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Chief Mrs Mary Towobola came all the way from South Africa. She was involved in an accident on her way to her office. This has caused her


serious pain as a result of three discs on her spinal cord that had shifted. She had to move everywhere on her wheelchair. Last year, her daughter visited her in her house and introduced her to Emmanuel TV and installed the cable for her. While watching, she witnessed many different testimonies. One day, while in her shop watching Emmanuel TV, a young man brought the Anointing Water and ministered it on her. After that, she sprayed the Anointing Water on a bottle of water and she drank the whole bottle at once. As she did so, she started shaking. Then, she continued praying and watching Emmanuel TV. As the Man of God started praying for viewers, she joined the prayer. After her first bottle, she felt stronger and she removed her lumbar corset immediately. She then called the person who came to her house to spray the Anointing Water on a four – littre container of water. After the whole thing, on the next morning her husband was so surprised to see her mopping the floor showing that when God healed her, He healed her effectually.
As if it was not enough, she continued with her second testimony about how God healed her from asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure through the same medium of the Anointing Water. Indeed, there is never a sickness Jesus cannot heal. He heals all manners of sickness an diseases.

WARNING-Doomsday for World Governments is Coming!

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When the Nigerian uprising which resulted from the removal of fuel subsidy erupted in Nigeria, it was widely believed to be an awakening of people who have long been dormant to a fault while living under the harsh reality of the economy and culture oppression. By way of public opinion, it seemed like a revolution long overdue. Yet it appeared in the long run that the fuel subsidy protests were largely overrated as everything eventually came to a halt with the compromise reached by the Nigerian government with the populace. Although the Nigerian government may have wriggled their way out of that uprising and won that battle, it is clear now that they haven’t in the least way won the war. TB Joshua of the Synagogue of all Nations proved this when he addressed the nation Nigeria and the world via his satellite channel Emmanuel TV on the live Sunday service of the 14 of July 2013. He emphasized that this was a prophetic vision God had shown him repeatedly over a period of several weeks that left much for him to bother. At exactly 3:45 pm WAT on Sunday after the congregation and viewers worldwide had waited on him for hours on end, TB Joshua appeared on stage looking rather stern and delivered the shocker; these were his words:

I’m seeing a revolution, I’m seeing people taking to the streets, at the beginning of that protest it might be stopped, but eventually it will become so big that it cannot be stopped. This I see happen, Nigeria pray.


TB Joshua Church Nigeria |


In line with Prophet T.B. Joshua’s newly launched initiative to assist graduates with employment, a wonderful development has taken place! The MBA Tour, an international event organized to link prospective students with top level business administrative educational institutions around the world, have partnered with Emmanuel TV.

The West African representative of the MBA Tour, Hannah Bertilla Acquah came to The SCOAN to officially announce the unique partnership. She said, “The MBA Tour is here to officially partner with Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV. Our partnership is based on our mutual commitment to nation building through skills development for the young and corresponds with the man of God’s current project of assisting graduates with employment.

“Our partnership will enable African students who demonstrate outstanding potential, access to fellowships at the world’s top business schools and academic institutions – including: Columbia Business School; Harvard Business School; MIT Sloan School of Management; Yale School of Management; IE University, Spain; Erasmus University, The Netherlands; INSEAD Business School, France.

“Representatives from these renowned institutions will identify the qualifying students and Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV will assist with financial scholarships.”

You can register and find more information online at


My Mother Left Me With a Spiritualist

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A video was shown of Lena Ofosu from Ghana receiving her deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit after prayer from Wise Man Racine at the prayer line. After her deliverance, she took the Emmanuel TV team to her house in Ghana where she paid homage to the marine spirits that had possessed her. She showed them how she used to meet with her spiritual husband in the marine kingdom through a series of strange sacrifices. Telling her story to the congregation, she explained that it all started when her mother took her to visit a spiritualist when she was very young. While she and her mother were there, the spiritualist told her mother to hand her over to him because she was married to a spiritual husband from the marine world and therefore destined to serve them. Her mother agreed and left her with the spiritualist and from that day, he taught her everything about the marine world of darkness. She used to interact with her spiritual husband regularly and he had warned her never to marry on this earth. She tried to get married but the first man died and the second marriage only lasted a few hours.

