Daily Devotion – PASS YOUR TEST!- By TB Joshua

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People of God, have your circumstances ever pressed you to doubt God’s promises? Have you ever been tempted to ask, “Does God hear me? Does God love me? If God loves me, why do I have all these challenges?”

The lives of believers in both the old and new testaments testify that being faithful to God does not eliminate adversity. That you are a Christian, a pastor, an evangelist does not mean you will not be exposed to things that are not consistent with God’s Word. There will be a time to laugh, a time to cry, a time for war and a time for peace, a time to face temptation and a time to overcome. What time are you in? It is necessary for your forward movement in Christ.

In Romans 5:3-5, the apostle tells us, “…we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance and perseverance, character and character, hope. now hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us”.

There can be no victory without a battle. There can be no harvest without planting. There can be no resurrection without a death. Remember, when times are stable and the sea is calm and secure, no one is really tested. Pass your test and move on, in Jesus’ name!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, grant me grace in accepting adversity and enduring every pain so that I may learn what I should know, my grief to turn to gain.

1 Peter 4:12-19

John 6:31-33

Psalm 27

TB Joshua Ministry


‘Vicki Royce beg, I was paid to accused Prophet TB Joshua of rape..

The accusation of sexual misconduct against Prophet T.B. Joshua, by one Vicki Royce has now taken a new twist with the admission of the lady involved that she was paid money to smear the name of the Prophet.

According to the Nigerian online portal The Pointer News , Vicki Royce, an upcoming singer based in Lagos State, confessed that “she was paid to carry out the evil act” in accusing Joshua of rape and experienced a mental breakdown ever since her name was embroiled in the scandal.

It would be recalled that shortly after the COZA rape scandal erupted, multiple Nigerian blogs carried the news alleging Royce was raped by Joshua in 2012, even though she didn’t specifically mention his name in the tweets where she recounted the purported assault.

Several days later, Royce retorted online that Joshua was not the one who abused her, although the story of his sordid involvement had already spread in the Nigerian social media sphere.

“I beg of you! I was paid to accuse you of rape,” Vicki is quoted as saying to Joshua after she was spotted deliriously ‘roaming’ the streets of Lagos. “Pray for me so that I can get better.”

The news comes on the heels of a viral video showcasing another prominent accuser of Joshua, Bisola Johnson, confessing to her own mental instability years earlier in Joshua’s church and ‘begging’ for his help.

It is not the first account of Joshua’s critics being paid to accuse him.

A video on Emmanuel TV’s YouTube channel detailing an ex-militant’s confession that he was recruited by a Nigerian church to badmouth Joshua in public crusades in exchange for monetary incentives has been viewed 200,000 times.

The cleric, who is known for his calm mien despite the numerous attacks levelled at him, has described his ‘haters’ as providing free advertisement for his ministry.

“Let people advertise you. Don’t fight back. If truly you are genuine, whatever people say about you – whether they condemn you or spoil your name – it is for your good. If truly you are sent by God, it will turn around to favour you,” he said.

Tawia Acheampong, a seasoned African journalist, is currently writing from Abuja, Nigeria


Rebeca Testimony Rebeca Garcia-Escobar from USA shares a touching testimony of how she broke free from the fatiguing grip of depression after encountering Emmanuel TV:

“For many years, since I was a teenager, I struggled with loneliness and depression. This affected me because no matter where or who I was with or the blessings that surrounded me, any little problem that I’d have would remind me of how alone, unappreciated and unloved I was and would put me in a state of anger or depression.

“For as long as I could remember, I would spend many hours a day crying and feeling sorry for myself. I was so miserable all the time that I became aggressive with my husband and my small children. Afterwards I would come to my senses and say, ‘Why did I say or do those things?’ I especially felt worse when I would be angry at my little children and then realise that they’re just babies and I should be gentle with them.

“During both my pregnancies in 2009 and 2011, I had so many conflicts at home that I spent most of my time crying alone and swallowing my tears. Since I got married, my depression became so bad such that there were many times that I spent days lying on the couch without any desire to care for myself or even my children’s basic needs.

“It was so hard for me to care for my children or my husband that my family suffered a lot because of the state I was in. Instead of finding comfort in my local church, they would criticise me when they didn’t see me for many days. This discouraged me even more but God’s mercy sustained me.

“I never saw a doctor for help because nowadays doctors solve everything with drugs and i didn’t want that. However, one day I stumbled across a video of Prophet T.B. Joshua on YouTube. After watching Emmanuel TV, though inconsistently at first, I knew that my problem was spiritual and only God could deliver me. At the end of 2013, I began watching Emmanuel TV with great devotion. I began actually listening to the teachings and the messages began to strengthen my faith and encourage me.

“By December 2013 I was convinced that I could not give up until I visited SCOAN to receive deliverance. To the glory of God I was able to come and visit in February 20114. Prior to going to the SCOAN, I had a lot of opposition at home and the enemy would bombard me with negative thoughts that I was wasting my time and money, that I would not be delivered but come back the same. I fought against those thoughts even during my stay at SCOAN.

“To the glory of God on Sunday February 23rd 2014, Jesus Christ delivered me through one of the wise men from that evil spirit that made me and my family miserable. I then met with the man of God who gave me Anointing Water as well as Anointing Stickers in both Spanish and English.

