Sunday Rebroadcast FULL Service of Aug.29, 2011

Full Sunday Rebroadcast Service of August 29, 2011. Watch & Be Blessed. Distance is not a barrier!



The service was filled with interesting testimonies like other Sunday services in the past. A very interesting incident was recorded in the Monday service of January 24th when, in a prophecy, one of the congregants was told that the lady he came to the Church with and who assumed the role of wife for him was not actually his wife.

Mrs. Ifeoma

When he admitted that the woman, Mrs Ifeoma, was his friend’s wife, the man of God asked him to go home and bring his own wife but advised Mrs Ifeoma to stay back as her husband would be invited to the Church. Meanwhile, Mr Ifeoma was watching the incident on Emmanuel Television in Cotonou. As arranged, the prophet sent for the real husband of Mrs Ifeoma and he came. He is a 35 year old man with no visible means of livelihood. According to his wife, Mrs Ifeoma, they are Nigerians from Umuahia in Abia State but currently resident in Cotonou. As a man without a job, he had received financial help from the friend, Mr Livinus who brought his wife to the Church. It was possibly those gestures of assistance that brought him close to Mrs Ifeoma. As the prophet revealed, it was Mrs Ifeoma that lured him into the illicit relationship. In their privacy, the prophet talked very much to the man whose wife came with another man before he

Mrs.lfeoma and her husband Mr Livinus

agreed to forgive his wife and his friend. Before the congregation Mr Livinus cried and said that his poverty was the cause of his woe and wondered aloud whether he could ever forgive his wife and the man. In tears, the wife asked him for forgiveness. Narrating his plight to the prophet and the congregation, he said his family had been suffering because of his joblessness.

The couple and their five kids hardly had a place to lay their heads and the children were out of school. They depended on charity for living. He concluded by appealing to the prophet for help. Asked again whether he would forgive his wife and friend, he hesitantly agreed but added that forgiving them would be easier if the prophet assisted him. This generated laughter across the entire Church. The prophet reminded him that he was lucky that it was a friend who did this to him but not somebody that could want him dead and have the wife after that. Thereafter, the prophet said he was ready to give him and his family a two bedroom flat, a job for the man, scholarship for his children and the sum of N300,000 for his wife, a hairdresser, to start some trade. Some other congregants also expressed a wish to give him money for the upkeep of his family. The prophet’s gesture of kindness means he will move his family from Cotonou to Lagos. The couple were very elated at the generosity of the prophet and knelt down for a long time thanking him. The woman was delivered from the spirit of lust.

The man of God thereafter went into a long speech about the various crises families face and advised them to always watch and pray. The

T.B. Joshua

beginner, he says, is not the owner but the finisher. He said of the family in question that if God were not involved in their problem, they would not find their way to the Church.
God wanted to put an end to the illicit relationship between Mrs Ifeoma and the man. It was Mrs Ifeoma that lured the man into the relationship with her evil spirit. Speaking about the number of children they already have in the marriage, the prophet cautioned them to exercise control as marriage is more for companionship than anything else.
The prophet never brought the other couple out but planned that they would be delivered in the prayer line.

The Okechukwu family of six children and the parents came out to narrate to the bewildered congregation how one of the daughters, initiated into witchcraft in the school, brought the evil spirit to the family and relayed it from one child to the other. She gave the witchcraft to her younger sister who, in turn, gave it to their brother, who thereafter went into unrestrained incest with her. The brother, Emmanuel became initiated after eating a bun given to him by his sister and caught the spirit of lust. He had been much feared by the other siblings because of his habitual aggressiveness. The bun was given to her by her friend to eat and she then gave it to Emmanuel, her brother as a way of gaining control over him. The rest of the children also got the witchcraft relayed to them. The eldest girl told her listeners how the schoolmate who gave her the bun came to her in the home and both disappeared into the forest. After advising her to hate her parents, the girl also gave her something like blood to drink and she became abnormal, seeing dead people who laughed at her.
After blaming the father for not effectively controlling his children, the prophet delivered the family. The father was also delivered of a sickness which had disturbed him for some time.


Mr Achukwu, wife and daughter

Mr Achukwu mounted the platform with his wife and their pregnant daughter and accused the wife of witchcraft. He said that the only son, among the nine children they have, died adding that the woman was the cause. The boy he chose to adopt also died after two months. He said their children were like men facially but had the female organ to mean that the wife changed them from males to females to deprive the husband of male children. Asked how else he knew that his wife was a witch, the man said the wife could stay stiff for over twelve hours, though breathing, only to activate herself later. In her defence, the wife said she was not a witch and that people had told her that her husband was a cultist but she did not believe them. She also added that in his desperation for a male child, he met a widow who bore a male child for him but he could not claim the male child as their culture did not allow that. The prophet exonerated each of witchcraft or cultism saying that the devil just wanted to destroy the family and he delivered them.

As the prophet and the wise men were about going to the prayer line, the prophet asked the cameraman to display on the screen those waiting for healing and deliverance. Many of those displayed were victims of ulcer in various putrid stages. Taking the case of Stella for illustration, the prophet revealed how she came to The SCOAN prayer line with one foot seriously attacked by ulcer which caused decay in the leg. The leg, putrid and filled with puss, sent out abominable stench. The woman had been to many hospitals for cure but without a solution. It was at this stage that she came for prayer line and Wiseman Harry prayed for her. Today, Stella is completely healed and she came out from the congregation to confirm her healing in a testimony.

Mr&Mrs. James

After many unsuccessful attempts in various hospitals to get his wife cured of mental disorder, Mr James discharged her from a Kaduna hospital and flew her to The SCOAN for God’s attention. Arriving in The SCOAN late on Thursday, they could not be screened for the prayer line. However, some good brothers who saw the wife in her terrible condition took pity on her and surrendered two Wristbands to her. Wearing one on her wrist and the other on her foot, she immediately felt the power of God. She sensed unusual churning in her stomach and she soon started to vomit. She regained normalcy of behaviour after the vomiting. The nightmares and sighting of dead people which characterized her dreams stopped and she now sleeps like a day old baby. Even without seeing the prophet, Mrs Esther James regained sanity within seconds of arrival in The SCOAN to tell the listening world that wherever God is involved, healing is like breathing. In her testimony she recalled the efforts of her husband to have her cured in the past and the miraculous healing she got in The Synagogue, thanking everybody and God for the wonderful healing.

Mrs. Janet and Husband

For thirteen years, the Debra family have been in the grip of barrenness in their marriage as the wife’s tube was said to be blocked and the man had low sperm count. Their way to parenthood opened when a friend of theirs fetched the Anointing Water from The SCOAN for them. Praying over the Anointing Water as required, they administered it to themselves before meeting as husband and wife. That very month, the wife, Janet became pregnant as confirmed by scan. The family flew from their home in Ghana to give their testimony. In her testimony, Janet thanked God for making them meet His anointed servant, Prophet T. B. Joshua to dislodge barrenness from their union and put it in the past.

Mr Lawrence Oheri is a Nigerian from Imo State living in Gabon. For quite some time, he had had the problem of hearing which brought him to The SCOAN after all efforts to regain hearing elsewhere failed. Collecting the Anointing Wristband and wearing it after prayer, he went to bed as usual. Waking up at 5.30 am, he noticed some water from his ears in his pillow. Thanks to the Lord, his clogged ear had opened and water was draining out of it by the power of the Holy Spirit through the agency of the Wristband. We thank God for this miraculous healing.

Chief Daniel Adumah of Anambra State described himself as a chain-smoker who had regaled himself in various brands of cigarette for 46 years. As his son and wife came to The SCOAN for prayer, he asked them to fetch him the Anointing Water which they did. After praying over the Anointing Water, he drank it and sensed its cooling effect in his heart, lungs and other parts of the body. He also noticed that the long experienced pain in the lungs was no more. The long term effect is that the urge for smoking in him has vanished and he avoids smoking and smokers after 46 years of friendship with cigarette. 20 YEARS BLEEDING ROOTED OUT BY WRISTBAND
Mrs Tientcheu Charlotte had for twenty years had a fibroid problem which caused her to bleed all that time. Having gone for surgery but without achieving her goal, she collected The Wristband, prayed over it and wore it . Two days after wearing it, she felt the sensation of heat in her body. In a way nobody can explain the bleeding stopped. With God in your matter, healing is like breathing. Today, Charlotte is a free woman whose bleeding in the past is now confined to history.


