The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) rejects the verdict of the coroner on the grounds that it is unreasonable, one-sided and biased. The church maintains its stand that the incident was as a result of sabotage.

From the verdict given today, we would like the public to take note of the following:

There was no finding that the church engaged the services of unqualified or incompetent professionals for the construction of the building.

There was no finding that the church procured substandard materials for the construction of the building, as confirmed by officials of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) who gave evidence at the coroner and certified the materials used were all approved and of good quality.

There was evidence that the church had started processing the relevant building approval before the incident, which had been approved and assessed for payment by the appropriate government bodies.

There was no finding that connected the incident with the lack of a building permit.

There was no finding that church members prevented the statutory responders from carrying out their rescue duties.

The church disagrees most vehemently with the finding that the incident was due to structural failure.

The church considers it strange that the coroner did not refer in its verdict to the evidence of the COREN-registered structural engineer and contractor used by the church nor did it evaluate the conflicting evidence given by civil and structural engineers as to whether or not the incident was as a result of structural failure.

It was a one-sided verdict which left many issues unaddressed and questions unanswered.

The church disagrees with the findings concerning the aircraft that hovered over the six-storey building because there was evidence before the court that the incident could have been brought about by external forces such as controlled demolition or an explosion.

The verdict did not even refer to the CCTV footage which showed the 6-storey building falling in less than 4 seconds – a manner consistent with controlled or externally induced demolition – nor did it refer to the interim report and investigation by the Nigerian police force which pointed to sabotage by external forces.

The church also disagrees with the finding that foundation failure was a remote cause because that is contrary to the overwhelming expert evidence of the structural engineers invited to the coroner who eliminated foundation failure as a possible cause.

The recommendation for the investigation and prosecution of the contractors and structural engineers used by the church for criminal negligence is premature because it gives the impression the coroner has found them guilty when a coroner is not allowed in law to make any finding of civil or criminal liability against anybody.

The recommendation for the investigation of The SCOAN for not possessing the relevant building permits is unwarranted because it did not take into account the evidence that the church had started processing the relevant building approval before the incident. As a matter of fact, the amount payable for the processing had already been assessed by the appropriate government agencies.

The recommendation that statutory responders should be adequately equipped was informed by the fact that the statutory responders who carried out rescue operations in this case were ill-equipped and ill-trained, and that it was the church that mobilised human and material resources to ensure a successful rescue operation.

Finally, the coroner recognised that the conduct of the investigation of the incident was compromised by the failure of the appropriate government agencies to take necessary steps to secure and preserve the scene of the incident, which calls into question the integrity and reliability of the entire investigation.

This is a statement from Barr. Olalekan Ojo, legal counsel to The SCOAN.

We repeat: No matter how long a lie is sustained, the truth will someday prevail!


History has once again repeated itself, the coronal inquest preceded over by Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe, alleged to be set up on a fact finding mission to investigate the circumstance of the last year building collapse at the premises of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) has ended up to be an inquest premeditated to cover up the attack on SCOAN, divert the attention of the public on the threat to T.B Joshua’s life and indict the ministry of SCOAN for culpability.

History has taught us that those sent by God to destroy the strong holds of Satan in this sinful world have always been enemies to the powerful forces that rule the earth. This verdict has again proven the genuineness of Prophet T.B Joshua’s calling that, he is indeed a Prophet of the Most High God sent on a mission, that mankind will live to remember. All the great Apostle of old in the history of the Church, were always being hunted by the law, from one prison cell to the other, from one judgment seat to another, and from the peril of one powerful king to another, they were being hunted, persecuted and killed for unjust cause; almost all of them died a shameful death.

Many will say how I wish I was alive then, I would have defended the crucifixion of Jesus Christ; I would not have allowed Christ to die such a shameful death. But here before our own eyes, this present generation, the righteous are being persecuted and ridiculed in the court room of injustice and humanity are folding their hands watching. I’m forced to ask, where are the civil right groups? Who are those that are ready to sacrifice their lives on the altar of justice?

Prophet T.B Joshua’s ministry was attacked, in cold blood, members of his church were killed and now those who don’t want to see the righteous live in peace, who have vowed to make sure that this God given vision on earth fall, has once again succeed with their plans to indict the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua. I ask again, when will injustices stop to prevail over justice in our world? When will those that continue to inflict pain on the righteous face absolute judgment from God?
Is this the kind of justice the deceased families want, the verdict of lies and hatred? I pray that this act of injustice will not add to the pain of the deceased relatives that has already known the truth and also may those relatives that has reservations, not fall into the temptation to do the unmindful.

What a world of injustice! They are not talking about the strange plane that went round the guest house, they are not talking of the sudden fall of the collapsed building, even the foundation of the collapse guest house is still strong and intact, what about the timing of the collapse incidence, exactly when the visitors were taking their meal when they were expected to be in the collapse building. But now, even those who were courageous enough to speak against the sabotage like the police witness, has now put their career on the edge, their career are being threatened for standing for the truth.

I know of a truth, God has the final judgment. But I ask again, when will that judgment come, will God continue to allow His children to be humiliated by evil men, and will God continue to allow lies to triumph over truth. I know the judgment of God will surely come. You that may be asking similar questions, hold your peace. Let our heart patiently wait for God’s judgment, God’s time is the best. The cloud is dark and no one knows what is on the other side. No one knows how the judgment of God will look like, but one thing I know is that the righteous will see reasons to rejoice at the end.

Source TB Joshua Fans UK

2014 – the year TB Joshua built more Credibility

2014 was a year of spectacularly accurate prophecies from TB Joshua. Despite the terrible tragedy that claimed the lives of 116 people and injured many more. It was a year when TB Joshua’s credibility as a prophet was greatly confirmed. Contrary to critic opinion, Joshua did not fail to foresee the disaster that befell his church building. He spoke prophetically in parable during his first address on his return from Colombia saying; ““…If you learnt that they bomb here now one of you would be the first to call CNN that they have bombed the synagogue …I’ve been telling you something far, but now I’m telling you something as close as my mouth”. . As close as his mouth meant his very own life. Those who insinuate that Joshua did not foresee the disaster are badly misinformed. Here is the video below:

The band of critics who question why the victims were not healed or raised from the dead if Joshua were a true prophet are tempters of God. Was not Jesus sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and yet a tower fell on many people right there in Israel killing many; Did Jesus raise any of them up from dead? Was Job not a God fearing man? Why were his sons and daughters who were victims of a disaster not raised from the dead? Being faithful to God does not eliminate adversity. They do not know the scriptures who measure faithfulness to God by circumstances. The proof of a man’s right standing with God is not that things go smoothly with him, but that he acts with God, knows God’s opinion of himself and of others. Through acting with God, there comes peace of heart knowing that God is with him, for him and deserves his best. It is this peace that has kept TB Joshua going in spite of negative sense evidences through which many critics predicted that his end had come.

Some Critics say the SCOAN attendance plummeted even to the extent of having an impact on national tourism revenues. Funny how for the very first time, they admit that the influx of pilgrims to the SCOAN is an immense contribution to Nigerian tourism revenue. Had we not witnessed a disaster of this sort, we might never have heard them admit to this. And the reason for the initial decrease is clear. Before the disaster just about anyone could come to the SCOAN, but after the disaster, it would take a great deal of faith and courage to visit. The disaster caused a screening away of the faithless and sightseers from those who are genuinely seeking God, Nothing to be alarmed about.

For those who claim he was caught bribing journalists. Follow this link for an unbiased and well researched view on the subject.

Also those who count the continuous threats of arrest at TB Joshua by the coroner for not turning up to court should consider that the initial purpose of the inquest was to determine the cause and manner of the collapse. How does summoning TB Joshua to court fall in line with this purpose? Was he an eyewitness to the incident or what?

The proof of a man’s right standing with God is not that things go smoothly with him, but that he acts with God, knows God’s opinion of himself and of others.
The proof of a man’s right standing with God is not that things go smoothly with him, but that he acts with God, knows God’s opinion of himself and of others.

