LIVE Sunday Service At The SCOAN With T.B. Joshua (18/08/19)

If millions of this generation are to believe, they must see PROOF that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! Get ready to witness undeniable evidence of God’s Word and power at work as you join Prophet T.B. Joshua in a practical demonstration of Christianity in today’s Sunday Live Service at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria.

LIVE Sunday Service At The SCOAN With T.B. Joshua (11/08/19)

If millions of this generation are to believe, they must see PROOF that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! Get ready to witness undeniable evidence of God’s Word and power at work as you join Prophet T.B. Joshua in a practical demonstration of Christianity in today’s Sunday Live Service at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria. For more information:


Earth Shaking Healings and Testimonies at TB Joshua Church

For three pain-filled years, Mr Emmanuel Semadio was under the yoke of a stiff neck and muscle spasms owing to cervical spondylosis. The 55-year-old Tanzanian was condemned to using drugs and a neck collar, yet it was always a big task for him even to move his neck. Consequently, he was severely limited at work, being a director of finance at his company. Last week, he took his case to God Almighty and received prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ at The SCOAN. “Run to Jesus,” he advised people even as he suggested they visit The Arena of Liberty for prayers.


During the Sunday Mass Prayer, man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a prophetic message concerning a lady who had been diagnosed as having triple fibroids in her womb, declaring that the fibroids had started coming out. As Mrs Aziagbenyo was listening to the prophetic message, she could feel blood trickling down her thighs and she immediately knew she was the one the prophetic message concerned, recollecting her several visits to the doctor. Happy to hear the prophecy, she briskly walked towards the man of God and confirmed the prophecy.

Sharing their experience during the testimony session, Mr Augustine (Aziagbenyo’s husband) said for more than 12 years the fibroids had caused them childlessness and marital unhappiness, as well as severe abdominal pain in the life of his wife. He confirmed further that after that prophetic message from Prophet T.B. Joshua, she bled out all the fibroids and she no more has abdominal pains. The couple advised everyone to believe in Jesus Christ and never doubt his ability to heal.

“Hot water burns from the engine radiator; I can’t walk! I have excruciating pains” was the cry that came from Andrew Akhahue some weeks ago. Five weeks ago, while on a journey, the engine of the vehicle that was conveying him overheated. He joined the driver in checking the engine to see what the problem was but even before the driver had properly opened the bonnet of the car, the hot water from inside splashed on him causing serious burns to his thighs. Despite hospital treatment, he was still experiencing severe pain. “The pain was still there. I was feeling serious pains. My thighs could not touch each other. It is a pain I would not like to remember”.
Then came his long-awaited moment. “Whatever chain satan has used to connect you to himself, be loosed in the name of Jesus Christ”, was the powerful utterance from Prophetess Yinka who prayed for him. “Immediately the woman of God prayed, my body system changed”, he said. Andrew started to shout as he felt the intense heat of the spiritual operation taking place. “I regained myself after that prayer. When she asked me to stand up, I discovered I was totally free and was able to walk, pain-free!” In giving his testimony, with the wounds on his thighs completely healed, he advised: “Doctors treat but God heals perpetually!”


Mrs Maria Franscisca, a Colombian living in Switzerland suffered from a serious case of gastritis. Not only that, she also had fibromyalgia and a problem with her shoulder. These problems caused her to live a life of pain for 25 years. Unable to find any solution in her country, she came to The SCOAN in Nigeria seeking a divine solution to her condition. During The SCOAN Living Water Service she climbed the altar and drank the Living Water, in the name of Jesus Christ. When she returned to her seat, she suddenly started to vomit a blackish poisonous substance all over the ground. Immediately after she finished vomiting, she felt free from the 25 years of pain and was able to raise her shoulder once again.

Her sister, Betty Murillo, was delighted to see her sister healed. She also testified of how she was set free from hypertension. The problem caused her to be unable to sleep, but after drinking the Living Water she has finally been able to sleep normally. The sisters advised everyone to have faith in God as the Perfect Healer. Hallelujah!

Mr Daniel Lumisa, a Congolese based in Canada, had suffered from deafness for four years. He had been in the company of his students when an ill wind suddenly struck him. Since then, he could no longer hear. Shockingly, when he went to the doctor, they told him that he had lost 80 percent of his hearing; he was then asked to buy rather expensive hearing aids. Owing to his condition, he lost his job. Believing in the power of Jesus Christ to heal him, he decided to come to The SCOAN. On his way to Lagos, he had been unable to hear any announcement inside the plane. During the Sunday Service, Prophetess Yinka prayed for Mr Daniel Lumisa in the power of the Holy Spirit. At the mention of the name of Jesus Christ, a force popped out of his ears and instantly he started hearing again. Now, he is healed and his hearing aids have become things of the past, as he can now hear properly, to the glory of God. He said, ”Since then, I am cured and back to my job. I am very happy.”

