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The SCOAN and viewers of Emmanuel TV witnessed in the live service the case of a family from Akwa-Ibom who came to The SCOAN with the problem of witchcraft accusation. Due to this allegation, the family had been rejected in the community to the extent that the body of their late mother had been abandoned in the family house for 6 months.
However, contrary to the allegation, the Man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua found them innocent of witchcraft.

What will the Emmanuel TV Team do with the body which has been abandoned for the past 6 months?
And how will Prophet T.B. Joshua reconcile the family with the community after this serious allegation of many years?

Watch out this Sunday, 13th September 2009, for the concluding part of this case as Prophet T.B. Joshua sends the Emmanuel TV team to their community for reconciliation and peace and see that Jesus Christ is The Repairer and Restorer. Don’t miss it!

Evil Secrets: Revelations Of An Ex-Wizard! At The SCOAN

Another remarkable and intriguing article found in The Synagogue Church Of All Nation’s latest publication of ‘Read Us’. Although the contents are not for the faint of heart and contains some shocking revelations, the lessons therein are fundamental and important for every Christian. Remember, there is no neutral kingdom and life is too short to waste time on perishable things that have no lasting value and significance. Let this experience serve as an incentive for you to love God above all other considerations and dedicate your heart completely to Him!

IT sounds like a fairy-tale. Most would pass it for a creative, fictitious and surreal account of supernatural experiences, not to be taken literally. But this is a true confession. It’s the account of a man who lived for over 20 years in a world of darkness and devilry. A man who knew the tricks and traits of the satanic kingdom like the back of his hand and is now ready to expose their dark secrets after receiving his freedom.

Before you read, brace yourself. The contents are shocking but the lessons fundamental. The spiritual world is real. We are in a real battle between good and evil. And confessing Christianity is not just enough – we must commit our lives to God totally.

In this exclusive interview with Read Us, an ex-wizard exposes his former kingdom.

“My name is Adebisi Jude Solomon. I am from Kogi State of Nigeria and I’m 43. I was born into a family of seven. We are only three left – I don’t know the whereabouts of the other two. My father was a pagan and one of the community leaders. He didn’t believe in going to either church or mosque. He was among those who wanted to live their own life in the sentiment of their own understanding.

“As for me, I didn’t care for any religion. I just lived my life the way I liked it. I had authority of my own self – no one told me I should do this or that. The sentiment from my own childhood was that I believed in self-government, self-principle of living. I just wanted to live my life; nobody should displease me and I won’t displease anybody.

The Initiation
“When I got into the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, I studied Science Laboratory. At that time, I didn’t know about living without a girlfriend. So, I had many affairs with girls. In this process, I came across a lady who initiated me.

“You will not be told you are going to be initiated. You will just have an affair with the person. But she knows you better than yourself – she can tell much about you, your whereabouts, your physical and spiritual backgrounds. They have been monitoring you. In the spiritual kingdom, they monitor people. They see your star, your glory, everything regarding your living. There is no area of your life that is not being studied. It was after my initiation that I got to know I’ve been initiated by having fun with her physically. It’s through a sexual relationship. When you are initiated, they will submit your sperm into the kingdom. That has given them room into your life.

A Bloody Contribution
“I began to see myself in a strange area I did not know. It started from a dream. They will be asking you to bring something – you have to pay an attribute, which is blood. You will see it as if it’s a dream, but it’s a reality. It will only become clear to your own understanding when you have paid with that blood.

“It started with an accident. I found myself involved in an accident inside a car in a dream – but it was a reality. A week later I was in a car and had an accident. Many people died but I had no injury. That is the first level you enter. You begin to observe that now you are no more just a physical being. That is the process by which you find yourself in the spiritual world.


An ex-wizard reveals the darkest secrets of his former kingdom

Joining a Cult
“In this process, I joined a cult – the ‘Agu’ cult. The same girl will take you to the cult. You need protection. They will begin to threaten your life, saying that you need to protect yourself by joining this cult – though they will tell you it’s a gang. You have to do an oath. The oath involves physical blood. They are the ones to bring blood, so you take an oath that you will not betray them. Then you drink the blood. That is another empowerment.