Emmanuel Peter

Emmanuel Peter had for six years been caged and always saw himself as such in his dreams. The reality of the matter was that he never saw any progress in his life in spite of his efforts. It was for this reason that he collected the Anointing Wristband and wore it. The night he wore it, he still saw himself in a cage and he appealed to two ladies for help but these refused to offer him any help. He then saw some men who took him to a shrine. There, in the shrine, a lady drew his attention to the Anointing Wristband on his wrist. He looked at the Wristband and saw fire in it. As if this look reminded the Wristband of its role, the fire in it fell the lady at the same time burning a prowling cobra and the shrine to ashes to usher Emmanuel into freedom from the cage.

Of all the unusual incidents in the mass prayer, that of a woman who came from Lokoja to worship in the SCOAN deserves mentioning because of the helplessness and suffering many men experience in the hands of spiritual husbands. Indisputably, many men are attracted by beauty in women as they seek the hand of one in marriage. Unfortunately in most cases, such beautiful women cannot deliver the joy of marriage to their husbands because of their unholy alliance with spiritual husbands to whom they give all their love. These spiritual beings go beyond borders to enjoy marital union on earth with human beings. In the case of the woman from Lokoja, she was doubly married to a spiritual husband and her earthly husband in Lokoja. The earthly husband had taken her to places in the hope of delivering her from barrenness here on earth. Meanwhile, she said she had two boys for her spiritual husband and even though she also knew very well that her husband’s efforts to have children by her were in vain, she accompanied this husband to any place of his choice in search for their not-to-be-gotten child. Meanwhile, she loves the spiritual husband as much as she hates the earthly husband in Lokoja who does everything for her to ensure her comfort on earth. She pays the earthly husband with suffering and hatred.
Fearing that she would be caught by the wise men, she avoided going for prayer line. However, in course of the mass prayer with all the pervading anointing, the spiritual husband helplessly disassociated himself from her and asked her to surrender. It was at that stage that she started crying for deliverance and saying all the facts here. After the deliverance, she recalled and regretted her wickedness to her earthly husband from whom she had withheld her love and refused to bear children.




In a spirited sermon to awaken the congregation to the power of God, Prophet T. B. Joshua reminded the Church of the greatness of God and His ready disposition to forgive sins, however grievous some of these sins may be. In his words God is capable of doing anything and also forgiving any sin. To His power nothing is impossible. Breaking in on the choral music which had been reverberating all over the Church and to which the congregation responded in unison with elegant steps, Prophet T. B. Joshua enthusiastically spoke on the forgiving spirit of God with copious illustrations. In his words, the past is forgiven. We have seen a sinner’s character healed, the drunkard becoming sober, the harlot becoming chastened and the liar becoming truthful. “What then is the fear?” he asked the congregation. He spiritedly reminded his listeners that if they trust in God, that trust will save them. Trusting in the suffering of Christ is enough to save us, deliver us and make us whole. He concluded the sermon by advising the congregation to remain in trust.


Wise Man John Chi introduced his message with a series of questions.

How do we achieve a desired goal? Who wants to be saved? What must I do to be saved? He aptly referred the congregation to Acts 16: 29-32 which provided the answer to his questions: Believe in the Lord and you will be saved. According to him, God has promised salvation for whoever shall trust His Son. Race, age brackets, academic qualifications, wealth or any other attribute cannot save us outside Christ. If you are willing to be saved, Jesus is willing. Jesus brings hope and succour to those who trust Him. He is the bread to the hungry and road map to the lost. Whatever you are, you need Christ to be saved. God has a role to play in your salvation just as you too have a role to play. It takes your willingness and God’s ability to bring about your salvation.
Our hearts and minds must be reset to agree with God’s plan for our lives. You must get rid of those things that derail you from God. You cannot experience peace under the dominion of satan. Satan is sin. Another name for satan is sin.

Quoting Psalm 51:7 as a reference text the Wise Man admonished the congregation on the need to be cleansed of sins. According to him King David saw the need to be cleansed. Wash me with water whiter than snow and remove all impurity. David knew he would not have place in God’s kingdom unless he was washed from sins. In his sins, David could not see anything other than the fruit of sin: failure in the family, in the battle field etc. Unless you are cleansed of your sins, your blessing will receive challenges. The attitude of repentance and faith in your heart keeps you closer to God. Mistakes are correctable. If you make a mistake, don’t run from God; run to Him. Because David ran to God in spite of his sins, he remains one of the greatest Kings in Israel today. Your Father in Heaven has anticipated your sins and prepared for you. You have not committed an unpardonable sin. Our lives are in God’s hand and we cannot please Him without a thorough reformation of heart and life. God requires a heart that does not bear grudges. Doubts and unbelief put us on the wrong track. Jesus loves you just as He does any of His children. Jesus is able to forgive all our sins, he concluded.


Wise Man, Harry and his wonderful performances in Macedonia attracted his comments. The prophet told the congregation that the crusade in Macedonia attracted a large turn out of participants. It was so wonderful and even comparable to those spiritually hosted by the prophet himself in Indonesia and Singapore. It had to be extended to the following day i.e. Sunday and Monday. Wise Man, Harry also revealed to Prophet T. B. Joshua his vision to be in Macedonia especially close to Paul and Silas’s prison for tourists to see the wonders of God.
A clip on the wonderful works being performed by Wise Man, Harry surfaced on the screen and the congregation watched with rapt interest.

Mr and Mrs Ifah brought out their children and Mrs Ifah, the spokesperson accused their daughter, Judith of witchcraft before the entire congregation. She narrated how a baby of hers died mysteriously after a period of excessive stooling. She painted a picture of lack of peace in their family and of the sickness of her husband which had defied healing.

The daughter, Judith Ifah confessed to being a witch and added that it was the result of the fruit juice which she accepted from one of her classmates. She said she told her mother the dream she had after taking the juice and her mother prayed for her. She revealed that the giver of the juice asked her to bring their baby to the coven and that was the cause of the baby’s death. She said that she ate the baby. She also revealed how she was advised to use a rope to tie her father to his bed and cause his health to deteriorate. All these feats would attract to her a second position in the witchcraft world.
In reaction, Prophet T.B. Joshua advised parents to bring up their children in the way of the Lord to have peace. The child in question was left in the hands of satan because of the parents’ carelessness. The prophet pronounced Judith a witch or demon possessed as presented by the parents.
He then asked the parents to lay hands on her and ask every unclean spirit to leave her. That was how Judith was delivered. The prophet however warned both parents not to call her a witch after the deliverances.

A lady by name Memory, from Zimbabwe but living in South Africa confessed how she was hoodwinked promises of monetary offers on the internet. She was taught incantations which she mastered but none of the promises materialised. Instead, her marital home became bedevilled with problems to such an extent that she used the police to eject her husband from the home. She then pleaded with the man of God for deliverance. At the exclamation of the name, Jesus by one of the evangelists she fell down and was delivered.

One Emmanuel Chijoke and his relations all of the Abraham family from Enugu complained about the problems of setback and deaths in their family attributing all this to their mother.
The genesis of the accusation was a crusade in Abuja at which one of Emmanuel’s cousins was a participant and where he was told by a man of God there that their mother was the brain behind all the woes in the family. The said man of God was then invited to Enugu where he confirmed his earlier vision that their mother was a witch and that only her head and shoulders was human; the chest down to the feet was vulture in appearance. Surprisingly to the family, their mother could not refute the accusation by the man of God. She complained that at that time, her eyes, ears and mouth were muffled and she could not talk.

She then challenged the family to take her to anywhere and they would realise that she is not a witch. This was the reason they came to the SCOAN.

In his verdict, the man of God pronounced the woman witchcraft negative and ordered the children to kneel down to her in apology.

Before the prayer line, the participants of which were zoomed on the screen,
a lady, 20 year old Miss Sulman who was healed of foot ulcer came to give testimony and also made to show herself to those in the prayer line to reassure them of their healing

Three men and three women who were healed of HIV AIDS came to give their testimonies. Among them who spoke was 27 year old Mrs Motunrayo Sowemimo,

who was tested positive with Hiv aids type one in the Federal Ministry of Health, Abuja.

After the prayer line where she was declared free, she said she became stronger and ate with more relish.
She went back to the same hospital for another test but thanks to God, she was Hiv negative this time.