The marital joy of the Chinweoke’s had began to fade away when Happiness could not conceive after 3 years of their union. The couple became agitated moving from one hospital to another in search of a solution. After consultation with various medical specialists, it was discovered that Mrs Chinweoke’s tubes were blocked and the couple were told that there was no way they could conceive a child with this problem.
Without considering any other option, the Chinweoke’s came to The SCOAN to seek the face of God in their situation. While the Mass Prayer was in progress, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied about a woman in the congregation whom something had just burst out of and it was not a fibroid. Mrs Happiness Chinweoke went to the toilet to check herself and saw that blood was coming out of her, she was surprised because she was not on her menstruation and she never had any history of fibroid, it was then it dawned on her that it was the blockage in her fallopian tube that God had miraculously flushed out. She came out before the congregation to confirm that she was the one the prophecy concerned.
Mr and Mrs Chinweoke went back home believing God had turned their situation around. They met as husband and wife and to the glory of God, Mrs Chinweoke became pregnant.
She came back to the The SCOAN with her husband to show the evidence of God’s power. Mrs Chinweoke looking heavily pregnant told the congregation that she was coming back with her baby to give glory to God. She advised everyone to wait patiently for God’s time.

Tanzanian couple Mr and Mrs Mugyabuso had been married for nine years without a baby to show for it. Of course, the pregnancies were coming but they always ended up in miscarriages. It was clearly the hand of the devil in their lives. Tired of simply “playing” with his wife, Mr Mugyabuso sought God’s right hand on their lives. They visited The SCOAN and received prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. After a touch by man of God TB Joshua, the couple returned home with The New Morning Water. After ministering it for a few months, the right hand of God indeed manifested in the couple’s lives, as Mrs Mugyabuso fell pregnant. Today, their daughter Blessing is a testimony to God’s awesome power! Mr Mugyabuso advised people to believe in God’s incredible power


On the 18th of April 2018, Mrs Cynthia Lavoe had been in labour but after three hours, the doctors found that her baby had died. They had to evacuate the baby – and they did. Mrs Lavoe returned home. After three days, however, her stomach began to swell and her stitches broke open, with fluid flowing out of it. When she returned to the hospital, doctors conducted a series of tests on her but nothing was found. All the same, she kept returning to the hospital for the dressing of her stitches. With the situation not seeming to improve, however, her husband decided to visit The SCOAN, where he received The Good Morning Sticker. On returning home, he brought out the sticker and prayed with it together with his wife. They passed the night with the wife placing the sticker on her stomach. That night, an angelic figure appeared in her dream, telling her that something had been left inside her stomach by the surgeons.

The following morning, she went to the hospital for the usual dressing. And true to the dream revelation, while the doctors and nurses were dressing Mrs Lavoe, one of the nurses spotted something strange. The nurse pulled at the object and it turned out to be the surgical gauze that had been used during the evacuation surgery. It was indeed an amazing moment as the medical personnel finally pulled out all of the gauze. From that moment onwards, Mrs Lavoe began to get better. Today, she is back to perfect health. Testifying in church today with her husband, she glorified God for saving her life by His mercy. The couple advised people not to joke with the faith tools that they get at The SCOAN.


“From the age of 14, I wanted to sleep with anyone around me, even animals aroused me”. Under the bondage of lust Rosemond left home in her early teenage years following the fleshly desires that ran rampant in her veins.

Now on the streets, a woman seemingly ‘better off than her’ propositioned her saying, “I want you to be my husband”. Unsure of her intention but swayed by the strangers offer of a roof over her head, Rosemond followed the lady who in turn took her to buy clothes, then said they were going out. They went out to a residence were the lady would book men for Rosemond to sleep with for a price that had been determined by her mistress.

At the end of the day, Rosemond would eat, then be told to shower then instructed to perform ‘a husband’s duties’ on her mistress. After living the life of a sex slave for some years Rosemond decided to take matters into her own hands. She eloped to a hotel and indulged in prostitution as her own boss. On four occasions Rosemond found herself with child but after delivery would drop the newborns at her mother’s house then abscond, changing her SIM, blocking her mother from contacting her.

Eventually Rosemond encountered a man who wanted her to stop prostitution and marry him. She got pregnant for him and he brought her to Nigeria to introduce his fiancé. The Nigerian family did not agree with the union and Rosemond was rejected as the wife to be. With anger Rosemond left and went straight back to what she knew – prostitution but brothel owners would not take Rosemond with her child. Seeing her baby as a hindrance to what she wanted to achieve, she made attempts to kill her child but instead of dying. Her baby would be unharmed and smiling at her. The unusual response struck Rosemond’s heart and in a short time she was headed for The SCOAN for deliverance. Instantly Prophet Racine laid his hand on her in prayer – manifestation and deliverance took place exposing the ugly head behind her dark and demeaning deeds. “Before the man of God reached me a voice spoke to me in my language saying, ‘Do you want to disgrace me? Leave here!’” But another voice encouraged her to stay and she did and today she is delivered, lust free and now holds her baby lovingly.