It is our prayer that the events of 2014 will help open the eyes of those held captive by ignorance so that in 2015, they may find their freedom from blindness of heart and deception.

For the slew of critics who after turning a blind eye to the overwhelming number of fulfilled prophecies for 2014, supposedly highlight 3 alleged prophetic failures: flight MH370, the release of the chibok girls and the writing off of Ebola.

Such people should realize that in the case of flight MH370, TB Joshua gave direct clues in real time to the location of the plane wreckage which ought to be looked into but was blatantly ignored.

In the case of the chibok girls, he spoke saying the girls would be released immediately, and why? Because they have not all been released shall we say he has spoken wrongly? When Jesus by revelation said thus to John over 2000 years ago “behold I come quickly”, and now it’s over 2000 years since he said this, does that prove him a liar?

In the writing off of Ebola, we know how the miraculous deliverance of Nigeria from the deadly plague happened after his prayers, and for the deliverance of other nations we are yet to hear reports. But it would be too soon to say his words have failed because a prophet shall prophesy that which he shall live to see accomplished.

The real problem is that these ardent critics do not in the least believe in TB Joshua as a prophet which has been the problem from the very beginning.

If we believe that indeed he is a true prophet of the most high and he seems to say something that does not seem to sit right with our reason. We ought always to believe, not that he has spoken amiss, but that we have not conceived it aright. For ignorance does not judge knowledge, neither is knowledge competent enough to judge foreknowledge. It is plain foolishness to act contrary to this truth. How can one who does not know rightly judge one who knows? And how can one who knew only when he saw it happen rightly judge one who foreknew?

Instead of misrepresenting his words, nitpicking on statements that don’t really matter in the scheme of things, when he speaks and we do not understand, let us ask: “prophet, explain to us what you mean when you say this or that”. He is alive and still amongst us in Ikotun egbe Lagos Nigeria. His email address is His website is He did not speak and run away.


There have been widespread rumors on the SCOAN building collapse details, much to the amazement of readers, especially on how the SCOAN stifled rescue operations and were uncooperative with rescue attempts. These rumors were hastily published by the Nigerian mainstream newspapers and even surprisingly the big players in the journalism domain like CNNAljazeera and the bbc.

Recently however, very contrary and contradicting reports to the former are coming up from the coroner’s inquest into the collapse that exposes the misrepresentation of the media and other lopsided journalists. Many thanks to Nosa Osazuwa, a writer from Lagos, present during the coroner’s inquest for adequately publishing the details of the proceedings at the inquest that is bringing these liars to the limelight. True to the words of TB Joshua in which he declared that NO MATTER HOW LONG A LIE IS SUSTAINED; TRUTH WILL SOMEDAY PREVAIL.

Here is a taste of the truth:

[Nosa Osazuwa reports ] Kaduna-based bomb expert, Mr Paul Iguniwei, who has also worked as a research officer with the Defense Ministry told the coroner that the building was targeted with an infrasonic weapon by the plane-like object that flew over it on four different occasions while maintaining the same flight path on the day of the unfortunate incident.

“From what I observed, the four-time movement of the aircraft over the building could have been deliberate and that was to release enough dosage of the infrasonic weapon capable of bringing the building down. If you would notice, after the fourth movement, the aircraft did not return and then, the building collapsed,” he told the court.

Mr. Iguniwei described the infrasonic sonar as being both invisible and inaudible but capable of causing serious damage if its intensity is pronounced. Mr paul Iguniwei said that his suspicions arose after he eliminated other possible theories due to lack of plausibility.

According to him, He also said he eliminated the theory of structural defect as a result of a weak foundation because even after the collapse, there was no sign of stress on the foundation which he observed still stands intact. 

Foundation of SCOAN collapsed building showed no sign of stress or strain
Foundation of SCOAN collapsed building showed no sign of stress or strain

“Engineers generally believe that a structure would fail due to bad foundation and materials but if you go there to the collapse site now, the foundation pillars are still very intact. My position is that the building was weakened from the top”, the witness explained.

Meanwhile, the Chief Security Officer of The SCOAN, Sunday Okojie, played CCTV footage to the court showing scenes contrary to the sequence of events conveyed by the first respondents such as NEMA and LASEMA. According to him, LASEMA came to the scene of the incident on Friday, September 12, 2014 around 3:10pm without any equipment while NEMA arrived around 3:24 pm. The CCTV footage revealed that both agencies came ill-equipped and didn’t spend more than 30 seconds before being ushered to the scene of the collapsed building.

Additionally, throughout the rescue operation, they reported in the morning at 8am and left the scene by 5:30pm daily. When the SCOAN’s counsel, Olalekan Ojo, asked him about the allegations by both agencies that they came with several heavy equipments but were prevented from performing their statutory duties by the church, Okojie retorted, “They were lying to cover their inadequacies. Can a vehicle carry another vehicle inside because from the video before us, they only came with one vehicle that was even empty? 

“Also, it’s so sad that they resumed work at 8am and closed by 5:30pm like office executives. The only thing they were interested in doing was talking to the media. They were busy organising press conferences and were unconcerned with the lives they came to rescue. I can tell you categorically that it was church officials and technicians who were drilling holes and bringing the victims out of the rubble. 

“It’s a shame on our country because foreigners were on ground and witnessed how all these sad events evolved. It was even the church who initiated the issue of Julius Berger bringing heavy duty equipment and we have receipts here to prove that we procured all the equipments used in saving those innocent lives. Here are the receipts of all hospital bills and even government morgues where we footed all the bills. If it was the state government who rescued those lives, there won’t be need for state hospitals to issue receipts in our name.” 

The state counsel said they were at a disadvantage due to the evidence presented by the witness and as such did not cross examine Okojie. He therefore requested for more time to watch the footage and fix a date later for cross examination, a request Magistrate Komolafe quickly accommodated.



[Nosa Osazuwa reports ] –The National Executive Coordinator of the non-governmental organization, Life Savers Foundation (LSF), Mrs Fola Shoetan, has revealed that the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) are not adequately equipped to manage disaster situations in the country.

Testifying before the court investigating the cause of the collapsed building belonging to the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Mrs Shoetan, who was present during the entirety of the rescue operation, expressed sadness that the statutory respondents had no idea how to handle the crisis at the site of the collapse.
“LASEMA, NEMA and my agency were overwhelmed such that it was the youths at The SCOAN who told us what to do and where to drill which helped rescue a large number of people alive,” she told the court presided over by Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe. “Even NEMA and LASEMA didn’t come with any heavy duty equipment; they were merely onlookers and spectators.

“They were busy chatting on social media. I was angry and have evidence when people cautioned them on Facebook during the rescue operation that instead of saving lives, they were busy posting pictures on the internet. While I was there, I didn’t leave for five days because of the gravity of things on ground but these people came and went daily. I am bold to say that they were confused and mere onlookers during the rescue operation.”

 According to Shoetan, “I don’t know when NEMA officials left the scene on the first day but LASEMA officials left at 10:30pm on the second day. As at the time LASEMA officials left on the second day, persons were still trapped on the collapsed site.

“The LASEMA General Manager, Dr Femi Osanyintola did not co-operate well with other responders and I kept telling him that. What he did most of the time was to hold meetings with his team from the state.

“The police I can confirm were present throughout the period of the rescue operation. No security agent ever stopped us from working and, to the best of my knowledge, nobody was assaulted.” Her testimony contradicted earlier claims from NEMA and LASEMA officials that they were prevented from gaining access to the site and treated aggressively by church staff.

Earlier, a witness who is one of the surviving volunteer workers of the church involved in the unfortunate incident, Afusat Oladipo, had told the coroner that moments prior to the collapse of the building, she had noticed a strange flash of light accompanied by a thunderous bang. Her account corroborates those of other witnesses who had previously spoken during the inquest. Their accounts all suggest the possibility of an explosion.

 Meanwhile, Chief Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe has adjourned proceedings to January 6, 2015.

Nosa Osazuwa ( Email: ) reports from Lagos.



TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

Today something incredibly revealing happened in the blogosphere. Something we would not have believed even if we were told. The vocal TBJ critic blog who assert themselves an authority in everything TB Joshua and SCOAN published an article on the SCOAN tragedy. In the article, they posted a photo of the collapsed building to undermine the theory of a controlled demolition with the caption:

SCOAN say that the collapse must have been a controlled explosion because it was “rapid, total and near-symmetrical”. Does this photo support the theory?

The initial photo and caption used by TB Joshua watch to represent the collapsed SCOAN Building

The revealing fact of this sordid attempt to debunk the theory of controlled demolition is that the photo they used WAS NOT AT ALL the photo of the synagogue rubble, but another photo of a separate collapse elsewhere. A fact which a commenter by the name Andrew pointed out to them in these words:

  • Andrew says:November 3, 2014 at 6:46 am@TBJwatch, please, that photo you posted in this article is not the photo of the building that collapsed at SCOAN, PLEASSE, why must you mislead people with it. that was not a photo of the collapsed building. that building that collapsed, collapsed totally, what is wrong with you guys? what is your problem, Just what are you planning to achieve with this? in your search for a photo to use in this post, you ignored all the live photos of the disaster taken by different journalists and even news crews and go over a limb to use a different photo from that of the collapse. may God judge this evil machination of yours, may God judge, may God judge since there is God

To which the critic watch blog replied:

  • tbjoshuawatch says:November 3, 2014 at 7:08 am@Andrew – apologies for that, you are in fact correct. The photo we used had been widely used in articles about the SCOAN tragedy, but on further investigation it turns out to not be a photo of that. We have no intention to mislead people, and sincerely apologise for using the wrong image. We are removing it immediately.

To many, this may not seem like much but if you have been following their articles numbering over ten since the SCOAN tragedy, you would agree that this is a massive deal.

How come an acclaimed authority on this subject, having published close to ten articles on the building collapse, cannot rightly distinguish a dissimilar photo from an actual photo of the collapse rubble? even with the more than obvious striking differences?

Here are the differences below that escaped the notice of the vocal critic blog and their legion of supporters.

  1. The photo they used only showed a partial collapse of the building, whereas the SCOAN guest house collapse was total.
  2. The photo they used showed a building not roofed, still in construction, whereas the SCOAN guest house was completely roofed.
  3. The photo they showed as the SCOAN building was a three storey building, whereas the collapse building was a six-storey building.

If they could not rightly identify a photo of the collapse rubble which is sprawled on the internet, and in error posted a false photo, how then can they rightly discern and distinguish the facts of this tragedy from the ongoing rumors?

We leave that for you to judge who consider them “A comprehensive resource on TB Joshua and SCOAN.

The lame idea of an excuse they gave for their error was this:

“The photo we used had been widely used in articles about the SCOAN tragedy…”

So they went ahead to use it without even knowing for certain or at least finding out if it was the real photo; despite this lopsided reporting and sheer negligence, they earlier in the comments replied a commenter saying:

    • tbjoshuawatch says:November 3, 2014 at 4:22 am@mandela if you read our article, you’d see we have done our research…

..and a proceed of the said research was the posting of a fake photo to overcome the truth, for which they were duly reprimanded by a reader.

This is foolproof evidence that these writers are far from reality. Even, why speak us of reality when they did not even know the truth? If they had known how the collapse rubble really looked like, they would NEVER have mistaken a false photo for the true one. When you know the truth, what is false is easy to tell. These critic bloggers did not even know how a real photo of the rubble looked like; yet they assert themselves as knowing the circumstances and facts surrounding the collapse. Very impulsive.

The (original) caption-less photo used by TB Joshua blog after being reprimanded by a reader

After replacing the photo with the original picture, why did they not leave the original quote underneath intact: which said:

SCOAN say that the collapse must have been a controlled explosion because it was “rapid, total and near-symmetrical”. Does this photo support the theory?

They could not because they know very well that the actual true photo of the rubble very well tells all that needs to be told of the tragedy, but they would rather not admit because of their prejudice. Neither they nor their legion of anti-Joshua commeters could discern all of this, what a blow.

On a final note, one question remains, can people who could not do so little as identify a fake photo of the collapse rubble, rightly tell you of the truth of the tragedy’s cause? If you think so feel free to listen to them; but for us, this mistake of theirs is a whistle blower of their evil machination, audible to the deaf, lucid to the blind and tangible to the paralytic.

If you still think that writers who needed their readers help to identify a false photo of the collapse rubble can tell you any truth of the collapse, feel free to listen on. You may even laud them for owning up to such a malignant error, but then it is less to their glory for admittance and more to their shame for such depth of ignorance on this subject.


Chances are great now, if you’re reading this article, that you are one of those benefiting immensely from the priceless Grace of God in the Life of TB Joshua in the form of healing, deliverance, salvation prosperity, divine protection and all of God’s blessings.  While you are at it, you must not ignore the reality of the diverse forms of opposition against the ministry of TB Joshua, which time has revealed to be in all spheres of life. You must have read derogatory stories about the man in the synagogue on newspapers, Magazines, internet, and also come across distasteful rumors alleging different offenses committed by the Man TB Joshua. A friend of mine who usually kept a record of most allegations against TB Joshua he came across confessed to me that he was confused, when I asked him why, he replied that apart from the fact that the allegations do not all agree, they were so much that he wondered if truly a single soul was capable of all this evil and still have such an active and growing ministry. Still the question remains, how can we verify the truth of these stories? Are these reports true or false? If you’re one of those pondering if there could be any truth in the evil reports you’ve read about TB Joshua, it would interest you to know that Negative propaganda on the internet is one of the least forms of attack against TB Joshua; the ministry of SCOAN aside from topping the chart of the most persecuted ministry on earth, also boasts of thousands of documented confession videos of demonically orchestrated seductive attempts at TB Joshua of the synagogue of all nations. Now this you would agree is a more serious form of attack, especially when the seducers are ever willing to testify before a global audience of the processes involved in their seductive assignment on TB Joshua, such that were it to succeed, we would not be reading falsified stories about TB Joshua, but stories of how the ministry of SCOAN no longer exists. Here we present one of many who have come to The SCOAN to seduce the man of God and her confession was recorded. As the wise man prayed for her, the evil spirit dwelling in her manifested and confessed the following:

“My duty is to seduce pastors because my kingdom needed souls. A lot of people go to church without doing what they are supposed to do….I am the queen. She hasn’t finished the assignment I gave her. I am the idol. I destroy men…I get them with the sample of the body. In my eyes are many powers to seduce them; before they know it, they come crawling. I seduced pastors and I loved it. I love seducing them the most – all of those chewing gum boys out there. They would see me one on one in their office. When I talked, they would like my voice and they would just like me. Of course, I get what I want.

how the seducers were exposed
Exposed while on her seductive mission

Those who are truly born again, I don’t go close to them because when I see them, the fire in them scares me so I would just have to go but when I see the simple ones, I love it, those who call themselves men of God but are not practicing the real thing. I love getting those ones to my kingdom. I would just sleep with them and have fun.

The way you people are doing all these things, our kingdom is drying. We need more souls.”

To the glory of God, she received her deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ and power of the Holy Spirit. Free from deceptive and seductive spirits, she confessed the following:

“I am Florence Oluchi Ezibiro. I was initiated as the queen of the coast from my childhood. When I became older, it was time to carry out my mission, which was seduction. I would go to different churches, in the name of going there looking for a solution to my problem. My mission there was to seduce men of God, most especially the proud pastors. Coming to the church, I would see a pastor preaching, “The kingdom of darkness has no power”. I would be provoked. I knew where my power was, in my eyes, breasts, navel and my hips. When I walked into the church, I made sure the pastor looked at me eye to eye. From there, I would initiate him. When everyone was seated in the church listening to the pastor while he preached, I would walk into the church and make sure everyone’s attention would go to me. The way I demonstrated my body and eyes and the way I walked, they would be forced to look at me. When they looked at me, they would be carried away. After service, if I saw that they didn’t notice me, I would request for their prayer, that I was suffering from this or that. I didn’t actually need the prayer I was requesting for. If I couldn’t seduce them in the church, getting to their office was a one-on-one talk. When I talked to them, I would look into their eyes, read and manipulate their minds at that time. I would say that I wanted to be delivered. The pastors would start preaching that I needed to be born again. I would agree that I needed to be born again. Then I would draw up my breasts and they would say that they were in love with me. I looked into their eyes and could manipulate the pastors. Instead of them to deliver me, I would deliver them on my bed. After that, most of them would begin having problems with their ministries. Inside me, I would know that they were already mine.

