Sani Emmanuel, the former Nigerian football starlet whose recent social media plea for help to fund an operation for his career-threatening injury made headlines, has revealed a stunning plot against prominent Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua by some ‘big men of God’.

In a tell-all post on Facebook

sani emmanuel, tb joshua


Emmanuel revealed he received a phone call from “a woman named Bisola Johnson” who spoke to him for over two hours, promising substantive financial benefits if he agreed “to testify against TB Joshua”.

“She spoke on her relationship with some big men of God,” he asserted, adding they would assist him to “raise up to 10 million naira for my surgery” on the condition that he damningly reveal TB Joshua used his “star” for a ritual.

“She said I had to change the name Emmanuel as the name is cursed,” Sani continued, revealing Johnson tried repeatedly “to convince me that TB Joshua is not a real man of God.”

Emmanuel provided evidence by uploading an audio recording of one of his conversations with Johnson onto SoundCloud


where she can be heard coaching him on how to respond if asked about his injury and Joshua’s role in not alleviating it.

Sani’s rise to footballing relevance during the 2009 U-17 World Cup, where he won the coveted Golden Ball as the tournament’s best player, was well connected to TB Joshua.

The young footballer played for My People FC, the grassroots football academy founded and funded by the cleric, revealing in interviews then that he worked as an “altar boy” in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN).

Before Sani and his team-mate Ogenyi Onazi were selected to represent the Golden Eaglets, Joshua also sponsored their trip to Sweden to play for a lower-tier team.

Clearly miffed at Johnson’s smear campaign against the cleric and her attempts to embroil him in it, Emmanuel stated that he “grew up in the Synagogue” and described Joshua as “the best dad in the world.”

“If not TB Joshua, I would have ended up playing street football at a village called Aso Pada in Abuja,” the footballer continued, adding “he raised me from nobody to somebody.”

Sani also revealed that his social media plea for help led to probing questions from people familiar with his connection to Joshua.

“I have received calls and messages from people, asking why couldn’t the man of God help me or heal me,” he stated, explaining that Joshua is just “like you and I” but simply being “used by God”.

“A prophet is not a magician. I believe my time of healing will surely come,” he concluded, before revealing he had been distant from the cleric for a long time and desired to “come back home”.

Days earlier, Emmanuel revealed in an Instagram post that his former team-mate Ogenyi Onazi had paid N1.4m ($4,000) to enable him to undergo surgery for achilles tendonitis which had plagued him since the onset of his career.

After his breakout performances at the FIFA U-17 World Cup, Emmanuel had trials with Chelsea and Tottenham before a brief stint at Italian side Lazio but persistent injuries hampered him from making any mark.

Sani’s revelation is not the first-time prominent clerics have been implicated in efforts to publicly discredit TB Joshua.

Earlier this year, a video on Emmanuel TV’s YouTube channel chronicled the confession of an ex-militant named James who admitted he was paid “huge amounts” by a Nigerian pastor to “lie against TB Joshua” and malign his ministry in “a public crusade”.

Bisola Johnson, the initiator of the phone call with Sani, has been a long-term nemesis of Joshua, brazenly accusing him – without evidence – of perpetuating all manner of atrocities within his popular church.

Johnson, who worked in The SCOAN for several years before turning against her former boss, has previously admitted on camera to being mentally unstable and was recently accused of fraud by a US-based businessman.

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist


After the choir had prepared the atmosphere with tunes for the Holy Spirit,  Wise Man Christopher emerged for the Sunday message. Greeting the congregation warmly and wishing them easy transformation from darkness to light, he proceeded to pray with them. ‘I believe in your Word’, he went on, as the congregation repeated after him. ‘In your Word is my salvation, redemption and victory’, the wise man took the congregation through a length of heart- lifting prayer to the Lord.  Beginning with a short story of a Christian friend who wondered why he had trials in his life in spite of his devotion to the work of God, the wise man advised that trials and tribulations were part of Christianity. In his words, the Bible says everyone who works with the Lord will have testing but that as a child of God, your trouble is not like others’; it is for the glory of God. Trouble comes not because of any wrong step but because we are in a complex and contradictory world. The children of God, according to him, are passing through this world to a place prepared for them. This Is Not Heaven, he aptly titled his message. Citing John 16:33 as his proof text, the wise man said Jesus overcame for us and so we shall overcome, though there will be disappointments, as said in the proof text. In 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, Apostle Paul derived strength from the Lord. My grace is made perfect in your weakness. Though Apostle Paul was tormented by a thorn in his flesh, the grace of Christ was sufficient for him  and so for us, the wise man affirmed. Continuing, he said the thorn of Christ makes easy and sanctifies our thorns. Jesus took our place in afflictions. Troubles are designed for our spiritual development and  to advance our course. Our situation could be to humble us but to leave us dignified at last. Spiritual burdens are ordered to cure spiritual pride. He allows poverty and setback to humble us. He will however, prepare us for it. Those God calls for service, He makes fit for it, Deuteronomy 28:7. The enemies will come in a united manner but they will be confounded and routed by the superior power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is greater than all the combined forces of hell. He has conquered death for our sake to bring us to the Father. To hope is to look forward to a Heavenly home that will last forever.  Stones were hurled at Stephen but his affection for God’s command was regular because of his hope, Acts 7:54. In Romans 8:35-39, Paul advised Christians to keep the solid front in the face of sickness. The rich should not concentrate on their wealth or the poor on their situation because a man may be poor, yet be a candidate of Heaven. Citing Luke 6:20- 26, the wise man recited the beatitudes. Don’t doubt the genuineness of your spiritual experience or question your sonship of Christ because of your situation. The promise of God can only be appropriated by faith which comes through hearing and obeying the Word of God. We were elected before the foundation of the world to inherit the Kingdom of God. Faith is a necessary condition to access Heaven. Faith purifies and justifies us and removes the guilt of sin. The opening of our eyes of faith is the silencing of our fears. Fear not, for those who are fighting for you are more than those out to destroy you. Because you know that Heaven is your permanent Home, let everything that has to do with you be redeemed now and forever, the wise man prayed in conclusion.

