“Anything the children of light have, satan has the counterfeit of them. We have the original grace but satan has the photocopy of it, which cannot stand the test of time. This is what Jesus meant when He said to His disciples, “My peace I give you, not as the world gives” (John 14:27). The blessing of God enriches the soul for eternity while that given by the world enriches the body temporarily. The blessing given by God is free – no condition attached; while that given by the world is conditional – that is, there are strings. The blessing of God does not need to be serviced. If we were to service the sun, rain, air and all other free gifts of God, how much do you think we would pay to get the air we breathe?

“Remember how much it costs you to look good in the eyes of the world. Remember how much it costs you to acquire your makeup kits. Sometimes you need to make costly sacrifice to service whatever blessing you receive from the world; God’s blessing does not add sorrow while that given by the world has sorrow attached (Psalm 37:25).

“Blessed is the man who follows the path of God – even in darkness, light shines, dawns for the upright. They are strong because they rely upon God for vindication, upholding, provision, stronghold, refuge and salvation. They persist in doing good, not allowing external pressure to change their conduct. If we make God our heart’s delight, we shall have our heart’s desire.

“The blessing of the world is a fading thing and so is the life itself on which it is bestowed. As the blessing is fading away, so is the life that carries it.”

– T.B. Joshua

Daily Devotion – SPEAK WHAT YOU BELIEVE! – TB Joshua

“Imagine what would have happened if David had not spoken the Word of faith in his encounter with Goliath (1 Samuel 17:45-50). Imagine the destruction he would have invited to himself and the people of Israel.

1) God would not have heard him.

2) He would have been destroyed in the hands of Goliath.

3) The people of Israel would have been routed.

“If he had not spoken the Word of faith, his word would not only have been idle, it would have been very destructive. If David were not to speak the Word of faith, he would have considered the size of the giant. I mean, he would have been intimidated by the size and armour of his adversary. Remember, the giant was better armed than David in the physical. Apart from his size, he had a spear, javelin, machete and a shield, as against small David, barely with a simple catapult.

“His people looked on to see what would become of the small David after his encounter with Goliath. Among them were his relations, his friends, his enemies, those who believed in him and those who did not – they were all watching to see the outcome of his faith. Now at the battlefield, if what David spoke with his mouth were not what he believed in his heart, imagine what would have become of him, now that he was face to face with the giant. His word would have been idle, meaningless and at that point destructive.

“Imagine what will become of you hereafter if you are speaking with your mouth what you do not believe in your heart – your words will be idle, meaningless and destructive. Speak what you believe. If you are not heard by God, you would be heard by satan. That is, if you cannot deliver, you will be delivered.”

– T.B. Joshua

Daily Devotion – PASS YOUR TEST!- By TB Joshua

TB Joshua sermon

People of God, have your circumstances ever pressed you to doubt God’s promises? Have you ever been tempted to ask, “Does God hear me? Does God love me? If God loves me, why do I have all these challenges?”

The lives of believers in both the old and new testaments testify that being faithful to God does not eliminate adversity. That you are a Christian, a pastor, an evangelist does not mean you will not be exposed to things that are not consistent with God’s Word. There will be a time to laugh, a time to cry, a time for war and a time for peace, a time to face temptation and a time to overcome. What time are you in? It is necessary for your forward movement in Christ.

In Romans 5:3-5, the apostle tells us, “…we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance and perseverance, character and character, hope. now hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us”.

There can be no victory without a battle. There can be no harvest without planting. There can be no resurrection without a death. Remember, when times are stable and the sea is calm and secure, no one is really tested. Pass your test and move on, in Jesus’ name!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, grant me grace in accepting adversity and enduring every pain so that I may learn what I should know, my grief to turn to gain.

1 Peter 4:12-19

John 6:31-33

Psalm 27

TB Joshua Ministry

Daily Devotion – INDWELLING GRACE – By Evangelist Dupe


Evangelist Dupe’s message spiced up the day with its thought-provoking perspectives. Titled THE INDWELLING GRACE, her message enjoined Christians to embrace the Spirit of God rather than cling to their own mundane and limited understanding. She urged them to desist from worldliness and self-righteousness so that they may partake of that indwelling grace which can only come from God. “As long as the world is in place in your life, Christ will be displaced. As long as self-righteousness is in place in your life, the righteousness of God will be displaced,” she added.

According to her, “No man knows by the present signs or situation what the future holds” and therefore God chooses grace rather than works. She explained that by virtue of His grace, He offers help to both the weak and strong alike, stressing that without grace, no one will merit His mercy and favour, especially when our righteous works are like a filthy rag before His eyes. “All our spiritual advantages are from God and are by grace,” she added.