Imagine if she would have succeeded. What would have happened? She said that she was sent to seduce pastors and after “delivering them on her bed,” their ministries would begin to suffer problems. That was what happened when she fulfilled her mission. She took souls to the evil kingdom by sleeping with the pastor. But when she came to The SCOAN, she was unable to fulfil the mission. Why? She was unable to seduce neither T.B. Joshua, nor any of the FIVE WISE MEN. Why?

Florence Oluchi Ezibiro giving her testimony
Florence Oluchi Ezibiro giving her testimony

Pay attention to her words, “Those who are truly born again, I don’t go close to them because when I see them, the fire in them scares me so I would just have to go but when I see the simple ones, I love it, those who call themselves men of God but are not practicing the real thing. I love getting those ones to my kingdom. I would just sleep with them and have fun.”

She is one of thousands who have come to The SCOAN on a mission to seduce and destroy the man of God. However, after her mission failed, she received her deliverance and is now free from the evil spirit that led her to commit such sinful acts. Many like her have received their freedom. When you meet them now, either in their home churches or home countries, they will tell you the difference deliverance has made in their lives. You can see many of their testimonies on Emmanuel TV and YouTube.  The happy ending in this story is that the very woman above got delivered, yet this poses an even greater question as regards the widespread sexual abuse allegations; what about those who came with same intent and weren’t delivered? Where are they now?  what are they doing?  If a person with such an evil intent of seducing TB Joshua to have sex with her, after imagining and fantasizing about how her sexual affair with TB Joshua would go, on getting to SCOAN, didn’t succeed and left without being delivered, what do you think would stop such a person from gossiping LIES about how she and TB Joshua slept together? Which of the two sins is easier to commit in your opinion? A person bestowed with demonic powers from the pit of hell for the sole purpose of seducing TB Joshua, leaving without deliverance is capable of anything – and of this truth you can be sure, that when those seducers who escaped without deliverance realized that their mission had failed in The SCOAN, they went to the media, cooking up stories of falsehood against the ministry with this instruction from SATAN their master in mind;

 If we cannot destroy him as it now seems; then let us bring his name to utter disrepute to ascribe unto him the abomination we intended for him, that many whom we have afflicted might not go to him and be loosened from our yoke, else we lose at both ends. For look! The whole worlds of our afflicted are going after him as they went unto him whom we hung on a tree.

Remember the words of the seductress, “Those who are truly born again, I don’t go close to them because when I see them, the fire in them scares me so I would just have to go—“When those women were unable to fulfill their mission in The SCOAN, they left outraged and many went straight to the media to profess what did not occur, writing falsified stories, claiming they were once disciples, professing that they had fulfilled their mission. If they did succeed, why does the ministry of SCOAN still stand and waxes stronger unto this day?

A salute to TB Joshua’s supporters

Here in this reflective editorial, we would love to give glowing tribute to laudable commenters who stood in stout defense of the truth on tbjoshuawatch. We carefully followed the thread under their (abominably biased) TB Joshua’s Boston Prophecy post and found some insightful comments. We referred to some of their comments as that of “angels” in a twitter post because of the peace it would bring to weak-willed Christians wrestling with doubt about TBJ due to negative propaganda; while also publishing a collection of them in this post. Quite surprisingly, after we exposed the deceitfulness with which tbjoshuawatch one-sidedly criticized TB Joshua’s Boston prophecy in our last post, they not only updated their article with disjointed viewpoints (in a shameless attempt to salvage their reputation), but also blatantly confessed hostile bitterness and anger toward TB Joshua as the motivation behind their writings in their latest post; even by saying:

We’re not writing to mock a self-proclaimed prophet who’s “prophecies” really don’t stand up to scrutiny. No, we’re writing because we’re angry.

A secret about anger is that it bears witness while on display that it has long consumed the angered. More so, a little measure of anger unjustly directed at another indicates a greater measure we’ve directed at ourselves. These obsessed critics of TB Joshua really need help. Here are the comments of a few sound- minded individuals whom we suppose are first time contributors on the reputed SCOAN critic website after carefully reading their blasphemous article.

I was just wondering if what u r doing here is spiritually correct. I mean u r actually devoting a good portion of ur time to commenting about someone’s life. Is this ur way of carrying ur cross daily? What are u doing with ur life that is building God’s Kingdom? What mighty exploits are u personally doing for God? Any miracles, signs and wonders following u? Can u picture Jesus looking u strait in the eye and saying ‘well done, good and faithful servant’ because u devoted some of ur time to this? ‘A tree shall be known by its fruit’ and issues of life flow from our hearts, wud u say urs is pure. Honestly, r Ur motives for this site pure? This will only make sense if u r not a Christian

By Joan on April 17, 2013 at 10:52 am

Do u have any idea how silly ur review of the Boston prophecy sounds? U sound like a child piecing together any incriminating info about an ex-friend to prove to whoever likes the friend just how bad she is, so they will stop liking her also! Most of ur comments seem so childish and totally subjective! Surely, there has to be more to being a follower of Jesus than policing others to prove their unrighteousness! It’s hard to find any spiritually uplifting value here.

By Joan on April 17, 2013 at 11:28 am

U r not at all coming across as people doing this out of christ-like concern. Instead u comes across as bitter and vengeful. I could quote a few scriptures to build a case against what u r doing, regardless of whether ur stories/comments are true or false. However its possible that u would also respond with a few that confirm ur righteousness. The question is: who are u doing this for? Jesus, other people or yourselves? I won’t speak for Jesus or you, but if its for other people (like me) I’d like to say that ur approach Is so overwhelmingly and singlemindedly negative that I felt like YOU are the ones needing help. If all u say about tb Joshua is true, unfortunately u have somehow seemed to sink lower

By joan on April 17, 2013 at 7:43 pm

You are here busy bring down someone instead of building God ‘s kingdom. Come up with a website where people will be discussing the bible for instance, put up a verse and a topic every week so that people can discuss the topic like bible studying. Then you will be on the right path in building God’s kingdom, because I guarantee you this website won’t make you inherit the kingdom of God instead it will make you go to hell that is if you believe there is a God and he is in control of everything. The more you want to prove that TBJ is fake the more popular he becomes as for me my faith has been lifted by this ministry and am stronger than before in my faith. Just see how many likes you have you are still straggling to even reach 1000 shame! So if you want to go to haven I say it again stop this nonsense do something better for God!

By Carol 2 on April 17, 2013 at 3:08 pm

Mr Terrific am not trying to defend TBJ am defending the work of God. Battered you say oh interesting….when people stop commenting on this site its simply because they have realized that you are a bunch of liars so why waste time on this rubbish?? Actually will do the same but will keep on checking on your progress and see how far this rubbish will take you!! Good luck again if you want to bring TBJ down.The SCOAN where alot of people are finding help you will manage to convince them that he is fake good luck you need it!!! Hopefully by the end of this year you will have 3000 likes at least Pwahahahahaha… so at least you will know you are making progress in convincing people to stopwatching Emmanuel TV or going to the SCOAN. One more thing you will also have alot of people that will came up with stories like former disciples with better and convincing allegations with real names and address, at least 1000 comments from different people who all will say bad things about TBJ. My family visited the SCOAN last year and we were helped by God through the prophet so I have been affected by SCOAN in a good way.

By Carol 2 on April 18, 2013 at 5:40


And here is the response given to Giles, a member of the disgruntled bunch of ex-disciples; whose comment forms the bulk of the cynical critic opinion in their latest post accusing TB Joshua of being responsible for the tragic Boston marathon explosion.