A lot of Christians, Prophet T. B. Joshua said, after commending the message, grumble and despair about their situation because their lives are centred on how they are doing. How clearly, he asked, do we really see our lives? When you look at your life, what do you see? Do you see your life the way Jesus sees it? Continuing, the prophet added, ‘A man I met yesterday told me that the Holy Spirit gave him an idea but advised him not to take the credit.’ Don’t take the credit, he echoed, is a Word from the Holy Ghost. It is all about Jesus, he said. All we do is to give back what we have received from His generous hands. Don’t take the credit, he reminded his listeners. Citing Mark 11:1, he said whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed’, and does not doubt in his heart, it will be done. The prophet emphasized the prayer of faith. The object of our faith is God. Have faith in God, Jesus said, according to him. Teaching today, he went on, encourages believers to have faith in faith. On the contrary, he maintained, it should be on the finished work of Jesus. Because He is good all the time, I can bring my request to Him and cast my cares  upon Him. Why complain, murmur or despair? Realising that He is God and I am not; that He is a Father and I am but a child; He is a Shepherd; I am a straying sheep, I should have faith in God. We often hear, he continued, that prayer changes things but this is not entirely true. Prayer, he corrected, changes us; faith causes things to happen. Advising his listeners to have faith in God, he added, today we pray but lack the necessary faith to release the belief in our hearts. There is power in our mouth; the belief in our heart is released by faith out of our mouth. Faith requires us to speak the Word before we feel or see the result. The object of faith, he concluded, is God.

Delivered the previous Sunday from the spirit of eating sand and mattress, Ammen in company with his mother appeared on the platform to confirm the deliverance after the video clip refreshed viewers’ minds. Mrs Izah, the mother joyfully told the congregation that her son no more  had no appetite for those things after the deliverance.  Confirming her mother’s testimony in response to the prophet’s questions, Ammen said that he wanted to be a pastor to pray for the sick, so that they would not die and agreed to submit himself to the fasting and prayer demanded by the profession.

A woman from Anambra, Nigeria and her 14 year-old son took the platform and told the congregation that the son had been eating sand and mattress since the age of four. She added that her watching the deliverance of a girl from Tanzania on Emmanuel TV, fuelled her visit to The SCOAN regarding their plight. Enlightening his listeners on his affliction, Onyeka Ibiano said that at night, an object appeared to him and that caused the addiction to sand and mattress since that time. After touching and staring at him for a while, the prophet declared him free.

A video clip revealed Wise Man Racine as he laid hands on worshippers and asking one man among them, ‘Who are you?’ ‘Nobody’, the man responded. Worried that the man’s deliverance was not thorough as he never opened up, the prophet insisted on his re-deliverance.  Confirming that he never opened up, Chukwemeka Paul, accompanied by his wife, agreed to open up and told the story of his life. He admitted being a cultist in a group of boys who delighted in drinking, robbing  and raping girls. Threatened in Nigeria, he went to Ghana where he discovered that security awareness was even higher and he decided to go into computer training. He married in Ghana but did not approach lovemaking in a normal way, afflicted by the spirit of raping. In a way he never quite understood, he found himself in The SCOAN and after his second deliverance, he demanded to know from the prophet whether the wife who had had twins by him was his God-given wife. He explained that they enjoyed no peace in their marriage and the wife often nagged, calling him a baby especially because of his age. He added that he enjoyed peace more with other women than with his wife. The wife narrated that the man lured her into cultism after she married him. They came into the relationship through a call given to her by the erroneous tapping of just a digit by the man who had intended to call his sister. She was not surprised because her church had told her that her prospective husband would locate her in such a manner. She however complained about the raping approach of her husband to lovemaking. The man of God delivered them and declared their marriage sanctified from Heaven.

The osude family from Anambra, Nigeria, though resident in Lagos, appeared on the platform for their  testimony.
According to the spokesperson among them, they came for the Monday service where Wise Man Christopher prayed and laid hands on them. But on Wednesday, they noticed that their sister, Ikechukwu started to display signs and antics of evil attacks causing her to be violent. It was in that state of violence that they brought her back to the church. As the wise man laid hands on Ikechukwu on the Monday in question, she opened up in a smile and Wise Man Christopher told her that he knew her and she knew he knew her. In her testimony after the second deliverance in the prayer line, she told her listeners that after the Monday service, she began to behave funnily and talk nonsense by Wednesday and so her family brought her to The SCOAN on Thursday. She said she possessed many evil spirits which gave her all sorts of powers that she used to wreck the lives of her parents and siblings.  She said her misbehaviour began at the age of five, when she was afflicted with the spirits of lust and gluttony among others. At the age of five, she was fond of watching herself act before a mirror, where a woman appeared to her and asked her whether she would be her friend. She agreed and thereafter, she played with the woman often, though unnoticed by other people. She started having meetings in the spirit world and had astral powers by which she visited many parts of the world effortlessly. She attacked members of her family one after the other. She afflicted her father with high blood pressure and made him a debtor. She wrecked her mother’s business and rendered her sisters jobless in spite of their very good degrees in International Relations.  At the end of her breath-taking and most surprising confession, she pleaded with the man of God to deliver her family from all the evils of the devil for the past 50 years.

The miraculous work of the Anointing Water in the four corners of the earth was shown on Emmanuel TV. In country after country where the Anointing Water was administered, the atmosphere became charged with anointing that set the devil and all its evil spirits in confusion and disarray. Many of the faithful in such locations became delivered   from ailments which many prayers of yesteryears were yet to free them from. In eager anticipation of the miracles associated with the Anointing Water, congregants besieged the venues in their thousands before the appointed time of service. To the glory of God, they were not disappointed because many left the scene with testimonies of deliverance and healing. That was the picture in London, UK; Athens, Greece; Cape Town, South Africa; Accra, Ghana and other locations where the Anointing Water was ministered.  In Cameroon, where the man of God had just okayed a house fellowship for a family about a month before, the congregation was so much that the man of God, in his surprise, never knew how to classify it. Equally amazing, according to the family granted the concession, was the dumbfounding work of the Anointing Water in deliverance and healing.

