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Helen was just three years old. A playful, boisterous girl with a world of opportunity laying squarely before her. But the devil struck in the cruellest of manners. The symptoms were malaria but the consequences were far worse. Miss Ukpong’s both ears became suddenly, inexplicably deaf.

Her mother, Promise, tried every possible medical means to salvage her daughters’ hearing. She visited ear specialists throughout the country who attempted various treatments without success. Specialised hearing aids were flown in from Germany after being designed according to her specifications. Even then, the problem persisted. Helen learned how to lip-read in an attempt to manage the situation but almost lost her life on many occasions when she didn’t hear the sound of incoming vehicles while crossing the road. Her education suffered terribly as she could not cope in school with the ailment.

However, last week, something incredible happened! “When the Morning Water was ministered, I felt something burst in my ears,” Helen tearfully recounted. “I then heard my voice and the voices of people around me for the first time in sixteen years!” It was a joyous moment as mother and daughter embraced at the miracle that defied human comprehension! For the last week, Helen has been living freely without wearing hearing aids – enjoying the sounds of the world around her for the first time! “The God that healed my daughter will locate your own case today, in Jesus’ name,” Promise Ukpong advised the congregation.

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Viewers, I want to assure you that Jesus is as close to you as He was to Lazarus. Jesus is as close to you as He was to blind Bartimaeus. It is time now for you to take from God the faith He has prepared to give you. In Jesus Christ’s name – I believe, help my unbelief! When the father of the demon-possessed boy came to Jesus, he said he believed but his belief could not receive. That shows his belief was equal to unbelief. Viewers say after me – I believe; help my unbelief.

I will say to you as I am hearing from Heaven. I will not stand here and begin to say a word of mine. This is the voice of God. When we are disconnected from the devil, we are connected to God. Whatever satan used to connect you to himself – satan’s connection – be broken, in the name of Jesus! You know how you are connected. You know your weakness – the area you complain about. Whatever demons might have used to connect you to himself – be broken, in the name of Jesus! Every chain of demon/ affliction/ disappointment/ sickness/ disease – be broken, in the name of Jesus! In your heart, within and out – evil thoughts – be broken, in the name of Jesus!

I command healing on you! I command healing on you! Every area, faculty, organ that has stopped functioning – begin to function! It could be your kidneys/ liver/ blood/ bones/ muscles – begin to function!

Open your lips and begin to thank Jesus for taking you out of the affliction! Lord Jesus, I thank You for taking me out of affliction/ pain/ hardship/ hatred. Open your lips! In the name of Jesus!

Satan, you must remove your hand! Remove your hand from my people! Your hand of affliction/ sickness/ nightmare – remove your hand! I say – remove your hand! Remove your hand of affliction/ setback/ sickness/ disease! I say – remove your hand! I can see satan removing his hand! Never again, in Jesus’ name!

I thank You, Lord, for taking me out – out of affliction/ setback/ failure/ rejection! Thank You, Lord, for taking me out!

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North Korea Tension – How To Prevent A War

Since when the issue of the North Korea nuclear weapon program began, Prophet T.B Joshua has been in the forefront suggesting useful ways on how peace can be restored among those concerned in other to prevent a situation whereby another crisis will be added to the already tensed world. The truth is that Prophet T.B Joshua cannot be in this world and keep quiet while the devil and his agents are bringing enmity and suspicious amongst the human race – causing them to brutally kill and harm each other. The Prophet is so much concern about world peace. He believes in a crisis-free world and he wants the human race to live peacefully together under the good Spirit of harmony and tranquillity.

I observed that one of the major reasons why it seems the world is not moving towards peace is because almost all the nations of the earth are living with the mindset of a future world war. Everybody is suspicious of its neighbour. Nations are budgeting billions of dollars yearly into research, manufacturing and acquiring of more sophisticated weapons of man’s destruction. We are living daily with the mindset of war not with the mindset of a future world peace.

