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Last Sunday’s service will pass as one of the most revealing and prophetical. The power of the Holy Spirit could be felt all over the auditorium as God used the faculties of His ministers to preach, heal and deliver. The service started with the prayer line where, once again, wise men, under the influence of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus Christ, set people free from all kinds of demonic bondage, from sickness to good health. The sick were declared healed in Jesus’ name and those afflicted with evil spirits were delivered, to the glory of God. And, again, the overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit moved among the congregants as the Almighty God used Prophet T.B. Joshua to preach, teach, heal and deliver people during the service. Not only did the man of God touch the hearts of the worshipers with his awe-inspiring message for people to stay steadfast in prayer at all times but also, he gave a practical example of how Christians could benefit spiritually from a specially designed mobile stool they can use as an altar anywhere they go – a prayer bench or prayer stool. The Sunday Service would not be complete without the inspiring testimonies from people who trekked in from all over the world. Here are but a few of those testimonies. Stay blessed.


ASK GOD, NOT MAN – Wise Man Daniel

Prophet T.B. Joshua often says that a prophet shall prophesy that which he will live to see accomplished. That popular saying of the man of God was once again proven by the testimony of a young couple into whose lives he had prophesied concerning the sex of their baby while it was yet an embryo in the lady’s womb.  That singular evidence, which is not an isolated case of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prophesies as being a communicator between the visible and invisible worlds, only demonstrates the unquestionable evidence that he sees, says, hears and acts as God instructs.

When Prophet T.B. Joshua also warned against an impending global economic catastrophe and advised going back to the drawing board, he was voicing out what he had seen and heard from God. To lend credence to his concerns, he launched the now world-acclaimed SCOAN Job Creation Initiative for young graduates and youth which aims at bridging the ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor, as well as to reduce the escalating crime rate due to joblessness on our streets.

In his message during the Sunday service, Prophet T.B. Joshua said that the so-called legacy of education we give to our children will be meaningless because the prevalent unemployment in the world economy has made education useless and therefore, the young ones fail to see any value in education.

The twenty-two graduates, who had earlier benefited from The SCOAN Job Creation Initiative for young graduates and youth, were present at the service to present their letters of appointment and to thank the man of God for his benevolence.

Responding to Prophet T.B. Joshua’s clarion call Mrs Sina Chuma-Mkandawire, Director/Representative of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), United Nations and Laison Office for ECOWAS came to The SCOAN. Applauding the initiative, she also announced their readiness to partner with Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV to carry the employment campaign to greater heights.

ASK GOD, NOT MAN – Wise Man Daniel

Image In Wise Man Daniel’s message titled ‘Ask God, Not Man’, he reminded us of what Psalm 12:2 says that everyone lies to his neighbor. If everyone lies to his neighbour, who then can we believe? We can believe God as the only reliable source of all we need to live for Him here and now. If you can believe, worry and anxiety will varnish. Some human plans or your mind may come between you and God’s Word but rest upon what God says, “If you believe, all things are possible!”

In the process of finding out the truth, we need to get familiar with God through His Word and by His Spirit because we can count on God’s Word being good and it cannot fail without God failing.

From the hundreds of people who were eager to share their testimonies of healing, deliverance and breakthrough, we were able to accommodate just a few in view of the many activities lined up for the Sunday Service.


Series of testimonies of deliverance and breakthrough shared

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A video was replayed in which an evil spirit in a woman, Mrs Joan Okwude, spoke during the last Sunday service. The evil spirit which called itself a ‘king’ said that the woman was its queen, and it caused hatred between the woman and her twin brother. Claiming to be a snake which bit her husband and made him poor and helpless, it pledged to be committed to destroying the man and force him to push the woman out of his house. The evil spirit said it entered her, having come from the sea. She was in church during the service with her husband and they confirmed that their problems were evil spirit and marital uncertainty. She used to see her husband as a wife (no respect, no affection) and was always angry, until she was delivered last Sunday. The husband, Mr Hilary Okwude also spoke and said that the wife used to slap him, tear his clothes and he had wondered where the power was coming from. He said he came in response to an invitation by Prophet T.B. Joshua and was shocked to discover a changed, good, woman. They were then reconciled to each other.