“Ever since I returned home, I have never again felt depression or loneliness! My attitude towards my husband and children improved drastically. Whereas before I had no control over how I felt or acted, now – no matter what problem I may have – nothing and no one can take away the immense peace and joy in my heart. In fact I am pregnant with my third child and though I continue to have some challenges, I trust in God and the peace in my heart is unshakeable. Glory to God!!! I am so grateful to Him.”


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Emmanuel! God is with us (Matthew 1:23). Jesus never stops giving us reasons to praise Him! T.B. Joshua has sent the Anointing Water to the UK and it will be ministered by God’s grace at the next Prayer Line service at SCOAN UK. It is not the water that heals, blesses or delivers but God Himself, since the anointing is done in Jesus’ name. Get ready for your testimony to be restored,!

Click here to go to the form in order to apply.

If you wish to visit the SCOAN in Lagos CLICK HERE to apply

Fabricated stories and account of the ‘gang’ TB Joshua Enemies

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TB Joshua Watchers………an outstanding example of hypothesis paralysis, tainted by deceit and obnoxious insinuations. It is very sad to see and read the ‘fabricated’ stories and account of the ‘gang’ propagating the evil attacks on SCOAN as a ministry and the person of Prophet T B Joshua.  Suffice to say that, it is now quite evident that the people behind this ’evil project’ are the disgruntled elements, who for whatever reason they became followers and workers in this ministry for the ‘many’ years had not accomplished their mission, or their own agenda.

Who first enticed or forced them into this ministry anyway?  Because of their selfish and dubiously motivated reasons, and because they could not ‘achieve’ what they desired, consequently decided to be the strong attackers of this ministry.  It is quite sad to witness this, for whatever it is worth, come on…..seems the whole issue is tantamount hatred.

It is quite apparent that the postings and so called ‘comments’ on their ‘venture’ are all concocted, because as they claim they still have ‘loved ones’ in the ministry. These so called former disciples and workers in the vineyard had given and narrated their ‘own side’ of why they left.  Really we don’t get it, what point are they making? As we said earlier, we do not and will never incite anyone to come forward to tell stories about how and why they left SCOAN, the postings and comments we publish are well scrutinised before hand , because we will never be part of words trading and counter accusations, or preside over others to judge and watch them.  All we are doing is to establish and foster good, spirit-filled relationship with Children of God for the salvation of their souls, just like by-line of Emmanuel TV…….Changing Lives, Changing Nations, Changing the World.  As we know as children of Most High….The evidence of Christ is Life Changed. We know indeed that BETTER IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

TB Joshua’s Enemies Runs Out of Ammunitions

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It has become very clear now that one of the enemies of TB Joshua and his ministry based in Bristol

Has run out of ammunition hence, recycling and reposting old articles which we’ve already responded to. We are also reposting our response to their article here.

Editor’s Note:

In view of the fact that so many people still seem to believe the liberal bias Journalism of BBC and SKY news on SCOAN, We’re making this post to revisit the issue and also as a Tribute to a regular commenter on TB Joshua watch who goes by the alias Ironclad, and works in an investigative/audit field involving white collar crime in the State of New Jersey, we with this post present collated excerpts from his comments throughout TB Joshua watch which are as insightful as they are revealing and are facts too important to be at the bottom of many comments on TB Joshua watch. Apart from exposing the hidden agenda behind the BBC and SKY news report on SCOAN, he also laments how too many cessationists would rather leave God in the fridge of their unbelief, with miracles abounding and the gifts of the Spirit shining in third world countries.

TB Joshua Watch, BBC and SKY report On SCOAN – “The Hidden Agenda”

TB Joshua ArticleThe BBC news report mentions a Jane Iwu (I don’t fail to notice the ‘Jane’ part of Doe) who “knows of a friend.” No name. No dates. There’s also mention of a “second woman from east London who told of a friend.” Notice, an unnamed woman tells of another unnamed woman. Both accounts are hearsay and thus not good admissible evidence. Where’s the third alleged victim? Can we really say with full confidence that these are worthy evidences to justify such a firm conclusion as the heading of the report proclaims? That’s misleading. Guilty until proven innocent is not a good Christian practice; but then again, who said these liberal news agencies are in favor of Christianity to begin with. News reporting should be more responsible than that. Maybe that’s why respectable news agencies like the AP have not picked up on it. We should not let bias blind us away from what is honest and true. If what they say is true, then the perpetrators are liable for manslaughter, at least? This indeed has all the trappings of an indictable offense. Have the police been conducting an investigation? Are there lawsuits pending? I know Great Britain has a very severe judicial system. And the President of Nigeria would not allow one of its citizens, whom he personally knows, to get away with this. It is not good for the nation or his political reputation. I don’t need to travel to a faraway country to realize that in every church and in every movement there will always be those who will stir the waters of controversy because of envy or because something that has been done against them. There will always be opponents. Such reality we also find in the Bible. Christian history is filled with it.

BBC report on SCOAN – based on “An unnamed woman’s testimony to another unnamed woman” – Faceless and nameless allegations offering nothing to track!