“By then you will begin to cause crises in the school. You begin to shed blood by using an axe or gun to kill people, especially confronting members of other cults. Whoever you kill, that blood is contributed spiritually and increases your level. So both the spiritual and the cult are working hand in hand. There is no cult or herbalist that is not working hand-in-hand with the spiritual world. That is where they get their powers. You don’t invoke powers naturally, it’s from the spiritual world and it will now manifest in the physical.

Another World
“I began to observe physically that I can sleep for two or three days. You may come in and ask what happened to this person – but I am not there. I am not lying down there but I’m in the other world. You are lying down physically but you are there spiritually. People will think you are sick or sleeping.

“Everything you see in the physical, there is something happening spiritually. Before it can happen physically, it has happened spiritually. Before anything will happen to you, it will first of all manifest in the spirit world – because that is what controls human beings. That is, your spirit-being controls you. That’s why sometimes when you are thinking about things – you will begin to have three different thoughts. One will be whispering to you gently, one will be giving you a harsh command and the other one will be saying – I don’t know the one to do. The one speaking harshly with authority is not from God, the one whispering to you gently is from God. Your own is the one asking – which do I choose? It’s now left for you to decide.

Biological Blood
“I was asked to bring my sisters, so I thought it was to initiate them. Once you are initiated, you can initiate others – by sleeping with them. The power with me was that of causing accident. I was directed to go there with them. We entered the car together to Ilorin. In the process of coming to Ilorin, we had an accident. The two of them died instantly, and many other people died. I was hospitalised. I was not really injured physically, but they will make you like someone in a coma. They know what they are doing.

Fake Coma and Spiritual Carriers
“People will think you are in coma and they will carry you to the hospital. Most of the people that will carry me to the hospital are not human beings. They will come in the midst of multitudes like human beings, and come and pick me – this is my brother, let’s rush him to the hospital. They walk in the ranks of human beings. They may enter into somebody to go and use the person for that purpose. The person may finish doing what they want him to do and he will begin to ask what have I done? He doesn’t know. Most of the people after the deliverance, they ask – what happened? They don’t know. They will enter into a person, carry me to the hospital and after two or three days, I will be released. In that process, I lost my two sisters. I was promoted.

A Ladder of Blood
“In the period you are lying down in the hospital, you are in the spirit-world. Physically they say you are in a coma but you are in the spiritual world. That is where I saw my two sisters. Anybody you kill, you will submit their blood – you will see him or her physically over there. They are the steps of a ladder. Each person killed through you increases your steps and each step you take is promotion. You will be given more spiritual power, and be exposed to more things of the spirit.

Demonic Anger
“I received two powers – because it was my two sisters. I was given transformation and I was given anger. Then I was very quick to get angry. I will get easily offended because the spirit in me was pushing me to get angry. When you step on me or offend me, you will make me angry – I will definitely do something involving your blood. Like if the person is pregnant, you can take the pregnancy, the baby inside the womb, and give her a stone, or plant a fibroid in her. If people are not spiritually alert, you will cause much damage to her.

Spiritual Sickness
“When you see anybody discovering a fibroid, or having symptoms he is not used to – don’t leave him or abandon her, saying, ‘It’s a common thing’. It’s not. You don’t know the affliction or the kind of person she has encountered that has poisoned her life by anything planted in her body. That thing will begin to eat her gradually. Gradually she is dying.

“Many afflictions you see today are not natural. There is nobody that is born with sickness. Sickness or affliction or diseases today – we call it ‘gift’ in the spiritual world. You go and give this person a gift. That gift will begin to trouble him. I will still advise the people – it’s not everyone that gives you a gift that you should accept. Many of the gifts they give to you physically are spiritually possessed, a point of contact whereby when you take it to your house or put it on your body as clothes or eat it as a food, it will affect you.