Mr John Mark of Kogi State but working in Katsina as a chief superintendent of police also mounted the platform for his testimony. He said he had come to The SCOAN on 31st December for a breakthrough service during the candle night. He added that the man of God prophesied about violence in the country and advised worshippers to obtain both the Anointing Water and the Wristband, which he did. On a date in May 2011, water came out of his Wristband unusually like sweat.  Not quite sure how to react to the situation, he stayed put in his office until his phone rang and a voice asked him to take one of the vehicles for patrol on one of the major streets. He noticed that as he came out of the office, the sweat on the Wristband stopped. He never knew that at that time, hoodlums had come to plant bombs in the police premises. As soon as he drove out for the patrol, he had a terrible sound of the detonated bomb that brought the entire office down in rubbles.  To his surprise, the portion of the office block where he hung the portrait of the man of God and the Anointing Water stood strong and unaffected by the bomb blast. The panel of investigators who had earlier suspected that he had secret knowledge of the blast before it happened, in view of the fact that it was just ten minutes after he left when the blast occurred, became convinced that his safety was the work of God when they saw the Anointing Water and the portrait still hanging safely. Before then, the service provider had no record too of the voice that invited him out of the office. It was the Holy Spirit, they then realised, that took him out of the office and death by that call. Thanking God for His mercy, Mr John Mark remarked that he had become a different person and that his life was no more his. As regards the breakthrough for which he came for the candle light service, Mr John told his listeners that he got it in many areas of his life.

Mrs Ogeshi Okeke from Imo State joyfully mounted the podium to tell her listeners that after the hand- laying ceremony of the very day, she went to the ladies to check herself following the sensation she received when Wise Man Racine laid hands on her.  She had, since her miscarriage last December, lost her menstruation and was longing for it. In the ladies, she saw that her menstruation had miraculously surfaced and she thanked God most spiritedly for the miracle, reassuring her listeners that everything happen at the opportune time and that nothing is beyond God. It is all praise to God almighty as we watch the miracles  which we read in the Bible happening again ceaselessly in our time.




In a spirited sermon to awaken the congregation to the power of God, Prophet T. B. Joshua reminded the Church of the greatness of God and His ready disposition to forgive sins, however grievous some of these sins may be. In his words God is capable of doing anything and also forgiving any sin. To His power nothing is impossible. Breaking in on the choral music which had been reverberating all over the Church and to which the congregation responded in unison with elegant steps, Prophet T. B. Joshua enthusiastically spoke on the forgiving spirit of God with copious illustrations. In his words, the past is forgiven. We have seen a sinner’s character healed, the drunkard becoming sober, the harlot becoming chastened and the liar becoming truthful. “What then is the fear?” he asked the congregation. He spiritedly reminded his listeners that if they trust in God, that trust will save them. Trusting in the suffering of Christ is enough to save us, deliver us and make us whole. He concluded the sermon by advising the congregation to remain in trust.


Wise Man John Chi introduced his message with a series of questions.

How do we achieve a desired goal? Who wants to be saved? What must I do to be saved? He aptly referred the congregation to Acts 16: 29-32 which provided the answer to his questions: Believe in the Lord and you will be saved. According to him, God has promised salvation for whoever shall trust His Son. Race, age brackets, academic qualifications, wealth or any other attribute cannot save us outside Christ. If you are willing to be saved, Jesus is willing. Jesus brings hope and succour to those who trust Him. He is the bread to the hungry and road map to the lost. Whatever you are, you need Christ to be saved. God has a role to play in your salvation just as you too have a role to play. It takes your willingness and God’s ability to bring about your salvation.
Our hearts and minds must be reset to agree with God’s plan for our lives. You must get rid of those things that derail you from God. You cannot experience peace under the dominion of satan. Satan is sin. Another name for satan is sin.

Quoting Psalm 51:7 as a reference text the Wise Man admonished the congregation on the need to be cleansed of sins. According to him King David saw the need to be cleansed. Wash me with water whiter than snow and remove all impurity. David knew he would not have place in God’s kingdom unless he was washed from sins. In his sins, David could not see anything other than the fruit of sin: failure in the family, in the battle field etc. Unless you are cleansed of your sins, your blessing will receive challenges. The attitude of repentance and faith in your heart keeps you closer to God. Mistakes are correctable. If you make a mistake, don’t run from God; run to Him. Because David ran to God in spite of his sins, he remains one of the greatest Kings in Israel today. Your Father in Heaven has anticipated your sins and prepared for you. You have not committed an unpardonable sin. Our lives are in God’s hand and we cannot please Him without a thorough reformation of heart and life. God requires a heart that does not bear grudges. Doubts and unbelief put us on the wrong track. Jesus loves you just as He does any of His children. Jesus is able to forgive all our sins, he concluded.


Wise Man, Harry and his wonderful performances in Macedonia attracted his comments. The prophet told the congregation that the crusade in Macedonia attracted a large turn out of participants. It was so wonderful and even comparable to those spiritually hosted by the prophet himself in Indonesia and Singapore. It had to be extended to the following day i.e. Sunday and Monday. Wise Man, Harry also revealed to Prophet T. B. Joshua his vision to be in Macedonia especially close to Paul and Silas’s prison for tourists to see the wonders of God.
A clip on the wonderful works being performed by Wise Man, Harry surfaced on the screen and the congregation watched with rapt interest.

Mr and Mrs Ifah brought out their children and Mrs Ifah, the spokesperson accused their daughter, Judith of witchcraft before the entire congregation. She narrated how a baby of hers died mysteriously after a period of excessive stooling. She painted a picture of lack of peace in their family and of the sickness of her husband which had defied healing.

The daughter, Judith Ifah confessed to being a witch and added that it was the result of the fruit juice which she accepted from one of her classmates. She said she told her mother the dream she had after taking the juice and her mother prayed for her. She revealed that the giver of the juice asked her to bring their baby to the coven and that was the cause of the baby’s death. She said that she ate the baby. She also revealed how she was advised to use a rope to tie her father to his bed and cause his health to deteriorate. All these feats would attract to her a second position in the witchcraft world.
In reaction, Prophet T.B. Joshua advised parents to bring up their children in the way of the Lord to have peace. The child in question was left in the hands of satan because of the parents’ carelessness. The prophet pronounced Judith a witch or demon possessed as presented by the parents.
He then asked the parents to lay hands on her and ask every unclean spirit to leave her. That was how Judith was delivered. The prophet however warned both parents not to call her a witch after the deliverances.

A lady by name Memory, from Zimbabwe but living in South Africa confessed how she was hoodwinked promises of monetary offers on the internet. She was taught incantations which she mastered but none of the promises materialised. Instead, her marital home became bedevilled with problems to such an extent that she used the police to eject her husband from the home. She then pleaded with the man of God for deliverance. At the exclamation of the name, Jesus by one of the evangelists she fell down and was delivered.

