TB Joshua Collaped Building – More Like Solving a Puzzle!

Judging from the way TB Joshua revealed his prophetic message on the collapse of the building at his church, one would be stark unwise to take any of his words at face value. Amidst loads of conspiracy theories on-line for those responsible for the tragedy, this post attempts to pay closer attention to the words of TB Joshua on the masterminds behind the building collapse, to see if we can arrive at an educated guess. As can be seen from his prophecy of the building collapse, when he speaks, he may well be revealing very exclusive information cloaked in his simple speech. Also, from the way TB Joshua spoke of the incident, he appears very sure of the orchestrator’s but has chosen to remain silent over it, waiting for the full wrath of God to be poured on them. We did come along a conspiracy theory on nairaland that suggested that the SCOAN building must have been demolished by the Illuminati. Whilst not agreeing with every part of the theory, there is good reason to consider some of the points therein. Considering TB Joshua’s words since the event closely, one can be almost convinced as why the conspiracy theorist on nairaland attributes this catastrophe to the Illuminati. We forthwith explain why.

Note this is an assumption reached by carefully following TB Joshua’s comments on the tragedy and piecing together the minute details he revealed on the subject, week by week and piece by piece until they make a complete sense…more like solving a puzzle.


  • First, it has to be a GROUP, not an individual as he says in the words:

What we are seeing here, the revelation of God; has been challenged by SOME GROUP: you know what I mean? The finger God, here we are seeing here has been challenged by SOME GROUP: I’ll not say more than that.

  • Secondly, it has to be an elite group of international repute, as we can deduce from his words on the third week following the building collapse:

This is A HIGH LEVEL ISSUE, boko haram, they don’t have up to one percent of the people that did this job. They are just minute. IT IS AN INTERNATIONAL ISSUE… IT IS A WORLD ISSUE.

  • Thirdly, it has to be a group that has various classes and strata of people and professionals in its ranks as is seen from his words:


  • Fourthly, it has to be a group that professes some measure of spiritual power, which he challenges them to use to raise up the dead they killed, if they want an escape from the coming wrath, as we can deduce this from the words:


  • Fifthly, it has to be a group that has a lot of financial resources at its disposal to mastermind such a heinous act as TB Joshua says in these words:

If God deals with the servants, you would not understand, it would not bring any lesson, errand boys sent to do this job you will not learn anything from it, [God will deal with] THE BOSS, THE FINANCIAL SUPPORTERS…”

  • Sixthly, it appears to be a group that heralds the worship of Satan and have a certain power domineering mindset that no one should challenge as TB Joshua is constantly doing as can be highlighted from the words:

“…It is that Satan that did it…” …You know SATAN ENTER HUMANS; “…THESE PEOPLE; THEY JUST WANT TO KNOW who TB Joshua; that is all, they want to know how great my God is…”

  • Seventhly, TB Joshua has been attacked in the past by clergy, PFN, CAN and others, but to indicate the nature of this attack he seemed to imply that it is a new attack; a new challenge; a new breed of foes, which is why he stated:

“…Since the beginning of my calling this is THE GREATEST TRIAL i have ever seen…”

  • Can you think of any other group or association that fits the bill? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.


IRONIC! The Man I Preached Was The Antichrist Ended Up Delivering Me

By Ihechukwu Njoku

Pastor Gabriel Ikpenwa was an avid advocate against controversial Nigerian Pastor T.B. Joshua, vehemently testifying that he was the antichrist, offering public prayers against him in crusade grounds and fervently discouraging anyone who planned to visit his church. However, in an ironic twist of fate, the man he had campaigned against and slandered religiously ended up being the one used by God to set his family free.

“I have actually preached a lot of messages against Prophet T.B. Joshua, as the antichrist of our generation,” Pastor Gabriel remorsefully told the congregation at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria during a Sunday service broadcast on the church’s television station, Emmanuel TV.