Rosemond’s terrible and touching testimony reminds us that Jesus Christ receives repentant souls, He loves them and welcomes them; the worst of sins can be forgiven.

His parents had been worried when he started to complain about sight problems. His father being a medical doctor himself, he had reached out to other experts, who told him his child might soon become permanently blind, considering there was too much pressure on the boy’s optical nerves due to onset of glaucoma. Despite the doctors’ efforts, however, the boy’s condition worsened. Although the doctors had scheduled the boy for an operation, his parents took a step of faith by bringing him to The SCOAN after being introduced to Emmanuel TV. After prayers by man of God T.B. Joshua, the little boy received his healing. On returning to the experts, the parents were told that their child was in perfect health as far as his sight was concerned. Glory be to God! His parents advised people to believe nothing is impossible for God.

LIVE Sunday Service At The SCOAN With T.B. Joshua 28/07/19

If millions of this generation are to believe, they must see PROOF that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! Get ready to witness undeniable evidence of God’s Word and power at work as you join Prophet T.B. Joshua in a practical demonstration of Christianity in today’s Sunday Live Service at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria. For more information:

LIVE Sunday Service At The SCOAN With T.B. Joshua (21/07/19)

If millions of this generation are to believe, they must see PROOF that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! Get ready to witness undeniable evidence of God’s Word and power at work as you join Prophet T.B. Joshua in a practical demonstration of Christianity in today’s Sunday Live Service at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria.
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After calling for God´s will to be done in theirs and the lives of the congregation, The SCOAN Choir urged everyone to enter into God´s presence with all of their heart, laying down their burdens before His throne of grace. Who on earth, they asked, could have imagined that Jesus of Nazareth would lay down His life to rescue mankind?

After the praise and worship session, Prophet TB Joshua joined the congregation. He exhorted them on the need to show love to those who hate them and to quit indulging in self-pity and self-righteousness. He thereafter prayed for them in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, giving words of prophecy to deliver the captive, heal the sick and save souls.

In a well-illustrated message, Prophet Chris spoke on ‘Damage Control’, taking readings from John 10:10Ephesians 4:26-27,31-32, Galatians 5:14-15, Luke 6:29, Mathew 5:25, Romans 12:18 and Hebrews 12:14. What all these scriptures have in common is the need for Christians to imbibe the virtues of forgiveness and tolerance, realising that no person is perfect and that the key to gaining God’s promised blessings is by refusing to be satan’s captive through holding grudges. In his words, “Everyone has been wronged and everyone gets it wrong,” hence the need to avoid the “self-inflicted wound” of harbouring offence.


For seven years, Madam Chidinma Ohuakanwa, a Nigerian, suffered from a stiff neck, stiff hands, back pain, headaches and high blood pressure due to cervical spondylosis.

Expectedly, the problems made it impossible for her to lead a normal life at home and in the office. With her medications, neck collar and physiotherapy sessions unable to bring her relief or help her sleep at night, the Abuja resident took her friend’s advice to seek divine healing at The SCOAN. Two weeks ago, she visited and received prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. “It was like a current ran through my whole body,” she said of her experience during the prayers, adding: “It was a new me that stood up from the ground.” During her testimony last week, she prayed for God’s blessings for her friend who introduced her to Emmanuel TV.


For Mr Ted Bobier, a 55-year-old Canadian artist, God manifested Himself in a mighty way two weeks ago. Afflicted for 20 years with sleep apnea, a dangerous condition that could have taken his life at short notice,

Mr Bobier had come to The SCOAN seeking God’s face. As the woman of God prayed for him, he felt the Holy Spirit overshadow him as he began to vomit uncontrollably, his body shaking vigorously as he fell on all fours. Once he got back on his feet, Mr Bobier gave thanks to the Master Surgeon, Jesus, who had healed him perfectly. Testifying on Sunday, he told the congregation of how he had been sleeping without his breathing machine since his healing. He declared, “This is the meaning of ‘Good Morning’!”


It was a spinal cord problem that made it difficult for Mr Ikwueze Ikechukwu to walk. A Nigerian resident in Lome, Togo, he had tried numerous hospitals and medications and medical aids, including a lumbar corset, which rather worsened his condition.

“It made me to lose hope in life,” he told the church last week during his testimony. His Lagos-based fiancée had advised him to seek divine help at The SCOAN, since his problem had in fact followed a dream attack. In faith, he had visited The Arena of Liberty a fortnight ago and God’s unfailing power had restored his spinal cord to normalcy, after prayers by the woman of God.

“I received my healing instantly. My body is so light,” he said while exercising to demonstrate his perfect healing. He advised people to trust Jesus for their healing at any living church.


Hers had been a case of constant bleeding that had defied all known medical solutions. The Ghanaian Mrs Patricia Amewugah had been one of the recipients of blessings at The Arena of Liberty two weeks ago. For the past three months she had been bleeding and had attended The Sunday Service in faith, believing her condition would be mentioned. As he took to the altar and led the congregation in prayer, prophecies began to flow and the case of Mrs Amewugah was opened. As the prophecy was spoken Mrs Amewugah’s heart jumped and she quickly stepped forward to confirm the words of prophecy. As instructed by Prophet TB Joshua she went to check herself and found the bleeding had come to an end. “Speak to God and ask Him to locate your case”, she advised people.


He was a con artist, specialising in parting marriage-seeking women from their hard-earned money. He would bait them on social media and defraud them of huge sums after meeting them in person. However, he wasn’t acting alone; he had the support of charms – a ring and some liquid given to him by a witch doctor– with which he hypnotised his victims. He would wear the ring on a finger and place drops of the liquid on his tongue. Sometimes he took as much as 10,000 thousand dollars from his foreign victims.

Tired of earning his living this way, Mr Sylvester George visited The SCOAN for deliverance, removing the ring from his finger and putting it in his pocket as he stepped into the church. The word of prophecy located him as Prophet TB Joshua ministered. On Sunday, he returned to church to testify of his new life in Christ. He advised fraudsters to realise that God’s own gifts are the best and most long-lasting.


When she was a child, together with her siblings, she used to taste of the blood of animals sacrificed to her family idol. Little did Miss Joy Ndak know that the ritual was going to affect her in later years. Now 30 years old, Miss Joy had been a bed-wetter for the past 25 years, like her siblings.

The condition has made it hard for her to settle down, as prospective husbands leave her once they discover her problem. To the glory of God, she received her healing two Mondays ago, at The Living Water Service. There, the contrary spirit in her had exposed itself before being expelled for good. In her testimony last Sunday, Miss Ndak told the congregation that she had not bed-wet since her deliverance. She therefore advised everyone to seek the face of God for their deliverance.


Miss Edith Nsowaa, a Ghanaian, suffered from hepatitis for years. Owing to the disease, friends and family deserted her. In trying to find a solution, she exhausted her resources and had to fend alone for her young Norwegian-born son.

Besides her hepatitis, Miss Nsowaa also suffered stagnation in life. To raise money, she had tried to sell off a piece of landed property but nobody was willing to buy even at the incredible giveaway price she was willing to accept. She took her case to God. After a visit to The SCOAN, she started ministering The Morning Water. Soon, she secured title documents to the land after many years of futile application to the land authorities.

More importantly, she received her perfect cure from hepatitis even as her son has now been granted the Norwegian citizen’s privileges that he had earlier been denied. Before ending her testimony on Sunday, she advised people to place their faith in Jesus rather than fellow humans.


It was just a few days after ‘The Nazareth Meeting with TB Joshua’ (June 23-24, 2019). Helen Muyiwa, a youth member of The SCOAN, had received one of the anointed T-shirts used for branding the event. When word reached Helen that her older sister, Omolara Owolabi, had been in labour for over a week, she rushed down there with her T-shirt.

“Do you believe God can do it?” she asked Omolara. “Yes,” Omolara answered. “Then wear this,” she urged her, in the mighty name of Jesus. Meanwhile, their mother had decided she was moving Omolara away from the hospital, which had insisted on surgery. Within two hours of wearing the T-shirt, Omolara began to feel her baby bob up and down in her womb.

Pronto, they moved to another hospital and in minutes, her baby boy was out. And they named him ‘Israel’! Omolara told the church: “With God, all things are possible!”


Two weeks ago, Peter and Chidinma had attended The Sunday Service as a prospective couple. The duo had first met in Nigeria when Peter inducted his partner into an international prostitution ring, making her swear to an oath of allegiance.

Before the event that forced them to have a change of heart and return to Nigeria in hopes of getting married, they had collaborated on many shady schemes in which they extorted money from immoral men after setting them up in Dubai hotel rooms. Having escaped jail in Dubai, unlike her colleagues in the trade, Chidinma agreed to start a new life with Peter, who had been asking to marry her.

As Prophet TB Joshua ministered during the service, the Holy Spirit prompted him to mention their case. After their confessions and testimony today, Chidinma advised girls like herself to embrace God and not get rich quick schemes that only lead to shame, prison and ultimately an early grave.

LIVE Sunday Service At The SCOAN With T.B. Joshua (14/07/19)

Welcome to The SCOAN live Sunday Service. Our Lord Jesus Christ started with prayer, so let us follow suit this morning and begin with prayer in sincerity and humility of heart. Remember that Jesus Christ receives repentant souls, He loves them and welcomes them; the worst of sins can be forgiven.

If millions of this generation are to believe, they must see PROOF that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! Get ready to witness undeniable evidence of God’s Word and power at work as you join Prophet T.B. Joshua in a practical demonstration of Christianity in today’s Sunday Live Service at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria.

LIVE Sunday Service At The SCOAN With T.B. Joshua (07/07/19)

If millions of this generation are to believe, they must see PROOF that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! Get ready to witness undeniable evidence of God’s Word and power at work as you join Prophet T.B. Joshua in a practical demonstration of Christianity in today’s Sunday Live Service at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria.

South Sudan President sends to TB Joshua to pray for peace

TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

Like in a carnival, with thousands of people singing and dancing, and hundreds of flags from different countries flying across the fully packed auditorium, the President of Malawi, Joyce Banda and husband, on Sunday worshipped at the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, in Ikotun area of Lagos, western Nigeria.

Going by her strong and long applause, Banda seemed to have been well entertained by a professional South African opera singer, Kimmy Skota, who rendered a moving song (Pie Jesu – Merciful Jesus) after telling the crowd that she was recently delivered by the Synagogue church in London.

Onazi Ogenyi, a professional soccer star with Lazio Football Club in Italy also entertained the huge and multi-racial worshippers with his keyboard. The dancing and singing were relayed live on Emmanuel Television and beamed on over 50 screens in the expensively built church.

Malawi’s first couple was formally welcomed into the church by Prophet T.B. Joshua, the founder of SCOAN. TB Joshua also announced the presence of a delegation from President Salva Kiir of crisis-ridden South Sudan, who to receive prayers for peace. The Malawi first couple arrived the church as early as 8.30 a.m. with their entourage of about ten persons, but it was not until 12.34 p.m. that T.B. Joshua made his first appearance in the church and promptly introduced the president and her husband. By that time, Banda had taken her first break at 11.43 a.m., having waited for over three hours.

President Salva Kiir
President Salva Kiir

While her husband appeared very fit and remained standing, even dancing during hours of praise and worship songs, Banda stood up and sat down several times and remained seated much of the time.

But the carnival like church service turned grim when T.B. Joshua began unveiling his prophecies for the year 2014. The man in the Synagogue, as T.B. Joshua is known said 2014 will be a hard year with many African banks and airlines closing shop. He said there will not be enough money to sustain many banks and many planes will get damaged and there will not be enough money to buy new ones. “There will be more demand than supply,” he said. He said the year 2014 will be like a bridge where many will fall off and some will cross it with ease.

He said it will be a very difficult year for the wicked but those who do good and serve Jesus will be fulfilled. “There will be a lot of challenges for the mighty and powerful next year,” he said, adding that “2014 is a year of bridge. It’s a year of destiny”. He said those involved in farming will have a great year even though money will be scarce and hardship will expand. By the time he was done with ministering to attend to about 3000 people who came for healing and miracles, Banda and her entourage took their second break 2.18 p.m.

For the next three hours, T.B. Joshua was performing healing and miracles on thousands of people on the prayer line. At 6.20pm, Banda returned to the auditorium, with two bodyguards. Banda and husband arrived Nigeria two days ago for prayers in the church of a man she describes as her “spiritual godfather”. The Malawi first couple will return home Monday.

Simon Ateba/Lagos

Visit me Lord and declare me free – Wiseman Christopher

TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

The mighty power of God manifesting itself through healings, deliverance and prophecy, was witnessed at The SCOAN’S last Sunday service broadcast live via Emmanuel TV. Thousands of worshippers from all over the world, who gathered at the church’s headquarters in Lagos, witnessed the power of Christ in action right from the Prayer Line when God Almighty delivered and healed people through the faculties of the wise men. Demons were commanded down to their knees and cast out, in the name of Jesus Christ. Those who came with addictions, afflictions and sicknesses, were declared healed and free Imagethrough the power of the Holy Spirit. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, prophesied to the congregation to the glory of the living God. He also drew attention to the day’s message delivered earlier on by Wise Man Christopher entitled: We Need The Corresponding Power. The man of God said the real thing about being a Christian is not ‘the work we do, but the relationship we maintain with God and the atmosphere produced by that relationship’. He said the message, which was drawn from the Acts of the Apostles Chapter 1:4-8, is a clear demonstration that Christians need support from Heaven just as the Lord, Jesus Christ had promised His Apostles the Holy Spirit before they could embark on their commission. He underscored the crux of the message, saying ‘to believe God, is to be under the power of the Holy Spirit’. Prophet T.B. Joshua said: “A proper relationship with God will bring a proper atmosphere.” As is always the case, the service was laced with amazing testimonies from people who had witnessed the touch of the Almighty God in various aspects of their lives. Here are a selected few. Stay blessed:


TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

I am seeing a revolution. I am seeing people take to the street. At the beginning of that protest, it might be stopped. Eventually, it will become so big that it cannot be stopped.

The Way Out: Job creation for the youth and the creation of a new social value system. This is because 90% of youth believe that it is by becoming political thugs that they could be successful, especially because those in the political offices do not want to retire in politics and become statesmen. The youth, no matter the education they have, feel they have no place in politics and there is no job to keep them busy. There must be new orientation.

In politics, the youth should be considered for important positions such as assistants to the elders. While the elders are ministers, the youth could be junior ministers. This little example of being junior ministers can change the situation of things. Tell your presidents – in every department of government or politics, the youth should be junior assistants to the heads of such departments.

A good example – The chairman of the political party in your country could be an elder while a youth should be a junior chairman under him as the second in command.