“I can change from male to female, both physically and spiritually. When they have monitored somebody and want me to get them, they will come to you physically to give you an instruction. You and I could be looking at this wall now, and they are giving me instructions – but you will not see it. That is why some people, you will just be discussing with them but they will not be hearing what you are saying. You will think they are thinking of something, but they are busy listening to their master giving them instruction.

“So they will give you instruction. For example, they know your girlfriend. Every girlfriend you have – they know her. I will transform to your girlfriend’s image and come to you physically. The appearance will be exactly the same. Spiritually, they will make sure the girl can’t turn up. She can’t come that way when you are there sleeping with him. That’s how I can initiate men as well.

Spiritual Initiation
“In the spiritual aspect, you can initiate someone in the dream. You will just observe – there’s somebody sleeping with you, having an affair in the dream. The appearance of the person they will bring will be familiar to you – maybe an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. You just use their image to go to him, if you observe the physical is tight.

“We also go to the beach or swimming pool – it’s another point of initiation. Before you will be convinced to go there, there is something they have planted in that water. When you are swimming, water penetrates into your system. Your skin is open. So the things that have been planted there will be transferred into your skin and it will affect your blood system. Immediately you come into the water, they are seeing you in the spiritual world. It’s like they are baptising you. The more you initiate people, the more it increases your position.

Tempting Tactics
“To bring down a spiritual person, they will make sure they first weaken him or her. He will just get tired, exhausted and he will not pray before he sleeps. And they will tempt the person to commit sin. They will push the person to drink. Some people will enter into a beer parlour – they only take one bottle of drink but you see them more intoxicated than the rest of the people. That bottle you drink is not one bottle. An agent is there who will take all the drinks others are drinking and put them into that person’s belly. In this state, he commits sin. He has gone against his God. Or they will entice you to blaspheme against God, or have you develop a high sense of pride in yourself.

“They will bring some ladies around you to manipulate you, to seduce you. Where do the girls come from? The kind of lady that comes into your office – who is she? Gradually she just begins to control you. You feel seduced. You go out and ease yourself. Before you come back, what has she done in your office? You will be pushed to lock the office, then you commit fornication or immorality in your office, and you say nobody is seeing you. If you close the whole office, do you close the eyes of God?

The Power Of Monitoring
“Sometime later, I submitted my brother. They asked for him. It was through a road accident too – a motorbike. They commanded another car to hit the two of us. I survived – they found me on the other road inside the gutter with minor injuries. He died. I was promoted again. I was given the power of monitoring, because my brother was the closest person to me. One thing is that your emotions will die. You don’t have any emotions. I didn’t have any emotions for any human being. I didn’t have time for human beings. It was not only my brother who died in that accident, but the thing that will crown you is if it is your own blood. With the power of monitoring, when someone is coming towards you, you will know if this is a human being or a spirit. You will see.

Satanic Symbols
“Every kingdom has its own symbol. Witchdoctors are different from witches. And there are some people who are under witch-possession – witchcraft is tormenting them, but they are not possessed. The one that is a witch – he will have his symbol. It will be like a garment on him or her. If it is a witchdoctor, the symbol will be on his face. For some, you will physically be seeing them walking with their feet – but they are not. They are floating.

“Whatever you see from your kingdom, you would be able to understand. When a person is under witchcraft torment, you as a familiar spirit don’t go there, because somebody is taking care of it. You will target those who are strong Christians.

The Fiery Indicator
“For Christians, there is a flame of fire that surrounds them. Such person, you can’t harm him spiritually. They will just be tempting him. When he falls into that temptation, that is the point of penetration. The fire reduces. Gradually, they will reduce it until it becomes empty and that’s when they now strike.

“Even if you are strong, you will be tempted. But do you give in? How do you yield to that temptation? It is your yielding that matters. Everybody will be tempted. As far as you are in this flesh, you will be tempted. The difference is that God will make a way of escape for you if you are a Christian.