Since these deadly weapons are in our possession to destroy our fellow human enemies, we no longer seem to want to embrace peace. In the cause of any provocations, we are tempted to go into war instead of coming together to find an amicable solution. Psychologically, we have the mindset that, if the weapons are there and are not being used in the name of embracing peace. Is it not tantamount to waste of resources in acquiring and developing those weapons? The day the nations of the world will stop budgeting trillions of dollars into acquiring more sophisticated weapons and strengthen their nuclear arsenal, we would be heading towards world peace. Instead of the present show of military might in the cause of any provocations, powerful nations of the world will strive for peaceful means to end world crisis.

The ongoing crisis in the world is already enough, adding another war will not be good for anybody. We should try and embrace peace instead of the present show of military might and talkativeness. Those making provocative statements need to understand that because they are not going to be in the war front when the battle begins does not mean the soldiers who are sent to the battlefield do not wish to live or values their own lives. It is true soldiers are patriotic and they are ready to lay down their lives for their country, but remember most of them still have families and love once. I don’t think any child wants to be fatherless and any wife wants to be a widow.

Listen, a man thinks he has what it takes to crush his enemies, he always ignores the trumpet of peace and seeks for any provocative opportunity to go for war – such a man fall will be great. While another man is more powerful than his enemies yet, live as if he has little or no power, he does everything within his strength to avoid war and wants peace – such a man‘s greatness will grow to the high heavens and his influence to the end of the earth. It is better for your enemies to be at peace with you than seeking for an opportunity to crush them.

If there is any way there can be peace and no single life is lost. Whereby, our patriotic gallant men in military uniform can go back home safely to enjoy the warm embrace of their wives and the affectionate company of their Children. I think it will be a good thing for the nations involved and the United Nations (UN) to encourage.

By the grace of God, one of the callings of Prophet T.B Joshua’s ministry is to bring about peace in the place where there is a crisis. And this can be evidence from the everyday reconciliation that is going on in the SCOAN between family members and married couples that have been legally divorced for many years. For instance, the whole world was a witness on how the Prophet was used by God as an instrument of peace during his visit to the nation of Tanzania after their last general election that almost leads to a huge crisis.

The God of Prophet T.B. Joshua can help end the present North Korea tension if the world governing body will accept him to contribute his divine wisdom to bring about peace. The fact is that the Prophet can only succeed in his calling to bring about world peace if the world governments would be willing to use him. The many crises we are currently experiencing today in the world would have for long come to an end. But since mankind always wants to ignore God in all of their decisions – we always want to do things according to our own human understanding, this is the reason why we are living in a world that is not crisis-free.

Since we are made to believe that it is the North Korea leader that is causing the whole tension, which means the problem is about one man. I strongly believe if Prophet T.B Joshua can be allowed to lead a group of powerful delegate that has the backing of the world governing body, like the United Nations to go visit the North Korea leader for a peace talk, I think this whole drum of war will end and the foundation of peace would be built.

Don’t mistake this as one wanting to take glory from world crisis. This is not about one taking glory it is about world peace – saving lives, saving nations and saving the world. We can only have a crisis-free world if humanity can forsake their ego and in humility come to God for direction – let all humble before God and seek for His wisdom. The world will only become a better place for the entire human inhabitant and our unborn generation if we stop ignoring God. Remember that God cannot force Himself on anyone. We are free to seek for His help through any of His servants. But know that the peace that comes from spilling of blood will continue to be sustained by blood, but the peace that comes from God is eternal.

North Korea Tension – Let’s Try The Principle Of LOVE

Since the past years, Prophet T.B Joshua has been given words of Prophecies and warning to the nations of the world about the nuclear warhead programs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). Even though then, many experts underestimated the North Korea capability to develop a sophisticated ballistic missile that can carry a nuclear warhead as far as another continent. Prophet T.B Joshua, who has seen what’s about to happen, called on the United Nations to consider a sincere negotiation with the North Korea leader, instead of sanctions that hurt only the vulnerable Koreans and not the ruler using the missile test.

