restored to its normal state. Even the bent bone was miraculously straightened as shown on the X-ray results, which left his doctor amazed.

Still sceptical about the total transformation that had taken place in his patient’s spine, the doctor requested for a blood test. The result of the blood test became the last straw that broke yoke of disbelief in the doctor. The result indicated that all was perfectly well with Mr Nathaniels. During his testimony, he was full of glorious smiles as he narrated before congregants his ordeal and final triumph over an ailment that would have rubbished his humanity if not for the power of faith in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He advised people all over the world to believe in God who makes all things possible by His grace.


There was nothing that suggested to the ordinary eyes that she was a woman with a tainted past. It took the prophetic insight of the man of God to discern the immoral path she had been treading for many years. Mrs Paola, a Cuban living in Spain, was dancing spiritedly with other congregants during the service. After the praise and worship Prophet T.B. Joshua had words for her: “Are you sure when you leave here you will not go back to your past life? Because I see you as a harlot.” Weeping profusely, she fell to the floor under the influence of the Holy Spirit as Prophet T.B. Joshua ordered the unclean spirit out of her life. Slithering along the ground in serpentine movements, Mrs Paola was delivered from the spirit of prostitution in the mighty name of Jesus.paola-cuba

Paola recounted the story of her life to congregants during her testimony on Sunday. She traced her problem to when she was four-years-old. According to her, a maternal relative, who was a witch-doctor had come to the house to perform rituals, using all sorts of fetish items, including animals. After that experience, she started having terrible dreams in which animals and men pursued her, while demons also attacked her.

At age 16, the malevolent side of the world dealt her a heavy blow as she was raped by a police officer who ordinarily should protect her from all sorts of public assault. After raping her, he threatened to kill her should she divulge his deed to anyone. Keeping the deed to herself, she discovered that the appearance of demons in her dreams had increased. She also heard a voice telling her that she would soon run mad. Not only that but people around her started calling her “crazy” due to the introverted character she began to portray.

During a crisis in Cuba when even food became difficult to come by, Paola was approached by her friends with the idea of becoming a model so she could make some money and help her family. She was 19- years-old at that time and could not withstand the pressure that came with their proposal. She eventually joined the modelling company which later turned out to be a prostitution ring. While she engaged in the immoral trade, she was initiated into witchcraft. One day, she met an older man who impregnated and later abandoned her after the birth of their baby, making her return to the brothel.

In a bid to leave Cuba and to forestall the impending insanity which a voice had always told her about, she underwent a lot of rituals. After those fetish exercises, the older man returned and took her away to Spain where she later married. There, the spirit of prostitution continued its evil reign in her life. Though she was married to a man, she still found herself having affairs with multiple partners. Men and animals continued to torment and sleep with her in her dreams. The torment was such that men would even stop their cars while she was walking on the street to ask her for prostitution even though she was dressed normally. She soon divorced the older man and married another man.

She really loved her husband but there was a force that stopped them from being close. Each time she tried to show some affection towards him, that evil spirit would come in-between them. She would suddenly become aggressive, angry and repulsed by him and would reject all his efforts to get close to her. There were times that she would just wake from sleep with the idea of walking out of the marriage. She knew that there was a strong satanic presence but she lacked the spiritual knowledge to salvage the situation.

Through a friend from the Dominican Republic, she got to know about Emmanuel TV. She attended a church who coincidently, were organising a trip to The SCOAN. “I knew that visiting The SCOAN would bring me freedom,” she said as she testified to her wonderful deliverance and that she was set free from the spirit of prostitution and madness.

Even her obsession with artificial hair stopped. She now enjoys her natural hair. “I can’t wait to return to Spain to be with my husband as I am now feeling so much affection for him. I know that God has restored what the demons had destroyed in my life,” she added as she advised people all over the world, especially those with the kind of challenges she had, to trust in God and watch Emmanuel TV. She also urged them to seek deliverance.


Her initiation started in her mother’s womb and it was masterminded by her grandmother who was a witchdoctor. The old woman would touch her mother’s tummy, making enchantments to the unborn child, all in a bid to dedicate her to satan. Seven days after her birth, her grandmother performed some rituals and isolated her from every other person until she was forty-days-old. As young Ionara from Brazil grew, she became a veritable tool in the hands of the devil. Her grandmother converted her to an assistant in the witchdoctor business. Because she was a virgin and young, the fetish assignments she carried out were claimed to have worked effectively and faster. Ionara grew to understand the language of the evil spirits and always had the premonition of their presence. She also accompanied her grandmother to cemeteries to invoke spirits. As they worked in tandem, Ionara soon learnt many secrets about the workings of witchcraft.

alice-brazilShe soon began to do her own personal charms. The more charms she did, the more powers she got. She would conjure men to kiss her thereby initiating them into the spirit of lust causing them to commit sexual immorality. Whenever she was offended by anyone, she would cause havoc in their lives by chanting their names using witchcraft powers.

At the age of fourteen, she came across a boy that she liked and wanted to have him by all means. She tabled the matter before her grandmother and a ritual was performed to join her spirit and that of the boy together. However, for that union to last, she would have to renew the covenant every year, according to her grandmother.

Ionara soon discovered they were not compatible and only brought together by the power of witchcraft. So she didn’t renew the covenant realising that their union was not genuine. As the union faded, her desire to relocate to another city intensified. Though, she eventually moved to Spain with her husband, their marriage hit the rocks soon after, making her to send her daughter to Brazil to live with her mother while she stayed back in Spain. She decided to stop practising witchcraft and all the evil spirits she had worked with started tormenting her. She became depressed and harboured suicidal thoughts.

Getting married to another man, she had thought her problems would abate. Alas, it was even then that the evil spirits intensified. They also made her to treat her new husband badly as she tried to control him. Ionara was so much engrossed with those evil spirits that they never allowed her to visit a church all her life. The first time she visited a church in Spain, she felt very uncomfortable, having headache and wanting to throw up. Any time she tried to go to church, something kept chasing her away.

She finally attended a church in Spain where she was told about Prophet T.B. Joshua. Her attendance coincided with the time the church was making plans to visit The SCOAN and so, it was an opportune time for her to have an encounter with God. Penultimate Sunday, Ionara was at the Arena of Liberty where the Spirit of God located her. It was during the Mass Prayer when the man of God declared: “I command every difficulty to be surmounted! Your challenges – be surmounted. Your situation – be surmounted!

Receiving her deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus, Ionara found herself on the ground as the evil spirit was sent out of her into the pit of hell. Describing her deliverance, she said: “During the Mass Prayer, I felt so uncomfortable and wanted to leave. When I tried to go to the back, I felt something pushing me forward and the evil spirit began to manifest.” She thanked God for rescuing her from destruction. “Since my deliverance last week, I feel totally free. A huge weight has left my body! All the evil spirits that entered me since birth have gone!”, she added. She urged the world to realise that only Jesus can give them freedom, peace and joy.


Mr Obodoruku Jaro had visited The SCOAN in 2015. During that visit, he received the Morning Water. Returning to his home in Delta State, Nigeria, he told his wife about the Morning Water and they both agreed to minister it during their daily prayer sessions. One night, as he slept, he had a dream in which he encountered Prophet T.B. Joshua asking him to come to The SCOAN with his family. According to Mr Jaro, he was going through some difficulties when he had that dream encounter. After discussing his experience with his wife, they both made up their minds to obey the directive which the man of God had given in the dream.

Taking permission from his employers, Mr Jaro worked half-day and set out on a night journey to Lagos. Though his wife had had misgivings about the security risks associated with night travels, the young man would not look back after all, he had ministered the Morning Water, thereby covering his family with the blood of Jesus. He told her he was confident that God would see them through. The journey commenced and was almost turning out to be a complete success until they arrived at an outskirt of Lagos called Owode along Ikorodu in Lagos, Nigeria. It was about 4 AM in the wee hours of the day on Friday, February 17, 2017.

The bus conveying them with its almost all passengers asleep, veered off the road and plunged into a river. As the local media would later report, the driver did not understand the road architecture very well, so, he lost track and inadvertently drove them into the river. Submerged in the river with everyone struggling to stay alive, Mr Jaro realised that the water level had risen to his neck. In the ensuing pandemonium, he started searching for his wife as passengers stepped on one another in a desperate bid to escape death.

Death was around the corner, staring each passenger in the face and as he would later reveal, it was the grace of God that kept him and his family alive. As he kept calling his wife and daughter’s names, there was no response. It was a really agonizing moment. Using his hands to search through the water, he felt the texture of his wife’s clothe and pulled her out to safety. With his wife out, his daughter was still missing. Not even his wife in whose arms his daughter laid could say where she was. Mr Jaro had resigned to fate. He had muted to himself that even if Angel was dead, he would rather retrieve her corpse for a befitting burial rather than lose both her life and body at the same time.

As he contemplated different things at the same time, he was faced with a rescued wife who had become very weak due to the absence of proper ventilation. Eventually, Angel was rescued by her father. When she was pulled out from the water, she appeared lifeless but later came alive after her father’s spirited efforts as he kept calling the name of Jesus. Having rescued his wife and daughter, he tried to open the windows of the bus to let in some air but being that everyone was in a stampeding state, it was difficult to find the window. Miraculously, he found himself and his family out of the bus and on land. All that while, his Morning Water was in his bag.

