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So awesome has the week been that it will go down the annals of history as one of the most gracious occasions when the Lord visited His people; so the backslidden would rediscover their old love for Him and to set free those that were in bondage. Such was the significance of the great miracle crusade the man of God, 10544776_664450250342421_5935881558734775875_n Prophet T.B. Joshua held in Colombia last week that God’s presence was very tangible. Bursting with the irresistible power of the Holy Spirit, the bustling city of Cali was the centre of international attention with thousands of people flocking in from various states around the Southern American nation to bear witness to the great move of God.

10463862_664448530342593_1992524350637716336_nJam-packed, the elegant Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadiumcarried an unprecedented mammoth crowd of worshippers who filled all the terraces and spilled to the playing field.


10445122_664472523673527_3683157689724401576_nThe emergency prayer line snaked and stretched across the pitch with people strewn all over the place in search for an encounter with the Great Physician, Jesus Christ. True to their faith, the Lord opened the Heavenly gates of anointing through His servant Prophet T.B. Joshua and what followed were great signs, miracles and wonders. 10559680_664471260340320_5228485940645739350_nMultitudes of people who came to the crusade received Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and went back home with their spiritual battles settled. Those who came on stretchers, hopping on crutches or wheeled in on wheelchairs, returned to their homes healed and glorifying God.

Prophet T.B. Joshua preached to the gospel-hungry multitude about the power of the Holy Spirit and the relevance of the Bible in every Christian’s life. He said, “Just as the authors of the Bible ‘were carried along by the Holy Spirit as they spoke the Word that came from God, we must also be carried along by the Holy Spirit to read, teach and preach it. Are we carried along today? This is the challenge we have in Christendom today. Remember, when we are not carried along by the Holy Spirit, our effort will be idle, meaningless and often times destructive.”

Referring to John 6:63, the man of God explained to the awe-inspired gathering: “It is clearly stated here that God always works through His Word and His Spirit. Both His Word and His Spirit are paramount to bringing His Will. His Word speaks about His promises; His Spirit executes it – carries it out. The Word is not complete without the Spirit. If you speak the Word without the Spirit, it remains idle. This is the big challenge in the ministry today.  There is no harmony between the Word and the Spirit.” The man of God then, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, moved to minister prayer at the prayer line where healing was like breathing as he declared healing in a mighty manifestation of God’s power to bless, heal and deliver.

Back home at The SCOAN, Wise Man Daniel preached a reflective message titled ‘Our Standard of Living As Christians’ which highlighted the Bible as the roadmap to be followed. WISEMAN DANIEL “We are to live by it. It is the only book that transforms life. It is the book of books by which we chart our course to salvation. Our Lord Jesus Christ will not open His door to salvation to the one who keeps his Bible shut,” he said.


Powerful testimonies lit the service at The SCOAN. Below are a few of the testimonies:

Mr Monaco Bezon Tabondjo, a Cameroonian professional footballer based in Ghana, was earning his living through pushing the leather in the country’s second division when his lucrative career crashed. After ten years of a high flying career, his contract came to an end in 2012. His agent then organised that he travelled to Turkey to sign a new lucrative contract when trouble hit. He was standing on the pavement on his way to purchasing his air ticket when, from nowhere, a car crushed into his left leg breaking it in two. He almost lost his leg due to the accident which affected his tibia and fibula. The accident was so swift that he did not know what had happened to him until he woke up on the hospital bed. Then, he knew that his career was finished. But that was not his main worry. What he feared most was if he was ever to walk again. For two years, he suffered the effects of the accident and had to support himself on crutches until one day a friend brought him the Anointing Water. He prayed in faith, asking God for a permanent healing. He then ministered the Anointing Water to his leg and what happened was a miracle. The bones came together and now he can walk. He showed x-rays of how his leg has completely healed. To the glory of God, he showed his healed leg and jogged, something he could not do before. He advised viewers to give their lives to Jesus!