One Emmanuel Chijoke and his relations all of the Abraham family from Enugu complained about the problems of setback and deaths in their family attributing all this to their mother.
The genesis of the accusation was a crusade in Abuja at which one of Emmanuel’s cousins was a participant and where he was told by a man of God there that their mother was the brain behind all the woes in the family. The said man of God was then invited to Enugu where he confirmed his earlier vision that their mother was a witch and that only her head and shoulders was human; the chest down to the feet was vulture in appearance. Surprisingly to the family, their mother could not refute the accusation by the man of God. She complained that at that time, her eyes, ears and mouth were muffled and she could not talk.

She then challenged the family to take her to anywhere and they would realise that she is not a witch. This was the reason they came to the SCOAN.

In his verdict, the man of God pronounced the woman witchcraft negative and ordered the children to kneel down to her in apology.

Before the prayer line, the participants of which were zoomed on the screen,
a lady, 20 year old Miss Sulman who was healed of foot ulcer came to give testimony and also made to show herself to those in the prayer line to reassure them of their healing

Three men and three women who were healed of HIV AIDS came to give their testimonies. Among them who spoke was 27 year old Mrs Motunrayo Sowemimo,

who was tested positive with Hiv aids type one in the Federal Ministry of Health, Abuja.

After the prayer line where she was declared free, she said she became stronger and ate with more relish.
She went back to the same hospital for another test but thanks to God, she was Hiv negative this time.


Miss Oduwole Olayinka

Miss Oduwole Olayinka, a youth worker in the church who came bagged 1st class (Electrical/Electronics), University of Lagos also got a scholarship award from the Church to do a Master degree in one of the best universities in the world. She consequently applied for admission and was offered same in three good universities in the United Kingdom. These were the Universities of Southampton, Edinburgh and that of Surrey.

She picked the University of Southampton as the best and the Church paid a total sum of £13,900 as her fees. Later and in consonance with the man of God’s crave for the best, the University College, London, offered her admission. Without hesitation, she changed her mind and picked the latest offer. A total sum of £18,245 was paid as fees for her to start classes on the 11th of October 2010.
The man of God seized the opportunity to advise the congregation to always look for the needy to help rather than waiting at home for the needy to come to them. In this way, according to the prophet, they would not be helping the wrong people.

T.B Joshua Has Multiplied Big Time… The Five Wise men

On Sunday the 13th of June 2010, The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations reverberated with the sound of heavenly music as the hundreds upon hundreds of visitors from around the world who had come to celebrate the birthday of Prophet T.B. Joshua the day before, joined The SCOAN congregants to resist the devil and praise Jesus with all their soul.

Prophet TB Joshua

Welcoming the congregation and viewers worldwide to the service, T.B. Joshua declared, “Jesus purchased your healing, your deliverance and your salvation at the price of great suffering.”


One of the Wise Men

The Word of God imparted by one of the wise men, was all about our attitude towards God. Greeting the Church, he said, “My name is Harry, I’m from Greece. By our fruits, you shall know us.” Reading from the book of Job 2:7-10, Harry explained that apart from our Lord Jesus Christ, there is no man or woman of faith that has been tempted as severely as Job, a man who feared God and shunned evil. He said that from the case of Job, we learn that trouble does not require any invitation before it comes. The question is: how do we handle it? If we handle our bad times with care, they will soon turn to hard times. Job saw his hard time as a reason for believing God just as he saw his good times as a reason for believing God as well. Job was telling God, whether you save me or not, I will continue to serve You because You are my Saviour. Harry went on to say, that to the carnally minded, this seemed unrealistic but Job’s heart was deeply engaged with God. Harry then asked those listening, as Christians, how many of us would say, “Thank You, Lord for healing me whereas we are still sick, thank You Lord for blessing me whereas the signs of poverty are still there?”

He went on to say that many people today base their spiritual experiences on feelings and emotions – and problems arise when feelings and emotions change. Like Elisha’s servant in 2 Kings 6:15-16, many of us begin to panic and run helter skelter because of what we see. Harry explained that every day, we are exposed to things that are not consistent with the Word of God. When these things control your feelings, and your feelings control your faith, you can be a Christian and yet controlled by satanic devices. For us to be able to say to God, “I know You all the time” Harry said that our faith must be based on something with more stability than our feelings. Picking up his Bible from the altar and holding it up, Harry declared that he didn’t know anything more stable than the Word of God. You may feel great today, tired tomorrow or lonely next week but God’s Word is going to say the same yesterday, today and for ever.


Sgt. Okponu Alexander, a 41 year old police officer from Delta who was unable to walk due to posterior disc prolapse and compression of the disc and had been booked for an operation.

For hundreds of sick and afflicted people who were arranged for prayer at The SCOAN,

Sgt. Okponu Alexander and his family, the way out had come!

Sunday was the day they had been waiting for, when they received a touch from Heaven, and the pillars of their problems crumbled. Among those who had a divine appointment with the Healer, Jesus Christ was Sgt. Okponu Alexander, a 41 year old police officer from Delta who was unable to walk due to posterior disc prolapse and compression of the disc and had been booked for an operation. He was brought to the church in a car, his placard bearing the words, “I CANNOT WALK.” As his wife cried out, pleading for the mercy of God to end her husband’s suffering, one of the wise men, directed by the Spirit of God walked up to the vehicle and began to pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Cries were heard as Sgt. Okponu Alexander placed his legs on the ground, supported and guided by the wise man, rose to his feet and took his first steps of freedom. The crowd shouted and cheered as even those awaiting prayer forgot their own problems and rejoiced in the miraculous healing! A medical doctor, visiting from Mexico, was visibly moved by the miracle and commented that he had actually seen the disc in the man’s back shift into place. For Sgt. Okponu Alexander and his family, the way out had come!

Another man whose darkness turned to glorious light during the prayer line was 70 year old Chief Ola Egbayelo from Ondo who had been blind

70 year old Chief Ola Egbayelo from Ondo who had been blind for the past one and a half years.At the prayer of one of the wise men, the light of God flowed into his system and his eyes were opened!

for the past one and a half years.At the prayer of one of the wise men, the light of God flowed into his system and his

Mrs Deborah Michael from Kwara, also 70 years old, who had been suffering from blindness for 11 years, miraculously received her sight! As the wise man laid his hands on her eyes and prayed in the name of Jesus Christ

eyes were opened! Beaming with joy, he began to follow the wise man who, dressed in a white suit moved through the crowd.

As if that were not all, during the prayer line of the second

Mrs Deborah Michael Healed.....

service, Mrs Deborah Michael from Kwara, also 70 years old, who had been suffering from blindness for 11 years, miraculously received her sight! As the wise man laid his hands on her eyes and prayed in the name of Jesus Christ, her sight was restored and her joy complete. We certainly saw healing, deliverance and words of prophecy in the power of the name of Jesus as the wise men prayed at the prayer line. By their fruits, you shall know them.


A further testimony that lifted the faith of all those who

Mrs Onwusalu was in great pain as she explained that her pregnancy was overdue and the baby was too big for her to deliver naturally.

heard it was that of Mr and Mrs Aderline Onwusalu from Anambra, who had arrived at the church on Friday, straight from the hospital. Mrs Onwusalu was in great pain as she explained that her pregnancy was overdue and the baby was too big for her to

In the car, outside The SCOAN, Mrs Onwusalu had given birth to her baby instantly and safely. Mr and Mrs Aderline Onwusalu, now joyful parents, came to the Sunday service to testify with their new baby.

deliver naturally. As they prepared to operate her, Mrs Onwusala declared that it was not her portion and headed straight to The SCOAN. One of the wise men stretched his hand and prayed for her, in the words, “Give her strength in Jesus’ name!” At the word, “Out”, the baby was instantly delivered. In the car, outside The SCOAN, Mrs Onwusalu had given birth to her baby instantly and safely. Mr and Mrs Aderline Onwusalu, now joyful parents, came to the Sunday service to testify with their new baby. Speaking of the amazing miracle, Mrs Onwusala said that the doctor had already drawn the marks on her stomach ready for the operation and had warned her that if she left the hospital, the baby in her womb would die. According to the doctor, the baby weighed 4.8 kg and had already stopped breathing. The ecstatic mother did not have enough words to express her joy and gratitude to God for the miracle, as she advised others to believe in God because with God, all things are possible!

The ecstatic mother did not have enough words to express her joy and gratitude to God for the miracle


“In the light of God, darkness has no hiding place.” The voices of the wise men rang out from the altar when the time came to separate the wheat from the chaff. People that had been seated calmly, singing songs and laughing with their neighbours suddenly began falling under the fire of the Holy Spirit, shaking wildly and manifesting. From the far gallery to the altar, those who possessed contrary spirits underwent deliverance.


Many who had heard the voice of God in the prophetic message given by Prophet T.B. Joshua last Sunday 6th June, 2010 concerning the opening match of the FIFA World Cup 2010 watched the match between South Africa and Mexico. The prophet explained that he was unable to change destiny but only reveal what God says about a situation and then offer advice. As the congregation listened to the prophecy in the service, they were reminded to always listen to the voice of God. As the service drew to a close, prophetic revelations kept coming – exposing

Mr and Mrs Udoh freedom and their father from Akwa Ibom. Prophet TB Joshua gave a prophecy about a family that had accused their father of being a wizard

the root causes of people’s problems – as the Lord did not want anyone to leave still with their problem. Among the cases that were exposed was

The family were reconciled as son and daughter begged their 80 year old Mr Robson Abel father for forgiveness and promised to care for him.

that of Mr and Mrs Udoh freedom and their father from Akwa Ibom. Prophet TB Joshua gave a prophecy about a family that had accused their father of being a wizard, that their case was important and that they should come forward. Mr and Mrs Udoh Freedom came forward with their father, confirming that he had been accused of being a wizard after his two daughters died recently. The prophet then revealed that 80 year old Mr Robson Abel was not a wizard but had been suffering from a mental disorder for the past seven years. To confirm the prophet’s words, the accused man in question remained expressionless and blank as he was vindicated of the accusation of being a wizard and even tried to kneel down together with his son-in-law as the latter asked his father-in-law for forgiveness. His daughter, Mercy, nodding her head confirmed the prophecy, saying that her father did not reason well. Following the prophecy, the family were reconciled as son and daughter begged their father for forgiveness and promised to care for him. They were confident that as the prophecy had exposed the problem, the solution had surely come.

As the service ended, those who left the church and those who switched off their televisions sets – left having seen the name of Jesus working in the Spirit – secured in the knowledge that to His power, nothing is impossible.

Source: The TB Joshua Blog

God’s Is Still Working In The Church – T.B. Joshua (PALM SUNDAY)

The service at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations began with the usual morning prayer followed by an inspiring Easter message by Evangelist Racine titled, “INSTRUCTION IN RIGHTEOUSNESS”.The man of God, T.B. Joshua came into the service about 10:20 am. He wished everyone a happy Palm Sunday and urged all believers in Christ Jesus to continue to live in the glory and majesty of His resurrection. According to him, “Easter is all about love, redemption, forgiveness, repentance and forbearance. It is time to confess in faith. Whatever a

man confesses in faith, he shall receive because our confession solves the problem. Our confession is our present attitude towards God. Therefore, we should be very careful of what we confess. Your confession is what God says about your situation. Let the Spirit of God guide you in whatever you say or do. The confession of our lips should have our heart’s full agreement. Do not say “Amen” because T.B. Joshua says, “in the name of Jesus Christ”, say “Amen” because you believe. This is the traditional or conventional way of life in which most of us were brought up. If you say, “Amen” when you do not believe, it’s like you are working against yourself because a wrong confession hinders the Spirit’s work in our body. If I say, “Show your excitement” and you are not happy, do not bother because you are in the presence of God.”
After the brief message, the prophet talked about the confirmation of the prophetic message concerning an Asian country given on the 14th of February 2010, which he expounded upon last Sunday, the 21st of March. He had prophesied earlier that we should pray for an Asian country, saying, “Those who lodge in hotel, I see an Asian country. I see a place where thousands of people lodge being burnt.” He mentioned that the event would take place in an Asian country with, “IN” at the initial letters of the spelling of the name, adding that he would set prayer warriors to pray over this matter.

