Suffering In Silence But Restored In Joy! – Scoan London

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Clifford had been suffering in silence for two years. Even the most simplest of tasks had become a painstaking chore. What for most people meant a short walk to the bus stop, to Clifford meant an laborious trek, often lasting hours. Lifting items that would be relatively easy for many, to Clifford was a backbreaking exercise. It was as if each item lifted weighed his tired sagging limbs down even more and that even a feather felt as heavy as a ton of bricks.

Mr Clifford Maduike, originally from Nigeria but residing in Margate, Kent UK, was an Aircraft Engineer by profession, but due to his physical condition, was no longer able to function in the field he was trained in. He found himself a victim of poor blood circulation, gout, joint pains, difficulty in walking.

Each step was a struggle, each breath a burden; pain was his constant companion. As a victim of such sicknesses, the future did indeed appear bleak. That was until he discovered Emmanuel TV and had the opportunity to attend the prayer line at The Synagogue Church Of All Nations in London and receive the Anointing Water sent by T.B. Joshua.

Having heard of the wonders God Almighty had been doing through the Anointing Water, Clifford was determined to make his way to London, even though the journey, already long, was lengthened intensely by his condition. After making two unsuccessful attempts to locate the church, he remained resolute and managed to register for the Prayer line service.

On the day of the service (Sunday August 7th 2011), when it was time, Clifford painfully made his way to the front to receive the Anointing Water sent by Prophet T. B. Joshua from the SCOAN HQ in Lagos. When asked what he believed Jesus would do for him, he cried out: “There is no other hope I have than in Jesus Christ – that today I will be very happy and go home!”

After the Anointing Water was ministered to him in the name of Jesus, to the delight of the gathered congregation, Clifford stood up with no hesitation and with long confident strides. walked to a chair at the other end of the auditorium, exclaiming “Thank You Jesus!”

Clifford received a miracle that would change the course of his life forever. He returned a week later to give his testimony. Hardly able to contain his excitement, he marched to the front and began to speak. Here is Clifford’s extraordinary testimony in his own words:

“The problem I had was bad circulation of blood, gout, I was unable to walk, I was fearing that I would soon become crippled….I also had shortness of breath, heart problems and my joint muscles were not functioning properly. For two years, my condition has been critical, threatening my place at work and my ability to carry out tasks.

Explaining the desperation of his situation, he exclaimed: “Except in Jesus there couldn’t have been any other way out!” Hospitals have tried. They told me they don’t know what to do any more.

Detailing how this problem had affected his life, he said: “To cross the road was difficult; I would have to wave two hands to stop the vehicles as they were passing.”

He continued: “When I was sprayed with the Anointing Water, internally, I felt power return to my weakened limbs, I had no fear that I would be staggering/ swaying around as I used to. I felt my breathing change as if I was breathing different type of air.”

“Last time when I came, it was as if I had walked all the way from Margate, I can walk freely now, I used to feel as if both of my legs had concrete blocks weighing them down, but now they have all gone. Before I used to take a lot of tablets, which I couldn’t do without, I had to take them daily to function, but for the past week I have not taken them as I discarded them during the service in the presence of everyone.”

Clifford who knew he had been given a new lease of life had these words of encouragement to say to the gathering:

“I advise everyone never to lose hope. Before I discovered here, all the way from Kent I had made two unsuccessful attempts, and even given wrong directions by people as I asked for directions and only made it on the third attempt. I was exhausted on that day and thought that I would not be able to make it back home, I thought that after the service I would sleep here, but to my confusion, I was so energised I returned home without any problems. Alleluia.”

“I advise everyone here that the Anointing Water is highly efficacious, very powerful, invisibly powerful. With our naked eyes we cannot exactly mention what it does, frankly speaking, but we experience the practical handiwork of God immediately it enters or is sprayed . As soon as it is sprayed it starts to work.”

He then walked confidently to the other side of the room demonstrating his perfect and complete healing. He joyously glorified the name of our risen Jesus Christ.

Clifford has continued to walk in the light of his testimony knowing that his healing was brought about by the very life of God.