First Giles TBJ’s prophesies are wrong, now you are blaming him for the dead people. You people you are really pieces of work to say the least. Shame!!!

By Carol 2 on April, 19, 2013 at 11:15

And here is a very brilliant comment to round up this post  by a commenter who admits to being in the past, one of the most skeptical of Joshua’s ministry;

Whenever appraisal is given of T.B. Joshua’s prophetic ministry, I think it must be looked at holistically and within the confines of context. If this prophecy was an isolated incident, your cynical and scathing analysis would be more understandable. However, when you consider the fact that this is one of over 100 documented international prophetic accuracies, oftentimes spoken in a parabolic fashion, it paints a different picture to the one your article is propagating.

Consider every other aspect of Joshua’s ministry – the accurate prophetic words to individuals every service day, the deliverance ofthose under demonic bondage, the simple and practical biblical teaching, and the extensive charitable endeavours. All the various components add up to a picture which simply doesn’t match up with the deception and malevolence you are insinuating in your article.

I confess to being one of the most sceptical of Joshua’s ministry in the past, based on the distasteful rumours going around. However, after watching live services on Emmanuel TV fora period of several months, the testimonies and experiences I witnessed were far too real and relevant to be dismissed simply because they are intellectually challenging to assimilate and break traditional convention.

I encourage those still sceptical (including the TBJ Watch team) to take time out to watch any of The SCOAN live services on Thursday, Saturday or Sunday. If editing is a major SCOANploy, as accused in this article, the live services eliminate such opportunism and provide a platform for an unbiased look at the ministry.

By Eric on April 22, 2013 at 2:49 pm

Well done Joan, carol 2, Florence, Martins and Eric, we at watchtbjoshua encourage you to continue in the light of your conviction and not to surrender to the devious smear campaigns projected by the hater of all good towards TB Joshua through his writers and bloggers at Tbjoshuawatch. May the LORD in his boundless mercies help you to become stronger in your conviction about God and his holy servant, TB Joshua, and may the reward of honoring a prophet be credited to you all. Amen.

*all comments are left in their original form left by the commenters.

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Life as a disciple of TB Joshua – Soe’s story (part 3)

This is where I’ll conclude this series: “life as a disciple of TB Joshua” ; you may have wondered what it is like training under TB Joshua and even be amongst those already nursing the thought of being present at the SCOAN just to be mentored by him. For one with no insider experience, I admit that it would take a firm resolve to be undeterred by the disturbing rumors you’ve come across, but so did others who have accomplished in SCOAN today encounter similar temptation and overcame.



You need to ask yourself why the stories of failures at SCOAN like disgruntled Beth, Giles, Gareth, Emma and others would influence your decision to go to SCOAN and not the stories of the gratified Wise Man Daniel, Racine, John Chi, Christopher and Harry, whose success is glaring to the world as a testament of the life that awaits those who are ready, sincere and fully trained by TB Joshua.

Betrayal – the reason people avoid mentoring others

Though no good cause undertaken is ever without its risks, this cause TB Joshua has embarked on to train men and women to become like him is of huge risk to him and his ministry that I continually pray for him. And in earnest too because not everyone he’s busy training would come out successful however hard he tries, and then what would become of the failures? This simple equation may give you a signal of what I speak of:

Successful at SCOAN = fulfilled disciples = More “Wise Men” and “Wise Women”
Failures at SCOAN = disgruntled ex-disciples = More “TB Joshua watchers” & “blasphemers”

Now that I think of it, I acutely remember TB Joshua’s words during an interview, where he spoke in-depth saying;

If we all know what it takes and the risks involved in changing a person – in molding a person into a picture of God’s grace, we will know that we cannot change everyone. That is why people avoid the issue of mentorship. Everybody avoids that area. Founders of big or mega churches place adverts for pastors. Mentoring people is the most dangerous aspect of the ministry. If you mentor ten persons – five may come out successful, while the remaining five will try to destroy you. This is why church founders prefer to go to theology schools to recruit or employ pastors – in mentorship there is a bond between you and your people, if you are looking for people to assist you there are many pastors all over the place, if you go on the internet you’ll see many pastors and bishops looking for jobs. You only need to employ them and pay them their salaries. It is purely the master-employee relationship, I thank God that today we have five wise men who are performing so well that the heavens are rejoicing over them and more are in the making, both men and women.

WM HARRY: A success at SCOAN


The Cause Is Worth the Cost

One does not just drift to becoming a great anointed man like TB Joshua; it takes focused action, personal discipline and lots of energy everyday – just as TB Joshua himself still employs daily to maintain his position. But as the sons of Zebedee wanted the right to sit at Jesus’s left and right in his kingdom, but were unwilling to taste of His cup, the lot of these (now- disgruntled) ex-disciples sought divine enablement to carry out Christ mission in SCOAN, but were unwilling to pay the price of self-denial for that divine gift. And TB Joshua I know has no time for those who are not ready amongst his people, hence their eviction.

During all of those disciple meetings I was opportune to attend, on each occasion TB Joshua taught, as I listened sincerely, I saw a man who desired God to use him to develop more people that would do exactly what God is using him to do. He once told us that the power God has given him is transferrable, such that God can use him to anoint as many as possible to do exactly what he is doing – but such people he added must show themselves approved for the anointing by showing the evidence of self-denial and be ready to march with God for the rest of their lives.

Yet I hardly ever saw this attribute of self-denial amongst the disciples, while I was there as a disciple, it would surprise you to know that there were those who even while training under TB Joshua maintained contact with former boyfriends, girlfriends, (one even went as far as doing this with the prophet’s phone lines) some were involved in watching pornography, face booking, stealing and all other satanic vices, it got so precarious that at a point the prophet had to confiscate all phones used by disciples and it gets even further regimented with more cases of misconduct being reported amongst disciples. A good example is; for a disciple to use the internet then, they had to have a pass signed from TB Joshua (who of must be told for what purpose the disciple wished to go online), this was done because of the misuse of the church internet for the above vices I mentioned, Yet when such an issue is brought to light by a disgruntled bunch, they only complain of being disconnected from the outside world. And I’m like what? What about what you guys were busy doing on the internet?

Wise Man Christopher: a success at SCOAN

Wise Man Christopher: a success at SCOAN

They may fool people who weren’t there, but not me. At least now everyone is opportune to hear the confessions during the disciple’s deliverances on emmanuel tv, some people have even taken the pains to recording them and put them online for people to watch and see for themselves.

So I don’t need to say much on this, but note that these are secret things they do during their stay in SCOAN that they would never have confessed or published on the internet as part of the stories of their involvement with and how they left SCOAN. Everything they say is tailored to paint TB Joshua bad and paint themselves helpless victims leaving out their own imperfections and major failings.

Disciples presently being delivered – Implications

It may seem surprisingly sudden – that disciples getting delivered by the wise men, with the evil spirits possessing the disciples speaking unanimously of their goal of pushing the disciple they indwell out of the SCOAN (being hampered by the holy fire in SCOAN) – and as part of the demons strategy to get them evicted, it causes them diverse misbehaviors in SCOAN which they also confess during their deliverances. While this may be a not-too comfortable scenario to witness judging from the duration of their involvement with SCOAN, the implications thereof explains what incites the sudden blasphemous behavior of these disgruntled ex-disciples. The same Satan who prompted their misdemeanors in SCOAN leading to their eviction is also prompting their concerted attacks on SCOAN even thereafter. The answer to the question a lot of people have asked and are still asking on why this period for the deliverance of disciples and not from the start of their involvement with SCOAN, in my opinion is because they were not ready. Readiness is inclusive of all the liberated did to be released from the shackles of the power of darkness, it wasn’t too early by the way neither is it too late. If these disgruntled bunches possess even a shred of sincerity left, they would learn what they should know, that they’re no better than the disciples who are presently being delivered and that they themselves need even more of that deliverance if concerted attacks against TB Joshua is what they have now resorted to.

