Man’s judgement is a judgement that is based only on what is seen, heard and on what the circumstances look like. This kind of judgement is limited and cannot understand God. When you base your judgement only on what is seen, heard and on what the circumstances look like, you have not looked deep enough to the heart. As a child of God, look deep enough to the heart by focusing on what God says about the situation at hand.

Instead of listening to what Jesus’ message was all about, the people from His hometown were calling Him a carpenter’s son. Jesus struggled His way out of a pit of questions. Those questions were; How did this man get such learning without having studied? ‘Are you not the son of Joseph?’ That is, ‘Are you not the same boy that we grew up together with?’

People of God! you can grow up with a boy who was a hooligan and you have been living upright; you may later see the boy become a man of honour and authority, by the grace of God. This is the mystery of grace: God takes unlikely people puts them into His palace for eternity. That is, Christ shows them that dominion was generally abused in this world. Can you see that broken things become useful in God’s hands?

You who complain of your miserable background, cheer up for there is hope for you. Jesus Christ, the son of the living God is our eternal Hope. In the midst of your misery, look unto Jesus, for your misery is the object of His mercy. By His grace and mercy you will cry no more, you will be oppressed no more, you will be disappointed no more, you will be sick no more and you will be poor no more. What amazing blessings these really are!…..Prophet TB Joshua.

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One day, Evangelist Kingsley Ahijoma was driving after he had dropped his wife at home. On his way to his office, he realized that one car                  was following him. Every time he stopped, the car would stop. At a point, they blocked his car and asked him to wind down his window. A voice told him to just drive down the road but they had put wood with nails which to the carnal mind, it was not possible for him to move. The same voice reminded him of his Anointing Water. He took at and started praying with it. Forcedly, they opened the boot and saw some money but not up to the amount they expected. Then, they decided to snatch the car away from him but miraculously, the car refused to start. Suddenly, one of them felt as if he had been slapped on his face and jumped out of the car shouting that somebody was inside, whereas no one was inside. One of the armed robbers who had a red charm with him came out of the vehicle with an injury. As they failed snatching the car away from him, they decided to kill him. Knowing that, he prayed and asked God to forgive his sins that in case he died, God would receive him. The first time they tried to shoot him, the bullet refused to come out. Then, the robbers shot into the air and it worked. They faced the same gun back to Evangelist Ahijoma but the bullet refused to come out again. After all, he said that little did he know that God just allowed this situation to happen, purposely to give him a testimony. In fact as a child of God, no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper.

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The Saturday and Sunday services of the 4th and 5th of May, 2013 have come and gone but the memories of the happenings would continue to linger in the minds of millions all over the world. We saw countless proofs that Jesus Christ lives; He never said goodbye. During the service, many people came forward to testify of what God had done in their lives, reassuring that it is His will for us to prosper in every department of our lives.

Wise Man John Chi

Wise Man John Chi

Wise Man John Chi gave a moving message saying that our situation is for a greater purpose than what we can see. He encouraged us that if we accept adversity, enduring every pain, we would learn what we should know and our grief would turn to gain and that in the face of unfavourable circumstances, we should stand our ground fearlessly, without wavering. In the message, we were also made to understand that when God is executing His plans in our lives, He designs and arranges events that would continue to unfold until His purpose in our lives is revealed.