Leaked – We have over 15, 0000 GB (15TB) of TB Joshua Prophecies to show you!

Prophet TB Joshua is subjected to obstinate barrage of attacks originated by his antagonists and cynics, the question is: What has he done wrong? TB Joshua has consistently thrived in the midst of his critics. Prophet TB Joshua, has the gift of accurate prophetic declaration, healing, deliverance and preaching of the Gospel that has stunned the world at large with series of prophetic messages that have turned out to be true and confirmed by the recipients.

It surprising that it hated so much that both those who knows him and those who don’t are always to kill him if I may use the word. Think of a world conquering individual and you will sure see traces of the acts of propaganda, name-calling, smear campaign, slanderous campaign, and the likes, thrown at them by their opposition and detractors.

Below is one of such strong words used against TB Joshua……….

The white man is no longer our enemy, men like you TB Joshua are the true enemies of the black race. You are accountable for keeping black people in chains when God released us from Egypt centuries ago. You train men like Walter Magaya to cause maximum damage to black people, and you do all this in the name of God.

How can this be? when Prophet TB Joshua stands to defend all! When God’s servants speak forth, the wise listen Deuteronomy 18:22 in today’s generation without faith and hope, the need for God’s opinion is greater than ever. We thank God that He is using Prophet T.B. Joshua as a mouthpiece to the world to prophesy concerning nations and the world at large, with the ensuing events in the coming weeks directly confirming their accuracy.

We have over 15, 0000 GB (15TB) of emmanuel.tv services from when the service starts on Sunday morning till the end of the service and every other service days for the past eight and half years. Presently we are arranging to host all according to dates on our own server. The purpose of this is to point the critics to them to check for when a particular prophecy is given and how TB Joshua sometimes repeats them before it comes to pass as there are there are websites meticulously setup to slander anything that has to do with TB Joshua

We shall be revealing more among many of those extraordinary things that are taking place in the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua below:

Please let’s be mindful of what we say about Prophet TB Joshua

Lady Raped Did Not Come to TB Joshua Church

While we pity, the 24-year-old lady, Tivere, who claimed was molested by a security guard – Kelly Ochuko – on Mutiatu Street, Ikotun, Lagos State,


while returning from a vigil at the Synagogue Church of All Nation, We want bring it your attention that, The Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) has stopped holding night vigil  for over 4 years now. SCOAN hold Candle Night Service once a year on the 31st December of every year for the past 5 to 6 years.

The 24-year-old lady, tell where she was coming from before she was raped; and stop mentioning the name of the SCOAN. The name of TB Joshua is so popular every media sites writes just any story to sell their papers.

Conspiracy – TB Joshua Facebook – Fraudster Act NOW

TB Joshua Church Nigeria | tbjfansuk.wordpress.com

Despite our persistent warnings about fraudsters on Facebook, we are shocked to discover that thousands of people are still being       deceived by fake Facebook accounts claiming to be or represent Prophet T.B. Joshua, The Wise Men or The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN).

We cannot continue to allow these deceptions to occur as innocent people are being duped with false promises of Anointing Water, Anointing Stickers and other spiritual items. We need your help to deal with these fraudsters so that they will not continue to deceive and defraud the general public.

Immediately you discover a fraudulent or fake account:
1. Report the account to the Facebook authorities:
• Click the button next to the ‘Message’ button at the right hand side underneath the main profile picture.
• Click ‘Report Page’
• Click the option ‘Spam or scam’
• Submit the report
If enough reports are submitted, Facebook authorities will be compelled to take action and delete these fake accounts.

2. Warn all the people who have become friends or fans of these pages that they are dealing with impostors and redirect them to the official TB Joshua Ministries Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/tbjministries

3. Submit comments or respond to posts on these fraudulent accounts warning people that they are dealing with fraudsters.

4. Invite all your friends to like the official TB Joshua Ministries Page so that they will not be misled.

5. Spread this information to as many people as possible!

Out of the thousands of fraudulent Facebook accounts, our attention has been drawn to some specific accounts that literally have thousands of people following them.

It is time for action! Please report the following pages to Facebook and warn the people following them:

As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “We cannot succeed alone. We need good, inspired and informed people to make it in our respective callings.”

• TB Joshua Ministries – http://www.facebook.com/tbjministries.

• info@emmanuel.tv
• info@scoan.org

God bless you as you act, in Jesus’ name.


TB Joshua Church Nigeria | tbjfansuk.wordpress.com

Coulibaly Assetou from Ivory Coast came to give a testimony and also tell a chilling account of her encounter with a professional fraudster. She was experiencing problems in her business but after ministering the Anointing Water and praying in faith, she was able to open a company in France, Belgium and Italy – the first vehicle transit company in Ivory Coast. Since then, she has experienced breakthrough in every area of her life.

