Africa Unite: Tb Joshua’s Tearful Song Goes Viral!

tb joshua, crying, africa uniteTB Joshua’s emotional song calling for African unity has gone viral, ratcheting up over 700,000 views on social media in under two days.

The Nigerian cleric, who penned the lyrics in the in the wake of the recent eruption of xenophobic violence in South Africa, was visibly moved and shed tears as the song was played during his church service on Sunday 8th September 2019.

The song clearly struck a nerve with thousands commenting that the composition made them equally emotional and echoing Joshua’s call for African unity.

The simple melody calls on Africans to avoid violence, overlook differences and embrace peace.

According to the lyrics: “The South cannot do it alone. The West cannot go it alone. The East cannot do it alone. The North cannot go it alone. We need each other; we need one another to grow. Africa unite.”

Joshua also called on all parties involved to respect and uphold the law. “See the killing over drug misuse. See the fight over joblessness among the youth. Where is the law?”

The song concludes with a plea for Africans to ensure fellow citizens of their continent do not ‘feel unwelcome’.

Remi Sonaiya, a former Nigerian Presidential candidate, was among those to react on Twitter after watching the song replayed on Emmanuel TV.

“It was rather moving and many in the congregation were in tears. May the prayers be answered. Killing and looting aren’t the solution to our problems. Good governance is,” she wrote.

On Emmanuel TV’s official YouTube Channel, the song has recorded over 300,000 views with another 400,000 watching the clip uploaded to Joshua’s verified Facebook account.

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance journalist based in Lagos, Nigeria

Radebe is a Ignominy to the South Africa Government

Jeff Radebe

For those who may have come across a recent article credited to a South African Minister in the presidency; Jeff Radebe published by The Citizen:Radebe Blast T.B Joshua, the article shows how desperate the perpetrators of the SCOAN Collapse building attack are out to divert the attention of the public from the reality on ground to a direct attack on Prophet T.B Joshua’s person. Radebe accused the Prophet of making his money through dubious means; he claimed he had information of T.B Joshua recruiting people in Nigeria and places them in wheelchairs to make money.

“That Guy (TB Joshua), I am told, he buys people, gives them money and places them in wheelchairs. Those people are making money. It is the money that talks,” Radebe said.

Radebe hate speech clearly shows he has a personal grudge against Prophet T.B Joshua and his ministry. All of is accusations against T.B Joshua’s ministry are simply speculations from T.B Joshua’s critics void of evidence. Is Radebe calming he is wiser than thousands of South Africans that come to SCOAN weekly for their healings and deliverances? If those countless numbers of healings that takes place in SCOAN are all scam as he wants the people to believe, why many South Africans and other nations of the world continues to visit the SCOAN to get solution for their problems even after this resent tragedy that took many lives. It is an embarrassment for a man in government to allow sentiment and personal hatred to blind is eyes from the truth, Radebe has joined the bandwagons that find pleasure in adding injuries to other people’s misfortune.

On the rescue operation of the building Collapse victim, Radebe who may be seen as being an intelligent man claimed that T.B Joshua barred the rescue workers from retrieving the bodies after the collapse, this accusation from Radebe clearly shows that he is a man without an independent mind, he is one of those that places their judgment on what they are told without independently verifying the truth. Account from the ongoing coronal inquest set to investigate the collapsed building has showed that SCOAN never block or hindered any rescue operation, instead, SCOAN provided 11 ambulances during the rescue operation and also paid the bills of all the expenses that lead to a successful rescue operation.

Radebe even went far to call on the families of the collapse Vitim to take legal actions against SCOAN. For what, I ask Radebe? T.B Joshua should be sued for being attack by an external enemy. Is Radebe even aware of what is going on now, Investigation from experts and majority of opinions from members of the public has shown that the incident was an extraordinary affair and even families of the victims know it was an attack so what is Radebe saying.

Radebe even went too far to insult the prophet personality, he called T.B Joshua an uneducated man and claim he don’t quote bible verse when he preach, as if education is a prerequisite of being called by God, he supposed to know that great men are not measure by their educational qualification or by how good their English vocabulary is, but by their world impact, what is the essences of being educated and yet your environment have not felt your positive impact. If truly Radebe do watch or listen to the prophet message on he should have known that the message of the Prophet are preached with scriptural backing, this viewers of can attest to.

On his doubt of Hiv/Aids healing in SCOAN, we have time without number use this medium to call on the World Health Organization (WHO), any other health organization and media house around the world to visit SCOAN themselves and confirm if those healings that take place there are real, if truly the world appreciate good health. Until proven otherwise Hiv/Aids healing in SCOAN are 100% real. All healing in SCOAN are done openly and broadcast live on anybody that claim he does not believe in the divine healing that is taking places in SCOAN, that’s his ‘cup of tea’, everybody is not expected to believe but don’t criticize what you can’t prove otherwise, that’s what separate the wise from the foolish.

Baseless accusation like this from a minister in the Presidency make one to wonder if the coronal inquest and others investigators assigned with the responsibility to uncover the mystery surrounding the SCOAN collapse building will come out with a genuine report free of bias. Because it is obvious many of these individuals have personal grudges against the Prophet, T.B Joshua which is likely to influence the outcome of their investigation. What else do we have to say, Radebe a minister in the South African Presidency has already taking a prejudicial stand that SCOAN was responsible for the building collapse, an incident undergoing investigation. We hope he publicly apologies to the South African Public for degrading his office by venturing into a controversial issue of this magnitude and taking side even when the case is still under investigation.