In one of the Prophetic warning on Sunday 3rd January 2016, Prophet T.B Joshua told the world how the Spirit of God took him to a place in the North Korea nation, where deadly sophisticated weapons unknown to the world were being kept. He warned that if such weapons are used to strike a nation, the damage will be very tragic. These were his words: “We have to pray for the President of North Korea. Pray for North Korea. The reason why I am saying it – I am seeing an arrow from there and it will affect the world, if not a section of the world. An arrow from there. So, let us live at peace because the war we are fighting already both in Syria and others is still there. We cannot afford another one again. The whole world would be in confusion. Because what I saw – there are some weapons there the world does not know about. If they throw that arrow, there will be confusion. Remember, there is fight everywhere. Adding this one to the fight means there will be confusion all over the world.”

It was however obvious that those concerns raised by the Prophet were not taken into consideration. Today the world can see that the Prophet was right. The North Korea ruler has been able to advance his missile capability beyond what experts thought. And this the Prophet has almost in every past year till date warned the world to take seriously. He even advised the world governing body (United Nations) to urgently call for roundtable negotiations to ease the tension that the issue has so far generated. The Prophet continues to emphasise that sanctions and threat of war will not help solve the problem, but we should extend our hands and hearts of LOVE towards our neighbour to put an end to the whole tension.

There is the need for the civilized world to understand that war is becoming an old fashion way of resolving conflicts. This is the time the world governing body have to starts enacting and advocating the principle of LOVE, concession, negotiation and compromise in solving world problems, instead of sanctions that have never bring any meaningful reconciliation. There is no way the world can be a better place for us and our unborn generation, if we keep on hearing the drum of war among nations, instead of the melodious rhymes of peace and tranquillity.

What is war? It is simply the killing of your fellow human with same flesh and blood – destruction of valuable human lives and properties. Warfare has never favoured any parties involved. Even the so called ‘Victor’ will also have its loss to count. Wars don’t always end in the way we envision it. Especially, these periods where nuclear weapons are now being displayed like toys by nations. We don’t need to be told that war this time around will be very catastrophic.

For Prophet T.B Joshua to be so much concern about this issue, shows that he has seen something disastrous that he want the world to prevent from happening and this can only be possible if everyone involves would be willing to embrace peace.

Prophet T.B Joshua is so much concern about world peace. He wants a crisis free world. Where there will be no intimidation, political, economic and religious oppression. A place inhabitable for every human race, without the fear of extinct. A place, where every nation of the earth under God is free to determine her destiny without interference and meddling by other powerful nations.

God LOVE the United States of America, so also He LOVES the nation of North Korea. We all are God’s creations. My brother and sister in North Korea are not my enemies, just as my brother and sister in the United States are not my enemies. We are brothers and sisters from the same womb of one creator – we are the human race. One was made red, the other black, and the other white and so on. For the reason that our skin colours differ does not mean we are not one, even children of the same parents don’t have the same trait. God is our single Parent. Every human race is a creation of His image and likeness. It is the devil that is bringing enmity amongst us and making us think we are different.

The well-being of a North Korean should be a thing of concern to an American, so as the safety of an American should be a thing of concern to a North Korea. It is normal for brothers and sisters to quarrel, but that those not justifies them killing each other just to prove a point. It does not make sense. Please let’s come together and find a solution. There is always a way out to any conflict.

We have tried sanctions and threats; I think it is time for us to try LOVE. Let just give LOVE a chance and see if it will work out. LOVE maybe foolish, but it is wise. LOVE maybe weakness, but it is the strength. And LOVE may seem defeats, but it the victor. MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS US ALL!

