This Is What Life Is All About!

How many lives are you capable of changing? How many have you changed? This is what matters to Jesus; this is what life is all about…

Beyond the burdening, burgeoning bondage of homelessness, Mr Kefa Olatunji Taiwo had strayed slowly into the hazardous realms of hopelessness. At 60 years old, his family had scattered, any shred of dignity or self-worth left battered – his life in total tatters. Living in a bedraggled and dishevelled excuse for a shed, scantily assorted from stray aluminium and rotting wood, he had dwelt and dealt in the refuse grounds of Lagos, Nigeria for over three agonising years, surrounded by the repulsive stench of decay and debris, and the degrading stigma of a lunatic-like existence. Suicidal tendencies crept increasingly closer…

TB Joshua Prophecy

The Prophecy

He suddenly halted before him, sensing something strange.“You are the one I am chasing.” Kefa looked up, astounded, dumbfounded. “Where is your family? Everybody is scattered in your home – and you are sleeping under the bridge, as an elderly man.” Extraodinary. His life-story unfurling uncannily from a man he had never encountered, a man he had never explained his predicament to. “You are getting old, an old man sleeping outside – and the family are scattered. Do you know where your problem comes from? This is what your mummy was telling you. The little money you had, you were going out – sometimes in the night you will not come home. You would take girlfriends. The little you had – you spent it just like that. This has destroyed you, destroyed your career.” How did he know? Whom had he told? “Something happened to you before this thing started. You met a mad woman – you never knew she’s a mad woman, and you slept with the woman. This is where the problem comes from. Today, when you sleep you see animals.” “Exactly, sir”

When Mr Taiwo walked dejectedly into The Synagogue, Church of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria on Sunday 30th August, unbeknown to him was the unfolding of a divine design to break the chains of poverty and restore the bonds of unity within his crises-fraught family. The prophecy took him by surprise. It was so sudden, so direct, so precise. Pastor TB Joshua narrated his life to him, a brief 30 seconds of breath-taking revelation, a concise uncovering. As he was led through the beautiful sanctuary, a flame of hope licked within his veins. Could it be a way out had actually come?

Kefa Olatunji Taiwo

You are created to change somebody…

The following week he stood again before the vast SCOAN auditorium, clips of his ‘home’ broadcast to the world live on Emmanuel TV. Evangelists had accompanied Taiwo to establish the veracity of the prophecy. The crowd gasped, beholding a dank wasteland with pigs scavenging among the filth, dirty infected water up to the knees, slime and grime at every turn. And a human being lived there, slept there, ate there, amidst the clutter and litter of decomposing garbage and gunk. “I’m useless,” the former furniture maker told the evangelists. “I just have to go and hide myself here when it is night. This is a shameful place, but I have no alternative – that’s why I have to stay here, living here as a mad man,” he said, explaining how local hoodlums had burnt his only property to ashes, forcing homelessness upon him.

Accompanied by his estranged wife and 11 children, all suffering a similar fate, Mr Taiwo watched on in reflective silence. “I believe if this man is helped, he will not go back to his past life – because he has tasted suffering and hardship,” said TB Joshua, addressing the whole congregation. “And I know if blessing comes now, he will be able to maintain it. Sometimes God uses foolish things. Don’t be surprised that among these children may be the president of tomorrow. Remember the past history, remember the heroes – many of them were raised from this kind of humble background,” he explained. “The first step is to get accommodation for the family, so we can bring the family together and let them live as one. To liberate these children, we must give them scholarships. And those who want to learn a skill – we will give them that opportunity.” The pastor, famed for his unrivalled and unbridled philanthropic works, explained that if the youths were left to themselves, they would probably end up in armed robbery or prostitution out of frustrations irrationalising influence. “Give them N300,000 and five bags of rice.”

TB Joshua Talks To The Family

Life is not fun and games. It is a warfare where only the serious minded are victorious.

Tears of shock and joy escaped from beneficiaries and congregants alike. Never before had Kefa seen or touched such money. “I didn’t expect this. Thank you, sir,” he quibbled, words failing to form his heart-felt expressions of gratitude. “This is what we are born for, this is what we are to live for, this is what we are to die for,” smiled the prophet, ascribing all glory to God.

“Someone out there is waiting for you for a lifetime,” Joshua counselled the enthralled audience and viewers worldwide. “You cannot afford to fail them; failing them is failing God. Remember, God is speaking to you through them, saying: ‘They are fatherless, so that you can be their father.’ ‘They are lonely, so that you can be their companion.’ ‘They are in want, so that you can be their benefactor.’ ”

SOURCE: Modern Ghana, All Voices

The Olatunji Family Helped By TB Joshua

The evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed…

Jesus of Nazareth – Part I & II Video (Full Movie)

Jesus of Nazareth is a 1977 Anglo-Italian television miniseries co-written and directed by Franco Zeffirelli which dramatizes the birth, life, ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus largely.



One of the events of the day was the giving of scholarships to various physically challenged students who are part of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Scholarship Scheme. The students were given different sums of

money according to their various scholastic needs, totalling N3 million. They included the blind, crippled, deformed and amputees. One of the spokespersons of the group, Olurundere Adenike, said she had no support for education, and when admitted to the University of Lagos, she had dropped out for lack of funds. However, she eventually gained admission to the University of Ibadan to read Languages and English, requesting assistance from Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners to pursue her academic dreams of excellence. Also, Emmanuel Aderemi, a student of Political Science, University of Lagos, also spoke on the uniqueness of the opportunity given them to be part of the Scholarship program.The service was concluded in a fiery Mass Prayer in which the finger of God Almighty manifested mightily among the congregants. As the Prophet remarked, what a God we have to worship, what a son we have to praise and what a future lies before us. To those whose lives are centred in Christ Jesus, better is not good enough; the best is yet to come.
<p>One of the events of the day was the giving of scholarships to various physically challenged students who are part of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Scholarship Scheme. The students were given different sums of money according to their various scholastic needs, totalling N3 million. They included the blind, crippled, deformed and amputees. One of the spokespersons of the group, Olurundere Adenike, said she had no support for education, and when admitted to the University of Lagos, she had dropped out for lack of funds. However, she eventually gained admission to the University of Ibadan to read Languages and English, requesting assistance from Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners to pursue her academic dreams of excellence. Also, Emmanuel Aderemi, a student of Political Science, University of Lagos, also spoke on the uniqueness of the opportunity given them to be part of the Scholarship program.</p><br />
<p>The service was concluded in a fiery Mass Prayer in which the finger of God Almighty manifested mightily among the congregants. As the Prophet remarked, what a God we have to worship, what a son we have to praise and what a future lies before us. To those whose lives are centred in Christ Jesus, better is not good enough; the best is yet to come.

Surely TB Joshua A Prophet Among

THERE has been so much controversy surrounding Nigerian prophet TB Joshua, a man renowned world over yet most vilified over for his miracle healing services and predictions. The controversies have been raging ever since TB Joshua’s ministry stormed into the public domain bringing into question the legitimacy of his works. In talking about legitimacy, I am referring to the standards as set forth in the scriptures, which would help us, identify a genuine prophet. Who then is TB Joshua?

TB Joshua

TB Joshua whose full names are Temitope Balogun Joshua was born on June 12, 1963, in a village called Arigidi, in Ikare Akoko, Ondo State of Nigeria. He is married to Evelyn and has four children. TB Joshua, the founder and pastor of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations is said to have sparked controversy starting with his mysterious birth. He allegedly remained in his mother’s womb for 15 months before he was born. He attended primary school at St Steven Anglican school from 1971-1977, but failed to complete one year of secondary school. But as he was growing up, he was known as a “small pastor” because of his love for the Bible and ability to predict things to come in his community. He further gained reputation for spiritual prowess after confronting and disarming a madman who was wielding a machete in the school premises. While in school he was the leader of a scripture union.

