TB Joshua Reveales The Seccret of Faith

In a message that was briefly started during the live Saturday service and firmly continued during the Sunday Service, Prophet T.B. Joshua unveiled, in his own words, ‘The Secret Of Faith.’ In the message, he said, “Jesus Christ is the surety of every Word from Matthew 1 to Revelation 22. No Word from God is void of fulfilment for God watches over His Word to perform it. If any Scripture should go by default, Jesus becomes responsible.”

Speaking of the bold confidence a believer has to approach the throne of grace in prayers and supplication, he added, “When you know that the Lord is on your side, your heart becomes quiet. You look up into His face and whisper your request and you know it is going to be granted because it is your Father who is on the throne, it is your Lord who is seated by His side.”

He concluded that faith was not abstract as it could be practiced and told the congregation that despite the challenges life would throw at them, faith was there for them through it all. “In your challenges in life, faith is there for you,” he said. A time of testimonies, mostly concerning the Anointing Water, preceded the powerful message.


Mr Austin Uba, from Imo State, Nigeria came to the church with his wife, Rose and son, Kinsgley to thank God for His wonderful work in his life. He had suffered from a urinary tract blockage, such that he was unable to urinate for a painful period of months. He was referred to India for an operation, by a doctor who had given him a catheter to enable him to pass urine. However, he was told the operation, if conducted, would only have a 50/50 chance of success and there was a high probability that he may not be functional as a man thereafter. Having seen God’s power in action on Emmanuel TV, he decided to come to The SCOAN for healing. After receiving the Anointing Water, he prayed and sprayed it on the affected area as well as in his mouth.

Merely hours later in his hotel room, Mr Uba, to his greatest surprise and delight passed his urine normally without the use of the catheter! Upon returning to the hospital, the doctor said he no longer needed an operation as he was already healed. Mr Uba encouraged people to look up to God and counselled them that He could do for them what He had done for him.

Mr Raphael Kpogli from Ghana had been a drug seller, smoker and addict for some 30 years, dealing specifically in heroin, Indian hemp (marijuana) and cocaine, while living a life of recklessness, waste and violence. In a shocking account of the debilitating and destiny-decaying effects of drug addiction, he narrated his sordid life experiences. He literally had to smoke a ‘cocktail’ of these drugs before going to bed, talking communicably with people or even eating, his wife and children always afraid of him at home due to his erratic nature. Having travelled to over six countries as a drug dealer, he acknowledged that although he never used a gun, he had caused multiple deaths by introducing drugs to people. His insatiable lust for this ‘cocktail’ of chaos crippled him financially as he sold cars, properties and even stole his wife’s clothes and jewelleries to sell to pay for his indulgence. A once thriving and intelligent man was reduced to a nervous and hate-filled wreck, staying in a single room in a house for months on end and only emerging to purchase more of the poison that was slowly crippling and killing him.

However, his wife, whom never doubted that one day God would turn her husband around, kept praying for his life to change and stood by him through thick and thin. When a few drops at the bottom of a bottle of Anointing Water were given to the Kpogli’s, Mr Raphael had no idea that within them contained the freedom he so sorely needed. After ministering the Anointing Water, Mr Kpogli said he felt a cold sensation envelop his body, as if a wave of liquid love was cascading through his entire system and reverberating within to eject all dependency on drugs and the darkness that embodied them. Mr Kpogli, who was about to embark on a rare journey to Accra, was worried at how he would complete the journey without taking the drugs. However, after many hours of travelling without even a thought of the substance, he realised that all previous craving for the drugs had disappeared. He tucked into a hearty meal and completed it, the first meal he had finished without taking drugs in 30 years. After three weeks of a drug-free life, he travelled to The SCOAN to share this life-changing testimony, exhorting friends who were still in the same business to abandon a life fuelled and filled by drugs which had reduced most of them to criminality. He said people must depend on God to be released from their plagues and a life of uncertainty.

Miss Taffy Mukombami came all the way from Ireland to share her remarkable testimony. The Zimbabwean student explained that she had been both stressed and depressed because of the challenges she had faced to gain citizenship in Ireland. However, after discovering Emmanuel TV, her situation changed drastically. After being opportune to receive the Anointing Water, she prayerfully sprayed it on her application form for citizenship and sent it off. To her greatest surprise, a couple of months later, her residency was granted, something that some people had been waiting years to receive!

Aside from this, Taffy had also been facing difficulties with her Master of Arts Programme and almost took a year off due to the tremendous stress and pressure. However, at the verge of giving up, she saw Prophet T.B Joshua appear in her dream, take her to the library and show her the books she needed to study to perform excellently in her academic pursuits. Upon waking up, she was shocked to discover that the books he had divinely pointed out to her were exactly what she had been looking for. After the submission of her thesis, which she proudly showed the congregation, she explained that her results were suggestive of her obtaining a First Class a result, an achievement she knows is a product of Divine providence.

After being barren for nine long years, Mr and Mrs Ebong Victory came to The SCOAN to share their wonderful testimony. Medically, the couple had been diagnosed as having a low sperm count. Mrs Ebong had come to The SCOAN in April 2012, got the Anointing Water and prayed with her husband. After a month of administering some, she became pregnant. She promised to come for thanksgiving soon, with her child. Her husband was obviously full of happiness as he stood close to her in church. She said people should trust in God have faith because He is the Author and Finisher of our faith.

In another wonderful testimony to God’s provision of fruitfulness, a video was replayed showing Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesying to a woman, asking her of a medical report and revealing that her stomach had been cut though the purpose was neither achieved nor her menstruation regular. Mr & Mrs Anvor Ely from South Africa came forward in response to the video. After many years of barrenness, Mrs Anvor had undergone an operation in her womb but the result remained unsuccessful. However, after visiting The SCOAN and receiving the prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua, the couple decided to trust in God for supernatural provision.

They narrated how after the prophecy, Prophet T.B. Joshua had counselled them in the office, stating that the sickness was ‘cancelled’ and giving them Anointing Water. After ministering it and continuing to trust in God, building their faith by listening to messages on Emmanuel TV, Mrs Ely became pregnant! She stood before The SCOAN congregation to testify that she was now several months pregnant, to the glory of God! Mr Ely thanked God for the inspiring messages on Emmanuel TV and exhorted viewers that Jesus has the solution to all fundamental issues of life.

A video was replayed in which Prophet TB Joshua prophesied to a woman about her marriage and how the internet had played an active role in their relationship. Coming forward with her husband to confirm the prophecy, Mrs MacAlexander explained to the congregation how the prophecy was true. A Kenyan working in Nigeria, she said she had not seen her husband more than twice in two years due to his regular travels but they talked trough the internet.

They would regularly strip naked before each other on a webcam and even engage in household activities such as cooking while viewing each other’s nudity. However, both soon took to watching pornography on the internet to satisfy themselves, soon birthing an addiction that almost crippled their marriage. The few occasions they did manage to spend time together, Mrs MacAlexander explained that the couple had no affection for each other whatsoever and she had determined within to leave the marriage before the prophecy was given. Although she had a well paid job, she explained that she could not give any account of how she spent the money, adding that after she had started viewing pornography, she began to sleep with a strange man in her dreams.