Surprisingly, instead of evacuating all the passengers first before doing any other thing, the rescuers threw Mr Jaro’s bags out before attending to other casualties. As at the time, the Jaros got out of the bus, there were already three dead bodies on the ground. More shocking was the fact that, of all the passengers who came out alive, the Jaros were the only ones without any bodily injuries. During his testimony last Sunday, Mr Jaro radiated so much joy while urging congregants and people all over the world to put their trust in God. According to him, “It is not about the name of your church; it is about putting your total trust and faith in Christ Jesus.”


Miss Aishat was an international prostitute who advertised her body on social media platforms. She had plied her trade in different climes and had made money but she knew that something was missing in her life. With all the material profits she chased, there was a deep-rooted longing that cried out for attention. That longing would eventually culminate in her historic visit to The SCOAN to seek for deliverance, redemption and salvation.

Recalling how it all started, she had been defiled by an old man who took advantage of her childish naivety when she was between the ages of nine and ten. “He would give me gifts and money and later lured me to an uncompleted building where he defiled me,” she remembered. After that encounter with the old man, she had been chasing after men. But she observed that she went only after handsome men and detested ugly ones. She had a magic wand with which she got those handsome men, irrespective of their status in life. According to her, mere looking at their faces was enough to seduce them.

Young Aishat would have sex with two to three men daily even at that tender age. As she would later reveal, her father divorced her mother when she was very young and that made her to work hard in the illicit trade to cater for her mother and siblings. She later graduated into other obscene associations like going to clubs, drinking alcohol and smoking weed.

When she was fifteen-years-old, she met a man who actually wanted to change her wayward lifestyle but things could not just work out. The man had even paid her bride price only for their union to be truncated by allegations of infidelity on the part of her man. When she left the man she resolved that marriage was not the be-all and end-all of life, hence she made up her mind to continue her prostitution business since it earned her money with which she took care of her family.

All efforts to stem the tide of her immoral excesses failed. She had even consulted a native doctor who requested some money with which he would do ritual for her so she could make quick money through other means apart from prostitution. She was told she would have to swim naked inside a water near the cemetery for three days. But after all the rituals involving an egg and old currency coins, nothing happened. Even pastors had slept with her after promising to help her get deliverance. She was deceived by many so-called native doctors and pastors and yet her problems remained. A man friend in Nigeria had promised to initiate her into a blood money-making cult but the deal could not be sealed because she failed to raise the money he had requested for.

Aishat eventually travelled to Saudi Arabia through a travelling agent after selling all her belongings and borrowing money from people. She was told by the agent that she was going to Saudi Arabia to work in a company but that was not what she met when she arrived at the Mid-East nation. She was taken to a house where a man who claimed to be her master told her that she had been sold to him as a slave for two years. Living with her master soon turned out to be another nightmare. She was treated badly. Sometimes beaten ruthlessly and denied access to good sleep. Her rights where severely trampled upon. Her workload was such that could not be handled even by five persons.

She was not paid a dime and in an angst of survival, she had to fashion out a way to make ends meet. She knew that if she could get the man to sleep with her, all the maltreatment would end. And so, the young woman went to work. She eventually seduced her master by looking at his face. As she slept with him, she also slept with his son in the same house. Her master with his son started protecting her from the overbearing attitude of his wife. Whenever Aishatu was being beaten by her master’s wife, they would defend her and even threaten the woman of the house. When she decided to leave her master’s house, she contacted a friend in Dubai who advised her ‘to deal with him before leaving the house.

Stealing her master’s daughter’s phone, she absconded from their home and ended in a police station. When the police had contacted her master, he told them he was fed up with her and in order not to end up languishing in the cell with nowhere to run to, she was resold to a new master. Life in her new master’s house was ‘worse than hell’. She was exploited and used to generate money for her master’s wife without any meaningful compensation. She worked from house to house while the money ended in the hands of her master’s wife. While she passed through all those troubles, her family was unaware of her whereabouts. Just as she did in her former master’s house, she decided to seduce her new master.

The reprieve she got from her master was short-lived as she once again absconded from the house and ended up at the police station. The police, fed up with her recurring misdemeanour, sent her to the prison where she spent three and a half months. While in prison and even as a Moslem, she joined a group of Africans who were praying with Emmanuel TV and asking for God’s intervention so that they could regain their freedom.