Concluding, Evangelist Dupe reminded Christians that whatever they achieve in life is made possible by God. She urged them to denounce the erroneous impression that a great man is self-made: “Whoever is great among men, it is God who made them so… Let him who glories, glory in the Lord and not in himself,” she submitted.

Daily Devotion – DIVINE APPOINTMENT By Evangelist Bolaji


God and His ability to tackle whatever cares they brought before His mighty presence. The musical interludes from the choir added flavour to the occasion and the words of exhortation in Evangelist Bolaji’s message provoked visible introspection amongst congregants. Titled DIVINE APPOINTMENT,

the message centred on the vicissitudes of Christian life which in itself has never been a bed of roses right from the days of Abraham. According to Evangelist Bolaji, though we have perfect expectations as Christians, we must not lose faith and courage when such expectations hit the rocks

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of uncertainty, trials and temptations. “Even the seeming perfect plan we make for the future usually encounters some accident that makes it seem as if we never made any plans at all,” she said.

She admonished Christians not to entertain the mind-set that God does not love them whenever they are experiencing a trial of their faith, adding that, “It is the mind of God to answer prayer. God is still saying something which you may not understand because of your limitation in the things of the Spirit”. Making several biblical analogies, Evangelist Bolaji reminded Christians that God does not make mistakes in His timing. He knows everything and will always do things in His own time. Using the story of Peter and his fishing misadventure as an example, she told congregants that an encounter with Jesus would turn their disappointment to a divine appointment just as it did for Peter who made a remarkable catch after he met the Master and went ahead to become a fisher of men.

Daily Devotion – SOW TO THE SPIRIT – By Propheters Yinka

Daily WorshipA battle for survival in which only the serious-minded will be victorious. He declared, “This coming year is a year you should be ready to fight the battle. It’s a battle year – a battle to survive. ‘I want that business’ – no. Think of how to survive… It’s a year your children need to sit at your feet and learn from you… We are in a warfare where only the serious minded will be victorious.”

On the best way to look into the future with hope and assurance, Prophet T.B. Joshua urged Christians to dedicate their hearts to God’s Word: “When you dedicate your heart to the Word of God, you will have that ability from God to stop looking or thinking about where you’re coming from and start looking at where you are going. It’s ability from God. It’s not possible for anyone to stop thinking about the past without God. The only information satan appears to have about you is your past.”

In her message titled SOW TO THE SPIRIT, evangelist Yinka urged Christians to use everything God has blessed them with to help the weak and less privileged. “The real test of our love for God is how we treat the weak and less privileged”, she said, adding that love is the only thing satan cannot conquer. She encouraged Christians to love themselves as Christ Himself commanded. “Whoever loves God must love his brother… The complete love for God and man form the essence of what God requires of us”, she declared.

At a time when hate and division have taken over the entire world, she submitted that by loving our enemy, we can overcome evil with good. Expanding on the title of her message, she explained that our love work in sincerity and humility of heart is the seed we sow to the Spirit, adding that when we fail to receive from Godwe must check our love work because love is the promoter that sets our faith working.

Concluding, she advised Christians thus: “Failing to help the wounded is equal to neglecting God. … Sow to the Spirit and you will receive eternal life.”

Daily Devetion – WHO NEEDS FORGIVENESS? By TB Joshua

Taking his message from the anointed song, “Sin’s Power Over Me Is Broken”, Prophet T.B. Joshua took us back to the feet of the Cross of Calvary, emphasising that our sin Daily Worshipcannot be covered by our appearance or tears – it must be brought to the Blood of Jesus before the Spirit can pray through us. In the message entitled, WHO NEEDS FORGIVENESS? he quoted from verses 10 and 23 of Romans Chapter 3: 10“As it is written: ‘There is no one righteous, not even one’”; 23 … for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. He exhorted the congregation and viewers on the need to forgive themselves first so that they can forgive others. He said it was crucial for everyone to understand their limitations and to stop repeating stories of past failure, hurt and pain. Failing to do so, he said, would mean living “a carryover life”, contrary to what is expected of standard Christian living. Indeed, he said, both the offender and the offended need forgiveness.

Earlier on in the service, there was a powerful message from the woman of God,

Yinka entitled TURN YOUR SCARS INTO STARS. Taking her proof text from Romans 8, she advised Christians to see their challenges as opportunities for spiritual growth which builds faith. According to her, “broken focus is the reason why people fail”. Noting that God always makes a way for His children during their challenges, she implored the congregation: “Do not allow your bad experiences to limit you. Do not allow your bad experiences to wipe you out. Why don’t you turn your scars into stars? Why don’t you turn your mess into a message? Why don’t you turn your tests into a testimony?”