Back at The SCOAN Sunday Live Service, Mr and Mrs Kelvin Komolafe had been facing a mountain of problems but the greatest was their inability to have a child for ten years. Before the two married, the wife was married to another man and they had no child between them. Doctors and specialists told them that she had a womb blockage and there were no chance she would ever bear a child. Because of this, her husband pushed her out of the house and married another woman. She became a laughingstock and centre of ridicule in society. Everyone would laugh at her for her condition. Out of frustration, she decided to go back to school just to pass the time and keep away from her tormentors. There, she met Mr Komolafe, her new husband. Still, nothing improved. There were no signs that they would have a child. In fact, Mr Komolafe’s family was against the marriage. One day, the Holy Spirit opened their eyes. She was at a friend’s place where she watched Emmanuel TV. She heard testimonies of people who had been blessed with children after ministering the Anointing Water. She came to The SCOAN where she received her own. They started to pray and anointing themselves, asking God to open her blocked womb. They slept as husband and wife and soon, she discovered she had conceived. She was actually three months pregnant. Happy and full of joy that God had done it for them, the couple decided to come to return the glory to Him and say, “Thank You, Jesus!” They advised couples in a similar situation not to despair but keep their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.


When Dr Dorothy Mumba, a medical personnel in Zambia was assigned to travel to the northern part of the country for an emergency, all that raced through her mind was how to reach her destination and help save life. An outbreak had been reported in that area and she was to offer her expertise. Unfortunately, on the way, they had a terrible accident. One tyre of the car they were travelling in burst, the car lost balance and somersaulted several times. She woke up on the hospital bed in the Intensive Care Unit where she lay in horrible pain for one and a half months. She had sustained head injuries and was covered in blood. Supported in a neck collar and covered in bandages, she was told that her full recovery was highly unlikely. One day, a visitor who came to the hospital saw her condition and the agony she was in. He ministered the Anointing Water to her wounds and, slowly, she noticed great change in her condition. She felt better as the fractures rapidly healed. Soon after, she was freed of her neck collar. Standing before the congregation with the wonderful testimony, she showed how fit she is once again after the ministration of the Anointing Water. Of the injuries, all that is left is a little scar on her forehead – a reminder of the severity of the injuries she had sustained. Now free and fit, she advised viewers to believe in God’s healing power.



More youths came forward to testify how they received self-deliverance through Faith Bracelets they received from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. Confessing how satan kept them under the bondage of fleshly lusts, they now testify that they are free. The first, Miriam Ezekiel, had the case of a spiritual husband who used to torment her in her dreams. Actually, he used to appear to her physically when she was alone. After receiving the Faith Bracelet, she started to count her faith with it. That night, she had a dream. The spiritual husband appeared again but on this occasion, she was not alone – as she counted her Faith Bracelet, she saw Jesus Christ standing by her side. As the demon charged towards here there appeared between them a large billboard with the words inscribed, ‘No More Torment!’ When the notorious spiritual husband saw this, he was scared and hurriedly ran away. Jesus Christ then removed the ring which had been on Miriam’s finger and cast it into the river from whence the spiritual husband had come. Since then, the spiritual husband has not appeared to her; she is free and her heart is at peace meditating on God’s Word.

For Agbo Israel, he had the spirit of lust and was addicted to pornography and masturbating. As a result, nothing worked for him in his studies. This made him depressed. The more he tried to stop the foul habits, the more they increased. When he received the Faith Bracelet, he started to ask God to deliver him. He meditated repeatedly, counting with his hand and speaking with his heart. He received his self-deliverance and is now free, to God’s glory.

In her case, Deborah Sunday had the problem of heartburn. This forced her to be selective of the food she ate as eating certain foods would result in immediate discomfort and internal burning sensations. Upon receiving her Faith Bracelet, she started to pray and ask God to heal and deliver her of this situation. Today, the heartburn is a thing of the past.
Another youth, Stephen Lenity, was also addicted to watching pornography. It all started one day while in the company of bad friends. He found them watching pornography and when he joined to watch, the evil spirit entered him. He became addicted to this bad habit and his thoughts were polluted and he began to lust after girls. Following his reception of the Faith Bracelet, his life has changed. He testified that he is no longer a slave of fleshly thoughts and even the idea now repulsed him

We hope you have been blessed with these testimonies and we pray that your faith will bear fruit in Christ Jesus and that as you have rejoiced at the testimonies of others, your own testimony is just around the corner!