Let’s go back to that BBC report again. The report states: AHPN said it believed the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), which has UK headquarters in Southwark, south London, MAY BE one of those involved in such practices.” (Note the capitals) According to the above, they don’t even know if SCOAN is implicated. The mindtry MAY BE involved in the practice. So much for nothing. No wonder none of the leaders have been indicted or investigated by police. Look who the churches in Britain are dealing with in this controversy. A closer look at one of the accusers >>> “Emmanuel admitted he suspects he may have passed HIV onto his boyfriend” {http://news.sky.com/home/uk-news/article/16117269}. Talk about not changing your lifestyle and repenting from your sin of homosexuality and yet wanting God to heal you. Since in the Western world AIDS still attacks gays disproportionately, of course it is not a long jump to conclude that some in the gay community will have their radars open and their claws ready for tearing its prey with on this one. After all, ILGA and similar LGBT groups are increasing their efforts to bring down all things religious and if it could, destroy Christianity itself, the vanguard of so-called hostilities against them. Funny that many professed Christians are joining their efforts as the Devil pounces on. We cannot deny the fact that AIDS disproportionately affects gays in western countries. And we cannot pretend that there is not a homosexual agenda out there looking to destroy the church, or at least that sector of Christianity that disagrees with their lifestyle and calls it a sin. Have you been aware of the latest activities of the pro-gay movement in its attempt of dismantling established Christian traditions and values? We have one of the accusers, Emmanuel, in the Sky News report, who’s complaining that he might have given the virus to his boyfriend after, presumably, thinking that he was already healed. What??!! That sounds so preposterous and disingenuous. The gall of this man!! Instead of changing his sinful ways and turning back from the sin of homosexual sex, this malcontent has the audacity to point fingers at God and his servants for not having his miracle as was promised so that he could go ahead and keep on enjoying his sodomizing escapades. This is bad enough in itself, but what worries me more is that here we have a group of co-called Christians joining hands with these unrepentant sinners, even with a liberally slanted media, and following the Serpent’s tail without so much looking at the destructive path the filthy animal is leading it to.

Abuse Allegations against TB Joshua – Where Are The Proofs? – or at least News Reports?

Satan remains the accuser of the brethren, working through his agents to accuse God’s servants.

And about allegations of sex abuse coming from Nigeria, if this is also true, where are the news articles for these also? If a minister is suspected of having committed so serious a crime as sexual abuse, don’t you think the authorities would be on top of this as well as the respective news organizations? respectable news agencies like the Associated Press Especially when SCOAN has as one of its members the President of a nation? News agencies will stop at nothing to cover such juicy sensational stories. But that’s not what we have because it’s just that. Faceless and nameless allegations offering nothing to track. And one more thing about the BBC report. The two anonymous accusers don’t even make a connection with SCOAN. They only say that some pastor or some church had told victims not to take medication. This is the classic guilt by association ploy. I’m not saying the BBC is not credible. What I had problems with was the story of the people making the news. It did not add up and was kind of flaky. To their credit, the BBC journalist did write: “AHPN said it believed the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), which has UK headquarters in Southwark, south London, MAY BE one of those involved in such practices.” A good way of not putting yourself in the hook. Pretty slick! So don’t let my skepticism of people’s shaky stories stop you from posting relevant news articles, After all, you are compelled to save the world from awful Antichrists like TB Joshua. In that spirit, where are the articles pointing to SCOAN’s sexual abuse allegations? I’m sure with potential crimes like these, it would not be hard to find a juicy story or two, especially when you have hundreds, if not thousands of people out there who are being robbed and abused by Joshua’s ministry and are out to get him.

Why So Much Criticisms against TB Joshua’s Ministry?

Man undergoing deliverance as TB Joshua speaks in keeping with God’s power – The current Thorn in the flesh of cessationists

Heresy hunters have been at it for centuries. This is nothing new. Just look at Christian history. Mention Irvington or Kuhlman, for example, and all cessationists and anti-charismatics will come out of the woodwork with nooses and stakes. To cessationists and anti-charismatics, revelatory and other supernatural gifts are just not possible, so if you have them, that automatically qualifies you as a false prophet. Notice how they make much of the 1 John 4:1-3 test, but yet fail to heed its pure wisdom. On this score, TB Joshua passes the test since he acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh and is from God. But that’s not enough to the cessationists. To him, extraordinary displays of supernatural power and revelation makes you an antichrist. Such views operate from an a priori thinking, and it is therefore natural that the charismatically gifted should send them fear because it is a violation of their theological sensibilities.

*Cessationism: In Christian theology, is the view that the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit, such as tongues, prophecy and healing, ceased being practiced early on in Church history.


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In line with Prophet T.B. Joshua’s newly launched initiative to assist graduates with employment, a wonderful development has taken place! The MBA Tour, an international event organized to link prospective students with top level business administrative educational institutions around the world, have partnered with Emmanuel TV.

The West African representative of the MBA Tour, Hannah Bertilla Acquah came to The SCOAN to officially announce the unique partnership. She said, “The MBA Tour is here to officially partner with Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV. Our partnership is based on our mutual commitment to nation building through skills development for the young and corresponds with the man of God’s current project of assisting graduates with employment.

“Our partnership will enable African students who demonstrate outstanding potential, access to fellowships at the world’s top business schools and academic institutions – including: Columbia Business School; Harvard Business School; MIT Sloan School of Management; Yale School of Management; IE University, Spain; Erasmus University, The Netherlands; INSEAD Business School, France.

“Representatives from these renowned institutions will identify the qualifying students and Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV will assist with financial scholarships.”