Below is a compilation of life-changing testimonies from the service that day:

LIVE Sunday Service At The SCOAN With T.B. Joshua (21/07/19)

If millions of this generation are to believe, they must see PROOF that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! Get ready to witness undeniable evidence of God’s Word and power at work as you join Prophet T.B. Joshua in a practical demonstration of Christianity in today’s Sunday Live Service at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria.
For more information:



“To identify and acknowledge your weakness is victory itself. It is 50% of the victory; the remaining 50% – leave it for God!” – T.B. Joshua

Satan uses our weakness as a route to snatch the blessings we have received from God. Learn how to block the avenue satan is using to strike your spiritual life in this short sermon with T.B. Joshua titled, ‘Identify Your Weakness’

Daily Devotion – WHERE IS YOUR FAITH? – By TB Joshua

Highlighting the reality for many of us today, the man of God said, “You can be a man of prayer but perhaps not a man of faith. When you are a man of prayer but not a man of faith, you are saying words. Saying words is different to praying prayer. Millions of prayers are prayed with almost no faith”. Referencing Luke 8:25, Mark 4:40, John 20:27 and Mark 16:14, the prophet emphasized the Biblical importance of faith, expressed in Jesus’ complaint at the disciples’ lack of faith and his injunction to stop doubting and

Daily Worship
Your Daily Devotion From The SCOAN

believe. Summing up his words, the prophet declared that, “Lack of dynamic faith limits what God can do through us”.

Immediately following, dynamic faith was put into action as Prophet T.B. Joshua moved through the congregation in the name of Jesus Christ, revealing the root cause of the problems in people’s lives and uprooting all evil spirits operating. The bound were set free, the lame walked as the breath of God revived those dependant on breathing machines and other medical aides.

In a mighty time of mass prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua advised the congregation and viewers worldwide to tap into the greatest anointing of the Word of God. “I know many of you were expecting a touch. The Word of God is the Source of that touch. I tap out of the Word of God. When you receive it with all your heart, you are free.”
Under the sovereign influence of the Word of God, unclean spirits were declared wanted, organs that were not functioning began to function and the curse of satan was commanded out. Once again, the Word of God was witnessed as a living growing force at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations.

Daily Devotion – RESIST TEMPTATION – By TB Joshua


Extolling the spiritual powers of the wise men, Prophet T. B. Joshua
directed that some past video clips be visited for a confirmation of his view. The first clip in this regard displayed a pregnant woman whose delivery was already overdue in the reckoning of modern medicine and was recommended for operation. Inviting the woman to come forward for a prophetic message, Daily Worshipthe Wise Man echoed the same view but added that she would not need to go for operation as recommended by the doctor because of her blood which was low.  He clearly assured her that with the intervention of God in her situation, she would deliver her baby safely on Thursday. In her testimony after deliverance by the wise man, the woman confirmed the prophecy   totally and added that she had come to The SCOAN for delivery because of her biological conditions and her recent dreams where she saw and ate with dead people. In mathematical confirmation of the wise man’s words, the woman, Mrs Ekemezie delivered at 1 am on Thursday. According to her husband, Mr John Ekemezie, the labour was without pain and never lasted as much as five minutes. The safe delivery of the child and the Thursday date, both go to celebrate the spiritual acuity of the wise men, the prophet remarked.


After calling for God´s will to be done in theirs and the lives of the congregation, The SCOAN Choir urged everyone to enter into God´s presence with all of their heart, laying down their burdens before His throne of grace. Who on earth, they asked, could have imagined that Jesus of Nazareth would lay down His life to rescue mankind?

After the praise and worship session, Prophet TB Joshua joined the congregation. He exhorted them on the need to show love to those who hate them and to quit indulging in self-pity and self-righteousness. He thereafter prayed for them in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, giving words of prophecy to deliver the captive, heal the sick and save souls.

In a well-illustrated message, Prophet Chris spoke on ‘Damage Control’, taking readings from John 10:10Ephesians 4:26-27,31-32, Galatians 5:14-15, Luke 6:29, Mathew 5:25, Romans 12:18 and Hebrews 12:14. What all these scriptures have in common is the need for Christians to imbibe the virtues of forgiveness and tolerance, realising that no person is perfect and that the key to gaining God’s promised blessings is by refusing to be satan’s captive through holding grudges. In his words, “Everyone has been wronged and everyone gets it wrong,” hence the need to avoid the “self-inflicted wound” of harbouring offence.