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One would not blame those who criticize the deliverances that happen at SCOAN, after all, there is no way a man can explain the taste of ice-cream to another who has never tasted one, for him to understand. Even if he claims he understands after the explanation, he lies and does not until he comes to know by tasting the ice-cream for himself. If the taste of something as trivial as ice-cream, which is physical, transient, temporary can only be known by experience, how much more something spiritual, deep, unseen and inexplicable like deliverance. A man who has undergone deliverance and has the experience of it can never be at the mercy of a man with a mere opinion of deliverance. If you are a wise person or think yourself to be so, how do you view this matter? When you see deliverances in SCOAN happening in their thousands regularly through TB Joshua, the wise men or the anointed water, with so much passion, dexterity, without rest or relenting, what comes to your mind? Do you see all these things as the acts of children merely at their play? Or you see an all-out war going on beyond the full grasp of created reason? O how We pray to Jesus for you, we pray to the One who changes rebellious minds and blasphemous tongues, for Him to save, help, and redeem you because you are not to blame who trivialize his great work of deliverance and you have our sympathy. For why should we be angry with one who is not only blind in the eyes, but has been deprived of physical light and gropes about in the dark? Such a one deserves pity and prayers and not our aggression. May the Lord give you light who read, yet only those whose eyes are good would enjoy His light. They who are blinded within are the most miserable of all men. For while a man who can see and one who is blind are both in the dark, they are the alike, but when the light comes, the vision of the man who sees is illuminated, and he sees clearly about himself, while the one who is blind remains in darkness. For this cause we say that it is only those whose eyes are good that would benefit from the Lord’s light. And we do not mean the eyes of the body, but the eyes of the soul. For this cause the Lord Jesus said in a mystery; I came to make the blind see and those who see to be made blind. He came to open the sight of our mind to the knowledge of things divine and close our eyes to all things of this present world. O blind who see not, O wicked deceivers who believe not, O you sinners against the spirit, pray and ask of the Jesus, the preserver of all that he would give you the true light; and open the sight of your mind, because in your blindness you follow the vain deceptions of the accursed one, who has hurled down the souls of men made in God’s image into degradation, and forgetfulness of God, making them worship at the altar of various idols of earthly things; of money, of fame, of fashion, of game, of worldly power. Making them pour the libations of perverse thoughts to the wicked principalities who rule over all these. The worst of these all include forgetfulness of God and denial of His glorious works. Christ have mercy.

Prayer: O Lord Christ, our savior in willing compassion, to you we ascribe all glory, together with the father who is without beginning, and your all good and co-eternal Holy Spirit, we beseech you Lord, to raise our souls from the degradation into which the slayer of man has cast us down through his envy, Let not their dark air cover us, Let not the offspring of the evil dragon overtake us, let not the children of the serpent hiss at us, let his lying mouth be silenced and muzzled, for he has nothing on us. let his tricks be disclosed, let his snares be broken, let his nets spread out for us in hiding be cut in pieces, let his crown be taken from his head, let his power be brought to naught, let his throne be overturned behind thee, O Lord, for thy mercy’s sake, O most merciful of the merciful. Lest he deceive further, and multiply the unbelieving among men. In Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

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National Disgrace – Kweku Bonsam Attacks On TB Joshua

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Hardly a week passes without hearing on media platforms the ranting of Kweku Bonsam, the self acclaim spiritual father of the BLACK STARS who uses antics and to deceive the masses

This agent of the devil has over the years capitalized on important subjects in society to blatantly fume lies and baseless allegation emanating from the pit of hell for cheap popularity, and in the process wrecking the pockets of unsuspecting victims. Kweku Bonsam whose modus operandi is by luring victims into ‘Blood Money’ acquisition, and defrauding them at the end has been in the news over and over again for such fraudulent acts.