In all appointments in the departments of politics or administration, youth should be considered as second in command. By doing this, we are training them to take over tomorrow. This is because they are leaders tomorrow.
This is a message to the whole world. This is because revolution is a weapon of change that is coming.

This is the vision I saw. Revolution is coming when people will take to the street because life has no value anymore to the people out there.

Any nation that will start it now, will avert the coming revolution. Carry your youth along in your politics and administration especially in ruling your country. I have said it; none of these will go without being fulfilled.

Read about me and my track record; this is the voice of God.

I realised that my messages right from the beginning of my ministry were never believed until they came to pass. I want you to believe this before it happens because it would be disastrous. When we carry the youth along, whenever there is a revolt or situation, they will be available to readily speak to their colleagues and peace will be maintained. The youth want to see themselves represented in every area of life. God bless your nation, God bless the whole world, peace be unto your nations. Those who cry peace to us, prophesy nothing but smooth things. Those who cry peace to you, victory be to you, all is well, unlimited favour, prophesy nothing but smooth things. As surely as God lives, I (T.B. Joshua) will tell you only what God says. If I am hated, persecuted and intimidated because of my accurate prophetic utterances – Blessed be to God who gives the prophecy!

As truth was older than terror so it will survive it, it got the start and it will get the race. The day will declare who is in the right and who is in the wrong, says the Lord.

When God gives being to the Word, that Word becomes alive. You can speak Word without being but God Himself gives life to the Word. What God says is final. God has all men’s hearts in His hands and turns them as He pleases to serve His purpose contrary to their own first intentions.

I am talking to your country. Let’s pray that God should give our leaders and people in positions a hearing heart.

If this is done, you will still see signs, you will still see protests but those protests will not turn into a revolution. Our youth are more educated than our elders because they are exposed to modern day technology.
The coming ominous signs are disastrous. I am talking to the whole world.



TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

Prophet TB Joshua
Prophet TB Joshua

Every day is a new dawn and a new beginning at The SCOAN. The Sunday Service of June 30, 2013 witnessed the extraordinary deliverances of those possessed by demonic spirits. Most spectacular was the melodramatic deliverance of a young man who came all the way from the Limpopo Province of South Africa. The lean-looking man interrupted the mass prayer ministration of Prophet T.B. Joshua as he boldly positioned himself in a strategic point near the altar, threw off his suit and unbuttoned his shirt, bracing up for combat. Little did he know that as children of God, our combat is not physical but spiritual. Making a demonic sign above his forehead, he started some incantations and as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for breakthrough, he defiantly pronounced that there would be no breakthrough!

When the Prophet asked the man what his problem was, he insisted that he had been sent from the kingdom of darkness to halt the work of God manifesting through the faculties of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. At the end of the encounter, the kingdom of darkness was dethroned, proving superiority of the kingdom of Light and the majesty of Jesus Christ over all the earth.


TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

The Sunday service began with prayer and visitors from far and wide received a touch from the Five Wise Men that rewrote the history of their lives. Immediately after the Prayer Line session, the church began to listen to testimonies of extraordinary breakthroughs resulting from the ministration of the New Anointing Water and Stickers, to the glory of God.


Mrs Naomi Kiloko was experiencing blindness for one year. What started as mere irritation of the eyes soon worsened to the point where her eyes became grossly swollen and she lost all vision. Medical doctors were unable to explain the sudden deterioration of her vision and discharged her from hospital offering no hope of solution.Mrs Kiloko would spend the entirety of her days alone, lying down on her bed in utter darkness and desolation.

It was in this condition that an extended family relative who was privileged to have visited The SCOAN and received the new Anointing Water came to see her. Using her hands to prise open the severely swollen eyelids, she ministered the New Anointing Water in Jesus’ name.

To the astonishment of all witnesses, a physical sound erupted as if a cork was unscrewed from a bottle! At that Divine moment, Mrs Kiloko’s sigh was restored! Blindness had been swallowed up in victory! Jumping up and proclaiming her ability to see, she astounded her family members by picking up a Bible and beginning to read. Several days later, all the swelling had disappeared and her vision was back to normalcy!


Mr James Asemota, a lorry driver, was driving along a highway when the brakes of his lorry failed. Veering out of control, the lorry hit an oncoming boulder and somersaulted into a ditch, ending up preciously perched on its side. He and his three passengers were trapped in the fallen lorry with the prospect of a fire erupting very imminent. JAMESAs Mr James uttered a prayer for Divine protection, an extraordinary scene unfolded before his dazed eyes. He saw a giant man wearing a white robe and holding a sword emerge from the Anointing Sticker from The SCOAN that he had placed on the windscreen of his lorry. The tall man flashed the sword across the windscreen of the lorry. Instantly, the glass of the windscreen collapsed! He and his boys were able to come out through the collapsed windscreen safely. Remarkably, none of them recorded a single injury or bruise from the terrible accident. As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “When the eyes of your faith are opened, you will know the protection that you are under.”