He ended by saying, “Fast and pray on Tuesday.” Last Sunday, 21ST March, the prophet repeated the prophecy, this time giving the name of the Asian country in question. He said, “Pray for India. Remember the country in your prayers. Fast and pray on Tuesday”. In direct confirmation of the prophecy, breaking news footage on CNN on Tuesday showed a report of the fire outbreak in a historic eatery and residential building in Kolkata, India. The prophet noted that if not for God’s intervention, thousands would have lost their lives.
Next, video footage featuring the update of the activities of the Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Team was shown. The reputation of the Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Team has grown to the extent that some large international aid organizations such as OIM and Shelter Box have begun to contribute to their efforts. So far, a large amount of educational materials and large tents have been donated to the Emmanuel TV Team in confidence that in their hands these supplies would get to the people who really needed them most. The Team visited orphanage homes in Arcahaie where they provided several tents as well as educational packs, water purification tablets and medical assistance for the children.
The Team also visited refugee camps outside the capital Port-au-Prince, where they gave out over 20 tents to the most vulnerable people who had been affected by the earthquake. More partners and friends of Emmanuel TV from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and Greece joined the Team in Haiti.
The Team from Greece, the most recent group to join the Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake relief team in Haiti, took with them a large amount of medical supplies and other essential materials needed at the Emmanuel TV field hospital, Clinique Emmanuel.
During the service, over 30 students from various schools and universities in Nigeria and other countries who are all a part of T.B. Joshua’s scholarship scheme received their school fees, accommodation, feeding allowances as well as 2 bags of rice each for the new term. Among those who spoke in appreciation of T.B. Joshua’s benevolence was Benjamin Aduna Kwane, a Ghanaian and BSc. student of Administration in the University of Ghana, who the man of God granted a scholarship in August, 2009

He has completed his first semester and has come for fees for tuition, accommodation, feeding and projects for the new semester. He concluded his speech by saying that not only has he benefitted financially and spiritually from the man of God, as have many other students but also that he has learnt from the prophet’s act of giving which he sees as worth emulating. In his response, the prophet said that there is no greater will than to raise people in righteousness by offering support and assistance to them without any condition attached so that after their university education, when they are better placed, they would also be a help to others.
The total sum received by these students was 3.1 million naira for their school fees, accommodation, feeding and other needs in addition to 2 bags of rice for each of them.


Among the numerous people who received messages of prophecy through the prophet that day was Mr Kunle Adeyemi who came to The SCOAN last Sunday because his job was terminated. During the service, the prophet prophesied that there was a man named Kunle who had two homes, two “wives” but only one of them was known to his family. Concerning the second wife, the man of God revealed that there was a plan by certain criminals to attack Mr Kunle one early morning when he would be in the house.

If he was not killed, he would become a “dead-living”. After the prophecy last Sunday, the prophet invited his wife and him for reconciliation and the service today witnessed that reconciliation as Mr Kunle’s wife graciously forgave him.


The prayer began as usual with those who came with bodily afflictions such as leg ulcer, swollen belly and body, hernia and

cancer cases, followed by those with difficulties in walking, mental disorders, epilepsy and similar conditions. Then came people who were diagnosed HIV/AIDS positive from different countries before those with general cases such as stiff neck, fruit of the womb, stomach ulcer, diabetes, hypertension, liver, kidney and heart problems and so on. There were many foreign visitors from various countries also in attendance. In course of the prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua also ministered the new Anointing Water to the sick and they were all healed. The first service ended at 2:20 PM.
The second service started with testimonies from those who had received healing from using the Anointing Water. Firstly, Mrs Okonkwo Chinwe who came with lumbar spondylosis and was using a lumbar corset and knee braces to ease the pain, was healed through the new Anointing Water at the prayer line. Mr Joshua Ovwo who suffered from the problem of stiff neck due to cervical spondylosis and consequently was using a neck collar was also healed through the ministering of the Anointing Water at the prayer line.

Thirdly, Mr Oviemuno Amraidhe from Delta State testified of how he came to the church a few months ago and the Anointed Water he received from the man of God broke the yoke of barrenness in the lives of his wife and two other women. Mr Amraidhe’s wife, Christy Amraidhe, was diagnosed with the problem of inverted womb. One of the two other women was his brother’s wife, Mrs Ugbosu Sylvestina, a legal practitioner and Mrs Adline Blessing who suffered a tubal blockage due to blood clotting in her tubes. After they all had Anointing Water sprayed into their mouths they met with their husbands and are now seven months pregnant.
Praise and worship by The SCOAN choir followed the testimonies until the prophet returned to the church auditorium to begin the mass prayer. The prophet asked the congregation to rebuke the spirit that kills, steals and destroys and to remove the hands of evil spirits from their affairs.
During the mass prayer, the man of God dished out astonishing prophetic messages. The first prophecy concerned a lady who the man of God said was under the church gallery and was a prostitute living in a hotel. With tears flowing down her face, Miss Rosemary came forward to confirm the prophecy. The prophet said that this lady came seeking deliverance and she must not return to the hotel. After her deliverance, Prophet T.B. Joshua said that people of God should join hands to restore her. Another case was a lady the man of God described as tall, light in complexion and aged 32. The prophet said she was a bed-wetter and that it was an attack. She also possessed a ghost spirit and any man who met with her would in turn, bed-wet.
Prophet T.B. Joshua also gave a national prophecy. He said, “Let us pray for our countries and ask God to redeem your land. I see a flag being brought down. Which country? I see three. One and two were wet but now the third. Wet flag cannot fly but goes down. Pray for your country for redemption.” Then the song, ‘God’s intervention’ was sung while the congregation reflected over the prophet’s words. After the song, the man of God gave instruction to believers worldwide to observe fasting on Tuesday and Thursday concerning the prophecy.
The service ended around 7:00 PM rounded up with the deliverance of some of the people who had received a word of prophecy including the prostitute and the lady who used to bed-wet. Join us again next week for the next live service at the SCOAN to witness the evidence of Jesus Christ which is lives changed, Only on Emmanuel TV. Emmanuel! God with us.

Source:  thetbjoshuafanclub

It Is Critical That Leaders Watch Emmanuel TV – Chiluba

Zambia’s Former President Frederick Chiluba was in The SCOAN on Sunday 22nd November 2009. Here is a news report on his visit, and what he said during a live interview with Emmanuel TV after the service…

FORMER president Frederick Chiluba has called on leaders to seek God’s wisdom as they govern people.

In an interview after attending a church service last Sunday at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria, Chiluba said leaders who depended on God led their nations peacefully.

His first trip outside Zambia since he was acquitted of varying allegations of corruption, Chiluba returned to the SCOAN almost nine years after his first visit as Zambia’s Republican president.