When Joshua started the Synagogue Church of All Nations in 1987, he just had a handful of members but since then the church has grown far beyond the shores of Nigeria. More than 15,000 members attend the weekly Sunday service. Numerous videos have been produced documenting the healing of incurable sickness, cancer, paralysis, AIDS, showing people’s conditions before, during and after prayer. Medical doctors have examined the patients before and after and have testified to a supernatural activity beyond medical science. TB Joshua does not even claim to be healer but says, “I am just God’s servant”.

TB Joshua has made phenomenal predictions in full view of a global audience on the satellite Christian Television, Emmanuel TV and all of them have come to pass. He predicted the death of president Levy Mwanawasa a month before it happened, the disastrous cyclone in Myanmar, the attempted assassination of the prime minister of Lesotho Pakalitha Mosisili, resignation of Pakistan president Pervez Musharaf, the comet slam into planet Jupiter which caused quite a fray in the scientific community and more recently the death of American pop star Michael Jackson.

On Michael Jackson’s death, the prophet was seen by a global audience via his television network saying, “I see a star being rushed to the hospital but he wont come back home, the whole world will be shocked. He is a great star in his world”. To add mystery to this prediction, TB Joshua sent a message through the pop star’s associates to let Michael come for prayer and deliverance in Nigeria. The associates thought the message a bit misplaced, because Michael was declared medically fit by his doctors and he was billed for a world concert tour beginning July 13. But alas! That was not to be, he died on June 25 before seeing Prophet TB Joshua.

Despite all these happenings Prophet TB Joshua has come under heavy attack from many, some of whom have labelled him a false prophet. And the debate about the authenticity of his ministry unfortunately has been orchestrated by a section of the clergy within the charismatic Pentecostal brand of Christendom. This has left many lay people unfamiliar with scriptures, let alone issues of Christian theology confused, as reverends or bishops are keener to criticise prophet TB Joshua than providing Biblical counsel.

Since the beaming of Emmanuel TV on free channel stations in most parts of Zambia, we have witnessed an unprecedented following of TB Joshua’s programmes.  As a result, emotive debates have emerged from the pulpits to the pews, between clergy and lay people. The man has arrived on the scene, should we dismiss him or his utterances as the ravings of a madman? How do we know for sure that we have a prophet among us?

This article is written on the assumption that the readers hold to the sacredness of the Bible as the inspired scriptures from whence we would draw our authority in judging a matter as heresy or sound doctrine. It is against this background that we seek to examine the ministry of this man, in the light of scriptures. There are fundamental rules in the scriptures, which must be used to judge whether something is of God, or not. In the absence of this knowledge, one would easily find themselves opposing God or abetting apostasy. To begin with, if one does not subscribe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, they will have nothing to do with this subject at hand because there would be no basis by which any meaningful discourse can rest upon.

But if we want to find out if he is a fraud as some are claiming, or a true servant of the Lord, we can only do so with the aid of scriptures. Let’s examine for example the standards used in the scriptures to test a prophet. Deuteronomy 18:20; “But a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded him to say, or prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, must be put to death. You may say to yourselves, ‘how can we when a message has been spoken by the Lord? If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, do not be afraid of him”.(New International Version)

The precise knowledge of the future according to this scripture, is a preserve of the Most High God, and only God can reveal detailed events to happen in the future to His servants. Therefore, if a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord and the events take place, then you need to pay heed lest you find yourself opposing the Holy Spirit.

In the book of 1 John 4:2 :“This is how you can recognise the Spirit of God; every spirit that acknowledges Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the anti-christ which you head is coming and even now is already in the world”. The authenticity of any ministry is tested by how they profess about who Jesus Christ is. From all accounts, TB Joshua proclaims Jesus Christ to have come in the flesh hence his motto “Emmanuel” which translates God with us. His messages and sermons lift Jesus as the Christ! And what more?

Signs and wonders are daily phenomena in his ministry, just the way it was as recorded in the book of Mark16:20: “then the disciples went and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by signs that accompanied it”.

TB Joshua’s humanitarian effort touches the needs of widows. The physically challenged and orphans have benefited in his educational support projects. Recently the federal President of Nigeria, Musa Yar’Adua, a Muslim himself awarded him with “Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic” in recognition of his humanitarian efforts. Anyone who is a true seeker of truth can know in the light of scriptures that for sure there is a prophet among us.