Miss Oduwole Olayinka

Miss Oduwole Olayinka, a youth worker in the church who came bagged 1st class (Electrical/Electronics), University of Lagos also got a scholarship award from the Church to do a Master degree in one of the best universities in the world. She consequently applied for admission and was offered same in three good universities in the United Kingdom. These were the Universities of Southampton, Edinburgh and that of Surrey.

She picked the University of Southampton as the best and the Church paid a total sum of £13,900 as her fees. Later and in consonance with the man of God’s crave for the best, the University College, London, offered her admission. Without hesitation, she changed her mind and picked the latest offer. A total sum of £18,245 was paid as fees for her to start classes on the 11th of October 2010.
The man of God seized the opportunity to advise the congregation to always look for the needy to help rather than waiting at home for the needy to come to them. In this way, according to the prophet, they would not be helping the wrong people.

T.B Joshua Has Multiplied Big Time… The Five Wise men

On Sunday the 13th of June 2010, The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations reverberated with the sound of heavenly music as the hundreds upon hundreds of visitors from around the world who had come to celebrate the birthday of Prophet T.B. Joshua the day before, joined The SCOAN congregants to resist the devil and praise Jesus with all their soul.

Prophet TB Joshua

Welcoming the congregation and viewers worldwide to the service, T.B. Joshua declared, “Jesus purchased your healing, your deliverance and your salvation at the price of great suffering.”


One of the Wise Men

The Word of God imparted by one of the wise men, was all about our attitude towards God. Greeting the Church, he said, “My name is Harry, I’m from Greece. By our fruits, you shall know us.” Reading from the book of Job 2:7-10, Harry explained that apart from our Lord Jesus Christ, there is no man or woman of faith that has been tempted as severely as Job, a man who feared God and shunned evil. He said that from the case of Job, we learn that trouble does not require any invitation before it comes. The question is: how do we handle it? If we handle our bad times with care, they will soon turn to hard times. Job saw his hard time as a reason for believing God just as he saw his good times as a reason for believing God as well. Job was telling God, whether you save me or not, I will continue to serve You because You are my Saviour. Harry went on to say, that to the carnally minded, this seemed unrealistic but Job’s heart was deeply engaged with God. Harry then asked those listening, as Christians, how many of us would say, “Thank You, Lord for healing me whereas we are still sick, thank You Lord for blessing me whereas the signs of poverty are still there?”

He went on to say that many people today base their spiritual experiences on feelings and emotions – and problems arise when feelings and emotions change. Like Elisha’s servant in 2 Kings 6:15-16, many of us begin to panic and run helter skelter because of what we see. Harry explained that every day, we are exposed to things that are not consistent with the Word of God. When these things control your feelings, and your feelings control your faith, you can be a Christian and yet controlled by satanic devices. For us to be able to say to God, “I know You all the time” Harry said that our faith must be based on something with more stability than our feelings. Picking up his Bible from the altar and holding it up, Harry declared that he didn’t know anything more stable than the Word of God. You may feel great today, tired tomorrow or lonely next week but God’s Word is going to say the same yesterday, today and for ever.


Sgt. Okponu Alexander, a 41 year old police officer from Delta who was unable to walk due to posterior disc prolapse and compression of the disc and had been booked for an operation.

For hundreds of sick and afflicted people who were arranged for prayer at The SCOAN,

Sgt. Okponu Alexander and his family, the way out had come!

Sunday was the day they had been waiting for, when they received a touch from Heaven, and the pillars of their problems crumbled. Among those who had a divine appointment with the Healer, Jesus Christ was Sgt. Okponu Alexander, a 41 year old police officer from Delta who was unable to walk due to posterior disc prolapse and compression of the disc and had been booked for an operation. He was brought to the church in a car, his placard bearing the words, “I CANNOT WALK.” As his wife cried out, pleading for the mercy of God to end her husband’s suffering, one of the wise men, directed by the Spirit of God walked up to the vehicle and began to pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Cries were heard as Sgt. Okponu Alexander placed his legs on the ground, supported and guided by the wise man, rose to his feet and took his first steps of freedom. The crowd shouted and cheered as even those awaiting prayer forgot their own problems and rejoiced in the miraculous healing! A medical doctor, visiting from Mexico, was visibly moved by the miracle and commented that he had actually seen the disc in the man’s back shift into place. For Sgt. Okponu Alexander and his family, the way out had come!

Another man whose darkness turned to glorious light during the prayer line was 70 year old Chief Ola Egbayelo from Ondo who had been blind

70 year old Chief Ola Egbayelo from Ondo who had been blind for the past one and a half years.At the prayer of one of the wise men, the light of God flowed into his system and his eyes were opened!

for the past one and a half years.At the prayer of one of the wise men, the light of God flowed into his system and his

Mrs Deborah Michael from Kwara, also 70 years old, who had been suffering from blindness for 11 years, miraculously received her sight! As the wise man laid his hands on her eyes and prayed in the name of Jesus Christ

eyes were opened! Beaming with joy, he began to follow the wise man who, dressed in a white suit moved through the crowd.

As if that were not all, during the prayer line of the second

Mrs Deborah Michael Healed.....

service, Mrs Deborah Michael from Kwara, also 70 years old, who had been suffering from blindness for 11 years, miraculously received her sight! As the wise man laid his hands on her eyes and prayed in the name of Jesus Christ, her sight was restored and her joy complete. We certainly saw healing, deliverance and words of prophecy in the power of the name of Jesus as the wise men prayed at the prayer line. By their fruits, you shall know them.


A further testimony that lifted the faith of all those who

Mrs Onwusalu was in great pain as she explained that her pregnancy was overdue and the baby was too big for her to deliver naturally.

heard it was that of Mr and Mrs Aderline Onwusalu from Anambra, who had arrived at the church on Friday, straight from the hospital. Mrs Onwusalu was in great pain as she explained that her pregnancy was overdue and the baby was too big for her to

In the car, outside The SCOAN, Mrs Onwusalu had given birth to her baby instantly and safely. Mr and Mrs Aderline Onwusalu, now joyful parents, came to the Sunday service to testify with their new baby.

deliver naturally. As they prepared to operate her, Mrs Onwusala declared that it was not her portion and headed straight to The SCOAN. One of the wise men stretched his hand and prayed for her, in the words, “Give her strength in Jesus’ name!” At the word, “Out”, the baby was instantly delivered. In the car, outside The SCOAN, Mrs Onwusalu had given birth to her baby instantly and safely. Mr and Mrs Aderline Onwusalu, now joyful parents, came to the Sunday service to testify with their new baby. Speaking of the amazing miracle, Mrs Onwusala said that the doctor had already drawn the marks on her stomach ready for the operation and had warned her that if she left the hospital, the baby in her womb would die. According to the doctor, the baby weighed 4.8 kg and had already stopped breathing. The ecstatic mother did not have enough words to express her joy and gratitude to God for the miracle, as she advised others to believe in God because with God, all things are possible!

The ecstatic mother did not have enough words to express her joy and gratitude to God for the miracle


“In the light of God, darkness has no hiding place.” The voices of the wise men rang out from the altar when the time came to separate the wheat from the chaff. People that had been seated calmly, singing songs and laughing with their neighbours suddenly began falling under the fire of the Holy Spirit, shaking wildly and manifesting. From the far gallery to the altar, those who possessed contrary spirits underwent deliverance.


Many who had heard the voice of God in the prophetic message given by Prophet T.B. Joshua last Sunday 6th June, 2010 concerning the opening match of the FIFA World Cup 2010 watched the match between South Africa and Mexico. The prophet explained that he was unable to change destiny but only reveal what God says about a situation and then offer advice. As the congregation listened to the prophecy in the service, they were reminded to always listen to the voice of God. As the service drew to a close, prophetic revelations kept coming – exposing

Mr and Mrs Udoh freedom and their father from Akwa Ibom. Prophet TB Joshua gave a prophecy about a family that had accused their father of being a wizard

the root causes of people’s problems – as the Lord did not want anyone to leave still with their problem. Among the cases that were exposed was

The family were reconciled as son and daughter begged their 80 year old Mr Robson Abel father for forgiveness and promised to care for him.

that of Mr and Mrs Udoh freedom and their father from Akwa Ibom. Prophet TB Joshua gave a prophecy about a family that had accused their father of being a wizard, that their case was important and that they should come forward. Mr and Mrs Udoh Freedom came forward with their father, confirming that he had been accused of being a wizard after his two daughters died recently. The prophet then revealed that 80 year old Mr Robson Abel was not a wizard but had been suffering from a mental disorder for the past seven years. To confirm the prophet’s words, the accused man in question remained expressionless and blank as he was vindicated of the accusation of being a wizard and even tried to kneel down together with his son-in-law as the latter asked his father-in-law for forgiveness. His daughter, Mercy, nodding her head confirmed the prophecy, saying that her father did not reason well. Following the prophecy, the family were reconciled as son and daughter begged their father for forgiveness and promised to care for him. They were confident that as the prophecy had exposed the problem, the solution had surely come.

