Pastor Benny Hinn, the morning after holding a conference at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Greece Branch, granted this interview on Emmanuel TV concerning his ministry and Prophet TB Joshua:

I pray the Lord will keep using you and blessing you, dear Pastor Joshua and may the Lord anoint you BIG TIME in Jesus’ name. Amen.

EMMANUEL TV: We’re here in Athens, Greece, right by the rock where Paul preached to the people of Athens in Acts 17 and we have the wonderful privilege to have with us world renowned healing evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn with us. It’s a great honour to have you on the program, sir. We’d like to welcome you to the program first of all.

BENNY HINN: Thank you very much. I’m Benny Hinn and I’m glad to be talking to you.

EMMANUEL TV: We see in the Bible that great men have great habits. We can see the habits that people like Daniel had, praying everyday facing Jerusalem, or the Psalmist, praying 7 times a day or in the morning and evening. Great men have great habits. What are some of the habits that you have that have helped you in your ministry, sir?

BENNY HINN: Well, I would say the first that the Lord developed in me is reading His Word daily. I feel it’s so important that the Scriptures be a part of our daily life rather than every so often. So, I do not read the Bible to preach it; I read the Bible so I can be fed personally. So, I would tell every Christian, make the Bible a part of your daily life. Don’t just put the Bible on a shelf. Let the Bible live in you and that is really the greatest secret I can talk about.

EMMANUEL TV: Yes, it’s true. Using the Word of God in our daily lives is the secret of faith. From the Bible we can see that anything close to Jesus receives attack.

BENNY HINN: Well, yes. Persecution is a part of our life. Jesus said that we will have it. All that live godly will suffer persecution, Paul wrote. So, that’s not something to be kind of wondering, why? Last night one of the pastors was asking me about how I handle this. I said, well, I’ll tell you honestly, I said, if I’m not persecuted, I think something is wrong. Because the devil does not fight those who are for him, he only fights those who are against him. If we oppose him, then we’ll be attacked. So, I rejoice by the fact that people attack and persecute someone like me. In fact, it’s one of those things I thank God for, believe it or not. I really do. So, persecution is a part of the Christian walk but what I said earlier, the Holy Spirit is the key to our survival and so, when we know Him as a person – this is the greatest thing I can tell you, precious people of God, when we know Him as a real person. I mean, your name is David, right? When I look at David, I don’t see an IT, I see a person. I talk to him and I listen to him. He listens to me. Personality is important. You’re not a spirit and you’re not a body. You’re more than that. You’re a person. Even though you are a spirit, even though I’m looking at a body – because that’s all we can see in the natural. Only God sees the real person on the inside but I’m talking to a person and I’m enjoying listening to what you have to ask me. Well, the same thing. The Holy Spirit is a person.

EMMANUEL TV: Joseph, on his journey to the throne in God’s promise for him, he encountered many trials, being unjustly imprisoned and such. What advice can you give to our viewers who, on their journey to God’s promise, are encountering trials of different kinds? What advice can you give to them?

BENNY HINN: Well, trials make us strong. Trials don’t weaken us if we know how to handle them. Look, I can tell you this, I have been through more trouble than I think most people alive. I’ve had enough trouble to live 10 lives. So, you talk about trials, you are talking to the right person. I’m still going through them. I’ll continue to go through them as long as I live and serve the Lord. How do you handle them? Okay, that’s a great question. Number one, you must see Jesus. If you don’t, you will lose. If Jesus is not our focus, if He’s not the One who we see daily, the Bible says, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. I’ve discovered one thing, that the person of Christ, the person of Jesus, His very presence, is the key to strength. Remember what it says in Isaiah. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. But then it says something amazing. It says, they shall mount up with wings as eagles. In other words, we become discerning to the winds of the Spirit. Like the eagle doesn’t take off, it doesn’t soar, until it discerns the current of the winds before it takes off. But then it says, they shall run and not be weary, walk and not faint. In other words, we’re going to catch up to where God wants us and then there’ll be fellowship with Him. So, there’s 4 keys to walking with the Lord – but the key, the real thing we have to do is seek Jesus. So, you’re telling me what do I do in my trials? Well, there’s only two things to do – run to the Lord or from the Lord. If you run away from Jesus, you’re in trouble. It’s foolish. If you run to Jesus, you become stronger because He is our place of safety. There is no place to go to. I mean, look, I’ve had trials. Believe me when I tell you, I’ve almost given up and I don’t want to scare anybody when I say something like this. If the Lord showed me the trials I would go through, I would have said, Lord thank You, let somebody else do this job. Because serving God is a battle. I mean, everything in this life is a war. We don’t realize that the anointing is for war – it’s not for picnics. When God anointed David, the first thing he did was fight Goliath and then God anoints him again when he became king in Hebron and he fights the house of Saul. Then God anoints him again and he fights the Jebusites. He was always fighting. Well, the early church is the same. The power came and they were opposed by the Pharisees. So, but it’s something that’s very important that I have discovered. We must come to know the person and I mean the substance, of Christ Jesus. We can’t just say, well, I know the Lord from a distance. That’s impossible. You cannot know him from a distance, you’ll not survive. Trials come to all of us but Jesus is our protection. He keeps us going. Yeah sure, there’ve been times I’ve said, Lord, I don’t know if I can make it. I don’t know if I can handle it. But I have found Him to be very strong, stronger than anything you can imagine. His strength is eternal. There is no limit to the Lord’s strength. So, whatever big, big massive trial or whatever you want to talk about, it’s nothing to God. We go there and bam – like that, everything’s fixed. So that’s the secret. Jesus is the secret to your strength – it’s that simple.