SOURCE: Times of Zambia –

First Sunday Service of TB Joshua 8th January, 2012




After the songs of praise and worship by which the day’s service commenced were over, Wise Man Daniel proceeded to give the message entitled, ‘Trusting In Christ’s Suffering’ by which he reminded the congregation that Christ died on the Cross to provide our needs which he said were healing, deliverance, blessing among others. He cited 1st Peter 2:21-24 as his proof text. Dwelling on the significance of Palm Sunday, he averred that that the Lord’s instruction regarding the donkey was characteristically not vague. Jesus is a Man of vision who says what He means and means what He says. His was instruction in boldness, certainty, righteousness and power. His rebuke was for our peace. His death was miserable and His disciples must be ready to bear His cross. By His suffering there is assurance of life for us.
After the prophet’s usual introductory remarks about the new Anointing Water, there was a surge of congregants wishing to testify to the instrumentality of the Anointing Water. The first person to enjoy the opportunity of giving a testimony was Mrs Elizabeth Aghachiebonam of Ebonyi State, though resident in Abuja. Her problem, according to her, was the issue of blood for two years. She recounted the trouble her husband had taken to find a solution for her in hospitals and churches without hitting any success. The problem started as internal heat and generated pain all over her body making her pass through sleepless nights. While people would be sleeping at night, she would see herself restless and reeling in pain. Coming to The SCOAN on the Thursday preceding the Sunday of testimony, she said she received the Anointing Water immediately on arrival and administered it on herself in compliance with the instruction. As soon as she applied it, the bleeding stopped. She happily told the congregation that she had started enjoying her nightly sleep and comfort of body following the staunching of the blood. She seized the opportunity to advise her listeners to have faith in the Lord, their Creator who is always there for them in times of need.
The next testimony was given by the Akhere family. Mrs Akhere had been told by her doctor that she would require operation to deliver her baby because of her tight cervix. She therefore visited The SCOAN to seek the face of the Lord. She received the Anointing Water and administered it on herself in prayer for safe delivery. After this, she delivered her baby safely without operation. They named their baby Harry after Wise Man Harry. They profusely thanked God with whom, they recognized, nothing is impossible.
The omnipresent nature of God was demonstrated with the Anointing Water in many parts of the world. The video clips revealed the work of the Anointing Water in other countries of which Greece was one. The clip showed a woman, Shaze Qualli who for twelve years depended on crutches for movement. The Anointing Water dispelled all the darkness in her and delivered her from all pain and infirmity. Another man who depended on crutches for movement was also delivered in the same way. There were many who, hitherto in the throes of contrary spirits, fell down under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and were delivered with the administration of the Anointing Water.
A similar feat was revealed in Ghana where a woman who had not been able to walk for years was declared free by an evangelist spraying the Anointing Water on her and she responded immediately by standing up to walk. A young man was also freed from evil spirits and he thanked God having been delivered through the medium of the Anointing Water. Mr John, a sergeant in the Ghanaian army, had for five years been incapacitated because of an injury he sustained in an accident. Spraying the new Anointing Water on him, an evangelist declared him free and he resumed walking immediately.
While the congregation was engrossed watching these miracles from other countries, an evangelist in The SCOAN had seen a young man in the church arranged in the prayer line because of a development in his head which made the head assume a very abnormal shape. The evangelist proceeded to spray the new Anointing Water on the head and, soon after, pus began to ooze from the head miraculously. In no time the head regained its normal shape after all the pus had come out. This was possibly the greatest miracle of the day as the evacuation of the pus left no mark or scar on the head after restoring the head to shape.
The next was the reconciliation of Mr and Mrs Elizabeth Aghachiebonam as hinted in the previous service. The next paragraph entitled MISUNDERSTANDING WORDS OF PROPHECY was their story in a nutshell at the end of service the week before. But to the glory of God, the couple reappeared on the platform this Sunday to thank God for their successful reconciliation and for the grace of understanding and appreciating each other the more as a couple. The very striking element of the reconciliation was the dream, Stella, the wife had in which she was told by Prophet T. B. Joshua to remove the ring and bangle on her hand. Contrary to her thinking that she never had those ornaments on her body to remove, the prophet proceeded beyond her skin into her bone to dislodge those ornaments which were an attestation to her union with a spiritual husband. The removal of these ornaments by the prophet marked a turning point in her marital relationship with IK, her earthly husband. The prophet once more appeared to her in a second dream and advised her to relate well to her husband and make ‘forgiveness’ a watchword in their marriage as there is no perfect person or relationship on earth. By the time she wanted to react to the prophet in the dream, he had vanished having laid a formidable spiritual foundation for the marriage. In his reaction, Mr Ikechukwu thanked the prophet for the effectual reconciliation. He added that they had been to the Mountain to pray in the effort to restore peace and love to their marriage. He once more thanked God and the man of God for the restored peace in their marriage.
The next video clip was among other reasons activated to correct the culpable presumptions among the congregants regarding the import of prophecies issued to them. In the said repartee between Wise Man Christopher and Mrs Ezekwelome,the latter corrected the wise man erroneously about her marital status. When Wise Man Christopher cautioned her to be careful about disappointments, the lady misinterpreted the expression and promptly told the wise man that she was already married. Making himself clearer, the wise man told her that he knew that. He was, on the contrary, simply warning her about the possible collapse of the marriage if care was not taken. Luckily for the wise man, her husband was around to add that he had sent her home the previous week because of her perceived misdemeanour. Defending herself on the last score, Mrs Ezekwelolome, a non working housewife, deprecated the repression she suffered in the hands of her husband who additionally habitually made her account for every kobo she received from him. She strongly felt that her views and wishes to engage in some private business deserved consideration by her husband. In his defence, the husband stated that apart from taking full charge of her education, he had sponsored her trips to France, Egypt and the United States of America. Her recent wish to go to Dubai for business in gold would put the entire family at risk apart from rendering him the sole caretaker of the children. Speaking on behalf of the womenfolk, about four women in the congregation expressed support for the husband and praised him for his consideration for the welfare of the entire family while advising the wife to be contented with the contributions of the husband to her well-being. The prophet, while inviting them to a reconciliation meeting, expressed the view that a marriage where both participants saw themselves as equally gifted in sophistication and intelligence and neither was ready to bow to the other was indeed a difficult one to manage but with God all things are possible.
Mr Ameni Shabani of Congo DRC mounted the platform to confirm his deliverance from impotence last Sunday during the service. He had lost his wife to a houseboy because of his inability to dose sexual gratification to her. He lost his sexual virility when he was made to drink some concoction and wash himself with the water. He said his wife accused her of not finding time for her but added that he spent all his time looking for money for his wife in order to make the home comfortable. Both his wife and the houseboy took advantage of his loss of virility to redefine their relationship and started a sexual intimacy resulting in the loss of the wife to the houseboy. Mr Shabani added that his eloped wife later told him that only one of the two children they had together was his. It was for that reason he decided to leave both children for her till when he hoped to establish his paternity by DNA. Both ex-wife and houseboy now live together in South Africa. In answering the prophet’s question, Shabani stated that it was painful to lose his wife to a houseboy but in his state of loss of manhood then, there was nothing he could do. He was however happy for his deliverance which has put him in a position to consider getting married again. He expressed the hope of coming to The SCOAN after marriage on ‘a thank you mission’ with his new wife. He thanked God and the man of God for his restoration.
The next testimony was given by a young man, Mr Jeff Katanga from Zambia who came all the way from Zambia crossing not less than seven countries in a very long, tortuous and dangerous journey to Nigeria. The young man in question lost both parents recently in quick succession and found himself the caretaker of his siblings. The only hope for him in the present situation when he suddenly became the father of his siblings was Prophet T. B. Joshua. He saw the prophet as the only man who could offer him and his siblings financial help, going by what he had gleaned from Emmanuel TV. It was for that reason that he borrowed money from a widow and travelled from Zambia through Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Chad and Cameroon to Nigeria. He particularly had challenges in Sudan which was half way between his country and Nigeria because of the civil war there. He was encouraged in his state of penury and physical exhaustion by the fact that if he could get to the Prophet, his condition would change for the better. He spent a total of thirty days on the way before getting to Nigeria on 19th January 2011. Unlike what many would do, he never wanted to shout to the man of God for help but decided to remain prayerful and fasting till God would reveal him to the prophet. He had decided not to be led by his situation because, as he learnt from Emmanuel TV, in every situation God is saying something. He deliberately took refuge in the vicinity of the church till God would reveal him in his plight to the prophet. Truly, when the prophet became aware of him, he welcomed him with the words, ‘You are in your Father’s house’ and promised him that when he would go back, he would enjoy a flight in contradistinction to the risky manner in which he had travelled to Nigeria. In response to the question on what he would have done supposing he never saw the prophet on arrival, he said he would have nigerianized rather than repeat that ordeal back to Zambia. The man of God praised him for his faith, courage and dogged will to succeed in life assuring him that he could see a bright future for him. The man of God however made it clear that his warm reception of the young man should not serve as an incentive for other young men to embark on such risky journeys. Assuring the congregation of prompt resumption of prophetic worship at 10 am the following day, he piloted the service to a close. SOURCE: DISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER


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Condemned To Die, Destined To Live All The Way From Death Row Saved By Jesus Christ

ONE by one they led them out. Faces covered in black. Handcuffed. Their last seconds of life. Last moments of reflection. The last breath of this world. No time to even say goodbye. One by one their names were called. The other five had already gone – gone for ever – gone to the gallows. A cold sweat broke out on his brow. He was next in line. This was it. The end. The grand finale. The next few seconds would be the last he would ever spend in life…

The tale of Chuks Olisemeka is block-buster material. It could well pass for a best-selling fiction thriller. But this is no fiction. It’s the real story of a young man who came from condemnation to salvation, in both the literal and spiritual sense. The story of a man who came face to face with death in a way few people could ever imagine. The story of redemption amidst retribution.


From a humble home in Delta to wild parties in Lagos, dangerous dealings in cannabis in Tunisia and gun-training for armed robbery in the Saharan desert, from a condemned cell in Tunis’ maximum security prison to a Nigerian church he had never heard of before, here is Chuks’ incredible journey, in his own words:

Chuks’ incredible journey, in his own words

“My name is Chuks Olisemeka and I come from Delta State. When my mother was pregnant with me, she separated from my father. Later in 1991, my mother died of sickness. From there my grandmother took care of me. I never knew my father and hardly knew my mum, Mrs Josephine. In the year 2000 after finishing secondary school, I came to Lagos. I didn’t know anybody in Lagos. What made me come is that some friends came from Lagos every December with flashy flashy things, spending money. When I asked them, they said they went to Victoria Island.  One day I just decided by myself to come to Lagos, though I didn’t know anyone there and had no money.  I was only 20. Some people dropped me in Ojota. At that time I still smoked so I bought a cigar and began smoking. I saw one guy like me who now bought a cigarette. We got talking and he now asked me some questions. When I introduced myself to him, the guy said he would help me for accommodation. We bought Indian hemp together and he then took me to his house.