Her husband, Alexander, from Imo State, Nigeria, reiterated what his wife had said. They had met in Nairobi, Kenya five years ago but had barely spent months together as he was a regular traveller. After talking on the internet, he also had resorted to masturbation and pornography, too. He explained he began to have harrowing dreams of sleeping with a strange woman and finding himself in a cemetery with dead people. Career wise, despite connections and experience as a music producer, he found himself in a cycle of disappointment and missed opportunities.

Prophet TB Joshua spoke on the tortuous nature of pornography, a sin he stated was even worse than fornication. He said up to 70% of the world populace struggled with pornography, specifying that the youth in particular were affected. Following their confession, TB Joshua assured the couple that deliverance, restoration and reconciliation would follow and they would not leave The SCOAN unless they were completely free.

A video was replayed in which a young man manifested after prayer from Wise Man Racine at The SCOAN prayer line and the spirit spoke through him that it was a strong man which has been in him since birth. Chinedu Anagor and his parents came forward following the clip to share their experiences. Chinedu, a graduate of music from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, was an obedient, trustworthy and churchgoing young man before his entrance into university. However, influence from bad friends and a desire to feel part of the ‘crowd’ led the intelligent student to delve into the dark arrays of cultism, as he was initiated into the ‘Buccaneers’. Confessing that his parents were hearing this for the first time, Chinedu explained how he displayed a different attitude at home while growing steadily deeper into cultism and its attendant diabolic activities at school.

His roles in the cult graduated to include initiating other students, consulting oracles on the cult’s behalf and acting as a bodyguard to the cult leader – all high ranking positions. With little concentration on his academic career, Chinedu ended up spending 10 years in university before graduating, deceiving his parents that he had completed his course whereas actually he hadn’t. He confessed to the fact that he raped girls, caused violence and threatened people, though maintaining a pretence of calmness and coolness to the casual onlooker. Through God’s influence, he was finally delivered at The SCOAN, after which he began to genuinely regret his past actions for the first time. Falling to his knees in tears, he begged T.B. Joshua to assist him to apologise to his parents for his disrespect and lifestyle of lies and deceit. Shedding tears, his aged father embraced his son, as the congregation looked on, many themselves wiping tears from their eyes at the touching reconciliation and incredible change in the life of Chinedu through the deliverance. Prophet T.B. Joshua counselled parents to learn a lesson from Chinedu’s experience and ensure their children are regularly in the house of God.

One of the events of the day was the giving of scholarships to various physically challenged students who are part of The SCOAN Scholarship Scheme. The students were given different sums of money according to their various scholastic needs, totalling N3 million. They included the blind, crippled, deformed and amputees. One of the spokespersons of the group, Olurundere Adenike, said she had no support for education, and when admitted to the University of Lagos, she had dropped out for lack of funds. However, she eventually gained admission to the University of Ibadan to read Languages and English, requesting assistance from Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners to pursue her academic dreams of excellence. Also, Emmanuel Aderemi, a student of Political Science, University of Lagos, also spoke on the uniqueness of the opportunity given them to be part of the Scholarship program.

The service was concluded in a fiery Mass Prayer in which the finger of God Almighty manifested mightily among the congregants. As the Prophet remarked, what a God we have to worship, what a son we have to praise and what a future lies before us. To those whose lives are centred in Christ Jesus, better is not good enough; the best is yet to come.


The Anointing Water Prayer Line on December 2nd 2012 is now open for registration

Emmanuel! Registration for the Anointing Water Prayer Line in December is now open.

Jesus lives. He never said goodbye. He never said that there would be no more miracles.
His power and effectiveness are even greater today because He can be present in all places
at all times by His Spirit.

He still works miracles today and the Anointing Water is one medium which God is using to express Himself in terms of healing, deliverance and blessing.

If you would like to register for the Anointing Water prayer line in December, please click here to complete the registration form. After you complete the form, you will be contacted through your email address shortly. Ensure to wait for confirmation of your registration through email.

As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “Jesus Christ heals and still heals all manner of sickness and disease!”


“Ghanaians, after thinking all round, I never knew what bad I had done to some Ghanaians, who specialize in telling lies, fabricating falsehoods to malign me and my ministry on the pages of newspapers and websites.

“For how long will I reply these? Many of such falsehoods have been written and published before now, even to the extent that when I see a vision for the nation of Ghana, I have to say it in parable, e.g. the word ‘revolution’ I said last time on Emmanuel TV and published in many Ghanaian newspapers e.g. Daily Graphic.

“I am supposed to itemize the word ‘revolution’ in three stages but because of different perceptions by detractors who would give different meanings to it. The word ‘revolution’ is a fundamental change in a social system. It is also a great transformation in a given polity, occasioned by different circumstances or experiences of life, e.g. nature.

“I said in my last prophetic message that there would be a ‘revolution’. It was in parable. I used the word ‘revolution’ because I don’t want the detractors to use it for their selfish purpose. The word ‘revolution’ is broken into three segments e.g. circumstances that could be caused by nature, politics, circumstances beyond human redemption. I am praying for the nation and the leaders.

“Let us all come together and stand for the nation in prayer. May God answer our prayer. The story published this week on Ghana Web and some newspapers, and broadcast repeatedly on Ghanaian radios that Prophet T. B Joshua “knows the winner of Ghana’s election; predicts round two of Ghana’s election; and speaks on Ghana’s election” – all these are false and fabricated by detractors to suit their selfish purpose.

“Ghanaians, don’t listen to the fathers of lies; they cannot force me to speak what God has not said. Enough is enough; touch not my anointed.

“My people in Ghana, we all fight similar battles, just camouflaged differently. Once again, all the stories were not from me. If there is any prophecy, you will see it on Emmanuel TV.

“God bless the nation Ghana. God bless our leaders.”


TB Joshua versus Critics Hot Interview

TB Joshua

With the way Pastors are been exposed for their mischief extorting money from their congregation  TB Joshua Fans Blog has decided to picked on TB Joshua  whom we believe is the most persecuted Man of God in the world today. TB Joshua has been on our radial for a while and some of the question we would have loved to ask him has been asked by both local and International press. We are reproducing some of the interviews granted by TB Joshua and other Pastors. Watch this space for some shocking revelation……

Nollywood actress set free from smoking through praying with TB Joshua

In an interview with Nigerian Celebrity Magazine, ‘E24-7’, popular Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh revealed that she was set free from an addiction to smoking for 14 years through praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. The miracle came in a way she never even expected!