As the service ended, those who left the church and those who switched off their televisions sets – left having seen the name of Jesus working in the Spirit – secured in the knowledge that to His power, nothing is impossible.

Source: The TB Joshua Blog

A NHS Registered Nurse Gives Report on the Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Project.

My name is Miss Bester Tsitsi Mazombe. I come from Marondera, Zimbabwe and I am based in the United Kingdom where I am currently working as a professional nurse and midwife. I also fellowship at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) London branch.

I returned on Monday from Haiti where I was part of the Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Team. I joined the team in the capacity of nurse and midwife. The earthquake occurred on the 12th of January. Soon after the earthquake the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua called for help from Emmanuel TV partners and members of SCOAN from its branches in the UK, USA, Nigeria, South Africa, Greece and Ghana in order to send help to the affected people of Haiti.  On the 1st Sunday after the earthquake Prophet TB Joshua asked for help to send a cargo plane with the much needed food and medical supplies together with the medical personnel and other professionals who would be needed to assist Haitians in this disaster. The whole relief team arrived in Haiti by the 25th of January 2010 with the cargo plane full of medical supplies, food, tents and water purification aids for example.

When we arrived in Haiti we saw firsthand the destruction that was caused by the earthquake.  Multiple schools, houses, hospitals and government buildings including the presidential palace were struck by the earthquake which has claimed an excess of 150 000 lives so far.  Those who survived ,many were left seriously wounded, homeless ,without hope and no more property or possessions in their name. Some were literally left with the clothes they were wearing on the day of the earthquake.

Bester Tsitsi Mazombe

Whilst in Haiti we wore our Emmanuel TV T-shirts and we were immediately recognized by viewers of Emmanuel TV in Haiti. They could not believe that the Emmanuel TV form Nigeria which they had watched on the internet   had come to help them in their time of need. When we informed them that we had been sent by Prophet TB Joshua of Nigeria they could not help but thank God for sending us to help them and sharing in their pain and sorrow.

In many spheres Nigeria has a negative image and very few people believe that any good can come out of Nigeria. Thank God that today that is not the case because through the leadership of Prophet TB Joshua and the deployment of the Emmanuel TV team in Haiti, Nigeria has a good name.

Before the earthquake a large population of people already had difficulty accessing clean water .Due to the earthquake the problem of water contamination has worsened especially in areas where dead bodies are yet to be retrieved. Due to the lack of clean water this has led to the increase in diseases and therefore it is vital and important that Emmanuel TV continues to support the people of Haiti with clean water, medical supplies and clinic services which we gave for example, primary care, wound management and maternity care. I am glad to let you know that the first baby born at the clinic we established, Emmanuel Clinic, was named Emmanuella in honor of Emmanuel TV.

As we worked with the people showing them love and compassion they were happy to share with us their history. Many of them are slave descendants of the nations of Nigeria, Ghana, Benin and Congo. Nigeria help these people of Haiti, they are your brothers and sisters. The people of Haiti left Nigeria more than 200 years ago and some left with their Igbo culture and gods whom they still share with Nigeria including aspects of their 1anguage Creole. Ghana, Benin and Congo, these people originated from your shores too, please do not forget them, show them that yes we are family. Haiti needs you more than ever.

I am happy to inform you that we have been supported by renowned organizations like the United Nations who gave us security by ensuring that the relief supplies we brought were safeguarded prior to distribution.

The Haitians are grateful and in awe of the work that we have started in Haiti that they want Emmanuel TV to remain in Haiti forever.

I thank God for Prophet TB Joshua, for carrying the burden of Haiti. By leading Emmanuel TV into Haiti, he has proved that God’s love, compassion, sympathy and provision know no bounds, race, color, faith, race or border. May the Lord continue to bless him as a man of great vision, leadership and a role model to other leaders?

On behalf of Prophet TB Joshua, the Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Team and Emmanuel TV partners, I would like to say thank you for demonstrating true love to our brothers and sisters in Haiti. May the Lord who sees your good work and marks your work reward you.

Bester Tsitsi Mazombe

Prophet TB Joshua – A Shining Light For All – Not a Conman….

Prophet T B Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Nigeria needs no introduction; a man of God with immense gifts and abilities. Yet, considering the positive roles he is playing on the world stage, some people still harbor nefarious reasons to doubt or hate him.  In 2009 alone, there was a wave of attacks on the man in the Synagogue from some of his counterparts in the vine yard and some others who have not even met him. Yet, God continues to use him greatly to set the captives free both nationally and internationally.

Prophet TB Joshua - A Shining Light for All

Having followed the defamatory commentaries of some of the so called Christian leaders in Nigeria and in some other African countries, I was able to know that the primary reason behind the false accusations against this anointed man of God is simply to create a sense of confusion and fear in the minds of the masses and their innocent followers in order to keep them away from flocking to the Synagogue Church of All Nations for deliverance.  These Christian groups appear to have abandoned the basic biblical rules and developed a modern day thug-like instinct of ‘do or die sermons’ against Prophet TB Joshua whom they regard as a threat to their parishes.

These gangs work in collaboration with freelance agents, some news media and use of internet systems to spread false information and defame the person of Prophet TB Joshua. They say, ‘he is satanic, an occultist, a conman, we don’t know his mentor; we cannot associate ourselves with him’.

For once, I tend to agree with them for not associating themselves with him because it is clearly written that ‘Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? 15What harmony is there between Christ and Believers? – 2 Corinthians 6:14-15

These groups of Christians are happy in appointing themselves as a judge over others and by so doing have trampled under feet one of the cardinal principles of the teachings of Jesus Christ in Matthew 7:1-3 which states, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.  3“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

It is interesting to note that Jesus Christ was also accused by the religious leaders of his time for being a threat to their establishments. They rejected the son of God and accused him of being possessed by Beelzebub the prince of demons, Luke 11:14-36.

In the midst of all the falsehood, Prophet TB Joshua has maintained a dignified silence and continues to grow from strength to strength. In some of his statements, Prophet TB Joshua would say ‘love those that hate you and do not pay evil for evil’.

It is evidently clear over the years that his accusers have not been able to obtain the level of God’s achievements known in the life of Prophet TB Joshua. Probably they need to be informed that the Almighty God does not consult with mere mortals before He create, elect or anoint anyone to represent Him on earth.  The example of God’s authority and wisdom is seen in the book of Jeremiah:  “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5

In conclusion, I feel rather sorry for his accusers, some having obtained good degree of academic education, some from well established backgrounds; whilst some are having good command of English language and power to pull large crowds, but here comes a humble Prophet TB Joshua who cannot boast of good education or let alone speak fluent English language, and God took delight in him.

If I were one of his accusers I would have petitioned God Almighty to know why He has chosen Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Nigeria but not anyone of us.

Further, I have provided hand-full compilations of some of his ministries’ activities in 2009.

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” Changing lives, changing nations and changing the world…”
Emmanuel TV is dedicated to changing lives, changing nations and changing the world by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the powerful media of television and internet broadcasting. Our vision is to produce and air first class programmes that lead people of all ages, all backgrounds, all repute and all cultures to salvation.


The book of Amos 3:7 tells us that God does nothing without first revealing it to His servants. Therefore, a true prophet of God is a communicator between the visible and invisible world. Just as The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations is a ministry of all nations, so too, God continues to use Prophet T.B. Joshua as a mouthpiece to the nations. Numerous prophetic words of both national and global concern have been given by T.B. Joshua and confirmed by the events that followed. In this section are some of the recent prophetic messages revealed during the live Sunday services at The SCOAN that have come to fulfillment.




“Do what is good to change the bad you see” – T.B. Joshua

Headed by Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV team, Another Ministry is committed to:
· Feeding, educating and providing necessities of life for the poor.
· Providing educational funds for promising students.
· Taking care of the elderly.
· Building schools and classrooms.
· Giving love and hope to the needy.