“Every Christian is equal – it’s only we who call them names like ‘pastor’. But the flame of fire on each body is quite different. For some people it’s only on their head, not on their body. Because they are not spiritually alert. You can attack him. They are confessing Christians but not such in heart. They may believe but they are not ready to grow. You can see by the fire the level of the persons’ commitment to Christ.

“They will not send someone who is low in our kingdom to a big flame. There are some sets of people they send – level to level. There are levels in Christianity; there are levels in the spiritual world. Everything you are seeing in Christianity is happening in the spiritual world – in Jesus’ kingdom. But in our spiritual, ocult world, they don’t call the name Jesus Christ. We say, ‘the children of that man’. We are not used to it. It’s not something you call over there.

Receving deliverance

Receiving a powerful deliverance at The SCOAN after prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit!

The Spirit Of Money
“I was in the third level then. The fourth level was my dad. That’s when my dad was involved. Immediately the incident happens, you are picked in a coma, carried to your seat and that’s when they give you the new assignment. But they will give you an interval, a period so that people will not be suspicious. My dad was also involved in an accident. I was to celebrate my birthday and I convinced him to travel with me. We had an accident. I went into a coma, he died. I was then given the spirit of finance – money.

“When your finances are tampered with, your joy will be lost. They want to eat your joy. Even if you are a strong Christian or powerful pastor – when your finances are tampered with, you will be affected. So I had the power to tamper with other people’s finances and cause businesses to collapse. When you see people acquire money, and they are proud – that is also the spirit of money at work.

Tampering With Destiny
“There are some destined children whose joy they want to terminate. Not everyone is destined. Every child has their own destiny, but some people are more powerful than others. Those are our targets. In the power of monitoring, you see such people – the glory in them. The glory is like a star. The brighter the star, the greater the destiny.

“When you have a bulb outside a compound, you will see flies and insects flying from a distance to come to the light. If the light is not hot, the insects will cover it and everywhere will be dark. But if the light has heat, the insects will die. That is exactly what happens to every destined child. When you are a Christian, you have the fire – that is the difference. So if you are not a Christian and you are a destined child, the destiny will be covered. They will not fulfil their destiny.

“We have various kinds of leaders. Some people could be leaders in their own family, liberation to their own family financially or morally – they are destined. But they can reduce him if the insects have covered his light. That is why you see some leaders, after they have climbed to the top or are in a big position – at the end of their job or tenure in their office, what have they acquired or what do they have to show for it? They can still get to that position but not achieve anything tangible because the light has been covered. The light wants to break out but it has been dampened. At the end of their tenure, ask him – what did you acquire? What is your legacy? There will be nothing to write home about.

The Journey To Deliverance
“When God wants to do something for you, He will use every means – so that anything that could hinder it will not come that way. Let me say promptly it was the will of God for me to come here (The SCOAN), to be delivered. What led me here – I went to a place and they were showing Emmanuel TV. I watched someone’s testimony and said, “Why don’t I come here to get breakthrough for my finances?” I had to earn a living, because the money they give to you is not for yourself – it’s to give to people, to afflict them with sickness. I can’t use it for myself. So as a human being, I have to get money to eat and earn a living.

“When I entered the church on Sunday morning, the atmosphere was not conducive. They were trying to get me out of the area. When they observe the area you are in is not conducive, they will come to you to get you out. It was a battle. I fought the ushers that day. I wanted to leave, but they did not allow me. So I told them I wanted to go to the toilet. When I came out and got to the steps, the atmosphere outside was also not conducive. There was a spiritual battle going on. I went back inside.

Unwilling To Yield
“When they started worship, it was like a bell in my ears. When you are ringing a loud bell in somebody’s ear, it was really like that. In the process, the pastor (T.B. Joshua) came out. He prophesied there is a strong man here in our midst. I knew he saw me. Before he began the prayer, he said that there were some unwilling spirits, people that were unwilling to yield, that we should first of all pray for such people.

