Bisola Johnson to face legal battles from slander defamation – TB Joshua

The internet has become practically flooded with diverse views on TB Joshua and SCOAN

Bisola, tb joshua, scoan
Bisola, under the influence of Legion of Demons – The Accuser of TB Joshua

especially; we intend to correct the critics of the ministry of TB Joshua and to let you know the truth from the many lies published on the internet especially by ex-follower Bisola Johnson who was not sincere during her stay with Prophet TB Joshua at the SCOAN. I am not surprised about Bisola Johnson’s outbursts on recent rape allegations about TB Joshua which I find absurd.

You Bisola has persisted in your quest to make a point that you knew TB Joshua? You have left Adelaja now and gone to Asabe Africa TV to continue with your campaign of calumny. You keep saying you want to release the captives while you are in captivity of bigotry and absurdity.

You seem to be hell bent on making more money from your book that is no more selling? You even wanted to ride on the issue of Timi Dakolo’s wife’s case. Did anyone listen to your recurring decimal?

Please I implore you not to stop, continue till…………

All the people you keep mentioning in your videos are still in the church and you must be ready to face a lot of impending legal battles ranging from slander to defamation of character. Hope you sell a lot of your books to pay damages! You can be assured of this. Get ready!