Here are excerpts from the interview:
It was also reported that you had quit smoking?
Yes I did.
How and when did you start smoking?
At the age of 13, I started smoking.
Have you quit for good and what made you quit, could it have been your health?
No, I didn’t quit by myself. I was watching a program on TV with Prophet T.B. Joshua and he was laying hands on people and praying for them. I love to watch his programs on Emmanuel TV. When he was praying, he said, ‘Lay your hands on the TV’ and I just laid my hands that day. I actually needed something else from God, not to quit smoking because I loved smoking; seriously, I loved it! However, after praying I sat back and I think I slept off. When I woke up, I took a stick of cigarette and I felt crazy. I couldn’t even imagine that I took it up to smoke in the first place. It felt like poison!
It takes long to quit smoking, I learnt it is a gradual thing, how did yours happen so suddenly?
From the little I have told you it wasn’t natural.
Have you ever encountered TB Joshua before?
No but I am always on his tail, I watch him every day, I write him every time I can, I tweet on him, I love him. I think that he is a person that influences my life positively in a lot of ways just through the TV alone and I can imagine myself being in his church, Oh my God!
Maybe you would go to his church soon?
I don’t want to; I don’t want to somersault but I love watching him on the television.
You don’t want him to touch you?
Of course, I want him to touch me but you know people just have different movements when under the anointing and the other thing kind of takes over. I am not saying that it is a shame to be delivered but I wouldn’t want to share that with the whole world, I would appreciate if someday I could see him privately. To Read More Click Here



Wise Man Harry delivered the message on Sunday morning. He introduced his sermon by saying there are two sides to life – the spiritual and physical. The title of his message was “A TRUE DISCIPLE”, and the proof text was taken from Mark 10:46-52. The blind man in the story called Jesus the “Son of David”, which is a Messianic title; it is given from above. Though physically unable to see, the blind man could see more than others; he had clearer vision though his enemies had good eyesight. On hearing Jesus’ pronouncement, he cast aside his garment and threw away anything which would hinder him. His garment was symbolic of his old self and all stagnating forces that held him down; he was in his moment of regeneration and renewal.

Wise Man Harry said if every sinner would cast aside his sinful nature like Blind Bartimaeus cast aside his garment, we would have fewer delays in conversion. According to him, Christ is looking for full-time followers, not part-time followers. If you say you are born again or you are a disciple of Christ and you are not, you will never be. It is the mind of God to answer prayers but Christ will not answer prayers until He sees in you a true disciple – a faithful follower, a willing servant and a man of great perception. You must show in your manner that Christ lives in you, he concluded.

Wise Man Harry
Prophet T.B. Joshua later spoke on the essence of Christianity, saying that it is a relationship. He said every Christian should understand, “your contribution to others is an assignment from God”. He continued that we cannot afford to fail God and that our contribution to others in trouble will always solve a problem. To emphasize the importance of giving, some clips of Emmanuel TV Partners engaging in charitable projects were shown.
Prophet T.B. Joshua
The first video clip was of the efforts of the Emmanuel TV Partners in Zimbabwe, especially Mr John Chibwe. Inspired by the humanitarian activities he had witnessed on Emmanuel TV, Mr Chibwe purchased a bus for the less privileged community and has been devotedly assisting the visually impaired in their thousands as well as distributing wheelchairs and walking aids to the physically challenged. He was seen in the video distributing bags of rice and maize meal to the needy and helpless.
Mr Chibwe was personally in the service and shared his experience with the congregants. “It is a privilege to be able to give those in need,” he said. “You are a success when you can impact the lives of others”.


Another video clip was shown, where Emmanuel TV Partners in Ghana led by Chief Justice John Ajet Nasam worked hard to transform lives of people at the Countryside Orphanage. They shared love and care, educational books, kegs of palm oil, drawing boards, buckets and shoes in the spirit of giving love to those in need. They equally purchased a bus, which they explained was, “for the welfare of the home, not for commercial use”. Bags of rice were also shared out to people, and the orphans were not left out.


In another video shown to the congregation, Emmanuel TV Partners visited Pallam in Southern India. They went there to assist the over 700 families whose 400 houses were destroyed in a horrific fire incident. Rice and other provisions were freely distributed. The Rev. Dr P.N.S. Chandra Bose (President of Bethel Bible College; National Vice President, Bible Society of India) spoke in appreciation of the team’s essential relief efforts and thanked Prophet T.B. Joshua for his kindness.


Next was the announcement of The SCOAN Scholarship Scheme. Some students spoke on behalf of others. One of these was Jennifer Osifo who said due to lack of finance after her father left them, she could not go to school. She said that she was living in a family house, helping her poor mother, but she did not want to stay there without an education. She said, “I have never seen my father for the past 7 years.”

Mr Chibwe was personally in the service and shared his experience with the congregants. “It is a privilege to be able to give those in need,” he said. “You are a success when you can impact the lives of others”.


Mr John Chibwe. 


Another video clip was shown, where Emmanuel TV Partners in Ghana led by Chief Justice John Ajet Nasam worked hard to transform lives of people at the Countryside Orphanage. They shared love and care, educational books, kegs of palm oil, drawing boards, buckets and shoes in the spirit of giving love to those in need. They equally purchased a bus, which they explained was, “for the welfare of the home, not for commercial use”. Bags of rice were also shared out to people, and the orphans were not left out.


In another video shown to the congregation, Emmanuel TV Partners visited Pallam in Southern India. They went there to assist the over 700 families whose 400 houses were destroyed in a horrific fire incident. Rice and other provisions were freely distributed. The Rev. Dr P.N.S. Chandra Bose (President of Bethel Bible College; National Vice President, Bible Society of India) spoke in appreciation of the team’s essential relief efforts and thanked Prophet T.B. Joshua for his kindness.


Next was the announcement of The SCOAN Scholarship Scheme. Some students spoke on behalf of others. One of these was Jennifer Osifo who said due to lack of finance after her father left them, she could not go to school. She said that she was living in a family house, helping her poor mother, but she did not want to stay there without an education. She said, “I have never seen my father for the past 7 years.”


Magaji Mariam (an SS2 student from Ogun State) spoke next. She said that since her father died, her mother could not take care of her and she could not go to school: “My mates go to school; I’m the only one at home”. She had seen other children being given scholarships on Emmanuel TV and requested that she too would be a partaker.


Joseph Aniene (a student of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Benin) also spoke. He said that his course was an expensive one and would need financial assistance to see him through. For his school fees, accommodation, and books, he said he would need 185,000 Naira.

Sandra Paul (a 100 level Economics/ Statistics student at the University of Benin) pleaded to be helped just as the man of God had been helping others. She needed 186,000 Naira to complete her studies.

A total amount of six million naira was given to the hundreds of students who had come for the scholarships. Two bags of rice were also given to the parents and one bag to each student.

A video was replayed showing a woman named Essie Joseph who was afflicted by the spirit of indebtedness. During her deliverance four weeks ago, the evil spirit said she would never be delivered, saying “Nobody can do it”. In her testimony, she said she had been a food seller for many years but her money kept mysteriously vanishing. She soon ran into debts and obtained loans through her sister. Unable to pay back, the creditors made life impossible for her. The sister’s husband was forced to send her out because of the debts and she was beaten by her creditors.

A woman promised to assist Essie Joseph, the Warri-based food seller, by giving her an address of a man who she said would help her. She was asked to go with the kids to the man’s house to obtain his sympathy. He told her that she needed to give what she had to solve her problem and that she should give him her son for the sum of 400,000 naira.


Essie Joseph

Essie initially refused to be persuaded to sell her boy, Efeme, though the man had asked her to “think properly so as not to die of poverty”. However, due to her dire situation, she was prepared to sell her son to the mysterious buyer. As the day when she was to take her son drew closer, Essie resolved to travel to The SCOAN in Lagos due to encouragement by one of her customers.

After her deliverance, she stayed within The SCOAN premises for a month, daily receiving counsel with God’s Word until this service where Prophet T.B. Joshua gave her N400,000 to pay her debts and blessed her children with scholarships. She also received five bags of rice. One of the congregants, moved by her situation, gave her N100,000 to start business afresh.