She further stated that she had found out about The SCOAN through Marie France Monnet, a lady who claimed to be T.B. Joshua’s representative in Ivory Coast. To express her appreciation to God and to support the worthy cause of Emmanuel TV, she decided to become a partner of the ministry. She gave a total sum of 45 million CFA to Marie France Monnet to present to The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV for tithe and partnership payments. This is equivalent to 100,000 US Dollars.

To her utmost shock, when she came to The SCOAN herself, she discovered that the money had never reached the SCOAN and that she had fallen into the hands of a fraudster. She was very disappointed that the money was not given to The SCOAN.
The same woman, Marie France Monnet told her that the man of God had given her a prophecy that she should give more money or else something bad would happen to her in 2014.

She warned everyone especially those in Ivory Coast to be careful not to be duped by the fraudster, Marie France. The fraudster had even claimed that she was going to bring a wise man to Ivory Coast. She declared that there is no Emmanuel TV Office in Ivory Coast. Viewers all over the world, be careful of those who are interested only in their personal gain!


TB Joshua Church Nigeria | tbjfansuk.wordpress.com

A terrible case of fraud was exposed by investigators within the Ghanaian police. After capturing a man who had a devilish plan to dupe people of almost $4,000,000 using Prophet T.B. Joshua’s name, he gave his shocking confession for the world to hear.

Mr kAnthony, who is from both Togo and Ghana, explained in handcuffs how he had begged a director of a large company in Ghana to provide him money to visit The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria after he had been diagnosed with HIV/AIDs. Pitying his condition, the man gave him the required funds which he used to visit The SCOAN. He went, received prayer in Jesus’ name and returned to Ghana. Incredibly, he returned to the doctors for a test which confirmed him negative to HIV/AIDs. However, rather than appreciating God for restoring his health, this gentleman saw it as an opportunity to enrich himself through dishonest means. He returned to the same gentleman who had assisted him to visit The SCOAN, claiming that he was sent by Prophet T.B. Joshua and needed financial support for supposed building projects.


The man graciously complied, naively believing that Prophet T.B. Joshua was aware of the transactions. Altogether, he collected $55,000 from that particular gentleman, alongside some money in other currencies also. However, this was just the beginning. Seeing the opportunity to use T.B. Joshua’s name to deceitfully enrich himself, he hatched a malicious plan with a man named ‘Igwe’ in Nigeria to dupe people of up to $4,000,000. The plan involved forging documents claiming to be written by Prophet T.B. Joshua, even faking his own signature, requesting financial support for huge building projects. The deception even went to the extent that ‘Igwe’ would pretend to be Prophet T.B. Joshua on the phone, misleading people to believe that he was aware of all the money they were giving. Thank God that this fraudster was caught. As we continue to stress on Emmanuel TV, please beware of fraudsters!

Fake TB Joshua On The Run

TB Joshua Church Nigeria | tbjfansuk.wordpress.com

For many months now certain crooks have been parading themselves on the internet defrauding people claiming to be TB Joshua. I had to send the email below to one of such crook requesting for TB Joshua Anointing water because has been advertising it on the internet.

Email l sent

Dear Sir,

Please l need 10 TB Joshua Anointing Water how much are they am from Manchester in the UK


Jones Khail

Crook’s Reply

We Have Two  Type Of The Anointing Water And Different Quantity

The First One Is $260

$260 each
$260 each

The Second One Is $300


Emmanuel TV – A Christian Television
Watch Emmanuel TV live from The Synagogue
Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) with Prophet TB
When you lay hand on a sick is not the hand that heals but the
anointing from God. Since it is not possible for him to lay hand on
everybody let him send us anointed water


False News TB Joshua Did NOT Prophesied Spain VS Nigeria OUTCOME

TB Joshua Church Nigeria | tbjfansuk.wordpress.com

False News TB Joshua Did NOT Prophesied Spain VS Nigeria OUTCOME

We are very surprise to see many online news sites, blogs and social forum sites claiming Prophet TB Joshua had prophesied that Spain will beat Nigeria 8 nil.

The information circulating on the internet are NOT true and would like ALL who have posted such news on their site to remove them as TB Joshua has NOT said anything regarding the outcome of the upcoming game.



He was seen as the Godfather of the late President John Evans Atta Mills, a relationship, which has popularised his name in Ghana. In the 2008 elections, he predicted that the presidential election would travel three rounds, which did come to pass.

This prophetic prowess of the powerful man of God compelled some Ghanaian politicians to also visit him to seek God’s blessings.

When Ghana election was approaching, many were those who thought Prophet T. B. Joshua, whose ministry is frequented by most African leaders, would once again, predict the outcome, but their hopes were dashed.

The powerful Nigeria Prophet of God has, this time, refused to make any comments on the Ghanaian elections, preferring to keep his promises to his chest. The Man of God is unhappy with the barrage of criticisms against him in the Ghanaian media, and has, therefore, decided to keep quiet.

That is politics, but in the social front, the Man of God simply can’t keep quiet over an allegation that a group of people were going round collecting $100 as registration from groups and individuals to facility their easy access to him.

