It is an awful feeling to have us react to this absurd expression by the critics of SCOAN as a Ministry and Prophet T B Joshua as an individual. It really amazes us to find people just vehemently, and relentlessly finding ways to discredit the good works of God through this ministry.

Now it is the issue of Deliverance – what will be next?

Ironically, it begs for reason why it is so oblivious to these people who camp themselves in the colony of ‘self righteousness’, and religious bigotry, nothing is just pleasing for them, just as it was with the Pharisees and Sadducees of old, so it is today with T B Joshua Critics.

The most ridiculous comparison or allusion of the modern ages, making comparison between TV shows and Deliverance taking place at SCOAN, how ridiculous! These are people who see themselves as Christians, or who had been recipient of the Grace before now, but just like the prodigal son, squandered what was their portion of the Kingdom of Light, and reversed with full throttle, back into the devils’ kingdom.

Let us put things into context, the TV shows hosted by Jeremy Kyle and are to express and probably settle family rivalries, issues, relationships, having no spiritual inclinations at all. Deliverance is the separation of the torturous spiritual beings without bodies, killing, stealing and destroying people’s lives, career, relationships and families.  One amazing point here is that the people being delivered and confessions through them of the evil deeds by the spirits inhabiting them, are unaware of what is being said through them, and that is why after the spirit is cast out in the Name of Jesus Christ, they deny any knowledge of what has been said. On the other hand, people who are on the TV shows know what they are saying, they are not under any ‘influence’. What a blatant ignorance!

Make sure you watch the video below!

Jeremy Kyle of Britain
The name of Jesus was NOT mentioned in this video
Jerry Springer of America
The name of Jesus was NOT mentioned in this video


 Is it Biblical to carry out Deliverance?  Have these people read the Holy Bible at all, or they just interpret the Word to suit themselves and their motives?  We shall, encourage them to pray hard before reading the Bible, for the Holy Spirit to open their eyes and heart in order to understand.

What is the issue here please? Other Ministries have Healing, Deliverance schools and meetings, why is anything done in SCOAN attracting these cynical comments? ‘What people do not understand, they call names, but what they understand, the destroy’

Please dear readers and followers of our blog should not be deceived by these bigoted, disillusioned, and frustrated antagonists of SCOAN at large, they themselves need deliverance for the spirit pushing them to carry out all these attacks, be cast out of them.  They know for sure what is on ground, but they should drop all pride and own up to their frustration, and embrace the good works of God, but alas!, children of perdition will never listen.

Sometimes, we want to desist from responding to their issues, but we owe you good people the need to state the truth at all times, so that these people will not end up dragging you down with them, from the ‘Straight and Narrow’ road to eternal life.

But a note of warning to the bigots…….Leave these men alone, if their mission is of themselves, they will not last, but if they are of God, you will find yourselves fighting God Himself’ Acts 5:38