Prophet T.B. Joshua encouraged the man to continue such philanthropic endeavours. “You are blessed to bless others. You should continue to do so. Help the needy. Where I am strong, you are weak: where I am weak, you are strong”. Another Emmanuel TV viewer phoned the church that he would pay her house rent and take care of her for one year.


Miss Patience Matthews from Akwa Ibom State also testified to the work of God through the Anointing Water. She had been a prostitute, “entertaining three to four men every day” until delivered in the church. She said they were thirteen in the family but two had died earlier. Her mother was dead and father blind. She couldn’t attend school because of poverty and thus entered prostitution. Although she had trained as a fashion designer, she didn’t have the resources to pursue that career.

N200,000 was given to her by the church, as well as three bags of rice. Prophet T.B. Joshua said of her case, “We cannot leave her; we have to help her. After you have worked hard and applied everything perfectly, wait. God still needs to mark it.” A man also phoned the prayer line that he would buy Patience Matthew a new sewing machine. Prophet T.B. Joshua said The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV cannot go places without the ministry of giving – love, kindness, humility, strength, faithfulness and goodness: “We must give it unconditionally for God’s sake. If an assembly is not growing, the head should check his ministry of giving”.


Another video was shown. Two young men had come to the church previously to ask for favour from God. However, Prophet T.B. Joshua had asked them to go back home and bring their elderly mother who had been accused as a witch as without their reconciliation, the doors of blessings could not be opened in the family.

ImageDuring this Sunday service, the mother was brought by her children and other members of the family. Mrs Fatima Ugovwhare from Delta State narrated how she lost her husband and how his family pushed her out of his house, alleging that she was the killer. Her brother died and she became lonely and helpless. She was kept in the backyard of the family house and labelled a witch in the entire community.



Prophet T.B. Joshua openly declared that the woman was not a witch and the family reconciled in a loving embrace. She said she had forgiven all those who had accused her.


A video was shown of a woman, through whom an evil spirit spoke, saying it had created disappointment in her life and caused marital disharmony. It had entered her through her mother and said it had closed all doors of success, causing her husband to send her out of the house. She was delivered by Wise Man Harry in Jesus’ name.

ImageMrs Franca Chimenta And Husband

Later, Prophet T.B Joshua phoned to invite her husband. The husband, who had honoured the prophet’s call, said Mrs Franca Chimenta was an epitome of stubbornness; she disregarded him and fought everyone in the compound so much so that the landlord asked him to leave his house. She was into drinking and showed no signs of remorse when cautioned. He said he had already applied for divorce in court and the case was to be heard the following week. Although a lot of people and pastors had called him to settle the problem, he had refused to budge. However, because of the respect he had for Prophet T.B. Joshua, he heeded the prophet’s invitation and promised to withdraw the divorce letter, now his wife was completely delivered.

The woman confessed in church that her mother had a beer parlor where she sold drinks, and it was from there she developed her bad drinking habit. She pleaded with her husband for forgiveness and to the glory of God, the couple were reconciled!


Mrs Franca Chimenta And Husband



The age of miracles has not past. The Miracle Worker is still alive; His name is Jesus Christ! – TB Joshua

Emmanuel! By the grace of God, SCOAN London will be holding a Prayer Line service on Sunday 1st July 2012, where we will be ministering the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name. The prayer line, previously intended to be held on Sunday June 3rd 2012, has been postponed until Sunday July 1st 2012.

For those who wish to attend the Prayer Line service, it is essential that you register your name and details by emailing us at uk@scoan.org to explain the situation you wish to receive prayer for. Please ensure you receive a confirmation before making travel arrangements. You can also call us on +44 (0) 2070 603939, +44 (0) 7985 034222 or +44 (0) 7432 696657 if you have any further queiries.

Please note – if you wish to attend the Prayer Line, please do not just turn up on Sunday morning without prior registration.

God has many miracles in store for you…just give Him a chance to prove it! (TB Joshua).



The Sunday service was kicked off with a sermon by Wise Man Racine, who spoke on the theme of “Active Faith”. Using John 14:2, he said we can only exercise faith when we put substance to our hope by acting on God’s Word. He said faith believes now, receives now and acts now. Also, referring to Hebrews 11:8, he maintained that every person has a role to play because there is no reason for faith as good as God’s Word. God’s duty is to make His Word available to us and give us His grace. God is faithful to those who are faithful to Him but we must hear and obey His Word. He said the way of obedience is the way of blessing and failure to act faith nullifies our prayers. Acting on God’s Word builds faith in the heart of the believer. He said that mental assent recognizes the truthfulness of God’s Word but never acts on it. He also said that prayer changes us; faith changes things.

Wise Man Racine enlightened the congregation by saying that that successful people don’t just drift to the top; it takes focused action, personal discipline and a lot of effort to make things happen. While maintaining that adversity will make our faith to grow, he advised that we should not let our situation mislead us because to delay is not to deny. He said that Jesus refused to be rushed by the emergencies of others. God’s response is not for those in a hurry. We need patience and perseverance to inherit the kingdom of God. We must act faith to move mountains and act on God’s Words to make His promises real and living in our lives.


In his own message of encouragement, T.B. Joshua asked the congregation a question: “What is your problem? What are you facing? Remember our Saviour, no matter what He was going through in life, whether people were praising Him or not, remained the same. His focus remained the same.” He said that as Christians, our challenges are not like others because a man may be poor and yet a friend of God; a man may be sick in body and yet a candidate of Heaven.  He said that Jesus maintained His focus because He had come to do the will of His Father. He then advised that we keep our focus no matter the situation we may be passing through. Using the example of Apostle Paul and his thorn in the flesh, he said, our disadvantage can be turned into our advantage when God is involved.

He went on to talk about prophecy and prophets saying that a prophet of God shall say that which he himself shall live to see accomplished. “The Bible says a Christian has power in his mouth. The belief in our heart is released by faith out of our mouth. If you are a Christian, a Christian by faith, you shall say that which you shall live to see accomplished.”

Referring back to what he had been talking about for the last few weeks concerning Prophet Micaiah and King Ahab, he said: “There’s a standard in the Bible. The false prophets/ pastors/ bishops/ evangelists that told the people that they shall be victorious/ blessed, shall be disproved by the events. The day will declare who is right and who is wrong. The day will testify to the reality and the fulfilment of the prophecy.”


A video was shown of last week’s Sunday Service in which Uche Ezugba, was prophesied to by Prophet T.B. Joshua, that he had offended a woman who subsequently cursed him, adding that the two of them had made a covenant together on a beach. The man revealed, in confirmation, that he actually spent six and a half years with the woman.

Uche narrated how he had first met the lady at a nightclub and they had agreed to be together. One night, at about 2am, she woke him up and confessed that she was from the water but that he would run mad without any cure if anyone should know of the secret. She told him she had power to make him rich or poor, but he had to fulfil the following obligations – to make love to her every morning before going out for business, to carry out her instructions, to marry her and never to cheat on her with any other woman.

