miss oluseyi

Miss Oluseyi shared a wonderful testimony of how God healed her while she was watching Emmanuel TV in her home. The Togolese had an ovarian cyst which was characterized by irregular menstruation. It came to the point where blood flowed continually for six months. Because of the condition, she usually experienced internal heat and her gospel music career was impeded.

Being a watcher of Emmanuel TV, she had decided to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua, laying her hands on the screen as Prophet T.B. Joshua offered prayer for viewers. That night, a spiritual operation took place and thick blood came out of her. Immediately, all the pain and discomfort she had previously experienced disappeared; Oluseyi knew she had been Divinely operated on! Joyously returning to the same hospital that had diagnosed her with the ovarian cyst, she repeated the medical examination. The astonished medical doctors confirmed that the ovarian cyst had gone, a miracle God had wrought through Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prayer on Emmanuel TV. Since that time, her menstrual cycle normalized and her career was reignited.  She told the congregation that distance is not a barrier, and that people should learn to touch the screen in faith anytime Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for viewers, believing God for Divine intervention.


Though he had worked for 33 years as an Assistant Controller of Customs, this 60 year old Nigerian from Benue State was a victim of poverty and lack of personal accommodation for many years. He had lived in a rented apartment and was unable to live with his wife and eight children because the only accommodation he could afford was too small.MR FEDILIS KOODA [BREAKTHROUGH  BUILT HOUSE ] His prayerful wife had encountered Prophet T.B. Joshua in one of her dreams in which the man of God asked her to bring her husband to The SCOAN. When he visited the church, he was prophesied to by Prophet T.B. Joshua and he also received the Anointing Water with which he asked God for blessing. He ministered the Anointing Water and prayed over his land, for a family house. Within a short time, God began to open doors. In 2011, he started developing his land, and within a year, he had two completed bungalows. In April, he dedicated the structure to the glory of God. Today, he lives with all members of his family happy that when he retires in two years, he and his family will have a place to live.


She had smoked for 35 years and as a result, suffered chest pain. In order to sleep at night or even to eat, she had to smoke first. This Cameroonian woman knew that the addiction was capable of leading her to the grave earlier than expected.RITA [ADDICTED TO SMOKING FOR 25 YRS ]

In her desperation to put an end to the addiction, she met a man who offered her the Anointing Water. The man offered her the Anointing Water, with which she prayed and sprayed it in her mouth. The smoking addiction immediately stopped. She was overjoyed and suddenly felt healthy and strong. Advising those who were facing the same problem, she said that they should seek the face of God as there is nothing impossible for Him.



In March 2011, he had visited The SCOAN and was privileged to have the Anointing Water. Later that year while travelling, he encountered armed robbers. As bullets were dangerously fired at him at a close range of a meter, he was never troubled because the Anointing Water was with him in the car and he always prays and sprays the Anointing Water on himself and car before travelling. Instead of harming him, the bullets only dented his car. His miraculous survival is indeed a source of his gratitude to God. His second testimony was centered on a fire outbreak which occurred in his house when he had travelled. Indeed, while a portion of the house got burnt along with the air conditioner, his certificates which were kept inside a box, also containing the Anointing Water and the framed photograph of Prophet T.B. Joshua were not ravaged by fire.


The wife had suffered barrenness for eight years due to fibroids and evil attacks. She had also visited medical hospitals and herbal homes without any form of succor. She had visited The SCOAN to appeal to God for His divine intervention and she was happy to obtain the Anointing Water. After praying with the Anointing Water, she conceived the same month and today she has a child named Ifediora. She has advised people in a similar situation to have faith in God as He alone can do all things. Her husband also expressed gratitude to God, the ultimate power.


Prudentia’s confession is a lesson for everyone using the internet. Prudentia is from Cameroon and she came to The SCOAN with her husband, brother and son. It all started when she opened a Facebook account and started communicating with an unknown man. He promised to send her money if she bought particular items from a certain shop, which he told her about. After purchasing the items, she asked him for his photograph and he sent her a photo of a demonic creature. MRS NGWENYI PRUDENCEIA [ QUEEN OF THE WORLD] CAMEROONThat night in her dream, she saw a giant man come to her saying that she had been initiated and there was a covenant between them that she would work for him and his kingdom. She used the items which she purchased to seduce men and women into giving her money and initiating them. Upon all the money that she received from these demonic items, she still found herself in terrible debt and unable to account for the money. She came to The SCOAN and received a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua asking if she had thrown the items away. After the prophecy, she received deliverance from one of the wise men. Her husband who joined her in the congregation revealed his shock saying that he never knew that his wife was involved in all these activities. She in turn advised the congregation and viewers that they should be cautious in their interactions on the internet. Prophet T.B. Joshua added to the advice saying that we should know who our friends are. Choose your friends with care; you might become what they are.


