Last week, Miss Lucienne Esteve, from France, was among those who received prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ during The SCOAN Sunday Service. She had difficulty in walking due to osteoarthritis, a condition that made it difficult for her to do most things by herself, including bathing, despite her knee braces. After the prayers last week, Lucienne had risen to her feet and glorified God for healing her. Today, she returned to church to testify about the permanence of her healing. No longer does she need to use here knee braces. “I immediately felt light after the prayers,” she told the church. Wearing high-heeled shoes, Lucienne advised people to see Jesus as the Real Healer.


Last Monday, Ms Kate Harris, a Liberian, was one of those who kept their destiny appointment with God Almighty during The SCOAN Living Water Service. Born into a polygamous family of idol worshipers, Kate was constantly fed with food meant for the gods, her parents having decided that she would be devoted to the service of the gods. She was given a name that implied that she was thrash. Consequently, after her parents died and Kate fled from her hometown, the demons running her destiny followed her there. She got married and had kids but one day her husband said she looked like a dog and walked out of the marriage right away. She then moved over to Achimota, Ghana, where she was encouraged by a friend to go into prostitution. In the course of sex work, Kate faced many dangerous situations, including beatings from men. In one experience, a male client took her into a Ghanaian forest, where she had a frightful episode with the man. She was later to learn that the man had died three months previously. Desperate to fend for her children and educate them, Kate sank further into prostitution, which took her to different countries, including the UAE, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. Every time she invested in a business it collapsed, although she was able to see her children through high school from the proceeds of prostitution. It was in Cambodia and Vietnam that she had persistent dream encounters with Prophet TB Joshua, whom she had never met. In the dream the man of God had told him his name after she had asked why he had been asking her to desist from her wayward lifestyle. Along the line, Kate had developed body and chest pains as well as headaches. In her bid to make maximum use of her body for prostitution, Kate had been fond of preventing her menstrual blood from flowing out by inserting loads of cotton into her private part. To the glory of God, during her time on The SCOAN Altar, Kate fell under the power of the anointing and the evil spirit in her confessed its atrocities in her life. Afterwards, she returned to her hotel and her menstruation returned. “The Living Water is real,” she said. She had drunk the Living Water on behalf of her tuberculosis-afflicted sister in Dubai and the sister had vomited the evil deposits in her system. She advised men to care for her wives and children. She also advised people to “sit on the right bench in church” by opening their heart to God’s Word.


During the Living Water Service last Monday, Mr Ngozo Mamadou, from Central Africa Republic, had vomited four stones while Prophet TB Joshua was addressing congregants. During the war in his country he had lost both parents and he had decided to move over to Cameroon. Along the line his sister died from the gunshot wound that she had sustained during the war. His brother then took ill and in search of a solution to the brother’s health problem, he had gone to a Nigerian witch doctor. Eventually his brother died despite all the money Ngozo had invested in trying to save his life. Now in debt, Ngozo did not know what else to do and asked the witch doctor for help. The witch doctor then promised to help by initiating him to the occult and introducing him to the goddess of money. Series of rituals were performed at the riverside, including a ritual birth and the swallowing of four eggs. The instant Ngozo swallowed the eggs, the so-called goddess of money appeared to him and requested that he supply her “mercury”, that is, human blood. He was asked to supply another person’s blood or give his own life. Unwilling to pledge allegiance to this demon, Ngozo tried to kill himself. While trying to take his own life, Ngozo ran into a woman who advised him to visit The SCOAN. Unwilling to visit the church owing to his different faith, the troubled young man declined but the woman offered to pay his transport fare. Last week, Ngozo made his way to church and the Spirit of the Lord took over. First, he began to feel a churning in his stomach and throat and he eventually vomited the said four stones as the man of God climbed on the altar for his ministration. After coming to himself, he realised the stones must have been the four eggs he had swallowed. Before ending his testimony today, Ngozo said that he now feels much better and is able to use the toilet with ease. He can also sleep peacefully, without having any nightmares. He advised people to avoid seeking help from witch doctors.

Mr Ngozo Mamadou


Mr Hammed Okas came to The SCOAN Living Water Service with the problem of cervical spondylosis for five years. This terrible problem rendered his life so miserable as his activities were largely restricted. He could not turn his neck to the right or to the left as the pain was so terrible. In search of a solution, he visited several hospitals and prayer houses but to no avail. The only help he got from the hospital was a cervical collar and medications which could only ease the excruciating pain. Tired of ingesting medications and moving around with the cervical collar, he decided to come to The SCOAN Living Water Service last Monday. When he climbed the Mountain of Prayer, prayed and took the Living Water, he felt instant relief and that is how he got his healing from that horrible condition. Turning his neck from left to right with ease, the Ogun indigene advised people to trust in God as He is the answer to all fundamental issues of life.