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Life as a disciple of TB Joshua – Soe’s story (part 2)

Here’s a continuation of my story during my stay as  a disciple of  TB Joshua (click here for the first part of this installment). let me in this installment directly answer some of the outrageous claims made by a disgruntled Ex-disciple whose so-called “sad story” I came across online with my own personal story during my stay as a disciple in SCOAN.

The care TB Joshua takes of sick disciples.

It’s preposterous for Beth to say being sick in SCOAN is seen as a lack of faith, when TB Joshua has over iterated his scriptural disposition of a man being sick, yet being a friend of God and a candidate of heaven.  I was perhaps whom you would consider one of the least of TB Joshua’s disciples, I became ill precisely one month after I became a disciple, it felt like malaria within me and I wasn’t able to take part actively in the department I belonged, (I worked as one of his secretaries by the way) my colleagues urged me to notify the prophet about my health condition, and not really knowing how to go about it – they assisted me, the moment TB Joshua learned of my health condition he sent for me, when he saw me shivering as I stood, he was furious with my colleagues and reprimanded them for not getting across to him before then and immediately instructed that I be taken to the restaurant for a sumptuous meal with hot beverage, he also assigned a female disciple to make sure I finished my meal, look after me and report my improvement to him, while I was busy with my meal I was surprised he left his office to where I was to personally see me, he touched and felt my cup of tea to make sure it was hot, and asked if I ate well, I nodded in affirmative, he asked me how I was feeling         inside me, I explained, and then he laid his hands on me in prayer, and instructed that I took quality rest, I slept and on waking up felt so relieved, strong and energetic that I got to

I witnessed nothing similar or even close to the absurd insinuation that the SCOAN orders people or its disciples not to take medication.

my department the next day earlier that all my colleagues – I was perfectly healed. In my case, I wasn’t given medication, neither was I ordered not to take, as it stood then I didn’t need it, I was totally healed when TB Joshua prayed for me. I saw nothing similar or even close to the absurd insinuation that the SCOAN orders people or its disciples not to take medication – throughout my stay as a disciple, on the contrary I even witnessed medication being administered to a disciple, whose name I wouldn’t mention here because he’s currently one of the wise men, he fell ill and TB Joshua ordered that he be taken to the medical department right there in the SCOAN premises for treatment, the prophet sent me to look after him in the same way I was looked after, I was there to prepare his bath water and make sure he took his meals at the right time, a dedicated nurse was there attending to him, administering medicines to him at stipulated intervals – and at each interval there was almost a handful of drugs for him to swallow that I pitied him as I handed a glass of water to him to swallow the drugs with. Everyone would do well to disregard these rumors of SCOAN being anti-medicine; it’s nothing more than a blatant lie that’s part of a ploy to discredit SCOAN,

Ex-disciples and a world without TB Joshua

Having said that, in a remark in my last installment, I regarded the complaints of these Ex-disciples as a sign of a deep-seated agitation – I would want to expound on that. If you’re keen to observe, you’ll notice how each time these (now disgruntled) ex-disciples were sent home from SCOAN, they usually made deliberate efforts to return to SCOAN until it seemed they could no longer soldier on with that aspiration. I’ll confirm it with the only section of beth’s words I can relate to –  her statement after being sent home;

I was not granted a letter of invitation (necessary for a Nigerian Visa) from SCOAN to return, this caused me extreme distress”… I was desperate to stay but TB Joshua did not permit it, once again I was sent home….TB Joshua had given up on me…. I was deeply traumatized by the abandonment”.

Three questions can arise from here when her statement is examined (in the bad light she portrayed TB Joshua and SCOAN:) for such a BAD, BAD, BAD, Place as she alleges;

  • Why her extreme distress when she was refused invitation to return, didn’t she have a life before SCOAN?
  • Why was so she desperate to stay in SCOAN? (Note her words: “DESPERATE TO STAY”)
  • Why was she traumatized by the abandonment?

Why let such deep feelings out over a place as” evil” as you describe? No sane person would so DESPERATELY want to stay in an evil place, be EXTREMELY DISTRESSED, when refused invitation to return to an evil place, and ends up TRAUMATIZED when an evil man abandons her (as she so claimed TB Joshua did), the only sense we can make of this is that there’s definitely something she’s not telling which I can very much relate to, I’ve also been a disciple myself, so I know. Do pay serious attention to this; HOWEVER very unlikely IT SEEMS, IT is the crux of the matter.

The emptiness disgruntled Ex-disciples seek to fill

During a disciple’s stay with TB Joshua, the tenderness and unequal love he showers on you feel like a kind of light in your heart… beth described it in this way:

“TB Joshua was kind to me, called me his daughter, and gave me privileges beyond what any other visitor would receive…I accepted the significant amount of cash he gave me.”

Though she gave just a hint there,  I can assure you that they are precious moments you’ll ultimately regard as dearest when TB Joshua showers love on you, and it’s something that when they lose, they begin to frantically chase it as if it’s the “only reality” and they may never get it back – they chase after those cherished memories of their precious time with him with an inner wish to re-experience them, so they keep making impulsive attempts to return there even after they are sent away from there and you would expect them to continue with their lives.

You only see these outpourings of grievances when they have finally reached a conclusive realization of “Now I’ll never make it back to that place”. Unless this realization is imminent, they wouldn’t grumble in this way but keep pressing to be accommodated by TB Joshua as his disciple.  This is the uncut truth people, believe it – these disgruntled bunch are still chasing after their extraordinary life in SCOAN and spend all their time regretting that they now live in a world without him whom they now return hatred for his friendship. If TB Joshua could so powerfully love those whom he doesn’t physically know when they come to SCOAN for help, he blesses them so richly that they cannot hold back tears, how much more do you think he would love those living with him? I leave that to your imagination.

There is could be no better indication of the emptiness disgruntled ex-disciples feel, than spreading outbursts of grievances

There could be no better sign of the emptiness disgruntled ex-disciples now feel, than the outbursts of grievances

He was a shelter for them, spiritually, materially, physically, financially just name it. But now after leaving they have to look elsewhere for that unconditional love and haven’t found it. They only write about all the wrongs they can imagine and make up about the life in SCOAN online to feel better about themselves being sent out or leaving.  Irrespective of the unverifiable ill-treatment they allege they experienced in SCOAN, people are not stupid enough not to realize that they are all things they once endured calmly as far as they were given the opportunity to stay in SCOAN. A commenter once replied a disgruntled Ex-disciple of TB Joshua by saying:

Kelly permalink
September 6, 2011 8:01 am

You did not tell the world u were going to the scoan, so it will be ridiculous when u start telling the world that u left. A prophet can never ever be accepted in his home. We love TB Joshua because he is leading us to christ not to himself.

In truth, they would have not had much time to rant about it if in reality – they’ve moved on.


Tb Joshua’s ministry has continued to minister healing and deliverance to thousands of visitors who come to SCOAN, to receive a tough from God through is prophet and the five wise men. The ministry of Tb Joshua has continued to grow in the face of persecution and criticism especially, from the ministry massive healing of incurable diseases and sickness such as Hiv/Aids.

Many of these detractors have not come to SCOAN to verify,if those massive HIV/Aids healing that is taking place there are real or not, but they went a hard to critics the great work of God in SCOAN. The only visit case we know was the spy mission by BBC in SCOAN London and their latter Anti-SCOAN article about an alleged fictitious death story by  a gay (faceless and nameless) whom, claim was told to stop taken medication when prayed for by pastors from SCOAN London, though news of such is not a new thing to lovers and members of the ministry of SCOAN , the alleged story that was fabricated by BBC is well known to be against the doctrine and the person of the prophet of God who have publicly said countless of time to those who come for prayer in SCOAN to continue their medication before they are confirmed healed from their sickness by their doctors. It was all clear that the stories were all part of satanic instrument to discredit the man of God and the mighty work of God being experience in SCOAN. They never come with a good intention, because if their motive was genuine enough, they would have come openly without sending secret spy and also write an unprejudiced article asa part of good journalism.