You can register and find more information online at www.thembatour.com



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Esther Oni Jesus, a Nigerian living in Kampala, Uganda came forward to testify to the mighty power in God in her life. She had been bleeding profusely for ten years; it had not stopped for one day. The pain, mortification and discomfort had become difficult to bear. She had been to South Africa, Turkey, Cape Verde and India where various tests were conducted on her but the cause of the bleeding could not be identified.  She would use more than one pack of sanitary pads within a space of two hours. The problem had also caused her several business failures because she had lost focus and was unable to attend to her various engagements in person. Explaining the severity of her condition, she said that she was not able to sit for more than 15 minutes because her clothes would quickly become soaked with blood. As a result, she avoided going anywhere and would rather stay isolated at home. At times, clots of blood would fall from her body and she would not notice it until someone would point it out.

When her mother insisted she came to The SCOAN, she was at first unwilling because she had gone to places where she thought were very efficacious but could not get any relief from the affliction. Moreover, she had reservations about ‘so-called miracle works’ that went on at The SCOAN. When she eventually agreed to come to The SCOAN, she was seated at the nursing mothers section, afraid to sit in the church due to the bleeding. She was among those privileged to receive the new anointing water during the Live Service. When she returned to her lodging, she ministered it and drank some of it, praying that Jesus who delivered the woman with the issue of blood would deliver her.

That same night, she had a dream. She saw the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua who told her that God wanted to do an extraordinary thing with her that had never been done in this ministry. She was seated in front of the altar and the man of God instructed the wise men to lift her in that chair to the right seven times, to the left, seven times and to the front. Immediately they put her down, the man of God touched her forehead and said, “It is over”. She felt that she needed to go to the bathroom urgently. It was this feeling that woke her and she quickly ran to the toilet. To her greatest surprise, it was a pool of blood that came out from her. This happened three consecutive times. Since then, her bleeding had completely stopped. A plague of ten years came to an end abruptly through the power in the name of Jesus operating through the Anointing Water. Truly, God had done something extraordinary, something unheard of, something unprecedented. This is the first time in 10 years that she can go out without wearing a sanitary pad.

The man of God commented that the way and manner people receive the anointing water and God’s gift really matters. God is using the new anointing water to re-write people’s history. He explained the vision God had given him about the anointing water, saying that it would be used to purify people and make their lives, businesses and prospects clearer.



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Mr & Mrs Chijioke Okafor came to The SCOAN with a problem of stillbirths after having had to live without a child for eight years. The lady had had two stillbirths before the couple ran to The SCOAN to avoid a further occurrence in their life.

Mr & Mrs Chijioke Okafor
Mr & Mrs Chijioke Okafor

They were privileged to receive the Anointing Water. They prayed and ministered the Anointing Water to themselves believing that God would avert the problem of stillbirths in their marriage. This time around, by the power of God manifesting through the Anointing Water, the woman safely delivered a bouncing baby girl. She advised all to put their trust in God and at His time, He would answer.


Who Prophet TB Joshua Is Part 1

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Prophet TB Joshua
Prophet TB Joshua

T.B. Joshua is the General Overseer of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). The Founder is Jesus Christ! He is just one of those who has humbly submitted to the will of God (Isaiah 6:8).

Born on June 12th 1963 in Ondo State, Nigeria, T.B. Joshua’s journey is a humbling story of how God raised a young man from a poverty-stricken home to lead an international ministry that would attract thousands worldwide to witness the reality of God’s power today.

From dropping out of secondary school in his first year to working in a poultry farm; from teaching little children while attending evening classes to washing people’s legs on the muddy streets of Lagos; from a forty day fast to receiving a divine call and starting a ministry with a mere eight members – the life of T.B. Joshua is a story of amazing grace and unwavering focus. Today, he is a mentor to presidents yet a friend to the widows and less privileged, a role model to his generation yet a humble and hardworking man, toiling tirelessly for the advancement of God’s kingdom. His story is an encouragement that there is hope for the weak.

TB Joshua Gives His Testimony



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The Sunday Service reached a breath-taking point when a young lady who had come to The SCOAN from Tanzania interrupted the prophecy

ministration I WALKED FOR THE FIRST TIMEbeing conducted by the man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua. She cried out to draw attention to the fact that her paralyzed elderly mother was sitting in one of the overflow canopies in a wheelchair. When Prophet T.B. Joshua inquired what the matter was, the young lady said that her mother had been confined to the wheelchair for three years. She had been affected psychologically and was unable to perform her duties as a teacher. She had sought solution from several hospitals and referrals before it was suggested that she undergo an operation as that was the best the medics could do to save her life. As soon as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for the physically disabled woman, she rose from the wheelchair and walked in the midst of The SCOAN congregation for the first time in years. Glory be to the Master Healer – Jesus Christ!

The congregation couldn’t help but join the overwhelmed woman and her daughter in a victory dance that lasted a while, as people besieged the woman to give her heart-rending hugs.