It was a weekend to remember for all who attended The SCOAN Saturday and Sunday Live services. A fresh dew seemed to fall from Heaven which not only lifted the name of Jesus high but also the faith of thousands whose lives were positively transformed by the power and anointing of God. Prophet T.B. Joshua started on Sunday with a thought-provoking and heart lifting message titled,T.B.JOSHUA “Words of Faith Part 2”. Quoting 2 Corinthians 5:1-7 as his proof text, he said “Paul Apostle is talking about faith, sight. What is it? There is a conflict between faith and sight. For we walk by faith, not by sight. If you walk by faith, you do not need sight. If you walk by sight, you do not need faith. This contradicts our natural way of thinking. We do not see first, then believe. We believe first, then see. As a result of believing, we see. “The world says, ‘seeing is believing,’ but the Bible reverses the order. First, you must believe. Then, you will see.” In a concluding statement he said, “Faith is to work and to work through love. Where there is no love manifested, there is no genuine faith”.

The previous day, on Saturday, The SCOAN Prayer Line opened the live service and God confirmed His Word through the wise men who were used mightily to break the yokes of bondage in the lives of congregants and Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide. Prophet T.B. Joshua appreciated the good works of the agile wise men who, he said, allowed themselves to be used by the Holy Spirit. He confirmed that we had seen the name of Jesus Christ working in the spirit as people were set free from their sicknesses and afflictions. He therefore admonished the congregants to always be readily available and accessible for God to use.



On November 6th, 2012. Mr. & Mrs Aragbate was kidnapped and driven into the bush by the kidnappers.

mr&mrs aragbate 2

Mrs. Aragbate prayed fervently and at one point her bag, which was previously taken from her, was handed back to her. Inside her bag was the Anointing Water. She prayed and ministered the Anointing Water asking God to create confusion amongst the kidnappers. Suddenly, the kidnappers were confused and became friendly towards them and no longer demanded a ransom for their release. It did not end there, the kidnappers had a change of heart, apologized to the couple and even gave Mr. Aragbate money to fuel his car for the journey back to his home. The couple was released by the kidnappers without any injuries. They told the congregation that they witnessed how God worked through the Anointing Water and that people should run to God in the hour of need.


thomasThe testimony of Mr Thomas Batt, an American citizen based in Germany, was clear proof of God’s resurrection power still at work in the world today through suitable men such as Prophet T.B. Joshua. The retired military man explained that after returning from work one day, he inexplicably collapsed and lost all motion and movement in his lower limbs. Doctors diagnosed a herniated disc and immediately operated. However, Mr Batt was left completely paralysed in his lower body, unable to even move his big toe a single millimeter. He spent close to six months in hospitals and rehabilitation centers in Germany without any seeming improvement, the grim prognosis from the doctors being that he would never walk again.

Hearing this, Mr Batt, encouraged by his wife, Blessing, began to seek Divine solution. They had emailed various ministries around the world, requesting prayer for his terrible condition. However, it was only The SCOAN who responded with an acknowledgement that they were committing his case to God in prayer. Encouraged by this response, Mr Batt decided to take a bold step of faith and travelled with his wife all the way to Nigeria, completely dependent on the aid of others and a wheelchair.
thomas 2During last week’s service, Mr Batt’s wife had cried out during the service, pleading for God’s mercy upon her husband, clutching her young child that was born just before the terrible incident rendered him paralysed. Moved with compassion, Prophet T.B. Joshua followed her to where Mr Batt was sitting in his wheelchair. Praying for him in the power of the Holy Spirit, Mr Batt described the incredible moment where the power of God hit his body and he felt his nerves, which the doctors told him were dead, reawaken. His leg began to twitch and jump up in response to the prayer, an absolute impossibility before. Prophet T.B. Joshua calmly instructed Mr Batt to rise up and walk, which he did, much to the amazement of the crowd and viewers worldwide on Emmanuel TV.mr thomas 2

One week later, Mr Batt explained how since the prayer, he had been growing stronger day by day, likening his case to a baby who was learning to walk again. He testified that for the first time since the hope-crushing incident, he was able to take a shower, dress himself and walk around, no longer fully reliant on the wheelchair. The congregation then witnessed him walk slowly but steadily in their midst, evidencing the powerful healing he had received through the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua. To God’s power, nothing is impossible. Mr Batt emotionally advised the congregants and viewers worldwide on Emmanuel TV to value life and not take anything for granted, further encouraging people who came from a skeptical and cynical background to open their hearts to God, stating that what he had experienced a The SCOAN was real!