They also went to a beach and swore an oath, making a blood covenant between them. At the beach, she told Uche that she would never be able to conceive for him in life.  He began to see money after agreeing to these conditions. Wealth became his second name. He began to buy cars and business boomed.

However, everything changed when she caught him with another woman.  Angrily driving the lady away, she cut herself with a razor in the kitchen. She touched his forehead and told him he would never forget that day in his entire life, pronouncing a curse of suffering and poverty upon him. She immediately packed her things and left the house, never for him to see her again.

Immediately following the pronouncement of this curse, he lost everything he had – cars, houses and business connections. His shops closed one after the other. He could not even pay the rent for his apartment. He said, “I now squat with a friend, and without anything. I am just camouflaging, just like that.” Any subsequent attempt at a relationship ended in disappointment. The doctor also told him that his sperm count was zero.

Every night, he said he was seeing women in the river whenever he slept who kept flogging and mocking him. He was also full of sickness. When walking alone he would be hearing a voice as if someone was close to him. After his prophecy and deliverance however, he testified that he had been sleeping well without any nightmares. He sincerely thanked God for his deliverance from the marine spirit.

Prophet Joshua used the example to speak to the congregation. He said that many demand for prophecies of prosperity and peace but act in disobedience to God’s Word. He explained that deliverance removes us from the cage of captivity. He said Mr Uche would now “go back and start life again as God created him”.


A video was shown of a woman who had received a prophecy the previous week that she had been initiated into a secret cult. The prophecy from T.B. Joshua had stated that she had found herself in this cult and her son had been mentally affected by this. He was the best among her children and she could not afford to lose him.

Mrs Ugwu Perpetua came to church to confirm the prophecy and explain the circumstances of her being in a cult. Many years ago, she had entered a taxi, without knowing that cultists were the fellow passengers. She was taken to a shrine, under a spell, and initiated while remaining naked. Washing herself in water at the shrine, she was shocked to see the water turn into blood before her eyes. She was warned never to reveal the secret or she or her children would suffer madness.

Her conscience had since been disturbing her because she had not revealed it to anybody, even her husband. Later, she had confided in a friend of hers. Upon exposing the secret, her son who was very intelligent and the best in school suddenly became mentally disturbed and unable to handle. The curse of madness had bounced back onto him. Desperately looking for help, her friend had advised her to come to The SCOAN for deliverance. Remarkably, her husband heard of this story for the first time in the service. She was grateful to God for releasing her and testified of the immense changes in her life since her deliverance the previous week.


Mrs Sylvia Mtetwa from Zimbabwe had come to church to “acknowledge the goodness of the Holy Spirit through the Anointing Water”. According to her, she was coming from years of experience failure, setback and disappointment, but that Jesus Christ had dramatically changed her life after she had administered the Anointing Water. She had applied for a license to own a gold mine, an application which had fallen through consecutively for five long years.

However, after receiving the Anointing Water, she had sprayed it on her application forms, just once, and had taken them to the office. In her words, “I sprayed the water only once. To my greatest surprise, I was given my license instantly! Today, she said she owns a gold mine of about ten (10) hectares. “This is a miracle at my age. Thank You, Jesus; thank You Holy Spirit”, she joyously testified.

Prophet T.B. Joshua reminded all those present of the purpose of our blessing, saying that: “You are blessed to bless others. Help the needy, the poor, the widows and the disabled”.


Mrs Remy Gagara from Bauchi State testified that she had received the Anointing Water and ministered it on herself, believing God for healing from ceased menstruation for many years.

She narrated how immediately after ministering the Anointing Water, she started feeling abdominal pains and then discovered that her menstruation had begun to flow again. In tears she explained how prior to that day she had visited many hospitals to get solution to this problem but all efforts had proved fruitless. She thanked Jesus for His mercy shown to her and for allowing the Anointing Water to be used as a medium to express His healing power in her life.


Mr Benjamin told the church that his child, Rowland, “was a sickler from birth” and that there was a curse of premature death in his family. The child, Rowland, was born in 2005 and had always been unwell due to the scourge of sickle cell anaemia. He was unable to enjoy a normal life as a little boy.  Mr Benjamin had visited many hospitals for a solution, and had fasted and prayed for years.

Having seen a lot of miracles on Emmanuel TV, he had decided to journey to The SCOAN himself and had the opportunity to receive the Anointing Water. After administering it, he confessed to have seen instant changes in his son. Showing the medical reports from the hospitals, he told the church that his son’s genotype had changed from genotype SS to genotype AA, “My son is free from sickness”, he enthusiastically declared to the joy of all those present. Some were also brought to tears by the magnitude of this miracle. T.B. Joshua said of the remarkable miracle, “It is hard for an ordinary man to believe. If you are not delivered, you will not believe. Satan uses doubts to connect us to himself”.

The second service was supervised by the wise men who prophesied into the lives of people on aspects of their limitations, difficulties and troubles. Many also received dramatic deliverances from evil spirits that had tormented their lives for many years. We thank Jesus Christ!




Using the story of Ahab and Prophet Micaiah in 2 Chronicles, Prophet T.B. Joshua continued the message from last week, titled, ‘The Truth Sustains God’s Prophets’. Referring to the initial 400 prophets invited by the King of Israel, Ahab, to prophesy on the outcome of the planned war at Ramoth Gilead, he said, “In searching for the truth, we must look within and beyond our palace”.

He said the truth is older than terror, because God symbolizes truth, and thus, the foundation of every experience. “As truth was older than terror, so it will survive it; it got the start and it will get the race. The day will declare who is in the right and who is in the wrong. God is truth”.

He further explained that, “God confirms the word of His servants by accompanying it, by establishing it. God gives being (life) to His Word. You can speak His Word but God gives life/ being. If He has not given being to His Word, the Word is dead but when He gives that life, the Word becomes life”.


Former Germany-based Nigerian delivered from a 16 year addiction to eating and drinking faeces mixed with his sperm and urine the previous week, Mr Makaila Malomo was invited to speak to the congregation. Knowing there was more to his terrible addiction, T.B. Joshua sent a team of evangelists to accompany Mr Malomo to his home where what he had been doing behind closed doors was uncovered. A documentary of the visit to his home was shown during his testimony where he opened up and said that he was an occultist. The video revealed his altar, full of charms, images, incense and divination articles which he had been using to acquire power. He showed the sand removed from his parents’ graves and numerous magical books with which he did conjuration of evil spirits.

He demonstrated how he worshipped at the occultic altar and how he dressed up every morning, wearing special magically charged clothes. Drawn on the walls of his house were different images showing his deep familiarity with evil spirits. He explained how previously, every night, he would eat his faeces, sperm and urine as part of his routine occultic practices.

Mr Malomo spoke on his experience over the years and how the evil spirit had actually entered him. While studying Journalism in London, he began reading occultic books and watching horror films. After his imprisonment, he spent countless hours reading supernatural and occultic books in the prison library. With his mind so consumed by the occultic world, when the demon visited him in prison and compelled him to eat the concoction of his faeces, sperm and urine in order to attain such power, he unwittingly obeyed. He showed the two dolls he had been using to masturbate himself in order to release needed sperm for his power-seeking spirituality. He said his occultic books gave him inspiration and showed him how to contact demons and destroy people.

