Hopeless. Depressed. Immobile. Confined to a wheelchair. This is the description of Mrs Caroline Onyeneke’s past 10 years. What started as an innocent domestic accident ended up placing an enormous burden on the Onyeneke family. Formerly an active woman who enjoyed cooking for her grandsons, her son and running the household, Mrs Onyeneke was confined to the use of a wheelchair and was bound to laying on her bed. After multiple visits to various hospitals, she was not given any permanent solution; instead an operation was recommended. With nowhere else to turn, Mrs Onyeneke decided The SCOAN would be her final solution-ground.

Last week Sunday, Mrs Onyeneke came with her son – Mr Reginald Chibueze Onyeneke – to seek prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua. During a quiet moment as everyone listened attentively to Prophet T.B. Joshua’s sermon, Mr Onyeneke cried out: “Man of God, have mercy! My mother is on a wheelchair, help me!” Prophet T.B. Joshua moved by the plea responded: “If it is the will of God for your mother to receive her healing today she will”.

During the mass prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua instructed the son to go and pray for his mother. “I followed the man of God’s instructions and prayer points word for word. First he told me to kiss and hug my mom. He later gave me the prayer point: ‘Every damaged organ – begin to function!’ Suddenly my mother stood up!” Mr Onyeneke gleefully said.

Mrs Onyeneke said she can now walk freely, move up and down the stairs, cook for her family and do the things she could not do for the past decade! She advised everyone: “Have faith and believe in the Word of God!”

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