One day, when Miss Alice Dramani was about to go for her duty as an Environmental Health Officer, she felt very heavy and she found out that her feet were swollen. She went to the hospital for an examination and the doctor diagnosed her with a liver problem and the doctor told her that she needed a kidney transplant. Due to the severity of the problem, her body was swollen and she found it difficult to breath or do anything. 
With no solution to her problem, Miss Dramani was ready to be taken anywhere for a permanent solution to her problem. A spiritualist gave her a concoction to drink and ever since then, her problem became worse to the extent that she could no longer eat and even drink water. After this terrible experience, Alice almost gave up.

On one fateful day, a friend came up to her to tell her about The SCOAN and she helped her with all the logistics to make the visit.

Both her and her friend made it to The SCOAN from Ghana. When it was time for prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her and Alice fell in the power of the Holy Spirit. When she stood up, she felt very light. Previously, she felt like she was carrying a bag of cement but after the prayer she felt as light as a piece of paper.


When Miss Alice Dramani went back to her lodge, something just burst out of her – very thick yellow liquid was gushing out of her, and at the same time she was stooling. Instantly, her swollen stomach came down. That marked the end of the swollen belly. People could hardly believe she was the same lady that came to stay in the lodge the day before. God has done it.

“Now, I am even faster and stronger than before and I have gone back to my work place,” declared Alice Dramani as she thanked God for what God has done for her. “Trust in God,” she advised everyone if ever they find themselves in any problem just as she did and God took over the problem. Thank You, Jesus Christ!

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