“Every night we went to the clubs and enjoyed ourselves. I was helping in his brother’s electronics business in Alaba. One day we met some guys who came from Tunisia. Those guys gave us the guidelines about Tunisia that time, but we never said we wanted to travel as we were enjoying in Lagos. Some months later, my close friend Chima suggested we both go to Tunisia and I agreed. We went by road through the desert. We entered from Libya, through Tripoli. Those guys we met gave us the address of their place in Tunisia. We met some guys there and a Nigerian guy now introduced us to one man who was dealing in drugs. He had some boys working for him. Every night he would give you 200 or 300 grams and you would go to the club and hawk drugs. Cocaine. At the end of the day he would give you $300. From there he introduced us to the business. We were moving with guys who were into it before and from there we got our own customers.

“After about eight months in the business, I met Jack, an Italian man. Every time the man would normally come to me and buy drugs; he would buy in quantity. He was a big man, and always came with his boys. My friend called me and said let us travel to Morocco and from there to Spain. But already that Jack said he would introduce me to his business, so I was not interested in going to Spain. After about two weeks, Jack introduced me to his business – robbery business.

“I didn’t know how to shoot a gun, so every morning he took me to the desert with some guys and taught me how to use a gun. We started going on operations. We go with information. Some people will come from Europe and land in Tunisia, and stay in a hotel – so the manager of the hotel would give us information, and we would go there and rob. After robbing, he would give me $5000. It was not only in Tunisia we robbed, but also in Libya – because they share a border together. We were based in Tunis. On one operation in a company, we got $800,000 – so Jack now gave me $20,000. I know tomorrow I would see more money, so I would go to the clubs, gamble, buy expensive wears and move with high-class babes. Then something happened in 2004.

“This hotel manager now brought information that one woman came from Holland who brought big money for a contract, and the woman lodged in his hotel. Our boss called us and said we should go to this hotel. We reached there around 10am. We were five – four boys and one Algerian girl. We met the woman and collected the money. Two of our members were down and three went up – it was a five storey building. On the way down, we just heard guns from nowhere. Two of our members were shot. They died there instantly. They now shot the girl, but we didn’t know the place where the bullets were coming from. We used one woman as a human shield to cover us saying – if you shoot again, we will shoot her – and we now managed to drag ourselves out and enter our car. As we started the engine, they started shooting again. We saw almost five jeeps pursuing us, police vehicles – blowing sirens. We got to a bend at the traffic lights. We were supposed to wait but because of the pressure, we moved on. One lorry coming from the other side collided full-on with our vehicle. It somersaulted. That is why I have these scars. At that time, I never knew that my friend who was driving was already dead.

“The policemen came, and rushed me to hospital. I was in serious pain – blood covered everywhere and I couldn’t even open my eyes. The following day, they put POP all over me. Three men came and started interviewing me, and I opened up for them. They wrote everything down. The following day, they took me to our building – Jack was no more there, because he heard the information. They searched everywhere. They saw some drugs and carried them, including three vehicles. They padlocked the building, and took me back to hospital.

“The following day, they took me to court. I still had POP all over, and they had to carry me. When I reached court, the magistrate looked at my condition and said they should carry me back to hospital. I spent seven months in hospital. After seven months they took me back to court, and tried the case. After that, they took me to prison. From prison, I still went to the court. In August 2007 my final judgement came. After the judgement, they sentenced me to death by hanging. I had already given my life to Christ in prison. This guy Mr Charles normally shared the Word of God with me. But after the sentence they didn’t take me back to the same prison again. They took me to another prison where they put those who are condemned to death. We were five inside the prison room. I started praying there.

“On 15th August, I dreamt and saw myself in this big church with someone saying, ‘Welcome to Synagogue Church, Emmanuel!’ When I woke up, I didn’t understand the dream. I’d never heard of Synagogue Church before. On 19th August, some men came with a lady. They started calling names. When they had called the name, they would put a mask to cover the person and handcuff him. They now carried him outside to be hanged. I had already said today is the day I would die, but I still had this hope that God would do a miracle. When it got to my turn, the woman asked – ‘Where is this boy’s paper?’ They started searching and finally said they could not see it. So she said they should go and find my case file, that if they didn’t find the case file, they should not take me anywhere. The men carried the other five for hanging. Only me was left in that place. A week, two weeks, a month went by and nobody talked to me. It was only me in the cell. Some men now came and took me back to the other prison.

“It was 2008, February. One day the warden called me and said they wanted to hand me over to the Nigerian embassy to send me back to my country. I saw about three men, wearing suits who asked me for my name. They now signed all these documents and told me to carry my load. They took me to the airport and one man followed me down to Nigeria. After about three hours, we arrived. They now handed me over to some men who ushered me inside a motor. A few hours later, I saw myself in Ikoyi prison. They searched me and then took me to the prison cell. I was still praying to God.

“Another year passed in prison. It was July 2009 and I dreamed again – Welcome to Synagogue Church – Emmanuel! It was exactly the same dream I had seen in the prison in Tunisia. But this time, I saw rain fall on me as I entered inside the church, and I rejoiced with people inside. But I never knew the place. I had never heard of Prophet T.B. Joshua. Two weeks later, one of the wardens called me. He said they brought some papers yesterday and that I didn’t have a case to answer, that I should be released. I was just surprised, shocked. He gave me one paper, and told me I should carry my load. I didn’t have anything to carry.

“As I left the gate, I asked God: where shall I go? Direct me – I don’t know where to go. Rain was falling and suddenly that dream came to me – welcome to Synagogue Church – Emmanuel. I asked the warden – where is Synagogue? He said it’s far, in Ikotun. I asked where is Ikotun. God has directed me there. He looked at me and asked if I had money. The man gave me N500 and told me how to get to the church. It was a Friday.

“I finally found the church. I met one man and asked him – how can I see the pastor here? He looked at me and asked where I was from. I told him from a very far place. He said I should come back to church early on Sunday. I was still wearing the clothes I had in prison. It was Sunday. As I entered the church that morning, I recognised it from the dream. Everything was the same as I had seen it in that dream. I prayed that God should direct the man of God to where I am. God finally directed him to me in the second service. After prophesying to about four people, he touched me and said you are a murderer – and not in this country but another country.  I had never met him before, but he knew me. He prayed and I found myself down on the floor. As he touched me, I believed all my problems had gone. That day I became a new person in life. The church now took care of me, gave me new clothes and a place to stay. God is really using that man (T.B. Joshua). Nobody in Nigeria can do that thing – you don’t know a person before and after praying for you – he puts you in his house, gives you money for clothes and feeding and treats you as one of his own. He is a real man of God.

“There are many things people can learn from me. God created everybody for a purpose. Instead of pursuing fast money which makes you go into crime in which you may die or find yourself in prison, you should follow Christ. Those who travel outside Nigeria and don’t know where they are going to or anybody there, there is no way they will not take to crime when they get there. It’s either you take to robbery or drug business or go into 419 – and after everything you will find yourself in bigger trouble.

“I regret a lot, because I wasted so many years in prison. If not the flashy things of this life, I would not go into all of that crime. If I had calmed down and given my life to Christ that time, by now I am supposed to know where I am going in life. But now – if God could give me another chance,  I will worship Him, praise Him all my days. I believe God really has something for me in this life. He has a purpose for my living.

Following Chuk’s arrival in the church straight from prison, he remained there for almost two months for a period of rehabilitation and reformation, receiving the message of salvation and learning about the ways of God. He was then given N120, 000, three bags of rice and a Holy Bible to start his life afresh.

TB Joshua Saw Train Derails In India


God continues to reveal Himself through His servants giving revelations of national and international importance. On Sunday 11th April 2010, during a Sunday live service at the SCOAN, Prophet T.B Joshua gave a prophetic message concerning a train that he saw being derailed in the nation of India. He said: “In the mighty name of Jesus Christ. As we were praying, I am seeing a train in the same place. I think something is wrong. This place – they need deliverance. A train – I am seeing it in India. A thousand people were inside. A train move out of rail and the whole people trapped. This is not even the modern one but the old one.”

That Sunday, towards the end of the service, Prophet T.B. Joshua called on the congregation and viewers worldwide reminding them to pray for the train in India which he had prophesied about earlier in the service. He said: “Open your lips. Remember to pray for this India train. It is very important. Love your neighbour as yourself. Fast and pray for the nation India. Take your time to do that. As you do that, the Lord will also do for you, in Jesus’ name.”

A month later, it happened. In the early hours of Friday 28th May, 2010, news broke out that a train packed with passengers derailed in India and slammed into a goods train in an apparent attack killing at least 15 people – a death toll which later rose to at least 81 as the rescue operation continued.

The train where the tragic incident occurred was in the exact country mentioned by Prophet TB Joshua in the prophecy – the country of India. News reported at least 81 people were killed with the death toll still rising and about 200 injured early on Friday when the Mumbai-bound passenger train derailed, after a part of the track was sabotaged, and was rammed by a goods train in a Maoist bastion of West Bengal. The passenger train was travelling from Calcutta to the Mumbai suburb of Kurla when 13 of its cars derailed. It was the third attack by Maoists on trains this year. Dead bodies were pulled out of the mangled wreckage where the two trains crashed in eastern India.

“In the mighty name of Jesus Christ. As we were praying, I am seeing a train in the same place. I think something is wrong. This place – they need deliverance. A train – I am seeing it in India. A thousand people were inside. A train move out of rail and the whole people trapped. This is not even the modern one but the old one.”

Home Minister P Chidambaram said the train derailment in West Midnapore appeared to be an act of sabotage but it was not yet clear whether explosives were used to blast the tracks.  “It appears to be a case of sabotage where a portion of the railway track was removed. Whether explosives were used is not yet clear,” he said in a statement. Indian officials gave different theories about the cause of the derailment.
Rescue workers with bolt cutters struggled to force their way into the most badly-damaged coaches to try and free anyone still alive inside. Paramedic teams treated the injured on the side of the track, while the most serious cases were taken away by air force helicopters.
Reports from the crash site described a scene of chaos with several passenger cars badly damaged and many dead and injured.
“A thousand people were inside. A train move out of rail and the whole people trapped.” Many passengers were trapped inside the mangled coaches. The passengers trapped in these coaches were crushed to death as the goods train engine rammed into it. Police, military and rescue services are currently still trying to free trapped passengers, whilst the death toll currently stands at 81 with over 200 more confirmed injuries. Helicopters have been brought in to help evacuate the injured to local hospitals, officials have stated. “It seems there are still a large number of passengers trapped in the carriages – dead or alive, we are not sure,” said Bhupinder Singh, the chief of police in West Bengal.
“There is a cut on the railway track and several compartments were derailed. At least four to five of them are badly damaged,” the state’s Home Secretary Samar Ghosh said, adding many passengers are still trapped inside the compartments.
Recall how the Prophet described the type of train that he had seen in the vision God had given him. “This is not even the modern one but the old one.”
The railway network is Asia’s oldest and the train involved in the incident was not the modern type of train but the old type just as the prophet had said.

 Train derailment happened in the nation of India - the country specified by Prophet T.B. Joshua
Train derailment happened in the nation of India - the country specified by Prophet T.B. Joshua
Devastating train derailment in India caused the death of at least 81 people
Devastating train derailment in India caused the death of at least 81 people
Many were trapped inside the compartments of the train

“I think something is wrong. This place – they need deliverance. A train – I am seeing it in India.” The region in which the train crash occurred is considered somewhat of a stronghold for the Indian Maoist rebels, known as Naxalites, who have stepped up attacks in recent months. India’s 63,000-kilometer railway network, Asia’s oldest, is frequently hit by fatal accidents. As the Prophet said, something is wrong. This place they need deliverance.

Over two hundred injured passengers have been taken to local hospitals. The incident has been described as India’s worst rail disaster in seven years. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressed his grief over the death of Gyaneswari Express passengers and announced that compensation would be given to the families of the deceased and also for each of those who were seriously injured in the incident.

We at Emmanuel TV and the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations pray for the families who lost their loved ones in this tragic event. We also pray for the nation of India, the government and its citizens that God would manifest His strength in their situation and that out of the ashes of this tragedy, the Lord would bring a new resolve, determination, and desire to uphold the cause of justice, integrity and righteousness.



A NHS Registered Nurse Gives Report on the Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Project.

My name is Miss Bester Tsitsi Mazombe. I come from Marondera, Zimbabwe and I am based in the United Kingdom where I am currently working as a professional nurse and midwife. I also fellowship at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) London branch.

I returned on Monday from Haiti where I was part of the Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Team. I joined the team in the capacity of nurse and midwife. The earthquake occurred on the 12th of January. Soon after the earthquake the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua called for help from Emmanuel TV partners and members of SCOAN from its branches in the UK, USA, Nigeria, South Africa, Greece and Ghana in order to send help to the affected people of Haiti.  On the 1st Sunday after the earthquake Prophet TB Joshua asked for help to send a cargo plane with the much needed food and medical supplies together with the medical personnel and other professionals who would be needed to assist Haitians in this disaster. The whole relief team arrived in Haiti by the 25th of January 2010 with the cargo plane full of medical supplies, food, tents and water purification aids for example.

When we arrived in Haiti we saw firsthand the destruction that was caused by the earthquake.  Multiple schools, houses, hospitals and government buildings including the presidential palace were struck by the earthquake which has claimed an excess of 150 000 lives so far.  Those who survived ,many were left seriously wounded, homeless ,without hope and no more property or possessions in their name. Some were literally left with the clothes they were wearing on the day of the earthquake.

Bester Tsitsi Mazombe

Whilst in Haiti we wore our Emmanuel TV T-shirts and we were immediately recognized by viewers of Emmanuel TV in Haiti. They could not believe that the Emmanuel TV form Nigeria which they had watched on the internet   had come to help them in their time of need. When we informed them that we had been sent by Prophet TB Joshua of Nigeria they could not help but thank God for sending us to help them and sharing in their pain and sorrow.

In many spheres Nigeria has a negative image and very few people believe that any good can come out of Nigeria. Thank God that today that is not the case because through the leadership of Prophet TB Joshua and the deployment of the Emmanuel TV team in Haiti, Nigeria has a good name.

Before the earthquake a large population of people already had difficulty accessing clean water .Due to the earthquake the problem of water contamination has worsened especially in areas where dead bodies are yet to be retrieved. Due to the lack of clean water this has led to the increase in diseases and therefore it is vital and important that Emmanuel TV continues to support the people of Haiti with clean water, medical supplies and clinic services which we gave for example, primary care, wound management and maternity care. I am glad to let you know that the first baby born at the clinic we established, Emmanuel Clinic, was named Emmanuella in honor of Emmanuel TV.

As we worked with the people showing them love and compassion they were happy to share with us their history. Many of them are slave descendants of the nations of Nigeria, Ghana, Benin and Congo. Nigeria help these people of Haiti, they are your brothers and sisters. The people of Haiti left Nigeria more than 200 years ago and some left with their Igbo culture and gods whom they still share with Nigeria including aspects of their 1anguage Creole. Ghana, Benin and Congo, these people originated from your shores too, please do not forget them, show them that yes we are family. Haiti needs you more than ever.

I am happy to inform you that we have been supported by renowned organizations like the United Nations who gave us security by ensuring that the relief supplies we brought were safeguarded prior to distribution.

The Haitians are grateful and in awe of the work that we have started in Haiti that they want Emmanuel TV to remain in Haiti forever.

I thank God for Prophet TB Joshua, for carrying the burden of Haiti. By leading Emmanuel TV into Haiti, he has proved that God’s love, compassion, sympathy and provision know no bounds, race, color, faith, race or border. May the Lord continue to bless him as a man of great vision, leadership and a role model to other leaders?

On behalf of Prophet TB Joshua, the Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Team and Emmanuel TV partners, I would like to say thank you for demonstrating true love to our brothers and sisters in Haiti. May the Lord who sees your good work and marks your work reward you.

Bester Tsitsi Mazombe

Emmanuel TV Team Worker Narrates Experience In Haiti – Pastor T.b Joshua

A Zimbabwean nurse residing in the United Kingdom, Bester Tsitsi Mazombe, has narrated how she and other disciples of Prophet T.B. Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Ikotun, Lagos distributed relief materials to victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti.

In an interview Mazombe disclosed that she was a member of the Emmanuel TV (the television outfit of Synagogue Church) crew dispatched to Haiti with a plane load of food and medical supplies to give succour to the victims.

“When we got to Haiti, the destruction was really devastating. To understand how the people of Haiti have been affected by the earthquake is like imagining your own capital or Lagos coming down.

“If Lagos comes down, it is sure going to affect the rest of the nation. That is what has happened in Haiti. Port-Au-Prince, their capital, has come down. You remember that in most capitals of the world, there are different companies and banks. So, with those institutions coming down, it means the economy, education and health care system will suffer,” she narrated, adding that some people were not at home when the quake occurred.

One interesting thing Mazombe found out in the country was that the people still shared the cultures of their roots and were proud to tell foreigners that they were from Africa.

“The people of the country were taken from Nigeria, Congo, Benin and Ghana to Haiti. I was really surprised to see that for the people who came from Nigeria, actually came with their Igbo culture, their traditional form of worship. There are gods that they still worship today that actually bear Igbo names.

“Whenever they see a black person, they always express oneness. I was the only African on the team and as they saw me, they identified with me so much. They even carry the same love for God as it is done in Nigeria.

“When I arrived in Lagos, I saw that the little yellow commuter buses had verses of the scriptures written on them. When you go to Haiti, it is the same picture. The way Lagos is built is the same way Haiti is built.

“It is so amazing that these people, though from this country, were separated by time and circumstances, are still doing what is done in Lagos,” she narrated.

On the role played by the team in Haiti, she said they set up a clinic named Emmanuel Clinic “and this clinic has assisted a lot of men, women and children with diseases like diarrhoea, caused by having to drink contaminated water.

“A lot of the people in the country are unemployed, so, they cannot afford health care. It was when we opened the clinic that we realised that people have had no health care for months and years. People came with tumours with flies. It was a challenge working with them but as we did, we could see tears of gratitude and see that the people need us.”

She narrated an incident which touched her and shaped her new outlook on life.

“On the day of the earthquake, there was a little boy who was about two years old in a house. Everybody ran away and forgot him because of fear. Few seconds after the quake, bricks had fallen on the boy’s pelvis and hip area. Prior to the earthquake, the boy was following his mother everywhere, but now as we speak, we have referred the little boy to the hospital.

“It really touched me to see that people’s lives have been lost as a result of the earthquake. They feel traumatised and think that another tragedy is going to happen,” she said.

She also described the predicament of the country’s citizens as the direct result of man’s insensitivity to man.

To her, the country needs assistance from Nigeria and other African countries because the people there are direct descendants of the continent. She called for investment in education and health for the country to catch up with development.

On what has changed about her since she visited Haiti. She said a lot of people would want to be seen as giving help to the hopeless. “It is something we say with our lips, but when the opportunity arises to be able to give this hope, it becomes challenging.

Bester Tsitsi Mazombe

“Personally, I have not been to a disaster zone and I had a challenge going there, but with the gratitude of the people, I realised that you must not only help people with things you are comfortable with. I have never been in a situation where I would have to deliver a baby outside where it was hot and because of the blood and water, flies come around.

“But being there to help the woman deliver safely and support them gave me joy. Now, I have learnt that when I help someone I should be sure that the person is going to be happy the rest of his life,” she explained.
She also revealed that the relief team had secured a space to build an orphanage in Haiti to assist children.

Prophet TB Joshua – A Shining Light For All – Not a Conman….

Prophet T B Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Nigeria needs no introduction; a man of God with immense gifts and abilities. Yet, considering the positive roles he is playing on the world stage, some people still harbor nefarious reasons to doubt or hate him.  In 2009 alone, there was a wave of attacks on the man in the Synagogue from some of his counterparts in the vine yard and some others who have not even met him. Yet, God continues to use him greatly to set the captives free both nationally and internationally.

Prophet TB Joshua - A Shining Light for All

Having followed the defamatory commentaries of some of the so called Christian leaders in Nigeria and in some other African countries, I was able to know that the primary reason behind the false accusations against this anointed man of God is simply to create a sense of confusion and fear in the minds of the masses and their innocent followers in order to keep them away from flocking to the Synagogue Church of All Nations for deliverance.  These Christian groups appear to have abandoned the basic biblical rules and developed a modern day thug-like instinct of ‘do or die sermons’ against Prophet TB Joshua whom they regard as a threat to their parishes.

These gangs work in collaboration with freelance agents, some news media and use of internet systems to spread false information and defame the person of Prophet TB Joshua. They say, ‘he is satanic, an occultist, a conman, we don’t know his mentor; we cannot associate ourselves with him’.

For once, I tend to agree with them for not associating themselves with him because it is clearly written that ‘Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? 15What harmony is there between Christ and Believers? – 2 Corinthians 6:14-15

These groups of Christians are happy in appointing themselves as a judge over others and by so doing have trampled under feet one of the cardinal principles of the teachings of Jesus Christ in Matthew 7:1-3 which states, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.  3“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

It is interesting to note that Jesus Christ was also accused by the religious leaders of his time for being a threat to their establishments. They rejected the son of God and accused him of being possessed by Beelzebub the prince of demons, Luke 11:14-36.

In the midst of all the falsehood, Prophet TB Joshua has maintained a dignified silence and continues to grow from strength to strength. In some of his statements, Prophet TB Joshua would say ‘love those that hate you and do not pay evil for evil’.

It is evidently clear over the years that his accusers have not been able to obtain the level of God’s achievements known in the life of Prophet TB Joshua. Probably they need to be informed that the Almighty God does not consult with mere mortals before He create, elect or anoint anyone to represent Him on earth.  The example of God’s authority and wisdom is seen in the book of Jeremiah:  “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5

In conclusion, I feel rather sorry for his accusers, some having obtained good degree of academic education, some from well established backgrounds; whilst some are having good command of English language and power to pull large crowds, but here comes a humble Prophet TB Joshua who cannot boast of good education or let alone speak fluent English language, and God took delight in him.

If I were one of his accusers I would have petitioned God Almighty to know why He has chosen Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Nigeria but not anyone of us.

Further, I have provided hand-full compilations of some of his ministries’ activities in 2009.

SCOAN click here to visit the offical wesite


” Changing lives, changing nations and changing the world…”
Emmanuel TV is dedicated to changing lives, changing nations and changing the world by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the powerful media of television and internet broadcasting. Our vision is to produce and air first class programmes that lead people of all ages, all backgrounds, all repute and all cultures to salvation.


The book of Amos 3:7 tells us that God does nothing without first revealing it to His servants. Therefore, a true prophet of God is a communicator between the visible and invisible world. Just as The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations is a ministry of all nations, so too, God continues to use Prophet T.B. Joshua as a mouthpiece to the nations. Numerous prophetic words of both national and global concern have been given by T.B. Joshua and confirmed by the events that followed. In this section are some of the recent prophetic messages revealed during the live Sunday services at The SCOAN that have come to fulfillment.