Ikpenwa, who was the President of Deeper Life Campus Fellowship in his university days as well as the President of Nigerian Corpers Christian Fellowship (NCCF), said that when the major Christian bodies within Nigeria, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) had publicly denounced The SCOAN and its leader, he adopted the same stance without questioning. “I took it upon myself as a leader of the youth to make sure that none of them would have anything to do with Prophet T.B. Joshua,” he stated.

Tb Joshua has remain the most perseculted man on earth both locally and internationally

He recounted organizing huge crusades for young people as well as being a regular guest speaker at mammoth Christian Union events. “You can imagine when a crowd has gathered and you handle such a message, psyching up the youths against T.B. Joshua as the antichrist. You can imagine the type of prayer that would happen in the crowd. We started casting After leaving Deeper Life, Ikpenwa joined Redeemed Christian Church Of God (RCCG) as an Assistant Pastor while pursuing his medical career and managing his increasingly influential microfinance bank. Soon joining the ranks of young Nigerian millionaires, Ikpenwa decided to look for a wife to stand at his side in ministry. Meeting a beautiful young lady who was working as a model, the fiery pastor preached repentance to her. Moving closer to her, he did not know the deep spiritual entanglements he was about to engulf himself in.

As the pair courted, Ikpenwa had a strange encounter with two snakes who attempted to attack him in his house. As a date for marriage was set, he one day awoke to find a strange man in his house, who warned him to ‘leave that girl alone’. Shocked at the man’s entrance to his locked house, Pastor Gabriel attempted to hit him. His hand passed through the man as if he was boxing thin air and he mysteriously disappeared before his eyes.

The day of his marriage seemed to spell the beginning of his downfall. “I saw myself going down to a zero level after we married,” Ikpenwa stated, explaining that employees in his bank stole millions which led to its premature end. Ministry-wise, Ikpenwa admitted that he became ‘an administrative pastor’, confessing that he backslid in his faith and became someone merely “practicing religion, teaching people the Bible without the power.”

In the search for the deliverance of his wife who was regularly plagued with spiritual attacks, Ikpenwa remembered the man he had fought so hard against in the past. Despite banning Emmanuel TV in his house, an instruction that had been passed onto him by his superiors at CAN and PFN, Ikpenwa secretly began watching it. “I started matching the activities I saw with the Scriptures,” he revealed, deciding to go on an investigative mission to The SCOAN incognito to assess for himself.

“I wore jeans and put a face cap on backwards just to disguise myself because many people know me as a minister. I went to sit right at the extreme back to spy what was going on, not to participate in anything.” After the service, Ikpenwa returned to his home and told his wife that he had deceived multitudes about Joshua, acknowledging that he was truly a man of God. Upon this admission, the couple resolved to go to The SCOAN together.

As one of Joshua’s ministers, known as the ‘Wise Men’ passed by Mrs Ikpenwa, she started to react violently under the influence of a strange force. “That was how the drama started,” the preacher recalled. A demon within her began manifesting and subsequently confessed the atrocities it had caused in her life, including the downfall of her husband’s business, stating that it was her spiritual husband and Pastor Gabriel had ‘snatched’ her from him. At long last, she was ‘delivered’.

Pastor Ikpenwa pleaded with the multitudes he had deceived to forgive him, stating that he had turned many who would have come to The SCOAN for solution against it. “The place I said nobody should go to is the place where I finally received my deliverance,” he concluded.

Advising pastors, Ikpenwa stated, “Many of us men of God act by what the news tells us because the power and spiritual insight is not there. I told people to excommunicate Prophet T.B. Joshua because I believed that my leaders had done some findings about him and they told us not to have anything to do with him. I plead with other men of God to find out the truth before going ahead to form judgments”.

Ikpenwa’s wife testified that the strange dreams of being pursued by snakes and seeing a man sleeping with her had ended following the prayer and she enjoyed sleep for the first time in her life thereafter. She advised congregants to identify their problems, stating that such would pave the way for solution to come.

In his comments, Joshua stated that the persecution he passed through was actually a catalyst for his ministerial success. “I know the value of my trials… It’s a free advert,” the pastor said, stating that The SCOAN has no signboard or advertisement yet attracted congregants from around the world, making it one of Nigeria’s foremost tourist attractions. Citing an example, he recounted how it was the ban on televising miracles by Nigeria’s National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) that actually led to the birth of Emmanuel TV, currently one of Africa’s most popular television stations.