Chiluba in The SCOAN

The former president, who has been the subject of intense scrutiny throughout his post-presidential era, was a guest of Pastor TB Joshua of the Emmanuel TV fame last Sunday.

When asked by an Emmanuel TV reporter his experience of the service, which included the deliverance and rehabilitation of several armed robbers as well as a thanksgiving service for the MVP of the recently concluded FIFA U-17 World Cup, Sani Emmanuel, Chiluba was full of praises to God for Prophet Joshua and Emmanuel TV, which he said he watched daily.

Describing the service as ‘highly inspiring’ and ‘motivating’, Chiluba hoped that leaders would do well to seek God’s wisdom in governance.

“If you read the book of Kings in the Bible, kings that depended on God guided their nations peacefully and successfully. God never changes. When we depend on Him… we will do extremely well,” he said.

Chiluba said since declaring Zambia a Christian nation at the start of his presidency, the country had moved steadily forward.

He also extolled the virtues of Emmanuel TV, TB Joshua’s Christian television station that is

Chiluba in The SCOAN

growing increasing popularity throughout Zambia and indeed Africa.

“It is really inspiring, not only for ordinary people but even for great leaders. I have been watching Emmanuel TV on a daily basis and my wife and I not only enjoy it, we are taught great lessons. We learn, we are inspired, we are motivated and we keep believing the Lord is truly with us; He is always present.”

He further admonished other leaders to follow in his stead by watching Emmanuel TV and inculcating the Godly principles taught there.

“For leaders, it is critical that they watch Emmanuel TV. They learn a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom. God’s wisdom is the only wisdom. And it helps you guide and lead people extremely well with the knowledge you receive because every utterance from the prophet is based on the Bible, it’s scripture-based.”

Frederick Chiluba With My People FC's Sani Emmanuel And Ogenyi Onazi

Chiluba and his wife Regina were witness to the celebration surrounding two members of Pastor Joshua’s football club, My People FC, who were part of Nigeria’s cadet team, the Golden Eaglets, during their recent campaign in the U-17 World Cup. Sani Emmanuel, the MVP of the tournament, was brought up by Joshua and is an altar boy in the SCOAN.

Frederick Chiluba With My People FC’s Sani Emmanuel And Ogenyi Onazi

“This is a beauty to behold,” said Chiluba. “This is the way you build youngsters, the way you draw them away from whatever life of suffering or what they may be going through, and you build and mould them into very responsible citizens. “

Prophet TB Joshua, noted for his charitable works and prophetic prowess, also rehabilitated several armed robbers in the service, an act that won commendation from Chiluba.

“Truly and honestly for me, that is the Gospel at work, they ex-armed robbers are bound to change a lot of people, and we welcome those young men. But remember, that could never have happened if this man of God was not highly anointed; so anointed so that he could be able to speak peace and love to those lost souls and they came in.”

Both Chiluba and Regina were unanimous in their message to viewers: “Don’t miss a single day without watching Emmanuel TV.”

It would be recalled that John Atta Mills, the President of Ghana was in The Synagogue in January this year, testifying to the accurate prophetic message Joshua had given him before his ascension to power.

SOURCE: Post News, Zambia


An extensive report fron Sports-Day on the thanksgiving service for members of Nigeria’s Golden Eaglets at The SCOAN on Sunday 22nd November

SUNDAY 22nd November, 2009 will go down as one day the over 20,000 worshippers including ex-President Frederick Chiluba of Zambia will forever live to remember. The venue of worship was the famous Synagogue Of All Nations (SCOAN) church which is fast turning into a tourist centre as people from all walks of life especially foreigners visit the holy place to either seek the face of God or view the environment that has become one of the holiest of places.

The event was the thanksgiving service organized for the duo of Sani Emmanuel and Ogenyi Onazi who helped the Golden Eaglets of Nigeria win the silver medal at the just concluded FIFA U-17 World Cup. It was in that same championship that Emmanuel won the silver boot and golden ball. The service was put together by the church to celebrate its products that shone like million stars before the watching world and as well give all the glory to God Almighty.

Sani Emmanuel Addressing The SCOAN Congregation


The atmosphere was simply electric as the church auditorium was filled to the brim. Worshippers who could not find their way in due to lateness enjoyed the service from their positions outside as Emmanuel TV crew provided television sets from which worshippers could view what was going on inside the magnificent edifice. The program was scheduled to kick off by 9am but was slightly delayed for about one hour to enable guests from overseas arrive the church premises. One of such guests is former Zambia President Frederick Chiluba who came in an entourage.

The choir group dazzled the worshippers with different gospel songs that left all standing and dancing for hours all in praises and worshipping of God. The normal service started as soon as the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua entered the auditorium at about 10:05am. He apologized for the delay and explained to the worshippers that guests were being awaited. Before the Prophet stormed the auditorium, President Chiluba had entered with his entourage and seated. Prophet Joshua had to introduce the former Zambia President before taking his sermon from the book of Ephesian. His lesson dealt on why man’s integrity and outward appearance don’t grant him desired esteem position but the grace of God.


He linked his sermon with the success story of young Sani Emmanuel who came to SCOAN as a needy following the many troubles in his family but was able to rely on God to lift him to the pinnacle of success even though he is just beginning.
At the end of the preaching which drew wild applause from the worshippers Prophet TB Joshua invited the duo of Emmanuel and Onazi to deliver their speeches and cut the ceremony cake. Both players spoke on how God used the Prophet to touch and change their lives. Emmanuel promised to set up a foundation that will cater for the needy as he was a needy. He further promised a scholarship scheme for the deserving ones to ensure that it is used to discover talents just as he was discovered by Prophet TB Joshua. He apologized to the Nation for the inability of the Golden Eaglets to win the World Cup saying, “God is still saying something with that. It is not our intention to lose the World Cup having fought to get to the final but God knows why he allowed the Swiss to win.”

Frederick Chiluba, former president of Zambia with FIFA U-17 World Cup MVP Sani Emmanuel and colleague Ogenyi Onazie

Emmanuel dedicated the awards he won to the needy sating that “I know what it is to be poor. I am here today to show what God’s ability can do. As we all know, going by what happened on the field, I am undeserving. Yet, by the grace of God, I am the best Under 17 player in the world.”

