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The SCOAN and viewers of Emmanuel TV witnessed in the live service the case of a family from Akwa-Ibom who came to The SCOAN with the problem of witchcraft accusation. Due to this allegation, the family had been rejected in the community to the extent that the body of their late mother had been abandoned in the family house for 6 months.
However, contrary to the allegation, the Man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua found them innocent of witchcraft.

What will the Emmanuel TV Team do with the body which has been abandoned for the past 6 months?
And how will Prophet T.B. Joshua reconcile the family with the community after this serious allegation of many years?

Watch out this Sunday, 13th September 2009, for the concluding part of this case as Prophet T.B. Joshua sends the Emmanuel TV team to their community for reconciliation and peace and see that Jesus Christ is The Repairer and Restorer. Don’t miss it!

T.B. Joshua re-unites a young girl abandoned in 1996

Prophet T.B. Joshua re-unites a young girl abandoned in 1996 at the age of nine over witchcraft allegations with her mother

Oghenefejiro Iworo, a female Urhobo cultural music dancer from Ugheli, Delta was only nine years old in 1996 when she was abandoned by Esther, her mother. Her reason for taking such drastic action against her child was because the little girl was alleged to have belonged to the evil world of witches and wizards.

Wild accusations of witchcraft...

Esther claimed that she consulted a witch doctor in Ughelli who confirmed that her daughter was a witch and was responsible for the hardship and misfortunes she had encountered in life, including separation from her husband.

TB JOSHUA FANS UK BANNER 640 x 480The witch doctor had taken the little girl to her shrine in Eku, tortured her by using a sharp knife to inflict deep cuts on her cheeks. The blood extracted from the deep cuts was then given to the girl to drink before she allegedly confessed that she was a witch.

The witch doctor then warned her mother that unless she disowned her daughter, she would use her power as a witch to kill her. She therefore advised her to take the girl to Badare Wegereva, her mother-in-law whom she alleged to have initiated Oghenefejiro into witchcraft.

Esther who believed what the witch doctor told her about her daughter was angry with her. She, therefore, did not hesitate to take her to her mother-in-law at the Ugheli market where she was trading, called her a witch and left the girl with her. Badare was dumbfounded as she could not understand why her daughter-in-law could publicly call her a witch and even accuse her of initiating Oghenefejiro into the witchcraft world.

Afraid that the little girl could actually be a witch as her mother claimed, Badare equally rejected her and took her to her maternal great grand mother who was in her 80s. Although the aged woman accepted her great grand daughter, she could not take care of her.

The little girl had no option than to become a street urchin. She roamed the streets begging for alms and later joined street kids who taught her how to smoke cigarette and having illicit affairs with men. No matter how Oghenefejiro tried to struggle for survival in life, the stigmatisation and abandonment by her mother continued to haunt her.

However, she later joined an Urhobo cultural dancing group but still lived a wayward lifestyle. It was in the process that she was impregnated by Dafe Iworo, a butcher from Ekakpame, Delta State who married her. Already, Oghenefejiro has given birth to a baby boy.

Unknown to Oghenefejiro’s mother, her decision to disown her own daughter 12 years ago had become a curse to her. Despite the fact that she left Ughelli for Lagos in search of greener pastures, Esther who is a caterer continued to have nightmares as she could not even fend for herself.

She, therefore, decided to seek divine intervention by going to the Synagogue Church of All Nations where T.B Joshua told her that she was suffering from a generational curse because she accused her daughter falsely of being a witch.

He told her that the curse would continue to haunt her until she is reunited with her daughter and begged her for forgiveness over the stigmatisation she was subjected to because of the accusation.

He also told her that the generational curse started from Micheal Akatakpo, her 60 year-old father who was an idol worshipper. Esther admitted that her father had similarly called her a wicth when she was nine years old. She, therefore, had to travel to Ughelli with pastors from the Synagogue Church of All Nations where they searched for her daughter until she was found. She also brought her father to the church where Joshua delivered them from the generational curse.