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Saturday and Sunday Service Review – Works of Faith TB JOSHUA

As usual huge crowds flocked to The SCOAN during the Saturday and Sunday live services.

The service commenced with the prayer line and the wise men ministered prayer, healing and deliverance, in Jesus’ name. Thousands of lives were touched and changed.

Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua enlightened the congregation with Holy Spirit inspired message and said that works without faith are dead, in the same way, faith without works is dead. He also said that what we are doing in secret expresses our belief in the open.

Continuing on from the series titled, ‘Secret Of Faith’, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a powerful, poignant message titled, ‘Works Of Faith’, which drew valuable lessons of life from the faith-filled example of the woman with the issue of blood. He introduced his message by saying, “Works without faith are dead. In the same way, faith without work is dead.  The unique place where faith is expressed is in our works. If faith and works do not agree with each other, there is must be something wrong with the faith. Faith is expressed through His works. Our works prove our faith. Our works perfect our faith. Our works complete our faith. Faith worked together with His works.”

Explaining about the desperate circumstances of the woman with the issue of blood that triggered her desperate faith, Prophet T.B. Joshua poetically described the scene in Mark 5:21-32. “The Bible describes a crowd that was overwhelming; all that the woman with the issue of blood could see was sandals and dusty, dirty feet. She could not see anything else but did not give up. She kept saying, “I will live life again, I will be healed. I will live life again, I will be whole!” This was a heart decision. She said, I will be free and indeed she was free.”

He charged the crowd, “It is time to do something different to change your life from failure to success. When you run out of rope, it is time to grab onto faith. Sometimes, we get to the end of ourselves, before God can mold us into glory.”

Prophet T.B. Joshua then spoke extensively on the importance of making ‘a heart decision’, one he stressed that the woman with the issue of blood made in her encounter with Jesus Christ. “A heart decision brings God’s idea. When we begin to have a heart decision, our life will begin to change. A heart decision is not to imitate or copy others. Let God speak to your heart then you will not look like others.”

 Powerful life experiences and testimonies of people who received prayer and deliverance in the previous SCOAN services were given, below are a few summaries:


Dr Enongene John shared a testimony to God’s transformative power in his life after using the Anointing Water. He had been sick for two years in Cameroon, resulting in a deteriorating skin condition that left him in constant pains, virtually immobile and jobless. Various hospitals he went to were unable to help as the creams and medications applied brought no seeming result. The skin condition on his legs worsened to the point where he was unable to wear shoes or socks and stayed most of his days indoors.

Being a viewer of Emmanuel TV, he started praying and fasting. A Good Samaritan who saw his condition and had just returned from a trip to The SCOAN, gave him the Anointing Water and encouraged him to spray the affected areas on his body. As Dr John began ministering the Anointing Water, his situation radically changed! The swelling and flayed skin on his legs disappeared and normal skin with a few scars were all that were left. He supernaturally regained his strength and after a two year hiatus due to the sickness, returned to his work. His wife, who accompanied him to share the testimony, said God’s power through the Anointing Water actually saved his life. He advised people to believe in God’s anointing in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua that is also so mightily prevalent in the Anointing Water.

Our Confession Has Been Our Position in Christ

This was the first Saturday service held in The SCOAN and it was jam packed with the congregation. It kicked off with the Prayer Line after which Prophet T.B Joshua came in to start off his talk with the former prophecies on plane accident ( and death of some top government officials) and the latest hurricane through the Bahamas and the U.S.A.

He said the universe came into being by the Word of God; Jesus was the Word, on whom we all depend, and of course, there is nothing impossible to the Word of God. Quoting from the Bible, he maintained that Jesus is the Way and the reality and outside Him, there is nothing.

The replay of a video followed in which a middle-aged man manifested at the Monday deliverance service. The spirit had spoken through her that she was its wife, and had created problems between her and her physical husband. It also said the woman was miserable and had no job. Eventually, both the woman and her husband were delivered. Prophet T.B Joshua said that our confession has been our position in Christ. He said people should not boast in what they are doing for God, but to boast for what God does in our lives because boasting in what we are doing enhances self-righteousness.

The Sunday service took a different turn as it started with testimonies given by diverse people healed and delivered at different times. These include the following, among others:


Pastor Charles Lomba from Zambia was the next in line to share his testimony. The clergyman explained that he was experiencing stagnation and financial setback in his ministry and was embarrassed to be walking home from church weekly while some of his members drove by in their cars. He had prayed for others who had received rich blessings but seemed stuck in a cycle of limitation and setback. 