Many keep wondering if the world bodies are not aware of what is taking place in SCOAN especially; with the massive healing that is taking place there thatmedical lingcannot be healed.It baffles me if they are aware and choose not to have anything, to do with the happenings in SCOAN and yet some critics are saying that SCOAN door is not open for verification.But the fact remains, that SCOAN is an international ministry know all over the world for is massive healing and deliverance. The ministry of SCOAN received thousands of pilgrims from all what’s of life every week, leaders of nations, ministers and kings do come to SCOAN to receive the tough of God, and some of them have even given their testimony live on about the transformative power in SCOAN and how the ministry have impacted on their life and family positively.  And some persons are saying that the door of SCOAN is not open,  a ministry that received and host calibers of persons that comes from all over the world, what stop them same ministry from receiving any world  body and media.It is surprising for anyone to say that the door of SCOAN is not open for verification, I believed such a person those not want to admit the true about SCOAN openness to the world. The prophet has openly stated countless of time that is ministry is open to all classes of people in the society, but not those that mean harm and bad for its ministry because as a Christian we are very sensitive to the devise of Satan and its agent. As he always say “I love you all only trust in God.”

“I love you all only trust in God.”

“I love you all only trust in God.”

Tb Joshua cannot come out on calling on World Health Organization and world media to come and verify HIv/Aids healing claims in is ministry,  because if he did such many individuals especially, is critics will interpret it in the wrong way that he  want world recognition, which heal ready have however.

When the prophet made a world prophecy about a massive shooting that will take place in the nation America that came to pass and many critics says it was by chance he made the prophecy, that public shooting is a frequent occurrence in America. Then the prophet call on the American government to call on all the religion body all over the world to make prophecy for the year and see which one will come to pass, as a prove that he never guess the prophecy. But you know what; the reply was silence because they know the outcome will favor the prophet. So prophet Tb Joshua cannot force anyone to come and verify Hiv/Aids healing in is church. But for those who are genuine and bold enough should come and verify for themselves, SCOAN door is open come, instead of condemning the great work of God in our generation.

Someworld media have come to SCOAN in the past and the prophet attend to them even a Japanese media visit SCOAN last year to video the happens there, they came to see for themselves to be sure that what they are seeing on is real.

And for those who have hard one thing all the other about SCOAN, should not just conclude but instead they should try and visit SCOAN and see for themselves before they conclude. Those who are saying that SCOAN door is not open for verification are all lies.  Though, most of this critics claim they were one time involve in the ministry of SCOAN, but you should also know that not everyone that come to a place, come there with a sincere heart, just like the case of BBC spy mission in SCOAN London.

We call on the world bodies and media to visit SCOAN, SCOAN door is open to all.We are not saying you should come and promote Tb Joshua’s ministry but only come and see for yourself instead of keeping silence and allowing innocent persons deceived, innocent soul that supposed to have come to SCOAN for their healing but dead ignorantly  because they were misled by these haters of good thing.

We also call on the good people of the world to support this move since, many claim that faith healing is generous; they should call on those in authority to come to SCOAN and verify if this healing are true or not and if SCOAN is deceiving the world with their massive healing and deliverance that is shown on

Life as a disciple of TB Joshua – Soe’s story (part 1)

A lot has been said about the life disciples of TB Joshua are trained to lead at the synagogue of all Nations – most of them upsetting, some encouraging, while others are needlessly provocative – I’m well known on tbjoshuawatch by the name soe as a former disciple of TB Joshua, several of their former articles feature my opinions, and even their current article bears a link to a comment I left there quite a while ago. Despite having left SCOAN to further my studies after my stay as a disciple, I also spent much time last year arguing daily with them on the internet about my experiences in SCOAN. This eventually culminated to a unanimous agreement by these TB Joshua critics that I spoke with considerable knowledge and insight of the inner workings of SCOAN.

SELF-DENIAL: the cost of discipleship

SELF-DENIAL: The cost of discipleship

I choose to share my story now (which will be in installments), not necessarily in defense of TB Joshua as is generally thought of me, but because I am appalled at the way people who were once thought to be one with the prophet in purpose and mission, could turn the other way and lift their heels against one whom they shared his bread in a deeper level of fellowship. (Psalm43v9: He who shares my bread has lifted up his heel against me). It should be clear to you before I continue that

the bulk of negative insider experiences on SCOAN you come across online are tales of disgruntled ex-disciples who left SCOAN after realizing that they were unable to live according to God’s standard for perfect obedience set up and maintained in SCOAN by the prophet himself, and are now on a personal retaliation conspiracy against TB Joshua.

Take a cue from this; the Wise Men of the synagogue of all nations working miracles, signs and wonders after the manner of TB Joshua today were not taken out of the blue, they too are also disciples of TB Joshua in like manner with these disgruntled ex-disciples, they fellowshipped together as siblings, slept in the same rooms, shared meals, went together on assignments, attended the same disciple meetings, etc. but ever wondered why their tales are not the same today? Today whilst one group spews alleged reports of ill-treatment, psychological torture and all the other balderdash, another group rejoices because they have been endued with power from on high.

WISE MEN of the synagogue of all Nations

I knew them all as brothers before God performed His Divine anointing on them, we were all disciples together, WM Daniel, Racine, John Chi, Christopher, and Harry. My heart daily rejoices because the Holy Spirit has taken permanent residence in the heart of these young and promising men forever. It is a more astonishing miracle for me than most because I knew them in their former state as mere men to whom you would ascribe no real spiritual power as they now effect after the manner of TB Joshua.

Soe’s story: beginnings

My own journey to SCOAN began when at some level in my life as a teenager, I hungered for a deeper relationship with God, which I didn’t see feasible with the present system of things in my community. I found it exceedingly difficult to align my life with the word of God because of much temptation to sin around me; I realized that I needed a different environment to aid in my relationship with the creator and on visiting SCOAN with my parents as a teenager. I saw young people like me working in the terbanacle of the LORD, as camera men, ushers, etc. I learnt they lived in the SCOAN compound, and then it struck me- that this was what I needed, a place such as this Holy temple where I would be much separated from the lures and cares of the world. There and then the desire and resolve to live in SCOAN was born in me and I continued trying to gain the prophet’s attention, perhaps he would give me the privilege of staying with him I thought, as I kept trying to use all the advantages I had to raise myself to gain his attention.

Life as a Disciple

Life as a disciple of TB Joshua is splendid, challenging, and for the most part enjoyable. TB Joshua bore the full weight of our upkeep, clothing and all other essentials, we woke up in the morning to free meals (we do not even know how they were prepared), we sleep on comfortable beds in the dormitory, fully air-conditioned rooms, and get special treatment from TB Joshua; regular cash gifts, shopping allowances –  you name it, which is crowned with a  ready access to him anytime we wish to relate things we cannot share with anyone. TB Joshua also celebrates each and every disciple’s birthday in an extraordinary way, he usually got visibly angry on learning that a disciple’s birthday mistakenly went past without being celebrated. I was so happy in some of those meetings I couldn’t hold back tears, it felt as though I was with Jesus Himself, its true we labored for the gospel while there, but i didn’t see any work we did to merit the treatment we received from TB Joshua, the love he showed always competed so favorably with what you would receive from the most loving parent, so it always seemed he was practicing to us an unmerited gesture. I on my own part always sought for how to repay by doing the best I could in

Visitors Dinning: where Disciple meetings were held

Visitors Dinning: where Disciple meetings were usually held

whatever assignment I was given, even though I ended up failing him many times. The best part I still miss even to this day are the disciple meetings, which usually occur in the middle of the night, where after giving so much attention to a demanding crowd of visitors and people, you would expect him to take a rest, he then comes afterward to teach us in the middle of the night, pouring his life into us. They remain to this day the most precious moments of my life, I always looked forward to those meetings and made sure I reserved my seat very close to TB Joshua – the center of all his teaching was how he could mold his disciples into great representatives of Christ and do greater works than even him. Most of the teachings he delivers during the Sunday service are usually expanded upon to us in the disciples meeting and further explained to ensure our understanding, Just as Jesus would speak publicly in parables and explained everything later on to his disciples. The life Jesus led with his disciples wasn’t hard for me to relate to anymore, it was clear to me, and just as Jesus knew from the start who would betray Him, TB Joshua usually prophesied when he was in our midst that many of us would betray him and he described this as “his pain”, it didn’t understand him then, but its dawned on me now that many of us were insincere.