For seven years, Madam Chidinma Ohuakanwa, a Nigerian, suffered from a stiff neck, stiff hands, back pain, headaches and high blood pressure due to cervical spondylosis.

Expectedly, the problems made it impossible for her to lead a normal life at home and in the office. With her medications, neck collar and physiotherapy sessions unable to bring her relief or help her sleep at night, the Abuja resident took her friend’s advice to seek divine healing at The SCOAN. Two weeks ago, she visited and received prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. “It was like a current ran through my whole body,” she said of her experience during the prayers, adding: “It was a new me that stood up from the ground.” During her testimony last week, she prayed for God’s blessings for her friend who introduced her to Emmanuel TV.


For Mr Ted Bobier, a 55-year-old Canadian artist, God manifested Himself in a mighty way two weeks ago. Afflicted for 20 years with sleep apnea, a dangerous condition that could have taken his life at short notice,

Mr Bobier had come to The SCOAN seeking God’s face. As the woman of God prayed for him, he felt the Holy Spirit overshadow him as he began to vomit uncontrollably, his body shaking vigorously as he fell on all fours. Once he got back on his feet, Mr Bobier gave thanks to the Master Surgeon, Jesus, who had healed him perfectly. Testifying on Sunday, he told the congregation of how he had been sleeping without his breathing machine since his healing. He declared, “This is the meaning of ‘Good Morning’!”


It was a spinal cord problem that made it difficult for Mr Ikwueze Ikechukwu to walk. A Nigerian resident in Lome, Togo, he had tried numerous hospitals and medications and medical aids, including a lumbar corset, which rather worsened his condition.

“It made me to lose hope in life,” he told the church last week during his testimony. His Lagos-based fiancée had advised him to seek divine help at The SCOAN, since his problem had in fact followed a dream attack. In faith, he had visited The Arena of Liberty a fortnight ago and God’s unfailing power had restored his spinal cord to normalcy, after prayers by the woman of God.

“I received my healing instantly. My body is so light,” he said while exercising to demonstrate his perfect healing. He advised people to trust Jesus for their healing at any living church.


Hers had been a case of constant bleeding that had defied all known medical solutions. The Ghanaian Mrs Patricia Amewugah had been one of the recipients of blessings at The Arena of Liberty two weeks ago. For the past three months she had been bleeding and had attended The Sunday Service in faith, believing her condition would be mentioned. As he took to the altar and led the congregation in prayer, prophecies began to flow and the case of Mrs Amewugah was opened. As the prophecy was spoken Mrs Amewugah’s heart jumped and she quickly stepped forward to confirm the words of prophecy. As instructed by Prophet TB Joshua she went to check herself and found the bleeding had come to an end. “Speak to God and ask Him to locate your case”, she advised people.


He was a con artist, specialising in parting marriage-seeking women from their hard-earned money. He would bait them on social media and defraud them of huge sums after meeting them in person. However, he wasn’t acting alone; he had the support of charms – a ring and some liquid given to him by a witch doctor– with which he hypnotised his victims. He would wear the ring on a finger and place drops of the liquid on his tongue. Sometimes he took as much as 10,000 thousand dollars from his foreign victims.

Tired of earning his living this way, Mr Sylvester George visited The SCOAN for deliverance, removing the ring from his finger and putting it in his pocket as he stepped into the church. The word of prophecy located him as Prophet TB Joshua ministered. On Sunday, he returned to church to testify of his new life in Christ. He advised fraudsters to realise that God’s own gifts are the best and most long-lasting.


When she was a child, together with her siblings, she used to taste of the blood of animals sacrificed to her family idol. Little did Miss Joy Ndak know that the ritual was going to affect her in later years. Now 30 years old, Miss Joy had been a bed-wetter for the past 25 years, like her siblings.

The condition has made it hard for her to settle down, as prospective husbands leave her once they discover her problem. To the glory of God, she received her healing two Mondays ago, at The Living Water Service. There, the contrary spirit in her had exposed itself before being expelled for good. In her testimony last Sunday, Miss Ndak told the congregation that she had not bed-wet since her deliverance. She therefore advised everyone to seek the face of God for their deliverance.


Miss Edith Nsowaa, a Ghanaian, suffered from hepatitis for years. Owing to the disease, friends and family deserted her. In trying to find a solution, she exhausted her resources and had to fend alone for her young Norwegian-born son.

Besides her hepatitis, Miss Nsowaa also suffered stagnation in life. To raise money, she had tried to sell off a piece of landed property but nobody was willing to buy even at the incredible giveaway price she was willing to accept. She took her case to God. After a visit to The SCOAN, she started ministering The Morning Water. Soon, she secured title documents to the land after many years of futile application to the land authorities.

