Medical Science Need Faith to be More Effective

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Faith and Medicine

In the cause of trying to take God away from the scene and elevate the created (science) above the creator, the secular world has made us believe that anything that can’t be handled or proven scientifically cannot be true. Thus, erroneously made science the supreme knowledge of the truth. Whereas, science is just a fragment of true knowledge and facts.

According to the Oxford online dictionary, Science is defined as “The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.”

What is important to note in this definition is that Scientific facts or knowledge are based on observation and experiment from the physical and natural world.

How then can one place that which is of only the physical world as the supreme knowledge? They fail to realize that even mankind is first a Spirit being before is physical appearance. Remember that our physical body is like a house where the original spirit man dwells in.

Since the medical scientist is only concern about our physical and natural body, what about the spirit man. Who will treat the spirit man when it is infected or afflicted? This is where the supremacy of Faith above science comes in. Remember that it is the spirit that controls the physical and the natural world.

Now, what is Faith?

Faith is based on spiritual conviction or heavenly precepts. Faith is spiritual, but the effect can be seen or evidence in the physical. In Its role in knowledge, Faith encompasses knowledge from the immaterial (invisible) into the Material (physical) world.

It is correct to say that scientific discovering is as a result of Faith.

This may be hard to digest because the kingdom of this world has blinded our eyes to the reality of God’s power.

That is why it was not surprising when the Anointed Water that was sent by Prophet T.B. Joshua as requested by the government to bring about divine healing and stop the spread of Ebola virus that ravaged the nation of Sierra Leone in 2014 was confiscated by some persons who were ignorant  of the reality of God’s healing power.

Mrs Fatmata Kargbo, the then Permanent secretary in the ministry of foreign Affairs in Sierra Leone, revealed in her testimony on Emmanuel TV that the south-east region of the country where the Anointed water was permitted to be ministered was cleared of the diseases within one month. She remarked, had it been the Anointed water was permitted to be ministered in the whole region; the disease would have been eradicated long ago.

Our God is a jealous God, whatever you try to elevate above Him suffers. Science will only continue to break through more barriers in discovering when it is kept in its rightful place, that is under God. Once you place it above God, it will in time lost its relevance. Every scientific field needs God to fulfil its full potentials in our world.

The ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua is a testament to the proof that science is not the ultimate as it is being exaggerated by the secular world. Scientist and specialist that are sincere know that science is not the ultimate of all truth, facts and knowledge. knowledge goes beyond our natural and physical world.

What fact those a scientist has about a homosexual that was made straight after a tough from God. What about a sickness that will take a doctor eight hours to do in the operating room, will take God’s Prophet to do within seconds and the healing will be so perfect when compared with one that went through an operation room.

I am not trying to diminish science, but we need to place it where it belongs. This is the only way it can be more useful to our world. Faith and science need to work together. Even if both need to be ranked, Faith has to come first. Because Faith represents God and God is more superior to everything.

Let’s accept this truth, for it to be well with us.

Maintenance of Healing; More important than receiving It

Our attention has been drawn to a group of SCOAN critics on the internet that recently attacked the doctrine of the gospel of christ preached here in the SCOAN concerning the need to maintain whatever blessing or miracle we receive from God. Fortunately the word of God is very clear on this scriptural issue and we here post an article from watchtbjoshua, a site which carries our sentiments on this issue, this is just an excerpt fom the site, do click the link below for the full article:

Christian Faith Healing; Can it be Lost Once Received?

This seems to be perhaps one of the most important questions a Christian could possibly ask because the state of their health in Christ Jesus could as well largely depend on it According to some dodgy theology, faith is only required to receive a miracle and not to maintain it, “True divine healing is complete and final they said” Now we must point out here that this is the height of satanic deception, we’re talking of here of the greatest deception devised by the devil that has been widely accepted by an unfortunate number of Christians today- this false doctrine of “once healed; always healed’ or “once saved; always saved” this false doctrine/dodgy theology wrongly assumes that the moment a person is healed or saved, there’s nothing he/she could ever do, either by omission or commission to loose his/her healing or salvation, that is, even if the person in question goes on ahead to commit the grossest sins that led to the sickness in the first place, this false doctrine teaches that the person is still healed or saved. Brace up yourselves people and beware, because nothing could possibly be further from the truth of God’s eternal word. No doubt God definitely did promise to do his part of keeping us in perfect health and spiritual salvation till the very end, but this does not mean we have no part to play. TB Joshua watch stated that God’s healing is unconditional, which is true in the sense of us having to earn, work or pay for it, but as a matter of fact, almost all of God’s promises stated in scripture are somewhat dependent in part on us for their fulfillment. Lets bring this down to common knowledge, take for instance a friend gives you a brand new car this Christmas which he bought with his hard-earned money and simply gave you the keys, telling you that its your Christmas present, hope you like it, have a nice ride, all you need to do at the moment is to take the keys and express gratitude. But then let me ask you, was the car a free gift to you, yes of course it was because you didn’t have to earn it or work for it, but then is it going to cost you anything to maintain the car? Of course it will, you’ll get to have to put gas, change oil whenever necessary, rev up the engines regularly if you aren’t going to use them for long, wax the car and so on, so yeah in the end the car is costly to keep but it was indeed free when you received it. Salvation, healing, and all of God’s blessings work in the same way…Read more

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