Lena Ofosu  talks about her deliverance from the malice of the powers of darkness at the SCOAN.
Lena Ofosu talks about her deliverance from the malice of the powers of darkness at the SCOAN.

Her principal assignment was to initiate people into the kingdom of darkness, especially men. One of her major targets were those who attended church. She was given instructions to dress in a certain way in order to be ushered to a seat in the front of the church and distract attention from the Word of God. When asked how they identified Christians, she said that true born again Christians are covered by the blood of Jesus and they had light around them. She said that even if they were sent to initiate a true born again Christian, they would be unable to get them because nothing of the world entices them. She said that she was even sent to initiate her own daughter into the marine world but could not because she was a true born again Christian. Her message to the world was very clear: “Don’t emulate the outward appearance of others; be yourself and be guided by the Holy Spirit in everything you do, including how you dress and do your hair.”

IRONIC! The Man I Preached Was The Antichrist Ended Up Delivering Me

By Ihechukwu Njoku

Pastor Gabriel Ikpenwa was an avid advocate against controversial Nigerian Pastor T.B. Joshua, vehemently testifying that he was the antichrist, offering public prayers against him in crusade grounds and fervently discouraging anyone who planned to visit his church. However, in an ironic twist of fate, the man he had campaigned against and slandered religiously ended up being the one used by God to set his family free.

“I have actually preached a lot of messages against Prophet T.B. Joshua, as the antichrist of our generation,” Pastor Gabriel remorsefully told the congregation at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria during a Sunday service broadcast on the church’s television station, Emmanuel TV.

Ikpenwa, who was the President of Deeper Life Campus Fellowship in his university days as well as the President of Nigerian Corpers Christian Fellowship (NCCF), said that when the major Christian bodies within Nigeria, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) had publicly denounced The SCOAN and its leader, he adopted the same stance without questioning. “I took it upon myself as a leader of the youth to make sure that none of them would have anything to do with Prophet T.B. Joshua,” he stated.

Tb Joshua has remain the most perseculted man on earth both locally and internationally

He recounted organizing huge crusades for young people as well as being a regular guest speaker at mammoth Christian Union events. “You can imagine when a crowd has gathered and you handle such a message, psyching up the youths against T.B. Joshua as the antichrist. You can imagine the type of prayer that would happen in the crowd. We started casting After leaving Deeper Life, Ikpenwa joined Redeemed Christian Church Of God (RCCG) as an Assistant Pastor while pursuing his medical career and managing his increasingly influential microfinance bank. Soon joining the ranks of young Nigerian millionaires, Ikpenwa decided to look for a wife to stand at his side in ministry. Meeting a beautiful young lady who was working as a model, the fiery pastor preached repentance to her. Moving closer to her, he did not know the deep spiritual entanglements he was about to engulf himself in.

As the pair courted, Ikpenwa had a strange encounter with two snakes who attempted to attack him in his house. As a date for marriage was set, he one day awoke to find a strange man in his house, who warned him to ‘leave that girl alone’. Shocked at the man’s entrance to his locked house, Pastor Gabriel attempted to hit him. His hand passed through the man as if he was boxing thin air and he mysteriously disappeared before his eyes.

The day of his marriage seemed to spell the beginning of his downfall. “I saw myself going down to a zero level after we married,” Ikpenwa stated, explaining that employees in his bank stole millions which led to its premature end. Ministry-wise, Ikpenwa admitted that he became ‘an administrative pastor’, confessing that he backslid in his faith and became someone merely “practicing religion, teaching people the Bible without the power.”

In the search for the deliverance of his wife who was regularly plagued with spiritual attacks, Ikpenwa remembered the man he had fought so hard against in the past. Despite banning Emmanuel TV in his house, an instruction that had been passed onto him by his superiors at CAN and PFN, Ikpenwa secretly began watching it. “I started matching the activities I saw with the Scriptures,” he revealed, deciding to go on an investigative mission to The SCOAN incognito to assess for himself.

“I wore jeans and put a face cap on backwards just to disguise myself because many people know me as a minister. I went to sit right at the extreme back to spy what was going on, not to participate in anything.” After the service, Ikpenwa returned to his home and told his wife that he had deceived multitudes about Joshua, acknowledging that he was truly a man of God. Upon this admission, the couple resolved to go to The SCOAN together.

As one of Joshua’s ministers, known as the ‘Wise Men’ passed by Mrs Ikpenwa, she started to react violently under the influence of a strange force. “That was how the drama started,” the preacher recalled. A demon within her began manifesting and subsequently confessed the atrocities it had caused in her life, including the downfall of her husband’s business, stating that it was her spiritual husband and Pastor Gabriel had ‘snatched’ her from him. At long last, she was ‘delivered’.

Pastor Ikpenwa pleaded with the multitudes he had deceived to forgive him, stating that he had turned many who would have come to The SCOAN for solution against it. “The place I said nobody should go to is the place where I finally received my deliverance,” he concluded.

Advising pastors, Ikpenwa stated, “Many of us men of God act by what the news tells us because the power and spiritual insight is not there. I told people to excommunicate Prophet T.B. Joshua because I believed that my leaders had done some findings about him and they told us not to have anything to do with him. I plead with other men of God to find out the truth before going ahead to form judgments”.

Ikpenwa’s wife testified that the strange dreams of being pursued by snakes and seeing a man sleeping with her had ended following the prayer and she enjoyed sleep for the first time in her life thereafter. She advised congregants to identify their problems, stating that such would pave the way for solution to come.

In his comments, Joshua stated that the persecution he passed through was actually a catalyst for his ministerial success. “I know the value of my trials… It’s a free advert,” the pastor said, stating that The SCOAN has no signboard or advertisement yet attracted congregants from around the world, making it one of Nigeria’s foremost tourist attractions. Citing an example, he recounted how it was the ban on televising miracles by Nigeria’s National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) that actually led to the birth of Emmanuel TV, currently one of Africa’s most popular television stations.


Mr Adogah from Ghana received a prophecy a few weeks ago and the man of God prophesied that he saw a lot of birds where he lived and that there was a tree at the entrance of his compound where many people’s destinies were tied. A video was replayed of a how the Emmanuel TV Team travelled to Mr Adogah’s house in Ghana and indeed when the Emmanuel TV Team arrived at his house in Ghana, birds were all over the premises. On the video, Mr Adogah explained and showed the herbs in his garden which he used to make charms and also showed where his temple was. Mr Adogah took the Emmanuel TV Team inside his consultation room and sprayed the Anointing Water all over the room and also on the various books and spiritual items he once used to perform his diabolical acts as a spiritualist and herbalist. Different spiritual paintings covered the walls of the room but the main feature was the table, on which different coloured candles and a large variety of spiritual and magical books were arranged. He also showed the Emmanuel TV team the spiritual clothing he used.2

The Emmanuel TV team also travelled with Mr Adogah to Togo where he showed them the tree that the man of God had prophesied about. A close inspection of the massive tree showed that it was hollow inside containing different items such as hair, bottles, children’s footwear etc. Approaching the tree, Mr Adogah sprayed the Anointing Water on it, in Jesus’ name and proceeded to explain how thousands of destinies had been tied there by witchcraft through the decades of its existence.tree AWMr Adogah brought the items and a pigeon he used as a witchdoctor to The SCOAN and explained the use of each item including the spiritual and magical books he used. He explained that he would use pigeons to carry a wide variety of his charms, medicines and other items to people anywhere in the world after casting a spell on the bird. Mr Adogah thanked God for his deliverance and said that he is completely free from his past life of witchcraft.


Are spiritual advisers necessary?

It has been repeatedly established that prophets are people with special gifts of vision; people who are endowed by God to know the unusual, to discover the hidden, and to redirect men’s actions in consonance with the demands of the Holy Spirit. The gift of prophecy is a special one from God, and only very few are actually blessed by God with such powers. This is not to say there are many others claiming to be prophets but whose sources of power are questionable (and thousands of such are found in many countries of the world). These are people with counterfeit powers (photocopied powers) who try to do and achieve what true men of God are doing.

Prophets are known for the truth of their prophecies – the believability, timeliness, punctuality and permanence of same. Though satanic agents often try to out-do true men of God in making prophetic proclamations, these true men of God often win the day as seen with prophets Micaiah and Elijah, in their days, even when the leaders and the led did not necessarily believe in them.