Mr Malomo then testified that ever since his deliverance last week, all desire to consume his faeces, sperm and urine disappeared instantly. The day after his deliverance, when going to the toilet, the offensive odour of his faeces dawned on him for the first time in 16 years and he quickly flushed the toilet and sprayed air freshener, ashamed that he had ever eaten such a revolting concoction. He said that he is now eating regularly and is taking care of his appearance. He thanked God for delivering him from this repulsive addiction that had tormented his life!

Next to speak was Cecilia Imade, an elderly woman from Benin who was prayed for by Wise Man Harry during the Monday Service. The video of her deliverance was shown and the moment she was touched, the evil spirit in her manifested and she became violent towards the wise man. Surprised at the violent response of this elderly woman, Prophet T.B. Joshua asked her what was the cause of her reaction.

She responded that she had seen fire all over Wise Man Harry and couldn’t look at his face and from that moment on, she had no awareness of what followed. She was equally shocked to see her karate like movements during the encounter that the evil spirit had compelled her to do.

Mrs Imade, who is originally from Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, explained that after Harry touched her, her body became light when she got up. When young, according to her, she became an orphan so early, and had lived with her uncle. She married at the age of 12 and soon after, dreamt that she had turned into a snake at home and crawled into the Iyogan River. She later dreamt that a man came to her to share money to people and walked into her room claiming to have paid her bride price (dowry).

Explaining how this spiritual husband had affected her life, she said that she married three husbands from who she later separated due to unexplained anger. She was also pursued by mad people. She used to sell the local delicacy, ‘moinmoin’ in New Benin, where she often saw a male lunatic attempting to hold on to her, as if he was her husband. She had to keep pursuing him with a stick, to avoid embarrassment. She related how the spirit of lust had led her to walk up to a young man in a vehicle and asked him to sleep with her. In the midst of all this, her and all her children were bedwetting. She had seen Emmanuel TV in her family house, and she was convinced her deliverance would come if she came to The SCOAN. Her pathetic story moved the church.


Lovelyn Etima explained how she had been introduced to prostitution in school by a friend who later initiated her by giving her an occultic necklace and earring to wear to a party.  Ever since then, she would see herself in her dreams in the marine kingdom where she was given the assignment of destroying men by collecting their sperm and giving it to the ‘Queen Mother’. In this evil kingdom, she was instructed never to marry or have children in the physical world but was promised she would be promoted if she brought more than 10 sperm each day. This pushed her to sleep with up to 20 men each day.  These men would subsequently be destroyed and would be unable to father children.

After leaving school, she broke the covenant and attempted to marry on three occasions but each attempt resulted in the death of her fiancés by accident. When she came to The SCOAN for deliverance, the evil spirit pushed her to stay outside the church during the entirety of the Sunday service. The next day, as the man of God asked all the pregnant women to come inside the church, she entered and was delivered through an encounter with Wise Man Harry, in Jesus’ name. She testified that since her deliverance, she slept well and was no longer tormented by the spiritual husband.


Jonathan Ogiku told how he lost his job in 2011 and life became terrible for him. He had the opportunity to receive the Anointing Water when he came to The SCOAN. He prayed with it, and a week later, he saw T.B. Joshua in a dream congratulating him. A week after that, he received a letter of appointment. To his surprise, he was interviewed for and was given the position of General Manager, something he never expected.

He advised that people should know that nothing is impossible to God’s power. Only He can turn their problems to testimonies.


Gladys Dogbaje from Ghana testified to her deliverance from an addiction to eating ice cubes for 12 long years. The addiction had resulted in severe stomach pains, persistent bleeding and fibroids. After her deliverance last week, Gladys testified that her craving for ice cubes immediately vanished and her bleeding stopped miraculously.

Lily Mastara from Zimbabwe shared a similar testimony. She had been addicted to eating ice cubes for eight years which had also led to chest pain. After her deliverance last week following the prayer of Wise Man Racine, she has stopped eating ice cubes and now sleeps well. She has no desire to eve see ice cubes again! She advised all those who are addicted to come to the church because, “God is able to do touch every case

Fire on the mountain – TB Joshua impersonators exposed….

I have just come across the article below l think l should share with my readers.

In a previous post we made clear to our readers that Satan and his children are NOT happy with the way God is operating at the SCOAN, using Prophet TB Joshua and 5 Wise men hence, they continue to fabricate lies upon lies in attempt to damage the ministry of TB Joshua. Satan is not looking for the people who are already in his kingdom; rather he’s busy hauling those who’re in God’s kingdom into his kingdom. As it was so it is, just as Judas was used to betray Jesus, certain individuals now use online news sites to spread spiteful lies against the work of God at the SCOAN.

One of those who in recent times has spread malicious lies against the ministry of SCOAN is Mr. Eddie Amartey, who is popularly known on a TB Joshua critic Blog as “MR Terrific” he’s unarguably behind some of the most blasphemous remarks about TB Joshua on a reputed critic blog. He made so many bogus claims on that site, ascribing so many events in the ministry including TB Joshua’s Ghana Crusade to his acclaimed immense contributions and now claims to be in a good position to warn others to be wary of SCOAN. But what is the truth of Eddie Amartey’s involvement with SCOAN? Our correspondents visited the SCOAN during the past week to conduct some investigations inclusive of Eddie Amartey’s role in SCOAN and their findings were astonishing on this unmasked imposter, read on the ensuing interview with one of the group co-ordinators and our correspondents.

WTJ: Good day Sir, I’m Mrs. Stella woods and this is Mr. Selwyn Clark. We have been directed to you in respect of Mr. Amartey.
Ans: My name is Mr. Charles How may I help you?

WTJ: We have come from the US in respect of the lot of rumours surrounding the ministry of the SCOAN, and were directed to you for details of Mr. Amartey a one time member whom we understand was a member of Ecowas group you once co-ordinated

Ans: Is it Jane Amartey of which Amartey are you referring to? Because we only know one Amartey and she is female.

WTJ: Wow, We saw in one article in which he claims he was a member and was the one who organised the Ghana crusade in 1997

Ans: Oh That Twat!

WTJ: Excuse me, what did you say?

Ans: I said he is a twat, the most irresponsible person I’ve ever seen, in Fact please go, He will make me insult him.

WTJ: So you know him?

Ans: Yes we know him.

WTJ: So he was a member and the one who made it possible for the Ghana crusade to be held in 1997

Ans: Mrs. Woods and Mr. Man, what do you want from me?


Ans: First the only Amartey we know in the SCOAN HQ is Jane Amartey, she Joined the Church late 1996 and she is the only Amartey I co-ordinated, I remember when she just joined the church, she had a problem which brought her, her womb was always coming out anytime she goes to the loo. I know her as a hair dresser who has a shop somewhere in Yaba (a place in Lagos Nigeria) and God healed her at the SCOAN. I even have her picture here, see (opens a book with her picture pasted against her name) She was the one who brought Mr. Stephen Apomnsem who was mad and walking the streets of Lagos when Jane Amartey met him and brought him to the church where he was healed. So on the issue of Amartey; he’s not the one who organised the Ghana crusade.

WTJ: Can you please tell us then how the Ghana crusade came to be?

Ans: When I first joined it we had four Ghanaian disciples under TB Joshua, these were the people who helped with the crusade in Ghana.