“As the prayer began, it was like fire was burning all around me. I didn’t know when I came out. I just found myself outside my chair. It was like when you throw someone into hot oil. I later saw myself somersaulting and the spirit left me. I actually felt it come out.

TB Joshua Prays For Jude

“Afterwards, everything became normal. I could see normally. My emotions returned and I started regretting. I felt like a human being. I began to feel sorry for the people who had died. I began to reason that really I have committed sin against humanity and against God.

Advice To Christians
“When you want to serve God – serve Him in truth and in spirit. If I may quote right – seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Forget about other things. Your mentality first should be the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is not by physical appearances. It is by your inner mind, your spirit being. How do you fortify your spirit being? By living in righteousness, in truth. Let your yes be your yes; let your no be your no. Sincerity, honesty, genuineness.

“Be committed to God. And more over – what empowers you as a Christian is the name of Jesus Christ. Not only Jesus, but Jesus Christ. Conclude it with that name Christ. When you travel all over the world, you see some people bearing Jesus but nobody ever bears Christ. For God has highly exalted His name and He has given Him the name above every other name and every knee shall bow to that name.The second one is the blood of Jesus Christ.

No Turning Back
“Immediately after my deliverance, I received some inspirational songs. On Monday after my deliverance I went to the prayer mountain. I didn’t know how to pray. I’ve never prayed; I’ve never read the Bible. I met the evangelist there and asked him – how do I pray? What will I say? He told me – first of all thank God for saving you and delivering you. You can begin by singing. I asked him – which song shall I sing? Shall I sing reggae, or disco? He said, just open your heart to the Holy Spirit. I felt something like cold water pour on my head. I felt cold. Songs began to come to me. I began to see myself thanking God. I experienced joy, peace and comfort in me. The song that came to me said: ‘I have decided to follow Jesus – no turning back.’ I have taken my decision to follow Christ – no more going back!

Mr Jude stayed in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations for over a month to receive God’s Word and learn His ways. Following his rehabilitation and reformation, he was given N200,000 to restart his life on the right foundation – with God Almighty.


T.B. Joshua re-unites a young girl abandoned in 1996

Prophet T.B. Joshua re-unites a young girl abandoned in 1996 at the age of nine over witchcraft allegations with her mother

Oghenefejiro Iworo, a female Urhobo cultural music dancer from Ugheli, Delta was only nine years old in 1996 when she was abandoned by Esther, her mother. Her reason for taking such drastic action against her child was because the little girl was alleged to have belonged to the evil world of witches and wizards.

Wild accusations of witchcraft...

Esther claimed that she consulted a witch doctor in Ughelli who confirmed that her daughter was a witch and was responsible for the hardship and misfortunes she had encountered in life, including separation from her husband.

TB JOSHUA FANS UK BANNER 640 x 480The witch doctor had taken the little girl to her shrine in Eku, tortured her by using a sharp knife to inflict deep cuts on her cheeks. The blood extracted from the deep cuts was then given to the girl to drink before she allegedly confessed that she was a witch.

The witch doctor then warned her mother that unless she disowned her daughter, she would use her power as a witch to kill her. She therefore advised her to take the girl to Badare Wegereva, her mother-in-law whom she alleged to have initiated Oghenefejiro into witchcraft.

Esther who believed what the witch doctor told her about her daughter was angry with her. She, therefore, did not hesitate to take her to her mother-in-law at the Ugheli market where she was trading, called her a witch and left the girl with her. Badare was dumbfounded as she could not understand why her daughter-in-law could publicly call her a witch and even accuse her of initiating Oghenefejiro into the witchcraft world.

Afraid that the little girl could actually be a witch as her mother claimed, Badare equally rejected her and took her to her maternal great grand mother who was in her 80s. Although the aged woman accepted her great grand daughter, she could not take care of her.

The little girl had no option than to become a street urchin. She roamed the streets begging for alms and later joined street kids who taught her how to smoke cigarette and having illicit affairs with men. No matter how Oghenefejiro tried to struggle for survival in life, the stigmatisation and abandonment by her mother continued to haunt her.