Every age needs a true prophet. Every period in human history has its peculiar character. Today, the world over, are different trials which people and nations face – political, economic, and cultural and traditional. These challenges make life impossible; poverty and want rule people’s lives; ruler-ship is topsy-turvy; the land is poor and unproductive; the leaders are much used to greed, graft and corruption. Because of these factors, horror, earthquakes, moral disequilibrium, accidents and sheer deaths are forced on people, and dangerously empowered by occultism. There is much uncertainty, hopelessness and helplessness. Life is so tragic in orientation. Kidnapping, rape, drug-addiction, murder and ritualism have destroyed the foundation of many homes. People live in fear; their gifts are buried in the sand of meaningless commitments. People also lack the fear of God because satanism has swollen the ranks of unbelievers.

To avoid many evils which plague the world, it is important for people to listen to the tested prophets, which is why they should know the difference, which exists among the prophets. According to Prophet Joshua, there are two types of prophets. The first are the “General Prophets”. These have the ability to communicate the saving will of God. They teach because they have general knowledge of the Bible. They are aware of things both announced and known; they are general practitioners who have mastery of understanding of the bible chapters from Genesis to Revelation.

The second group of prophets are those who “receive direct and specific message from God and about man”. These people have the ability to predict and foretell the future, and can tell what the situation is, now. Prophet Joshua says that such spies on God’s plans, and reveals same to the world to know of some hidden truths which could serve their purpose.

Both groups are not necessarily antagonistic to one another, for they both belong to God. However, people do not understand the prophetic ministry; they little know the role of prophets in society. Equally, people are better used to pastors, some of whom are only obviously self-called. People are used to pastors who pray for them and recommend moments of fasting, even when such pastors themselves are very much in need of deliverance. Quite a lot of people had suffered in the hands of less-trained and less-gifted ‘men of God’.

The mistake most people make is to the effect that when they need the doctor, they go to the farmer, and vice versa. When they need the accountant, they move toward the farmer, and in the process, their problems remain unchallenged. Specialization, which is highly treasured by the Holy Spirit, is often neglected by people. They see every pastor as real, sensitive and prayerful, even when satan has won the souls of such people for himself.

Prophet T.B. Joshua had, for instance, prophesied in February 2012 to the effect that there was going to be an airplane crash in Nigeria, and that the people should pray with him to avert the looming danger.  Characteristically, nobody gave him an ear. In early June, 2012, there was a Dana plane crash on a Sunday at the Iju-Ishaga area of Lagos State, killing some 160 people. While some people had kept writing through social media to the effect that it was because the voice of a true prophet was disregarded, others felt otherwise. But what is particularly true is that such was not the first time Prophet Joshua had made similar prophecies which occurred, yet the unbelieving have remained unyielding that he is a true man of God. His prophecies within 2012 alone had come to pass, as well as hundreds of other prophecies made in the years past, yet some people keep expressing fears that Joshua, the Man in the Synagogue, is ever in company of satan!

Obviously, one of the challenges of modern times is disbelief in prophets and prophetic statements. We remember that in the church, that Sunday when the Dana air plane was to occur, Joshua was quite uncomfortable in service; he was busy checking his watch as if to leave the place at about 12.00 pm. He later told the congregation that he tried as a “prophet to see that the situation was rescued” through prayers, but he was rather lonely! The same was true of the previous prophecies he made; people never ever bothered with the implications and relevance of joint prayers. Some people later turned to be his adversaries, calling him a prophet of doom for not warding off the bad repercussions! But he had prophesied on governments, functionaries in government, lives of artistes and other professionals, etc. He has never hidden the truths revealed to him by God, yet he is disbelieved; he is even called reckless names.

Now, why should there be spiritual advisers to governments, corporations, private establishments? The answer should be obvious to strong believers: God should be involved in every major decision taken! This means, the God factor cannot be pushed aside in all business transactions, governmental programmes and community projects. Spiritual advisers are prayer warriors and visionaries to whom God reveals His secrets and plans. What is hidden from the ordinary eye cannot be hidden from true men of God. True prophets will tell people God’s mind on every issue. Owners of airplanes, for instance, will need prophets to let them know of dangers in the air, and how to ward off same. There are available calamities, even when God does not say Christians are free from trials. Prophets are endowed with visionary powers to know the unknown; they are allowed to spy into God’s plans and schemes. Many has wondered that if Nigeria knew that T.B Joshua is a prophet, why they should not agree with him.