WTJ: So you mean it’s not Amartey who started the Ghana crusade…

WTBJ: Please can you tell us how did the Ghana crusade started? – Please we edge you to be calm. We see that you don’t want to hear the name Amartey.

Ans: When the group was first formed in the Church, it was called Global Group, now Ecowas Group, because It’s member were mostly from West Africa especially Ghana and that’s when l was nominated as the group coordinator. There were 5 Ghanaians under TB Joshua at the time as disciples under training. They were the one that encouraged us to organise the Ghana Crusade “GHANA FOR CHRIST” 1997, we as group started contributing money towards the Crusade, we even held night vigil every Friday. When we thought we’ve got enough money to cover the crusade we informed TB Joshua of what we intended to do. He was so happy he asked us to nominate someone from the group to go to Ghana in search of good venue in Accra for the crusade. One Mr. Eric was chosen, so he left for Ghana. 9 days later Mr. Eric came back with names of 4 venues – BLACK STAR SQURE, TRADE FAIR CENTER, and ELWAK STADIUM & KANESHI SPORT COMPLEX.

The one we could afford with the money we had was the Trade Fair Center. We had to agree on a date and pay for the venue; we chose a day in March and stated making posters, that’s when PFN sent to GPC not to accept TB Joshua in Ghana calling all sorts of names.

Faith Cometh published Nana Antoh account on this issue click Here. To save you time we extracted of what he said below.

FC: When did you first come to know about the SCOAN?

Rev. Antoh: In 1997, I was the administrator of the Ghana Pentecostal Council. At that time, the man of God wanted to come to Ghana for a crusade and the Ghana Pentecostal Council were asked to host him. As of then, nobody knew him in Ghana. I had been a pastor for several years but I never heard the name T.B. Joshua. When he said he wanted to come to Ghana some Nigerian churches sent their pastors to Ghana to ask our council not to accept him because they said he was an occultist. So, at the beginning, we were very lackadaisical in accepting him.

Also a few Nigerian ministers had come to swindle the council before; so we had a very negative impression about Nigerian ministers. Now his own countrymen were coming to tell us: “Don’t accept that man; he is an occultist”. The man of God sent another group to us, saying that he was ready to pay for four pastors from the council to come to the SCOAN, stay for any number of days to see for themselves. So, some senior pastors were chosen and stayed there for five days. When they came back to Ghana, they said: “Listen, this is from God; let us accept the man!” Some of us were arguing: “How can you use only four days to examine the man?” The council came together and had a vote and those who voted for the man of God to come to Ghana won. So, the man of God came to Ghana.

We had to shift the date forward. On Sunday March 16th 1997 Jane Amartey brought a man she introduced as her husband Mr. Edmund Nii Ayiku Amartey, we all welcomed him. After the Church service that that day Mr Eric came forward to give the feedback on the arrangement, in his words “Emmanuel, l thank God for everything, the date the group asked me to book is not available, and l thinks we need to make provision for TV advert so why don’t me move the date ahead. I also discover that to get a big crowed we need to involve the Ghana Pentecostal Council. They will be the one to distribute the posters and the banners among the Churches in Ghana. But there is a small problem, l have been to the GPC and it seems to be a problem from Pastor here Nigeria” so we had t inform TBJ who sent Mr. Ben Esien one of his Ghanaian disciple to travel to Ghana. It was at this stage we got to know how much Mr. Amartey wanted to be involved.

Watch this space for the real Amartey.

Famous Indonesian philosopher Prof Dr HM Quraish Shihab Speaks On TB Joshua

Prof Dr HM Quraish Shihab: “God still sends a Man of God, like T.B. Joshua with his miracles as those that Prophet Jesus performed”

The bible in 1 Corinthians 1: 27 talks about how God uses the foolish things of this world to shame the wise, Jesus authoritatively taught that if men refuse to praise Him, God would in His power raise stones to praise Him, this parable could be taken on a literal level to mean “physical stones” but on a deeper level refers most likely to praises of God’s supremacy from the most unlikely sources. In perfect harmony with Jesus Words surprising  acknowledgement of TB Joshua’s  genuiness have come from the lips of World renowned Muslim, Prof Dr HM Quraish Shihab, an Indonesian famous philosopher. This acknowledgement comes at a time when TB Joshua remains most controversial amongst some acclaimed Christians and some professed pastors, he taught in a lecture whilst Quoting from the Holy Scriptures and Qur’an, in testifying of Jesus and TB Joshua as God Holy servants, he said thus;

“If an apostle always gives a lesson, which is contrary to your pride any time he comes, therefore, will you accuse some of them and kill the others?” QS 2:87.

This is human being, when a prophet comes with miracles, they will still reject him. Would you still have no faith in the teachings of Prophet Jesus?

Rasulullah explains the miracles of Prophet Jesus as:
QS 3:49 \ “Surely, I have come to you bringing a sign of wonder from God,

– I made you from the earth in the form of a bird, then I breathed, then it became a bird as God would;

– And I healed those born blind and a person with skin disease and I raised the dead with God’s permission;

– And I gave you what you eat and store in your houses. Verily, this is an apostolic sign of truth for you, if you truly believe”.

Miracles of Jesus in the BIBLE:

The Healing of the Demon Possessed Boy (Matthew 17:14-20)

17 “You unbelieving and perverse generation,” Jesus replied, “how long shall I stay with you? How long shall I put up with you? Bring the boy here to me.” 18 Jesus rebuked the demon, and it came out of the boy, and he was healed at that moment.

Jesus Heals the Sick (Matthew 14:34-36)

34 When they had crossed over, they landed at Gennesaret. 35 And when the men of that place recognized Jesus, they sent word to all the surrounding country. People brought all their sick to him 36 and begged him to let the sick just touch the edge of his cloak, and all who touched it were healed.

God still sends a man of God, like T.B. Joshua with his miracles as those that Prophet Jesus performed. He heals various sicknesses just by touching the sick or by using the medium of the Anointing Water.


Emmanuel TV.-  http://www.emmanuel.tv/

After reading the Words of God above and seeing Emmanuel TV and the Man of God T.B. Joshua, what is your reaction?

Will you reject it as you rejected any prophet who came with miracles from Allah?

If an apostle always gives a lesson which is contrary to your pride anytime he comes, therefore, will you accuse some of them and kill the others? QS 2:87

He, who has faith and follows the teachings of Prophet Jesus (Prophet Isa), then God will put in his heart love, respect and a peaceful life.

Rasulullah SAW explains:

Therefore, our apostles follow behind them and Isa, the son of Mary and we gave to Him the Gospel and we put in His heart respect and love. QS.57: 27.
Those who reject God’s commandment above are those who follow some part and ignore the rest – QS 2:85 – their lives will be disgraced on earth and in the hell.

May God open our heart. Amen. Pray that God open our heart. Amen.

ABOUT Muhammad Quraish Shihab : His full name is Muhammad Quraish Shihab. He was born on February 16, 1944 at Rapang, South Sulawesi.  He came from an educated family of Arab descent. His father, Prof.. KH. Abdurrahman Shihab is a scholar and professor in the field of interpretation. Abdurrahman Shihab regarded as one of the leading educators who have a good reputation among the people of South Sulawesi. Its contribution in the field of education is evident from his efforts to build two colleges in Ujung Pandang, Indonesia is Muslim University (UMI), the largest private university in the eastern part of Indonesia, and IAIN Alauddin no longer significant. Read complete bio

source: http://latifabdul.multiply.com/journal/item/949/Mukjizat_Nabi_Isa_as_—-vs—TB_Joshua.

