An intriguing opinion piece published in the Guardian newspapers of Nigeria…

God is one. God is love (1 John 4:8, John 15:13). Love can never thrive in an atmosphere of rancor – political, economic, religious etc. To acknowledge the love and goodness of God whenever and wherever they are found is the duty of any and every being loyal to the Creator God, who Himself is absolute goodness. God’s love, like the petals of a full blown flower, points in all directions – the epitome of God’s boundless love for His creation.

A recent happening at The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN)’s Friday Healing service is indeed food for thought for all and sundry. On this particular occasion, an elderly man who from every indication was not a Christian had his rubber water bottle slung over his shoulder as he stood on the prayer line waiting for the anointed servant of God and expecting to receive through him a touch from heaven in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Not long after the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua stood before him and then without warning or any obvious preparation, spontaneously took the rubber water bottle, opened it and copiously drank from it. All this to the amazement of all gathered. The water could have been from a brook! Why did he do it? Many people must have asked themselves.

For the spiritually enlightened, this was no popularity stunt by the anointed man of God who by all standards is world acclaimed. Was he trying to convert him to Christianity? Those who listen to the Holy Spirit inspired sermons of Prophet TB Joshua would have heard him say often that it is the Holy Spirit that converts.

Prophet TB Joshua – We should let love be uppermost in our hearts, because if we have all the gifts without love, we are nothing.

Prophet TB Joshua - We should let love be uppermost in our hearts, because if we have all the gifts without love, we are nothing.

The servants of God only point the way by showing Christ’s unending power of salvation, healing, deliverance, forgiveness, restoration and comfort – since “Jesus lives, He never said goodbye”. Certainly most people shown these qualities of Jesus would willingly recognise, respect, love and embrace Him.

Prophet TB Joshua’s action here was a spontaneous display of the selfless love of God that knows no bounds – ethnic, racial, social class, religious affiliation and the like. We all need to thank God for the life and ministry of Prophet TB Joshua. Honest men and woman of all nations and races would wholeheartedly declare that humanity has not had it so good since the apostolic times. We give God all the glory, adoration, honour, power, majesty and praise for this spectacular favour on mankind in our time.

Scoffers – many led astray by undue allegiance to man rather than God – should retrace their steps and acknowledge the goodness of God in the life and ministry of Prophet TB Joshua. Youths and others should shun any inducement or sponsorship to drop vile, mindless and blasphemous comments in the internet against the servant of the Most High God.

They must be mindful of the warning in Matthew 16:26 – “…for what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his soul, what shall a man give in exchange of his soul”.

The frantic attempts to stop members of other organisations/ ministries from coming to SCOAN apparently have failed as eloquently depicted each Sunday and during the Friday healing service when literally the whole world turns to The SCOAN.

Many from the world over, who had wondered if anything good could ever come out of Nigeria, have through the ministry of Prophet TB Joshua changed their mind. They gladly troop to The Synagogue happily, displaying their flags and thanking God Almighty for making them part of the history of God’s tremendous move in our time.

It is not, however, a case of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ at all! It is rather the case of humbling ourselves before God to make Him open our eyes of faith to what He is doing in our midst today through Prophet TB Joshua.

We must relegate the hunger for material things completely to the background to join the ranks of spiritual achievers who are assured of eternal peace and comfort after our sojourn in a world of sin and sorrow.

It is never late to turn to God and acknowledge His love and goodness. We thank God for the life and ministry of Prophet TB Joshua and pray that He continues to sustain and increase him even in the face of underserved aggression.

Professor Clara Ikekonwu
Director, Institute of Nigerian Languages
University of Nigeria, Aba Campus, Abia State.

SOURCE: The Guardian – Vol. 27, No. 11,261


Another touching display of charity at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations…

In Pastor TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church Of All Nations, ‘Spend more on others and less on yourselves’ is more than a slogan, it’s a standard…

Sunday 4th October 2009 was a day of joy, relief and a renewed sense of hope and purpose for the trio of students who were grateful beneficiaries of Pastor TB Joshua’s extensive scholarship scheme. “My father died when I was a small boy,” explained Felix Ifeanyi, a first year student of Lade Akintola University, studying Pure and Applied Physics. “Since then, trouble has not left the family. My mother can no longer work with one of her hands, and she said I have to drop out of school. The only grace I am enjoying is that the universities are currently on strike. If we should just resume, I am out of the school.” The young man, who explained he worshipped at Pastor Enoch Adeboye’s Redeemed Christian Church of God, had all but lost hope of furthering his education until witnessing the charitable activities of The SCOAN via Emmanuel TV. “We keep wasting the talent, the gift of God,” rued Pastor Joshua. “If this brother is dropped out of university, who knows what will become of him?” Felix explained his school fees amounted to N50,000. “We are not talking of N50,000,” smiled Joshua, “we want to give you a scholarship. Give him N100,000 and four bags of rice for feeding. If he wants to carry on and do his Masters, we are ready to support him.” Speechless, words could not adequately express his appreciation – hopes of a bright future wonderfully replenished.

“I told you about the ministry of apostles: watch and pray. Before you begin to pray, you need to look around and see those who need your love, those who need your kindness. You must feel what others feel. Jesus feels what we feel. The hurt of one must be the hurt of all,” Joshua counselled the respectful crowd, many moved to tears at the practical demonstration of Christianity.

Prophet TB Joshua – Spend more on others and less on yourselves

tbj6Komolafe Victor, a final year student of fine and applied arts at the University of Nigeria (NSUKKA) and Patience Adole, a student of Benue State University studying Mass Communication were among the recipients, also receiving N100,000 and four bags of rice. “My exams are supposed to start tomorrow,” Victor narrated. “I have tried all efforts to pay my school fees, but have not yet paid. I need your assistance to be able to complete my education so that I can be one of the successful graduates in this country.” “If someone can be brilliant and get to university, is that not a real privilege to be in a position to help?” said Joshua, encouraging the congregants that the blessings they received from God were given to them for this very purpose of reaching out to others. “All we are doing is giving back what we have received from His generous hand.”

Aside from the giving of scholarships, two armed robbers who had renounced their former ways and were rehabilitated in the church for over two months were also financially supported to begin their new lives in Christ. Chuks Olisemeka, who had been condemned to death in a Tunisian prison on account of robbery only to be miraculously released, and Ekene, a Deltan who came straight from prison to The SCOAN, both received N120,000 to establish themselves. If not, Joshua explained, they may be tempted to return to their past lives.

Steven Alfred, a physically challenged man who came with his wife and four children, was also given N200,000 for his children’s school fees, and five bags of rice. Having earlier received N100,000 at The SCOAN’s regular program for the physically challenged, Alfred came back to testify that he had miraculously been able to purchase a vehicle with the money he was given. Dipping his head in disbelief as Joshua gave him yet another gift, the disabled technician could only thank the man of God. “I am here to thank God for a ministry like this. When I stepped into this place, I learned to believe what I saw on the walls here – spend more on others, spend less on yourself.”

“If you meet people like that, and you are in position – you have to help,” explained Joshua. “You can move freely, and he cannot move freely. You are to do something. If you see people like that and you close your eyes, you are closing your eyes to blessing of God. If you are blessed and you want to maintain it, without being a good giver – you are deceiving yourself, you cannot maintain it. This is why you get there and you fall back.”

Prophet TB Joshua has garnered a reputation for giving irrespective of colour, race, religion or ethnicity, believing that love is the essential ingredient, the paramount principle to any success story. “The love of God does not discriminate. The Bible says love your neighbours as yourself – so whether you are a Muslim or pagan, or whatever you call it – love first. This is what life is all about.”

SOURCE: All Voices