“Do what is good to change the bad you see” – T.B. Joshua

Headed by Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV team, Another Ministry is committed to:
· Feeding, educating and providing necessities of life for the poor.
· Providing educational funds for promising students.
· Taking care of the elderly.
· Building schools and classrooms.
· Giving love and hope to the needy.

Knowing God is not only seeing His works, but learning His way. His way is love, kindness, hope and goodness. Therefore, we should let love be uppermost in our hearts because all our doings without love are nothing. Another Ministry shares the love of Jesus Christ to the less privileged and needy. Join Another Ministry to feed the hungry, bring relief to the poor, support the weak the handicapped and bless the needy.
James 2:14-17 – “What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save him? Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to him, “Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”
Remember, nothing is too big or too small to share with others. Build your life around your contribution to others because your contribution to others is an assignment from God.

Instead of criticising our sick society and our fellow men – do what is good to change the bad you see and make a tangible contribution in the life of someone who needs help. We should be known as people who are for good, and not just against bad.

1 John 3:18 – “Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.

“In a world that cares less, we should care more” – T.B. Joshua

The following footage are hosted on

TB Joshua Predicted The Death Of Michael Jackson



TB Joshua predicted Berlusconi attack

Abnormal Floods In Japan And Turkey



To find out more please watch Emmanuel TV

Another Ministry Of T.B. Joshua

A report from today’s PM News detailing more of The SCOAN’s extensive charitable activities. Remember, your rewards in life are determined by the problems you solve for someone else.

A 27-year-old dwarf and final year student of the Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Edo State, and her friend have become the latest beneficiaries of Prophet TB Joshua’s charity.

The duo got a brand new Nissan Sunny and N500,000 from the General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations recently.

Evelyn Cosy Omotekpen, who is a computer science student of the institution is said to be so short that she cannot walk long distances without the help of others.

But while facing so much challenges as a result of her stature which was almost getting her frustrated, she found Christiana Ehizua, who is now a graduate of Political Science from the same institution.

Recounting her ordeal before the gift, Evelyn told P.M.NEWS that she faced rejection and intimidation as a result of her stunted growth. She met her friend during a church service in campus and ever since then, she said Christiana has helped her do almost all the things she needed to do as a woman.

The sixth born of a family of seven children, the indigene of Uromi, Edo State said she preferred living with her friend because her friend was the only one who understood her.

“I met her in one of the campus fellowships. She came to me when I was crying and promised to always be there for me and even since, she has fulfilled her vow.

“Before my friend went for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), she would always hire tax cabs to take me to school, because the public vehicles often refuse to carry me. When she went on her national assignment, I faced serious problems as even fellow Christians despised me,” Evelyn said adding that Christians often left Ekiti State where she was serving to take care of her.

The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations

Also, Christians told P.M. NEWS that assisting Evelyn has been tough for her as he has been rejected by her friends who could not understand why she decided to “create a burden” for herself. She further said that she was scared to seek employment as that would mean that she would have less time for Evelyn.

She claimed that since 2006, Evelyn has been living in her family house in Ekpoma. “I do back her when we are going out and carry her like a baby when inside a public vehicle,” she added.

They said they decided to visit the church after watching Emmanuel TV, a television channel owned by the church. “Even at the entrance to the church, they thought Evelyn was a small child and I had to tell the ushers that they should allow her inside as she was an adult,” Christiana explained.

While presenting the gift items to the two beneficiaries, Prophet Joshua, who was elated that Evelyn did not drop out of school as a result of the rejection from the society, also promised to establish a business centre for her when she graduates.

The man of God said the car would help ease her transportation problem while the money would be used by Christiana to set up a business to enable her continue with caring for her friend.

Prophet Joshua who tasked wealthy Nigerians on helping the poor in the society added that the case of Christiana and Evelyn was to pass a message that people faced situations because others have the solutions.

Evelyn who says the car is a proof that every condition is temporary, said she is now hopeful that after graduation, she would get married to the right man for her.

By Eromosele Ebhomele


CALAMITY!! Another true story of a man who loosed his wife, shop and money in 2 weeks…. saved by TB Joshua

Another touching account of the charitable works in The SCOAN…

The story of Job in the holy book sounded like a fairy tale to Mr Ezekiel Ayodeji until the cruel hands of nature and man unleashed deadly blows on him in quick succession recently. Within two weeks he lost his wife to typhoid fever, his shop that was full of goods he had just purchased to fire and duped of the sum of N240, 000 by a close friend.

The physically challenged indigene of Ondo State had lived up to his dream of not being liability to anybody by acquiring skills in rewinding coils. In Year 2000, he married a fellow artisan, Medinat Omokeinde. Within five year of marriage, the family was blessed with three children. His business was also thriving. Consequently, he said they lived a life of paradise on earth.

Mr Ezekiel Ayodeji and his three young children

Mr Ezekiel Ayodeji and his three young children

Filled with the joy of having a peaceful home and without any premonition of early exit of either of the couples to the world beyond, he averred that they drew out plans for projects they would execute over a period of time. But this was not to be as the wife fell ill along the line. She was diagnosed of typhoid fever and all effort by medical doctors to cure her of the sickness proved abortive.

According to him, she passed on a few weeks after, precisely on June 5, 2009. With the sudden exit of his wife, Ayodeji’s life was shattered. The sorrow of losing his heartthrob barely 9 years after marrying her and the pain of becoming a single parent of three children shattered his whole existence.

As a strong adherent of traditional statutes, he observed 7-days confinement at home as a mark of respect for his beloved wife after the burial. As the end of the confinement period drew near, he braced himself up for a return to his business in order to have the wherewithal to cater for his three children and other pressing needs.

It is a real privilege to be in a position to give – TB Joshua

Suddenly, another arrow was thrust into his heart when he got a call on his mobile phone informing him that the shop he just stocked with goods had been razed by fire. Having lost his wife and means of livelihood within a week, his every hope was instantly lost and committing suicide became the best option but for the love of his children.

Speaking with National Life in Lagos last Sunday, Ayodeji tearfully recounted how joy and contentment that defined his life gave way to

t is a real privilege to be in a position to give - TB Joshua

sorrow and gloom. “As you can see, I am physically challenged. But I resolved never to be a burden to anybody in my life. To live up to that, I learnt electrical rewinding and thereafter, carved a niche for myself in the job. My dexterity drew many customers to me and as a result, I delved into selling electrical wiring parts. When I had made enough money that I was certain would empower me to cater for a family, I married my late wife Medinat. She was such a nice wife that brought me good luck. Because of my turn around in my fortune, we started making plans for the future of our children and ourselves. But the whole plan suffered a serious setback when my wife fell sick. I took her to the hospital and spent so much all to no avail. One day, I was asked to go and buy drugs for her but when I returned, they told me that she passed on. The news devastated me a great deal. I got her family informed of the development and got no resistance whatsoever from them in going ahead to bury her.

“After the burial, I stayed back in the house for seven days as a sign of respect for her. When it was the seventh day, I heaved a sigh of relief that I would at least go back to my business to get money to feed my children. It was not long I thought about that that I received a call from my colleagues in the market that my shop had been razed by fire. When I heard the news, my whole life completely collapsed and various thoughts crossed my mind. Because I love my children so much I jettisoned all the unholy thought”.

His hope of living a meaning life again was rekindled when Governor Olusegun Mimiko visited the scene of the fire incident and promised to give financial relief to all the victims. What that, smile returned to his face. He then relied on a close friend who was saddled with the responsibility of giving details of each victim’s business financial worth to collect the governor’s monetary promise for him.

The gift given to Mr Ayodeji by Prophet TB Joshua and the Emmanuel TV team

Even though, the governor made good his promise by approving the sum of N250, 000 for Ayodeji, the story became the third sojourn into another life of sorrow. He narrated that his friend who was very much aware of his predicament, collected the money on his behalf but merely sent him a token sum of N10, 000 and bolted with the remaining.