Knowing God is not only seeing His works, but learning His way. His way is love, kindness, hope and goodness. Therefore, we should let love be uppermost in our hearts because all our doings without love are nothing. Another Ministry shares the love of Jesus Christ to the less privileged and needy. Join Another Ministry to feed the hungry, bring relief to the poor, support the weak the handicapped and bless the needy.
James 2:14-17 – “What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save him? Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to him, “Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”
Remember, nothing is too big or too small to share with others. Build your life around your contribution to others because your contribution to others is an assignment from God.

Instead of criticising our sick society and our fellow men – do what is good to change the bad you see and make a tangible contribution in the life of someone who needs help. We should be known as people who are for good, and not just against bad.

1 John 3:18 – “Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.

“In a world that cares less, we should care more” – T.B. Joshua

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TB Joshua Predicted The Death Of Michael Jackson



TB Joshua predicted Berlusconi attack

Abnormal Floods In Japan And Turkey



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Author: Amita Jones


When a man is subjected to persistent barrage of attacks instigated by his foes and detractors, the very simple question to be asked is: What is/are his sin(s)?

The world has seen and heard of the stories of individuals who dared to change the world by involving themselves in peculiar acts and activities; those which are rare and hard to comprehend and understand by the customary reasoning of human. These individuals eventually succeeded in their quest, by being persistent and sustaining their unique ideas, proposition and principles.

Think of a world conquering individual and you will sure see traces of the acts of propaganda, name-calling, smear campaign, slanderous campaign, and the likes, thrown at them by their opposition and detractors.

Jesus Christ

Nelson Mandela


Thomas Alva Edison

Neil Armstrong

The list above, amongst many others which cannot be mentioned, comprises great men who impacted positively on the lives of their generation and generation yet unborn. Yet, they were criticized, chastised, humiliated, imprisoned and jettisoned, all because of their ideas and unique contributions to their communities.

Certain qualities are common about the lives of these people; they remained persistent and courageous, and paid any price to protect their purpose in life. The lesson to be learnt is clear; for a person to be in the centre of his world, he must be willing to accept criticism of the detractors when they come.

One man who has consistently thrived in the midst of his detractors is Prophet TB Joshua, the founder of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Lagos-Nigeria. This man of God with the gift of accurate prophetic declaration, healing, deliverance and preaching of the Gospel, has stunned the world at large with series of prophetic messages that have turned out to be true and confirmed by the recipients.

The very fact that the popularity of this prophet has soared thanks to much criticism he has received from home and abroad, attests to his many trials. In the past decade, he has been bombarded by claims that he is a false prophet of God. In the midst of these, his continued calm and silence has endeared him to many.

So the question is: What is/are the sin(s) of TB Joshua?

  1. The fact that he cannot boast of a mentor?
  2. The fact that he performs miracles and deliverance?
  3. The fact that he issues prophetic statements that turn out to be true?
  4. The fact that he is a humble man?
  5. The fact that he cannot boast of the best educational qualification?
  6. The fact that he prefers to be involved in charitable causes?
  7. The fact that he is friend to the needy, beggars, widows, widowers, leaders, presidents, renowned personalities and indeed, friend to all?
  8. The fact that he pastors a congregation of citizens of the world?

Whatever his sin(s), let us all be aware that great men attract great rejection. That is what makes them thick. That is the tonic that strengthens them. Imagine the kind of opposition that Jesus Christ and the likes faced in their time.

Would you have believed them then?

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What is this mysterious thing? You can’t touch it but it affects how you feel. You can’t see it but it’s there when you look at yourself in the mirror. You can’t hear it but it’s there every time you talk to yourself. It affects how you think, act and relate to other people. This thing is a breathing and living organism inside of you. It is quiet knowing that you are priceless. You cannot go and purchase it. What is this mysterious thing? This thing affects your potential to be a successful person.


Sometimes when we look at the life we are living, it sounds so cruel and bitter, living in a world where people cannot dictate their directions and well being, it is really hurt. People see reality as a doom of spiritual spells and attack. With all the changes and experience we get each day, some people still live their life by traditions i.e. things of old. But they are forgetting that everyday counts in our life as we grow.

It was on the 6TH Dec 2009, l saw what eyes have not seen before in my life at The Synagogue, Church of All Nations on a Sunday live service telecast on EMMANUEL TV where a woman delivered a snail in front of a large congregation, It may sound surprising but it’s true.

All this started when the man of God, T.B Joshua was praying the closing prayer – that is when the snail dropped from her body. Mrs.Febisola Ajakaye had been complaining of a moving object in her stomach as a child with hotness inside the stomach and she had not been seeing her menstruation for three horrible years. She further complained of nightmares, that she always dreamt seeing the dead and seeing herself in the midst of them. A doctor even confirmed no pregnancy and a native doctor (herbalist) told her that she was going to die because she had been tied down by enemies. But God Almighty never placed her in any word of curse but a word of restoration to her real self through his servant, Prophet T.B Joshua.

Then the question that was still going through many people’s minds is: how did the snail get there? All these questions and many others relating to the stone are regarded as a spiritual matter, which ordinary men cannot comprehend or explain. They are beyond human comprehension. Even if the woman was operated in the hospital, that snail would still be invisible to the doctor.

The woman might have visited so many hospitals and herbal homes without a solution. But the Bible says, “With God all things are possible”. God was able to deliver the woman through his Prophet T.B Joshua and he was still able to deliver many of such women yet to be discovered.



On the heels of the recent controversy sparked by insinuations that Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua had claimed glory for the Black Satellites World Cup victory through his prophetic insight to Coach Sellas Tetteh, a similar event seems to have thrown a spanner in the works of the pastors critics…
A mere fortnight after the Satellite debate was at its hottest, revelations have emerged how coach of the current Nigerian U-17 Team, John Obuh, also received prophetic insight from T.B. Joshua concerning the Golden Eaglets last match with Argentina in the ongoing FIFA U-17 World Cup. Prophet Joshua also debunked the allegations of claiming glory for the Satellites triumph, referring to such statements as blasphemous and uncalled for.

On Sunday 4th November, a recorded conversation between the Nigerian cleric and Eaglets coach John Obuh was played back to The SCOAN congregation, an event broadcast live to the world via Emmanuel TV. Obuh was said to have called Joshua on Thursday, the day before the Argentine match on Friday.

“I Am A Gentle Donkey” – Prophet TB Joshua

“I told you in under 2 to 5 minutes they will score,” Joshua was heard telling the coach. “I want to assure you – your people are going home one ahead. That is the promise of God. But for five minutes they will be very dangerous – let us mark our home. 15 minutes to go will be for us – we must make use of it.” Coach Obuh told Joshua he had already informed the players of the prophecy. Another conversation was then played between Joshua and the Eaglets assistant coach Abimbola Samuel in which he told him in a local Nigerian dialect, “Your boys will work a penalty when it is 15 minutes to go…”

As events would have it, the match followed in the footprints of the revelation, Argentina scoring in the first two minutes, Nigeria winning a penalty in the last 15 and eventually winning by one goal to top their group and advance convincingly to the knock-out stages.

Speaking to the enthralled congregants, Joshua clearly defined the role of a prophet in such scenario, demystifying the rumour that he was attempting to ascribe glory to himself. “I cannot help anyone to win any match – I am just a servant,” he carefully explained. “A prophet is to tell God’s opinion. It’s a blasphemy, sin against Holy Spirit if you say a prophet is the one who helped someone win a match. I am a gentle donkey. I am just a donkey Jesus is riding on. If somebody drops beautiful clothes, attires on the floor for the donkey to march on, it is not the donkey they dropped the attire on the floor for, but the One on top.”

He further explained how the opinion of God can guide the team concerned, but the prophet who delivers such message has no say whatsoever in the matter. “There is nothing I can do – I am just a servant. I cannot touch it, I cannot alter it. It is God that can alter anything. A prophet doesn’t make a team win – a prophet only tells you the mind of God. When we know God’s opinion, it will help us to guard against mistake and error…”

The storm that erupted in Ghana over the Satellites Saga seems not to have deterred or discouraged the Nigerian pastor, who is widely known as one of the most persecuted pastors in Africa. Using his own life experience, he encouraged the viewers and those present that they must pass through both schools of persecution and praise as part of the necessary preparation for the journey ahead. “I feel strong in challenges, believing that personal improvement and fulfilment come through the continual process of learning from both negative and positive experiences,” he explained.

Recalling the words of his late mother that have been a source of inspiration for him, Joshua lyrically expounded, “When times are stable, and the sea is calm and secure, no one is really tested.” “People will challenge you, question you, try to get you off track,” he bluntly told the audience. “Don’t listen to the temptation to act out of character.”