A 23-year old Cameroonian, Roland, felt happy whenever he ate his faeces and drank his urine and sperm. An intelligent student who once was teaching his classmates, had started the addiction when he was 8 years old; that was 15 years ago. He had gone to pastors and witch doctors to no avail, though he said there was no record of mental problems in his family. Prophet T.B. Joshua had asked the congregation to stretch their hands towards him for prayer and he was delivered. He was asked to go and taste the faeces, urine and sperm he used to enjoy consuming but immediately fell to the ground before he could even try it. Prophet T.B. Joshua did not join in the prayer offered by the congregation for Roland’s deliverance although he had given the instruction in righteousness for the prayer because according to the man of God, those who prayed were anointed by God to do so. He also asked people to specifically pray for unique anointing in their lives, as something divine cannot be ordinary. After his deliverance he took a hot shower, brushed and rinsed out his mouth and had a wholesome meal replacing his usual appetite for faeces, urine and sperm.


She had experienced ceased menstruation for two years but had the privilege of getting the Anointing Water and its booklet. She prayed and administered same and on the third day, received her deliverance (the Prophet also touched her stomach in her dream after she ministered the Anointing Water). She was asked to pray for the viewers, while giving her testimony by Prophet T.B. Joshua because she had ‘’anointing on her tongue’’ as explained by the man of God.


A 65-year old retired public servant had lifted some weight only to discover that he had some swelling. The doctors confirmed that he had an inguinal hernia. The Bonny-born Nigerian had refused to be operated upon again as he already had two operations previously. He was privileged to obtain Anointing Water and had prayed with it in his hotel room for two days. On second night, he dreamt being taken to the operating theatre where a spiritual operation was conducted on him. It was light when he woke up on Saturday and he returned to the hospital for another medical check up and a medical report was written in which was stated that there was no trace of the disease. He was grateful to God and advised that in moments of pressure, tension and illness, people should look up to God for assistance.


A trader who lost much money because his customers refused to pay for the goods bought was disillusioned and confused. However, they decided to paste Anointing Stickers in their warehouses and shops and also sprayed the Anointing Water, after which the blessings started coming from every direction and doors started opening for them. With the breakthrough, he bought a good car for his wife. Both praised God for His mercies.

A series of testimonies of deliverance and breakthrough were shared by the congregation:


She had suffered from an overdue pregnancy for and was 11 months pregnant but was convinced that if she could lay her hands on Anointing Water at The SCOAN, she would deliver her baby. A good Samaritan assisted her in getting the Anointing Water and she was able to deliver, without assistance, a baby girl. She was full of praises to God for His mercy on her and her baby.


He was about travelling from Lagos to Imo State, Nigeria and had applied Anointing Water on himself and also prayed. On 12th March, he had gone to a bank in Imo State, when he heard heavy shooting. It was obvious that armed robbers were raiding the bank. He had his Anointing Water in his pocket and while many people were injured, he was protected as if he were wearing a bullet proof vest. He advised that people should not just keep their Anointing Water but use it because God will always protect them when troubles come.


Timothy, a Nigerian transporter, had placed the Anointing Sticker on his vehicle for protection. He was travelling through the Benin-Ore Expressway when his vehicle crashed into a trailer. While he came out safely from the damaged vehicle, none of the passengers sustained any injury because the Anointing Sticker was on the windshield of the truck he was in. He also testified that as the accident was taking place, it was as if the Anointing Sticker became a banner covering the entire windshield of the vehicle he was in. He advised people to put God first in their lives and He will be their refuge.