However, she later joined an Urhobo cultural dancing group but still lived a wayward lifestyle. It was in the process that she was impregnated by Dafe Iworo, a butcher from Ekakpame, Delta State who married her. Already, Oghenefejiro has given birth to a baby boy.

Unknown to Oghenefejiro’s mother, her decision to disown her own daughter 12 years ago had become a curse to her. Despite the fact that she left Ughelli for Lagos in search of greener pastures, Esther who is a caterer continued to have nightmares as she could not even fend for herself.

She, therefore, decided to seek divine intervention by going to the Synagogue Church of All Nations where T.B Joshua told her that she was suffering from a generational curse because she accused her daughter falsely of being a witch.

He told her that the curse would continue to haunt her until she is reunited with her daughter and begged her for forgiveness over the stigmatisation she was subjected to because of the accusation.

He also told her that the generational curse started from Micheal Akatakpo, her 60 year-old father who was an idol worshipper. Esther admitted that her father had similarly called her a wicth when she was nine years old. She, therefore, had to travel to Ughelli with pastors from the Synagogue Church of All Nations where they searched for her daughter until she was found. She also brought her father to the church where Joshua delivered them from the generational curse.

Joshua said it has become common for some parents to abandon their children in the streets over the allegation that they are witches. He wondered why a mother should subject her own child to such a traumatic experience. “It is rather unfortunate that a mother who carried a child in her womb for nine months or more, laboured to bring her forth, would later stigmatise the child as a witch and throw her away from her home into the street,” he said.

Worried by the trend, Stepping Stones, a UK registered charitable organisation is working in conjunction with the Child Rights and Rehabilitation Network, CRARN, to transform the lives of children who have been stigmatised as witches and wizards.

Gary Foxcroft, programme director, Stepping Stones Nigeria, said their aims are to tackle the problems of ignorance and superstitious belief in child-witchcraft as well as eradicate the torture of children stigmatised as witches.

The Power Of Prophecy!

The Power Of Prophecy!

Another moving story from Nigerian newspaper ‘The National Life’, detailing an incident in Akwa-Ibom state, and the way in which God used T.B. Joshua to intervene in the issue…

The joy of Ubong Enah Willie, a native of Ndoneyo in Onna Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State Nigeria, having completed his house suffered a fatal blow as tragedy struck his family and the team of prayer band invited to dedicate the house.

In the course of dedicating the house, two of Ubong’s children mysteriously dropped dead, while a pastor lapsed into coma, which ultimately took his life. Other members of the prayer band sustained serious injuries. Ubong, a spare part dealer explained that he had managed to make some savings from his meager income with which he purchased the land on which he built the house.

Ubong - Saved from the stigma of murder allegations

He revealed that he bought the land against prior warning by some men of God that he consulted about the dangers inherent in procuring the land and building on it. Tired of being hounded by landlords, Ubong said he over a period of time succeeded in erecting a 3-bedroom apartment on the said land.

Amidst savouring the joy of having become a landlord, Ubong explained that as a devout Christian, he invited a team of prayer warriors to cleanse the house of demonic and satanic powers and presence. Convinced of their divine anointing to uproot satanic powers, he said the pastors swung into action, binding and casting out demonic forces with him and his family members in attendance.

However, midway into the prayer session, Ubong said the whole exercise changed, and tragedy struck. According to him, he said that just as the prayers were going on, evil spirits invaded the building, shutting the doors and invincibly hitting everybody present with what was like a hammer, killing two of his four children instantly an leaving his wife and others seriously injured.

The pastor who led the prayers, he said died few days after while another member of the prayer

The late pastors wife

team till date has lost sensation in his right hand. In his own words, the embattled Ubong said: “I bought the land with my hard earned money although I was warned against buying it. After the purchase, I went ahead to start building on it. At the end of the day, I was able to put up a 3-bedroom apartment. As a Christian who believes in committing everything into the hands of God, I invited some pastors to come and pray over the house before we move in.

