As Prince Wilson, a Nigerian based in South Africa watched his young daughter grow, he noticed several strange behaviours and addictions take hold of her. She first started eating sand and then sniffing petrol. The occurrences became frequent and then constant and he and his wife were at a loss as to how to help their child break these habits. Their sweet, innocent baby also became aggressive to other children her age and began to hate her parents.
One day in South Africa, they started watching Emmanuel TV. The mass prayer started and Prophet T.B. Joshua started praying; Prince Wilson daughter suddenly started manifesting. From that moment he knew she needed deliverance.
He brought her all the way from South Africa to attend The SCOAN Live Sunday Service. To his great relief, she was located by God through Prophet T.B. Joshua and an amazing deliverance was wrought in her life in Jesus’ name. As the prophet prayed, the evil spirit confessed that it was a queen from the river, sent to destroy the family and their future. It was cast out at the name of Jesus Christ and the prophet introduced the little girl to her father as a new child in Christ Jesus.
Prince Wilson returned to South Africa with his daughter after the prayer and a new chapter in their lives unfolded. Testifying in the church, Prince Wilson joyfully explained how the addictions have been broken, the anger has been swallowed up by peace and hatred destroyed by the love of God. His daughter behaves completely like a normal child and even helps to take care of her younger ones. There is now peace in the family and his career and status have even taken a new turn. He happily showed off photos of his family, encouraging every parent to train their children in the way of the Lord and run to Him with every challenge and concern. He is truly God our Father.


Mrs Patrick had been rejoicing in the joys of pregnancy in 2002 when a sudden difficulty threatened to change her countenance. Complications arose and she was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy. An emergency operation was undertaken and a ruptured fallopian tube had to be cut. Her one year old marriage faced great challenges in the following years. They were able to deliver one child successfully but an ectopic pregnancy developed five years after, rupturing her final tube.
As a minister of God, Pastor Patrick prayed and hoped on God for an answer. One day, he was introduced to The SCOAN where he received the Anointing Water. He prayed and ministered it on his wife in Jesus’ name. Just a few months later, his wife became pregnant. To his amazement and that of the doctors who had performed his wife’s operations, the baby grew to nine months and was delivered safely, despite the absence of fallopian tubes!
Pastor Patrick gladly showed the medical reports. The first one stated that both fallopian tubes had been cut off; the second stated that his wife was 7 months pregnant! He advised the church not to constantly focus on the problem but the possibilities of what God could do! God is infinite and there is nothing impossible with God! Mrs Patrick was short of words as she exclaimed, “The Lord has restored what was lost through this child He has given me. Don’t lose hope; the Lord shall also identify you through the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name”.


After a constant experience of shortness of breath and general body weakness, Ms Freda Agana from Ghana visited the doctor and was deeply troubled when diagnosed with a weak heart valve and stomach ulcer. The condition greatly affected her job as every two weeks she was forced to go back to the hospital for treatment. Her disappointment deepened as the effect of each treatment wore off and she realised that her condition remained the same.
She was introduced to the Anointing Water and with faith, visited The SCOAN and was privileged to receive her own bottle. Returning to Ghana, she began ministering the Anointing Water over her entire body, believing that the name of Jesus Christ would work in her health. To her great excitement, she experienced an instant relief in her body. She suddenly realised that all the symptoms were gone and she was experiencing good health! Highly motivated, she went back to the hospital for a test and all reports proved that her sickness was gone.
Rejoicing in the Lord, she gladly showed clear evidence through the medical reports confirmed by the doctor. She is certified free from the shackles of infirmity. Still glowing with joy, she encouraged the congregation to believe in Jesus Christ and trust Him at all times in whatever situation that comes their way.

GOD REVEALS TO REDEEM Falsely accused by a man in Malawi

Falsely accused by a man in Malawi, Mrs Susana’s career and future hung in the balance as she was embattled in a seemingly hopeless court case for many years. On top of all this, she spent two years suffering from ceased menstruation. She ran to many for solution yet found none. She finally realised her solution lied in the house of God and she made her way to The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria.
While in The SCOAN Live Sunday Service, God located her through a word of prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua. “Pray against operation. There is an object moving in your stomach. There was a time you went for an operation because your menstruation ceased. Can you forgive this man? Twice he took you to the court.”
Stunned by the accuracy of the prophecy, Mrs Susana instantly confirmed the prophecy and agreed to submit to the instruction of God. Obedient to the word of God, the moment she returned to Malawi, she called the man who had falsely accused and taken her to court. She offered forgiveness and reconciled with him, instantly experiencing an inner peace. She knew from that moment that the way out for her had come. Further confirmation to this came when her menstruation suddenly started flowing, ending her two years of suffering.
One week after forgiving the man, she received a letter of appointment from the Government of Malawi, appointing her as a Career Diplomat. It was a divine appointment indeed as it was something she never expected. Previously, she was involved in investment promotion within Malawi. She is now involved in investment promotion in 15 different counties.
She advised all who were watching her to believe and obey every word they receive from God. Run to God and not from God in times of trouble.


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Imagine working for 10 years in the same profession without any advancement, facing mockery from fellow colleagues as they advance and you stand still. Such was the case for Nurse Mrs Batho Rampana from Botswana.
One fateful day she came across Emmanuel TV with her husband and as they watched, they saw testimonies which convinced them that all she needed was the Anointing Water. They came to The SCOAN, received the Anointing Water, returned to their country and began ministering the Anointing Water in prayer, believing God to make a way through the wilderness of her career.
Soon after, the Ministry of Health announced a vacancy for Chief Nursing Superintendent – a position far higher than the one she currently held. Her colleagues made jest of her, reminding her that the position only accepted candidates who had worked for 20 years and she was only in her 10th. Confident that nothing is impossible for God to do, she ministered her Anointing Water and went for the interview.
To the shock of everyone, the Ministry of Health called her back after the interview and appointed her as Chief Nursing Superintendent. She was later equally appointed as matron for 18 facilities in the country. Her life has changed as she now attends meetings and seminars with top officials in her profession as well as dignitaries and top government officials in her country. She advised all to put their trust in God as He alone makes impossibilities possible.

SCOAN 14-12-14 Semon “Love God Above All” By Evangelist RUTH

Evangelist Ruth in her message titled, Love God Above All said that many of us today think we can earn God’s favour by our good works but Christianity is not a religion; it’s a relationship. She further explained that God will not heal, bless or deliver you because of who you are or where you have come from; He will meet you when you obey what He told you to do by His Spirit, based on His Word. She ended by encouraging us that there is hope and the greatest miracle we need is a relationship with Jesus.