Kenyan minister George Saitoti’s death in helicopter accident- TB Joshua Exclusive!

On June 4, 2012, during a Monday Live Service, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied regarding the leader of a country. He said he saw an accident and asked whether it was on the air or on the ground. These were his words.

“Ninety percent of what we’re doing here is all about other nations all over the world. Like today, around 3am and what happened. I saw the leader of a country. Whether he is the Vice President of a country or the present— I saw all of them having an accident. Is it on the air or on the ground? Sometimes, when I want to know what is happening, how does it happen, what is this, I keep asking.”

Six days after this prophetic vision was given, on Sunday, June 10, 2012, a helicopter in Kenya had an accident in the air. It carried Minister George Saitoti, Kenya’s Internal Security Minister, former Vice President and current presidential candidate.

Just as Prophet T.B. Joshua had stated in the prophetic message, the leader of the country whom he saw involved in an accident in the air was George Saitoti, born August 3, 1945, a Kenyan politician, businessman, economist, mathematician and development policy thinker.

He served as Kenya’s longest serving Vice-President, serving for 13 years as the 6th Vice President of Kenya. He served as Minister for Internal Security and Provincial Administration, Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs and key member of the National Security Advisory Committee (NSAC), Minister for Finance and Minister for education.

Saitoti’s Tragic End; “Could have been averted” as a TB Joshua  saw it Six days earlier

He also served as President of the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States in 1999-2000.

As a mathematician, Saitoti served as Head of the Mathematics Department at the University of Nairobi. He pioneered the founding of the African Mathematical Union(AMU) and served as its Vice President from 1976-1979. This was one of his landmark contributions, institutionalizing Mathematics as a discipline in Africa.

As an economist, Saitoti served as the Executive Chairman of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

He had been billed as a front-runner in the race to succeed President Mwai Kibaki as President of Kenya in the upcoming 2013 elections.

May the souls of the departed rest in peace and may we continue to listen to the voice of God, spoken through His servants. When God speaks, the wise listen. Whatever situation we may find ourselves in, God is still saying something.

T.B. Joshua: The man who saw tomorrow?

He has a smile for everyone, yet many regard him as one of the most controversial prophets that ever walked the nation and beyond. Many have not stopped reminiscing on the Dana air crash which was reported to have been foretold, among many other prophecies, by Prophet T.B. Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations. KEHINDE OYETIMIwrites on the man and his prophetic declarations.

IT was a usually religiously imbued Sunday—June 3. Major roads led to religious centers with obliviousness written in the air. The hours travelled, morning gave birth to noon before catastrophe struck. The Dana Air passenger aircraft crashed around 3p.m. in Lagos, killing all that travelled in it including a few on ground at the spot of its crash. It was one of the bleakest Sundays in the history of the nation.

While the nerve-shattering news rent the air, plucking tears from the eyes of many, people began to recollect that precisely on February 2, this year, Prophet T.B. Joshua, the highly revered pastor of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, located in Lagos, called upon all that cared to listen to pray and fast, especially for those flying within Nigeria. Joshua was reported however to have said the crash would be due to a security challenge.

The prophet, in his admonition, had prophesied that a plane crash would occur and it would claim many lives including that of top government officials. This was eventually so on the Dana crash. His prophecy was published on February 2, this year by the Nigerian Tribune.

It would be recalled that it had become quite characteristic of this man in the synagogue of chipping in precise prophetic utterances during his sermons. Some, he would speak out rightly, others, he would speak in shrouded parables. Many of his counterparts in pastoral work have usually found his methods quite controversial. He was equally reputed to have predicted the death of the music legend—Michael Jackson, including the death of the President Mutharika of Malawi which equally happened.

With the death of so many lives in the Dana air disaster and following the exactitude with which his previous prophecies had come to fruition, many Nigerians, irrespective of religious leanings have been forced to raise some questions concerning the predictions of this man in the Synagogue. Could listening and acting on the prophetic utterances of Joshua be the reduction of sudden deaths? Would the over 150 lives lost at the Dana crash being saved if close attention had been paid to the predictions of Joshua? Could the prayer and fasting recommended by the prophet have saved the day if the proffered spiritual exercise has been observed across the length and breadth of the nation?

Many football fans would also recall the prophet’s prediction in the final round of the last UEFA Championship. Despite being viewed as puerile, many who felt directly concerned took the prediction serious, just as others took it with a pinch of salt. There are also reports that Joshua had predicted World War III should Iran and Israel go to war. Joshua claimed that if the war started, it would be the longest and worst in human history.

Just as Joshua commands so many followers who believe strongly that his ministry is of God, many others both within and outside the country also cast aspersion on his spiritual methods. For instance, it was reported that the Cameroonian government blacklisted Prophet T.B. Joshua from its country on charges of anti-Christian practices.

Many  people have wondered about the power with which he performed miracles and gave prophetic utterances. But the prophet has repeatedly insisted that he is just an instrument in God’s hands. In interaction with some select foreign observers who had come on a pilgrimage to the church, the prophet spoke of how the church started.

According to him, “People would call me and ask me to pray for them. If they want to play football, I would pray for them. They began to come to me individually for prayers. It was pray for me, pray for me, pray for me all the way. You see, God Almighty is awesome. He can use any medium to express Himself. He can use sand, water, stone, rod, he can use anything.

“When Moses was asking God, what should he do, God asked him: “What is in your hand?” He said rod. Then God said: “Use it to divide the sea.” Or are you talking about Paul and Silas in the prison yard? They were there and they never said: Hey, in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus. They just sang praises to God. The used the medium of sound. Or are you talking of Joshua. He said to his people to just shout Alleluia and the walls of Jericho fell. God uses any medium to express Himself.

“The ministry started from St. Stevens Primary School where I collected the cutlass from the madman and where I started leading the Scriptures Union, teaching the Bible and everything. This is where the awareness of God’s presence in me started. It continued. Everything big starts little. If everything big starts big, it calls for concern.”

While the nation is still unable to overcome the devastation of the Dana air crash, many would perhaps begin to take serious the prophetic utterances of Joshua.

Source: http://www.tribune.com.ng/sun/church-features/7544-tb-joshua-the-man-who-saw-tomorrow


“When the supernatural power of God comes upon you. something will happen to you which cannot be explained by the ordinary mind. That is salvation!” – T.B. Joshua

Emmanuel! By the grace of God, SCOAN London will be holding a Prayer Line service on Sunday 6th May 2012, where we will be ministering the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name.

For those who wish to attend the Prayer Line service, it is essential that you register your name and details by emailing us at uk@scoan.org to explain the situation you wish to receive prayer for. Please ensure you receive a confirmation before making travel arrangements. You can also call us on +44 (0) 2070 603939, +44 (0) 7985 034222 or +44 (0) 7432 696657 if you have any further queiries.

Please note – if you wish to attend the Prayer Line, please do not just turn up on Sunday morning without prior registration

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