“On the day that they came, my family and I were around. Surprisingly, as the prayer was going on, I just experienced a strange feeling all over me and I felt like I had rashes all over my body. As I was wondering over what was happening, others were also having their own very unpalatable experience. There was no way out for any of us because everywhere was locked. At the end of it all, my two children died immediately. One of the pastors died about three days after”

TB Joshua - The ministry of reconciliation


Bassey Monday Udoh, another member of the prayer band explained that their mission to pray over Ubong’s new house was not the first time he would go out for such. Stunned by the bizarre experience, he recounted:” I have always gone out to pray for people in their houses and shops. Ubong’s case wasn’t the first time I went for such but it turned out to be a very terrible experience. While we were saying our prayers, some evil spirits just entered the house hitting me all over the body with something that felt like a hammer. I fell and it continued to hit me. After the medical attention that I received, I have lost feeling in my right hand. I have not been able to do anything with it since then and it still gives me serious pains. Apart from my hand, I have not been able to also reason very well as I used to do before now as a result of that demonic torture.”

Gift given to the family of the late pastor by Prophet T.B. Joshua



Pointing to a particular part of his body, he said, “Look at this side of my head, (he shows it), hair has not grown there since the incident” As if the cruel blows he received were not enough, Ubong, who was still dazed by the incidence that still defies comprehension and still mourning the demise of his children and his beloved pastor, was in for another shock when the community accused him of killing his children and the pastor for money rituals.

Aside the pain of having lost his beloved ones, the community’s allegation festered the sore in Ubong’s heart as he faced threats of various forms, including banished from his fatherland. With his whole world apparently crashing, the saying that failure is an orphan dawned on him.

Despite losing his children and his pastor in a prayer session, Ubong’s faith in his creator remained firm. Without any one to lean on, he solidly believed that his God was capable of setting him free.

With this conviction, he left his home town for the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos. At SCOAN, he recounted that while Prophet T.B. Joshua was prophesying, he mentioned that there was a man present at the service who was alleged of murder and asked such person to come out.

Stunned by the correctness of the prophecy, Ubong said: “I just came here to pray for God to deliver me from my problems and show to my people that I was innocent of the allegation leveled against me. To my surprise, Prophet T.B. Joshua, in the course of his prophecy, narrated everything that happened. He said the person concerned was innocent and asked that such person should come out for prayers. I did and he prayed for me.”

While away in Lagos seeking spiritual help, Ubong’s community back in Onna had gone to consult witch doctors to ascertain his culpability in the ugly incident. Without prior knowledge of Ubong’s visit to the SCOAN, the community head, he said put the oracles’ revelations aside and said he would have to hear from Prophet Joshua before he could accept that Ubong was not responsible for his children and pastor’s death.

Thus, he arranged that a delegate from the community, the pastor’s family members and Ubong visit SCOAN. Prior to that, the late pastor’s son who was said to be violent had threatened to avenge his father’s death by killing Ubong in return. After some appeals from the community, he was said to have rescinded his decision but demanded that Ubong should pay the sum of N4million for his father’s burial.

A bloody clash which would have ensued as a result of the crises was averted when the whole party involved in the crises visited Prophet Joshua. Meeting with the late pastor’s family and the community head’s delegate, Prophet Joshua informed that Ubong was innocent of the murder allegation leveled against him. To save the insolvent Ubong from being further hounded because of the huge sum the late pastor’s son demanded for his father’s burial, Prophet Joshua gave the family a sum of N500,000 and went ahead to assure the widow, Comfort Kiddy of his support for the upkeep of the family.

The widow had also requested that Ubong should be responsible for her mother’s burial which she said the late pastor was supposed to do before his untimely death while praying at Ubong’s new house. Propitiated by the Prophet’s intervention and benevolence, the late pastor’s son, Victor said that they were convinced that Ubong was not responsible for his father’s death and assured that peace would reign hence forth.

SOURCE: The National Life – Vol. 2 No. 68