Mr Joshua Sambo – “I CAN HEAR!” Healing at SCOAN

“There is a deaf here. Now, you can hear the sound”. After these words of prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua, a young man came forward to testify that the problem of deafness, which he had suffered with for 35 years vanished the moment Prophet T.B. Joshua began offering the Mass Prayer during the Sunday Service.

Mr Joshua Sambo – “I CAN HEAR!”

This Sunday, Mr Joshua Sambo was at The SCOAN with members of his family to testify to the Lord’s goodness in his life. According to him, his mother had told him that after his birth, she discovered blood oozing out of his left ear, which soon became completely deaf. He had to endure many insults from people who simply got frustrated during conversations with him. At a point, he resigned himself to his fate believing that he would have to live with this condition for the rest of his life. However, during the Sunday Service at The SCOAN, as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed that every damaged organ in the system of the people should begin to function, he received his miracle. “It was as if something came out of my ear – like a tyre losing air”, Mr Sambo said, recalling his experience during the Mass Prayer. And since then, he can hear perfectly well with his left hear! His wife, who said it was a surprise when she received a call from her husband telling her about his miraculous healing, said she decided to whisper into his left ear the moment she met with him and indeed, she was able to confirm that he can now hear. Mr Joshua Sambo’s mother, brother and father-in-law also glorified the name of the Lord for putting an end to 35 years of deafness in the life of Mr Sambo. To God be the glory!

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