The gift given to Mr Ayodeji by Prophet TB Joshua and the Emmanuel TV team

Confused over what could have informed his friend’s inhuman action, Ayodeji explained how all efforts he made to retrieve the money from his friend proved abortive.

“I am very surprised by my friend’s action. He was put in charge of giving the government details of our loss to the inferno but after collecting N250, 000 on my behalf, he only sent N10, 000 to me and ran away with the balance. This is a person who was duly informed of my pitiable plight but still went ahead to confiscate the money that the governor approved for me to start up after the fire incident that razed my shop. I called him severally but he would not act accordingly. At a stage, he stopped taking my calls. I went and reported him to the Commissioner for Environment but all efforts to get him to return the money falied”.

Left with no money to make both ends meet, Ayodeji said he had his children sent out of school while his landlord threatened to eject him for unpaid rent. To save his children, from pangs of hunger, he stated that he had to take to the street to beg neighbours and privileged members of his community for help. “When I didn’t have money to feed my children, I resorted to begging people for help. I bought food on credit for a period of time and such opportunities closed I started begging people around for both money and food”.

Now a silver lining seems to have appeared at the end of his dark cloud. Besides being financial empowered, Ayodeji is now a proud owner

God blesses us not only that we may be able to earn a living, but also that we may be able to give - TB Joshua

of a Mercedes Benz and has fast forgotten his past. He explains to sudden turn around in his fortune to National Life.

God blesses us not only that we may be able to earn a living, but also that we may be able to give – TB Joshua

“I must confess to you that I was terribly weighed down by all those bitter experiences. One day, while ruminating on the way out of these problems, my mind went to Synagogue Church of All Nations. I had heard and seen how people who had problems were helped there. With faith, I went there and as God would have it, Prophet T.B Joshua revealed the whole problem in his prophecy.

“Thereafter, he gave me the sum of N300, 000 to start my business all over and also gave me a Mercedes Benz. Somebody had presented him with the car, but he gave it to me and made provision for the maintenance. Now my children can go back to school and I can live a meaningful life again”.

Written by Innocent Duru

SOURCE: National Life – VOL.2 NO. 68

Offering Hope….

A stirring article from The News Magazine in Nigeria concerning the extensive philanthropic activities of TB Joshua, as broadcast on Emmanuel TV…

Temitope B. Joshua, donates millions to widows and widowers

For eight years, Magaret Babalola lived the life of a destitute with Dare, 19 and Dupe, 15, her two children. She had been condemned to living on the street, sleeping mostly in market stalls after the death of her husband. According to her, there was nothing to live on and whatever she was able to eke out of her daily jobs was barely enough to keep her children in school. It got so bad that by last year, both had to withdraw from school, as no one was willing to assist Margaret anymore.

T.B Joshua is real

At that point, she made up her mind to take her own life, but by a stroke of good fortune a good Nigerian intervened. The same good Nigerian, she said, also directed her to come to the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, (SCOAN), where there is a rehabilitation programme for widows.

But there was a problem. As an Anglican faithful, it was more of a taboo to be associated with SCOAN. But out of desperation, she took the advice. “I didn’t know what to do anymore because I was tired of living,” she recalls as she narrated her ordeal.

As it turned out, Babalola’s fortunes, along with three other widows, Florence Adewale, mother of four, whose husband died when she was six and a half months pregnant; Mojisola Adeyemi, thrown out by her landlord as she could no longer pay her rents, and Stella Emmanuel, a Ghanaian, mother of one who is pregnant with another, took a new positive turn. Before a parked auditorium of the church on 17 February, Prophet Joshua gave N200,000 to each of the four, in addition to scholarship for their children, a bag of rice and another of flour. For Emmanuel, Joshua promised to pay her passage to her home country, where SCOAN’s branch would provide other materials she would need to survive.

Joshua’s gesture was in continuation of an event which began two days earlier. On the widow’s forum on 15 February, Ndidi Ndukwu, 40, mother of four and three other persons who were the biggest beneficiaries went home N150,000 richer. Twenty two others received N50,000, a bag of rice and flour each, while 200 widows and widowers, erstwhile beneficiaries of Joshua’s generosity, received a bag of rice and flour respectively.

Among the group, Ndukwu and Emma Sumo recounted experiences that made the audience speechless. According to Ndukwu, her husband’s death eight years ago triggered off a trauma she thought the sympathy of relatives and friends would heal with time. But no sooner had the man been buried than her in-laws began to mount pressure on her to marry his younger brother. Following her refusal, she was abandoned along with her four children. Since then, Ndukwu told this medium, it has been a tale of long suffering.

“My husband was sick for two years but he kept it to himself. By the time I knew what was wrong, he had died. Shortly afterwards, members of his family turned their backs on me and his children and I could not get help from anywhere I went,” she recalls.

If Ndukwu’s tale is a sore truth about the life of an average widow in the country, Sumo’s experience reeks of sadism. The 49-year old former nurse and mother of nine from Liberia, told this medium that she lost her husband to the tortuous fratricidal war that turned citizens of the West African nation into refugees across the continent. For refusing to marry one of her dead husband’s relations, her in-laws, she disclosed, burnt down her two buildings and a school. To complete her humiliation, they drove her, along with her children, away from whatever belonged to her husband. While running around Liberia, begging for food, she lost four of her nine children to the war, the same way she lost her husband.

“They shot my husband in front of me. My in-laws made it harder for me when they took everything from me and drove us away. I begged daily to survive and the worst was when I also had to lose four children to the war the same way I lost my husband,” she said struggling with tears.

But on 15 February 2008, Ndukwu, Sumo and numerous widows and widowers received life-saving support from an unlikely quarter: Temitope B. Joshua, founder and General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations. While Ndukwu and two others received N150,000 cash, a bag of rice and flour, including a bible from Joshua, Sumo and 21 others became N50,000 richer, getting as well a bag of rice, another bag of flour and bible. About 200 other widows and widowers, comprising those who previously received various sums of money and other items also collected a bag of rice and flour each from Joshua. Like Babalola, Ndukwu and Sumo shed tears of joy as they received Joshua’s gifts.

“I want to thank the man of God for making us realise that there is hope for us. I want to thank you because before now, we hardly had enough to eat. My mother can start trading with this money and my siblings can go back to school. I want to thank you for making us believe that there is a future for us,’’ 19-year old Lynda, Ndukwu’s daughter and a pre-degree Bio-Chemistry student of the University of Benin, who appeared to speak the recipients’ mind, told Joshua amidst tears.

A source in the church told this medium that Joshua spent over N6 million to put together events of the two days. The source also disclosed that Joshua has spent close to N1 billion since the fortnightly philanthropic gestures for widows and widowers began a few years ago. Widows and widowers, the source revealed, are so close to Joshua’s heart that he has asked them to come for help without any string attached. Joshua himself alluded to that when he said “We will always be there for you. We want you to be part of the family, but we will tell you what to do with your gift. It is a gift from God, who is a father to the fatherless and husband to the widow.”

Bishop Olusola Olukolade, who witnessed Joshua’s philanthropic largesse, explained that Joshua is indeed doing what Jesus Christ asked his true followers to do. According to Olukolade, all men of God must carry on with what he referred to as ‘the directives of Jesus,’ since he will not physically come down.

“This is what every ministry that preaches Jesus is expected to do. It shows that Joshua is a man of God and a follower of Jesus Christ,” Olukolade said. Joshua’s philanthropy is not restricted to providing succour for widows and widowers. He is also a source of comfort for the aged and dwarfs. He is reported to have supported both groups with multi-million cash and food. As one of the recipients puts it, “Joshua has shown everyone today that he is hope for the hopeless.”

By Ernest Omoarelojie

SOURCE: The News Magazine, Nigeria