On the presumption that such precise prophetic revelations can be dished out according to his own will, Joshua made it clear that the God of all nations who reveals such mysteries shows no partiality, attending equally to all who come to Him in humility and sincerity. “A prophet is a prophet to all nations irrespective of where he is from, and God is the Father of all – and He treats His children equally. For those who come to Him in humility, He opens His heart – and if you receive a prophet because he is a prophet, you receive a prophet’s reward…”

On the reason for the seemingly sudden burst of prophetic revelations about football, the pastor explained it is simply part of God’s mission to save souls, especially those of young people. “God wants to win the souls of young people – and young people today are into games such as football,” he clarified. “If they now see God’s hand in their midst, they will begin to believe God. It’s a game that unites other religions and Christians, even pagans – everyone unites when it is time of the game.”

Speaking on the qualities of true ministers of God, Joshua pointed to the importance of contentment, saying it is the lack of contentment that often causes people to engage in petty and unnecessary criticism of others. “When you are content – you will not compare yourself to others, you will not stand and begin to accuse your fellow brother or pray to rebuke and destroy them… The principle of a contented man is ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ ” Instead of criticising from afar, men of God should do what is good to change the bad they see, Joshua admonished.

The same service also witnessed the testimony of an armed robber who had come to the church last week armed with a gun, and the presentation of a brand new Mercedez car to a physically challenged man who had been begging for food with his three children for many months, his electrical shop having burned down a week after his wife tragically died. The reformed robber was supported with N200,000 while the physically challenged man had earlier been given N330,300, all part of Joshua’s extensive charitable activities.

SOURCE: All Voices

Source: All Voices | News source

WARNING TO THE PRESS WORLDWIDE ON TB JOSHUA “Had I known always come at last” Say’s Michael Lathbridge

Recently the Ghanaian media landscape witnessed a raging debate, mostly abrasive, over whether Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nation’s is boasting to be the God that led the Ghana’s Black Satellite’s to victory, when Ghana became the first African team to win the FIFA Under-20 World Cup in Cairo, Egypt. It was indeed Africa! The same attitude was demonstrated when President Atta Mills became the president of Ghana few month ago.

Prophet TB Joshua
Prophet TB Joshua

We appreciated the debate which went into the discourse, due to unbelievers but wished that it had not degenerated to the level it has, involving the press, politicians, Pastors as well as individual who have labeled the accused Prophet TB Joshua in front of news papers and online news sites with sadistic words of which some are strong worded.

My question to the press; I thought when a story comes to the knowledge of the public, it is expected that it must have gone through a thorough analysis and check by the relevant authorities. Then comes the part that ensures that all involved parties in the news are given a fair sense of hearing so that both sides of the story are not only heard but the final story that is released to the public allows for them to make an informed conclusion? When these above stated guidelines are disregarded, a major part of the ethics of the profession of journalism can be said to have been thrown out of the window; that is the case of Peace Fm, Daily Guide and certain individual running this senseless propaganda.

All these disparagement came to the limelight when the current president John Atta Mills saw the need of putting God first in leading his people. The fact is that, Ghana has had 12 head of States since the independence in 1957, who can tell me which of them has publicly honored a man of  God and to seek God’s opinion on the decision they take in ruling their people ? Perhaps those whom have turned the name of TB Joshua into chewing stick, derogatory his name would love it if Atta Mills visit the Volta region to consult a fetish priest, maybe you would eulogize him then.

History of Past and present head of state



Date of

Date of

Age at

End of


Queen Elizabeth IIQueen Elizabeth II[a]

1926-04-2121 Apr 1926

6 Mar 1957

30y 10m 13d30y 10m 13d

1 Jul 1960


Nkrumah, KwameKwame Nkrumah[b]

1909-09-2121 Sep 1909

1 Jul 1960

50y 09m 10d50y 9m 108d

24 Feb 1966


Ankrah, Joseph Joseph Arthur

1915-08-1818 Aug 1915

24 Feb 1966

50y 06m 06d50y 6m 6d

2 Apr 1969


Afrifa, AkwasiAkwasi Amankwaa

1936-04-2424 Apr 1936

2 Apr 1969

32y 11m 09d32y 11m 9d

7 Aug 1970


Ollennu, Nii AmaaNii Amaa


7 Aug 1970

64y 00m 00dabout 64y

31 Aug 1970


Akufo-Addo, EdwardEdward

1906-06-2626 Jun 1906

31 Aug 1970

64y 02m 05d64y 2m 5d

13 Jan 1972


Busia, KofiKofi Abrefa

1913-07-1111 Jul 1913

1 Oct 1969

55y 02m 20d55y 2m 20d

13 Jan 1972


Acheampong, IgnatiusIgnatius Kutu

1931-09-2323 Sep 1931

13 Jan 1972

40y 03m 21d40y 3m 21d

5 Jul 1978


Akuffo, FredFred

1937-03-2121 Mar 1937

5 Jul 1978

41y 03m 15d41y 3m 15d

4 Jun 1979


Rawlings, JerryJerry

1947-06-2222 Jun 1947

4 Jun 1979

31y 11m 13d31y 11m 13d

24 Sep 1979


Limann, HillHilla

1934-12-1212 Dec 1934

24 Sep 1979

44y 09m 12d44y 9m 12d

31 Dec 1981


Rawlings, JerryJerry

1947-06-2222 Jun 1947

31 Dec 1981

34y 06m 09d34y 6m 9d

7 Jan 2001


Kufuor, JohnJohn

1938-12-088 Dec 1938

7 Jan 2001

62y 00m 30d62y 0m 30d

7 Jan 2009


Atta Mills, JohnJohn
Atta Mills

1944-07-2121 Jul 1944

7 Jan 2009

64y 05m 17d64y 5m 17d



Date of

Date of

Age at

End of

Question to men of God; I would like to believe they are preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and doing all that he did during and

Jesus died on the Cross for you and I; what are we doing become like Him?
Jesus died on the Cross for you and I; what are we doing become like Him?

before his crucifixion, if so did He preach condemnation? Did He not deliver and healed the sick? Did He not prophesy to the people? Why then has TB Joshua’s name become a subject of disparage among them? Why not ask God who is TB Joshua?

Despite the whole yarn after Ghana worn the FIFA Under-20 World Cup in Cairo, Egypt, Prophet TB Joshua never lay claim of the glory, but said “The coach called me in the morning of the battle in Egypt and said I should join them in prayers. I considered this as a great honor because there are many great men of God in Ghana that had also been standing in the gap for the team. And I was one of these called to join in prayer for the team. There are great men of God in Ghana. We are all prayer warriors…” It has becomes obvious that you all conspire to spoil the name of TB Joshua at all cost. We should remember all fingers are not equal and God gives as He will, and we should let the pain of one to be the pain of all.

Ghana U20 coach Sellas Tetteh admitting that a Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua decided which players he should play at the U20 World Cup. Joshua told Tetteh to make Andre Dede Ayew the key to his selection as he was the luckiest player in the U20 World Cup winning squad.
Tetteh admitted that they were in constant touch with Joshua throughout the tournament and he said the pastor’s predictions were true.
“Before God and man I was in constant touch with Pastor Joshua all the predictions he made were realized,” Tetteh said. But Ayew who was at the centre of Joshua’s predictions says all the glory must go to God because people of all faiths contributed to the team’s success. And that was what Prophet TB Joshua said “There are great men of God in Ghana. We are all prayer warriors”… Ayew never said that he didn’t receive a call from TB Joshua; he only said all the glory must go to God. Following the words of Ayew, it is obvious he spoke to TB Joshua.

Ayew who was at the centre of Joshua's predictions says all the glory must go to God because people of all faiths contributed to the team's success.
Ayew who was at the centre of Joshua's predictions says all the glory must go to God because people of all faiths contributed to the team's success.

If you listen to Prophet TB Joshua, he also said all the glory must go to God. He never glorified himself but only to testify of the goodness of God. I believe he recorded the conversation just for events like this. If the miracles of Jesus were not recorded in the bible, we will not read that he made the blind to see nor made the crippled to walk. This shows that he is a Man of God indeed and a true prophet. I don’t think the man of God is giving glory to himself; rather he is glorifying the Lord for the power and anointing giving to him. Why don’t you stop criticizing and leave everything to God to judge. Prophet T B Joshua has prophesize match before and it came to past, I see no reason why you should doubt him this time. Before the match between Nigeria vs. Mozambique, he talked about it and even said he saw a goal which would be scored with the head. And it came to past that the only goal scored by Victor Obinna Nsofor of Nigeria was with his head. It is no longer arguable, with the class in which the critics have enveloped themselves; it shows the totality of their kid’s style propaganda.
Had I known always comes at last; hence I have chosen to warn you as a son of the soil to stop spoiling the name of TB Joshua

Great Britain needs TB Joshua NOW!

