Political crisis Will Start Due To Murder of ‘bigshot’ in Nigeria – T.B. Joshua

Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua sounded a prophetic alarm in his church service yesterday, stating that a “very big ‘bigshot’” in Nigeria would soon be attacked and killed.

“Last time, I said we should pray for Nigerian ‘bigshots’ – because I am seeing these people begin to target them,” the cleric stated on Sunday 31st August 2014, reminding people of the message he had previously given early in May that Boko Haram’s attention would turn to target the ‘political class’.

He called for prayer against an impending ‘attack’ against a ‘very big bigshot’ in a service broadcast live on Emmanuel TV. “It will result to death,” Joshua plainly stated. “They are just looking for an avenue that will cause crisis and conflict in the region… When it happens, it will cause political crisis.”

Joshua continued by prophesying an imminent plane crash in the unstable region near Russia and Ukraine. “Commercial planes should not pass there because I am seeing a plane full of passenger’s crash in that region. It will not be between Ukraine and Russia this time but it is close to that place, a neighboring region,” he warned.

The controversial cleric further revealed that US President Barack Obama would be rushed to hospital with a ‘health challenge’. “Pray for the president of America. I am seeing him being rushed to the hospital but he will get over it,” Joshua stated. “They should allow him to rest; he should not go for an operation,” he also warned. “I am not talking of myself; I am talking of God.”

Joshua further prophesied a ‘militant’ attack against a highly placed political figure in Southern Africa, also specifying the nation of Kenya for prayer. “I am seeing militants are interested in embarrassing a president – either they kill him or kidnap him. That is just their objective in the Southern region– to kidnap the president, vice president or first lady of that nation.”

Continuing, the Nigerian cleric stated crisis would soon envelop the European nation of Poland, calling for prayer. “Crisis will start any moment from now. It will start with internal crisis… What is the word 16? I was made to see the nation Poland – pray for the nation,” he said.

He concluded his diverse prophetic messages by stating UK should ‘secure their country’ in lieu of the security alert issued by the UK government due to the threat of ISIS terrorists. “They should strategise and secure their country in the middle of this month – 15,16,17,18 – and the end of the month,” he said.

Ihechukwu Njoku – freelance Nigerian journalist

Survivor Of Boko Haram Gwoza Police Training College Attack Testifies In T.B. Joshua’s Church

Survivor Of Boko Haram Gwoza Police Training College Attack Testifies In T.B. Joshua’s Church

The widely reported Boko Haram insurgency attack on Wednesday 20th August 2014 at a Nigerian Police training college in Gwoza, Borno State left few survivors. Omereji Friday, a Rivers State indigene who was present at the scene of the bloody onslaught, attributes his own survival to Divine protection.  

Speaking at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria on Sunday 31stAugust 2014, the mobile police officer explained that he was stationed in Nasarawa State when informed that a training exercise was to be conducted in Gwoza, Borno State.

Before embarking on the journey, Friday, who spoke in pidgin English during his testimony, called his wife to inform her. “My wife nearly fell down,” he explained, stating she insisted he visit her before going on the exercise.

Omereji’s wife warned him of the dangers of the area in light of the recent activities of Boko Haram insurgents but the policeman seemed unperturbed by the dangers.

“We quarrelled in the house and she told me if I did not go to Synagogue Church first, there would be trouble,” he explained to the congregation.

Reluctantly agreeing with his wife and not by means of any personal conviction, Friday decided to visit T.B. Joshua’s renowned church in Lagos, Nigeria before his journey to Gwoza

Arriving in Lagos late on Sunday 17th August 2014, church activities at The SCOAN were about to cease. “I met one young man from South Sudan and introduced myself as a Nigerian police officer,” Omereji continued.

Although the service had finished, Friday pleaded with his newly made foreign acquaintance to give him something from the church he could take with him for the journey.

“He gave me the ‘Anointing Sticker’ which he was with and I put it in my pocket,” he continued. Arriving back home, Friday’s wife told him to promise her that he would keep the ‘sticker’ which bore the message ‘Let love lead’ around his neck next to his ID card at all times during the journey as she didn’t want to end up a widow.

Arriving at the military camp in Gwoza on Monday heavily armed, two days of training exercises were conducted hitch-free. On Wednesday, our ‘oga’ told us to go and drop our arms and ammunition at a certain place before the exercise.”

According to Omereji, the policemen saw a helicopter hovering over their area on an apparent surveillance mission later on that day. They reported to their seniors but were told not to be alarmed.

It was when the training exercise of that day was concluded and the policemen were back in their lodging that Boko Haram militants struck.

Friday recalled the hellish incident: “Suddenly, they called us to grab our guns. If you see how rain used to fall, that was how the bullets were falling. The person next to me was hit by a bullet and died in my presence. I fell down and began crawling. Our dormitory caught fire. Five armoured tanks were approaching with sophisticated weapons.”

He quickly remembered his wife’s words and clutched the anointing sticker he kept around his neck. “I began to shout, ‘God of T.B. Joshua, where are you? Come and save me.’ ” Bullets were raining around him but surprisingly none hit.

“I crawled to the high wall of the camp. I saw an officer attempting to climb over hit by a bullet and die instantly.” The wall was higher than an ordinary jump could reach by human capacity. “As I prayed, I jumped and don’t know what pushed me up over the wall.”