Modern Christianity in the Face of Homosexuality and Transgender

God loves Homosexual (persons) but hate Homosexuality (Sin)

The contemporary world that is believed to be civilized seems to want to do away with the naturally acceptable norms because of the so-called ‘freedom of life and expressions’ in man-made laws that are contrary to the standard of God principles. Humankind does not need man-made laws to be free and whole because true freedom naturally comes from God. Laws made by God fearing nations are supposed to protect God’s natural standard of living and not to alter it. This is why it is always advisable when a truly Christian nation wants to make new laws, they should use the Bible as a standard to check the laws and if the new law goes contrary to the standard of the scripture such law cannot stand. Because the natural principle of God laws cannot give way to man’s made laws. Laws made by men can only stand the test of time when it conforms to the ultimate law of God.

The world needs to know that the life we are living is not ours, God created us for His glory and not for us to defile our God given nature by indulging in acts that are contrary to His original pattern of creation. It seems most of us are trying to reshape and rebuild the world to suit our own demonic view point. The way the world establishment is promoting and forcing the homosexual and transgender issue “down our throats” calls for concern to any right thinker.

Sexuality, as created by God, was supposed to be between the male and the female genders and not of the same gender. There is nothing normal about a man having affection for his fellow man and a woman having affection for her fellow woman. It is not right and anybody that is making it seems right, needs a self-examination, including if that person is a so called ‘pastors or a bishop’. No true Child of God will endorse homosexuality as normal. As Christians, our duty is to educate the world on God’s standard and help transform the gays and lesbians to the natural way God originally created them.

It is so wrong for any church to publicly endorse and encourage these acts. I heard in some country, weddings of the same sex are conducted in holy premises and the supposed weddings are said to be officiated by a priest. This is so absurd. You should not because you want to gain favour from the world compromise your integrity. An honourable man cannot soil his integrity for anything. He will prefer to die for what he believes than to live for what he doesn’t believe in. Most of us are afraid to speak and stand for the truth because of fear: the fear of death, prison dungeon, persecution and rejection.

The world establishment will always be against the Church. Remember we are a representative of an opposite Kingdom, the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of darkness will always wage war against us. Christ Jesus planted the Church in the world as a Light. We don’t compromise with darkness – we fix the errors in the world and correct the mistakes. Homosexuality and transgenderism are an act of error that needs to be fixed by the Church and not for the church to accept it as normal. Some we say, “What about accepting and accommodating other people views”. The Church doesn’t accommodate or accept what is against God’s standard. We are like a solid rock in the ocean. When the tides and water current hit and bypass us, we ought to still stand strong without losing our position. The Church doesn’t float with the world. We stand as a rock to position the world to accept the principles of God.

The entire world is aware that thousands of Homosexuals and even transgender are coming to the Ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua to get their deliverance. We bless God that many of them are now seeing the Light in the SCOAN and they are embracing it. Despite how the world establishments are making a political and religious agenda out of the issue, thank God many of them now know that the world cannot give them their true natural freedom.

Prophet T.B. Joshua

The world needs to understand that there is a spiritual force behind homosexuality and transvestite behaviour. That is why we continue to call on those promoting homosexuality and other sexualities that are out of the natural norms to take a bold step of faith and visit the SCOAN for their total deliverance. This is not about pride or shame, but for your own good and spiritual well-being. Do not be deceived by the false teachings and some formulated ideologies that homosexuality is normal; they are from the pit of hell to cage you in bondage. God never created anyone to be sexually abnormal. I urge you to visit the SCOAN official YouTube page and see the testimonies of many homosexual victims that were once in your position but were later transformed by God to live a normal better life.

For those gay that are from countries where such acts are legalised, you should not be quick to rejoice. Know that the world establishment cannot protect you. They are only using you to promote their political agenda. They don’t actually like your person. It is only the true Church of God that like and care about you because that is where you will get the true freedom that you really need. GET A RETHINK! The law can’t save you.  You don’t need man-made laws to be free. Freedom is natural and it only comes from God. Run to the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua and get your freedom. It is not a coincidence that there is a God given Ministry like the SCOAN at these present ages. Where one can get is freedom immediately after a touch from God. It is not by chance. God is aware of your situation that is why He raised a Prophet like T.B. Joshua and other great ministers of the gospel to attend to your need. I PRAY THAT THE LOVE OF CHRIST SHALL CONTINUE TO FLOURISH IN THE EARTH. AMEN!