My Mother Left Me With a Spiritualist

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A video was shown of Lena Ofosu from Ghana receiving her deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit after prayer from Wise Man Racine at the prayer line. After her deliverance, she took the Emmanuel TV team to her house in Ghana where she paid homage to the marine spirits that had possessed her. She showed them how she used to meet with her spiritual husband in the marine kingdom through a series of strange sacrifices. Telling her story to the congregation, she explained that it all started when her mother took her to visit a spiritualist when she was very young. While she and her mother were there, the spiritualist told her mother to hand her over to him because she was married to a spiritual husband from the marine world and therefore destined to serve them. Her mother agreed and left her with the spiritualist and from that day, he taught her everything about the marine world of darkness. She used to interact with her spiritual husband regularly and he had warned her never to marry on this earth. She tried to get married but the first man died and the second marriage only lasted a few hours.

Lena Ofosu  talks about her deliverance from the malice of the powers of darkness at the SCOAN.
Lena Ofosu talks about her deliverance from the malice of the powers of darkness at the SCOAN.

Her principal assignment was to initiate people into the kingdom of darkness, especially men. One of her major targets were those who attended church. She was given instructions to dress in a certain way in order to be ushered to a seat in the front of the church and distract attention from the Word of God. When asked how they identified Christians, she said that true born again Christians are covered by the blood of Jesus and they had light around them. She said that even if they were sent to initiate a true born again Christian, they would be unable to get them because nothing of the world entices them. She said that she was even sent to initiate her own daughter into the marine world but could not because she was a true born again Christian. Her message to the world was very clear: “Don’t emulate the outward appearance of others; be yourself and be guided by the Holy Spirit in everything you do, including how you dress and do your hair.”

Breaking News: Anti TB Joshua Bloggers Admits his of God, What a contradiction?

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I was so pleased when l came across a comment left by an ‘anti SCOAN’ group on article posted by a TB Joshua supporter, who in their opinion described TB Joshua as the ‘reigning Messiah’ because of what they have witnessed God doing through Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of all Nations, Lagos. But we disagree with them referring to TB Joshua as the reigning Messiah because TB Joshua himself had said many time” No matter how much miracles, healing, deliverances, blessing etc God does through me, l CANNOT call myself God, but I am only a servant”.

Prophet TB Joshua
Prophet TB Joshua

A group of individuals whom has for the past couple of years come together to form a blog  launching  strong attacks  on TB Joshua and his ministry have described him  with some strong words especially Edmund Nii Ayiku Amartey

Another regular commenter whom has also used strong words against TB Joshua wrote:

TB Joshua has gift of knowledge that allowed him to know secrets of the people’s hearts from God’s perspective. God uses him in other areas like healings, teachings and financial support. But TB Joshua is not a Messiah or the Messiah. He is not a Christ or the Christ, because there is only one Christ and Messiah Jesus of  Nazareth. TB Joshua is not a God or the God. He is a man who was born again, his sins where forgiven, he is called by God to prophetic ministry and that is it. He was born in a small village and an uneducated person but he has gifts from the Holy Spirit. His English is not as smooth and compelling like ‘other’. He forgets  many atimes a letter “s” in the third person of conjugation grammar when he speaks in English. He has a wife. With her, he is one body and he has kids. Let’s be honest and see him in the truth. Let’s make him who he is in the Lord. Honour him but worship only Jesus Christ. Listen to him but believe only Jesus. TB Joshua loves everyone but trusts only God. TB Joshua has been allowed by God to be persecuted in order to make him humble and not to destroy his big ministry by  pride and thinking about himself too high. If you would begin to call him a Messiah or write such articles you will try to lead him into temptation to think about himself what he is not.

This tells us these bloggers know   that TB Joshua is of God, in their own words:

  1. TB Joshua has gift of knowledge that allowed him to know secrets of the people’s hearts from God’s perspective. If in your own words have this to say, why then condemn the prophetic ministry of TB Joshua so much, recording, cutting and pasting subversive articles to ridicule him?
  2. God uses him in other areas like healings, teachings and   support to the needy and less privileged in society at large irrespective of religion, race or creed. Another confession they made is that TB Joshua is used by God in the area like healing, teaching and financial support. If that is the case then, you need to correct all your postings and possibly remove all the vulgar comments your readers have left on your post.
  3. He is a man who was born again, his sins where forgiven, he has been called by God to establish the prophetic ministry and that is it. TB Joshua is who God says he is and doing what God has sent him to come and do. Are you doing what God has asked you to do?
  4. He was born in the village and he is uneducated person but he has gifts from the Holy Spirit. Why then, do you call him anti Christ if you know he has the gift of the Holy Spirit?
  5. His English is not smooth-tongue. God chooses as He wills. We thank God that TB Joshua has become a useful tool in the hand of God.
  6. He has  a wife. With her he is one body and he has kids. Let’s be honest and see him in the truth. Let’s make him who he is in the Lord. Thank for realising that.
  7. TB Joshua was allowed by God to be persecuted in order to be humble and not to destroy his big ministry by  pride and thinking about himself too highly. God is always one step ahead. Where GOD guides He provides

Right from the beginning of the ministry of this Prophet, he said something that convinced me that he is  truly of God. “No matter what you may do today, l would like you to ask God who is TB Joshua?” I knew TB Joshua at the age of 29 going  30, today he is  50 years, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

Throughout the  21  years I have  known  TB Joshua he has faced so many challenges:

  1. I was with him when the mega Pastors in Nigeria  ganged up against him and arranged for the NDLA to get him arrested.
  2. Many people were caught dropping copse outside his Ikotun Egbe Church and when questioned , they confessed they were sent by  Rev. Chris Okotie and others to incriminate TB Joshua.
  3. Kanu Nwakwo was at the SCOAN when he came for healing when he had a heart problem, but after his healing he was convinced by the mega Pastors to deny ever been to the SCOAN and that he had  an operation in Italy. TB Joshua please release the videos please!
  4. These same Pastors went to the Lagos State Teaching Hospital to pay a woman whose womb had been removed through operation after she had been blessed with quadruplets asking her to deny ever coming to the SCOAN

Repost – The Saboteurs That infiltrated TB Joshua’s Church in Ghana Exposed

TB Joshua Church Nigeria | tbjfansuk.wordpress.com

With the way some online news sites, blogs, as well as, some anti- Scoan groups are now using the internet as a tool of propaganda in an attempt to ridicule the ministry of TB Joshua after the incident on the 19th May, 2013 beggars belief. I witnessed the whole incident myself

It was when thousands of people started trooping into the SCOAN HQ from all walks of life for the anointing water that the incident happened. Many had to borrow money, many were too weak to travel yet they did, many were robbed on their way. You’ll agree with me many Pastors bless oil, handkerchiefs and candle and all sorts of things for people, so what is wrong with TB Joshua blessing anointing water for his Church members

The anointing water sent by TB Joshua to the branch in Ghana was for his Church members and was NOT to be distributed to the public as stated by the Ghanaian media. Many stated that the stampede happened during the distribution of the Anointing Water, but truth is it was NEVER distributed.

Throughout the Scriptures, we see clear proof that God can use any medium to express Himself:

  • In Acts 19:11-12, God used the medium of Paul’s handkerchief and aprons to heal the sick.
  • In Exodus 14:16, God used the medium of Moses’ staff to split the Red Sea.
  • In Acts 3:6, God used the voice of His servants, Peter and John to raise a crippled man.
  • In 2 Kings 5:14, God used the medium of a dirty river to heal Namaan.
  • In Acts 2:1-2, God expressed Himself through the medium of sound at the time of Pentecost
  • In 1 Samuel 17:49, God used David’s catapult to defeat the giant Goliath.
  • In John 9:6-7, Jesus used mud and saliva to heal a blind man.
  • In Acts 4:15-16, God used the medium of Peter’s shadow to heal the sick.

TB Joshua did not announce that he was holding any program in Ghana or advertised anywhere as stated by many media reports. One of such online newssite wrote ” A scheduled Sunday church service at the Spintex branch of the Synagogue Church of all Nations has been cancelled due to a stampede which left three men and one woman dead at the church premises on SundayIt was suppose to be a normal Sunday Service at the SCOAN as usual.


Those who could not get into the church premises over thousand yards away pushed a number of barricades and over 500 police personnel on duty away, resulting in the stampede which claimed the lives of the four people; three men and a female. It was NOT on the SCOAN premises that the incident occurred, though we sympathise with the family of the decease.

A reporter wrote: “According to Mr Yohuno, at about 6:30 a.m., the crowd overwhelmed the police personnel on duty and started pushing the barricades away and by the time a police and military reinforcement reached the church premises, there had been a stampede, resulting in the deaths” THE POLICE WERE ALREADY THERE! The correct information was the crowed started building up at about 9:30pm the Saturday before, when 2 Wise men was seen arriving at Kotoka International Airport at about 9pm among 4 others. Rumours spread so fast that about 1am when l went to the Church premises, behold the crowed l saw, 2 stadiums can’t contain them and yes more kept coming. I was opportune to have a chat with a man am convinced was sent there to cause trouble. He’s a middle aged man whom l discovered was NOT a member of the SCOAN Ghana branch. The ushers tried all they could to speak with the crowd calmly and to get them seated under the canopies provided since it had started to rain. This middle aged man with glasses and 3 others were instigating all persons around them NOT to listen to the ushers talking about NPP/NDC and how this would be a breaking news on Joy FM and also talking about Owusu Bempah. This made me wonder what kind of person could they be, a saboteurs perhaps?

False Media Report

“He said the incident happened around 8:30 am shortly after the announcement that the holy water was going to be distributed for free” NO SUCH ANNOUNCEMENT WAS MADE.

Deceptive Heading.

4 dead, 13 injured at TB Joshua’s Church in Accra – By Joy Online an NPP news site- No1. Anti Joshua site in Ghana. Did they die in the Church? NO.

Today, the media has become judges that judge TB Joshua, especially Ghana Web and Peace FM, Joy Online if truly one is entitled to respond to an article why have they refused to publish our response to some of the articles published on their site? They claim we are NOT being civil, what a crap? Are the writers of what they publish being civil?



TB Joshua Church Nigeria | tbjoshuafans.com

The Sunday service began with prayer and visitors from far and wide received a touch from the Five Wise Men that rewrote the history of their lives. Immediately after the Prayer Line session, the church began to listen to testimonies of extraordinary breakthroughs resulting from the ministration of the New Anointing Water and Stickers, to the glory of God.


Mrs Naomi Kiloko was experiencing blindness for one year. What started as mere irritation of the eyes soon worsened to the point where her eyes became grossly swollen and she lost all vision. Medical doctors were unable to explain the sudden deterioration of her vision and discharged her from hospital offering no hope of solution.Mrs Kiloko would spend the entirety of her days alone, lying down on her bed in utter darkness and desolation.