She had experienced Osteoarthritis and could not even wear her shoes. As a customs officer, she could not attend to her official engagements. She started watching Emmanuel TV and saw the wonderful miracles performed in the lives of the people, in the name of Jesus Christ. As she was being prayed for at the Prayer line by one of the wise men, she was healed. During her testimony, she was wearing shoes, something she was unable to do before the prayer. She advised people that they should stick to God. She said that God should bestow a PhD on        T.B. Joshua (which stands for P=Prophecy, H= Healing and D= Deliverance). She said people should have faith in God and everything will work for good.


Coming from South Africa, she suffered from Lumbar Lordosis and Disc Herniation for 4 years; her rib and pelvic region had almost come together causing immense pain and suffering. She had been to medical doctors and was only given pain killers. She likes watching Emmanuel TV and decided to come to The SCOAN. She received prayers at the prayer line from one of the wise men, received her healing in Jesus’ name and was able to bend her body in ways that were not possible before. She advised people to have faith in Jesus Christ and that they should carry their problems to Him because He is the Healer, Deliverer, Redeemer and Protector of their days.


The Edo State, Nigeria-born High chief had suffered from difficulty in walking due to displacement of the right femur. He had, on October 27, 2007, fallen down in his palace. After the fall, he had difficulty in walking and moving freely and his children were the ones assisting him. He had spent three months and ten days in hospital. He saw Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV delivering people in Jesus’ name and told his daughter to take him to The SCOAN. At the prayer line, he was healed through the prayer from one of the wise men. After his healing, he now walks freely. His daughter, Elizabeth Afikpe testified to the goodness of God in her father’s life.


On Sunday, she came to The SCOAN service for the first time with a few members of her family, in search of her younger sister, Chizola, who was missing for two and a half years. They brought Chizola’s photograph for prayer and held it during the mass prayer with Prophet T.B. Joshua. During the mass prayer, Mariam was praying and she said suddenly she had the feeling that she should look up. When she looked up, she saw someone passing who looked identical to her lost sister and asked her husband to go and help confirm who the person was. Her husband came back after a few minutes with Chizola by his side. Mariam and her husband told the congregation that Emmanuel TV should be watched by all and that ‘’No matter the situation you are in today, trust in God; if you don’t have God you are like a dead person. You must have faith to have your problem solved’’. Chizola also told the church that she did not know what prompted her to leave her house in the first place. She also said that she had never before come to The SCOAN. She was happy to see her people and thanked God for her life.


Repost – The Saboteurs That infiltrated TB Joshua’s Church in Ghana Exposed

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With the way some online news sites, blogs, as well as, some anti- Scoan groups are now using the internet as a tool of propaganda in an attempt to ridicule the ministry of TB Joshua after the incident on the 19th May, 2013 beggars belief. I witnessed the whole incident myself

It was when thousands of people started trooping into the SCOAN HQ from all walks of life for the anointing water that the incident happened. Many had to borrow money, many were too weak to travel yet they did, many were robbed on their way. You’ll agree with me many Pastors bless oil, handkerchiefs and candle and all sorts of things for people, so what is wrong with TB Joshua blessing anointing water for his Church members

The anointing water sent by TB Joshua to the branch in Ghana was for his Church members and was NOT to be distributed to the public as stated by the Ghanaian media. Many stated that the stampede happened during the distribution of the Anointing Water, but truth is it was NEVER distributed.

Throughout the Scriptures, we see clear proof that God can use any medium to express Himself:

  • In Acts 19:11-12, God used the medium of Paul’s handkerchief and aprons to heal the sick.
  • In Exodus 14:16, God used the medium of Moses’ staff to split the Red Sea.
  • In Acts 3:6, God used the voice of His servants, Peter and John to raise a crippled man.
  • In 2 Kings 5:14, God used the medium of a dirty river to heal Namaan.
  • In Acts 2:1-2, God expressed Himself through the medium of sound at the time of Pentecost
  • In 1 Samuel 17:49, God used David’s catapult to defeat the giant Goliath.
  • In John 9:6-7, Jesus used mud and saliva to heal a blind man.
  • In Acts 4:15-16, God used the medium of Peter’s shadow to heal the sick.