Aishat’s prayers were answered as she was told by one of the prison officials that her visa to return to Ghana had been secured. The young woman returned to Ghana and made up her mind to visit The SCOAN to seek God. But a friend discouraged her, asking how she wanted to survive, having returned from Saudi Arabia empty-handed. That friend urged her to go back to prostitution. Aishat returned to her prostitution business as advised by her friend. One day, she had dreamt of a woman who had a tattoo. According to her, the woman looked like a goddess. The next day, a friend showed her a tattoo on her phone and to her greatest surprise, it was the same tattoo she had dreamt about. That same day, she had the tattoos done on her body.

While in her room one day, her friends had invited her to come with them to a club but she told them she was not interested. They reminded her of her lack of money and the fact that her sick mother needed care. Aishat refused to go out with them. Instead, she remembered how God rescued her from the prison and decided to pray. She called on the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to help her, being the father of the poor. That night, she encountered the man of God in her dream. He told her that she would not get anywhere unless she is delivered. Replying, she had asked him if deliverance could give her money. The man of God responded by telling her that with God, all things are possible.

After that encounter, she vowed to visit The SCOAN. Without any money to fund her journey, she sold her phone and used the proceeds to pay her way down to Nigeria. During penultimate Sunday’s Mass Prayer, Aishat received her deliverance as Prophet T.B. Joshua located the root-cause of her problem. Thanking God for taking away the spirit of prostitution as well as all those ungodly habits of drinking alcohol and smoking weed, she advised young girls to be patient even if they are poor, adding that they should wait for God’s help.


Sometime in 2007, she had returned to Germany after visiting her native Cameroon where she was making final arrangements to establish an orphanage. On her return, she discovered that her body was showing signs of illness. From headaches to loss of appetite and eventually to fever, her health began to deteriorate gradually. Mrs Marie Williger visited her doctor, received treatment and returned home. Rather than subside, her health condition became worse, taking her to so many hospitals which even rejected her on account of the strangeness of the ailment. In that condition of uncertainty and near hopelessness, her doctor took her home. That same day, she fell into a coma.

How she found herself in a hospital after three months in coma remained a mystery until she was told that people actually pulled down the door to her room before they could retrieve her comatose body for conveyance to the hospital. At the hospital, she lost all sensations in her body; she could neither stand nor walk. Mrs Williger was thereafter confined to her house. Her condition was so sad that she defecated and urinated on the same spot with her daughter doing the cleaning and evacuation. She could only move her mouth; from her neck to her feet, there was no sign of life. Her career as a Flight Attendant crashed as she could no longer go to work. As she grappled with that condition, she received a call from a cousin in Cameroon who asked her if she had heard about Emmanuel TV.

She was told to search for Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua via YouTube. As soon as she watched the videos of the miracles God performed through His servant at The SCOAN, she developed an instantaneous conviction that her healing had come. She began to feel positive about herself. The positive outlook inspired by the miracles she had watched on Emmanuel TV encouraged her to consult with her boss on her plan to visit The SCOAN. She also showed him some YouTube videos on the wonderful miracles at The SCOAN. Her boss personally secured a visa for her and even presented it to her in her house. Mrs Williger arrived at The SCOAN in April, 2012 on a wheelchair pushed by her daughter. The atmosphere was very busy, making it impossible for them to gain entrance into the church. They only managed to stay around one of the Over-flows. At a time, her daughter who was pregnant got tired of waiting and returned to their hotel room.

As Mrs Williger sobbed on her wheelchair, God sent ‘an angel’. Out of the blues, a girl came consoling her and telling her that if she could just believe, her case would be settled by the Morning Water. The girl got the Morning Water for her and told her that she would give a testimony the next day. She even wheeled her to the hotel where she lodged with her daughter. As soon as they got to the hotel, Mrs Williger was trying to appreciate the effort of the girl when she suddenly realised that the girl had disappeared. In the hotel room, she told her daughter that she would never return to Germany with the wheelchair, adding that she would give her testimony the next day.

Pushing the wheelchair to one corner, Mrs Williger started ministering the Morning Water all over her body, saying, “Lord Jesus, take more of me and give me more of You.” Immediately, her whole body started itching. As the itching increased, Mrs Williger stood up and started running, not just walking, all around her hotel room, to the glory of God. Since that day, she has been walking on her feet. While testifying to that miraculous healing last Sunday, she told congregants that though she has not set her eyes on that girl that got her the Morning Water, she still found it expedient to give glory to our Lord, Jesus Christ.


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WARNING Beware of any imposters claiming to be Prophet T.B. Joshua or claiming to represent The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, demanding for money in the name of either of the above in the promise of providing Anointing Water or other materials from the ministry. The Anointing Water is not for sale! Healing, salvation and all of God’s blessings are free gifts of God. Jesus Christ paid for our perfect and complete healing when He died on the cross. Watch and pray, lest you fall into temptation (Matt 26:40).

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