According to him, his Christian ministry was not a concert show where people would pay to go and enjoy themselves.

The following is a statement sourced from TB Joshua Ministries on Facebook.

Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua has released a statement via social network, ‘Facebook’, instructing those co-ordinating the arrangement of visits to his popular church in Lagos, Nigeria, to refund the $100 he learned they had been collecting from people as registration fee.
Joshua said he was concerned upon learning from emails and online reports that those arranging groups to visit The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) were taking $100 as registration fee for those desirous of visiting his famous sanctuary, stating that the organisation as such was charitable in nature, and not a money-making venture.

“I have received many emails and newspaper reports on the internet complaining of registration fees of $100. What then makes us an evangelist? When people go to concerts, they also register with $100,” the statement, which was posted to over 500,000 fans of ‘TB Joshua Ministries’, read.
He maintained that co-ordinating visits to The SCOAN was evangelical and not finance-orientated, warning those involved that collecting undue money from vulnerable people was tantamount to partaking in their troubles.

“If we are evangelists, co-ordinating for God’s sake, all our concerns, aspirations and heart desires must be subjected to the Gospel through works of charity, by helping the sick, distressed and unsaved, instead of collecting registration fees of $100 from them before giving succor. I mean, attending to them. This cannot be justified; it amounts to taking a portion of their situation.”
The popular cleric insisted that money-making should not be the focus or drive of such co-ordinators, but rather care for the sick and distressed in society. “If we are focused on making money only, a large slice of life will pass us by. We should spend less on ourselves, and more on others,” he exhorted, reminding them of Jesus’ words in Matthew 25:40-45. “Don’t forget your promise when you were called to be co-ordinators. Your promise, if I may remind you, was to give rest to the sick, distressed and unsaved,” he wrote.
The statement ended with Joshua’s insistence that any money collected for registration should be immediately returned. “Those who have already paid $100 for the registration should be refunded, for God’s sake. I am impressed by the prompt action of the co-ordinators in Tanzania and Zimbabwe, who have been refunding the $100 paid by each person as a registration fee. I believe all others will act likewise.” Citing Matthew 10:41, he concluded, “He who honours a prophet, because he is a prophet, will receive a prophet’s reward.”
The SCOAN is known to be one of Nigeria’s major tourist attractions, with hundreds of foreign visitors flocking to the cathedral on a weekly basis in search of the miraculous. The ministry is especially popular within Africa, with scores of visitors from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Ghana, and a host of other African countries making regular pilgrimages to The SCOAN in Lagos. T.B. Joshua is also renowned for his philanthropy, charitable giving to the less-privileged forming an integral part of his church services broadcast on Emmanuel TV.
Source: TB Joshua Ministries on Facebook


Cameroun Fraudster Exposed For Selling TB Joshua Anointed Water


This is a fraud alert and warning to all.  It has come to our knowledge that some unscrupulous elements are all out to defraud innocent people, whilst advertising the sale of anointing water

Please be aware that the anointing water blessed by Prophet TB Joshua of the synagogue church of all nations has never been and will never be for sale. Also note that the anointing water is only obtained from Scoan in Lagos Nigeria and branches in Ghana, South Africa, Greece, and London.  Nobody has been employed or instructed to act on behalf of Scoan anywhere in the world to sell the anointing water.  Please if in doubt log on to our website and contact us by telephone or email for clarification.  Please do not hesitate to report anyone purporting to be selling the anointing water. All Gods’ gifts are free.  Freely we are given, and freely we give. Do not be misled or deceived.

 Please Note the correspondence below was between the owners of this site and the fraudster.

Click here to see, Comments left on our Blog that raised the alarm!

US: I need the A/W ASAP. How much is the AW? Am in Leeds UK

David Hall

kayler tina
Nov 23 (1 day ago)
to me

Fraudster: each cost 50pounds sir

Xtian News Nov 23 (1 day ago)
US: How do l pay? I need 10.
kayler tina
Nov 23 (1 day ago)
to me

Fraudster: 10 will cost you 500pounds

You have to send the money via western union okay to the below address..

Zip Code…………..00237
Test Question……FAITH
As soon as you send the payment do email to me the 10digit
mtcn numbers and the senders names and receivers names as on the
receipt of your payment. with your full home address so we can send to
you the A/W .

Xtian News xtiannews@gmail.com
Nov 23 (1 day ago)
to kayler,

US: Someone is coming to the UK in few days, l wants her to give you the money and collect the AW for me. It will be faster. Please what’s your address? Also do you have Face book, yahoo messenger? I can give loads of business. Many people want some.

David Hall

kayler tina
11:19 AM (11 hours ago)
to me

Fraudster: Well that will be okay. But the problem is that I do travel a lot to
do the distribution of the AW so it will be much easier for you to
send the money via western union to the address I gave you and the i
have it delivered to you via dhl because as you know a lot of people
need it so I travel a lot.

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