There is no doubt that the church which should be recognised as the body of Christ, is today suffering on a number of fronts, and for different reasons. While many churches spring up in every corner of the globe, and many pastors – called and uncalled – keep ‘spreading the Word’, it should be expected that the church should be strong, powerful, progressive, fruitful, spiritually fulfilling and humane in disposition.

The church should wear the neat garment of truth, on which misrepresentations should have no impact; it should be the canopy under which spiritual shield may be labourlessly enjoyed and appreciated. God, when He is mentioned, should be in truth; His Word should be quoted and referred to in truth; and His everlasting grace should be a ready-made companion.

The church should exist to give power to His Word; to ascertain the certainty and centrality of His everlasting existence, and give power to the doubtless faithful. It should be the umbrella of truth, giver of hope and source of prophetic veracity. It should be the source of deliverance and healing, where hidden realities of the seen and unseen worlds are discovered. It should be the cornerstone of belief.

But the truth is that the church, since the 20th century (as our contemporary reference) has not been permitted to faithfully observe its functions. Self-antagonism, mischief, rumour-mongering, back-stabbing, name-calling, hatred and blackmail are ‘tools’ which the devil is unceasingly using to distort truth and justice, as symbolically entrenched in the church. Today, there are numerous cases of misrepresentation, self-imposed distorted image, media onslaughts, sponsored attacks and reckless opinions being hatched and celebrated by people and institutions as if these are virtues preached to the human race by the Word!

The church, as understood by some, has no reason to be associated with prophecy and healing; it should be a place where gentle prayers are said, and supported with perhaps, tithing. But the church should be all-embracing, because the devices of the unknown and unseen powers, the forces of darkness, include marginalization, self-hatred, mischief, bitterness, hatred and blasphemy among the followers of Christ. These forces have also been there, but today, the velocity has increased to a deadly shocking level. This is because the more the churches in circulation, the more darkness seems to be covering the fields of performance.

Churches are divided among themselves; some congregants of one denomination never have anything to do with the others from other churches. Men and women of God even spread dangerous rumours and publish horrible propaganda in the name of being the best ever to emerge in Christendom.

The Synagogue Church Of All Nations

The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) has not altogether been seen by some Christians (or so they pledge) as worthy of enjoying God’s grace which it has pleased the LORD it is enjoying today. But it is clear that this church does not have a tradition of antagonising other churches, not even proven antagonists of its processes and essence in society. It does not think much of critics but of how people should accept the faith in truth and complete obedience to the Word. It has a clear agenda as ‘an arena of liberty’ – it is focused, programmatic and progressive in its choice of spiritual curricula; it insists on true deliverance and healing, and of giving to the needy (the poor, hopeless, sick, deprived, hungry, rejected and the alienated). It is focused on empowering the true faithful, with the Word as it should be obeyed and preached.

One of the ways The SCOAN has achieved its focus is the aspect of the recognition of true pastors (evangelists, ministry co-ordinators, prophets etc.). The truth is that people naturally take to preaching the Word or founding ministries just because they happen to attend theological schools. But while such schools have their place in the manifestation of Christian commitment, it has been repeatedly proved that they are sheerly insufficient in producing true men and women of God.

Educative and informative as they may look, there are often missing links in their agenda and curricula. In fact, many products of such schools have been known to fail in doing the expected work of preaching and winning souls. Some have turned out to be betrayers of the faithful and abusers of the Gospel. Some know close to nothing about the ethics and aesthetics of true Christianity, and are simply agents of the devil who insist on monetization of prayers, giving anointing oil, fasting and deliverances. Some even go for the flesh in ‘achieving’ spiritual upliftment: the love of money, fame and position has dwindled the spiritual quality of many minds.