As I write today there are many who had fallen prey to Kweku Bonsam’s schemes but are afraid to expose him, he cajole his victims into taken an oath of secrecy which according to him attract death or madness as punishment should one discloses him to a third party

Prior to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Kwaku Bonsam Managed to attract the World’s Attention through fabricated and concocted stories which claimed responsibility of the injuries woes of Cristiano Ronaldo the 2013 Ballon d’Or winner. The self style spiritual father of the BLACK STARS insisted on how he had assigned some special demons (four spiritual dogs) to render Ronaldo’s injury incurable in other to shut his World Cup Dreams.

The questions for Kweku Bonsam are, did Cristiano Ronaldo play in the World Cup?, did he score against Ghana?, why didn’t he aid Ghana’s progression in the competition?, why didn’t he avert the appearance fee brouhaha if he foresaw it coming?, and why didn’t he prevent Jerry Akaminko’s injury? The questions are unending

Kwaku Bonsam claimed he was responsible for the axing of Ghanaian international Goalkeeper Richard Kingson from the Black Stars for attributing the 6-1 thrashing of Egypt in the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifier play-off at the Babayara Stadium to the God of Prophet T B Joshua. A member of the coaching staff of the Black Stars made a statement after Ghana’s provisional squad for the World Cup was unveiled that Richard Olele Kingson was sidelined because he attributed the 6-1 humiliation of Egypt to an act of God by showering praises on the God of Prophet TB Joshua. This to him it’s an indictment on his capability as a coach. It beats my imagination as to whether if the omission of Richard Kingson yielded any positive result, why couldn’t Kweku Bonsam save the team when the goal keepers were committing serious blunders, the questions again to Bonsam are, did he foresee Ronaldo’s goal coming or not?, where were his demons when Fatau Dauda set up Ronaldo for the second goal in the game against Portugal?, finally what did the conspiracy to sideline Richard kingson because of prophet TB Joshua yield?. The self style son of the devil whose mission is to deceive and win souls for the devil is anti TB Joshua, he fumes all sort of nonsense as a demon infested person at the mention of the man of God TB Joshua. On a related note Kweku Bonsam had on few weeks back sought to see the pope at the Vatican City with the aim of reporting Prophet TB Joshua over what is not clear but was met with rejection because of his lunatic appearance and behavior According to the witch doctor he had delve into the spirit world and upon consultations with the devil, his father, it has become clear to him that TB Joshua is not a man of God. And for that reason wanted to get the Pope to take action against Prophet T.B. Joshua.”If someone prophesies and it doesn’t come to pass you know he’s not a man of God” he asserted. Apart from the preposterous mature of his comments he had also failed to point out which prophecies of TB Joshua had failed to materialize.

By all indication these popularity seeking beast of a witch doctor employs the tactics of attacking prominent figures in society to gain cheap publicity, the little said about his Cristiano Ronaldo fables the better because the World today knows he is fake. Kweku Bonsam’s claims of being the spiritual watch dog of the Black Stars and owning responsibility of the conspiracy to omit Richard Kingson from the Black Stars will not be far from the truth because the Ghana Football Association (GFA) couldn’t debunk these claims by the witch doctor. After two years of Kingson absence from the team the handlers saw the need to invite him when Ghana was draw against Egypt in the crucial world cup qualifier playoff first leg encounter, and the presence of this son of God (Kingson) in the squad made Ghana record an unprecedented 6-1 victory over the all time Africa best team (Egypt). This brings to mind the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible when God assigned Angels to destroy the city, Abraham had demanded to know if the presence of one righteous man could avert God’s anger over the city and the angels answered in the affirmative. I’m of the strong conviction the presence of Kingson in the squad would have imparted positively on our World Cup aspiration. It was wide spread knowledge that the man of God prophet TB Joshua had told Richard Kingson he will lead Ghana to victory in the World Cup and for this reason the so call spiritual head of the team connive with some officials of the team to see to it that this did not materialize because praises and thanks will be offered to God the almighty should it comes to pass. Strangely, Kweku Bonsam managed to manipulated some officials in GFA to overturn the destiny of the team, Ghana was destine to set record at the World stage but influx of contrary spirits had averted the plans of God, remember the almighty is a jealous God and shares his glory with no one.