Breaking News – TB Joshua transforms Paraguayan transvestite!

Famous Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua recently travelled to the nation of Paraguay where he received the country’s highest honour and held a Miracle Crusade.

His official Facebook Page just published a shocking testimony of a gay transvestite – a male who dresses as a female – who received ‘deliverance’ after watching the prophet’s crusade in Paraguay:


Born a man, Antonio Caceres lived his entire adult life as a woman. His clothing was female. His mannerisms were female. His style of speech was female. The only connection to ‘males’ he had were the clients who paid for his nocturnal services as a professional prostitute on the streets of Lambare, Paraguay. Here is the incredible story, told in his own words, of his transformation back to the original position in which God created him:

Antonio was just seven years old when he first realised a growing affection for the males in his classroom. He tried to shelve the nauseating urge by playing sports and engaging in predominantly ‘masculine’ activities. But the young boy soon began stealing his sister’s underwear and wearing it at whim, buoyed by a strange form of guilty pleasure. His first full-blown homosexual encounter came at the tender age of 11. It was downhill from there.

“When I was 18, I went onto the streets,” the Paraguayan explained. It was the beginning of ten years in which Antonio would change his name, identity and – almost – his gender. Dressed in seductively tight female clothing, pumped with feminine hormones to remove body hair and develop breasts, cars with male occupants would stop to pick him up every night. Drug-fuelled, drunken orgies became the norm, to the shady extent that Antonio could not even remember who he had been with the previous night or what he had done.

“Something within me kept telling me I was a lady,” he explained, adding that he went by the female pseudonym ‘Dexis’ when attracting suitors online. And Antonio was not just prostituting in the physical alone. “Different men would call me by my female name in my dream and sleep with me,” he revealed. This was a ‘normal’ life for Antonio, one which he saw nothing wrong with. He was a notorious transvestite and drug addict, known not just in his neighbourhood but throughout the country.

Thus, when his sister invited him to attend a Christian crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua, he not only refused but mocked her for even nursing such a notion. “I thought everything about that crusade was fake and false,” he admitted. On Friday 11th August 2017, Antonio lazily switched on the live broadcast of the crusade on YouTube to see the ‘freak-show’ his sister had strangely chosen to attend. Unbeknown to him, she was feverishly clutching a picture of her brother, praying for the Spirit of God to touch him right in their house that night.

“I was watching just to make jest of the whole programme,” Antonio explained. He snidely laughed as people fell at the prayer of the ‘prophet’. What nonsense! But then, something inexplicable began to happen. Something supernatural. Something Antonio never imagined or bargained for. “As Pastor Joshua began to pray, something touched my inner being,” he recounted.

Right in his house, in front of his phone where the live broadcast was transmitting via YouTube’s Emmanuel TV channel, Antonio fell on the ground and began to vomit. Simultaneously, his sister was holding his picture as Prophet T.B. Joshua began ministering Mass Prayer, pleading with God for Divine intervention. Heaven was at work and distance was no barrier! For more than five minutes, the young Paraguayan lay shaking uncontrollably on the floor. “Something was coming out of me. When I got up, I felt empty. I then started feeling remorse for the life I was living.”

In one Divine instant, everything changed for Antonio. Literally everything! It was if a dark veil had been lifted from his eyes. “I began looking at myself and asking why I was wearing female clothes,” he recalled. “I lost affection for men and stopped taking the female hormones. Now, I want to be a man again!” Antonio spontaneously threw his phone away – filled with all the contacts and connections to his past life – and took a hair cut to remove the long flowing blonde locks he was once known for. “After the deliverance, I actually slept in peace for the first time in my life,” he tearfully testified.

