Bisola Johnson and Pastor Sunday Adelaja the Greatest Threat to TB Joshua?

Do you think that this recent noise and cheap public attention from Bisola Johnson and the so-called pastor Sunday Adelaja are the greatest threat to the life and ministry of Prophet TB Joshua?

We should know that these guys are mere detractors whom every reasonable person that has access to their antecedence will see them for the fraud they are and their ingenuine quest to make cheap money from selling their book in their cause to degrade the reputation of our esteem Prophet.

There is nothing new which both duos have said that has not been said against TB Joshua and his Ministry before now. If the Ministry of the Prophet could withstand those mountains of allegations at that time when the Ministry was still in her early stage with less coverage, is it when everyone now has access to Emmanuel TV with a wider coverage where anyone can get firsthand information about the happiness in TB Joshua’s Ministry that one should be bothered about their falsehoods against the Prophet. If the Prophet could be vindicated then, he will still be vindicated again.

Those guys don’t deserve any attention. They are being used by some faceless persons who are the real threat to the life of the Prophet.

What we all should be concerned about now is the safety and security of TB Joshua. All these paid attention seekers are confirming our fears the more that the life of the Prophet is in danger.

We should not be deceived by these two detractors. Their faces are just being used. They are not the real enemies or threat. The faceless anti-TB Joshua forces, the gang that launched the attacked at the SCOAN guest house that took the life of innocent believers are the real threat.

Does Bisola Johnson and Pastor Sunday Adelaja have access to an infrasonic weapon? These are the questions we should ask ourselves. The enemies have to remain invisible because they are powerful world forces and they have their reputation to protect. They are just using individuals that can sell their reputation for anything as a coverup to attack the Prophet.

According to the security information on the ground now, their ultimate goal is to kill TB Joshua. Since their actual plan for attacking the SCOAN guest house seems not to have materialized. Because the attack was met to destroy TB Joshua’s Ministry and scare people away from coming to the SCOAN. Even the court case, they know that irrespective of the outcome it won’t affect TB Joshua’s ministry or stop the SCOAN from going higher. With all these facts on the ground, their Ultimate goal now is to kill the Prophet, and this is something we all must take seriously.

All this Bisola and whatever noise makers out there are mere detractors. No true believer can take them seriously. But the real threat TB Joshua is dealing with right now are the greatest and worst persecutors of Christendom in this 21st century.

Don’t be taking unaware, you need to know what is going on behind the scene. We are talking about dangerous End-time anti-Christ forces. We must remain prayerful and watchful since the enemies are still at their games. We, however, know that no matter the length and breadth of their blackmail, campaign of calumny, intimidation and persecution, surely as Christ Jesus lives, victory will be ours through Him, in Christ Jesus’ Name…Amen!

Prophet TB Joshua Explains Vision God Gave Him About Nigeria

The founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T.B Joshua, says Nigerians will understand the vision God gave him concerning Nigeria “very soon.
eXact Info News understands that the SCOAN General-Overseer who recently visited Israel for his church event tagged the “Nazareth Meeting with TB Joshua,” was reacting to his sermon a fortnight ago where he called for urgent prayers for Nigeria against “interruption of democracy” in the country.
Speaking at the SCOAN headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial city during a Sunday Service, Prophet TB Joshua said he has resorted to passing his message in parable because Nigerians and the whole Africa misunderstand him.
Prophet TB Joshua
His words: “Two weeks ago, I was talking about a vision concerning my nation,” he says.
“I saw a Seraphim. Seraphim came down with the rain.
“That rain brought about calmness and freshness.
“But people don’t know what I was talking about.
“Very soon, you will understand what I am talking about.
“Even though it is very bad and very rough now, you will smile.
“I’m in a nation; in a continent, they don’t understand me.
“If you understand me, I will talk to you – one-on-one. But if you don’t understand (me), I have to talk to you in parable.
“I’m in your midst, but you don’t understand me.
“Four years ago, I was telling my people that we are in the valley and our future is crying for help.
“They called me all sort of names, but what is happening today?”
The 56-year-old clergyman continued: “But then, there was food on the table. Everything was fine; everything was okay. But I was telling you this is valley, our future is crying for help.
“And I say, politics will not be as usual. But can a gentleman join politics again?” Prophet TB Joshua questioned.