More importantly, she received her perfect cure from hepatitis even as her son has now been granted the Norwegian citizen’s privileges that he had earlier been denied. Before ending her testimony on Sunday, she advised people to place their faith in Jesus rather than fellow humans.


It was just a few days after ‘The Nazareth Meeting with TB Joshua’ (June 23-24, 2019). Helen Muyiwa, a youth member of The SCOAN, had received one of the anointed T-shirts used for branding the event. When word reached Helen that her older sister, Omolara Owolabi, had been in labour for over a week, she rushed down there with her T-shirt.

“Do you believe God can do it?” she asked Omolara. “Yes,” Omolara answered. “Then wear this,” she urged her, in the mighty name of Jesus. Meanwhile, their mother had decided she was moving Omolara away from the hospital, which had insisted on surgery. Within two hours of wearing the T-shirt, Omolara began to feel her baby bob up and down in her womb.

Pronto, they moved to another hospital and in minutes, her baby boy was out. And they named him ‘Israel’! Omolara told the church: “With God, all things are possible!”


Two weeks ago, Peter and Chidinma had attended The Sunday Service as a prospective couple. The duo had first met in Nigeria when Peter inducted his partner into an international prostitution ring, making her swear to an oath of allegiance.

Before the event that forced them to have a change of heart and return to Nigeria in hopes of getting married, they had collaborated on many shady schemes in which they extorted money from immoral men after setting them up in Dubai hotel rooms. Having escaped jail in Dubai, unlike her colleagues in the trade, Chidinma agreed to start a new life with Peter, who had been asking to marry her.

As Prophet TB Joshua ministered during the service, the Holy Spirit prompted him to mention their case. After their confessions and testimony today, Chidinma advised girls like herself to embrace God and not get rich quick schemes that only lead to shame, prison and ultimately an early grave.

Daily Devetion – Total commitment is what Jesus demands

If you are looking for a revelation that will shake up the status-quo and answer life’s Daily Worshipmeaningful questions, you’re in the right place!

This is a message from GOD that will not only challenge you out of complacency but inspire you to new depths of devotion to Jesus Christ. Be blessed as you listen to this sermon from Prophet T.B. Joshua titled “Commitment Enhances Faith”.

“Total commitment is what Jesus demands throughout the Gospel.” – T.B. Joshua

Daily Devotion – THE BENEFIT OF FAILURE – By TB Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua spoke on THE BENEFIT OF FAILURE. He said that failure makes us to desire God, as the discouragement from failure can be turned into a life lesson. Citing the example of his own life, he advised Christians to see failure as an opportunity to gain new useful spiritual knowledge. According to him, Daniel’s experience in the lions’ den gave him a chance to prove his God, hence the King’s decree in Daniel 6:25-27. He therefore urged God’s children to stop dwelling on past failures and to live as genuine, humble Christians. 

Daily Worship

Chris advised the congregation to DECLARE GOD’S FAITHFULNESS. Insisting that having a testimony does not mean one does not have a situation, Chris said Christians should always acknowledge God’s faithfulness. With reference to Numbers 13:31, Numbers 14:1-2, Deuteronomy 21:29-32 and 1 Samuel 17, Chris preached against giving room to fear, which is one of satan’s tricks to derail Christians from God’s unfailing capacity to heal, deliver and bless His children.


HOW TO OVERCOME NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, preached by Chris. Taking his reading Daily Worshipfrom Matthew 9:1-8. He noted that negative thoughts would often show up in our hearts but we have a duty to repel them and speak positivity into our situation. Arguing that “the battles on the outside are simply an extension of the battles on the inside,” Chris admonished the church to avoid entertaining thoughts from satan, the enemy of our soul. If we avoid feeding our negative thoughts, he added, they will not translate into words and actions that portray us as people putting on a camouflage, rather than true Christians. Pushing home his point, Chris stated “harbouring negative thoughts is like holding a bomb” that we must quickly drop before it explodes. Furthermore, Chris described reality as truth and asserted that “there is no reality outside of Christ.” He also reminded the congregation to cast their burdens on Jesus and leave vengeance to Him since God Himself is our Judge. To sum up his message, he cited the story of Joseph who, in Genesis 50:20, forgave his treacherous brothers while assuring them that their supposed evil actions had in fact been God’s way of leading him to his destiny as a man of substance and influence in a foreign land.

Surely, it was a Spirit-filled day at The Arena of Liberty as many received deliverance, healing and breakthrough in the all-conquering name of Jesus Christ. Below are the faith-building testimonies shared during the service.