“I always lure them. If I just look at your eyes, you will FALL…”

Prepare to hear a chilling confession from a former ‘agent’ of darkness. In this clip from the archives, Miss Ifeoma Ejiogwu shockingly reveals her methods of demonically seducing and subduing men – and how her efforts to ‘win’ TB Joshua were thwarted by God’s power.

Her experience is replete with multiple lessons – perhaps best summed up by her own words: “Don’t be carried away by Ifeoma’s beauty because there are so many ‘Ifeomas’ out there looking for whom to devour…”


Bleeding had been the greatest challenge in the life of a Ghanaian woman, Edith Yaya Kofmah. Visiting the doctors had not given her a permanent solution to her problem. Due to the severe problem she had been having for the past ten years, she decided to come to The SCOAN.


During The SCOAN Mass Prayer, true to her faith, Prophet T.B. Joshua called out a woman who is bleeding. Edith knew the prophecy was for her, came forward and God’s healing touched her and put an end to her problem. Since that moment, bleeding has been a thing of the past in her life.

Appreciating what God has done for her, she went on to advise everyone, “Run to God and He will heal you”.


Miss Ho Tsang Ki from the Asian country of Hong Kong was among the many international visitors who worshipped God in The SCOAN last Sunday. As Prophet T.B Joshua led the congregation in prayer, God located Ho Tsang Ki’s case through a prophecy. The man of God mentioned that there was a lady among the Hong Kong group who had been bleeding from her nose for a long time. Coming out to confirm the words of prophecy, Ho Tsang Ki explained that she had been bleeding from her nose and was in The SCOAN to receive healing from this condition. 

Ho Tsang Ki

Testifying before the congregation today, Ho Tsang Ki confirmed that she had been bleeding from her nose since she was six years old. This affliction caused her difficulty in breathing and made her lose her sense of smell. All efforts by medical doctors to put an end to her problem yielded no result. Declaring that she is now healed, Ho Tsang Ki said since she received the prophecy and deliverance last Sunday, she no longer bleeds from her nose. She now breathes freely and now has her sense of smell, just like every normal human being. She advised the congregation to be patient while expecting a miracle from God because God’s time is always the best.


Hopeless. Depressed. Immobile. Confined to a wheelchair. This is the description of Mrs Caroline Onyeneke’s past 10 years. What started as an innocent domestic accident ended up placing an enormous burden on the Onyeneke family. Formerly an active woman who enjoyed cooking for her grandsons, her son and running the household, Mrs Onyeneke was confined to the use of a wheelchair and was bound to laying on her bed. After multiple visits to various hospitals, she was not given any permanent solution; instead an operation was recommended. With nowhere else to turn, Mrs Onyeneke decided The SCOAN would be her final solution-ground.

Last week Sunday, Mrs Onyeneke came with her son – Mr Reginald Chibueze Onyeneke – to seek prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua. During a quiet moment as everyone listened attentively to Prophet T.B. Joshua’s sermon, Mr Onyeneke cried out: “Man of God, have mercy! My mother is on a wheelchair, help me!” Prophet T.B. Joshua moved by the plea responded: “If it is the will of God for your mother to receive her healing today she will”.

During the mass prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua instructed the son to go and pray for his mother. “I followed the man of God’s instructions and prayer points word for word. First he told me to kiss and hug my mom. He later gave me the prayer point: ‘Every damaged organ – begin to function!’ Suddenly my mother stood up!” Mr Onyeneke gleefully said.

Mrs Onyeneke said she can now walk freely, move up and down the stairs, cook for her family and do the things she could not do for the past decade! She advised everyone: “Have faith and believe in the Word of God!”

Mr Joshua Sambo – “I CAN HEAR!” Healing at SCOAN

“There is a deaf here. Now, you can hear the sound”. After these words of prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua, a young man came forward to testify that the problem of deafness, which he had suffered with for 35 years vanished the moment Prophet T.B. Joshua began offering the Mass Prayer during the Sunday Service.