However, the danger was far from over. As Friday began to run, he heard the sound of yet more heavy artillery. People to his left and right were collapsing but the policeman kept running. Miraculously, he escaped to safety.

“It was a warfront. I was the only person I know of who survived this Boko Haram attack,” he soberly concluded. “This Anointing Sticker is powerful!”

In his comments, T.B. Joshua reiterated his previous assertion that Boko Haram was the challenge of Nigeria and not Ebola.  He further warned that infiltration from foreign militants had already occurred within Boko Haram, hence their sophisticated weaponry.

The prophet further released some alarming prophetic messages related to events to come around the world. He warned airlines not to fly over the volatile Russian and Ukrainian region, stating that he saw the crash of another commercial plane.

He specified the European nation of Poland needed prayer, stating that calamitous events would soon unfold there.

Joshua further stated that US President Barack Obama would soon be rushed to hospital over a health concern and should not undergo an operation. He warned United Kingdom to secure their country in the middle and ending of September in light of the recent security warning issued because of the threat of ISIS militants.

Ihechukwu Njoku – a freelance Nigerian journalist


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Mrs Jennifer Afua and her daughter came to The SCOAN with the problem of disappointment and limitation in progress. She was facing a court case concerning a piece of land for 12 years. She came to the church to seek God’s opinion of the matter. Graciously, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua met her at the prayer line and prophesied into her life that God would solve the case. Indeed, the prophecy came to pass with thundering force as just a week later, she returned to The SCOAN to confirm that the court case had been settled amicably outside of the court in just a day!
She also testified of God’s protection in her hotel business. She owns a hotel and had suddenly experienced two terrible accidents due to ground floor industrial iron fires. However, the fire did not affect the building at all as she had ministered the Anointing Water all over her property, without which she stated that untold millions of damage would have been caused to her hotel, properties adjacent to theirs and numerous vehicles parked in their enclosure. In a normal circumstance, the whole building would have been destroyed but through the Anointing Water and Anointing Stickers, the fire was not able to do any damage beyond the power point where the iron had been left plugged. She advised everyone to look unto God for His protection and power and that in God’s mercy, they would not be excluded.


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Mr. Makhuvele Soyaphi Ben was an embodiment of sicknesses. He came to The SCOAN with the problem of stiff neck due to severe nerve compression. He experienced numbness and could not do anything on his own. He had to wear a permanent neck collar. He also had the problem of severe lumber spondylosis which also affected the lower part of his body and as a result he could not walk on his own. He was given strong pain killers because the situation could not be healed medically. The doctor then told him that he had a choice of being operated which would be a fifty –fifty chance of survival. He was then advised to come to The SCOAN and was placed at the prayer line where Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him, touching him on the affected areas. After that he stood up and realized that he could walk after so many years of spinal and cervical body torture. He finally advised the congregation to always seek God because He is the answer to all fundamental issues of life.

ELECTROCUTED! How Anointing Water Restored This Man’s Life

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Mr Fidelis Magaya had a near brush with death through electrocution but experienced God’s Divine protection through the Anointing Water he had faithfully kept in his pocket ever since his visit to The SCOAN…

“Emmanuel! Truly, God is with us! I came to The SCOAN in December 2012 and at the end of my visit, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave me Anointing Water which I returned with to my country, Zimbabwe. From that day forward, every day I prayed and ministered my Anointing Water and carried it with me in my breast pocket wherever I was going.

“One day in the month of August, while at work, I took hold of a metal pole that was driven into the ground while my other hand was holding our packing machine that was running. I don’t know how it happened but I suddenly got my hand stuck to the packing machine that was running. Electricity pulsated through my whole body. My left hand that was holding the machine began stretching until it increased by nearly 10-15cm. I could not talk or shout.

“I could visibly the blue electric current running through my hands. It was as if my whole body was about to explode. I was stuck on the machine and the pole for more than 3 minutes. While being electrocuted, I initially could see my front but suddenly it was as if I left my body and was watching the scene from behind. It baffled me. I died at that moment and found myself going to a different place – not this world but another.

“As I was floating away from my body that was being electrocuted, I found myself in a cloud of mist. I was going peacefully when all of a sudden, as if in a flash, I found myself back on earth. The people I was working with later saw what happened and switched off the machine.

“That is how God saved my life through the medium of Anointing Water which was in my pocket at the time of this horrific incident which almost claimed my life. It is an experience in life I will never forget.

“God spoke two things to me through this – love everyone regardless of position in society and worldly possessions are vanity. I praise God for my salvation and ever remain grateful to God. Thank you, Prophet T.B. Joshua, for allowing yourself to be used by God. I love you!”

Mr Fidelis Magaya, Zimbabwe


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Ms.Mmathobishe Sedibe came to the SCOAN with the severe problem of difficulty in walking due to spine degeneration for a long time. She practically had to wear a lumber corset everywhere she went because of the degenerated spine. This problem affected her nursing career and she proved to be a burden to her colleagues as she was unable to perform her daily tasks. She was then placed at the prayer line of the SCOAN and the man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua prayed for her and she said in the course of the prayer, she felt a sensation and something left her. Then she heard a voice saying the she should rise up and walk and after that, she began to walk. She said initially, she could not dare to wear high heeled shoes but now she can even model with the shoes. Her advice to people is that whoever is having this problem, they must believe that only God is the Healer.