Mr Sunday Eghele, Edo, Nigeria, had been addicted to drinking alcohol for 25 years. The habit had adversely affected his marital life to the point that his wife threatened a divorce. He was unable to perform his normal duties. His wife who had earlier collected the Anointing Water from The SCOAN, ministered it to Mr Eghele and he immediately started manifesting in a strange manner.SUNDAY He had a dream where he wrestled with some strange beings that came to take away their children. He was able to overcome them by shouting out the name of Jesus Christ. In another vision that followed, he saw a giant man come out of his body and leave. He called his wife to bring the Anointing Water and as soon as he ministered it to himself in Jesus’ name, the giant man ran away. The following morning he woke up and went about his day alcohol free forgetting about the beers stored up in his refrigerator. He has since been free from the habit of consuming alcohol. The regular supplier of beer to the man saw the wife and asked her why the husband had not come for his usual drinks and she told the woman that her husband does not drink alcohol anymore. Indeed, he is free.


Mrs Joy Nnaji, a Lecturer of Political Science, College of Science & Technology, Anambra, Nigeria, had a severe eye problem and was booked for an operation. Doctors had diagnosed cataracts and she had been using glasses for five years. The pain and discomfort she experienced continued to worsen as time progressed. She couldn’t do anything without wearing glasses, proving increasingly burdensome to her responsibilities as a lecturer.JOY

As an avid viewer of Emmanuel TV, when Mrs Nnaji heard about the new Anointing Water, she believed that solution to her deteriorating condition had finally come. Priviliged to be among the few who received the New Anointing Water upon its release, she ministered it upon her affected eyes and slept. The next morning, she got up and noticed some mucous coming out from her eyes. She cleaned up and went to work as usual. To her surprise, she was able to read the scripts that were brought to her by her numerous students without using her glasses. Ever since the ministration of the new Anointing Water, the lecturer has stopped wearing glasses and all the accompanying aches and pains of the cataracts have completely gone. Thank You, Jesus Christ!


Mr Okocha Ifechukwude who works at the College of Medicine at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital had a problem of kidney stones which subjected him to bouts of trauma for twelve months. He explored all medical possibilities in order to cure his ailment but to no avail. His mother also took him to native doctors who were unable to help him out of the problem. OKOCHAHe was then encouraged by his sister to visit The SCOAN where he collected the new Anointing Water and ministered it to himself believing God for a sure cure. To his amazement he noticed that he no longer felt the symptoms associated with the kidney stones. To confirm his healing, he returned to the Teaching Hospital for another scan. The University Teaching Hospital ran various tests on him and all indicated that he no longer had kidney stones. He confessed that he used to have a negative perception of The SCOAN and it was difficult for him to come to the church for prayer except for the severity of his disease and the fact that all other avenues had failed him. Indeed, God can use foolish things like sickness to draw us close to Him.


Miss Mhloti had been working as Admin Officer without promotion in her job. Her colleagues including his juniors were being promoted in due time. She visited many prayer houses in South Africa in search of solution to her problem but did not get promoted. MHLOTIOn the day the New Anointing Water was launched by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, a friend called her from The SCOAN and told her what was happening at The SCOAN and asked her to tune in to the Emmanuel TV. When she tuned in, she saw the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua praying for the masses and she placed her hands on the screen of her television and prayed along with the Prophet claiming to possess her possessions. The next morning, she went to her office and a letter of promotion was given to her appointing her as Senior Provisioning Administrative Officer; Budgeting and Planning.


Miss Evarister Ezeh came to The SCOAN with an issue of multiple fibroids for three years. Her stomach was as big as that of a three month pregnancy, being both hard and painful to touch. Doctors said the only solution was for her to be operated upon. She declined having the operation believing that God could heal her through the medium of the Anointing Water. EZEHDuring the period of the affliction, she lost her job and her official car because she could no longer perform effectively in her work place.  A man who had received the Anointing Water from The SCOAN shared a little and she ministered it in Jesus’ name. That night, she saw the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua in her dream and he prayed for her. She woke up from the dream and felt something running down her legs. When she went to the bathroom and realized it was the fibroid that was coming out. She experienced a period of continuous bleeding with pieces of fibroid coming out. Now, she is healed and fibroid free – to God be the glory.


Mr Oluwaseyi, a Nigerian living in South Africa was a cult gang leader and a notorious drug dealer. While attending university, he was initiated into cultism and soon rose through the ranks to become the cult’s leader. His lust for power led him to visit spiritualists and witchdoctors to procure charms for protection against attack from rival cultists which is a regular occurrence on campuses. At one time he had a face-to-face battle with some competing gang members where he was shot at but the bullet could not penetrate his body. After the running battle, he was declared wanted by the Police and run away from the university. He came back to Nigeria to hide but when he noticed that the arms of the law were still trailing him, he returned to South Africa. His girlfriend who was an Emmanuel TV addict tried to introduce the channel to him but he would rather paint a discouraging picture of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua telling the girl that he is from Nigeria and that he knows that the Prophet was dubious and uses charms to perform the so-called miracles.