But The SCOAN makes it clear – and there are clear evidences in video, DVD and VCD cassettes, to illustrate the truth of this. Many ‘pastors’ have been discovered to lack spiritual fire; they preach in the midst of total ignorance of the kind of empowerment, which should accompany such works. Such pastors even openly manifest evil machinations, as evil spirits speak through them, when they undergo deliverance. Yet, some of such had preached, sermonised, baptised, delivered and healed people; some also spoke in tongues.

The SCOAN makes it obvious that even the devil has a way of counterfeiting God’s own unique manifestations. The devil can also heal and deliver, but has a way of re-investing greater pains, frustration, helplessness, poverty and unfaithfulness in people. He gives them back a heavier burden while pretending to have saved them. Curious minds will never stop asking why ministers with churches and many years of practice should manifest in The SCOAN, if actually they had been delivered! Deliverance is one word which has been so misunderstood in Christendom – yet it is the backbone of belief and faith. The SCOAN makes sure that the devil and his characteristics are truly pushed off people; they are permanently cast in the pit of hell! Ground-shaking revelations occur when people are being delivered – hidden ‘strengths’ of the devil and his agents and their tools are exposed, which means only true, strong and undiluted faith is needed to be truly delivered. That one wears the colourful cassock or bears names like prophet, prophetess, evangelist, pastor, reverend etc. does not confer true deliverance.

Deliverance at The SCOAN

The evangelical work, claimed Prophet Joshua recently, is the most dangerous work but not many people know this.  Spirits and demons have their wicked ways of hitting back at people professing Christianity or calling them evangelists of the faith; they become afflicted with diseases, failures, poverty, hopelessness, nightmares, fears and forms of spiritual attacks. Though holding on to the Bible, they are not immune to strong winds of disgrace and tornadoes of frustration. A man may be a pastor by profession or in words, but not so in heart – according to Joshua. And this is where danger lurks. Insanity, ill-health and even death are located in such realisation. The spirits of lust, poverty, despair, helplessness, sinfulness, hatred and mischief, for example, become part of such fellows; they often love money and fame far more than the work of the Gospel.

Many of such ‘men and women of God’ have come to know the truth about themselves by receiving deliverance at The SCOAN, and, of course, there are other living churches where such takes place.

In The SCOAN, Christians and non-Christians have always received true deliverance, because the Word of God must be pure and thus, sure – in the words of Prophet Joshua. The Holy Spirit has often worked wonders; ancestral spirits, curses, marital failures, economic disempowerment, frustration, shame, impurity, joblessness and afflictions simply give way. Recently, a man who had consumed his and others’ faeces and urine (and his own sperm) for some 16 years was delivered. ‘Pastors’ from all over the world in the grip of satan were delivered. Drug addicts, militants, armed robbers, kidnappers, rapists and ritualists were delivered. And we speak here of permanent deliverance!

God is truth; His Word is true, pure and sure, thus deliverance is power to enlist the service of true faith. It is power to minister to God and to enjoy the benefits of God’s grace. It is the core of spiritual revival. It is freedom from sin, because “It is sin that makes us to be afraid of our heavenly abode” to quote Joshua. He said further that “God answers us if He strengthens us with His strength in our souls, though not with bodily strength”. He believes that “it is God’s Word that establishes; it is His Word that builds”. In other words, to master the truth of deliverance, God’s Word must be an integral part of us!

The roles of the Anointing Water and sticker (which are significant tools in The SCOAN) have been universally acknowledged, as well as their power, assuredness, dependability, reliability and promotion of faithfulness in all who believe. What was thought to be impossible in the world are daily happening at The SCOAN, but not without a price – some Christians find it difficult to agree with its genuineness as a “tool” through which God manifests Himself. Recently, though, Prophet Joshua told his congregants that “In searching for the truth, we must look within and beyond our palace” and that “As truth was older than terror, so it will survive it; it got the start and it will get the race. The day will declare who is in the right and who is in the wrong”.

Finally, he has insisted that God confirms the word of His servants by accomplishing it, by establishing it. God gives being (life) to His Word. You can speak His Word but God speaks life/ being. If He has not given being to His Word, the Word is dead but when He gives that life, the Word becomes life”. The SCOAN, to say the least, is one place in the world where God has indeed made the Word to become life!