Frank Karikari was experiencing many challenges academically due to spiritual attacks. In his dreams, he would find himself being chased by animals, walking naked and eating all sorts of things. He was not able to concentrate as a result which proved disastrous as he was doing a HND in Mechanical Engineering. He ended up getting a Second Class Lower Division and was bitterly disappointed in himself.

He began working but was still not content. He started watching Emmanuel TV and praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua and to his shock, he was granted a scholarship from his company to study a BSc in Mechanical Engineering.

He began studying but to his dismay, in the second semester, the attacks intensified but he claimed that it was not his portion. A friend then sprayed some Anointing Water in his bottle of water. He prayed and ministered the Anointing Water on himself, believing for an end to all the setbacks. Within moments, his enlightenment returned and his brain was able to comprehend everything he was studying. Later, he received his own bottle of Anointing Water. He had a dream and saw himself at the Prayer Line at The SCOAN where he was prayed for by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. He felt something like an electric shock and woke up. Since then, his evil dreams have stopped and his mind has opened. He was able to concentrate and began to excel in his studies. At the end, he graduated with a 1st Class BSc in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Mines & Technology, to the glory of God.

His advice was encouraging: You need to have God at the centre of your life and you will become what God has made you to be. Distance is not a barrier. Remain in faith and Jesus will listen to your request.