In his speech Onazi who came to SCOAN through Emmanuel after both players were initially dropped from the camp of the Golden Eaglets and were accepted to live in the church after being introduced to Prophet TB Joshua who counseled the boys and revealed that God is taking them to higher ground, said “we are here to thank everyone for your prayers and support. I don’t want to repeat myself since my brother (Emmanuel) has spoken on my behalf, I will only add that we shall leave the rest till we go to our future clubs.”


The cutting of cake took place immediately after the speeches which were applauded. There were two cakes, one for the Golden Eaglets as a team and the other for the celebrants (Emmanuel and Onazi). The cake for the duo was cut after the name Jesus was spelt while Eaglets’ cake was cut after Christ was pronounced. The awards were also placed on the table beside the cakes.


After the cutting of cakes the players were allowed to dance with some of their colleagues from the Golden Eaglets and My People FC and immediately the duo went into photo session. They snapped pictures with family members and colleagues but that was after they took some shots with Preseident Frederick Chiluba who hailed the kids for, “their courage and God fearing stance. Their success should surprise no one because they are in safe hands and on the path of glory. It is good to follow God from one’s youth because when one grows old you will always abide in the house and glory of God.”

The Eaglets’ duo then went into ball juggling. They delighted everyone with skills as they remained on the floor of the auditorium doing ball work.

Veteran musician and multi-instrumentalist Tee Mac stormed the choir and did a special tune for the celebrant. The music of the flute expert held the worshippers spell bound as the handsome Tee Mac radiating in his Aso Oke attire danced and sang to the glory of God. It was a razzmatazz as the music icon stylishly left the stage swinging his flute even as the worshippers applauded and sang on.

Grass To Grace Of Emmanuel
A documentary was showed to the worshippers and viewers of Emmanuel TV worldwide. It was all about the family of Sani Emmanuel. In the 30 minutes documentary Emmanuel’s father who said he hails from Edo State revealed how he came to live in the Synagogue. He stated that he was married to his first wife who initially had four girls for him. Pressure came from his ageing parents who demanded for male children or at least a son as they are growing old and needed to see their grand sons who should keep the family lineage alive. This persistent pressure led him to taken a second wife. But before the second wife took in, the first wife took in for her fifth child and miraculous had a son. Later the second wife also put to bed and was delivered of a baby boy. In all the first wife had four girls and two boys including Emmanuel while the second wife had three boys.

Then the trouble attached with polygamy erupted as both women started fighting on daily basis. On this fateful day the man (Emmanuel’s father) went to work and fighting broke out in his home between his wives. He was called to urgently return home to avert further damage. On reaching home he called both women and as peace talk was going on the younger wife picked a bottle, broke it and drove its sharp edge into the neck of the senior wife who fell and was bleeding profusely.

She was rushed to the hospital but on reaching the hospital she gave up the ghost. The younger wife was arrested and the matter charged to court, where she was convicted. She had to go to jail with her three months old son. And that was just the beginning of trouble for the man who does not understand how to cope with about nine children. He couldn’t pay school fees and the situation was so bad that two of his daughters were forced into early marriages. In a move to commit suicide he was advised by one of his children to see the man of God Prophet TB Joshua.

He met the man of God and explained his predicaments to him. In one of the church’s programmes for widows and widowers he was given N150,000. e later sent for his son, Emmanuel from Abuja and the two went to see the man of God. Emmanuel’s father appealed to Prophet TB Joshua to allow his son to live with him in the Synagogue. The man of God in his magnanimity accepted and prayed for them.

Emmanuel started living in the church and helps in domestic activities like cleaning of the church’s environment and assisting in project building. From there My People FC was born and the young lad joined the team. It was from the club that he was spotted as a budding star having shone in friendlies with Gateway FC, Golden Eaglets and Flying Eagles. He was invited to the Golden Eaglets but was later dropped alongside Onazi whom he met in camp. They both returned to the Synagogue when Onazi told Emmanuel that he had nowhere to go. On return they reported to Prophet TB Joshua who prayed for them and counseled them.

TB Joshua - Use every proper means to discover the youth's talents

The man of God then organized a trip for the players including one Yakubu Azeez for Sweden. The intention of the man of God was to expose the trio to quality football after which they can return and try out with the national team again. They traveled to BK Bodens with all expenses paid by the man of God who gave the trio $5000 for upkeep aside the money spent to procure visas and tickets. They spent six months in Sweden and returned. On return the man of God ordered them to go to the Golden Eaglets camp again unaided. And that was the story celebrated today. The documentary according to the man of God will continue as the best of the players is yet to be seen.

Prophet Joshua: I’m Ready To Guide Eaglets
Man Of God Pledges Support
Prophet TB Joshua told the worshippers and viewers of Emmanuel TV worldwide that “I am ready to give spiritual guidance to the entire squad members of the Golden Eaglets because these kids need to be protected so that they can reach the heights that God has set for them. We should not forget that destiny can be tampered with and even altered that is why we need to give these boys God’s cover.

“Whoever among them needs my help in this regard is free to reach me. I will not charge them for this service because we have to give out our precious time and most cherished items as gifts to the less privileged and needy. When you give what you don’t need to the needy it does not count before God. The Almighty God wants us to part ways with things we will greatly miss or feel when we want to give to the needy. Therefore I am giving out my time to help these kids to reach their promised land. Last time I sent out three players to Sweden and I am promising by the grace of God that I will be sending six out to Europe the next time, not to go and sign contracts or to go and seek for clubs but to go for training and equip themselves with the current trend in the game because football is dynamic and it is fast changing.

TB Joshua – Use every proper means to discover the youth’s talents


“I want to use this opportunity to inform everyone that My People FC will be conducting screening exercises every Tuesdays and Wednesdays to select the very best players who will be under our care for free. Those who will not be successful during the screening will be given money to take care of their transport back to their respective destinations. The screening is for the whole world and not just for players within Lagos or Nigeria. We expect players to come from the rest of the world. We will cater for them.

This is one area that everyone here today should endeavor to partake in. Think of how you can help these less privileged people. The future of these young ones is very important because they will determine our future when we grow old. I am out to help the world. Let’s start building the world, let’s start healing the world, let’s start creating hope for all. We can indeed make the world a better place. We have started with Emmanuel and Onazi, more will follow even as I follow the career of the entire Golden Eaglets squad to the top.”

who was In The Synagogue

SOURCE: Sports Day