SEYIDuring these periods, he was often afflicted by a spiritual wife that used to make love to him in his dream. Things always turned rough whenever that spiritual wife met with him. At a point in time, his girlfriend visited The SCOAN and returned to South Africa with the Anointing Water. When he saw the Anointing Water, he ministered it into his mouth without any expectations as to what would happen. A few days later, some security personnel came to raid their house and arrested all the occupants including their house girl for drug peddling. His boss, who was a renowned drug baron, was arrested but he was inexplicably pushed aside by the security operatives. It became clear to him that such a narrow escape could not have been possible and he was able to link it with the Anointing Water he had inadvertently ministered to himself.

He then developed interest in viewing Emmanuel TV and decided to visit The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria to seek for deliverance. As Wise Man John Chi prayed for him, the evil spirit within Mr Oluwaseyi violently manifested and he was finally delivered and declared free, in Jesus’ name. Since his deliverance, his life has radically transformed! He testified that he is enjoying peace of mind for the first time in his life and all lust for drugs and women had completely vanished. He advised young people to be careful about the friends they keep as it was the company of bad friends at university that influenced him to join the cult. He further advised parents to be mindful of the gifts and clothes they buy for their children, noting that cultists in school usually look for those who are flashily and flamboyantly dressed as targets for potential recruitment into the cults. Thank You, Jesus Christ!


Prophet T.B. Joshua briefly commenting on his forthcoming 50th birthday anniversary which falls on June 12, 2013, advocated that the best way to celebrate his birthday is for the people to pray for unity and love for the church of God. He says that we lack the strongest bond of love which is the backbone of unity that can only come by relationship.PROPHET TB JOSHUA He also advised people to use their quality time to visit the sick in hospital, orphans and be a father to the fatherless and benefactor to the needy by extending scholarship schemes to the less privileged ones. He concluded that the best way to celebrate the birthday is by embracing these members of society, adding that it is an opportunity for soul-winning. He strongly advocated that people should rededicate their lives through acts of giving for a true transformation. He also reminded us that there is no one like you and there will never be anyone like you therefore, we should be imitators of God not man in the way we do things and that we should allow the Spirit of God to suggest to us that is when we will be ones with a difference.


Susan Asuquo a worker with the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) was diagnosed with kidney failure. In addition, the family was facing serious financial problems. She tried to go into petty trading which could not do well and she eventually went into politics but lost all her money. She was experiencing severe waist pain and went to the hospital for a checkup only to find that her kidney was not functioning properly. Her husband said to her, “Why don’t you go to T.B. Joshua?” She rejected the idea because of the rumours she had heard about The SCOAN and the repercussions there may be for her work in the church. Her husband kept encouraging her and eventually she decided to watch Emmanuel TV and saw for herself that T.B. Joshua is a man of God.SUSANSoon after she met a grieving lady who said that her husband had died of kidney failure. She began to cry and the lady thought she was sympathizing with her situation but rather she had come to understand the reality of her own situation and imagined what would become of her husband and their three children if she died from this disease. With no job or any other means of supporting the family, the couple finally decided to come to The SCOAN. They were privileged to receive the new Anointing Water. That night in the hotel room, she ministered the Anointing Water to herself. That whole night, she felt as if her body was being cleansed and reinvigorated.

When she got back to her State she went to the doctors that had formally diagnosed her with kidney failure and they ran some tests which revealed that indeed she had a brand new kidney. The astonished doctor asked her whether she had attended The SCOAN upon seeing the remarkable transformation! Her advice to others is to not be deterred by others or listen to false rumours that could stop them from doing what God puts in their heart to do.


During last Sunday’s service, Prophet T.B. Joshua made an appeal to entrepreneurs and institutions to create job vacancies for at least ten graduates.  To this end, a call was made for qualified graduates in the field of education to make themselves available for placement. The response was instant and overwhelming. Eventually, a total of twenty-four candidates from diverse backgrounds and various churches were successfully selected given job placements in a federal establishment. Today their situation has turned around and they are now working class graduates. Prophet T.B. Joshua used the occasion to stress that our membership in our local church is merely symbolic as the essence of the true church is Christ in us, the hope of glory. He called on the body of Christ to unite as one!



The Saturday and Sunday services of the 4th and 5th of May, 2013 have come and gone but the memories of the happenings would continue to linger in the minds of millions all over the world. We saw countless proofs that Jesus Christ lives; He never said goodbye. During the service, many people came forward to testify of what God had done in their lives, reassuring that it is His will for us to prosper in every department of our lives.

Wise Man John Chi

Wise Man John Chi

Wise Man John Chi gave a moving message saying that our situation is for a greater purpose than what we can see. He encouraged us that if we accept adversity, enduring every pain, we would learn what we should know and our grief would turn to gain and that in the face of unfavourable circumstances, we should stand our ground fearlessly, without wavering. In the message, we were also made to understand that when God is executing His plans in our lives, He designs and arranges events that would continue to unfold until His purpose in our lives is revealed.