After visiting The SCOAN on August 22nd 2012, Pastor Lomba received an Anointing Sticker and declared that by faith, he would soon own a vehicle to enable him to place the Anointing Sticker on it. In bold faith, he even specified the type of vehicle he was praying for God to bless him with. Merely a week after returning from The SCOAN, a member of his church blessed him with not one but two new cars, one of which was the exact type he had requested from God! Full of happiness that his case had been touched by God’s anointing, he counselled the congregants and viewers worldwide on Emmanuel TV to have confidence that whatsoever had been prayed for by Prophet T.B. Joshua, could be used as a point of contact to release blessing and breakthrough into their lives.

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The next testimony was that of Mrs Isioma Omene who came with her family to testify to God’s protection and power in their lives through the ministration of the Anointing Water. On 10th October 2012, having closed her shop for the day, a car had suddenly blocked her own car on its way home. Little did she know that it was a co-ordinated effort to kidnap a member of her family. As her husband exited the car to ascertain what was happening, suddenly the sound of bullets shattered the silence. With her husband running for dear life, Mrs Omene struggled to hold her children close to her, knowing that it was a critical situation. As the kidnappers approached the car, all the family could do was pray. Her young daughter, Favour, lifted up her voice crying for God to protect her mother and siblings. Upon seeing the little girl’s bold prayers, the kidnappers turned their attention on her and cruelly snatched her from the clutches of Isioma.

The following day, the distraught family received a call from the kidnappers, demanding a ransom of

20 million naira be paid for her safe release. Failure to do so would, however, end in her execution. Unable to raise such an amount, Mrs Omene decided to visit The SCOAN to seek the face of God. As the service progressed, she shouted helplessly in the crowd, catching the attention of Prophet T.B. Joshua who asked her to wait behind after the service. He then gave her Anointing Water, asked her to be prayerful and spray the child’s photograph with it and assured her that she would be returned safely. Mrs Omene followed the instructions accordingly, believing God for Divine protection. Thirteen days after her capture, the kidnappers called Mr Omene and told him to meet them at an appointed area to release the child, as her incessant prayers were ‘disturbing them’. The father rushed to the designated spot and Favour was released without any ransom paid!

Favour, still recovering from the ordeal, told the touched congregation that she had been blindfolded and taken into a thick forest. She was warned not to pray in the name of Jesus but continued to sing and pray, remembering the songs she had learned at her school and the prayers she had watched on Emmanuel TV. She was neither given food nor water for two weeks and each time they found her on her knees in prayer, the kidnappers would flog her with the branch of a tree. She thanked God for saving her from the hands of her captives through the Anointing Water. The father, Hon. Godfrey also thanked Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua, stressing that after her release, the kidnappers were caught and are now in custody. His wife said that people should be faithful to God because with God, all things are possible.

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Mr and Mrs Cawkwell had travelled all the way from the United Kingdom to seek Divine healing at The SCOAN. Mrs Cawkwell had been diagnosed with Chronic Bronchitis and Cystic Fibrosis, an incurable disease that had weakened her body to the point where she was forced to move about in a wheelchair. In the course of last week’s service, her husband had cried out to God for healing as Prophet T.B. Joshua was passing by during the time of prophecy. Moved with compassion, Prophet T.B. Joshua stretched his hands towards her and commanded her to rise up and walk. To the astonishment and joy of the entire congregation, supernatural strength returned to Mrs Cawkwell’s limbs and she rose up from her wheelchair and walked unaided for the first time in two years!

Coming forward to testify, Mrs Cawkwell looked like a different person, as she walked comfortably forward with her beaming husband by her side. She was barely recognisable from the wheelchair-bound condition she had come to The SCOAN in last week. In his testimony, Mr Cawkwell explained how the sickness had taken over their lives for the past two years. He had to resign from his work as a security officer to attend to his wife and literally had to do everything for her.

However, upon seeing the miracles taking place daily at The SCOAN on Emmanuel TV, he was full of faith, with his wife, that if they came to The SCOAN, she would receive her total and complete healing. He described his amazement at seeing his wife walk after the prayers of Prophet T.B. Joshua and said her recovery since that point had been nothing short of phenomenal. He told viewers around the world on Emmanuel TV that the power of God he had witnessed in The SCOAN was real, tangible and life-changing, encouraging those oppressed with sickness to never give up or doubt God’s desire and ability to heal them.

His wife said that she felt the power of the Holy Spirit flow through her entire body as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her. After she stood up to walk, she began to vomit substances that had been clogging up her lungs for many years. With her healing came a clear throat and the ability to communicate freely, which she had not experienced for years because of the sickness.

She testified that her journey to The SCOAN was clearly providential, as even before embarking on the flight, when her condition was very dire, she had seen Prophet T.B. Joshua praying for her in the dream, which had strengthened her faith. It was a wonderful testimony to God’s healing power still at work today and the congregation joined the couple in song and dance to rejoice with them!