It was in this condition that an extended family relative who was privileged to have visited The SCOAN and received the new Anointing Water came to see her. Using her hands to prise open the severely swollen eyelids, she ministered the New Anointing Water in Jesus’ name.

To the astonishment of all witnesses, a physical sound erupted as if a cork was unscrewed from a bottle! At that Divine moment, Mrs Kiloko’s sigh was restored! Blindness had been swallowed up in victory! Jumping up and proclaiming her ability to see, she astounded her family members by picking up a Bible and beginning to read. Several days later, all the swelling had disappeared and her vision was back to normalcy!


Mr James Asemota, a lorry driver, was driving along a highway when the brakes of his lorry failed. Veering out of control, the lorry hit an oncoming boulder and somersaulted into a ditch, ending up preciously perched on its side. He and his three passengers were trapped in the fallen lorry with the prospect of a fire erupting very imminent. JAMESAs Mr James uttered a prayer for Divine protection, an extraordinary scene unfolded before his dazed eyes. He saw a giant man wearing a white robe and holding a sword emerge from the Anointing Sticker from The SCOAN that he had placed on the windscreen of his lorry. The tall man flashed the sword across the windscreen of the lorry. Instantly, the glass of the windscreen collapsed! He and his boys were able to come out through the collapsed windscreen safely. Remarkably, none of them recorded a single injury or bruise from the terrible accident. As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “When the eyes of your faith are opened, you will know the protection that you are under.”


Mr Sunday Eghele, Edo, Nigeria, had been addicted to drinking alcohol for 25 years. The habit had adversely affected his marital life to the point that his wife threatened a divorce. He was unable to perform his normal duties. His wife who had earlier collected the Anointing Water from The SCOAN, ministered it to Mr Eghele and he immediately started manifesting in a strange manner.SUNDAY He had a dream where he wrestled with some strange beings that came to take away their children. He was able to overcome them by shouting out the name of Jesus Christ. In another vision that followed, he saw a giant man come out of his body and leave. He called his wife to bring the Anointing Water and as soon as he ministered it to himself in Jesus’ name, the giant man ran away. The following morning he woke up and went about his day alcohol free forgetting about the beers stored up in his refrigerator. He has since been free from the habit of consuming alcohol. The regular supplier of beer to the man saw the wife and asked her why the husband had not come for his usual drinks and she told the woman that her husband does not drink alcohol anymore. Indeed, he is free.


Mrs Joy Nnaji, a Lecturer of Political Science, College of Science & Technology, Anambra, Nigeria, had a severe eye problem and was booked for an operation. Doctors had diagnosed cataracts and she had been using glasses for five years. The pain and discomfort she experienced continued to worsen as time progressed. She couldn’t do anything without wearing glasses, proving increasingly burdensome to her responsibilities as a lecturer.JOY

As an avid viewer of Emmanuel TV, when Mrs Nnaji heard about the new Anointing Water, she believed that solution to her deteriorating condition had finally come. Priviliged to be among the few who received the New Anointing Water upon its release, she ministered it upon her affected eyes and slept. The next morning, she got up and noticed some mucous coming out from her eyes. She cleaned up and went to work as usual. To her surprise, she was able to read the scripts that were brought to her by her numerous students without using her glasses. Ever since the ministration of the new Anointing Water, the lecturer has stopped wearing glasses and all the accompanying aches and pains of the cataracts have completely gone. Thank You, Jesus Christ!


Mr Okocha Ifechukwude who works at the College of Medicine at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital had a problem of kidney stones which subjected him to bouts of trauma for twelve months. He explored all medical possibilities in order to cure his ailment but to no avail. His mother also took him to native doctors who were unable to help him out of the problem. OKOCHAHe was then encouraged by his sister to visit The SCOAN where he collected the new Anointing Water and ministered it to himself believing God for a sure cure. To his amazement he noticed that he no longer felt the symptoms associated with the kidney stones. To confirm his healing, he returned to the Teaching Hospital for another scan. The University Teaching Hospital ran various tests on him and all indicated that he no longer had kidney stones. He confessed that he used to have a negative perception of The SCOAN and it was difficult for him to come to the church for prayer except for the severity of his disease and the fact that all other avenues had failed him. Indeed, God can use foolish things like sickness to draw us close to Him.


Miss Mhloti had been working as Admin Officer without promotion in her job. Her colleagues including his juniors were being promoted in due time. She visited many prayer houses in South Africa in search of solution to her problem but did not get promoted. MHLOTIOn the day the New Anointing Water was launched by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, a friend called her from The SCOAN and told her what was happening at The SCOAN and asked her to tune in to the Emmanuel TV. When she tuned in, she saw the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua praying for the masses and she placed her hands on the screen of her television and prayed along with the Prophet claiming to possess her possessions. The next morning, she went to her office and a letter of promotion was given to her appointing her as Senior Provisioning Administrative Officer; Budgeting and Planning.


Miss Evarister Ezeh came to The SCOAN with an issue of multiple fibroids for three years. Her stomach was as big as that of a three month pregnancy, being both hard and painful to touch. Doctors said the only solution was for her to be operated upon. She declined having the operation believing that God could heal her through the medium of the Anointing Water. EZEHDuring the period of the affliction, she lost her job and her official car because she could no longer perform effectively in her work place.  A man who had received the Anointing Water from The SCOAN shared a little and she ministered it in Jesus’ name. That night, she saw the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua in her dream and he prayed for her. She woke up from the dream and felt something running down her legs. When she went to the bathroom and realized it was the fibroid that was coming out. She experienced a period of continuous bleeding with pieces of fibroid coming out. Now, she is healed and fibroid free – to God be the glory.