Mr Joshua Sambo – “I CAN HEAR!”

This Sunday, Mr Joshua Sambo was at The SCOAN with members of his family to testify to the Lord’s goodness in his life. According to him, his mother had told him that after his birth, she discovered blood oozing out of his left ear, which soon became completely deaf. He had to endure many insults from people who simply got frustrated during conversations with him. At a point, he resigned himself to his fate believing that he would have to live with this condition for the rest of his life. However, during the Sunday Service at The SCOAN, as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed that every damaged organ in the system of the people should begin to function, he received his miracle. “It was as if something came out of my ear – like a tyre losing air”, Mr Sambo said, recalling his experience during the Mass Prayer. And since then, he can hear perfectly well with his left hear! His wife, who said it was a surprise when she received a call from her husband telling her about his miraculous healing, said she decided to whisper into his left ear the moment she met with him and indeed, she was able to confirm that he can now hear. Mr Joshua Sambo’s mother, brother and father-in-law also glorified the name of the Lord for putting an end to 35 years of deafness in the life of Mr Sambo. To God be the glory!


One day, when Miss Alice Dramani was about to go for her duty as an Environmental Health Officer, she felt very heavy and she found out that her feet were swollen. She went to the hospital for an examination and the doctor diagnosed her with a liver problem and the doctor told her that she needed a kidney transplant. Due to the severity of the problem, her body was swollen and she found it difficult to breath or do anything. 
With no solution to her problem, Miss Dramani was ready to be taken anywhere for a permanent solution to her problem. A spiritualist gave her a concoction to drink and ever since then, her problem became worse to the extent that she could no longer eat and even drink water. After this terrible experience, Alice almost gave up.

On one fateful day, a friend came up to her to tell her about The SCOAN and she helped her with all the logistics to make the visit.

Both her and her friend made it to The SCOAN from Ghana. When it was time for prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her and Alice fell in the power of the Holy Spirit. When she stood up, she felt very light. Previously, she felt like she was carrying a bag of cement but after the prayer she felt as light as a piece of paper.


When Miss Alice Dramani went back to her lodge, something just burst out of her – very thick yellow liquid was gushing out of her, and at the same time she was stooling. Instantly, her swollen stomach came down. That marked the end of the swollen belly. People could hardly believe she was the same lady that came to stay in the lodge the day before. God has done it.

“Now, I am even faster and stronger than before and I have gone back to my work place,” declared Alice Dramani as she thanked God for what God has done for her. “Trust in God,” she advised everyone if ever they find themselves in any problem just as she did and God took over the problem. Thank You, Jesus Christ!


“God, who healed me, heal my mother!” Ms Barreta cried out. As mother and daughter waited in The SCOAN Prayer Line, Ms Barreta took the microphone and explained that she came with faith that her mother would be healed from osteoarthritis and would no longer need her walker and special socks as God had healed her from exactly the same ailment months earlier at The Emmanuel TV UK Revival. With arm braces and special socks on, Ms Barretta received prayer from the woman of God, Yinka in Sheffield, UK and her years of illness came to an end, in Jesus’ name.

Now living free from bondage and burden, she flew her mother to Lagos, Nigeria to receive her own touch of healing in The SCOAN. As the man of God, Racine stretched forth his hand in the name of Jesus Christ, Mrs Ermelinda stood and began to move freely. Leaving the walker behind, she strode through The SCOAN congregation demonstrating that with just a snap of God’s fingers, she is no longer suffering from osteoarthritis.

LIVE Sunday Service At The SCOAN With T.B. Joshua (11/08/19)

If millions of this generation are to believe, they must see PROOF that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! Get ready to witness undeniable evidence of God’s Word and power at work as you join Prophet T.B. Joshua in a practical demonstration of Christianity in today’s Sunday Live Service at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria. For more information: