“Your Dream And Your Goal” By TB Joshua – SCOAN 26-10-2014

“The question – what is your goal, what is your dream in life? Are you led by someone else’s dream, someone else’s goal?” “If you believe in what you are doing, why should disappointment separate you from it? If you believe in your marriage, why should crisis lead to divorce? If you believe in your business, why should failure lead you to abandon it?”

Towards the end of his sermon he said:-

Prophet TB Joshua has said “there is a cloud hanging“ over his nation. According to him, there is a looming danger waiting to happen in Africa’s most populous nation. In a live sermon, Sunday, 26th October, 2014 the TB Joshua told his congregation at the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Nigeria, that it will be difficult to avert the impending crisis since the country appears to be “frustrating” the “Men of God” who can pray to change the surge. “For the past three weeks, I have remained quiet but don’t forget what I said; there is a cloud on Nigeria, because of that, I abandon my journey to Colombia”. “I want to see what will happen, the cloud is still there, it is not gone, it doesn’t look good for this country”, ‘Man of God’ as he is popularly called, told the church. CLOUD MEANS TROUBLE


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The story of Mrs Nkelle Njoh, a Cameroonian living in Gabon was a sorrowful one until the Anointing Water rewrote her history in Jesus’ name. Married for nine years without a child, her husband threatened to leave her. Desperate and scared of losing her marriage, she ran to her mother and confided in her. The response of her mother was simple: “You don’t have a problem; have you heard of Emmanuel TV?” When the channel was turned on in front of her, her hope was rekindled. Her mother did not stop at that but determined to see her daughter happy, she accompanied her to The SCOAN in Lagos. She received the Anointing Water and when she ministered it in Jesus’ name and met with her husband, three months later, the happy news came out – that she was pregnant!
The daughter that repaired the marriage was named Blessing after the blessing of God and today Mrs Nkelle Njoh is once again pregnant and bubbling with joy. Advising people not to be selfish with the Anointing Water but to bless others, she said, “If you have Anointing Water, help your neighbours as not everyone has the opportunity to come to The SCOAN”.


I was really surprised by the attacks on Prophet T.B. Joshua by Prophet Owusu Bempah. Such tragic incident at the SCOAN guest house could have happened to anyone, regardless of whether one was a prophet or not.

In the first place, the incident of the collapse of the SCOAN guest building was and is still under investigation by the Nigerian authorities. For Owusu Bempah to read other meanings into the collapse of the building is reprehensible and uncalled for.

A supposedly man of God should not be so insensitive as to read other meanings into this sorrowful event. It is increasingly becoming clear that Owusu Bempah wants to become controversial just for the sake of it. In the past, he has attacked Duncan Williams, Bishop Agyin Asare and others. One may ask, ‘What is his problem?’

Meanwhile, he has become irrelevant in Ghana and nothing he says is taken seriously. Not only has he become irrelevant, but continues to have brushes with the law.

He is noted for buying stolen goods, seizing a friend’s car, fornication and adultery. These are the pressing problems in his life that he needs addressing than accusing others of all sorts of misdemeanors.

In the meanwhile, while it is becoming clear that the SCOAN guest house collapse was due to sabotage, he sees it differently, alluding to ‘blood sacrifice’. Christendom has gone to the dogs and instead of pastors’ showing love to others, they tend to tear each other apart for no apparent reason.

What surprises me is that instead of pastors attacking voodoo practitioners and heathen worshippers they rather attack their kind.

My advice to Prophet Owusu Bempah is that he should reach out and show love, instead of always on the offensive just to discredit other men of God.


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TB Joshua Collaped Building – More Like Solving a Puzzle!

Judging from the way TB Joshua revealed his prophetic message on the collapse of the building at his church, one would be stark unwise to take any of his words at face value. Amidst loads of conspiracy theories on-line for those responsible for the tragedy, this post attempts to pay closer attention to the words of TB Joshua on the masterminds behind the building collapse, to see if we can arrive at an educated guess. As can be seen from his prophecy of the building collapse, when he speaks, he may well be revealing very exclusive information cloaked in his simple speech. Also, from the way TB Joshua spoke of the incident, he appears very sure of the orchestrator’s but has chosen to remain silent over it, waiting for the full wrath of God to be poured on them. We did come along a conspiracy theory on nairaland that suggested that the SCOAN building must have been demolished by the Illuminati. Whilst not agreeing with every part of the theory, there is good reason to consider some of the points therein. Considering TB Joshua’s words since the event closely, one can be almost convinced as why the conspiracy theorist on nairaland attributes this catastrophe to the Illuminati. We forthwith explain why.

Note this is an assumption reached by carefully following TB Joshua’s comments on the tragedy and piecing together the minute details he revealed on the subject, week by week and piece by piece until they make a complete sense…more like solving a puzzle.


  • First, it has to be a GROUP, not an individual as he says in the words:

What we are seeing here, the revelation of God; has been challenged by SOME GROUP: you know what I mean? The finger God, here we are seeing here has been challenged by SOME GROUP: I’ll not say more than that.

  • Secondly, it has to be an elite group of international repute, as we can deduce from his words on the third week following the building collapse:

This is A HIGH LEVEL ISSUE, boko haram, they don’t have up to one percent of the people that did this job. They are just minute. IT IS AN INTERNATIONAL ISSUE… IT IS A WORLD ISSUE.

  • Thirdly, it has to be a group that has various classes and strata of people and professionals in its ranks as is seen from his words:


  • Fourthly, it has to be a group that professes some measure of spiritual power, which he challenges them to use to raise up the dead they killed, if they want an escape from the coming wrath, as we can deduce this from the words:


  • Fifthly, it has to be a group that has a lot of financial resources at its disposal to mastermind such a heinous act as TB Joshua says in these words:

If God deals with the servants, you would not understand, it would not bring any lesson, errand boys sent to do this job you will not learn anything from it, [God will deal with] THE BOSS, THE FINANCIAL SUPPORTERS…”

  • Sixthly, it appears to be a group that heralds the worship of Satan and have a certain power domineering mindset that no one should challenge as TB Joshua is constantly doing as can be highlighted from the words:

“…It is that Satan that did it…” …You know SATAN ENTER HUMANS; “…THESE PEOPLE; THEY JUST WANT TO KNOW who TB Joshua; that is all, they want to know how great my God is…”

  • Seventhly, TB Joshua has been attacked in the past by clergy, PFN, CAN and others, but to indicate the nature of this attack he seemed to imply that it is a new attack; a new challenge; a new breed of foes, which is why he stated:

“…Since the beginning of my calling this is THE GREATEST TRIAL i have ever seen…”

  • Can you think of any other group or association that fits the bill? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.