Mr Oluwaseyi, a Nigerian living in South Africa was a cult gang leader and a notorious drug dealer. While attending university, he was initiated into cultism and soon rose through the ranks to become the cult’s leader. His lust for power led him to visit spiritualists and witchdoctors to procure charms for protection against attack from rival cultists which is a regular occurrence on campuses. At one time he had a face-to-face battle with some competing gang members where he was shot at but the bullet could not penetrate his body. After the running battle, he was declared wanted by the Police and run away from the university. He came back to Nigeria to hide but when he noticed that the arms of the law were still trailing him, he returned to South Africa. His girlfriend who was an Emmanuel TV addict tried to introduce the channel to him but he would rather paint a discouraging picture of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua telling the girl that he is from Nigeria and that he knows that the Prophet was dubious and uses charms to perform the so-called miracles.

SEYIDuring these periods, he was often afflicted by a spiritual wife that used to make love to him in his dream. Things always turned rough whenever that spiritual wife met with him. At a point in time, his girlfriend visited The SCOAN and returned to South Africa with the Anointing Water. When he saw the Anointing Water, he ministered it into his mouth without any expectations as to what would happen. A few days later, some security personnel came to raid their house and arrested all the occupants including their house girl for drug peddling. His boss, who was a renowned drug baron, was arrested but he was inexplicably pushed aside by the security operatives. It became clear to him that such a narrow escape could not have been possible and he was able to link it with the Anointing Water he had inadvertently ministered to himself.

He then developed interest in viewing Emmanuel TV and decided to visit The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria to seek for deliverance. As Wise Man John Chi prayed for him, the evil spirit within Mr Oluwaseyi violently manifested and he was finally delivered and declared free, in Jesus’ name. Since his deliverance, his life has radically transformed! He testified that he is enjoying peace of mind for the first time in his life and all lust for drugs and women had completely vanished. He advised young people to be careful about the friends they keep as it was the company of bad friends at university that influenced him to join the cult. He further advised parents to be mindful of the gifts and clothes they buy for their children, noting that cultists in school usually look for those who are flashily and flamboyantly dressed as targets for potential recruitment into the cults. Thank You, Jesus Christ!


Prophet T.B. Joshua briefly commenting on his forthcoming 50th birthday anniversary which falls on June 12, 2013, advocated that the best way to celebrate his birthday is for the people to pray for unity and love for the church of God. He says that we lack the strongest bond of love which is the backbone of unity that can only come by relationship.PROPHET TB JOSHUA He also advised people to use their quality time to visit the sick in hospital, orphans and be a father to the fatherless and benefactor to the needy by extending scholarship schemes to the less privileged ones. He concluded that the best way to celebrate the birthday is by embracing these members of society, adding that it is an opportunity for soul-winning. He strongly advocated that people should rededicate their lives through acts of giving for a true transformation. He also reminded us that there is no one like you and there will never be anyone like you therefore, we should be imitators of God not man in the way we do things and that we should allow the Spirit of God to suggest to us that is when we will be ones with a difference.


Susan Asuquo a worker with the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) was diagnosed with kidney failure. In addition, the family was facing serious financial problems. She tried to go into petty trading which could not do well and she eventually went into politics but lost all her money. She was experiencing severe waist pain and went to the hospital for a checkup only to find that her kidney was not functioning properly. Her husband said to her, “Why don’t you go to T.B. Joshua?” She rejected the idea because of the rumours she had heard about The SCOAN and the repercussions there may be for her work in the church. Her husband kept encouraging her and eventually she decided to watch Emmanuel TV and saw for herself that T.B. Joshua is a man of God.SUSANSoon after she met a grieving lady who said that her husband had died of kidney failure. She began to cry and the lady thought she was sympathizing with her situation but rather she had come to understand the reality of her own situation and imagined what would become of her husband and their three children if she died from this disease. With no job or any other means of supporting the family, the couple finally decided to come to The SCOAN. They were privileged to receive the new Anointing Water. That night in the hotel room, she ministered the Anointing Water to herself. That whole night, she felt as if her body was being cleansed and reinvigorated.

When she got back to her State she went to the doctors that had formally diagnosed her with kidney failure and they ran some tests which revealed that indeed she had a brand new kidney. The astonished doctor asked her whether she had attended The SCOAN upon seeing the remarkable transformation! Her advice to others is to not be deterred by others or listen to false rumours that could stop them from doing what God puts in their heart to do.


During last Sunday’s service, Prophet T.B. Joshua made an appeal to entrepreneurs and institutions to create job vacancies for at least ten graduates.  To this end, a call was made for qualified graduates in the field of education to make themselves available for placement. The response was instant and overwhelming. Eventually, a total of twenty-four candidates from diverse backgrounds and various churches were successfully selected given job placements in a federal establishment. Today their situation has turned around and they are now working class graduates. Prophet T.B. Joshua used the occasion to stress that our membership in our local church is merely symbolic as the essence of the true church is Christ in us, the hope of glory. He called on the body of Christ to unite as one!