TB Joshua did not announce that he was holding any program in Ghana or advertised anywhere as stated by many media reports. One of such online newssite wrote ” A scheduled Sunday church service at the Spintex branch of the Synagogue Church of all Nations has been cancelled due to a stampede which left three men and one woman dead at the church premises on SundayIt was suppose to be a normal Sunday Service at the SCOAN as usual.


Those who could not get into the church premises over thousand yards away pushed a number of barricades and over 500 police personnel on duty away, resulting in the stampede which claimed the lives of the four people; three men and a female. It was NOT on the SCOAN premises that the incident occurred, though we sympathise with the family of the decease.

A reporter wrote: “According to Mr Yohuno, at about 6:30 a.m., the crowd overwhelmed the police personnel on duty and started pushing the barricades away and by the time a police and military reinforcement reached the church premises, there had been a stampede, resulting in the deaths” THE POLICE WERE ALREADY THERE! The correct information was the crowed started building up at about 9:30pm the Saturday before, when 2 Wise men was seen arriving at Kotoka International Airport at about 9pm among 4 others. Rumours spread so fast that about 1am when l went to the Church premises, behold the crowed l saw, 2 stadiums can’t contain them and yes more kept coming. I was opportune to have a chat with a man am convinced was sent there to cause trouble. He’s a middle aged man whom l discovered was NOT a member of the SCOAN Ghana branch. The ushers tried all they could to speak with the crowd calmly and to get them seated under the canopies provided since it had started to rain. This middle aged man with glasses and 3 others were instigating all persons around them NOT to listen to the ushers talking about NPP/NDC and how this would be a breaking news on Joy FM and also talking about Owusu Bempah. This made me wonder what kind of person could they be, a saboteurs perhaps?

False Media Report

“He said the incident happened around 8:30 am shortly after the announcement that the holy water was going to be distributed for free” NO SUCH ANNOUNCEMENT WAS MADE.

Deceptive Heading.

4 dead, 13 injured at TB Joshua’s Church in Accra – By Joy Online an NPP news site- No1. Anti Joshua site in Ghana. Did they die in the Church? NO.

Today, the media has become judges that judge TB Joshua, especially Ghana Web and Peace FM, Joy Online if truly one is entitled to respond to an article why have they refused to publish our response to some of the articles published on their site? They claim we are NOT being civil, what a crap? Are the writers of what they publish being civil?



The Sunday service started with the prayer line section where many people from across the globe came to seek a touch from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Many who came with neck collars, lumbar corsets, walkers and crutches received their miraculous healing through the power of God working in the lives of the wise men. We also saw many dramatic deliverances during the prayer line and laying on of hands sections of the service as the evil spirits in the lives of the people were exposed and expelled by the matchless power of Jesus Christ. Prophet T.B. Joshua also exposed the root cause of the problems in the lives of many as he moved around the auditorium prophesying.


Prophet T.B. Joshua explained the meaning of John 4:24“God is Spirit, and His worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth” by saying that those who worship God without depending on God’s Spirit to worship Him, worship a god they do not know. When you worship a god you do not know, surprises come. He said that God’s power works through both His Word and His Spirit. He added that God’s power cannot work through His Word alone; we need both God’s Word and His Spirit to make it work in our daily lives.

WISE MAN HARRYIn his message titled, ‘The Supreme Sacrifice’, Wise Man Harry reminded us of the meaning of Easter.  He said that Easter is a day set aside by Christians to commemorate the resurrection of the One who paid the supreme sacrifice for our sin (Isaiah 53:3-6). The Easter period offers us the opportunity to once again reassess our lives in order to stay focused on Christ Jesus.