Sunday Adelaja-The man who sponsored Bisola Johnson Against TB Joshua

We are beneficiaries of the deliverance, healing and blessings of God through T.B Joshua and would like to counter the fictitious lies of the saboteur Bisola Johnson which have led many to blaspheme against the work of the Holy Spirit in the ministry of T.B Joshua.

For those who have contributed negatively the Bible tells us clearly to be careful of what we look at, what we listen to, what we read and what others tell us. If not, you may be a Christian yet controlled by satanic devices.

A Christian is one whose life comes from Christ himself and Christ preached the good news, in His teaching you’ll never hear condemnation. So Bisola, now that you call yourself Evangelist of Jesus Christ, is it condemnation your Bible has taught you?

Many of you heard rumours that T.B Joshua does not call the name of Jesus or read the bible and without finding out the truth, you judged him. Today T.B Joshua has become contentious and probably the most persecuted man of God in the whole world. Little do his persecutors know that their actions have done. As TB Joshua says, persecution is a tonic to the anointing!

Bisola Johnson was raised from the wreckage, as it were, to serve the Living God in the ministry. She witnessed great miracles of healing, deliverance etc. performed by our Lord Jesus Christ using Prophet T.B. Joshua as His instrument not for one, or two years but for virtually a decade. Yet for reasons best known to her and her sponsors Adelaja, she decided to deny the great works of God and declare them fake and now accusing TB Joshua of raping her. Mentioning names of people who are still in the SCOAN.

Bisola you claimed the healing of cripples, cancer patients etc. at The SCOAN is stage managed. May God have mercy on your miserable soul. We know that it is a terrible thing

to fall into the hands of the Living God. One would have wondered the wheelchairs for those healed during Prophet T.B. Joshua’s crusades in Ghana, Singapore, Indonesia, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay etc. Perhaps, you Bisola also brainwashed them to get into the wheelchairs.

Bisola, tell us, what of the hundreds of thousands of people from across the world who have benefitted from God’s outpouring of His Spirit at The SCOAN through His servant, Prophet TB Joshua, and of course, testify, to the genuineness of the miracles they received from God. God is not the author of falsehood. Did you go there to brainwash them too? May l remind you that you were the same person who first saw the lady the video below when she first arrived at the Church and put her on the prayer line to be prayed for. It the wound on her foot fake too?

Let genuine Christians concentrate on the true teaching of the gospel and effectively commit themselves to Christ Jesus so that He will confirm their teaching with miracles, signs and wonders as He promised in the Scriptures. We must see it as our duty to acknowledge the goodness of God anywhere and at any time. We cannot build up our ministries or propagate the gospel through blasphemous campaigns targeted at other ministries, churches or even other religious organizations. However, we note that all shall give account of what they have said or done at the point of judgement by God. For Bisola and her group, we say – may God be our judge.

We hereby strongly disassociate ourselves from all Bisola’s claims and blasphemies.

Finally, all children of God must be very careful not to mistake the mantle for the monk or observe form more than the power. We must always pray fervently that God should lead us by His Spirit to discover ourselves and others too. For we believe that any true seeker of Christ would find Him, not in the verbiage of reckless condemnation of churches/ ministries but in true humility and appeal for God’s grace and wisdom.

Bisola vs TB Joshua saga takes a new twist Ex Follower Opens up!


As it was so it is Jesus himself knew that Judas Iscariot will betray him yet he kept him as a disciple. Today one man who has become come probably the most Persecuted man of God is senior prophet TB Joshua of the synagogue church of all Nations Lagos Nigeria. It appears that there are more to come on the saga surrounding Bisola Johnson, her credibility and the contentious accusations she levelled against Pastor T.B. Joshua. Whatever the stench there are those who love him and those who hate him with passion. One of such haters is Bisola Johnson who has been in the media lately with false rape allegations, accusing senior prophet TB Joshua of arranging fake miracles and prophecies her accusation is so damning.

Question is that, if Prophet TB Joshua is following the footsteps of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, didn’t he know that some of his disciples would betray him? The answer is that he knew and he has said this to his followers on many occasions during their meetings.

Below are some of those who have become great Prophet and Prophetess under senior prophet TB Joshua as he had said during some of such meetings

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Below another set of people who allowed themselves to be used by the devil himself

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An Ex disciple of TB Joshua and one of the people who were in charge of coordinating the international visitors I can confirm that Bisola Johnson has not only defrauded American-Ghanaian businessman but has also defrauded many South Africans over $30,000 that led her out the second time.

As for my Prophet T.B. Joshua I have no doubt that he shall continue to go from strength to strength regardless of the efforts of his numerous accusers and detractors to pull him down. I say this because I know that God is with him.