Joshua said it has become common for some parents to abandon their children in the streets over the allegation that they are witches. He wondered why a mother should subject her own child to such a traumatic experience. “It is rather unfortunate that a mother who carried a child in her womb for nine months or more, laboured to bring her forth, would later stigmatise the child as a witch and throw her away from her home into the street,” he said.

Worried by the trend, Stepping Stones, a UK registered charitable organisation is working in conjunction with the Child Rights and Rehabilitation Network, CRARN, to transform the lives of children who have been stigmatised as witches and wizards.

Gary Foxcroft, programme director, Stepping Stones Nigeria, said their aims are to tackle the problems of ignorance and superstitious belief in child-witchcraft as well as eradicate the torture of children stigmatised as witches.

Woman Forced To Live With Daughter’s Corpse For 14 Months

A stirring story of a woman forced to live with the corpse of her daughter for 14 months… until God’s intervention came through His servant, Prophet TB Joshua…

For a year and two months, an 80-year-old woman was made to sleep in the same room with the corpse of her 48-year old daughter who died mysteriously in Akwa Ibom State.

The octogenarian, Madam Akon Etta, who hails from Osu Udesi, in Mbo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, was accused of witchcraft and alleged to have killed her daughter, Dorcas Affiong Etim, who until her death, was trading in neighbouring Cotonou, Benin Republic. Trouble reportedly began for the aged woman, who is now taking refuge at the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Lagos, after she mysteriously lost four of her 12 children to various illnesses.

P.M. News learnt from Mrs. Cherish Otoyo, Madam Akon’s 34-year-old daughter, who came to testify to the incident at the Synagogue Church, that the late Dorcas had come from Cotonou, her base, for the burial of one of their late siblings. Dorcas, according to Cherish, arrived the village a day after the internment of their late brother and left after the burial activities were over.

She further said that on returning to Cotonou, Dorcas became ill and was rushed back home where she died barely three weeks after the death of her brother. This incident, coupled with the declaration of a so-called prophet, who was later exposed as a fake, prompted the rumour that the old woman was a witch and had a hand in the successive death of her four children.

Mrs. Otoyo, who resides in Ghana with her husband, Jere Otoyo, as missionaries, said the prophet told them that if they buried her late sister (Dorcas), one other person would die almost immediately. This proclamation reportedly scared the Etim family members and their community, forcing them to put Dorcas’ burial on hold indefinitely.

“Since the prophet said another person would die if we bury our sister, everyone was scared. None of us wanted to die and my brothers and sisters ran away from home. “The prophet also told them that there is the ghost of our late sister hovering around the house and they actually complained that they heard movements at night around the house. That was why they ran away,” she told P.M. News.

The old woman was said to have faced persecution and ridicule from the villagers. When asked how she felt during the 14 month period the corpse of her daughter remained in her room, she lamented in tears that it was agonising. “It was a painful experience, I was always going into the room to light the lantern at night. “I also slept in the room at night with the embalmed corpse on the bed,” she recalled, adding that her relationship with the villagers became strained and she was also accused of inflicting some persons with barenness. “After the incident, they would attribute any death in the village to my purpoted witchcraft,” she said.

Abandonded with a corpse for 14 long months...

Abandonded with a corpse for 14 long months…

Her ordeal was made known by her son-in-law and husband of Cherish (Mrs Otoyo) who visited the Synagogue Church for a prayer session. It was learnt that the church’s head, Prophet T.B. Joshua, who exonerated Madam Akon of the allegation, also assisted the family with the burial of the late Dorcas recently. The church purchased the casket in which the corpse, which had become decomposed, was buried, as well as donated the sum of N150,000 and some bags of rice to the family.

Commenting on the incident, Prophet Joshua, who called it ‘a spiritual battle and one of the greatest deliverances in the history of mankind’, added that activities of false prophets have caused a lot of damage to the world. “I have told her to forgive everyone who offended her and that she should also count on me, as I am now one of her children. “If this old woman had died innocently like that, there would have been a generational curse on the entire family and village because she is innocent and would have died in pains,” Joshua said.

SOURCE: The PM NewsModern Ghana