For all of six years, sixty-two-year-old Mrs Stephanie Nosore had difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis. To help ease her pain, doctors had given the Ghanaian pensioner a lumbar corset. They told her that her bone had shifted and that there was a compression around her hip, where she felt the most pain. Despite all treatments, including acupuncture, the pain continued. “Sometimes the pain would be so much that I would lose consciousness,” she said today as she testified of her healing during the Special Living Water Service on Friday. As she spoke to God on the Mountain of Prayer on Friday, Mrs Nosore said, “I heard a voice say, ‘Get up’.” As she ended her testimony, she told people to realise God’s power is on the Mountain of Prayer, describing it as “an invisible theatre or hospital.” She advised people to stay connected to Christ, believing in God and keeping a clean heart.



One day, when Miss Alice Dramani was about to go for her duty as an Environmental Health Officer, she felt very heavy and she found out that her feet were swollen. She went to the hospital for an examination and the doctor diagnosed her with a liver problem and the doctor told her that she needed a kidney transplant. Due to the severity of the problem, her body was swollen and she found it difficult to breath or do anything. 
With no solution to her problem, Miss Dramani was ready to be taken anywhere for a permanent solution to her problem. A spiritualist gave her a concoction to drink and ever since then, her problem became worse to the extent that she could no longer eat and even drink water. After this terrible experience, Alice almost gave up.

On one fateful day, a friend came up to her to tell her about The SCOAN and she helped her with all the logistics to make the visit.

Both her and her friend made it to The SCOAN from Ghana. When it was time for prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her and Alice fell in the power of the Holy Spirit. When she stood up, she felt very light. Previously, she felt like she was carrying a bag of cement but after the prayer she felt as light as a piece of paper.


When Miss Alice Dramani went back to her lodge, something just burst out of her – very thick yellow liquid was gushing out of her, and at the same time she was stooling. Instantly, her swollen stomach came down. That marked the end of the swollen belly. People could hardly believe she was the same lady that came to stay in the lodge the day before. God has done it.

“Now, I am even faster and stronger than before and I have gone back to my work place,” declared Alice Dramani as she thanked God for what God has done for her. “Trust in God,” she advised everyone if ever they find themselves in any problem just as she did and God took over the problem. Thank You, Jesus Christ!


She remembers how as a young woman preparing for nursing school one of her friends told her there was a man who was interested in marrying her. Ukwu eventually met the man who wanted to marry her but she declined his advances. The man used all avenues to get to Ukwu – asking her friends and family members to speak to Ukwu for marriage. Ukwu continued to decline any marriage offers instead wanting to focus exclusively on her nursing career. Eventually, something came over her and she gave in and said she would marry the man. That was the beginning of a horrifying journey to come.
Ukwu recalls how on the days leading to the wedding, none of the man’s family members had met her or her family although the man had met her family. At one point Ukwu’s father threatened to cancel the wedding, as it was strange that none of the man’s family had come to introduce themselves.

What was supposed to be one of the best days of Ms Joy Ukwu’s life instead became a nightmare. She recalled the horrifying experiences that followed her marriage to an evasive man. For 14 years, she had lived a life of depression and insomnia with no one to help her until her situation was called out through direct words of prophecy by Prophet T.B. Joshua. “There is a woman there, you woke up in the morning and your husband was not there and you have a baby boy for him. For 14 years you have not been able to trace him or his family,” Prophet T.B. Joshua said. In confirmation, Ukwu came forward to identify herself as the one whom the prophecy concerns.
In confirmation, Ukwu described her life’s ordeal.

Eventually, they married; however, the first night after their wedding she recalled how the man entered the room, switched off the light, remained silent and faced the wall. “The man did not care for me. I remember thinking that I had married a strange man, perhaps even a ghost, an agent of satan!” Ukwu narrated to the church congregation. She fell pregnant and during the first trimester, the man hit her stomach and blood gushed out of her and she recollected the man saying he wanted to kill the unborn baby. During her pregnancy, one morning, “the man disappeared – I did not see him again,” Ukwu said. She explained how she fell into a deep state of depression and became an insomniac. Years passed. She eventually became a nurse but her life’s experience with the man she had married affected her career negatively. She always dreamt of the man threatening to kill her and son. There was no solution in sight for Ukwu until she came to The SCOAN.

Ukwu came to The SCOAN through her aunt, an Emmanuel TV partner. The prophecy came forth on her first visit to the church. “The prophecy shocked me greatly. I wondered how the man of God came to know me in the midst of thousands of people,” she said. Since the prophecy and the resultant deliverance, she said she can now sleep soundly and peacefully. She is no longer depressed and has not had to take any anti-depressants. After the deliverance, the man she married 14 years reappeared in her dream but could not come close to her and disappeared. That was how she knew she was delivered. Joy Ukwu’s mother gave her side of the story and further reiterated Joy Ukwu’s experience. Ukwu’s son, Joshua, concluded the testimony and said: “I am happy my mom is delivered from the evil spirit. The circumstances of your birth do not define your destiny.” Ukwu advised everyone, especially young women, to seek God before any major decision, including marriage.