There will be more on this Eko Meridian Prostitute, Bisola Johnson! Phew!!! She was thought personal hygiene, how to bath and be neat as a woman. I wonder the kind of men that patronized her.




Bisola Johnson to face legal battles from slander defamation – TB Joshua

The internet has become practically flooded with diverse views on TB Joshua and SCOAN

Bisola, tb joshua, scoan
Bisola, under the influence of Legion of Demons – The Accuser of TB Joshua

especially; we intend to correct the critics of the ministry of TB Joshua and to let you know the truth from the many lies published on the internet especially by ex-follower Bisola Johnson who was not sincere during her stay with Prophet TB Joshua at the SCOAN. I am not surprised about Bisola Johnson’s outbursts on recent rape allegations about TB Joshua which I find absurd.

You Bisola has persisted in your quest to make a point that you knew TB Joshua? You have left Adelaja now and gone to Asabe Africa TV to continue with your campaign of calumny. You keep saying you want to release the captives while you are in captivity of bigotry and absurdity.

You seem to be hell bent on making more money from your book that is no more selling? You even wanted to ride on the issue of Timi Dakolo’s wife’s case. Did anyone listen to your recurring decimal?

Please I implore you not to stop, continue till…………

All the people you keep mentioning in your videos are still in the church and you must be ready to face a lot of impending legal battles ranging from slander to defamation of character. Hope you sell a lot of your books to pay damages! You can be assured of this. Get ready!

Bisola Johnson –  The saboteur that infiltrated TB Joshua Church with Rape Allegations!

The internet has become practically flooded with diverse views on TB Joshua and SCOAN especially; we intend to correct the critics of the ministry of TB Joshua and to let you know the truth from the many lies published on the internet especially by ex-follower Bisola Johnson who was not sincere during her stay with Prophet TB Joshua at the SCOAN.

I am not surprised about Bisola Johnson’s outbursts on recent rape allegations about TB Joshua which I find absurd. Clearly she must have finished spending the money she was paid by Ladi Thompson to lie against TB Joshua. God know has sponsored her this time to fabricate rape allegation this time.

It has become cold madness for some when you talk of TB Joshua, from group of people whom have once lived with him, individuals who hate him from what they might have read, or heard from others, as well as TB Joshua’s counterparts in the vineyard. If written words can kill, He, TB Joshua would have died from such words.

Bisola Johnson – The saboteur that infiltrated TB Joshua Church with Rape Alligation!

One question everyone would like to ask is that why TB Joshua is hated so much?  One fact remains indisputable, his incredible journey surrounded in mystery and being written in history. Joshua is easily the most vilified pastor in Africa, yet by far the most sought after.

Even with the level of persecution, campaign of calumny and criticism against the life and ministry of T.B Joshua, The Man in the Synagogue (T.B Joshua), still remains one of the greatest human resources God has endowed this generation with; like his prophecies and healings broadcast live on every Sunday.

After many failed attempts, the person TB Joshua counterpart are now sponsoring to accuse the T.B. Joshua of rape is Bisola Johnson – the saboteur that infiltrated TB Joshua Church. The same lady who has admitted to having a mental problem and she had begged for forgiveness time without number that her accusations against T.B. Joshua in the past were false.

This time, she seems willing to be used again by these satanic agents to her own shame. She is under the influence of Legions of Demons. Please always remember Bisola in your Prayers. “She revealed that she was kept captive in SCOAN for 14 years and was raped for same 14 years by Prophet TB Joshua”

‘In response to this, the church has released a video of the said woman during her first appearance in the church, she made it known in the video that she willingly came to SCOAN for deliverance from the spirit of death and after some time, she vanished.

In a part of the video, she is seen saying: “My name is Bisola. I have acted as an enemy of God rather than a friend. And today, I am coming back as a prodigal daughter, so that God will forgive me; so that the Man of God will forgive me and the church, Synagogue, will forgive me…I have been rebellious. When I left the SCOAN, nobody asked me to leave. I am asking God (kneels) to forgive me.”

For many years Bisola who was once close to Prophet TB Joshua and those whom have never met him have rain so much slur on Prophet TB Joshua, and the most hilarious thing is that, Prophet TB Joshua has consistently thrived in the midst of his detractors is Prophet TB Joshua, the founder of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Lagos-Nigeria. This man of God with the gift of accurate prophetic declaration, healing, deliverance and preaching of the Gospel, has stunned the world at large with series of prophetic messages that have turned out to be true and confirmed by the recipients.

The very fact that the popularity of this prophet has soared thanks to much criticism he has received from home and abroad, attests to his many trials. In the past decade, he has been bombarded by claims that he is a false prophet of God. In the midst of these, his continued calm and silence has endeared him to many. Let us all be aware that great men attract great rejection. That is what makes them strong!