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  1. i presently reside in the UK,..i have to be frank, life is at a stand still,..ever since my mother lost her husband and she had been called after that, by the doctor that treated her husband to go carry out an HIV test,..only for it to come back Positive,..please someone advise me on how to get my mother to pastor TB JOSHUA`s church in nigeria. my mother lives in benin city,..thank u..whoever it may concern,..


  2. Just to testify….I had diffucult breathing regularly and the only way to be comfortable I had to jog for a while and will feel better for 2 or 3 days then the problem will come again…The first day I was at SCOAN church in Bermondsey was sprayed with the annointed water and problem stopped from there on. In fact it took a couple of days to realize…One day I was sitting down at home and thought I should go for a walk or jogging. Then it was like ….”wait a minute” why do I need jogging.. and I was whhaau! …I wish you could see me jumping on that day that I was healed…THANKS TO JESUS and all those responded to the calling to do good works for God. Amen


  3. Man from God , I need help , i,ve been struggling to sleep for 3 years , i used everything that , i come across with to sleep, with very strange thin moving sensational in the body and aspecial at night it moves in my private parts , this is affecting my whole general , dont mention my career , i need delivance , when to the Cape-Town and they turn me away , as didnt have doctors , note which i destroyed out of anger as everything they gave me never works , instant works, i awlays have fear and short temperer , i tried to commit suicide as was far from the word of god .


  4. I really needs anointing water and dont know how i can get it as i can not come to nigeria, please! send me one bottle or tell me the best possible way for me to order it.


  5. I am seeking healing and deliverance from spiritual oppression in my life.
    Please, please man of God, we need a wristband and anointing water.
    I have poor quality of life at the moment and my marriage is under attack.

    II know that all things as possible to those that believe. May God continue to richly use
    you in His service to mankind.

    I live in Bolton, Uk and I prepared to come to any one of the services that you conduct
    in the Uk. Please help me.


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