Seated in the congregation, Mrs Felnyi Chinda never knew that the prophecy of the man of God would locate her. She had come all the way from Adamawa State with a secret stigma of abnormal bleeding. The words of Prophet T.B. Joshua went straight into her heart as she heard the prophecy, “There is a woman here; you are bleeding down your leg.” She got up and made her way to the front of the altar, knowing that the devil’s shame in her life was a thing of the past. Following the instruction from the prophet to go to the bathroom to check herself, she was overjoyed to discover that the bleeding had stopped! After the prophecy and deliverance last week, the life of Miss Felnyi Chinda has been transformed. The abnormal bleeding now a memory, she can focus on her future. Thank You, Jesus!

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Mrs Nicoline Ngwei’s diagnosis was not cheering at all. “You have a critical kidney problem,” her doctor had told her. The Camerounian mother of five had been feeling very weak and would vomit whatever she ate. She could not take care of her children as she watched life ebb out of her. However, she believed in God’s power to heal her, so she began ministering The New Morning Water and praying as she ingested the water. In time, she found herself getting better. Excited about the development, she went to the doctor, who tested her again and declared her healed. “When you use this Morning Water, use it with faith and you will be the next testifier,” she advised the church this morning.

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“I lost my dad when I was young. I didn’t go to school. I didn’t have any certificates. I used to wonder how I would make it,” stated Mr Frank Gogo. The Ghanaian further explained how when growing up, he was carted around from one uncle to another. “My prayer was that my family should not go through what I faced.”
After struggling through childhood, Mr Gogo tried to establish himself in the area of estate development but nothing sold. Whenever he took customers to the prospective properties, they would look at his dilapidated car and not believe the houses he was selling were genuine.

Eventually Mr Gogo came to The SCOAN for God to intervene. He received the Morning Water which he ministered to himself and his land and immediately he saw a change. Customers began to believe him and buy the properties in his care. Upon seeing the effect, Mr Gogo would fill big water bottles, minister the Morning Water inside it and he would carry it on him when he showed customers around, sprinkling it on the ground! Mr Gogo also had a dream in which he saw Prophet T.B. Joshua handing him a big fish. After this, his breakthrough came in a big way.

“I was formerly living a low level life; now I have a beautiful house and I have three businesses. I am the first person in my family to buy not only a car but also two trucks and an SUV! “God has done a lot for me; He can do it for you too!” Mrs Gogo added, “It’s been the grace of God; I just want to thank God for everything.”


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Ms. Edith Nsowaa suffered from hepatitis for many years. This sickness drained her finances, as she had to buy many medications prescribed by her doctor. It affected her health, as she could not go about her business. She became a recluse as friends and family deserted her for fear of being infected with the sickness in her. She lost all hope and had decided to live with the sickness until she was told about The SCOAN.

She decided to visit the church and received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua in the name of Jesus Christ. After the prayer, she testified that the symptoms she was experiencing ceased and she went back for another test where she was declared free from hepatitis. She was also experiencing business failure, as she had been searching for prospective buyers for her parcel of land. After the prayer of Prophet. T.B. Joshua, she was able to sell the property. She advised all that no matter the problems they are facing, they must remember that Jesus Christ would not abandon them.

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Ms Omolara Owolabi was due to deliver her baby boy but to her horror, her cervix was Image may contain: 11 people, people smiling, people standingnot dilating enough. Hours turned to a day. One day passed. Then two days. Three days. Four days. Doctors informed her family that both Owolabi and her unborn son’s life were in danger if a C-section was not undertaken immediately. Owolabi’s mother was reluctant for her daughter to deliver her grandson through an operation and so she refused the operation. Four days turned to five days. Owolabi’s mother was distraught, while Owolabi herself was in the middle of life and death. Owolabi’s younger sister was informed of the dire situation and she remembered how she had received the “Good Morning Nazareth” T-shirt from Prophet T.B. Joshua upon his return from the Nazareth Meeting in Israel.

Owolabi’s younger sister rushed to the hospital and handed her sister the “Good Morning Nazareth” T-shirt to put on as a point of contact. “Immediately I wore the T-shirt, I felt the baby begin to vigorously kick and move up and down in my stomach. My body opened enough and the doctors said I could safely deliver the baby without an operation!” Owolabi ecstatically said. Owolabi held her newborn baby for the glory of God and said, “I named my baby Israel because I was so happy!” Truly God can use any medium. To God be the glory!


She screamed out in pain as the Holy Spirit performed divine surgery on her. With tears forcing their way out of her closed eyes, Mrs. Chidinma Ohuakanwa knew her present pain was an indication that her case of cervical spondylosis was coming to an end as the woman of God laid hands on her, declaring healing on her in the mighty name of Jesus. Prior to visiting The SCOAN last week, she had been to various hospitals seeking a solution to the stiff neck and back pain that had dogged her life, making it impossible for her to live normally. Praying for the friend who introduced her to The SCOAN, Mrs. Ohuakanwa glorified God for giving her a perfect healing, in the mighty name of Jesus.