It is without a doubt that some of the greatest gatherings have been attended by Christian adherents; Figures shows that Millions of people have gathered at several places in different parts of the world to attend crusades, This figures is archived every Sunday since started broadcasting the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of TB Joshua

TB Joshua is sought after by the British for their salvation..........
TB Joshua is sought after by the British for their salvation..........

Amidst the ponderous saga of some “holier-than-thou” men of God who tax their congregations to build schools, colleges and universities to which their (members) cannot afford to send their children due to exorbitant fees, Joshua has awarded scholarship to thousands of his members and even beyond. His consistent life style has already given proof of his individuality as a true servant of God. And the manifest hand of God that radiates through his ministration has drawn many non Christians and lost sheep back to Jesus Christ.

A close look at the circumstances of his life shows that Prophet Joshua was born with the natural requirements for a calling of an ideal tendency. In recent times, I have heard not less than three pastors, hitherto doubtful of Joshua’s spiritual credentials, now testifying openly that TB is a true servant of God. One of them even confessed at a meeting recently, in which you were in attendance, as a testimony to his rising profile, Joshua, has a large flock of Christian believers in the world: Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America and his mighty anointing power makes headline news in media houses around the world. Again, The Synagogue Church of All Nations, Lagos headquarters, has played host to many important dignitaries from across the world. The tremendous growth in population of his ministry apparently accounts for the equally large viewership of his television network program known as “Emmanuel TV” mostly from the United

Kingdom. As a hard working, humble and dedicated spiritual leader who can shrink up the

sundering seas, level intruding mountains, bridge gulfs and put a lamp in every tunnel; TB Joshua is undoubtedly a spiritual phenomenon whose corpus requires a large canvas. It is incontestable that the spiritual seriousness of the present times, so conspicuous in many Christians, is due in no small part to evangelical Christianity, which has influenced the beliefs of so large a segment of the world populace. For, much as practical evangelism has nurtured the need for a religious faith in our society, it has inadvertently made allowance for the major ideological developments of the age.

Takes a nap in the street of London
Takes a nap in the street of London

Hooked on drugs
Hooked on drugs

GREAT BRITAIN is in spiritual turmoil and urgently needs a man of God like TB Joshua to save her people from struggle to survive in a climate of increasing social instability and moral family decay. Political correctness in Britain has silenced the voice of conscience and the spiritual condition of the nation is at an all time low.

Look at what drink has done to them
Look at what drink has done to them

Violence and other social problem are rising. Politicians and those in authority are looking for a solution, but they cannot find an answer for they do not know where to look.

For decades Great Britain has been drifting further away from the Biblical standards that were once the bedrock of her values and good standing in the world.

With the flood of immorality and sin that has overwhelmed the United Kingdom there has also been an alarming decline in the social and moral welfare of the nation. This is due in no small part to compromise of doctrinal Truth by the church and a general abandonment of righteousness. The social conscience has become conditioned to immorality and many laws have been rewritten to accommodate the lowered standards.

In contrast God’s standards of holiness and moral purity never change just as God never changes and therefore the moral laws of God’s Kingdom will never be adjusted or re-written. Likewise the foundational standards of the true church should never change.

In the light of our present situation the British Believers can no longer continue to fail this nation…

Watch them struggle to get home under the influence of alcohol
Watch them struggle to get home under the influence of alcohol

We are therefore calling upon the Believers in Great Britain to take a stand for righteousness. God expects His people to be righteous and obey all of His commands. ‘For the kingdom of God is not food and drink, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit’ (Romans 14:17)

It is time to return to the old paths. It is time to return to righteousness and to once again lift up the banner of Truth in this land.

How soon do you want TB Joshua in the United Kingdom?


Source: Michael Lathbridge


“Is it Africa? Is it Africa? It is!” These were the words that came from the commentator’s mouth in the dying seconds of that historical game – it was a moment which will be forever etched in the hearts of all those that watched the match. Friday 16thOctober, 2009 was a special day for all Africans who tuned in to watch the live World Cup Match – Ghana’s Black Satellite’s versus Brazil. Ghana became the first African team to win the FIFA Under-20 World Cup in Cairo, Egypt. It was indeed Africa! With celebrations underway in Ghana and other nations of Africa, a much publicised issue seemed to overtake and almost overshadow the African victory. Rather than news media focusing on the African victory, TB Joshua became the focus of their attention.

TB Joshua had apparently spoken to Coach Sellas Tetteh before and during the match and with his prophetic insight guided the Black Satellite’s to a World Cup victory through telephone conversations by specifying which player should take the penalty shoot-outs. Everything was recorded and played during the live service on Emmanuel TV with footage showing TB Joshua speaking with both Coach Tetteh and the Number 10 player whom he advised should play the first penalty. It was a surprise to many. Controversy was sparked.

Many Ghana media criticised TB Joshua of proclaiming he was the reason for the Black Satellite’s victory against Brazil. Angry insults were hurled at the Nigerian Prophet and things really got out of hand with many believing that this event had undermined men of God in Ghana and Ghanaians in general. Knowing that there are always two sides to a story, it was quite surprising to hear little from the accused himself – TB Joshua. Perhaps being a man of God, he chose not to retaliate. Having listened to TB Joshua talk concerning the event, I was humbled by his own account. “The coach called me in the morning of the battle in Egypt and said I should join them in prayers. I considered this as a great honour because there are many great men of God in Ghana that had also been standing in the gap for the team. And I was one of these called to join in prayer for the team. There are great men of God in Ghana. We are all prayer warriors…”

During his Sunday service broadcast live on Emmanuel TV, TB Joshua actually modestly stated that he was the least of the pastors and that he felt humbled that God would use him when there are greater men of God in Ghana. He further stated, “One thing you must know about ministers of God, we cannot change God’s opinion. We can only know God’s will concerning the situation and when we know God’s will concerning the situation, we tell you. When we tell you, it will help you to guard against mistake and error. We are servants; we are just being used”.

Does this sound like someone who is claiming glory for himself? TB Joshua recognises himself as a servant of God. A true man of God boasts not in what he does for God but boasts in what God does in his life and he never exalts himself above God. TB Joshua never for a moment exalted himself but sought and spoke the mind of God – nothing more. As he said, “The secret is that there is no way I will come out and say, we will win. But what I can do, as a man of God, is to seek the mind of God concerning any situation and interpret the mind of God correctly without removing or adding anything. That is the work of prophets – to deliver God’s message as you receive it,”

TB Joshua - We are who, where and what we are by grace. Let no man boast.
TB Joshua - We are who, where and what we are by grace. Let no man boast.

I was quite saddened by the discrimination this Nigerian pastor faced on the basis of his nationality, particularly as he himself believed, in this event, that as men of God, they were all united in one spirit and one body to pray for the nation Ghana and their players – the Black Satellite’s. Being a Ghanaian myself, I have to admit that I was ashamed at undeserved criticism and treatment he received. Why did it matter that God used a Nigerian pastor to guide a Ghanaian victory? Indeed I am sure that if God had used a man of God who happened to be Ghanaian to successfully guide a Nigerian World Cup victory, we would not complain. This would have been a perfect occasion to prove our African unity amongst other nations of the world.

I humbly address my people, Ghanaians – let us stop criticizing one another out of jealousy, ignorance or misunderstandings. I believe that if we embrace pastors, men of God and prophets from other nations in humility, that God will exalt us as a nation to accomplish great feats which extend way beyond football!

By: Kwabina Owusu-Darko

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In an interview with The Spectator of Nigeria, TB Joshua has played down his role in the Satellites historic World Cup victory last week, explaining he is a mere mouthpiece and the glory belongs to God alone. Interestingly, his comments are reputed to have been made on Sunday, before the controversy exploded throughout Ghana in which claims were made the Nigerian Pastor ascribed the glory to himself.