Moved at seeing the condition of Antonio, who didn’t even own a single item of male clothing, the Emmanuel TV Team in Paraguay sprang to action, taking him to a local shopping mall. $500 worth of male clothing was purchased and freely given to the young man. Subsequently, Prophet T.B. Joshua sent the team to Antonio’s house. The reaction of neighbours and family members when the young man exited the vehicle next to his home was priceless. No words can do justice to depict that emotional moment.

Tears flowed as witnesses came forward to explain that all their lives, they had known Antonio as a woman. “God has restored back to us what the devil had stolen,” his sister declared. “If God has delivered me, there is no one He cannot deliver,” Antonio advised. “If you are living the lifestyle I once lived, you may think it’s normal but it’s not; you need deliverance.”

Let us remind you of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s words at this point when he was asked a question concerning his stance on same-sex marriage:

” ‘Judge not, so that you will not be judged’ (Matthew 7:1). We should talk to people to be saved. I mean, we should talk salvation, not condemnation. God hates sin, not sinners. When I say, ‘Do not judge so that you will not be judged’, I mean we should hate sin, not the sinner because sinners can change. If you have killed a sinner by judging him, there will be no opportunity for change. Sinners can be delivered. We should hate the act, not the people because our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the ‘spirit beings’ that cause all these acts.”

“The Bible is my standard. If my parents were one, I would not have been given birth to. Those that are asking this question – if your parents were one, you would not have been given birth to. You that are reading me – if your parents were one, you would not be reading this today. God bless the reader and the hearer.”

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist…


Words cannot describe the atmosphere that filled the auditorium during the Sunday Live Service at The SCOAN as the awesome presence of God was intensely apparent. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave an awe-inspiring message in which he emphasised the utmost need for Christians to have a free spirit. He said, “A free spirit is a spirit that is not locked up by sin – holding grudges, envy, jealousy, things of the past, pain of the past, strife, unforgiving spirit. A free spirit is sensitive to the Spirit of God and if a spirit is locked up by sin, it cannot be sensitive to the Spirit of God.” He further said that if the human spirit is in any way bound, it is not useful to God, “the human spiritif it is burdened it loses that sensitivity and therefore is useless as an instrument because it is locked up by anger, envy, unforgiving spirit, pain of the past.” In a concluding statement, the man of God urged all Christians to acknowledge their ‘right’ and leave their troubles for God. He called on the congregation to repeat this statement after him, “I know my right – Jesus is my right”, after which, he explained, “It means you leave the battle for God because you do not want anything to lock up your spirit. Leave it for God”.

Earlier on in the service, the faith of many were lifted high as they listened to faith building testimonies of people who had been miraculously healed, delivered and blessed through the ministry of The SCOAN.



Mr Motepe Eugene Monama came all the way from South Africa traumatized and tormented by the spirit of woman. He looked unrecognizable as he shared his testimony to the viewers on Emmanuel TV. His looks had been transformed with a clean hair-cut, following his deliverance.

Motepe’s problem actually started one fateful day while browsing through the internet on his phone; he bumped into a pornographic site consisting only of men. He took interest and continued watching and that was how he was possessed by the spirit of woman. This happened at the tender age of 15.

During his deliverance by Prophet T.B. Joshua, the spirit of woman was cast out. The Prophet also asked that the unusual hair style he had then be removed.

Testifying before the whole world, Mr Motepe mentioned that he was free and no longer filled with negative thoughts. Following his deliverance, he has since de-activated his Facebook and other social media accounts in order to end all forms of communications with his past life. He also went further to change his mobile phone sim card.

He advised the viewers not to copy the behaviors of the world. He also advised the congregation and viewers to involve God in their spiritual life.


Living with the problem of difficulty in walking for a year is no joke. Mrs Yvonne Delali Adogla could not hold back her tears of joy as she testified of how God healed her from difficulty in walking. Narrating her story, Mrs Delali Adogla said that about a year ago, she had an accident and went for a checkup in the hospital. The doctors informed her that she needed crutches to aid her walk because her bones had been affected due to the injuries sustained during the accident.