A spiritual adviser is the mouthpiece of God. A prophet answers someone with the words of the Holy Ghost; the Holy Ghost is true. No wonder, Prophet Joshua says that every time, we should talk scriptures in any situation (whether good or bad). A spiritual adviser is needed to guide people’s moves and strategies in performance; provide spiritual illumination and enlightenment when most needed, and ensure that common human mistakes are avoided in life. He prays and ensures stability, confidence, security, and progress of those concerned. For example, the fact that most national leaders neglect spiritual advisers is responsible for their wishy-washy policies, programmes and commitments. Unnecessary conflicts are avoided and credible appointments go to the rightful people. Leadership in most communities of the world would have been enriched spiritually only if spiritual advisers have been reckoned with. Interestingly, T.B. Joshua is known to have a lot of leaders, business gurus, politicians, professionals, etc from all over the world who see him as a spiritual adviser, and for whom he prays and delivers God’s messages. The prophet has easy facility in the Word (which is an integral part of him) and he talks Scripture in every situation. Moreover, his voice is one of confidence; he said, “If you know where you belong, you will talk like a victor”. The miracles performed by God through him are engineered to help people’s faith and make them stronger than they are. It takes the voice of an authentic prophet to correct mistakes in families, jobs, relationships and religious life. For instance, many people were called witches and wizards in the past, only for them to reclaim their true identities in The SCOAN, though they confessed what they were not. The prophet encourages people to move closer to God instead of accusing people by their confessions. Thousands had also been delivered from the grip of evil forces which made them mad; eat anthill soil and chalk and paper; misbehave to others and commit suicide. Spiritual advisers are certainly needed at domestic, national and international scenes.


miss oluseyi

Miss Oluseyi shared a wonderful testimony of how God healed her while she was watching Emmanuel TV in her home. The Togolese had an ovarian cyst which was characterized by irregular menstruation. It came to the point where blood flowed continually for six months. Because of the condition, she usually experienced internal heat and her gospel music career was impeded.

Being a watcher of Emmanuel TV, she had decided to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua, laying her hands on the screen as Prophet T.B. Joshua offered prayer for viewers. That night, a spiritual operation took place and thick blood came out of her. Immediately, all the pain and discomfort she had previously experienced disappeared; Oluseyi knew she had been Divinely operated on! Joyously returning to the same hospital that had diagnosed her with the ovarian cyst, she repeated the medical examination. The astonished medical doctors confirmed that the ovarian cyst had gone, a miracle God had wrought through Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prayer on Emmanuel TV. Since that time, her menstrual cycle normalized and her career was reignited.  She told the congregation that distance is not a barrier, and that people should learn to touch the screen in faith anytime Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for viewers, believing God for Divine intervention.


Though he had worked for 33 years as an Assistant Controller of Customs, this 60 year old Nigerian from Benue State was a victim of poverty and lack of personal accommodation for many years. He had lived in a rented apartment and was unable to live with his wife and eight children because the only accommodation he could afford was too small.MR FEDILIS KOODA [BREAKTHROUGH  BUILT HOUSE ] His prayerful wife had encountered Prophet T.B. Joshua in one of her dreams in which the man of God asked her to bring her husband to The SCOAN. When he visited the church, he was prophesied to by Prophet T.B. Joshua and he also received the Anointing Water with which he asked God for blessing. He ministered the Anointing Water and prayed over his land, for a family house. Within a short time, God began to open doors. In 2011, he started developing his land, and within a year, he had two completed bungalows. In April, he dedicated the structure to the glory of God. Today, he lives with all members of his family happy that when he retires in two years, he and his family will have a place to live.


She had smoked for 35 years and as a result, suffered chest pain. In order to sleep at night or even to eat, she had to smoke first. This Cameroonian woman knew that the addiction was capable of leading her to the grave earlier than expected.RITA [ADDICTED TO SMOKING FOR 25 YRS ]

In her desperation to put an end to the addiction, she met a man who offered her the Anointing Water. The man offered her the Anointing Water, with which she prayed and sprayed it in her mouth. The smoking addiction immediately stopped. She was overjoyed and suddenly felt healthy and strong. Advising those who were facing the same problem, she said that they should seek the face of God as there is nothing impossible for Him.



