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Here is the faith-building message which was given out to congregants in the service yesterday, titled, “YOUR FAITH WILL NOT FAIL”. It is a prophetic message for the new year, 2017.


“Simon! Simon!” When a name is repeated in this way in the sacred writings, it is intended as an expression of love, manifested by a warning voice.

In the same way, when you have a dream or a vision where a name or a word is repeated in this way, you should see it as an expression of love manifested by a warning voice.

Two other examples stand out clearly here. In Exodus 3:4, the Lord called Moses from within the burning bush, “Moses! Moses!” Moses answered, “Here I am”. And the Lord said, “Take off your sandals for the place you are is a holy ground”.

Also, in 1 Samuel 3:10, the Lord called Samuel, “Samuel! Samuel!” Samuel answered, “Speak to your servant”.

In Luke 22:31, Jesus said, “Simon! Simon!” Observe what I say. Satan’s desire is to have you and sift you as wheat.

Peter used to be the mouthpiece of the rest to Christ but in this Scripture, he was their ear. Here, God warns the disciples that they shall be offended because of Jesus.

Satan desires to have you because you are a follower of Christ. Satan uses our situations – I mean, our difficult circumstances – to draw us into sin. Through these difficult circumstances, you shall be offended. Anything close to Christ receives attack. Satan’s desire is to have you as he begged for permission from God to have Job.

In the same light, if you are a faithful follower of Christ, satan can only attack you if God permits. As it was with Job, with God’s permission, you can be attacked, you can be tempted. If God allows it, if God is aware, if God has knowledge of it, as was the case with Job, don’t doubt your God; don’t allow it to affect your faith.

In the case of His disciples, Jesus said, “I have prayed for you that your faith will not fail” – that it may not finally or totally fail. If faith is being kept up in an hour of temptation, though we may fall, yet we shall not be utterly cast down. Faith will quench satan’s fiery darts (Ephesians 6:16).

Our difficult circumstance becomes the basis of satan’s attack because of our desperation to come out of them. In the case of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the tempter came to Him at the time He was in need of food after fasting for forty days and forty nights and said, “If you are the son of God, tell these stones to become bread”. Jesus answered, “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out from the mouth of God”.

Though He was in need of food, He was not desperate. Unlike Jesus, when we are faced with challenges, we tend to be ignorant of our faith. For instance, when we are sick, we tend to base our faith on the healing of that sickness. It is never proper to base our faith on our improvement after prayer.

It honours God to believe Him even while every sense seems to contradict Him. That is, even when what we are asking for is not forthcoming. Though there may be many instances of failure in the faith of true believers, it is certain that there shall not be a total and final failure of their faith. It is their seed, their root, remaining in them.

From our message today, we have seen that the devil cannot tempt a true believer without God’s knowledge.

Our faith may fail but not utterly.

Our faith may fail but not fall off.

We must be careful, not to be too confident as was the case with Peter, who despite his faithfulness to his master, Jesus, still denied Him.

However, Peter’s faith did not fall off because Jesus knew he was going to repent; that is why He told Peter that after he had repented, he was to strengthen his brothers.

With the confidence that your faith may fail but not utterly or fall off, that is why you repent each time you fall.

Always come to repentance each time you miss the mark.

Jesus knows that you will repent. Because you are a true born again, that is why you repent each time you miss the mark.

How do you know a true born again? You know a true born again when they run to God each time they miss the mark.

TB Joshua Ministry

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