TB Joshua - a prophet of God is a communicator between the visible and the invisible
TB Joshua - a prophet of God is a communicator between the visible and the invisible

“The coach called me in the morning of the battle in Egypt and said I should join them in prayers,” Joshua told The Spectator. “I considered this as a great honour because there are many great men of God in Ghana that had also been standing in the gap for the team. And I was one of these called to join in prayer for the team. There are great men of God in Ghana. We are all prayer warriors.”

Prophet Joshua would not want anyone to ascribe any power to him over his reported intervention during the match against Brazil. “The secret is that there is no way I will come out and say we will win. But what I can do, as a man of God, is to seek the mind of God concerning any situation and interpret the mind of God correctly without removing or adding anything. That is the work of prophets – to deliver God’s message as you receive it,” he said, painting a different picture to the publicity-mongering image portrayed by some Ghanaian media-houses.

Proceeding to advise others in the sporting world, Joshua said: “My advice to our sports teams, not only footballers, it to play the game as if everything depends on us and pray as if everything depends on God.”

TB Joshua gave them the word of faith
TB Joshua gave them the word of faith

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U-20 World Cup Revelation: T. B. Joshua Assisted Us —Ghana Coach

Revelations on how Nigeria’s Prophet T. B. Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations assisted the Ghana Under 20 team to win the World Cup on Friday in Egypt have emerged.

Revealing this on Ghana television monitored on Emmanuel TV, Victorious Vision when the team arrived the Accra International Stadium on Saturday, the Ghanaian coach, Sellas Tetteh thanked Prophet T. B. Joshua for assisting the team with prayers to win the cup.

When asked how the man in the Synagogue assisted the Black Satellites, Tetteh said: “Prophet T.B. Joshua assisted us. Joshua was with us on the job and he talked with all the players. He was an inspiration to all of us. He was speaking with us all the time during our stay in Egypt.”

P.M.Sports gathered that before the highly explosive match that saw a Ghanaian player being sent off the pitch in the 36th minute, the Ghanaian coach phoned Joshua to seek his prayers for his team to beat the highly rated Brazilians.

Prophet Joshua confirmed to P.M.News that coach Tetteh actually phoned him in the morning of the final to seek prayers for the

Pastor TB Joshua
Pastor TB Joshua

success of his team. He (Joshua) said he told him (Tetteh) that his team would carry the day if they obeyed God’s instructions concerning the match.

The instructions according to the man in the Synagogue is that the Ghanaian team should defend their goal post very well and limit their attacks on the Brazilians.

“I told the coach that there will be no goals’ in the first and second halves of the match and that they would go for extra time which will also not produce any goal. I told him (Tetteh) that the match will be decided by penalties and that the coach should ensure that Andre Ayew (No. 10) takes the first penalty. “I said if they do that victory is theirs,” Joshua toldP.M.Sports.

Black Satellites coach, Sellas Tetteh
Black Satellites coach, Sellas Tetteh

It was also gathered that Joshua’s prediction that the Ghanaian team will have problem in the first half came to pass when a player of the team was sent off the pitch for foul play.

The Synagogue pastor told P.M.Sports further that the Ghanaian President, Prof. Attah Mills phoned him to seek success for his team before the match. “I told him (Mills) that his team would win if they follow divine instruction. They did and they won the cup to the glory of Africa.

“You know when they sent off that Ghanaian player from the pitch, the Ghanaian coach phoned me and I t old him not to worry. I asked him to tell his boys to defend well and that no goal will be scored during that half and no goal was scored,” he added.

During the penalties, Joshua it was gathered, phoned coach Tetteh, who did not want Ayew to start the penalty shootout, to allow Ayew take the first penalty to seal victory for the team.

After the victory, the Ghanaian coach was full of praises for Prophet T. B. Joshua for standing by his team. When asked if the Super Eagles of Nigeria will qualify for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa next year, Prophet Joshua has this to say: “Super Eagles will qualify if they play the game as if it all depends on thIS.

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SCATTERED! Eleven Children, One Wife, No Home Living Amidst Refuse And Rubbish For Over Three Years

A stirring tale of glorious hope shining amidst the dark chasms of despair, of seperation and shame transfromed to unity and peace, of loneliness and homelessness replaced with life and love. Because God was involved…

Beyond the burdening, burgeoning bondage of homelessness, Mr Kefa Olatunji Taiwo had strayed slowly into the hazardous realms of hopelessness. At 60 years old, his family had scattered, any shred of dignity or self-worth left battered – his life in total tatters. Living in a bedraggled and dishevelled excuse for a shed, scantily assorted from stray aluminium and rotting wood, he had dwelt and dealt in the refuse grounds of Lagos, Nigeria for over three agonising years, surrounded by the repulsive stench of decay and debris, and the degrading stigma of a lunatic-like existence. Suicidal tendencies crept increasingly closer…

Living amidst the rubbish...

Living amidst the rubbish…

He suddenly halted before him, sensing something strange.“You are the one I am chasing.” Kefa looked up, astounded, dumbfounded. “Where is your family? Everybody is scattered in your home – and you are sleeping under the bridge, as an elderly man.” Extraodinary. His life-story unfurling uncannily from a man he had never encountered, a man he had never explained his predicament to. “You are getting old, an old man sleeping outside – and the family are scattered. Do you know where your problem comes from? This is what your mummy was telling you. The little money you had, you were going out – sometimes in the night you will not come home. You would take girlfriends. The little you had – you spent it just like that. This has destroyed you, destroyed your career.” How did he know? Whom had he told? “Something happened to you before this thing started. You met a mad woman – you never knew she’s a mad woman, and you slept with the woman. This is where the problem comes from. Today, when you sleep you see animals.” “Exactly, sir”

When Mr Taiwo walked dejectedly into The Synagogue, Church of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria on Sunday 30th August, unbeknown to him was the unfolding of a divine design to break the chains of poverty and restore the bonds of unity within his crises-fraught family. The prophecy took him by surprise. It was so sudden, so direct, so precise. Pastor TB Joshua narrated his life to him, a brief 30 seconds of breath-taking revelation, a concise uncovering. As he was led through the beautiful sanctuary, a flame of hope licked within his veins. Could it be a way out had actually come?

Just imagine, just consider... what do you have to give?

Just imagine, just consider… what do you have to give?

The following week he stood again before the vast SCOAN auditorium, clips of his ‘home’ broadcast to the world live on Emmanuel TV. Evangelists had accompanied Taiwo to establish the veracity of the prophecy. The crowd gasped, beholding a dank wasteland with pigs scavenging among the filth, dirty infected water up to the knees, slime and grime at every turn. And a human being lived there, slept there, ate there, amidst the clutter and litter of decomposing garbage and gunk. “I’m useless,” the former furniture maker told the evangelists. “I just have to go and hide myself here when it is night. This is a shameful place, but I have no alternative – that’s why I have to stay here, living here as a mad man,” he said, explaining how local hoodlums had burnt his only property to ashes, forcing homelessness upon him.

Accompanied by his estranged wife and 11 children, all suffering a similar fate, Mr Taiwo watched on in reflective silence. “I believe if this man is helped, he will not go back to his past life – because he has tasted suffering and hardship,” said TB Joshua, addressing the whole congregation. “And I know if blessing comes now, he will be able to maintain it. Sometimes God uses foolish things. Don’t be surprised that among these children may be the president of tomorrow. Remember the past history, remember the heroes – many of them were raised from this kind of humble background,” he explained. “The first step is to get accommodation for the family, so we can bring the family together and let them live as one. To liberate these children, we must give them scholarships. And those who want to learn a skill – we will give them that opportunity.” The pastor, famed for his unrivalled and unbridled philanthropic works, explained that if the youths were left to themselves, they would probably end up in armed robbery or prostitution out of frustrations irrationalising influence. “Give them N300,000 and five bags of rice.”

Join TB Joshua - Let's Make Poverty History

Join TB Joshua – Let’s Make Poverty History

Tears of shock and joy escaped from beneficiaries and congregants alike. Never before had Kefa seen or touched such money. “I didn’t expect this. Thank you, sir,” he quibbled, words failing to form his heart-felt expressions of gratitude. “This is what we are born for, this is what we are to live for, this is what we are to die for,” smiled the prophet, ascribing all glory to God.

“Someone out there is waiting for you for a lifetime,” Joshua counselled the enthralled audience and viewers worldwide. “You cannot afford to fail them; failing them is failing God. Remember, God is speaking to you through them, saying: ‘They are fatherless, so that you can be their father.’ ‘They are lonely, so that you can be their companion.’ ‘They are in want, so that you can be their benefactor.’ ”

SOURCE: All Voices