In March 2011, he had visited The SCOAN and was privileged to have the Anointing Water. Later that year while travelling, he encountered armed robbers. As bullets were dangerously fired at him at a close range of a meter, he was never troubled because the Anointing Water was with him in the car and he always prays and sprays the Anointing Water on himself and car before travelling. Instead of harming him, the bullets only dented his car. His miraculous survival is indeed a source of his gratitude to God. His second testimony was centered on a fire outbreak which occurred in his house when he had travelled. Indeed, while a portion of the house got burnt along with the air conditioner, his certificates which were kept inside a box, also containing the Anointing Water and the framed photograph of Prophet T.B. Joshua were not ravaged by fire.


The wife had suffered barrenness for eight years due to fibroids and evil attacks. She had also visited medical hospitals and herbal homes without any form of succor. She had visited The SCOAN to appeal to God for His divine intervention and she was happy to obtain the Anointing Water. After praying with the Anointing Water, she conceived the same month and today she has a child named Ifediora. She has advised people in a similar situation to have faith in God as He alone can do all things. Her husband also expressed gratitude to God, the ultimate power.


Prudentia’s confession is a lesson for everyone using the internet. Prudentia is from Cameroon and she came to The SCOAN with her husband, brother and son. It all started when she opened a Facebook account and started communicating with an unknown man. He promised to send her money if she bought particular items from a certain shop, which he told her about. After purchasing the items, she asked him for his photograph and he sent her a photo of a demonic creature. MRS NGWENYI PRUDENCEIA [ QUEEN OF THE WORLD] CAMEROONThat night in her dream, she saw a giant man come to her saying that she had been initiated and there was a covenant between them that she would work for him and his kingdom. She used the items which she purchased to seduce men and women into giving her money and initiating them. Upon all the money that she received from these demonic items, she still found herself in terrible debt and unable to account for the money. She came to The SCOAN and received a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua asking if she had thrown the items away. After the prophecy, she received deliverance from one of the wise men. Her husband who joined her in the congregation revealed his shock saying that he never knew that his wife was involved in all these activities. She in turn advised the congregation and viewers that they should be cautious in their interactions on the internet. Prophet T.B. Joshua added to the advice saying that we should know who our friends are. Choose your friends with care; you might become what they are.


It was a weekend to remember for all who attended The SCOAN Saturday and Sunday Live services. A fresh dew seemed to fall from Heaven which not only lifted the name of Jesus high but also the faith of thousands whose lives were positively transformed by the power and anointing of God. Prophet T.B. Joshua started on Sunday with a thought-provoking and heart lifting message titled,T.B.JOSHUA “Words of Faith Part 2”. Quoting 2 Corinthians 5:1-7 as his proof text, he said “Paul Apostle is talking about faith, sight. What is it? There is a conflict between faith and sight. For we walk by faith, not by sight. If you walk by faith, you do not need sight. If you walk by sight, you do not need faith. This contradicts our natural way of thinking. We do not see first, then believe. We believe first, then see. As a result of believing, we see. “The world says, ‘seeing is believing,’ but the Bible reverses the order. First, you must believe. Then, you will see.” In a concluding statement he said, “Faith is to work and to work through love. Where there is no love manifested, there is no genuine faith”.

The previous day, on Saturday, The SCOAN Prayer Line opened the live service and God confirmed His Word through the wise men who were used mightily to break the yokes of bondage in the lives of congregants and Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide. Prophet T.B. Joshua appreciated the good works of the agile wise men who, he said, allowed themselves to be used by the Holy Spirit. He confirmed that we had seen the name of Jesus Christ working in the spirit as people were set free from their sicknesses and afflictions. He therefore admonished the congregants to always be readily available and accessible for God to use.



On November 6th, 2012. Mr. & Mrs Aragbate was kidnapped and driven into the bush by the kidnappers.

mr&mrs aragbate 2

Mrs. Aragbate prayed fervently and at one point her bag, which was previously taken from her, was handed back to her. Inside her bag was the Anointing Water. She prayed and ministered the Anointing Water asking God to create confusion amongst the kidnappers. Suddenly, the kidnappers were confused and became friendly towards them and no longer demanded a ransom for their release. It did not end there, the kidnappers had a change of heart, apologized to the couple and even gave Mr. Aragbate money to fuel his car for the journey back to his home. The couple was released by the kidnappers without any injuries. They told the congregation that they witnessed how God worked through the Anointing Water and that people should run to God in the hour of need.