It was very difficult for her to continue to go to her work and her daily chores and activities at home were also halted because she couldn’t do anything by herself; therefore, her family had to assist her generously. One fateful day, she discovered Emmanuel TV and saw what God was doing in the lives of people through Prophet T.B. Joshua. She was able to receive the Morning Water and ministered it in Jesus’ name. As she applied the Morning Water, her faith immediately increased as the dead bones in her legs revived and to the glory of God, she began to walk without the aid of the crutches. That night, she slept pain-free like a baby. Glory be to God, she is free and when the Son of God sets you free, you are free indeed. She advised that we should all seek the face of God no matter the circumstances because He is our Healer and Deliverer in times of trouble.

Mrs Dassie Marlyne Felicite migrated from Cameroon to the Ivory Coast in search of greener pastures and a better life.

Whilst in the Ivory Coast, the poverty and hardship increased and she experienced homelessness for four years, resulting to begging in the streets for food. Whilst on the streets, she met a man who told her about The SCOAN. She visited The SCOAN and the Man of God blessed her with the Morning Water.

She returned to Ivory Coast and miraculously met a wealthy man who proposed to her and eventually married her, lifting her out of abject poverty.

As evidence of the goodness of God in her life, she displayed pictures of a fleet of cars she’s been able to acquire. She was also privileged to visit Cameroon to bless her family and relatives. To God be the Glory!


Mr Ezekiel Quartey-Papafio from Ghana came to The SCOAN to testify to the glory of God in his academic life. He came to the arena of liberty for breakthrough in his academics and deliverance from the spirit of masturbation. Mr Ezekiel recounted his experience at his high school, British International School of Ghana, where he experienced failure in his exam due to his inability to study and understand his work. His friends also introduced him to pornography and this affected his life drastically. His addiction for pornography and his increasing desire to masturbate digressed his commitment and diligence to his school work. Hence, he continued to fail.

Desperate to succeed in his academic life, Mr Ezekiel came to The SCOAN, where he was prayed for by Prophet T.B. Joshua and also received the Morning Water. He administered the Morning Water in the name of Jesus Christ and felt instant release – something had left him. When he went back to Ghana and continued school, he noticed that his attention and desire to study increased. Also, he was no longer addicted to pornography. He took an entrance exam to get into the university. The pass score for the exam was a 5.5 minimum but to the glory of God, he got a 7.0 – a distinction! As a result of this wonderful result, he was given a conditional offer to Northampton University, UK.

Overwhelmed by joy, Mr Ezekiel said he was so happy and thanked God for His love in his life. Mr Ezeikel told viewers all over the world that the Morning Water was a divine tool of God used to deliver and renew people’s lives. On his part, he thanked God for the breakthrough in his academic life.


Mrs Mmeno Aniefiok Ntong woke up with a severe headache and had no clue what triggered it. She rushed to hospital to have a thorough medical checkup. To her surprise, the doctor diagnosed her of diabetes. All the cocktail of prescribed drugs she took failed to improve her health. She visited The SCOAN to collect the Morning Water. On ministering the Morning Water, she prayed: “Lord Jesus, You are my Healer, Saviour; I know You will heal me”. In sharing her testimony to the people of God, Mrs Mmeno Aniefiok Ntong said that following the ministration of the Morning Water, full strength returned to her body and she was fully recovered. In order to testify to the miraculous healing, she returned to the hospital for another test. The results showed that her blood sugar level which were initially 17.1 in level had dropped to 5.1, which is within the normal range.

Besides Mrs Mmeno Aniefiok Ntong’s testimony, she also testified that her son, who had difficulty in passing his exams came out with distinction after ministration of the Morning Water.

Additionally, her daughter, who used to throw tantrums for any trivial issue, has now become a calm and happy girl to the glory of God, following the ministration of the Morning Water.

She advised viewers all over the world to have faith in God for He is the answer to every prayer.