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Mr. Ted Bobier, a 55-year-old Canadian artist, had come to The SCOAN last week with the problem of sleep apnea, a condition he had had to endure for the last 20 years. As he came in faith and received prayers in church last week, the Holy Spirit worked on his organs, causing him to vomit and his body to shake vigorously. After the prayers, he found himself able to breathe freely again. He advised people to realise that all things work together for good for those that love God, even as he declared he would no longer be needing his breathing apparatus.


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LIVE Sunday Service At The SCOAN With T.B. Joshua (14/07/19)

Welcome to The SCOAN live Sunday Service. Our Lord Jesus Christ started with prayer, so let us follow suit this morning and begin with prayer in sincerity and humility of heart. Remember that Jesus Christ receives repentant souls, He loves them and welcomes them; the worst of sins can be forgiven.

If millions of this generation are to believe, they must see PROOF that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! Get ready to witness undeniable evidence of God’s Word and power at work as you join Prophet T.B. Joshua in a practical demonstration of Christianity in today’s Sunday Live Service at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria.


It was at The Monday Living Water Service that Miss Nambata Amwele got her deliverance from the problem of “uncontrollable urination”. For the past 23 years, she had been under the yoke of a strange ailment that saw her wetting herself during the day, especially whenever she was in the midst of people. Interestingly, she never bed-wet during the night. Expectedly, the condition made her life miserable, as it affected her relationships and dealings with the public; it also affected her work, as she failed to get promotion. After being introduced to The SCOAN, the Namibian young woman made her way to the church last Monday and there, she felt the hand of God.

As she got to church, she had told a friend of hers that she was sure her deliverance would come during The Living Water Service. True to her declaration, the moment she stepped on The SCOAN altar and took the sanctified water, the evil spirit in her began to manifest uncontrollably as it confessed. In the process, Miss Amwele wet herself for the last time and thus was the end of a problem that had been with her for the past 23 years but worsened in the last three. Today, the swelling in her stomach is gone and she feels as fit as a fiddle. As she ended her testimony this morning, she advised people to see Jesus as the only Healer, no matter their illness. Hallelujah!

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Blurred vision. Painful and itchy eyes. Severe headaches. Loss of reasoning. Such was the life Miss Noella Okweke Ajiah lived. “I wanted to go to the hospital to get my eyes removed because they gave me severe problems,” the Cameroonian based in Kuwait told the church congregation. For 20 years, Miss Ajiah had the dreadful problem of eye pains, which caused her obstructed vision – where she would see images in triples. The severe eye problem disrupted her ability to read long texts and caused an unbearable sensation, making her constantly feel as if there was sand in her eyes. The sensation caused an uncomfortable itch that caused her blurred vision and tears would start streaming down her face.

Ajiah recollected how the problem started after she had a dream more than 20 years ago, when someone “literally took my eyes away from me in the dream,” she said. After that dream, as a young girl in primary school, the eye problems began and endured for 20 years. As a result, she lost all sense of reasoning owing to the problem. After having made numerous visits to the doctors, she got eye drops and glasses but the headaches persisted, as the veins connecting her eyes to the brain were weak.
She decided to make her way to The SCOAN, where she attended The Monday Living Water Service. “When I stepped on the altar, I started to manifest strongly,” Miss Ajiah recalled. After she was declared free, she said, all of a sudden everything around her visually appeared brighter than normal. To her surprise, everything was bright yet she was not wearing her glasses. Since then, she has been completely free, even as she showed medical documents confirming her healing. She advised people to lean on God and to take spiritual revelations seriously.

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His Royal Highness Aidenojie Ehidiamen, The Onojie of Opoji was at The SCOAN during the first Sunday Service of the year, 2016 and he received the New Good Morning Sticker. On his way back to his state, around 6 in the morning, armed robbers blocked the way and were signaling for him to park on the side of the road. Even his mobile police security, upon seeing that the armed robbers were heavily armed, took shelter inside the vehicle together with the passengers. The armed robbers were dressed in police uniform but were quickly distinguished to be robbers rather than officers of the law. Right before getting to the check point where the robbers were, the driver took a side road and surprisingly, the robbers never even tried to pursue them nor did they fire a single bullet at them, as if they didn’t even see them coming. Glory to God as God used the New Morning Sticker to deliver them from the hands of armed robbers


Engr Prince Offiong Effiong Bassey came all the way from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria to share his wonderful testimony with the congregants. He is a practicing engineer with a Coren License. He had been working for six years without receiving any promotion. He used to wonder why he was not promoted, when all the junior staffs and those who he had trained, had all been promoted. One day, before an exam, he ministered the Morning Water and touched the screen of Emmanuel TV to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. After passing the exam, he continued pray with the Morning Water and finally he also passed the interview! To his great surprise, his name was written on the Promotion Board, something he was dreaming about for many years. He was then called to collect his promotion letter. To God be the glory, he was finally promoted to the rank of Assisting Chief Engineer. With all God had done in his life, he advised the world that whatever our challenges are, we should learn to leave it for God. Thank You, Jesus!