EMMANUEL TV: His strength is manifest in our weakness, just like Apostle Paul preached.

BENNY HINN: Brother, you have it right there.

EMMANUEL TV: It’s wonderful just to share with you, Benny, the sweet story of our Lord Jesus Christ.

BENNY HINN: Can we pray, of course. Dear Jesus, Lord I pray with David for the people watching from this holy location in Athens. Precious Lord, I pray that every one of them will be strengthened in You, every one of them will live for You, knowing Your Spirit’s presence. I pray that every one of them will be strong in the Lord and in Your mighty power. Precious Lord, I pray every one of them will stand before You on that day, hearing Your Words, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant”. So, I pray, keep us all in Your loving care. Your Word says, “Now, unto Him that’s able to keep us from falling and present us to the throne with joy, blameless with joy, to the only wise God, be glory. Thank you for Your power and Your dear presence, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

BENNY HINN: Well, God bless you. I really enjoyed this and I must say, I did watch your network and I’m going to tell all of you precious saints support this great outreach to the world because without Christian television, we cannot plough the land, nor sow seed, nor reap the harvest. Christian television is God’s tool for evangelism today. So, keep it strong. Today, if Paul the ApostlePaul the Apostle was alive, who preached right here, if Paul was alive, he would use every means possible to get the Gospel to the nations. But Christian television cannot survive without your support. Through a Christian network, like Emmanuel, this network cannot be selling products like you see secular networks. They sell something to you every few minutes. We cannot do that. That’s why a Christian ministry is dependent on gifts and donations. It must come from your heart. And not only are you being used of God, remember something, your money is a weapon in the hands of the Lord against the devil. When you support Christian TV, God uses that money for the Gospel and the devil’s power is broken in people’s lives. Keep supporting this network. I’m telling you, I’ve watched it in California. I saw that dear man, that pastor in Africa who has this massive building, Pastor Joshua. And I was so amazed to see this amazing man of God. But you know,

I would most certainly accept an invitation from Pastor Joshua to come to Nigeria.

the thing is this, it’s because of Christian television that he and others and myself are able to preach the Gospel to the world. The Gospel is the only answer to this world’s troubles. There’s no political solution. There’s no financial solution. It’s a spiritual solution and Jesus is the answer to the world’s needs and His Gospel must be preached. Paul said, “Necessity is laid upon me” and necessity is laid on us. Let me just finish by saying one thing – it cost God nothing to create the world. It cost Him nothing to create man. It cost Him everything to save one soul. Think about it. It cost Him nothing to create this beautiful world. It cost Him nothing to create man. I think God was having a marvellous time when He was creating man. It cost Him everything to save one life. It cost Him His own blood to save.

BENNY HINN: Keep watching Emmanuel TV and support Emmanuel TV. So, send in your donations and gifts to this great network andwatch what God will do for you. Keep watching Emmanuel TV and support Emmanuel TV and God bless all of you. Thank you.

BENNY HINN MESSAGE TO TB JOSHUA: Pastor, keep up the good work and preach the Gospel like you do so powerfully and teach God’s precious Word and I would love to someday meet you and fellowship with you. You know, we men of God need to come together and I would most certainly accept an invitation from Pastor Joshua to come to Nigeria. I’ve been to that country of course a number of times when I used to come preach for Benson Idahosa and I’ve preached for other great men of course and we’ve had our own crusade there in Lagos but with pleasure, of course. Thank you, thank you. I pray the Lord will keep using you and blessing you, dear Pastor Joshua and may the Lord anoint you BIG TIME in Jesus’ name. Amen.


SOURCE: Allvoices