A BLESSING IN DISGUISE – Mr Eric Kwasi Danquah

Mr Eric Kwasi Danquah was addicted to alcohol for ten years. It started when his friend persuaded him to drink alcohol. One glass multiplied and every day he would drink. He began to drink all types of alcohol including hard liquor. Alcohol became his breakfast, lunch and dinner. One day, his friend who introduced him to alcohol passed away as a result of his addiction. Another friend warned him of this but he dismissed it and continued to drink. He would not send money home to his mum as all he had was spent on his craving. Any party or wedding he attended, he would bring along his own plastic bottle and fill it at the same time as drinking from the glass. If he went to a party and found that no alcohol was there, he would sit down and refuse to talk to anyone, sulking. One day at a party where there was no alcohol, the lady celebrating asked him if he was okay and he told her no because he wanted alcohol. She said she was a Christian and they did not drink alcohol there. The lady exchanged numbers with him and the next day asked him if he wanted to go to church. The next day, she picked him up and took him to church. She asked if he heard about T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN. He thought his mum was the cause of the family’s problems. He told her that his mum could go to The SCOAN for deliverance. The lady helped him to make arrangements to come to The SCOAN with his mum.

While in the service, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua walked straight to him and prayed for him. He began rolling on the ground and lost consciousness of what was going on. When he stood up, he felt a great relief and freedom.

After his deliverance, he stopped drinking alcohol and no longer has the desire for it. As a result of his freedom, many of his friends also stopped drinking.

He opened his own importation company in Ghana and was able to register it. He now has his own car and is employing many workers. Within six months, everything about him is transformed. To top it all, he got married to the same lady who encouraged him to go to The SCOAN. It was a divine arrangement indeed! His advice went to the youth: Stay away from alcohol!

His new wife told her side of the story. She came to The SCOAN and received deliverance. She had been experiencing disappointment in getting married for years. On her return to Ghana, by faith she celebrated her birthday party in a big way in a way of thanking God for her breakthrough.

It was in this party that she saw Eric sitting alone and despondent. She saw him as someone in a hopeless situation and in desperate need of deliverance so she decided to help him and introduce him to The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV. She was helping him as someone in need from her heart. Little did she know that this act of love would serve as a blessing in disguise and would signal an end to her own marital disappointment. She thanked God for Eric, not only that his soul had been saved but that he has also become her loving husband!

Her advice was: Sometimes God brings a blessing in disguise. Help those in need and God will reward you.

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Miss Angela Tanko suffered from ceased menstruation for six good years. As a young woman who had not yet married, her future outlook was distressing, believing that she could never marry or have children. A visit to The SCOAN changed the course of her life forever. During

The SCOAN Live Sunday Service last week, she received a prophetic message from Prophet T.B. Joshua that she had ceased menstruation. He also revealed that there was a man she had not forgiven.

She confirmed the prophecy immediately and accepted the prophet’s instruction to offer forgiveness – being told that if she did not forgive, she could not move forward. Prophet T.B. Joshua then prayed for her and she began to feel a strange sensation. Rushing to the restroom, she discovered that her ceased menstruation had immediately begun to flow! Truly, forgiveness is the bridge to our future. Miss Tanko exclaimed that the moment she spoke the word of forgiveness, she felt peace in her heart and knew she was being renewed.

She advised all viewers to forgive as we also need to be forgiven. Thank You, Jesus for the power of Your forgiveness!


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Deaconess Akinmeji Comfort Odunayo was plagued by a terrible curse of persistent armed robbery. Anytime she left her house or her shop, they would be burgled and her valuable items stolen. This continued for 15 years. Frustrated, she was advised to consult a witchdoctor. Even though she was a deaconess in her church, she felt helpless and went to collect a charm for protection. After placing the charm in her house, however, the problem worsened severely. Armed robbers began coming when she was still present in the house; at one point, they even woke her up in her bedroom and threatened to rape her.
When all hope seemed lost and with the majority of her valuable and precious possessions in the hands of criminals, she was advised to visit The SCOAN and seek the face of God. She received the Anointing Sticker and with it, a great surge of hope. From the moment she ministered the Anointing Water and placed the Anointing Stickers in her house and shop, no armed robber entered her home or disturbed her peace. Testifying of the total transformation, she said that her neighbors even began to ask her permission before cutting any vegetables from her garden or trees!
Advising the viewers, she said, “God has a way of solving your problem. Trust Him – He will solve yours as He did mine”.


Here is the miraculous testimony of Mr. Nicolas Mohlala who received an incredible healing through praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV! Indeed, distance is not a barrier to the Holy Spirit!

“For those of you who think the age of miracles has passed, you are lost! I have a testimony to share as God has added another year to my life. It is for the glory of God that I give this testimony. For those of you who know about my car accident that happened on 2nd April, you will agree with me on this.

“It was a terrible one! When I got to the hospital, my feet were swollen and an x-ray revealed that my two calcareous bones (in the heel) were broken beyond repair. My lateral hub, nose and mouth were severely damaged as well. I couldn’t even breathe properly!

“Later a woman who is a mother to my friend came in as she was there to visit the husband. She offered a prayer for me and ministered the Anointing Water she received from Prophet T.B. Joshua. I immediately felt better and they later removed the breathing mask from me.

“The Doctors were afraid to carry out an operation because they said the area affected was a complex structure of many bones joined together. They waited until the swelling reduced and then booked me for an operation. Even if I had the operation, I was told it would take me over six months sitting on the wheelchair before recovery. I prayed that God would somehow make a way for me not to be operated upon.

“The next morning, the doctors came and told me they cancelled the operation! I was rejoicing inside me knowing that God has answered my prayer. After two weeks I was discharged and given moon boots and crutches to go home. I could not even stand off my hospital bed because the pain was so severe. I used a wheelchair just to get to the car that took me home.

“It remained difficult for a week at home until one fateful Saturday when I was watching the Emmanuel TV Live Service from The SCOAN. There was a young lady with a similar problem to mine who was at the prayer line. I crawled to the TV to touch the screen as crawling was the quickest way I could move at that time!

“With faith, I touched the screen of Emmanuel TV and prayed along with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, when he prayed for the lady. When he said, “Amen”, I said, “Amen” too! Immediately a force and strength entered me. I stood and walked down the passage praising God and shouting. My mum came running in and was shocked to see me walking and she rejoiced with me in tears.

“People of God, that is how I have been able to walk freely without the crutches ever since that day. You have to understand that I could not walk an inch even with one crutch before this miracle. I went to visit my friend that day and he asked me where my crutches were. I laughed and shared the wonderful testimony with him. Praise God!

“Brethren, God is alive and Jesus has risen from the dead. He is alive today. By His spirit, he can be anywhere, at anytime. No matter the problem you may be facing, don’t run away from God but run to Him. He will see you through. Glory be to God!”

Nicolas Mohlala