I must here also admit that it is not rosy being a disciple of TB Joshua, Its hard work after the manner of our Mentor TB Joshua who also clearly has no time for himself; this to us inadvertently means less time for worthless activities that lead to a life of misery. There are pains involved in building a disciple, and though we (I and my disgruntled siblings disciples) may have our different views on what we should’ve been ready to endure in the course of our training then as disciples, we all agree that the training of military personnel in the army barracks differs in all ramifications from the training of a civilian, and the SCOAN is a training ground where God raises genuine soldiers of the cross that would today and in time to come battle the armies of hell.

A military personels training differs from that of a civillian, so also the solddiers of christ

Military personnels training differs from that of a civilian, so also the Soldiers of Christ

It’s the training that disciplines them to be meek, humble and peaceable whilst showing proper evidence of self-denial – the quality of those possessing the Divine Spirit that comes from above. Inasmuch as we recognize there are ex-disciples complaints of “working round the clock”, less sleep, and the rest in SCOAN, we also acknowledge that when they realized that they were unable to cope with the living standards meant for soldiers of the cross, they weren’t  forced to stay there against their will.

So what’s the grumbling all about, when one is never forced to come or stay? In my candid opinion their complaints are simply a case of shameful remorse over what could’ve have been; if even after leaving SCOAN, they’re still sulking over their life there, it tells of a deep seated agitation, perhaps for exchanging an extraordinary life with an ordinary one. If they’ve really found life outside SCOAN as they claim, they would have no energy to expend criticizing their former mentor, but in better productive activities. Who knows what many of them could’ve been if they had continued with their mentor, who knows perhaps one of the Wise men whom the believing world celebrate today, and whom the heavens are rejoicing over.

Famous Indonesian philosopher Prof Dr HM Quraish Shihab Speaks On TB Joshua

Prof Dr HM Quraish Shihab: “God still sends a Man of God, like T.B. Joshua with his miracles as those that Prophet Jesus performed”

The bible in 1 Corinthians 1: 27 talks about how God uses the foolish things of this world to shame the wise, Jesus authoritatively taught that if men refuse to praise Him, God would in His power raise stones to praise Him, this parable could be taken on a literal level to mean “physical stones” but on a deeper level refers most likely to praises of God’s supremacy from the most unlikely sources. In perfect harmony with Jesus Words surprising  acknowledgement of TB Joshua’s  genuiness have come from the lips of World renowned Muslim, Prof Dr HM Quraish Shihab, an Indonesian famous philosopher. This acknowledgement comes at a time when TB Joshua remains most controversial amongst some acclaimed Christians and some professed pastors, he taught in a lecture whilst Quoting from the Holy Scriptures and Qur’an, in testifying of Jesus and TB Joshua as God Holy servants, he said thus;

“If an apostle always gives a lesson, which is contrary to your pride any time he comes, therefore, will you accuse some of them and kill the others?” QS 2:87.

This is human being, when a prophet comes with miracles, they will still reject him. Would you still have no faith in the teachings of Prophet Jesus?

Rasulullah explains the miracles of Prophet Jesus as:
QS 3:49 \ “Surely, I have come to you bringing a sign of wonder from God,

– I made you from the earth in the form of a bird, then I breathed, then it became a bird as God would;

– And I healed those born blind and a person with skin disease and I raised the dead with God’s permission;

– And I gave you what you eat and store in your houses. Verily, this is an apostolic sign of truth for you, if you truly believe”.

Miracles of Jesus in the BIBLE:

The Healing of the Demon Possessed Boy (Matthew 17:14-20)

17 “You unbelieving and perverse generation,” Jesus replied, “how long shall I stay with you? How long shall I put up with you? Bring the boy here to me.” 18 Jesus rebuked the demon, and it came out of the boy, and he was healed at that moment.

Jesus Heals the Sick (Matthew 14:34-36)

34 When they had crossed over, they landed at Gennesaret. 35 And when the men of that place recognized Jesus, they sent word to all the surrounding country. People brought all their sick to him 36 and begged him to let the sick just touch the edge of his cloak, and all who touched it were healed.

God still sends a man of God, like T.B. Joshua with his miracles as those that Prophet Jesus performed. He heals various sicknesses just by touching the sick or by using the medium of the Anointing Water.


Emmanuel TV.-

After reading the Words of God above and seeing Emmanuel TV and the Man of God T.B. Joshua, what is your reaction?

Will you reject it as you rejected any prophet who came with miracles from Allah?

If an apostle always gives a lesson which is contrary to your pride anytime he comes, therefore, will you accuse some of them and kill the others? QS 2:87

He, who has faith and follows the teachings of Prophet Jesus (Prophet Isa), then God will put in his heart love, respect and a peaceful life.

Rasulullah SAW explains:

Therefore, our apostles follow behind them and Isa, the son of Mary and we gave to Him the Gospel and we put in His heart respect and love. QS.57: 27.
Those who reject God’s commandment above are those who follow some part and ignore the rest – QS 2:85 – their lives will be disgraced on earth and in the hell.

May God open our heart. Amen. Pray that God open our heart. Amen.

ABOUT Muhammad Quraish Shihab : His full name is Muhammad Quraish Shihab. He was born on February 16, 1944 at Rapang, South Sulawesi.  He came from an educated family of Arab descent. His father, Prof.. KH. Abdurrahman Shihab is a scholar and professor in the field of interpretation. Abdurrahman Shihab regarded as one of the leading educators who have a good reputation among the people of South Sulawesi. Its contribution in the field of education is evident from his efforts to build two colleges in Ujung Pandang, Indonesia is Muslim University (UMI), the largest private university in the eastern part of Indonesia, and IAIN Alauddin no longer significant. Read complete bio


Kenyan minister George Saitoti’s death in helicopter accident- TB Joshua Exclusive!

On June 4, 2012, during a Monday Live Service, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied regarding the leader of a country. He said he saw an accident and asked whether it was on the air or on the ground. These were his words.

“Ninety percent of what we’re doing here is all about other nations all over the world. Like today, around 3am and what happened. I saw the leader of a country. Whether he is the Vice President of a country or the present— I saw all of them having an accident. Is it on the air or on the ground? Sometimes, when I want to know what is happening, how does it happen, what is this, I keep asking.”

Six days after this prophetic vision was given, on Sunday, June 10, 2012, a helicopter in Kenya had an accident in the air. It carried Minister George Saitoti, Kenya’s Internal Security Minister, former Vice President and current presidential candidate.

Just as Prophet T.B. Joshua had stated in the prophetic message, the leader of the country whom he saw involved in an accident in the air was George Saitoti, born August 3, 1945, a Kenyan politician, businessman, economist, mathematician and development policy thinker.

He served as Kenya’s longest serving Vice-President, serving for 13 years as the 6th Vice President of Kenya. He served as Minister for Internal Security and Provincial Administration, Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs and key member of the National Security Advisory Committee (NSAC), Minister for Finance and Minister for education.

Saitoti’s Tragic End; “Could have been averted” as a TB Joshua  saw it Six days earlier

He also served as President of the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States in 1999-2000.

As a mathematician, Saitoti served as Head of the Mathematics Department at the University of Nairobi. He pioneered the founding of the African Mathematical Union(AMU) and served as its Vice President from 1976-1979. This was one of his landmark contributions, institutionalizing Mathematics as a discipline in Africa.

As an economist, Saitoti served as the Executive Chairman of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

He had been billed as a front-runner in the race to succeed President Mwai Kibaki as President of Kenya in the upcoming 2013 elections.

May the souls of the departed rest in peace and may we continue to listen to the voice of God, spoken through His servants. When God speaks, the wise listen. Whatever situation we may find ourselves in, God is still saying something.