At this point I believe Discerning minds would be able to deduce that Kweku Bonsam frightens at the mention of Prophet TB Joshua just as his father the Devil terrify at the mention of the name Jesus. If Bonsam possess some supernatural powers as he claims why don’t him attack TB Joshua spiritually and stop all those nonsensical antics of reporting him to the pope.

Kweke Bonsam is a disgrace to himself, his family and the nation; he should stop the attention-seeking business and repent from his evil ways for the judgment of God almighty is at hand.



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To Rauna Kakehongo, 29, from Namibia, the news that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 bone marrow cancer came like a ton of heavy bricks. Not even in her ugliest dreams could she have pictured herself faced with such a dreadful scenario at such a young age. For the first time in her life, she could see her vision of a great future – dream career and happy family, melt before her own eyes like a sweet dream that suddenly turns into a horrible nightmare.

It all started when she was admitted to the ICU because her lungs had collapsed. She was

 Rauna Kakehongo, 29, from Namibia, the news that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 bone marrow cancer

Rauna Kakehongo, 29, from Namibia, the news that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 bone marrow cancer

placed on life support and her blood had thickened. Not long after she was discharged, she discovered dark brown spots sprouting all over her body. Before she knew it, she was admitted again and with her strength waning by the day, a wheelchair provided her only support and means of mobility. Numerous tests were employed and with each, the outcome was devastatingly no different. Doctors discovered that she had excessive fluid and blood. Her spleen had enlarged three times its normal size. In a haste to stabilize her fading state, blood transfusion was quickly conducted. As fate would have it, her blood platelets refused to return to their normal count. To find out the cause of this, they conducted a bone marrow biopsy on her. During the process, they were forced to stop due to the excessive loss of blood. The second biopsy was conducted while she was conscious, causing excruciating pain. Though braced for the news, the results were too sickening to the ear. She was diagnosed with blood cancer and stage 4 bone marrow cancer. She was given just six months to live.

Desperate to cling to a strand of hope, she opted to go for the incredibly unpleasant chemotherapy treatment. This caused her to lose all her hair and her stomach swelled up. As her condition deteriorated by the day, she resigned herself to her fate, tearfully contacting her insurance company for funeral arrangements; the date was fixed for April 9th, 2014.

It was in this pitiful and frail state that she found out about Emmanuel TV. Encouraged by the testimonies she watched, she grabbed onto faith even though she had run out of rope. Even though her tunnel was so dark, she could glimpse at a flicker of hope at the end of it. Determined to visit Prophet T.B. Joshua, she pulled out all stops and against all odds arrived at The SCOAN, Lagos, Nigeria. At this point, her left side was half-paralyzed and she could barely stand. Arranged at the prayer line, when Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, she felt something ejected out from her chest. That night, she slept peacefully for the first time since the onset of her sickness. The next day, to her surprise, her hair started to grow and her nails which had turned dark brown returned to a healthy pink – a confirmation of lifeblood flooding back to her strained form. As each day went past, she got stronger and felt better.

On her return to Namibia, she went back to the hospital for a test and the doctor confirmed that there is no cancer in her body. To prove beyond reasonable doubt, tests were conducted in four different hospitals, all confirming her healthy and cancer free. There is no amount of words and tears that can express her sincere gratitude to Jesus Christ, her Rescuer from death. Praise the Lord!


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John 16:33, ““I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
When God created man, He gave them the right to life; within that right was discretion, the     ability to decide what to do, without which life is meaningless. All of us who have fallen have made a decision and all of us who have not fallen, faced similar temptations but made a different decision. Child of God, why are you down because of discouragement? That trouble, sickness and discouragement will not come is a false doctrine. When it hits, speed up the attack. It is not the time to relax and become discouraged.
We fight through our failure and fear by maximising our forward motion. You can choose to walk out on wrong opportunities and you can choose to let the One who created you help you. You can choose to pray the more, fast the more and commit to God the more. Hear Jesus saying to you, in the Book of John 16:33, you who live in the world, I have given you the strength to overcome whatever comes. When discouragement comes, don’t stop; dig deep and fight it through. To His power, nothing is impossible.
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